Uzumaki Boruto (うずまきボルト) is a genin level shinobi from Konohagakure's Uzumaki clan.
Uzumaki Boruto
He is also a member of Team Konohamaru. Ever since his father became the Seventh Hokage, Boruto had been resentful towards him for never having enough time for him. He also had a habit to take short cuts as a ninja rather than depending on his own strength. However, after training under Uchiha Sasuke and battling Momoshiki. Boruto finally respects his father and the title of Hokage, but vows to become a ninja like Sasuke.


Uzumaki Family at one morning

A young Boruto with his family.

Boruto is the first child of Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuga Hinata, being born on March 27 and as the first child of the new generation. But when he is at the age of two (age 7 in the manga), his little sister, Uzumaki Himawari is born. On one peaceful morning, during the winter time in Konoha when he was at the age of five. He and his younger sister, came running out of no way in the house to embrace their father while he was training outside, with Boruto excitedly asking him to play with them. But he and his sister were scolded by their mother who told them not to play outside barefooted. However letting the remark side Naruto suggested that they have a snowball fight, much to Boruto and Himawari's excitement. As their snowball fight commenced, Hinata decided to join in and Boruto hits her with a snowball. He then hears his mother tell him that he is in for it now, and Naruto warned his children that when their mother got serious, she is incredibly strong. At some point, Boruto had heard lots of stories of his father's heroic deeds and wanted to be just like him. He also attempted to perform the Rasengan but failed, as he wasn't able to grasp how to start forming it, as well as lacking details on chakra control.

When Boruto is at the age of 6, the night before Naruto became the Hokage. He stayed up all night, and was surprised to see that Naruto got drunk when his friends brought him home. On the morning of Naruto's inauguration as the Seventh Hokage. Hinata asked her two children to wake their father up, and when Himawari was unable to do so. Boruto proceeded to happily yell and jump on their father, effectively waking him up. As he ate breakfast, Boruto told his father to wake himself up since it's a big day for him. He then he get embrassed when Hinata told Naruto that Boruto is excited for him, and that he had stayed up all night to see him come home. While getting ready to go out, Boruto and Himawari got into an argument about taking her stuffed panda toy to the ceremony. Boruto told his sister that he was embarrassed on having to carry the toy in the village, along with wondering what the villager's reaction would be upon seeing this, and he would have to carry it if she gets tire of holding it. Boruto even called her toy embarrassing. He then told her not to bring it, which resulted to the toy being ripped in half. Despite Boruto admitting that he **** up this time he apologized to her, and told her that she did pull more harder than him. (In the English version of the ova, he says he's really done it this time)

But Himawari got extremely angry, and had awakened her Byakugan for the first time which shocked Boruto since he remarked that she had the same eyes as their mother. She then began attacking him, while Boruto was unable to defend himself. (In the OVA, Boruto tells Naruto about Himawari being strong out of no where) Naruto quickly rushed in to see what all the commotion was about, and tried to calm Himawari down, however she refused to listen. When Naruto stood in front of Boruto to protect him, Himawari knocked her father out by hitting his chakra points in a single strike, making Naruto go unconscious. (In the OVA, Boruto doesn't look at Naruto when he gets knock out by Himawari)

While thinking of what an attack that knock out his father, could also do to him. Boruto ran throughout the house in fear by hiding in a closet. While inside the closet, Boruto was surprised on not knowing that his little sister can get angry. Therefore he vowed to himself to never make his little sister extremely angry ever again, and covered his mouth to make sure that his little sister didn't hear him. (In the OVA, Boruto covers his mouth with two hands) But he was eventually found by his sister as he screamed in fear. After his father woke up, Boruto takes a picture with his family. That night he slept with Himawari on a chair with her refixed stuff panda. Soon after he prepares to enroll at the Ninja Academy alongside Uchiha Sarada.


Boruto is quite similar to his father, both tending to be loud, energetic, impatient, kind and stubborn. Whenever he is frustrated or excited, Boruto would end his sentences with "Dattebasa" (だってばさ). Which is similar to Naruto's "dattebayo". Just like his father, Boruto doesn't address his friends with Japanese honorifics, and also tends to be highly coy about his feelings. Which was to the point where he pretends not to actually care until he later shows his softer side when no one is around. Boruto has a high opinion of himself and freely brags about his abilities. Though, unlike Naruto when he was Boruto's age, Boruto's boasts are usually justified. This arrogance resulted in Boruto not valuing his teammates or teamwork in general early on, to the point where he believed he could do everything and anything on his own. Unlike his father, Boruto was shown to be quiet intelligent. At the same time, he does not look down on anyone else and is very loyal to his friends. Without hesitation he has repeatedly come to the aid of Denki. Also like both of his parents at a young age, Boruto also avoids confrontation, or name-calling when someone is talking behind his back, by completely ignoring the situation altogether. He also believes strongly in never giving up, much like his father. Also just like his father, even when a friend was revealed to be an enemy. Boruto would avoid using violence, and would remain determined to help bring them back from their dark path. Boruto admits that he wanted to be exactly like his father when he is seen as "happy go lucky", however he thinks it is Naruto's fault that he can't be happy go lucky. He also likes eating ramen, but he doesn't want to admit to Naruto.

