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Yu-Gi-Oh! (遊☆戯☆王) is a hit old school style Japanese anime series.

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The series was produced by Toei Animation, and aired in Japan on April 4, 1998 to October 10, 1998. While this series is not connected to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Anime), both series are based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. Manga plots were re written so that they could take up an entire episode's screen time. The level of violence was reduced in the manga, and anime. Lastly Miho Nosaka, is a main character in this series along with Yugi Muto, Joey Wheeler, Tea Gardner, and Tristan Taylor. A game lover name Yugi Muto is given an ancient item by his grandfather known as the three thousand year old Millennium Puzzle. He completed the puzzle, and is possessed by the spirit of an ancient Pharaoh. So the Pharaoh looks out for Yugi and his friends. But Yugi has no idea that the pharaoh is inside his puzzle, and is living in his mind. This makes Yugi believe he has memory loss when he or his friends are in danger. But he finally learns about the pharaoh from Shadi, and finally met Yami Yugi who fought against Yami Bakura.


Episode 1

A group of archaeologists enter an Egyptian tomb. One man referred to as Professor approaches a gold box, saying that if he becomes numb and faints, it is a sign of a Game of Darkness. The professor begins to suffer pains and falls to his knees. As the others rush to his aid, he tells them, it is the puzzle of darkness.

The scene cuts to Domino High School, where it is lunch time. The boys decide to play basketball and let the girls play too. Someone then calls out to Yugi. Yugi loses concentration, causing his card tower to collapse. He tells Yugi to come play rather than play games by himself. Yugi declines saying "Yeah... but what if the team I join loses".

Yugi tidies up his cards wishing there was a game he could play with everyone else. He then cheers up reaching for something in his bag, saying that today he will solve it. He then pulls out the box from the Egyptian tomb. Yugi begins to talk about the secret puzzle inside the box, "It’s something that you see, but have never seen before". He begins to open the box saying, "the answer is...", but Joey suddenly swipes the box from Yugi.

Joey asks Yugi what he's looking at and talking about by himself. Yugi asks him for the box back, but Joey hurls it across the room and runs over to catch it. He tells Yugi that he’s going to teach him to be a man. Holding up the puzzle Joey says, "You want this box back, right? Then Gimme all you got". Upon hearing this Yugi protests by shouting "I hate fighting and violence!".

Then Tristan appears telling Joey to hold it. Joey mocks Tristan saying that as president of first year students Tristan wants to fulfill his duty as soldier of comfort and become the janitor. Tristan protests, "not a janitor, an honor student". Tristan begins to talk about his authority. But Joey ignores him by asking Yugi what's inside the box, while Tristan speaks. Yugi tells Joey that its okay to look, if he doesn't tell anyone, because its really valuable. Tristan who had still been talking to this point tells them to listen to someone when they are talking. Joey peeks inside the box and pulls a dull face, saying that it's dumb.

But Tea then appears swiping the box from Joey telling him to give it back if he thinks it's dumb and that bullying those weaker than you makes you look dumb. Joey objects that he's not bullying the weak, and that he's teaching Yugi to act like a man. Tea tells him to be quiet, just as Miho Nosaka appears. Miho tells them that the cafeteria line is long and she has had nothing for lunch. Tristan immediately volunteers to get her lunch. While Joey says he'll go with him, so he could escape from Tea.

In the hallway Joey tells Tristan about how Tea "pisses him off". As he says "Who's bullying the weak" both of them bump into Ushio who asks them what they were saying about bullying. Joey says "nothing at all" and begins to say something else, but Tristan quickly restrains him and forces a smile saying "nothing at all, really". Ushio announces that bullying is not good. Tristan quickly agrees. After Ushio leaves Tristan lets go of Joey, who starts to rant about that hurting. Tristan calls him an idiot and tells him that was Tetsu Ushio, he enforces all the regulations and is very powerful. Joey however is unconvinced and remains bitter to Ushio.

Back in the classroom, Yugi thanks Tea, who informs him that they get worse if you keep quiet and insists that Yugi should stick up for himself once in a while. Yugi replies that Joey isn't so bad. Tea reminds him that saying things like that is why people make fun of him. Yugi starts to look slightly depressed, so Tea changes the subject by asking him about the box, Yugi gets excited and offers to show her, if she promises to keep it a secret. Tea is impressed by the sparkling gold pieces. Yugi says that it's a puzzle. He's never finished it so he doesn't know what it looks like. "Something you see, but haven't seen before". Yugi explains that his family owns a game shop. He found the puzzle in a corner of the shop hidden under dust. It's supposed to be a strange puzzle discovered in the ruins of Egypt. He shows her something that is written on the front of the box.

According to his interpretation, it says "Whoever solves the puzzle, can ask me to fulfill one wish". He laughs saying that he might have been a bit over-dramatic. His head drops in shame and he asks Tea if she's making fun of him. Tea laughs friendly saying that's not true and asks Yugi what his wish is. Yugi winks. That is too secret to tell.

Back in the corridor, Joey his hand into his pocket and reveals a piece of Yugi's puzzle, he managed to swipe from the box earlier. He grasps the piece and grins, saying how Yugi won't be able to solve it if he's missing a piece. Tristan tells Joey that he is truly helpless. He should try to give wings to his heart's beauty (meaning lighten up). Joey reminds Tristan that he's supposed to be buying lunch. Tristan quickly rushes off and Joey throws the piece out the window into a canal. Then Joey thinks to himself, saying that Yugi is such a child, and that's what makes Joey sick.

Later, Ushio is training the disciplinary group. While Yugi walks past, Ushio calls to him. He asks him if he's being bullied by people in his class. Yugi replies that he doesn't think so. Ushio tells him that just because he's a nice person he doesn't have to answer like that. Ushio then anoints himself Yugi's bodyguard saying Yugi does not need to worry. Yugi insists that this isn't necessary as he leaves.

Yugi meets Tea when he arrives home. His grandfather, Solomon Muto says that Tea has told him Yugi hasn't given up on the puzzle. He informs Yugi that the puzzle is for an intellectual person, impossible for Yugi to solve and that the team of archaeologists which took it from a Pharaoh's tomb entirely died of mysterious deaths. The last said with his dying breath "The Games of Darkness". Whoever solves the puzzle will get knowledge of the Games of Darkness. Tea gets worried, but Yugi gets interested. He intends to solve the puzzle no matter what now. But Solomon makes an attempt to grab the puzzle, saying he has a buyer for it.

At night Yugi works hard on the puzzle in his bedroom. Solomon looks through the keyhole at Yugi. He has faith in Yugi, but is concerned about the consequences of solving the puzzle. Regardless he decides that he'll let Yugi finish it.

At school, Ushio greets Yugi, wanting to show him something. He leads Yugi to Joey and Tristan where they lie beaten up. Yugi tells Ushio that this is too much and asks Joey and Tristan if they are okay. Joey grunts and asks Yugi if he's satisfied. Yugi explains that it's not true, and that he didn't ask Ushio to do this. Ushio continues to attack Joey, but Yugi protests, saying he won't let Ushio do this to his friends. Ushio jokes about Yugi calling them his friends and imposes a bodyguard fee of ¥200,000.

That night while Yugi was trying to work out what was to be done about Ushio and his fee, he couldn't help but work on his puzzle. Unlike other days solving the puzzle seemed a lot easier that day. Yugi quickly began assembling the puzzle until there was one piece left. He is shocked to find that the last piece is missing.

While Joey and Tristan are walking home, they talk about Ushio. Joey looks into the canal where he threw the piece of the puzzle and remembers Yugi sticking up for them and calling them his friends. He jumps into the canal to retrieve it.

Meanwhile Yugi dashes to school, hoping he can find the missing piece of the puzzle there. He meets Ushio, who asks if he has the bodyguard fees. Yugi says that he's just come to the school to get something he forgot. When Ushio realizes Yugi can't give him money, he thinks he should punish him. Back at the canal, Joey recovers the piece. Tristan throws him a towel and notices Ushio leading Yugi somewhere. They run up to Ushio who is attacking Yugi and Yugi gets knocked unconscious. Joey gives Yugi the piece while Tristan tells Ushio that until today he had respected him, but he wouldn't get away with this. Joey and Tristan attack Ushio but get beaten-up again. Ushio announces that this is what becomes of those who oppose him. Yugi gains consciousness and sees the two fall. He then realizes he has the missing piece and reaches to the puzzle, inserting it. The puzzle glows and a large shadow appears behind Yugi. The Eye of Anubis flashes on the shadow.

Ushio is suddenly suspended by rope from a dome. He looks up and sees Yami Yugi at the other end of the rope. Yugi tells Ushio that he has the money, but just handing it over is boring and suggests that he and Ushio play a game for it, a Game of Darkness. Ushio agrees saying that he has never lost a game. Yugi jumps down so that the rope hangs freely from a pole at the top of the dome, leaving both players suspended from the rope at equal height. As he jumps he spreads a deck of cards face-down along the dome. He explains the rules.

A player can only climb up the number indicated on the card, while the other player lowers the same amount. Ushio goes first, turning over the 10 of Diamonds. Yugi turns over the King of Diamonds, allowing him to climb 13 spaces. Ushio turns over the 2 of Spades. Yugi turns over the Queen (12) of Spades. Ushio, the three of Diamonds, Yugi the 9 of Hearts, Ushio the 6 of Clubs, Yugi, the Jack (11) of Spades. Yugi is one step from the top. Ushio says that he can turn the game around if he draws the next card. Ushio then draws a Joker. Yugi explains that Joker is the end of the line. As Yugi begins his turn, Ushio says that Yugi must have planned this from the start. Yugi turns the Ace of Diamonds. Ushio gets furious and climbs up to Yugi. Yugi informs him that breaking the rules results in very bad consequences. He attempts to punch Yugi and breaks the rope attaching them.

Yugi falls from the dome. Ushio proceeds to take the money, but finds it's only a deck of cards. The Eye of Anubis lights up on Yugi, who is hanging from the building. Yugi punishes Ushio for cheating. Ushio falls from the building, and Yugi creates the illusion that there are monsters in the water Ushio is falling into.

The next day a group of people find Ushio curled up scared. Word spreads that he suffered a massive shock. Yugi, who has no memory of the game with Ushio, is greeted by Joey. Joey says that he also has a treasure and asks Yugi if he wants so see it. Yugi nods. But Joey says that his treasure too is something you can show, but can't see. Yugi wonders and Joey tells him that the answer is friendship. Then Joey dashes off to class thinking, how could he say such corny stuff. Yugi runs after him calling him back saying he forgot his shoe.

Episode 2

Solomon is impressed that Yugi has solved the Millennium Puzzle. He tells Yugi that since it was discovered this century, no one had been able to solve it. Solomon places his hand on Yugi's forehead and asks him if he suddenly feels smarter or stronger. Yugi replies with, "No, why?". Solomon reminds him that the glyphs on the puzzle's box say "Thou who completes me will receive my dark knowledge and power." Yugi excitedly says that's right, his wish came true, and that he had made friends. Solomon ponders, thinking that can't be the dark knowledge and power.

At Domino City Jail, an escape is reported. The escapee, Jiro the Jorogumo escapes while disguised as Tetsu Tasaki by attacking a guard. He slips past the police, now disguised in one of the uniforms. He makes his escape in a squad car, where he listens to the police reports, which are stating Tetsu Tasaki, also known as Tetsu the Hedgehog, is the one who escaped.

After class ends, Joey calls Yugi over and asks where they should go on the way home. Yugi suggests Burger World, since he has good reports of the place. Tristan appears before the two boys and reminds them that stopping on the way home is against school rules. But Miho Nosaka rushes over saying that she'd like to go to Burger World. Hearing Miho, Tristan quickly changes his mind.

Tea tries to discourage them, saying that the place is terrible, people started getting sick the day it opened, and they absolutely cannot go there. She then reminds them what the teacher said about an escaped convict on the loose, so they should probably go straight home. Miho gets anxious, and tells Joey that they say the convict has a gun. Tea slips out of the room, letting out a sigh of relief.

Joey and Yugi remark that Tea has been acting strange lately, noting that she hasn't walked home with them recently. Joey wonders if she is going on enjo kosai. Miho starts to worry about Tea and decides to follow her home.

The real Tetsu Tasaki cracks open a safe at Ushijima Finance. He is surprised to find it already empty. Later at a restaurant, Tasaki hears on Morning Asa that a number of banks have been robbed, with the robber making off with 30 million yen and that dental work has indicated it to be the recently escaped Tatsu Tasaki.

Joey talks about a game that's so difficult, he hasn't even been able to complete the first level. He tells the others they should try it. Miho and Tea make a vague excuse and leave. Joey comments that Miho has become Tea's fellow date for hire. Tristan scolds Joey and Yugi reproach Joey. Joey calls them naive and points out that Tea could afford an expensive lunch earlier, so she must be making money. Tea is shocked and wonders if it's possible Miho could be doing such a thing. He follows the girls, hoping to save Miho.

Tasaki steals a necklace he believes was once worn by Marie Antoinette. While driving he hears on the car radio that the stolen necklace was an imitation. There were also thirty jewels missing, and the suspect is again Tetsu Tasaki.

Joey invites Tristan to come play basketball. But Tristan says he's busy and leaves with the girls. Yugi asks Joey if he's going to say Tristan is also going on enjo kosai. Joey considers that Honda might be seeing a rich lady. They follow Tristan and the girls' trail to Burger World.

As they enter Tea, Miho and Tristan, in Burger World uniforms, meet them at the door and begin to welcome them. Joey reminds Tristan that having a part time job is against school rules and Tristan's the one who always insists on the rules. Tristan says that he needed the job. Another worker at the restaurant calls over to them, telling them to bring the customers to their seats. As Joey and Yugi wait at their seats, Yugi is concerned that coming here has embarrassed the others. Joey says that it serves them right for keeping this a secret. Meanwhile Jiro approaches the restaurant with a detective believing him to be Tetsu Tasaki searching for him.

Tea serves the boys their burgers. After placing the tray in front of them, she squirts ketchup onto the burgers, writing "I won't forgive you if you blab". She tells them she's saving money so that she can study dance in New York after she graduates. They assure her they won't laugh or tell. Joey grumbles about having to pay for burgers drowned in ketchup, but Tea says that they're on her.

The detective enters the restaurant and informs the staff that the escaped convict might be in this restaurant. Yugi and Joey come over to see what's happening. The detective shows them a picture of Tetsu Tasaki, but also points out that the convict is a master of disguise and it's rare to see him out of disguise. The detective tells them that after stealing the jewels, the convict struggled with a guard, so he may have a mark on his right calf. Tea directs their attention to a basket of toy cars, saying they can use them.

They drop the basket, pretending it to be an accident, causing the cars to go all over the restaurant, under many tables. Tea, Joey and Tristan go to gather up the cars, checking the customers legs as they search under the tables. The detective then tells the gang that the culprit has an allergic reaction to eggs. Tea points out that they should be able to find him with no problem, since the hamburger buns all have egg in them.

One of the customers overhears and begins to worry. The detective grabs and unmasks him, saying that he is under arrest. Tea admits to lying about the egg. The criminal, Tetsu Tasaki, tackles the detective, knocking over a staff member. He notices a bruise on his calf and realizes this must be the man who was beating him to the crimes. He tears the back of the staff's uniform, revealing a large spider tattoo, exposing him as Jiro the Jorogumo. Jiro gets to his feet and grabs Tasaki's gun. He then takes Tea as a hostage, by holding the gun to her head.

Jiro explains that he had seen Tetsu Tasaki here before. He could recognize him even with his disguise and tell what places he was about to rob. He had committed the two robberies before Tetsu.

Jiro tells everyone to get down. He blindfolds Anzu and sits the two of them down, keeping her at gunpoint. He orders Yugi to get him a drink and a smoke. Tea tells him to stay back, but she gets slapped for doing so. Upset by having one of his friends attacked, Yami Yugi comes out.

Yami Yugi brings the drink and cigarettes, plops himself into the seat across from Jiro, and says that he wants to play a game. Tea is surprised, realizing the voice is too confident to be Yugi. Jiro accepts the challenge.

Yami Yugi explains that each player can only use one finger. Jiro chooses his trigger finger. Yami Yugi picks his right thumb. Jiro starts to pour out his drink. Yami Yugi explains that after the game starts, you can do whatever you like, even pull the trigger. Jiro laughs and prepares to pull the trigger, but Yami Yugi lights the cigarette lighter, reminding Jiro his cigarette has yet to be lit. After lighting the cigarette, Yami Yugi places the lighter on Jiro's hand, which is still pouring the alcohol. Jiro sees that if he moves the lighter will fall, setting him alight.

Yami Yugi gets up and takes Tea with him. But Jiro takes the lighter off his hand, grabs his gun, and points it at Yami Yugi. But for breaking the rules Yami Yugi inflicts a Penalty Game, making Jiro think he is on fire.

Tea quits working at Burger World, explaining to Yugi that if she kept working she wouldn't have any time to spend with him. But she also wonders who the man who saved her was. Joey calls the two of them over; saying that a new Beef Bowl restaurant is opening today. As they enter the building they are greeted by Tristan and Miho in the restaurant's uniforms. Miho explains that she needs new clothes and Tristan vows that he'll fall as far as needed, as long as he gets to be with Miho.

Episode 3

Two suited men corner a boy on top of a building demanding a card off him. The boy refuses saying it is a memento of his father. They start to assault him, causing him to throw the card, "Black Magician" into Seto Kaiba's hand. One of the men turns to Kaiba informing him, they have now acquired all the cards he wanted from this school. As they leave, one of the men tells Kaiba that there are other schools where the cards are very popular.

At school Yugi shows his friends his Duel Monsters cards, by telling them that the game became popular when he was in third grade, and it is now becoming popular in other schools. Joey pauses and asks, "How do you play?". Yugi says that it's a card battle game and begins to explain the rules. Tea agrees that it sounds fun, but Joey claims to not like these kinds of childish games.

Tristan appears, wearing a sash reading "Strong Beautification Week", and asserts that Joey does not mean "childish game", but rather "game that involves using your head". Joey goes over to him, and asks what that was supposed to mean. Tristan claims it to be as Joey heard, and that there were no hidden meanings. Joey calls Tristan a bastard, as he fills with rage. tea interrupts to ask Tristan about the sash.

Tristan explains that since those cards are so popular, they are becoming a collector's item and that there will be people who will try to obtain them through unjust means. Tea is slightly doubtful that people would go to those lengths for these cards. Yugi disagrees informing her that people have come here from America to buy a single card, and that his Grandpa is even a maniac for the cards. Something clicks with Tristan. He announces that, as part of Strong Beautification Week, he will prevent illegal cards. Joey interrupts, pointing out that that's not really a beautification person's job. Tristan smiles and says that a beautification member doesn't just clean the dirty, that is just the first step. He stands proudly, saying that few are destined for this, then reconsiders and says no, that he is the only one. He bows and alleges that that he set up Strong Beautification Week to fight that. He continues his speech, but is cut off by the teacher, asking if he can interrupt.

Tristan looks around and notices everyone has taken their seats and class is about to begin. The teacher then introduces a new transfer student. Yugi wonders who it could be, and hopes that the new student like games. The new student enters and the teacher introduces him as Seto Kaiba. The other classmates mutter to each other that Kaiba is the heir to the top class amusement industry, Kaiba Corporation. Tea is impressed, but Joey says that he can't stand spoiled, rich kids.

The teacher directs Kaiba to sit in the desk next to Yugi but as he is walking to his seat he notices Yugi's Duel Monsters card on the floor. After handing the card back to Yugi, he tells him that he loves games. The two become friends and after school, Kaiba invites Yugi to come to his mansion so he could show Yugi his card collection. Miho exclaims that she wants to come too and they all decide to go figuring Kaiba will be pleased. Yugi, Tea, and Joey wait outside the mansion as Tristan and Miho arrive. Joey is still uneasy about Kaiba saying that there should be a law against someone having such a large house.

Kaiba shows them inside and is delighted that all five of them showed up. While the others are amazed by the interior of his house, Joey still remains unsatisfied and Honda infers that he is jealous. Angry at his assumption, Joey grabs Tristan by the collar but Tea breaks the two up and asks them to at least act properly here. However Kaiba says he doesn't mind; it's more fun if things are lively. Joey mutters that he dislikes Kaiba even more, but Tristan says he likes Kaiba, who he considers to be rich, but not snobby.

Kaiba takes the group to a room containing his card collection. Inside, the walls are lined with Duel Monsters cards, and shelves are filled with trophies. To everyone's surprise, Kaiba says that one is from when he won the Duel Monsters national tournament. Tristan tells Joey to give it up; Kaiba is way above him. Miho looks at Kaiba in admiration and asks him about his theme parks. Tristan tries to stop anything happening between the two, telling Miho that he has tickets, but Kaiba offers to make a reservation for all of them at a theme park. Miho then hugs Kaiba, saying he is the best. This enrages Tristan, who now thinks he can't stand Kaiba.

Kaiba asks if Yugi has any rare cards. Yugi replies that he doesn't have any, but Tea asks if he had saying earlier that his grandpa had an amazing card. Kaiba says that he would definitely like to see it. Wanting to show Kaiba up, Tristan and Joey urge Yugi to show it to Kaiba right away. Kaiba thanks Yugi and says that he looks forward to seeing it.

At the Kame Game shop, Tea, Tristan, Joey, Yugi, Kaiba and Miho gather around the counter. They ask Yugi's grandpa, Solomon if they can see his card. Solomon agrees to show it to them, roots around a bit and produces a "Blue-Eyes Dragon" card.

Kaiba is astonished, but Miho is disappointed, having expected it to have diamonds or jewels attached. Joey remarks that it's no different than the other cards. Solomon sighs that they don't get it: The card is so powerful that it's production was canceled, and obsessive fans would drool over it. Seeing it that way, Tea thinks the card is more appealing. Tristan leans over the counter and states that as a beatification member, he must warn Solomon that the card is dangerous and requests that he turn it over for safekeeping. However Solomon asks why a beatification member would care.

Kaiba places his briefcase full of cards on the counter and pleads with Solomon to trade "Blue-Eyes Dragon" for all of them. Yugi, Joey and Tristan are shocked by this, but even more shocked when Solomon declines the offer. Solomon explains that there is no way, he would get rid of the card; he is not keeping it because it is rare, but because it was given to him by a dear friend from America. He looks back at a picture of himself and another man as he explains this. He describes the card as a treasure filled with memory. He says that truly precious treasures have your heart in them and for that reason Kaiba should also cherish every card in his briefcase. Kaiba admits that Solomon is right, he had made a mistake and closes his briefcase. He then leaves to go home. Joey compliments Solomon on saying something great and Miho hugs him, stating that she now sees him in a new light. On his way home, Kaiba still thinks about the "Blue-Eyes Dragon".

At school, Joey and Tristan are now playing Duel Monsters, while Yugi explains the rules. Tristan proceeds to Summon "Zombie", which has 800 ATK and places it in the Graveyard terrain. Joey goes next and Summons "Dark Dragon", which has 1500 ATK. He begins to celebrate winning, while Tristan hangs his head. However Yugi corrects them, pointing out that Tristan is the winner. He explains that while the ATK and DEF of "Zombie" are indeed weaker that those of "Dark Dragon", while Zombie is the Graveyard terrain, its power is doubled.

Joey drops his cards on the table in frustration and Tristan claims that his cards have the beautification's heart within them. Joey claims that a beautification like Honda in a zombie would be pretty dirty, but Tristan laughs that Joey is just being a sore loser.

Miho and Tea enter the room by greeting the others. Miho notes that Joey and Tristan have taken-up Duel Monsters, and Tea explains that it's because they want to challenged Kaiba. Joey and Tristan then point at each other and accuse that of being the other's agenda. As they are about to start arguing, Kaiba enters.

Kaiba greets Yugi and reminds him of their phone discussion last night. Yugi roots in his bag and takes out the "Blue-Eyes Dragon" card, saying his grandpa let him borrow it for the day. Kaiba thanks Yugi and tells him that he wanted to see the card again so badly after Solomon taught him how to love the cards. Yugi hands Kaiba the card and Kaiba acts delighted, while he secretly plans on switching the card with a counterfeit in his pocket. Kaiba drops the card, pretending it was an accident, but gives Yugi the fake after picking it up. However Joey and Tristan both spot the exchange, while Yugi seems oblivious to it.

On the way home, Yugi looks at the card with the feeling that something isn't right. Tea catches up to him and asks why he isn't with Joey and Tristan. She informs him that they said they were going to play Kaiba in Duel Monsters, so she thought that they would be with him. Yugi is surprised to hear this.

On the roof of the school, Kaiba meets Joey and Tristan and asks why they asked to meet him here. They tell him not to play dumb; they know he switched cards earlier. Kaiba laughs that there is no way he would do that, since it's stealing. Honda claims that his beautification eyes don't miss a speck of dust, so Kaiba can't fool him.

Joey seizes Kaiba by the jacket and says that he couldn't stand him from the beginning. Joey raises a fist, but Kaiba tells him that he'll regret it. A suited man, grabs Joey's arm and punches him away. Tristan rushes over to Joey and swears at Kaiba. Another suited man appears and Kaiba explains that their job is the protect him, the next president.

Yugi runs to the roof worried about his friends, and finds Joey and Tristan on the floor uncouncious, the suited men having their feet on their backs. Kaiba told him to not believe their lies. Yugi tells him he already know he switched the card and left with it, but he figured that later he will return it back to him since he said he also loves games.

Kaiba smiles while Yugi ask him to return it; it's his grandpa´s most precious treasure, and Kaiba can get one for himself. Yugi approches and begs him to return it since it´s like his grandpa´s heart, but Kaiba gets angry and knocks him with the briefcase while he advice to not touch him again. Yugi falls on the floor.

Kaiba explains that cards don´t have any heart; cards are only cards and all that stuff about the heart is something that stupid people like him beleive in hoping that others do the same. Kaiba tells him to explain to his grandpa that a game is not about heart, and that he has to understand that in order to win.

Kaiba leaves, saying that he never thought he would hear such nonsense at this school. Yugi tries to stop him, but one of the suited men grabs him from the back of his jacket, and says to Kaiba that they will take care of him before knocking Yugi unconscious. At that moment, Yami Yugi comes out and stands up, telling the two suited men that they are useless, and orders to get out of his way while smiling at them.

Before Kaiba leaves the school, Yami Yugi calls him to play a game, and surprises Kaiba with his new appearance. Meanwhile, Joey and Tristan wake up and find the two suited men unconscious. Yami Yugi and Kaiba are about to play Duel Monsters. Kaiba reminds Yugi he is an expert on Duel Monsters and asks him if he can handle that. Yugi answers is that they will find that out and warns him that this Duel Monsters will be different from the others, Kaiba doesn´t seem to worry about it.

Yami Yugi then explains the rules: They both have a deck with 40 cards and they draw a card each turn. Each player has 2000 Life Points. First to reach 0 loses.

After the duel ends, Yami Yugi is left alone with a ruined table, figuring that Kaiba didn´t call himself a Duel Monsters expert for nothing. He then picks up the Blue-Eyes Dragon card from the floor and returns it to his grandfather. Kaiba being furious about the Duel ending in a draw, destroys the shelves with cards and trophies. He declares that he won´t forget this and that he will fight against Yugi until he defeats him.

Episode 4

The episode starts with a shot of Shotaro standing in front of his collection.

In the next scene, the sun rises and Tristan is waiting for Miho somewhere in the city. He asks himself what she might want with him at this time of the day (maybe it´s love...), but his thoughts are interrupted by a piece of paper on the ground - intolerable for a head of the clean-up committee! Miho arrives some moments later and states her request.

At the same time, Yugi leaves the game shop. Solomon, after bidding him farewell, mentions he is very happy that Yugi isn't just playing games all alone but has started meeting with his school friends.

Strolling through the city, Yugi sees a long queue of people in front of a shop. The man last in line tells him it's the "D-Shock Premium Collection" they are waiting for, and that this "mythical" premium collection watch is on limited sale just this day. Yugi then notices Tristan is also part of the queue - to get a D-Shock for Miho of course. Being in quite a pinch because he needs to go to the bathroom, but also wanting to fulfill Miho's wish under all circumstances, Tristan begs Yugi to take his place for a moment.

After some waiting it's Yugi's turn. The shopkeeper tells him he is really lucky, because he is holding the last piece of the "D-Shock Premium Collection". Hearing this, the people behind Yugi get a little upset while Shotaro, who is among them, gets really frustrated. Yugi pays, but the moment he wants to take the box with the watch, Shotaro appears telling him he doesn't deserve this item. To stress this he displays the "Swiss Color Watches in Special Variation" he is wearing (5 on each arm), claiming that there are only about 100 of each of the 10 types worldwide, and that no one has collected all 10. Explaining that the D-Shock has only meaning in the hands of a rare watch collector like himself he collars Yugi but is stopped by the reappearing Tristan who reminds him that he also has to obey the rules. The shopkeeper starts calling the police and Shotaro flees from the scene.

Next, Miho is seen standing in front of an arcade, surrounded by Joey, Tea, Yugi and Tristan, wearing her new D-Shock. She tells Tristan she loves him (which Joey quotes with a silly grin). Tristan gets embarrassed and starts a speech about this whole waiting being a totally normal duty for a beautification member. Joey isn´t listening to his lecture and asks Miho if he can wear the D-Shock just once, which results in Tristan challenging him to a game of janken to decide who of them will have the honor of wearing it. Their quarrel is observed by Shotaro who hasn´t given up and is waiting just around the corner.

Inside the arcade Tristan, who apparently won the rock-paper-scissors match, is caressing the "D-whatever" of his beloved Miho while Yugi wins a ton of coins from a slot machine and the "Rare Watch Collector" is bumped into by another arcade-visitor. The watches don´t take any damage but nonetheless the incident results in the poor man being beaten up in the toilet. Tristan then enters the room to refresh himself and puts the D-Shock in the back-pocket of his pants to keep it from getting wet. From there it is stolen right away by Shotaro on his way out while Tristan washes his face.

When Miho wants to leave the arcade because of her early curfew, Tristan is unable to return the D-Shock to her. After searching his whole body for it (and getting almost naked in the process), Miho slaps him and runs out crying, calling him an idiot and screaming she hates him. Yugi notices that Shotaro is standing nearby and thinks that he might have stolen it.

While Tristan (dressed again) is on all fours on the floor doing some more searching, Shotaro steps on his hand on purpose. Joey seizes him, asking what his problem is but Tristan doesn't care and says Joey should help him look for the watch instead of "playing with that idiot". Shotaro then leaves for the basement, followed by Yugi who decides to check for proofs of him being the thief. The proof is given as Shotaro of his own accord shows the watch to Yugi on the way down.

After reaching an air conditioning room, Yugi and Shotaro are fighting over the D-Shock. Having beaten Yugi up quite badly Shotaro wants to leave, but behind his back the Millennium Puzzle reacts and the door doesn´t open. Yami Yugi appears, and "It's Game Time!"

In the Shadow Game the D-Shock is on the line. The room suddenly fills with dozens of gears, a pendulum swings from side to side and the watch is snatched from Shotaro by a mechanical bird emerging from the floor. Yami Yugi explains the rules: "The D-Shock will reappear from the ground and the stop watch will activate. The one who stops it closest to 10 seconds wins. But if you exceed the 10 seconds you will get hit by the pendulum passing by right next to the D-Shock."