Despite their similar personality, Naruto and Boruto are different in a number of ways: Naruto was an orphan growing without parents, whereas Boruto's family is always there for him. Naruto was ostracized by kids his age while struggling to make friends, whereas Boruto has many friends. Naruto had to work hard for his abilities and recognition, whereas Boruto's talents come to him naturally and he receives praise without even trying. Because of all this, Boruto lacks an appreciation for things earned with effort, causing him to cheat at video games rather than play them as intended and to use the Kote rather than train to master ninjutsu on his own. It's turns out that after Naruto had became Hokage, Boruto no longer referred to Naruto as "Dad" instead he started to refer to his father as "Shitty Dad", due to Naruto's Hokage duties having him spend less time with him, Hinata and Himawari. In the English version, Boruto refers to Naruto as "stupid dad". He hates how Naruto refuses to give him special treatment due to their blood-relationships. Boruto also hates that he has to address his dad as Seventh or Hokage whenever he is in his office. According to Hinata, Boruto hated how he only got to see his father early in the morning, and when he came back home late at night. On the night of Himawari's birthday, Boruto angrily threw out his father's old jacket in a fit of rage, and even wanted to punch Naruto in the face for missing the party.

When Sasuke met Boruto for the first time, he told Naruto that the boy reminded him of how Naruto used to be, but Naruto denied this. He told Sasuke that Boruto was more like him instead, and that surprised Sasuke. However, what overall made him different from both of them was the fact that Boruto never worked hard, which is something that both Naruto and Sasuke did to reach their goals. Including that Naruto always got his clothes dirty, which was something Boruto hated when he became a Ninja Academy student and when he saw how dirty Naruto's old jacket was. Due to this Boruto tries to keep his clothes clean and brand new, which was the one key example of how different he is from Naruto and Sasuke. Nevertheless both Sasuke and Naruto commented that Boruto resembled them when they were younger. For example, Boruto displayed Naruto's childish side to get attention, and displays a "mask" to hide his true emotions. Along with rushing into battles without thinking of strategies. Whereas he also displayed Sasuke's desire for power by using shortcuts, and believing he can things without anyone's help.

Boruto has a very close attachment to his parents, as he calls them "Mom" and "Dad". He even has a close attachment to his little sister, as he calls her "Hima". (In the English version, he calls his little sister by her first name). One thing Boruto can't stand is when Himawari teases him about being happy when Naruto comes home. When Boruto became a Ninja Academy student, he told Denki that he doesn't care if Naruto scolds him, but he gets afraid if Hinata scolds him. Boruto also couldn't believe Naruto's story of Hinata being a legendary ramen eater, until Naruto and Ayame showed him a picture as proof, since Boruto can't see his mother eating ramen like Naruto. He does love his mother and little sister, as shown by becoming angry when either of them are hurt physically or emotionally. Which was proven true when it was shown that, Boruto and Hinata had an argument on the night that Naruto didn't show up for Himawari's birthday due to working longer than usual. In which he told Hinata that he was only mad at Naruto for Himawari's sake, and not his own. Including when he became worried for his mother's well-being when he discovered that she was injured in a fail attempt to save Naruto.


Boruto and Naruto finally bump fists.

But Boruto had a hostile relationship with his father overall ever since Naruto became Hokage. He loves his father and is overjoyed whenever they spend time together, but the responsibilities of the Hokage office prevent Naruto from being around all the time. This made Boruto feel neglected along with hating the Hokage title for taking his father away. He only declares the title as a position that is only fitted for those with no loved ones because he was aware that his father was a orphan. Boruto's methods of dealing with this are numerous. To make him do anything to gain Naruto's attention, he often motivates solely by the prospect that his father will notice him though his chidish pranks. After becoming a genin Boruto strives to become strong enough to surpass his father, therefore by trying to surpass Naruto's legacy.