Shotaro accepts the rules and decides to start. He stops the watch at 9.35 seconds. On his turn, Yami Yugi concentrates with eyes closed and stops the watch at 9.95 seconds. Shotaro complains that this was just a test and that they will do it again, but this time he wants to switch places with Yami Yugi. Yami Yugi agrees and Shotaro starts again. While waiting he thinks the side he is now on has an advantage, because it is easier to reach the switch on the D-Shock. But when trying to stop the watch he recognizes the pendulum is coming from the other side now and he will be in its way - and while hesitating his left hand gets hit by the pendulum.

Yami Yugi reaches out to take back the D-Shock, but even after losing twice Shotaro refuses to hand it over. Anyhow, that doesn't matter because the Door of Darkness has been opened already and Shotaro begins turning into the object of his obsession. When Yami Yugi leaves him screaming in the air conditioning room, the Swiss Watches seem to have merged with his arms and even his eyes look like faces.

Yugi returns the D-Shock to Tristan telling him he found it "under the stairs". Tristan is certainly happy - now he can face Miho again! In the aftermath of the Shadow Game Shotaro immediately on returning home destroys his whole watch-collection with a baseball bat.

The next day Miho tells the gang at school that on Sunday the "Emperor Department Store Mambo Lady Line Perfume" is specially on sale and "Miho wants this!". No one is surprised that Tristan will wait in queue again in her stead. His brave decision provokes Joey's final comment of this episode: "I don´t suppose they make medicine for stupidity!"

Episode 5

A plane takes landing into an airport. A man in a white bathrobe walks through the airport carrying the Millennium Scale and the Millennium Key.

Yugi and the gang are reading a newspaper. One of the highlights is an excavation to Egypt. Yugi says they found the king's grave at Egypt and it will be displayed at the museum the next day. Miho thinks it's exciting and she wants to go. Yugi says the professor who found the grave is friend of Solomon, he'll show them the excavations. Tea points to a picture of the professor in the newspaper. She then says Yugi's puzzle was also found in Egypt, to which he agrees. Tea says the people who found the puzzle all died mysteriously. Joey wonders if Yugi is cursed, but Yugi doesn't think so. Yugi tells himself he does sometimes have memory loss after completing the puzzle, but he decides to keep that a secret.

Tristan points to a mummy in the newspaper. Joey freaks out over it, but tries to hide it. Tristan wonders if Joey's scared of mummies and Joey exclaims no way. Tristan gets a crazy thought: he pictures Miho running from a mummy and into his arms. Tristan gets excited, and he also wants to go to the museum. Tea says they will meet at the museum tomorrow at one o'clock.

The next day, everyone waits at the museum's front doors. The professor walks up to Solomon and greets him. Solomon is pleased that the professor is willing to show them the exhibit. He then introduces Yugi and the gang to Professor Yoshimori. Another man then walks up to them, Yoshimori says he's the sponsor for the display and he was also in charge of the excavation. The man introduces himself as Kanekura and welcomes them to his museum.

Suddenly, the same man in the white bathrobe makes a slight appearance from behind the bushes. Yugi notices someone there, but he's not too sure. Kanekura asks Yoshimori about the "item", and Yoshimori asks Grandpa about his grandson who solved the Millennium Puzzle. Kanekura immediately sees Yugi's Millennium Puzzle and holds it in his hands. Yoshimori tells Yugi that Kanekura is a special dealer interested in ancient artifacts. Yugi grabs the Millennium Puzzle back from Kanekura.

Tristan wants to see the mummies; Miho wants to go too. Kanekura asks Yugi to let him display the Millennium Puzzle in the museum. Yugi isn't too sure, since he always wants to keep the puzzle around his neck. However, Yugi decides to let Kanekura take the puzzle, since it will only be for a day. Kanekura takes the Millenium Puzzle off Yugi's neck and thanks him, then turns around thinking, "One day will be enough."

Inside the museum, Miho screams in happiness at a necklace that shines in beauty, Tea notices Miho is drooling. Meanwhile, Yoshimori is taking everyone else on a tour. Joey asks if all the treasures belong to the people who dug them up, Yoshimori says no. In 1921 half of the treasures became personal possessions, but nowadays they all belonged to Egyptian state. Solomon adds that's why a famous person wasn't able to keep any of his treasure. Yugi thought archaeologists were just people who were after treasure, Yoshimori says there's not enough profit in that, he is more interested in the emotion of finding ancient artifacts than the money itself. Anzu sees some ancient carvings in one display.

Yoshimori explains the carvings depict the judgment of the dead: The crimes that people made would be measured with a scale. If the weight of the crimes caused the scale to tilt to one side, monsters would consume those people. Yoshimori then says it's time to see the mummies while Joey gets a little scared, but Tristan is really excited. At the mummy exhibit, Miho screams and Tristan says it's time. He opens up his arms and tells Miho to jump into his chest. However, Miho says the mummies are cute, they´re like babies with their shaved heads. Tristan looks down and sees Joey grabbing his chest, he pushes Joey off him and into the mummy case. Joey glances at the mummy and screams, he tells everyone to move to the next exhibit before they get cursed.

Yugi stares at the mummy exhibit for a little longer. The man with the white bathrobe walks up beside him. Yugi looks up and sees tears fall from the man's eyes and asks why he's crying. The man says they are not his tears, he says the mummy looks like a rotten doll. Still, the soul of a great Pharaoh lives within it, and the lamination of the soul becomes the tears within the man. Yugi notices the man is holding a scale. The man pets Yugi's head and calls him a cute boy. Yugi exclaims he's a high school student, as the man walks away.

Meanwhile, Kanekura and another man are looking at the Millennium Puzzle. The man thinks the Millenium Puzzle looks great and wants to buy it, Kanekura whispers to the man that they'll do business in his office. Joey points out the display that contains Yugi's Millennium Puzzle. As the gang runs over to it, Kanekura and the man walk away. Tea thinks they should take a photo of it. Yoshimori apologizes to Yugi since he didn't want to let the puzzle go, and explains that the exhibit wouldn't have been possible without Kanekura's help. Tea tells everyone to gather around the Millenium Puzzle for the photo.

Everyone then walks outside while Solomon thanks Yoshimori for a great day, then he walks off. Yugi says he's waiting for the museum to close because he wants his puzzle back, Tea says they should split up now. Everyone waves goodbye to each other. Yugi looks at his watch and notices it's four-thirty, only thirty more minutes left until closing time.

Kanekura is in his office holding the Millenium Puzzle. He's happy that the puzzle is now his! Suddenly, Kanekura hears a knock on his door. Kanekura's business partner speaks, and Kanekura tells him to come in. Suddenly, the lights go out. The door opens, and the business man falls to the floor. Then the man in the white bathrobe approaches Kanekura, he says he's from a family that has guarded the Egyptian tombs for three thousand years; he's Anubis's disciple! Kanekura knows Anubis is the God that deals with the dead. The man in the white bathrobe says Kanekura's dirty ambition has disturbed him, and so now he must be judged! Kanekura thinks the man is from the Egyptian government. The man pulls out his scale and sets it on Kanekura's desk. The man says this is the scale that measures the truth of the heart, he pulls out a feather from his hat and says they will have a Shadow Game.

On one side of the scale, the man sets the feather of truth. Right now the scale is balanced, the man says he will now ask Kanekura a few questions. If he doesn't tell the truth, weight will be added to the opposite side of the scale. That will be the weight of his crime. If the opposite side of the scale touches the ground, there will be a punishment game. Kanekura gasps at the words "punishment game". The man asks the first question: a girl falls into a well, and he is the only one that saw it happen. At his feet is a gold ring that the girl dropped. What will you do? Kanekura exclaims he will save the girl. The side of the scale that doesn't have the feather tilts downwards. Kanekura stares at the scale, saying he wasn't lying. They move onto the next question. Meanwhile, Yugi waits outside the museum. He looks at his watch and finds out its 4:55 PM and decides to go back for his puzzle.

Back with the test, Kanekura exclaims he hasn't been lying, yet the side without the feather continues to sink! He thinks its some kind of trick. The man decides to tell Kanekura about the punishment game before he asks the last question, he says it lies in Kanekura's heart. The chair that Kanekura is sitting on transforms into a monster which grabs onto Kanekura.

The man explains the monster is Amemid, a creature that lies within Kanekura's mind. Amemid drools on Kanekura's head, its jaws open, ready to eat him. The man states the final question: Kanekura has violated God's land and has exchanged treasures for money. Does he do it for personal profit? Kanekura exclaims he'll pay money if that's what the man wants! The side of the scale without the feather falls to the bottom. The man says there's no truth in Kanekura's heart. It's all a bunch of greed! As punishment, Amemid consumes Kanekura.

With the Shadow Game over, the man places the feather back on his head. He says Kanekura's mind was full of money and greed. That turns into demons, and Kanekura was consumed by those demons. The man picks up his scale and is ready to walk away. But suddenly, he sees the Millennium Puzzle lying on the desk. He picks it up and is amazed the Millennium Puzzle is complete. He wonders if a person in this country solved the puzzle.

Yugi wanders the museum, looking for his puzzle. The man with the white bathrobe approaches Yugi. Meanwhile, Kanekura holds his head in fear. Yugi notices the man is holding his Millennium Puzzle, the man asks if he was the one who solved it. Yugi says yes, but he wants to know why the man has it. The man tells himself the one who solves the puzzle possesses the power of darkness; he must make sure Yugi really holds this power. With the Millennium Key around his body, the man decides to peek inside Yugi's mind. The Millennium Key activates, and the man now finds himself inside Yugi's mind.

There are two rooms: one room is scattered with toys and purity, but what does the other room contain? The man opens the door and sees Yami Yugi, the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle. The man wonders if it's Yugi, but he notices this new guy looks different. The man says to himself he's visited people's minds before. Normally, each person only has one room; however, Yugi has a second room! It feels like an ancient Pharaoh's tomb. Yami Yugi doesn't know how the man got here, but he wants to know why the man came. The man says he's a guest and that he came here to learn more about the Millennium Puzzle's power. Yami Yugi is surprised the man knows about the Millennium Puzzle.

The man explains the Millennium Puzzle is a dark item. For three thousand years, it has rested in the king's grave. Its power was used to judge criminals. Yami Yugi asks if the man came here by using one of the Millennium Items. The man says he holds the Millennium Key, an item that gives him access to people's minds. With this power, he can learn all about the person including personality and abilities. He also has the Millennium Scale, an item that measures the weight of sin for those who are being judged. However, the man doesn't know much about the Millennium Puzzle and if its power is transferred to the one who solves it.

The man can tell the Millennium Puzzle has lots of power just by seeing Yami Yugi's room. He says his family will be taking this power if they need it. Yami Yugi tells him that the Millennium Puzzle's power is in his room. However, to show it he will play a game. If the man wins, he will tell him the secrets of the Millennium Puzzle. The rules are simple: somewhere in his mind holds Yami Yugi's true room; if he finds it, he wins. The man states he has special abilities. With his power, he can freely manipulate the rooms of a person's mind and even destroy that person's personality. The man decides to accept the game and Yami Yugi wonders if it will really be that easy and that he's underestimating the danger of this game.

The rest of Yami Yugi's mind appears: it's full of staircases and doors. It's almost like a maze! The man says it feels like there's a countless number of doors, but he knows one of them is Yami Yugi's true room. The man starts walking up a flight of stairs, he decides to open one of the doors. A huge boulder falls, and it almost hits the man. Yami Yugi appears and says it will be a long journey before the man can find his true room. The man realizes there are traps, and he decides to move on. One by one, the man opens the doors. In one of the rooms, a flood of water knocks the man down. In another room, a flamethrower sets the man's clothes on fire. However, the man soon realizes they are only illusions.

He closes his eyes and decides to use all his nerves to find the right door. Determined to discover the Millenium Puzzle's true power, he finds his way to another door. When he opens it, he sees Yami Yugi sitting in a chair. The man asks if he made it in the right room, but as he walks forward the floor gives in. The man begins to fall, but he quickly grabs onto something. He realizes if he falls, he'll be trapped in this mind forever. Yami Yugi extends a hand out to the man and says it's not a trap. The man grabs onto his hand, and Yami Yugi pulls him up. The man can't believe he saved him, Yami Yugi says it's a bad idea to peek inside other people's minds. The man wonders if he lost the game or not. Yami Yugi says no, it's only the beginning. The man bids farewell to Yami Yugi and then leaves.

Meanwhile, Yugi sees the man standing very still, not moving at all. The man realizes he entered Yugi's mind to test him, but in the end he was the one who was tested. Yugi asks the man if he's okay, the man says he's okay and returns the Millennium Puzzle to him. Yugi is glad to have his possession back and thanks him, the man says he's in debt with him. Yugi asks what debt, the man says to the other Yugi. Yugi has no idea what he is talking about, the man realizes Yugi has no awareness of his other personality. When Yugi and his other half become one, then the true power of the Millennium Puzzle will awaken. The man asks for his name and Yugi gives it to him. The man says he has many things to do in the country, but they will meet again soon. He introduces himself as Shadi. It's the first time Shadi has told his name to a stranger! Shadi walks away thinking that he has to confirm Yugi´s true power, while Yugi just stands there thinking that he is really weird.

Episode 6

At night, Professor Yoshimori is sitting alone in his house reading about Kanekura's incident in the newspaper. Soon Solomon will be visiting, he is looking forward to it. Shadi is standing in the room, but Yoshibori doesn't see him yet. Finally he sees Shadi's reflection and turns around, Shadi introduces himself as Anubis' disciple and says he's the other one who violated the Valley of the Kings. He lifts up the Millennium Scale and tells Yoshibori he will now be judged. Yoshibori tells Shadi to stay away.

Meanwhile Solomon is walking to the professor's house. Suddenly he hears a crash and sees Yoshibori falling out the window and into the bushes. Shadi says Yoshibori have to pay for his sins in the name of the Gods and then he walks away. Yoshibori has been rushed to the hospital. Solomon walks out the room and reports to Yugi and the gang that the problem isn't fatal. He then tells everyone to go home while he stays at the hospital the whole night.

On the way home, Tea wonders what happened to both Kanekura and Yoshibori. They both were people of the Egypt excavation. Joey thinks it's a curse. Miho gets scared but Tristan assures her curses don't exist. Little does the group know that Shadi is watching them walk home, he tells himself once he's done with the judgments in this country he'll finish matters with Yugi. He recalls meeting Yami Yugi in his mind. Shadi losing to Yami Yugi 's game has been bothering him all this time, he can't leave the country until all his problems are gone.

At an intersection, Tea says her house is in the other direction and she says goodbye to her friends and walks off. Shadi plans to use Tea to draw forth the other Yugi, so he takes out his Millennium Key to open the mind of Tea. He notices the room is surrounded by mirrors, almost like a dance training room. Shadi says the mirrors reflect oneself; they create confidence in herself. Tea's mind is also filled with dreams. It also contains a picture of a man with no face, he has no idea what that means. Shadi senses good will in Tea and pities her for being a part of his plan, however he still wants to draw out the other Yugi and so he goes forth with his dark plan.

At school Tristan points to an object on Joey's forehead and neck. Joey says the curse will come for them next and he needs those talismans for protection! Tristan firmly states curses don't exist. Even if they did, as long as his heart is clean he has nothing to worry about. Yugi sees Tea walk into the room and he greets her. Tea just takes a seat and doesn't answer Yugi. She looks up, with completely blank eyes, and smiles at Yugi.

During class the instructor says he will be measuring each students' strength, but first the field must be prepared and he asks Yugi to bring the white line maker. Yugi walks into the shed looking for the white line maker. He finally finds it, but as he takes it a bunch of poles come tumbling down and they almost hit Yugi! Tea is also in the shed, hidden from Yugi's view. After class is over and finish. Yugi, Joey and Tristan head to the rooftop, at the top of the stairs is Tea. Suddenly a basketball comes rolling down the stairs and knocks Yugi off his feet. He falls down the stairs and Joey and Tristan run to him. They think Yugi should go to the school infirmary.