What he does not do is express how he feels in front of Naruto, pretending to be disinterest whenever Naruto tries to connect with him. When Boruto is finally exposed to the complications of his father's life, and witnesses how hard work can make a respectable shinobi. He finally forgives his father's busy schedule, and stops trying to take the easy options in life. This was proven true, when Naruto was capture during Momoshiki and Kinshiki's attack. The attack finally made him felt guilty for how he always treated his father, and made him finally no longer want to cheat in order for his father to acknowledge him. To this end Boruto decided to go save his father, while also wanting to learn about his father's past instead of his weakness. In which it had led him to wear his father's old jacket, and on the fact that the attack had made Boruto extremely worry for his father's wellbeing and safety.

Since Sasuke told Boruto that he was repeating the same thing that Naruto went though at his age; such as being hated by the entire village along with not being consider to be call a shinobi, taking a certain item that was reveal to be forbidden, including only having one adult worry about him and having a younger child admiring him as his older sibling. Upon hearing all this from Sasuke, Boruto wonder how his father endure all the hardships he went through without anyone's help. When he finally spoke to his father, Boruto finally forgave Naruto for trying his hardest to be with him. He also told his father to no longer lecture him, and to just tell him about his childhood past for now on whenever they can see each other at home. However he was brought to tears when Naruto acknowledged him for mastering the Rasengan while he helps him create the Parent & Child Rasengan.

After his father was rescue, Boruto finally stop referring to his father as "Shitty Dad" and started to refer to him as "Dad" again. While being happy that his relationship with Naruto is no longer strained, and that he is happy with things remaining the same for his family. Including that Naruto is now home permanently from having his schedule lessen, and Boruto is supportive of his grueling work schedule. Along with both of them encouraging one another to do their best, and finally bumping fists with each other. Follow by after becoming a young hero like his father, Boruto was shown doing the same interviews that his father did. Including that Boruto no longer hates the Hokage title. He even starts to wear his jacket all ruin as a sign of admiring his father again, and telling his mother that wearing his jacket all tore up looked cool that way. He also no longer takes shortcuts while playing video games, and when he trains.

Boruto has known Uchiha Sarada for as long as they can remember, though they lack the same sort of relationship that Naruto had with Sarada's father, Uchiha Sasuke, when they were younger. Instead of constantly competing with each other like their fathers did, Boruto and Sarada are civil and respectful. While Sarada has always been sympathetic of Boruto's desire to be closer with Naruto, Boruto has not always been considerate of her own desires to be Hokage, for a time only helping her when it suits his own needs. Ironically he couldn't stand how Sarada originally hated the life of a ninja. But during the Chunin Exams when he was up against three Genin brothers who were all capable of using the shadow clone technique, he thought about Sarada right before he used the Kote, signifying that he did not want to lose for her dream of becoming Hokage. Being close friends, Boruto cares deeply for Sarada which is seen when Boruto saw how fearful Sarada was of Momoshiki's powers, and Boruto made a shadow clone to protect her. After reconnecting with his father, Boruto has a change of heart, deciding to do whatever he can to help Sarada become Hokage, a dynamic just like the one Naruto and Sasuke have in adulthood. Boruto develops romantic feelings for Sarada, which in turn is mutual on Sarada's part. Boruto is also on good terms with Sasuke himself, admiring him for being his father's only equal; he calls Sasuke "uncle" despite the fact that they never met until after he becomes a genin. It was through Sasuke's tutelage and his admiration for him, that Boruto made it his goal to become a shinobi like him.

During Parent and Child day, Boruto decides not to spend time with Naruto because he at his age fells embarrass and gets depressed because Himawari got the chance to spend more time with Naruto at a much younger age than he did.

As an teenager, Boruto is shown facing off against the mysterious man named Kawaki. In contrast to his earlier personality, Boruto is seen in a very calm and cool demeanor despite the fact Kawaki implied that Naruto has either been killed or severely incapacitated. During Boruto's monologue as the flashback starts, he refers to his old self as a brat which puts the mindset that Boruto has changed drastically. In the Boruto manga, he gets addicted to getting super rare training cards, but can't stand getting the same pack over and over again. However he trys not to spend all his money in order to get the card that he is looking for, which is a super super rare Sasuke card. He also can't stand body guarding spoil rich kids to the point that he wants to smack them for being rude. However Boruto felt pity for Tento when he found out that the young boy was just like how he use to be. Therefore Boruto decide to teach Tento what it means to be a ninja. He even goes through many great legenths to save Tento from danger. Just like his father, Boruto would even take his teammates punishment by himself for all three of them not doing a mission together. After seeing how selfish and amoral he was acting from resorting to such a tool, he gained a newfound respect for actual hard work. At the same time, he also gained strong dislike at anyone relying on such advanced tools, believing that one should rely solely on their natural skill. Upon meeting Ao however, he came to appreciate that tools, no matter how advanced, are not inherently good or bad, but merely a means to goal that depends on its user. Also, upon seeing how such inventions could be used even on small animals, he came to appreciate Katasuke's work.