Yugi walks into the infirmary but no one is there. Tea has apparently been trailing Yugi because she is hidden in the infirmary. Meanwhile Joey wonders how Yugi is doing, suddenly they see Miho standing in front of the infirmary. Tristan asks if she's sick or hurt. Miho says she saw Tea walk in earlier and wonders if she's not feeling well. Plus, she has noticed Tea acting strange lately. The three of them enter the infirmary and they are surprised to see Tea on top of Yugi. Joey runs to Yugi and knocks her off him, Tea begins to speak but with Shadi's voice: "Show me your true power so we can settle our fight". Then she runs away. Joey wonders what happened to Tea.

The gang searches the whole school for Tea but they can't seem to find her. Miho wonders what happened to Tea's voice and Joey thinks it's the Egyptian curse. Tristan says if that's true then one of them could be next, he tells everyone to split up and search for Tea again. After the others are gone Shadi suddenly approaches Tristan from behind.

While searching for Tea. Yugi suddenly sees her walking towards the roof, he runs and follows her. He opens the doors and sees Tea on a plank with a rope tied to her body, one step and Tea could fall off the roof and to her death. Yugi runs towards Tea but he is stopped by Shadi. Shadi says he's been trying to draw out the other Yugi, but he still hasn't appeared yet. Yugi has no idea what Shadi is talking about. Shadi says he will use another method to draw out the other Yugi. He tells him that Tea is his puppet and he can command Tea to do whatever he says!

Meanwhile Joey and Miho regroup. They see Tristan approaching them and Joey asks if he found Tea, however Tristan isn't to his normal self. He walks like a zombie towards them, wile Joey asks what's wrong. Tristan takes out a broom and begins swinging it at Joey and Miho, they freak out and run away from him.

Shadi tells Yugi to be hateful and sad. At the boundaries of his feelings the other Yugi is waiting! Finally the Millenium Puzzle activates, and the other Yugi appears. He can't believe Shadi would use Tea in his own game, Shadi says he wants to finish matters with him. He tells Yami Yugi if he loses the game, he will lose Tea. Before Shadi explains the rules he decides to tell Yami Yugi something about the Millenium Puzzle. Yugi may have thought it was a coincidence he solved the puzzle, but in fact the puzzle chose him! The Millenium Puzzle has been waiting for three thousand years as the other Millenium items have also chosen Shadi and his family. Yami Yugi tells him that even if that´s the reason why he doesn´t see him as an ally he isn't interested in that stuff; he just wants Shadi to explain the rules of the game.

Shadi tells Yami Yugi not to be frightened. Somewhere in Yugi's heart he's afraid of his own power, the unknown power of the Millenium Puzzle! As proof Shadi points to the fence. The rope that is holding Tea to the roof is tied to some miniature statues, which are wrapped around the fence, one of the statues breaks. Instantly the rope that is holding Anzu weakens. Shadi tells Yami Yugi the game has already started: Those statues reflect Yugi's heart, when he shows weakness in his heart the statues will break one by one. If the remaining three statues break, Tea will die. However Yugi does have an opportunity to win. Tied to the statues is the Millenium Key, what's holding that in place is a statue reflecting Shadi's heart. If Shadi's statue breaks first, the Millenium Key will be released and Tea will be able to touch it. If she does she will regain her senses and Shadi will lose. Shadi says the one who shows weakness in their heart is the loser. Now that the rules have been explained, the game begins.

Yami Yugi and Shadi stand on opposite sides of the roof. The first round begins. Something blasts through the ground and a hole appears. The monster Ameid emerges from the ground behind Yami Yugi and grabs him. Shadi tells Yami Yugi he must win in order to kill Ameid. The first round is called Yami Concentration. A three-by-three squared game board pops out in front of Yami Yugi. Behind each slate are pairs of the same picture. Yami Yugi says there are nine slates, so there's one without pair. Shadi says the middle slate will be the one leftover. In this particular game Yami Yugi will have to say what the middle slate contains. However Yami Yugi will only be able to turn over each slate once. Shadi decides to give Yugi a hint: the slates are a mirror that reflect Ameid,s body. Yami Yugi wonders what the slates could be. As he thinks another statue begins to crack.

Meanwhile Tristan continues to chase Joey and Miho with the broom. Tristan has Joey cornered, but as soon as he takes one step forward Miho blasts him with a fire extinguisher. Joey then runs up to Tristan and punches him, however Tristan recovers quickly. He grabs Joey and throws him out the window. Joey quickly grabs onto a nearby curtain and tells Tristan this isn't a joke. Then Joey sees Tea standing on a plank. He is shocked to see her standing there.

Yami Yugi begins to analyze the situation. He recalls Shadi saying the slates are a mirror that reflects the monster. Since this is a Concentration game there are four pairs to the puzzle. Yami Yugi thinks some more and finally comes up with a solution: He thinks the pairs are eyes, ears, nostrils and hands, since they all make up part of Ameid´s body. The only single thing the monster has is its mouth! Yami Yugi said she that the answer is the mouth and gets it right. Ameid disappears and the slates are flipped over, revealing the correct answer. Shadi congratulates Yami Yugi for a splendid job; however, that was only the beginning.

The next part of the game begins, as Shadi introduces Yami Yugi to his new playmate: Joey. Shadi says he's made from Yugi's memory. However Shadi revived the Joey from the time he bullied Yugi. Joey takes Yugi's Millenium Puzzle and rips it from his neck. Part of the ground disappears leaving Yami Yugi and Joey standing on a platform. Shadi explains the rules: Yami Yugi and Joey will both take turns rolling the Millenium Puzzle like a die. Where the puzzle points the player must take two steps into that direction. The first player to make the opponent jump off the platform wins.

Shadi wants to see Yugi destroy his memory from the past. Yami Yugi knows the Joey he's facing is only Shadi's illusion, but what if it really is the real Joey who's just under Shadi's spell? Joey begins to speak: He can't believe Yami Yugi would treasure something like the Millenium Puzzle! Yami Yugi is in shock from Joey's words. Instantly two of the remaining statues break, leaving one left. Joey tosses the Millenium Puzzle to the ground. The puzzle points into a certain direction and Yami Yugi takes two steps into that direction. Now it's Yami Yugi's turn.

Yugi says he won't roll, he does not want to play with Joey. Joey assumes Yugi pass and tosses the Millenium Puzzle on the ground again. It points to the same direction as before and Yugi walks two more steps, now Yami Yugi is at the edge of the platform. It's now Yugi's turn but he passes again. Shadi asks Yami Yugi if he gives up. Yami Yugi tells Shadi he is wrong and that he believes in his friend. Shadi says he can't crush his past and he lost because he's too weak. Shadi says strength comes from believing in oneself. Then Shadi orders Joey to roll the puzzle again and end the game. However Joey doesn't respond to Shadi's command, instead he disappears. Shadi can't believe his illusion of the past is disappearing! Yami Yugi picks up his Millenium Puzzle and says that their friendship remains strong even in game like this.

Suddenly the single rope holding Tea up starts to tear, Yami Yugi runs to Tea. When he gets to the fence he sees Joey trying to hold the plank up. Shadi can't believe Yugi's friends are supporting each other while the statue linked to Shadi's heart begins to crack. Yami Yugi asks Shadi if he knows where true strength comes from. and says it's from believing in one's friends. With that the statue linked to Shadi breaks and the Millenium Key touches Tea's hand. Tea comes back to her senses. Wondering where she's at.

Noticing it's a long way down Tea screams. Joey tells Tea to hurry up because he can't support the plank much longer! Suddenly, Tristan creeps up towards Joey, he loses control and drops the plank. Tea starts to fall but Yugi quickly grabs onto Tea. The plank falls and the Millenium Key hits Tristan's head. Tristan comes back to his senses and tightly holds onto Joey. Miho then comes running out onto the roof to make sure her friends are all right. Yugi and Tea are safe on the roof but Joey and Tristan are still trapped.

The Millenium Key falls and Shadi catches it. He admits he lost to Yugi but he knows his family and Yugi's fate have not disappeared. He says Yugi has a mission to draw out the true power of the Millenium Puzzle. Yugi and Shadi both know that they will meet again.

Episode 7

It's 7:55 AM and everyone is getting ready for school. Suddenly, a big student tells the people in front of him to not walk in front of him. One of the girls says it's Kujirada, someone who used to be quiet and shy. The other girl says his attitude has changed. He now has a lot of money, so things have gotten worse. Kujirada shoves a student into the school's trash. Noticing the student got dirty, he takes a few dollars out his pocket and tosses them to the ground laughing at him. Little does Kujirada know that there's someone nearby taking pictures of him.

At class, Tristan is sad that Miho didn't show up for school while he slumps down into his seat. The teacher walks through the aisles and reads a passage from a textbook. Suddenly, he hears a beeping noise. Joey frantically grabs a toy. On the toy's screen is a small creature, Joey says he has to clean it. He pushes a few buttons to fix the problem. The teacher stands in front of Joey's desk and asks what he's doing. Joey explains about the new Digital Pet product. He's taking care of his pet! One takes care of their pet by feeding it and cleaning it. How the pet turns out in the end all depends on how well the person cared for it. A new feature is that two Digital Pets can be linked together and date. Joey says it's really popular. The teacher hits Joey and tells him to not do it during class.

After class Tea asks Joey why he didn't turn it off. Joey says his pet won't grow if it's off, he wants to hurry and make his pet grow fast. Tea says it takes time. She and Yugi take out their Digital Pet toys and play with it. Yugi says there will be a good outcome if one takes care of it properly. It's almost like raising a child! Joey agrees. However, Tristan has a different opinion, he thinks the Digital Pets are a complete waste of time. Tea scolds Tristan for saying that. Yugi insists the Digital Pets are fun, but Tristan still disagrees. Joey thinks Tristan is mad because he couldn't get one. After all they are sold out everywhere. Tristan firmly says he doesn't want to clean up after Digital Pets. Instead he wants to remain in reality and clean up actual trash.

Suddenly, Miho walks through the door and greets everyone. Tristan's face turns red as he greets Miho. Tea tells her second period is already over. Miho takes out her Digital Pet and says it's hard to take care of her while Tristan goes crazy over it. Yugi is excited that Miho also has Digital Pet, she says she wants to go to Australia. Miho holds up a poster and says there's a pet competition this Sunday. The winner gets to go to Australia! Tea thinks that's the reason why Joey is so desperate. However, Miho is tired, she wonders if there's anyone who could help take care of her pet and win the Australian trip for a pair. Tristan instantly grabs Miho's hands and pledges he will make her win. Miho is really happy now and Joey asks Tristan about what he said earlier. Tristan says there's no difference between reality and the Digital world. Miho wishes Tristan the best of luck.

Yugi runs over to Haiyama, another student, and asks if he's going to play with Digital Pets. Haiyama says he doesn't have one. Suddenly, Kujirada appears and tells Haiyama to come over. Haiyama, with a sad expression on his face, follows him into the bathroom. Yugi's heard bad things about Kujirada. He walks to the bathroom and slightly opens the door and sees Kujirada and Haiyama exchanging money with each other. Yugi is shocked to see this. He wonders if Haiyama is involved in a kickback! The bathroom door opens and Kujirada walks out, followed by Haiyama. Yugi calls out for Haiyama. He tries to ask Haiyama about what he saw. Haiyama tells Yugi to not tell anyone and he nods his head.

Yugi then tells Haiyama to come and talk to him anytime, they are classmates after all. Haiyama thanks Yugi for his support. Then Yugi runs over to Haiyama and gives him something and tells him they should enter the contest together. Haiyama looks in his hand, it's a Digital Pet. Homeroom soon begins. The teacher notices Tristan missing and asks where he's at. One of the students gives the teacher a note from Tristan. It says he's taking the day off to raise a child. The teacher gets angry, Joey and Tea can't believe it.

Tristan is at his house working with Miho's Digital Pet. He plans to not take his eyes off the pet for a second until he wins Miho the prize. Tristan thinks about the trip to Australia with Miho and accidentally drops the Digital Pet while imagining. He immediately picks it up, then he imagines Miho at the beach with her swimsuit on. Tristan goes crazy over himself. Suddenly, the Digital Pet beeps and Tristan gets back to work. Later Tristan's mother scolds him for being up in the middle of the night. Tristan tells her to leave him alone. His entire youth is at stake!

The next day after school, Yugi and the gang begin their way home. Joey wonders what Tristan is thinking, he hasn't been at school ever since. Miho is looking forward to the contest. Suddenly, they see a group of kids crowding around a store where there is a gold Digital Pet on display. Tea asks what it is, Yugi says it's a limited edition Digital Pet; only one hundred copies were sold. An amazing pet can be raised with it. Joey asks if there's no way you can lose the contest with it. Miho wants it. Yugi says it's 50,000 yen (the equivalent to $546 USD)! Joey is shocked at the price.

Suddenly, Kujirada appears and pushes the kids out of his way, he wants the gold pet for himself. He smashes the store window and takes the item. The store owner walks out with an angry face, Kujirada throws a bunch of money into the air and the store owner catches it all. Yugi thinks that's the money he took from Haiyama, Kujirada laughs and walks away. Joey mentions Kujirada used to not even have lunch money. Tea says Kujirada used to be a good kid, then he went wild. Miho wonders what happened. Meanwhile, Haiyama is at his house uploading pictures of Kujirada from his camera into his computer. He prints out a colored photo of Kujirada and smiles.

The next day of school, Tea states Tristan has been absent for three days. Miho thinks he´s been watching over the Digital Pet this entire time. She's confident she will win the contest. The two girls then walk over to Yugi, who is feeding his pet some food. Yugi says he calls his pet U2. Tea holds out her Digital Pet, Sumomo. Joey then takes out his pet. He thinks the contest is going to his pet, Joe. Then he asks Yugi if they can do a data exchange, it will make both their pets grow. Yugi likes that idea, U2 is timid so having Joe's wild characteristic would be nice. Yugi and Joey link their Digital Pets together. Both pets appear on the screen. They see Joe beating up U2. But once that's done, the data exchange is complete. Yugi hopes there's more growth to their pets. Joey is excited for the Australia trip.

Suddenly, Kujirada appears. He thinks he's going to be the contest winner and he holds up his gold pet. Joey doesn't think Kujirada will win just because he has a gold pet. There's no way someone like Kujirada could even raise one! Kujirada introduces his ultimate pet, Devil Master. Tea doesn't think it has a good personality. Joey is creeped out by the look of the pet. Kujirada swipes Tea's Digital Pet from her hands and links the two pets together. Devil Master destroys Tea's pet. Kujirada says Devil Master grows by eating other pets.

Joey gets angry, Kujirada asks if his pet should eat Joey's too. They both link their pets together. Joey pet, Joe, first begins beating up Devil Master, but in the end Devil Master eats Joe. Joey screams over the loss of Joe. Kujirada thinks the Australia trip will be his. Yugi thinks Kujirada has some mean ways. Miho says how can Kujirada use the pets that others raised to go to Australia? Tea thinks Miho is one to talk since Tristan is doing the exact same thing. Yugi tells Kujirada that it's wrong to eat the pets of other people. Kujirada says to shut up. In this world, the strongest ones win! Kujirada is about to send Devil Master to eat Yugi's pet too when a familiar voice is heard.

Tristan appears. His eyes are really baggy, and he claims to have raised the ultimate pet: Digital Super Ichigo. Everyone laughs at Tristan's pet. Tristan and Kujirada link their pets together. Devil Master is about to eat Ichigo, but suddenly something happens. Ichigo uses its broom to sweep away Devil Master. Devil Master disappears, and Tristan wins. Tristan says his pet doesn't allow trash to exist. When Ichigo finds trash, it destroys it. Kujirada gets mad over his loss. He throws his gold pet to the ground and stomps away. Yugi and the others compliment Tristan for his victory.

Suddenly, they hear a noise. They turn around and see Haiyama sitting in his desk. Tristan asks what's wrong, Haiyama says it's nothing. After school, Kujirada is at the back of the school throwing a fit. He kicks the school's wall in rage, he can't believe Tristan beat him at the game! Suddenly, Kujirada hears a beep. He turns around and sees Haiyama with a camera.

Meanwhile, Miho and Tristan are walking home. Miho is looking forward to the contest, she has even bought a swimsuit for the trip. Tristan's face turns completely red at the thought of Miho in her swimsuit. Miho says she also bought some night clothes, Tristan walks along the sidewalk with new thoughts in his head. Suddenly, he hears Miho scream. Tristan turns around and sees Miho's bag on the floor, along with a note. It's a note from Kujirada, saying to meet him at the warehouse. Tristan holds his fist up, angry at Kujirada. Yugi is also on his way home. He's thinking about Haiyama, hoping nothing bad has happened to him. Suddenly, he sees someone walking through the bushes. Yugi decides to follow the mysterious person.

Tristan opens the warehouse doors and demands to know where Miho is at. Finally, he sees Miho tied up to the warehouse. Kujirada walks out from the darkness and falls to the ground, he has scratch marks all over his back. It looks like someone beat him up. A whip is cracked and Haiyama walks out from the shadows. Honda wonders why he's here, Haiyama says his "pet" is pretty pathetic; he was just punishing him. Honda has no idea what Haiyama is talking about. Haiyama says his "pet" had an inferiority complex, so he used money to help make him grow.

Tristan knows Haiyama is referring to Kujirada. Haiyama says Kujirada lost at Digital Pets, so now he's useless. He wants a strong pet now! Tristan thinks Haiyama is horrible for treating people like pets. Haiyama doesn't see anything wrong with that, he thinks it's pretty interesting! Haiyama takes out a book filled with pictures of Kujirada and his life. Tristan can't believe Kujirada's change of attitude is Haiyama's fault. Haiyama thanks Tristan for taking care of his pet. He cracks his whip again, suddenly Yugi appears and tells Haiyama to stop.

Tristan asks him what is doing here. Yugi says he was worried about Haiyama, so he followed Kujirada here. Yugi exclaims to Haiyama that it's wrong. Haiyama mentions Yugi saw him during "feeding time", then Haiyama remembers Yugi giving him a Digital Pet. He takes it out and throws it to the ground. Yugi runs towards Haiyama. Haiyama takes his whip and whips him with it, Yugi falls into a bunch of boxes. Haiyama thinks Yugi is completely useless. Tristan charges towards him, Haiyama aims his whip at Tristan but misses. On the third time Tristan gets hit and falls. The effects of staying up all night suddenly hit Tristan and he becomes very tired. Haiyama says he wants Tristan to be his pet, that's why he was calling out for him. Haiyama makes more fun of Tristan and he eventually whips off a piece of Miho's clothing. Tristan gets up and says he'll never forgive Haiyama, he tells Tristan he shouldn't look at his master like that. He whips Honda and he falls once again. Haiyama thinks it will be interesting to raise a resistant pet.

Suddenly, a glowing light appears. Haiyama turns around and sees Yami Yugi. He says it's game time and asks Haiyama to have their pets fight each other. Yami Yugi picks up the Digital Pet that Haiyama threw to the ground and links the two pets together. The two pets appear in real life. Haiyama orders his pet to eat that "loser". The two pets exchange attacks at each other, but Haiyama's pet ends up hitting Yugi's pet first. However, Yami Yugi has complete faith in U2 and knows it can win. The two pets battle it out again. Suddenly, the Digital Pet toys begin to beep. Yami Yugi is relieved.

The data exchange effect is now occurring, the beeping means Yami Yugi's pet is about to evolve! And so Yami Yugi's pet does evolve. U2 is a lot stronger now. It punches Haiyama's pet, and it falls to the ground. Haiyama orders for his pet to get up. He whips his pet but nothing happens. Yami Yugi says the match is over. Haiyama can't believe it! He continues to whip his pet, his pet eventually stands up and attempt to seemingly attack Haiyama. The door of darkness has opened. In reality, Haiyama is on the ground in complete shock. Yami Yugi says there's more to pets than food and whips. Love is needed and Haiyama never understood that. Miho has been freed the ropes, so she and Tristan are lying together on the ground. She says, "Let's go to Australia together... Mama."

Episode 8

Yugi is kidnapped by Kaiba, and forced to duel the first of his four Game Masters, Count Ridley Sheldon. Yugi's first enemy is Nurse Puppet. Yugi starts the duel by summoning "Rock-Gun" (100/50) in the wasteland, increasing its ATK by 50% ("Rock-Gun": 100 → 150). Then Nurse Puppet summons "Ghost" (150/50) and attacks "Rock-Gun", destroying Template:Suicide.

Yugi draws a card but the card is not shown. But Nurse Puppet draws and summons "Chimera" (800/150) in the forest. Yugi summons "Dark Mammoth" (600/300) in the forest, increasing its ATK by 50% ("Dark Mammoth": 600 → 900/300). Then he orders "Dark Mammoth" attacks "Chimæra".

But Nurse Puppet reveals that "Chimera" can turn the forest into wasteland, increasing "Chimera's" ATK by 50% ("Chimæra": 800 → 1200/150, "Dark Mammoth": 900 → 600/300). So "Dark Mammoth" is destroyed instead, leaving Yugi's Life Points from 2000 → 1700 Life Points, but should be 1400.

Yugi then summons "Dark Dragon" (1500/600). While Nurse Puppet summons "Zombie" (800/500) in defense position. Then it show some scenes of both players losing life points are shown (Yugi: 1015 → 950 → 800 Life Points, Nurse Puppet: 2000 → 1800 Life Points). Nurse Puppet then summons "Aphrodite" (300/500) in attack position. Yugi summons "Black Scorpion" (800/450) and attacks "Aphrodite", but Nurse Puppet combos "Aphrodite" with "Tsunami", destroying "Black Scorpion". (In the real card game you can't activate normal spells during your opponent's turn. However, "Tsunami" is implied to be already on the field before this turn.) Thus Nurse Puppet wins and takes "Neon Knight" as her prize.

Yugi's second enemy is Ridley Sheldon. Ridley starts the duel by summoning "Neon Knight" (1800/1200) in the mountain in attack position. Then Yugi summons "Devil Dragon" (1500/800) in the wasteland in defense position. But "Neon Knight" attacks and destroys "Devil Dragon".it is at this point that Yugi turned into Yami Yugi after being slapped by Ridley. Yami Yugi summons "Death Wolf" (1200/1200) in the forest in attack position and "Shadowman" (???/???). But Ridley summons "King Beetle" (1400/1000) and attacks "Death Wolf" but "Shadowman" turns the entire field into darkness which increases "Death Wolf's" ATK (by how much is unknown, but it is enough to destroy Neon Knight). Since "Death Wolf's" ATK is higher, "Neon Knight" is destroyed.

Yami Yugi then summons "Death Wolf" to attack and destroy "King Beetle". Ridley then summons "Gargoyle" (1000/500) in the mountain. Yami Yugi summons "Night Soldier" and attacks "Gargoyle" with "Night Soldier", thinking "Night Soldier" will destroy "Gargoyle". However, "Gargoyle's" durability is raised by Sheldon's "doll field" and "Night Soldier" is destroyed instead. Yami Yugi then activates an unnamed card, increasing "Death Wolf's" defense.

Ridley then summons "Salamandra" (1000/900) to attack "Death Wolf", but Yami Yugi has Death Wolf respond with a non-physical "howl" attack. "Salamandra" and "Gargoyle" are destroyed by "Death Wolf's" howl instead. Thus Yami Yugi wins the duel. Yami Yugi then leaves after the duel is over, while Kaiba vows to defeat him.

Episode 9

Joey is showing off his new yo-yo and proceeds to do some tricks. When Tea is not impressed with his sleeper and walk the dog, Joey performs an out of control loop to loop. Tristan comes in and tells Joey not to play with toys in school and Joey responds calling Tristan an old man. Miho then says she wants to play too and Tristan says that it's too dangerous. Tea then tells everyone about a gang who attacks people with yo-yos and takes their money. The gang has been attacking students at school and Yugi says that yo-yos aren't weapons. Joey says that he will punish the gang for what they've done. At home Yugi hopes that Joey is ok fighting the gang.

Joey is absent from school and the gang remarks about how good Joey's health is. Yugi wonders what happened with the gang yesterday. Him and the gang go to Joey's house after school to see what's going on but it appears no one is at home. Miho opens the door and a drunk man throws a bottle at them. Tristan says that the drunkard was actually Joey's father which is why Joey doesn't invite his friends to his house. Tristan asks where Joey could actually be.

Yugi and his friends looks around town for Joey and can't find him anywhere. They see the yo-yo gang stealing someone's money and are surprised to see Joey with them. Tristan also see Hirutani a guy Joey hung out with in middle school. Hirutani tells Joey he should have came to Rinotama instead of Domino High School. Yugi tells Joey to come back and a gang member sick of Yugi punches Yugi hard in the face. Everyone is worried about Yugi and Yugi tells Joey once again to come back.

After Yugi heals a little Tristan tells them about Hirutani and what he and Joey did in middle school. Yugi remarks that he has Joey as a friend because of the Millenium Puzzle. He remembers the first day he and Joey became friends and what happened that day. Yugi thinks that Joey hasn't changed but Tristan says that Joey is an idiot and that he's done with Joey.

Another gang comes to fight with Rintama's gang. Joey says that a fight should be only with fists. Hirutani's gang abandons Joey and Yugi's friends and him who are secretly watching wonder whether to help. Tristan later comes up and tells them about a tournament he and Joey were in. They were in last but Tristan's quick running and Joey's skill paid off. They got first place and became friends. The band Tristan was wearing then was a mark of their friendship. Tristan says he will use it to make Joey open his eyes. Joey then beats up every member of the other gang and Hirutani says Joey's skills haven't gotten any worse.

Yugi and friends go to J'z where the storekeeper tellls them about Rintama's warehouse base and how a Domino student was tricked into joining their gang. Yugi and friends all know it's Joey, and that it wasn't his fault that he joined the gang.

Yugi and friends meet up with the Rintama gang at their warehouse where Yugi tells Joey he was tricked in to joining the gang. Joey tells Yugi that he joined the gang to do what he wants without any rules all of his own free will. Tristan shows him the band which Joey steps on and punches Tristan.

The gang tells Hirutani's gang is left to challenge them. Hirutani thinks about where to attack next when Tristan appears and challenges him. Tristan says if he wins Hirutani must leave Joey alone. Hirutani uses a spiked yo-yo and Tristan quickly grabs a broom to fight. The yo-yo cuts Tristan's broom and Hirutani knees him in the stomach. Just before Hirutani unleashes his final blow, Yugi steps in and deflects the yo-yo with the Millenium Puzzle. The yo-yo then cuts Hirutani's face.

The Rintama gang tie Yugi up and start throwing fists at him. Out of nowhere Joey breaks down a wall and runs into the room. He says he will finish it and throws his yo-yo at a gang member. Joey reveals he made a deal to join the gang if his friends were left alone and that Hirutani broke the deal by attacking Yugi. The Rintama gang surround Joey with yo-yos so that he cannot move. Joey charges forward and deflects Hirutani's thrown yo-yo with his own and cuts Yugi free. A Rintama member then clobbers Joey from behind and he falls to the ground. The Puzzle activates and Yami Yugi comes out. The Rintama gang finds Yami Yugi on the roof where he spins a yo-yo extremely fast and says "It's Game Time." Joey corners Hirutani and tells him that he will finish things with him now.

Yami Yugi explains the simple rule: Last one standing wins. Yami Yugi fights the gang at the same time Joey fights Hirutani. The minions cannot hit Yami Yugi and Joey wounds Hirutani in the face. Hirutani throws glass at Joey and he can't see. The gang seems to corner Yami Yugi at the end of the roof but Dark Yugi says that he's put holes in the ground. He wonders how long the roof can hold the minions weight and that yo-yos are not weapons. They fall through the floor and at the same time, Joey knocks Hirutani off the railing. He uses a zip line that Tristan made with the band to get away. Hirutani is holding on but Joey uses a walk the dog to make Hirutani fall off. Yami Yugi says that Joey hasn't changed at all.

Joey has developed a new yo-yo technique, Loop in the Sky, which accidentally raises Tea and Miho's skirts and ties him up. Tea then gets angry and calls him a scum.

Episode 10

Mayumi asked Tea and Miho Nosaka about Joey and they questioned her liking in him. Still, they asked Yugi for help choosing a present, as Yugi was Joey's friend. Yugi took them to his grandfather's game shop and his grandfather, Solomon gave them a blank jigsaw puzzle, telling Mayumi she could write a message on it and give it to Joey to figure out. He also stated it was how he got Yugi's grandmother to like him.

Later, Mayumi slips the present into Joey's desk when they get to class. But when Joey finds it, the teacher Ms. Chono, takes it and says she will figure it out, then read the message. Tea stands up and says that Ms. Chono shouldn't be reading other people's messages and says she was the one who gave Joey the gift.

Ms. Chono later called Tea into her office telling her it was against the rules to bring something like that to school. Tea complains the rules are too strict and says she will make a petition to lessen the strictness in the school rules. Chono asked Anzu to collect signatures from other students in a petition asking for laxer rules. But, a few bullies write bad words over her signs and break her petition board. Yugi and Joey support her and Joey fights the bullies. Ms. Chono sees them fighting and calls them to her office. She says that they were in trouble. Yugi, Tea, and Joey complain it wasn't their fault. Ms. Chono lets them leave and calls in the bullies. She thanks them for doing what they did to Tea and pardons them.

After Yugi witnessed the meeting, Yami Yugi emerged and challenged Chono to a game involving two mirrors and being blindfolded. Realizing that Chono had cheated and used her position to hurt Tea, Yami Yugi inflicted a Penalty Game, causing her beautiful appearance to fall off like jigsaw pieces while finally revealing her true face which was so dry that it resembled a mummy. Humiliated, Chono fled the classroom, crying and covered her face to avoid being detected.

When she reacted angrily to a proposal, insisting things had to be stricter, Chono's newly make-up began to crack, causing her to flee the room while her male colleagues remarked that there was more make-up than skin on her face. She was later seen in the bathroom, desperately trying to preserve her make-up while demanding to know why it wouldn't stay in place. It's presumed that Yami Yugi's Penalty Game is a permanent effect and as such, whenever Chono attempts to lie, her face will continue to crack.

Episode 11

The group soon finds out about the Capsule Monster game (Capmon for short) when Miho obtains a Gacha Box (a capsule container) whose capsules are filled with jewelry of Miho's fancy. Miho then reveals it was Warashibe, a college student whom she met just recently, that sent it as a present to her. While Yugi briefly explains Capmon to others, Miho expresses her joy of the present, much to Tristan's protest.

Soon after, Yugi meets up with Warashibe, with whom he has been a friend for some time now due to their common interest in Capmon (a "Capmon buddy" as Warashibe calls it), and informs him on Miho's reaction on the present (the whole thing revealed to be Yugi's idea in the first place). Warashibe reveals his obsession for Miho, explaining how he saw her briefly through a show window while obtaining new Capmon capsules. Ever since, Warashibe has been convinced the two were fated to be together, and keeps referring to Miho as his "Capmon Goddess", and he is dedicated to win her heart, much to Yugi's dislike of his extreme reaction.

Later that evening, Miho visits Yugi's grandfather's shop and obtains a minor Capmon capsule, intending to send it to Warashibe as a token of graditude for the present, thinking of Warashibe as a pen-pal. However, Warashibe misinterprets the message as a love confession, and leads Yugi to his secret base filled with rare level 4 and 5 Capmons on the next day. He asks Yugi for his help in order to meet Miho in the most romantic way he can imagine, but Yugi, initially shocked by the idea, tries to refuse, yet Warashibe's babycry soon convinces him otherwise.