Boruto pre-teen

Boruto's shinobi outfit. This video game version of the character is voiced by Maile Flanagan.

Boruto bears a striking resemblance to his father, by having his blond hair, blue eyes and face shape. At a glance he seems to have the same spiky blond hair as his father, but he has three long bangs that hang over his forehead. While the rest of his hair flares out on the sides and back. This is what gives the spikes of his hair the appearance of a leaf. Due to the fact that Boruto also has an ahoge (アホ毛) on the top of his head, which resembles the stem of a leaf. (In the Boruto manga, his ahoge is not shown) From his mother, he inherited the shape of both her eyes and face. He also has two whisker markings on each cheek, which he inherited from his father. According to Sarada, his eyes are bluer than Naruto's. Also according to Sasuke, Boruto looks like Naruto but inherited Hinata's face expressions. Hinata also admits to Naruto in person, that Boruto looks exactly like him when he laughs.

In the post credit scene of Naruto Shippuuden movie 7, Boruto wore a black tracksuit. It is reminiscent of the orange one Naruto wore for most of the series. It had a red fire symbol on the left breast matching an insignia his mother once wore on her jacket in Part I, and red stripes along the sides of his pants. Behind Boruto's jacket, there was a symbol that resembled a bolt. He wore a pair of white sandals with this outfit.

Early in his days as a Ninja Academy student, his outfit is quite similar to this. Boruto wore a black tracksuit with red lining and stripes along the bottom and sleeve cuffs. Beneath the jacket, which he wore open and cuts off at the midriff, he wears a plain white black collar T shirt and a bolt tied to a string around his neck, and black pants. He also wears white shinobi sandals.

In the Boruto movie, he wears a black tracksuit outfit that has the jacket with magenta strikes on each side of the sleeves, while the inside collar of his jacket is light pink. Boruto also wears a pair black pant with shinobi bandages attach to his right leg that he uses for his kunai holder. Along with wearing a black Konoha forehead protector on his forehead and wearing black open-toed boots on his feet. He also has a small orange bag that he wears on the back of his pant. Later on, when he goes to rescue his father after being removed from the Chunin Exams by cheating, Boruto wears the original orange tracksuit jacket that Naruto wore during Part I. He wears it by having it open, unzipped and having the collar face down. Along with Naruto's jacket, he is seen wearing Sasuke's scratched forehead protector in place of his own. After the rescue mission is complete, Boruto gets his forehead protector back from his father. Along with wearing bandages on his left arm after it got seriously injured from him using the Parent and Child Rasengan on Momoshiki. Just like his father at his age, Boruto starts to wear his jacket all dirty and torn up, thinking it looks cooler that way, but also sees it as a sign to finally respecting his father.

In the Boruto manga, he wears the same outfit but serval changes to it. His black track suit jacket has red stripes, and at the end of both sleeves it is red with two thin black stripes. (But in the anime, only the end of both sleeves are magenta with one thin black stripe). The whole inside of his jacket is also red, while the inside collar is red with thin stripes. (But in the anime, the inside of the jacket is light pink, while the inside collar has no thin stripe on it. The anime also adds a thin magenta strike to the waist of his jacket, which wasn't shown in the manga) Thus having his jacket in a similar style like his father. Along with wearing a white t-shirt and short black pant but with it being held down with a light brown belt that has a knife in place. Including that the end of his pants are red with thin black stripes on both sides of the pants. (In the anime, the end of his pants are magenta with thin black stripes on both sides of the pants) And lastly Boruto wears regular black open toe shinobi sandals, but with a thin black stack holding the right sandal in place. (In the anime, the thin black stack holding the right sandal in place isn't shown. Also Boruto is seen carrying a magenta one arm book bag, which isn't seen in the manga) At the age of sixteen, during his battle against Kawaki. Boruto has a large scar through his left eye, and a tattoo on his left arm. The tattoo on his left arm also covers part of his hand, and the tattoo glows blue. He even wears a cloak similar to the one worn by Sasuke. He also wields a sword identical to Sasuke's, although it's unknown if it's the same sword. He also wears a forehead protector with two intersecting slashes on it.