Yugi and Warashibe then try executing the plan for him to meet Miho (which consisted of Yugi putting on a ridiculous disguise and pretending to be assaulting Miho, and Warashibe "saving" her), which fails miserably not only because Miho sees through Yugi's disguise, but also repeatedly strikes Warashibe with her purse as he was being too direct to her in his confession. Miho runs away crying out loud how she doesn't know anything about Capmon, leaving Warashibe beaten and heartbroken. Due to the rejection, he later mayhems his base and ponders what he did wrong, eventually concluding there must be a reason why she refused him, and sets out to eliminate it.

On the next day, Warashibe disguises himself as a member of the kitchen staff in Domino High cafeteria, and after concluding Miho rejected him because Joey, Tristan and Tea were in the way, decides to eliminate them by offering them glasses with poisoned water. As a result, all three end up hospitalized in the nursery with a bad stomachache, with only Yugi and Miho remaining healthy. Miho then receives a letter from Warashibe, who claims to have brought judgment upon those who interfeere with their fate. This makes Miho truly angry (for the first time in the series), and she immediatelly asks Yugi to lead her to Warashibe's place.

Once there, the enraged Miho scolds Warashibe for what he did, for what he shows no remorse. After being rejected for the second time, Warashibe proposes they settle the argument with a game of Capsule Monsters, with the stakes being that Warashibe would leave Miho alone if he looses, but Miho will have to accept her fate as his sweetheart otherwise. The angry Miho accepts.

At the start of the game, both Miho and Warashibe take turns in taking out their respective capsules from a capsule machine, and while Miho ends up with a bad set (3 level 1, and one of each level 2 and 4), Warashibe's set of capsules contains only high level monsters (a total of 3 level 4 and 2 level 5 monsters). Despite claiming to have studied the rules of Capmon, Miho ends up pushed in a corner and Warashibe easily takes out one of her monsters on the first turn.

Angry with the resluting table, Miho yells at Warashibe and accidentally pushes Yugi into the capsule suspensor, which tips over and breaks, revealing a hidden device that Warashibe installed previously in order to rapidly exchange low and high level Capmons, thus resulting in Miho getting only weak monsters, and Warashibe the strong ones.

Realizing that Warashibe cheated using a rigged machine, Miho declares herself winner and tries to leave with Yugi, but both are stopped by Warashibe's dropping bars that blocked the exit. However, the mechanism malfunctions and instead results in a large beam dropped atop of Miho and Yugi. As the dust settles, much to Warashibe's surprise, Yami Yugi emerges with Miho in his arms, then challenges Warashibe to a Shadow Game.

Yami Yugi agrees to continue with Miho's current set field and set of monsters, which Warashibe reluctantly agrees on, and is impressed how the Shadow Game made the monster figures come to life, and one of each of their monsters already anihilated each other. Warashibe then destroys another one of Yami Yugi's monsters with Dinosaur Wing, and after Yami Yugi makes a turn by placing his next monster without attacking, Warashibe destroys it with Head Sucker, leaving Yami Yugi with only one monster left.

Claiming to have won the match, Warashibe is then asked to look at the field, and he realizes all his monsters were alligned in a diagonal pattern, which is what Yami Yugi was counting on. His last remaining monster is Torigun, who despite his otherwise low rank and limited battle qualities, posesses a special skill that goes in Yami Yugi's favor: it can move and attack in a diagonal pattern, and destroy any monster it comes across, even if it's a level 5. With this move, Toribe destroys all of Warashibe's remaining four monsters, making Yami Yugi win the game.

Warashibe is shocked by the outcome, with Yami Yugi telling him how Capmon is not something to be collected, but played with, and know how to win using every monster's ability. Warashibe becomes struck with rage, and after flipping the table in frenzy, he still demands Miho to become his, for which Yami Yugi inflicts a Penalty Game on him, capturing him inside a massive monster capsule (wether or not this was just an illusion or an actual mental punishment was not shown) before leaving with Miho.

With Joey and others recovered, they discuss how it is better now with Warashibe off the scene. As Joey complains that he never wants to hear about Capmon again, a cheerful Miho comes running. She trips and falls, revealing her purse was full of Capmon capsules.

Episode 12

Ryuichi who is the unbeaten champion of a TV game show and considers himself to be the luckiest man in the world, comes to Domino High School under the command of Seto Kaiba to try to make the other Yugi appear. Ryuichi decides that he either has to cause Yugi severe pain or else peel off his skin in order to bring out the other Yugi. However, when Joey takes Yugi's place in the ninth game show that Ryuichi wins with ease, it is then that Yami Yugi emerges to face Ryuichi.

Later, Yami Yugi challenges Ryuichi to a game of electrical pairs in which a player must give all the pairs he has to the opposing player when he gets a Joker, and if he fails to get a pair he will receive an electric shock (the same game that Ryuichi and Joey played). Ryuichi's luck gives him the edge, while Yami Yugi continues to choose the same pairs of cards each time. When the power cuts out, unknown to Ryuichi, the order of the cards is scrambled, but instead of trusting his luck. Ryuichi picks the cards that he thought were in the same place, only to get the Joker and lose. Afterwards, Ryuichi's luck abandons him during his tenth game show and he loses despite only needing to get a 3 or higher to win.

Episode 13

Fraudulent psychic Kokurano has his eyes on Tea. Though Tea doesn't believe his predictions at first, her desire to see her mysterious savior (Yami Yugi) leads her right into Kokurano's grasp. When Yugi finds out someone is keeping an eye on Tea, he got a bit jealous. When Yugi went to the library, Kokurano knocked over the book stands in his direction, but Yugi transformed into Yami Yugi and saved himself.

Kokurano met Tea afterwards and knocked her out with chloroform, which he intended to be the swoon before the wonderful man he predicted. Yami Yugi caught up with Kokurano and challenged him to a game. In the manga, the game was Paper Crash! and players had to pull sheets of paper out from under the chloroform bottle, without letting it fall. Kokurano tried to use his powers to levitate the bottle, but wound up knocking himself out with it. In the anime, the game involved bottles falling from the ceiling.

Kokurano was left lying on the floor with his cloak spread out, showing notes containing various possible future events, which Kokurano would pass off as predictions should they come true. Yami Yugi carried Tea away, leaving Kokurano to have his powers exposed as fake, before he woke up. While Yami Yugi carries Tea in the hallway, she briefly sees the bruise on Yami Yugi's arm.

The next day to Joey and Tristan's dismay, they find out that Kokurano's sidekick powers were fake. To which Yugi, Tea and Miho agree that fortune teller is fake. Miho then goes to cheer Tristan up about making their own future come true, which makes him happy much to Joey commenting if Tristan knows what Miho is referring to. While Tea comment that she didn't get to see Yami Yugi, she sees to her shock that Yugi has the same bruise on his arm, which makes her wonder if Yugi was the one who saved her from Kokurano.

Episode 14

When Tea realizes that Yugi is her mysterious crush, she invites him on a date to an amusement park. Miho overheard some them, leading for her wanting to go so she can wear her swimsuit, which Tristan blushes at. On the hand Joey wants to go investigate this date, since Yugi told him that he knew Tea since childhood. To Joey's theory he believes that the two are dating. So Joey wants to spy on Yugi and Tea's date. But he has trouble on his hand since Tristan and Miho want to play in the pool. He tells Miho that they have to spy on them to see if they are dating, but Miho gets angry thinking Tristan is a prevert for wanting to see her in her swimsuit. At the park entrance Yugi buys the tickets for him and Tea but gets annoy when the cashier mistakes him for an elementary school student. While at the park's pool area, Tea wears a light-green bikini that reveals her beautiful body, causing Yugi to blush and become very nervous. Joey on the other hand while spying with Tristan, thinks Yugi and Tea don't make a good couple because of Tea's swimsuit. So Yugi and Tea go on a long water slide ride together.

Meanwhile Joey finally gets annoy that Miho and Tristan are not helping him at all. So he goes into the pool by himself after being rejected by two ladies sitting on chairs. After doing the water slide, Yugi and Tea decide to sit down to dry off. While sitting on a chair, she imagined that Yami Yugi is next to her, but sees that Yugi is chasing a kid who splash water on him with a water gun. Then while in the water, Tea pretends to drown herself so Yugi can save her. But she is saved by taller boys, while Yugi is saved by one guy as well.

Next Yugi and Tea decide to go to the Ferris Wheel. Joey tries to spy on them from behind, but due to Tea thinking that Joey is a prevert he gets hold down by two guys. So Joey tells her it's only him, which surprised her and Yugi. While walking with Joey, Tea wants him to explain why he was spying on them. Since Joey told her that he was following them, Tea decides to ditch him by telling him that she and Yugi are playing tag. Once Yugi and Tea leave, Tristan tells Joey that she is mad at him for interfering with their date.

Due to Tea playing tag, Yugi loses track of her. Once Tea is alone on the Ferris Wheel, she admitted that she finally got Yugi to be alone with her. Meanwhile Joey has a hard time finding Yugi and Tea, because of how big the Amusement Park is. Once everyone learns that a bomber is in the park, the whole crowd leaves dragging Joey and Tristan with them. Yugi then learns that Tea is on the Ferris Wheel, and tells this to the police. When the bomber tells the inspector to release a white balloon, the inspector does what the bomber says.

To Yugi's horror he saw the white balloon being represented for cart number 1 being destroyed. Tea now finds herself in real danger when the Continuous Bomber challenges Yami Yugi to a twisted game of balloons and explosions. The rules of the game: guess what color balloon represent the number of the Ferris Wheel. If you guess right, everyone is safe. But if you guess wrong, everyone on the Ferris Whee will die and Ferris Wheel will be destroy. The time limit for the game is 15 minutes.

Yami Yugi starts the game by asking an employee if their are any other numbers on the Ferris Wheel. But the employee tells him no since they refer the Ferris Wheel carts as carriage number 1 and so on. Then Yami Yugi ask the employee if there are different colors inside the Ferris Wheel. But the employee tells him no since the same color outside of the ferris wheel is the same color inside of the carts. Yami Yugi is told to release the yellow balloon so the bomber can see it. Yami Yugi does so and to his horror the yellow balloon represents cart number 10 being destroyed. Joey, Tristan and Miho finally come back in the park to see Yami Yugi at the Ferris Wheel. But the group is blocked by security so they can't help Yami Yugi at all. The bomber tells Yami Yugi that there isn't much time left. He then tells Yami Yami he should give up. Yami Yugi knows that the bomber is in the park, but where. The bomber tells him that he is bore, so he tells Yami Yugi to release a pink balloon. Yami Yugi asks him is the pink balloon safe, but the bomber tells he doesn't know so he should release it to find out. Yami Yugi releases the pink balloon, and to his horror the balloon represents cart number 4.

So far Yami Yugi knows that cart number 1 represent the white balloon. Cart number 10 represents the yellow balloon and cart number 4 represents the pink balloon. The bomber says that there is five minutes left. Yami Yugi tells the bomber that there is still time. Then the inspector asks Yami Yugi if he can stop the bomber, but Yami Yugi tells him not to be impatient. Tristan tells Joey that there is smoke coming out of the Ferris Wheel. Which makes Joey wonder if the victims got caught in the accident. The bomber tells Yami Yugi that he has two minutes left. Upon hearing this, Yami Yugi looks at his watch, and realizes that his watch represents the Ferris Wheel. He then notes that his watch has no colors. Yami Yugi realizes that the Ferris Wheel represents the color wheel. Yami Yugi asks the employee if there any color wheels in the park. The employee tells him yes, but it's behind the Ferris Wheel. Yami Yugi asks the employee what color those cart number 3 represent. But the employee tells Yami Yugi he can't memorize the color wheel by heart.

Yami Yugi then asks the employee how many minutes to get to the plaza, where the color whee is at. The employee tells him it will take him two minutes to get there. Yami Yugi runs to the high ride in sixteen seconds. The ride brings him high enough to spot the color wheel. Yami Yugi then tells them bomber that Tea's cart represent the color blue. The bomber congratulates Yami Yugi, and decided to end the game but Yami Yugi tells him to continue.

Yami Yugi tells the bomber that they will play a different game. This time with bomber guessing where the bomb is located at, and the balloon Yami Yugi release is white. The bomber tells Yami Yugi that white was the first balloon that was released. He says yes that the white balloon was the first to be released. But the bomber asks Yami Yugi what does he mean. Yami Yugi that the the time on the clock has changed, meaning that the colors on the color wheel have change as well.

Now the color white represents 13 o' clock. He then tells the bomber to blow up the cart that he is in: number 13. Yami Yugi knows that the bomber is on the Ferris wheel, and knows that the bomber can see they color wheel. He tells the bomber that he is truly in cart number 13, and if he doesn't believe Yami Yugi then he has to blow the cart up. He tells Yami Yugi that he is wrong, that he is going to blow up cart number 3. Yami Yugi tells him no since there is a bomb in his cart. The bomber however doesn't believe Yami Yugi, so he makes the bomber heard ticking from his watch. Upon finishing the game, Yami Yugi placed a Penalty Game on him. He made the bomber imagine that he was going berserk by seeing a bomb in his cart, causing him to fall out of his cart. The bomber lands in a food building, while Yami Yugi tells him if your going to play with innocent people, than you should give up your own life. The bomber was then arrested by the police after being found in the building he crashed in. Before leaving Yami Yugi reveal to the police that the person they just found is the mad bomber. He then gives the inspector his phone back, and changes back into Yugi before Tea gets off the Ferris Wheel.

The police finally lets everyone safety off the Feris Wheel including Tea. Once Tea is off the Ferris Wheel she happily runs to Yugi and thanks him for saving her, but was surprised to see Yugi back to his normal self. Tea then admits that she wanted to see Yami Yugi much to Yugi's confusion. Joey, Tristan, and Miho are happy to see that Tea is alright. But Joey was surprised that Tea was on the Ferris Wheel, and asked her what happened. But Tea tells them not even she knows how it happen. She admits in the end, she knows for a fact that Yugi is the one that saved her. The episode ends with Yugi happily smiling at Tea.

Episode 15

At nighttime, in an old dark and creepy mansion, three girls with cloaks on themselves throw ingredients in a cauldron and recite a chant (based on Macbeth´s poem). A bolt of lightning clashes as they say their words.

The next day, Yugi is excited that Solomon received packs of Duel Monsters cards. Sugoroku says the card is getting really popular. Shops all over the place are selling out of them. Tea, who is with Yugi, tells him that she is also learning Duel Monsters. Solomon decides to give Yuugi and Tea each a pack of cards as a present. Yugi and Tea get all excited over the new pack.

As they open their packs, a customer walks in the store. Yugi sighs because he already owns the cards from his pack. However, Tea points out a particular card that interests her and she shows it to Yugi. Yugi recognizes it as "Violet Hecate". Judging by Yugi's reaction, Tea asks if it's rare and he says it's extremely rare because it's one of the three witch sisters. It's extremely hard to find those cards, Solomon has never seen such a card before. Tea decides to give it to Yugi because she thinks that card would be more useful with him. Yugi gladly accepts the gift from Tea and jumps in happiness.

Tea notices that it's the same kiddish Yugi as always. She wonders where the other Yugi went, the one that saved her? Yugi thanks Tea for the card. Suddenly, Solomon notices that the customer that entered the store is missing. He wonders where the customer went.

At school, Yugi shows the card to his friends. Joey can't believe such a card exists, and Miho wants one for herself. They are all interested in learning about Duel Monsters, so Yugi decides to play a game with them. As Yugi reaches for his shoes from his locker, a love letter falls out. Joey and Tristan both dive for it. They fight over the love letter while Tea gets angry, and the letter falls in Miho's hands. She notices that Yugi's name is written on it. Yugi is surprised that it's for him.

In the classroom, Yugi sulks in his desk as Joey and Tristan demand to see the letter. They grab the letter from Yugi's hands and fight over it again. Tea gets frustrated and yells at them. The two stop fighting and hand over the letter to Anzu, she reads it out loud. The letter states that author of the letter has feelings for Yugi and she wants to meet up with him just once at Domino Park. It's signed by Risa Kageyama. Miho thinks Yugi is popular with the girls, but Yugi doesn't think so. He doesn't even know who the person is, Joey and Tristan think Kageyama Risa is a very unattractive girl. Tristan describes her as Frankenstein-like. In fact all girls with "kana" in their names are like that, Miho realizes that her name has that and she walks away. Realizing what he's done, Tristan runs after her. (Kana also means a name with two syllabus)

Tea asks Yugi what he's going to do. Tristan tells Yugi to be kind to her. Joey notices that he and Tristan are getting along for once. They both laugh. In the end Yugi decides to go and he sits on a bench and waits for Risa to show up. Meanwhile Joey, Tristan, Tea and Miho have also went to Domino Park to spy on Yugi and Risa. Tea can't believe Joey and Tristan decided to come after they bad-mouthed her. Suddenly, she feels a very strange feeling, a feeling that irritates her.

At last Risa shows up. Tea notices from the different uniform that Risa comes from Black Rose Girls Academy, a rich girls' school. Risa, who is extremely attractive, walks up to Yugi. Yugi blushes as he stares at Risa's face, Risa hands Yugi a present, something she knitted. Yugi thanks her for the gift and Risa tells him she had to talk to him, then she notices Yugi's Millenium Puzzle. Risa tries to touch it, but when she does she quickly turns away with an evil look in her eyes. Yugi asks what's wrong, Risa says it's nothing. She decides to go home and runs away.

Joey, Tristan, Tea and Miho fall out of their hiding place. Miho gazes at the gift that Risa knitted, which is a summer vest. It's even hand-knitted, so lots of love must have been put into it! Joey and Tristan stand in front of Yugi and state they're sorry, since they lost their confidence they decide to go home to rethink life. Tea asks Yugi what he's going to do, Risa seems pretty serious about the whole thing. She wonders if Yugi plans on dating her. Yugi doesn't know; he only met Risa for the first time. Tea assumes Yugi will turn her down and she stands proudly, saying that's something Yugi would do. Miho wonders if Tea's jealous, Tea yells at Miho about how she's only worried as a friend.

At night, Yugi plays a game of Duel Monsters with his Grandpa. Solomon has just summoned the Dark Dragon, which turns the tables for Yugi. However, Yugi isn't paying attention. Solomon notices this and wonders what's up. Suddenly, in the middle of the game, they phone rings. Yugi answers it, on the other line is Risa. Risa is glad that Yugi remembered her and she asks if they can meet again the next day at the same place. Yugi agrees, this time he plans to call it off with Risa.

The next day, Yugi and Risa meet up at Domino Park. Risa hands over hand-knitted socks to him, Yugi stares at them and then decides not to accept them. He asks Risa why she sent him the love letter, Risa replies that she knows Yugi's home is a Game Shop. Well, she went there once and when she saw Yugi she instantly fell in love. Yugi finally comes to an understanding. Risa begins to walk away, but Yugi tells her that she's very pretty. While Risa has her back turned to Yugi, her eyes are evil. She then turns towards Yugi with normal eyes and gives him the socks, hoping they can meet again. Yugi blushes.

At class, Yugi lies to his friends by saying he hasn't seen Risa since the first time they met. Joey, Tristan and Miho are sad by that since they were cheering Yugi on, Yugi notices Tea hasn't said a word. He secretly apologizes to her, knowing that he lied and he decided that next time he´ll do the properly. On the way home from school, Joey suggests they go somewhere nice on their next day off. Yugi sees Risa hiding behind a tree, knowing that he must meet up with her, Yugi announces that he has some important business to take care of. Joey says goodbye to Yugi, and he runs off to her. However, Tea remains suspicious.

Yugi and Risa walk together. A limousine pulls up at a distance, Kaiba walks out and notices Yugi with Risa. Kaiba has a bad feeling about Risa.

Tea knows that Risa isn't good for Yugi and he isn´t capable of turning her down. She angrily decides to head to Yugi's home to get things straighten out with him. When she gets there, Solomon tells her that Yugi is sick. However, Tea decides to see him anyway, she runs up to Yugi's room and opens the door. There, she sees Yugi lying in bed with Risa right by his side. Tea demands to know why she's there, Risa insists that she be quiet because Yugi is sleeping. She mentions that the house doesn't have any medicine. So Tea runs off to the pharmacy to get some. As she turns the corner, the evil Risa pops out from behind the corner.

Tea comes back with the medicine, but Risa is already there with some. Tea wonders how she got the medicine so quickly. In the room is also Joey, he met up with Risa at the pharmacy and decided to check on Yugi himself too. Yugi insists that he's fine. Suddenly, Risa notices that she's out of ice so Tea runs off again to buy some and runs back with some ice, wondering what's up with Risa. When she gets to Yugi's room, Risa already has some. Yugi tells Tea to just sit back and relax, Tristan is also in the room. He explains that he ran into Risa when she was looking for some ice. The ice was heavy, so Tristan decided to carry it for her.

Tea asks Yugi if he likes mandarins he says yes, so Tea decides to go to the store again and get some. She throws her back of ice at Tristan and runs out the door. When Tea arrives at the supermarket, she takes the escalator down. However, the evil Risa is on the escalator that's going up. She pushes Tea hard and Tea falls to the bottom of the escalator. Tea looks up and sees Risa running away. When Tea runs into Yugi's room again, she demands to know what Risa was trying to do. Joey asks what's wrong, Tea accuses Risa of pushing her down the escalator. Joey and Tristan don't know what Tea is talking about, Risa has been in the room the whole time! Tea doesn't understand. She asks Yugi for confirmation, and Yugi says Risa never left the room. Risa says not to worry about it, her face is common that it can be seen everywhere. Tea wonders if she wasn't seeing things correctly, but she was sure it was Risa.

Risa stands up and states she's going home, Joey and Tristan are disappointed she's leaving so soon. Risa asks Yugi for a favor: She wants to keep something that belongs to Yugi so that she can always remember him. Suddenly, Risa sees Yugi's Duel Monster cards, she particularly likes the Violet Hekate card and asks to keep it. Yugi tells her that that's the only card that's off limits because he received it from someone very important to him, Tea knows it's her. Yugi offers her any of his other cards, but Risa declines. She decides to head off without anything. Joey and Tristan blame him for making Risa sad. Tea yells at them, as Yugi quietly apologizes to Risa.

As the sun begins to set, Joey, Tristan and Tea take their leave. Yugi thanks them for their support. Joey and Tristan tell Yugi to get some rest since it's important to recover from a cold. Anzu yells at Yugi to hurry up and get back to bed. He says his temperature has gone down, but Tea refuses to accept that. Tristan whispers to Joey that Tea is like an overprotective wife. As Yugi walks through the door, he thanks Tea for her support.

As Yugi walks up the stairs to his room, he hears something. Inside Yugi's room is the evil Risa, who is frantically looking for the Violet Hekate card. Yugi turns on the light and sees Risa with her evil eyes. She grabs Yugi and tells him to hand over the card. As Risa takes Yugi to the ground, an object flies out Yugi's window, breaking the window's glass. Joey, Tristan and Tea see this and think something is wrong. They rush up to Yugi's room and see Risa pinning Yugi to the floor. Joey, Tristan and Tea are surprised to see this. Yugi takes his Millenium Puzzle and swings it at Risa, breaking free from her grip. Tea knows that Risa was after that card from the very beginning, Yugi can't believe Risa would do something like this.

Risa takes out her whip and flings it at them. The group runs out of the room just in time. Risa smiles, knowing that they can't run. Tristan opens the door to outside, but Risa jumps down and blocks the exit. Screaming in horror, Tristan immediately shuts the door, and the group finds another way out. However, Risa also blocks that way too. Joey tackles Risa to the ground, while Yugi and Tea escape. Unfortunately, Joey can't hold down Risa for very long, as she whips him and breaks free.

Meanwhile, Yugi and Tea run down the streets. They soon face Risa again, but this time there are three Risas, and they have Yugi and Tea surrounded. One of the Risas uses her whip to snatch Yugi's Millenium Puzzle away from him. She challenges Yugi to a Duel with the Millenium Puzzle and the Violet Hecate card at stake. Yugi knows he has no choice, so he accepts the challenge.

They all head down to the huge mansion where the Kageyama sisters live. One of them explains the rules: Each player has 2000 Life Points (although they're not seen during the duel). The winner keeps the Violet Hecate card and the Millennium Puzzle.

Yugi has "Rock-Gun", "Sleeping Worm", "Ghost", "Clock Card" and "Mushroom Man" in his hand. He summons "Sleeping Worm" (500/1700) in defense position. Then the Kageyama Sisters summon "Red Hecate" (2500/2300) in attack position. "Red Hecate" attacks and destroys "Sleeping Worm". So Yugi activates "Clock Card" to revive "Sleeping Worm" and turn it into "Iron Beetle" (1700/???).

The Kageyama Sisters summon "Yellow Hecate" (2500/2300) and attack "Iron Beetle" with the Hecate Sisters. But Kaiba arrives and takes Yugi's place. He allows the Kageyama Sisters to put the "Violet Hecate" card into their deck. He also tells them that if they win they can have all the cards in his briefcase, and the Violent card. Kaiba starts off by summoning "Cyclops" (1200/1000).

The Hecate Sisters attack and destroy "Cyclops". So Kaiba summons "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" (3000/2500). Then Kageyama Sisters summon "Violet Hecate" (2500/2300) and fuse all the Hecate Sisters into "Gorgon" (3000/???). Since "Gorgon" is in the forest field, its effect is activated; once per turn it cannot be destroyed in battle, which means that only "Blue-Eyes" will be destroyed. So Kaiba draws and summons another "Blue-Eyes" (3000/2500). Then both "Blue-Eyes" attack and destroy "Gorgon". Kaiba wins the duel. So Yugi is able to keep the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi asks Kaiba why he did this, he tells that as a duelist you shouldn't have to lose against three girls. Kaiba the tells Yugi that he will be the one who will defeat him, and the episode ends with Kaiba happily laughing while leaving the warehouse.

Episode 16

Serenity was visited by her brother Joey and her brother's friend, Yugi Muto, while she was in the hospital. Joey gave her a present. Later, Tristan, Tea and Miho Nosaka, came with Yugi and Joey to visited her again. Dr. Kekeru Goyu was supposed to be caring for her. But t was slacking off, causing Nurse Miyuki Sakurai to get angry at him. After Dr. Goyu fires Miyuki for hitting him, Joey finds out about this and since he can't expose him. He has to do what the doctor saysor Serenity will be kicked out of the hospital. But Yami Yugi defeats Dr. Goyu in a Shadow Game.

Episode 17

Aileen first challenges Hirata to a game of Raijinhai. Aileen states that if he wins, she will submit to his will. But if Aileen wins, Hirata will lose the most important thing to him. Aileen wins and Hirata is seen injured in a hospital on TV. Seto Kaiba tells Aileen, who returns from a Paris fashion show, to play a game against Yugi Muto. Aileen lures Yugi and Tea, who is a big fan of Aileen, to her condominium. Aileen holds Tea hostage and forces Yugi to play Rijinhai. Aileen tells the same thing to Yugi: if he loses, he will lose the most important thing to him. Aileen threatens to kill Tea with a tiger if Yugi loses.

Yami Yugi wins the duel and Aileen lets go of Tea. Aileen acknowledges Yugi as a good player. Yami Yugi then runs over to Tea, but before he can tell Tea that everything is alright something surprising happens. Ironically, Tea slaps Yami Yugi when he runs over to her which leads him to turn back into Yugi. Tea then scolds Yugi saying that he interrupted her dance lesson with Aileen. At Kaiba's mansion he scolds Aileen and she says he will never defeats Yugi. Kaiba angrily tells her to leave. At the airport she is seen off by Yugi and Tea. As Aileen is on the plane, she vows to defeat Yugi with the power of love.

Episode 18

Imori was often bullied by others, which caused him to feel worthless. When Yugi Muto saved him from some thugs, they become friends. Later the same bullies knocked the Dragon Block out of Imori's hands breaking the seal. The thug challenges Imori to a game of Dragon Block and Imori wins. This causes Imori's soul to be corrupted by thoughts of power and revenge against those who have bullied him. After he makes demands to Yugi to play the game with him. But Yugi isn't comfortable keeping his promise. So Imori feels betrayed and challenges Yugi to Dragon Block and wins, causing Yugi's soul to be sealed away. Yami Yugi emerges and beats Imori at Dragon Block thus freeing Yugi's soul. Unlike in the Manga only the dark side of Imori's soul is sealed away thus leaving the good Imori saved from the Dragon Block's dragons. Imori then asks Yugi to help him hide the Dragon Block back into its original spot before his father comes home. They do so and the episode ends.

Episode 19

Kaoruko Himekoji tries to win a beauty contest at her school. When she prevents Miho Nosaka from moving on to the final round by ripping her dress apart, Yugi gets angry at her and switches to Yami Yugi, who plays a Shadow Game with her.

After losing the Shadow Game, Kaoruko sees herself as an aged woman and sees snakes begin to wrap around her wrists. Shortly after she is said to have withdrawn from the contest.

Episode 20

The episode begins with Daimon in stasis, remembering the times he had playing with and teaching a young Seto Kaiba. It is seen as him teaching Kaiba to use bitter feelings over losing as motivation for winning, having beaten Kaiba at most games if not every. Then soon, it is seen that Kaiba beats Daimon in a game using a normal deck of cards (presumably a game similar to Poker), where Kaiba gets a Full House, opposed to Daimon's Three Queens. The young Kaiba jumps up and down in excitement that he finally beat Daimon in a game. Daimon nods at Kaiba with pride. The scene later turns to Daimon pushing the young Kaiba on a swing, telling him to go higher and higher, that he's someone who needs to rise to the sky; Kaiba swings happily. Daimon smiles in his stasis and says that same phrase again, "Higher and higher!".

In the current time line Mokuba is talking to Kaiba, fingering character eggs from Capsule Monster Chess (also called CapMon) in his hands. He mentions what a pity it is, all of their Game Masters having been beaten by Yugi, referring to Ridley Sheldon, Aileen Rao, and Ryuichi Fuha. Mokuba then inquires as to what Kaiba plans to do, with Kaiba Corporation having a Duel with their rival, Omega Town, and the contents of their upcoming games on the line if they lose. He says it's an important duel and he wants to know what Kaiba has planned. On top of that, their father is returning, apparently with a grudge against Seto. Kaiba says he already has something planned, but he tells Mokuba it's not important. What's more important is the duel with Omega Town. He refers to the competition as a "game of secrets", or otherwise "an honorable Shadow Game between companies". Kaiba Corporation can not lose. Mokuba asks if he should go, but Seto reassures him not to, and that he still has a final warrior at his disposal, his strongest and most powerful player.

The scene shifts to a laboratory somewhere, specifically where Daimon is in stasis. Two scientists report his Artificial Heart and Lungs are functioning properly. Kaiba nods and tells them to insert the gel. The strange liquid flows through the tubes and into Daimon. When they stop, Kaiba commands that they open the stasis, to which Daimon's eyes fly open. He sits up and sees Kaiba and calls him by the name he called him when he was a kid, but quickly takes it back and calls him Kaiba-Sama. Kaiba smiles and says there is work to do.

It is seen later that Yugi and friends are shopping at a store. Tea and Miho look at clothing while Tristan tries making poetic comments about Miho's choices. Yugi sits in a corner and doesn't say much, but that Tea should get what she thinks is good. Joey jokes that Tristan's complements are just getting more and more random.

At the game between Kaiba Corporation and Omega Town, they put up disks with their companies' secrets on the line in a Duel Monsters Match. The Omega Town duelist asks if it would be okay for an older man like Daimon to be his opponent, claiming he might die halfway through, but Daimon tells him that experience and wisdom is key to outwitting your foe. Mokuba thinks to himself that Daimon can only live for 3 hours at a time outside of his stasis, but he agrees with himself that it would be enough time.

Yugi and Tea are seen walking back from the store, mentioning how much they've bought. Tea offers to take Yugi to an amusement park with her for coming, to which he gladly accepts. At the same time, Daimon is escorted to a limo by Mokuba. He asks why Seto didn't come and Mokuba tells him he was planning to meet with their father. Daimon stammers in surprise that their father was returning, and Mokuba confirms it, saying he's coming back from Europe. Mokuba quickly runs to the driver and tells him to hurry and take Daimon to the hospital.

As Tea and Yugi are walking home, Yugi stops in amazement and sees a Duel Monsters store, a Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Battle Ox advertisement by the door. He smiles and runs across the street to check it out. As he does so, Daimon's limo makes a sharp turn from around the corner and nearly hits Yugi. Tea screams for him to watch out as they both swerve away. Anzu runs to Yugi to see if he's okay, but they look at the limo and see Daimon's limp arm dangling from the backseat.

Yugi and Tea go to the hospital to see if Daimon will be okay. Yugi gets worked up, and starts to wonder what to do, blaming himself while Tea says nothing. A doctor comes in and Yugi and Tea jump from the bedside, asking if the doctor can save Daimon. The doctor says there's only so much he can do, but that Daimon is already dead; to Yugi's reassurance, the doctor says it wasn't from the accident. He claims Daimon should have been dead years ago, as he found many mechanical implants to keep him alive. The doctor theorizes that he must have been kept alive via a leading edge science facility.

Daimon then opens his eyes and asks if that makes him like a zombie. Yugi begins to say he's sorry, but Daimon dismisses it, saying he should have been dead long ago, but more importantly that Yugi likes playing games, seeing Yugi's Duel Monsters deck in his shirt pocket. Daimon pulls out his own asks if Yugi will be his opponent. They shuffle each other's decks and prepare to begin. Daimon claims that games are what he lives for, that they give his older self energy.

While playing, Daimon notices passion and happiness in Yugi's eyes. He remembers how much Kaiba used to be like this when he was a younger kid, always enjoying games. He defeats Yugi easily, telling Yugi that he is a little too straight forward in his game, saying he knows this from years of experience. Yugi and Tea offer him some oranges, a snack Kaiba used to offer to Daimon when he was a child. Daimon sees flashbacks of those happy moments.

Just then, Kaiba barges into the room to get to Daimon. Yugi and Kaiba lock eyes in shock to see each other again. Kaiba orders his men to escort Daimon to his medical center as soon as possible. Kaiba is surprised that it was Yugi who ran in front of his limo but accepts it. Yugi then inquires as to how Kaiba knows Daimon and is told that Daimon taught Kaiba the basics of gaming when he was little. He begins to leave Yugi and Tea lastly telling them they should be honored to have dueled Daimon.

Mokuba greets his father as his helicopter lands. When he asks where Seto is, Mokuba says he's in the meeting room. Gozaburo Kaiba sits at the end of the table, across from Seto Kaiba. He makes remarks about how naive Seto was to go past a budget, saying he was too young for the company to be his. Seto snaps his fingers and all of the other businessmen in the room stand behind him. It has become his company, not Gozaburo's. When his father tries to figure things out, Kaiba recites his father's favorite catchphrase, "Those that lose at the game of life have no right to live." Kaiba's father looks out the window and faints (presumably death).

Daimon strolls into the room via wheelchair. Seto asks why he's here and not in the medical center, to which Daimon responds that he wished to pay his respects to Gozaburo Kaiba. Kaiba then tells Daimon to do a task for him, defeating Yami Yugi in a duel.

At the medical center, Daimon tries to contemplate whether or not to fight Yugi. He remembered the kind smile Yugi had, how it was similar to Kaiba when he was young, but finally decides that he's an enemy. He is release from his stasis and gets put into a new wheelchair made by Kaiba.

Yugi and Tea are going through the amusement park when Yugi wants to go to the Monster House. Tea thinks to herself how much of a kid Yugi is and wonders when she'll be able to see the "cool Yugi" again. As they enter, Tea is grabbed and lifted by a mechanical dragon, hoping Yugi will save her. Yugi is lifted by a platform to face Daimon in a game. Seeing Tea in distress, Yugi becomes Yami Yugi.

Daimon notices how Yugi's "pressense" has changed but prepares to fight, while Daimon proves to be a challenging opponent. As they Duel, Daimon tells about how he still hopes Seto can be changed to that same fun kid like Yugi was. When he starts to falter and faces fatigue, Kaiba's wheelchair injects him with a liquid that stimulates him and hides the pain. Daimon then has his monsters defeated again and again, only to summon his Zombiemaster who gains their power. After relentless attacks at Yugi, Yami Yugi revives his Fairy Olpheir to use its power against Daimon. He then says that Daimon may be able to read people's hearts, but not the cards' hearts.

Daimon is defeated and collapses to the floor and Tea is freed. Yami Yugi goes to see if he is okay, saying he was honored to have fought him. As he does so, Daimon tells Yami Yugi he wants him to retrieve Kaiba's lost kind heart. He collapses, but it is unknown whether he had passed out or had died. Kaiba later leaves via his limo. He then thinks to himself that he will be Yugi's next opponent.

Episode 21
Episode 22
Episode 23

With Honda seemingly dead, an enraged Yami Yugi battles Mokuba, Kaiba's little brother, in Capsule Monster Chess.

Just before this game begins, Mokuba has an argument with his brother, because he thinks that Mokuba will lose to Yugi. When the battle starts, Mokuba has a set of powerful CapuMon, while Yugi having a bunch of low leveled monsters, revealing the Capumat was fixed to gives them either high or low level monsters.

As the battle continues, Mokuba's monsters charge in on Yugi's, while Yugi keeps skipping his own turn, eventually surrounding them. Using a strategy, Yugi eventually manages to get one of his CapuMon to an Evolution Tile, thus making it more powerful, and taking down nearly all of Mokuba's monsters, but loses this monster, and finally manages to pull through by using his final monster to defeat Mokuba's final monster.

After Mokuba loses and gets a Penalty Game, Yami Yugi saves him, ultimately going to Death-T 5, to defeat Seto Kaiba in a game of Duel Monsters.

Episode 24
Episode 25

Yugi and his friends meet Ryo Bakura, a gentle new student with an interest in role-playing games. Little do they know the danger that dwells within him... His Millennium Ring contains an evil spirit who's main goal is to collect all the millennium items. He also sends people souls to the shadow realm.

One day, Yugi and his friends come to Ryo's house to ask Ryo to play Monster World. They are welcomed by the evil spirit inside Millennium Ring who wants to play a shadow game to send Yugi and his friends to shadow realm to get Yugi's Millennium Puzzle.

Episode 26
Final Episode

Darkness Game

The main characters of the series.

In this series, Yami Yugi doesn't challenge people to a duel of Duel Monsters. Instead, he would challenge them to a Shadow Game, where he would then explain the rules. However, the person in question would cheat and the Doors of Darkness will open on Yami Yugi's forehead by showing a third eye, thus Yami Yugi would do a Penalty Game upon the person, and whatever they were addicted to the most would be their nightmare, such as their makeup falling off and showing their true face or watches fusing to their being. Duel Monsters was not the main point of the show but was played a few times.

The characters' personalities was slightly modified, for example, Miho is a "ditz" in the anime while in the manga she is a shy student librarian. Also, Tristan is Joey's verbal sparring partner in the manga instead of his crony in the anime. Unlike the second series, the Duel Monsters card game is not the sole focus of the show. However, the Duel Monsters rules have been updated, becoming more like those used in the Duelist Kingdom, even though this anime never gets to that point. The last episodes of the series focus on the battle between Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura.

Difference Between Anime and Manga

  • In the manga, Yugi plays Pop-up Pirate at his desk when his classmates asks him to play basketball with him. But in the anime, Yugi builds a card tower instead.
  • In the manga, the boys invited the girls to play basketball, in the hopes of seeing under their skirts as they took basketball shots. But in the anime, the motive is not mention until Tea angrily reveals it as she comes to talk to Yugi.
  • In the manga, it was Tristan who took Yugi's Millennium Puzzle box from him when he was about to open it. But in the anime, it was Joey who did this instead.
  • In the manga, Tristan likes how Joey treats Yugi even going as far to help Joey bully Yugi. But in the anime, Tristan dislikes how Joey treats Yugi even going as far not to help Joey bully Yugi.
  • In the manga, Joey and Tristan leave the classroom after Tea told them off. But in the anime, they boys used an excuse to give Miho some lunch just to get out of the classroom.
  • In the manga, Joey threw Yugi's missing puzzle piece out of the window, and into the pool with Tristan being right next to him to see the event. But in the anime, Joey did this by himself without Tristan present next to him because Tristan went to go get Miho her lunch.
  • In the manga, Yugi walked home with Tea. But in the anime, Yugi walked home by himself and was surprised to see Tea at his house.
  • In the manga, Tea had no idea that Solomon was alive which freaked her out. But in the anime, Tea knew that Solomon is alive and is creep out by his pervert personality.
  • In the manga, Solomon tries to take the puzzle away from Yugi after telling him and Tea it has dark magic, to which Yugi forbids it. But in the anime, he does this off screen while his and Yugi's voice is heard.
  • In the manga, Solomon watches Yugi working on the puzzle while Yugi's bedroom door is open. But in the anime, he does this while Yugi's bedroom door is close which leads him to look through the door knob hole.
  • In the manga, Yugi reveals his wish that he wanted from the millennium puzzle was to have friends after he got beat up by Ushio for defending Joey and Tristan. But in the anime, he says this while Joey and Tristan try to beat up Ushio for witnessing him get beat up by him for a second time.
  • In the manga, Ushio beated up Joey and Tristan once. But in the anime, he only beats them up twice.
  • In the manga, Ushio also only beated up Yugi once. But in the anime, he beats Yugi up twice.
  • In the manga, once Yugi realizes that the last missing puzzle piece is gone. He even tries to search for it in his room until he sees that Solomon has it and thanks him for it. But in the anime, Yugi suggests that the final puzzle piece is back at his school and goes there to look for it.
  • In the manga, Joey returns the piece of the Puzzle to Solomon while he was walking home in the rain. Joey even told Solomon that Yugi got beat up and owes a money fee to a bully. But in the anime, Joey returns the piece of the Puzzle to Yugi after Yugi gets beaten up by Ushio For a second time.
  • In the manga, Yugi turned into Yami Yugi while he was at his house. But in the anime, he turned into Yami Yugi while he was at school.
  • In the manga, Yami Yugi's shadow game with Ushio was using Money and Knifes. But in the anime, the Shadow Game with Ushio was turning over standard playing cards.
  • In the manga, Ushio's Penality Games was seeing an illusion of trash and leaves as Money. But in the anime, his Penality Games was falling into the river while getting eaten by three monsters.
  • In the manga, the game that Yami Yugi and Kokurano were playing was Paper Crash!. The players had to pull sheets of paper out from under the chloroform bottle, without letting it fall. But in the anime, the game involved bottles falling from the ceiling. To which they had to catch the bottle before it lands on the ground.
  • In the manga, Yami Yugi puts a Penality on Mrs Chono before she completes the message on the puzzle. But in the anime, he challenges her by completing a puzzle with broken shatter glass pieces.
  • In the manga, after the card bomber is caught. Yami Yugi gets uncomfortable around Tea. But in the anime, he changes back to Yugi before Tea can talk to him.
  • In the manga, Yugi's mother appears by telling him not to play games all day in his room. But in the anime, she doesn't appear at all.
  • In the manga, when Yami Yugi battles against three gang members he uses a yo yo to make them fall from an unstable roof. But in the anime, Yami Yugi doesn't use a yo yo at all because the roof he and the three gang members were on was already unstable.
  • In the manga,


  • 27 (total)


Theme Songs

  • "A Yell of Thirst!!!! (Ep. 1 – 27)
  • "Even if You Break Tomorrow" (Ep. 1 – 27)

Voice Cast

  • Megumi Ogata as Yugi Muto & Yami Yugi
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as Joey Wheeler
  • Yumi Kakazu as Tea Gardner
  • Ryotaro Okiayu as Tristan Taylor
  • Tsutomu Kashiwakura as Ryo Bakura & Yami Bakura
  • Hikaru Midorikawa as Seto Kaiba
  • Yukana Nogami as Miho Nosaka aka Melody
  • Katsue Miwa as Mokuba Kaiba
  • the late Takeshi Aono as Solomon Muto
  • Kaneto Shiozawa as Shadi
  • Michiko Neya as Serenity Wheeler
  • the late Unsho Ishizuka as Gozaburo Kaiba
  • Ryuzaburo Otomo as Ushio
  • Yuri Amano as Miyuki Sakurai
  • Ryo Horikawa as Ryuichi Fuha
  • Miina Tominaga as Aileen Rao
  • Atsushi Kisaichi as Heida
  • Chikao Otsuka as Ridley Sheldon
  • Masako Katsuki as Ms. Chono
  • Nobuo Tobita as Kiwami Warashibe
  • Shigeru Chiba as Kokurano
  • Ryusei Nakao as the Playing Card Bomber
  • Wakana Yamazaki as Risa Kageyama A
  • Emi Uwagara as Risa Kageyama B
  • Konomi Maeda as Risa Kageyama C
  • Nobuyuki Hiyama as Tetsu
  • Ryuji Saikachi as Daimon
  • Megumi Urawa as Imori
  • Nobuyuki Hiyama as Dragon
  • Yumi Touma as Kaoruko Himekouji
  • Konomi Maeda as Pokii
  • Masaya Takatsuka as Pao
  • Hiroshi Ito as a Detective
  • Michie Tomizawa as a School nurse
Note : this series is not dubbed in English because 4Kids Entertainment thought this version of Yu-Gi-Oh! was way to violent.


  • Yami Yugi's two catchphrases in this anime series is "game start", or "let's play a game".
  • Originally famous singer, Megumi Ogata was considered to voice, Himura Kenshin in the anime version of Rurouni Kenshin that was in production before Yu-Gi-Oh!, but she had to drop out of the project for Rurouni Kenshin because of her busy schedule.
  • The anime ending theme Even if You Break Tomorrow is very similar to the Bleach second anime ending theme Thank You.
  • Yami Yugi's past isn't shown at all, and not even mentions of his real name "Atem" isn't mentioned at all either possibly because he still had amnesia in this series.
  • Despite being his trump card in the next series, Yugi never played "Dark Magician" in this show. However, Yugi is seen using it in the opening theme.
  • However Yugi finally Summons "Dark Magician" in Yu-Gi-Oh! the movie.
  • "Unguard Magic" is the only card in spelled in English.
  • Characters are more accurate to their manga equivalents. Kaiba is seen with green hair, and wears a white outfit like Noah Kaiba in the third season of the next Yu-Gi-Oh! series.
  • Some manga chapters are packed together in one episode (eg. the 3 chapters with Hirutani occur in only one episode).
  • The Millennium Items are not gold colored only. In fact, they are colored gold and brown (except for Yugi's Puzzle).
  • Most of the dark games are changed, except for the Dragon Card against Himori and Shadi's tests.
  • Most of the monsters are colored differently, except for "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
  • The card backings show stylised "MW" letters for "Magic and Wizards", even though the characters refer to the game as Duel Monsters.
  • Cards are played on a duel mat with different areas depicted. All these areas give a 30% bonus to monsters placed in the right area. This is similar to the "field power bonus" in the Duelist Kingdom arc in the next series.
  • Only a few card duels use Kaiba's virtual reality system to show duel monsters. Other ideas that are used to show duel monsters are puppets, Dark Games, and so on.
  • The Blue Eyes White Dragon card has a 8 star status rate.

all information on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 (Anime) came from http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Yu-Gi-Oh!_(Toei_anime)