Boruto is a prodigy able to master various jonin level feats despite his young age in short periods of time and is regarded as being able to accomplish anything he attempts. He is deemed an elite genin, which makes Mitsuki believe that Boruto will be the next Hokage someday. In the Ninja Academy, despite starting two weeks late, he quickly established himself as the second top student, only behind the much older Yuino Iwabee, who Boruto could still compete against. When his father trained with him prior to his graduation from the Ninja Academy, Naruto briefly forgot he was only fighting a Ninja Academy student and contemplated going all out to keep up with Boruto. Noted by the Sixth Hokage himself, Boruto while still a Ninja Academy student was easily at chunin-level prowess, deemed well-above the rest of his class and excelling in all fields of combat. During the graduation exam against Kakashi himself, Boruto proved able to compete against the legendary shinobi, forcing the proctor to put some actual effort into defeating him. Sasuke acknowledged Boruto's potential, and selected him as his student. As an teenager, he was seen wielding a sword in battle, indicating that he has skills in kenjutsu. Overall, his potential is regarded as a threat to the Ōtsutsuki clan.


Inheriting his father's large chakra reserves and his mother's Hyuga blood, this was believed to be the reason Boruto is a prodigy. His chakra control is noticeably advanced, able to effectively perform the Rasengan after mere days of training and instinctively improve on the technique. Even after having most of his chakra absorbed, he still retained enough strength to fight effectively and create four clones.

Kage Bunshin No Technique


Boruto's Shadow Clones.

Boruto has shown proficiency in using the Shadow Clone Technique, which he is able to skilfully switch places between himself and the clone. He was able to perform the technique before he enrolled at the Ninja Academy. Just like his father, Boruto would use his clones to make his enemies believe that his clones are him. Because it's the trademark signature technique of his father, Boruto doesn't take too much pride of the accomplishment. Instead he would refer to the technique as his father's. Unlike his father who can create a thousand clones, it turns out that Boruto can only make four clones, since he admitted that four clones is his limit. He is also able to cordinate his attacks with his shadow clones and use them for manoeuvres of chunin, if not jonin level.


Resizedimage 9

Boruto's normal size Rasengan

At Sasuke's insistence, Boruto learns how to perform the Rasengan from Sarutobi Konohamaru. Although it takes extensive practice, Boruto eventually becomes able to form the technique with both his hands rather than using shadow clones, the aid of which his father relied upon for years. It was stated by Sasuke that Boruto's Rasengan was much smaller compare to Naruto's, however he eventually becomes able to create a normal-sized Rasengan after more training along with using the technique with one hand.


While trying to show his skills to Tento, Boruto shows the spoil rich kid that he can do the Tranformation Technique. Boruto can also perform his father's Sexy Technique, and Harem Technique which made Tento laugh instead of having a nosebleed. When Boruto uses the Sexy Technique, his hair is all straight out and having a forward bang that covers his whole forehead. Boruto's Sexy Technique also has it wearing a Magenta bikini with pink poke a dots. Unlike his father's version, Boruto's Sexy Technique isn't cover in fog.



Boruto's Gentle Fist stance.

Boruto is very nimble and graceful, running about the village with acrobatic feats of parkour and free-running nature through narrow and large obstacles without pause or struggle. He is noticeably fast, able to quickly get behind his opponents unnoticed. He also displayed a high level of aptitude for taijutsu, even before joining the Ninja Academy, sparring with his father. In the Academy, he was able to hold up against Iwabee, a senior student, performing relentless assaults through coordinated strikes from each of his limbs. He even held his own against Kakashi

in the Graduation Exam. Likewise, he is also capable of using the Gentle Fist fighting style by utilizing open palm strikes. But only for a limited time since he does not possess the Byakugan, he cannot target an opponent's chakra system. He also possesses considerable strength, able to launch strikes powerful enough to upturn the ground.


From training with Sasuke, he has become skilled in shurikenjutsu, able to change a weapon's trajectory mid-flight and coat his shuriken in Lightning Release. He also has effectively wields a new prototype Chakra Blade, and can efficiently wield half of Hiramekarei. Later, he proved proficient in wielding a standard katana as his preferred combat method.

Nature Transformation

Boruto mini rasengan

Boruto's small Rasengan.

Though Boruto's Rasengan is initially much smaller, he unconsciously applies wind-natured chakra to it, enabling him to hurl the Rasengan across distances. By adding wind to his small Rasengan, it was a feat Boruto's prodigious paternal grandfather was unable to accomplish, whereas Naruto struggled greatly with it by also adding wind to it. While it loses its physical form shortly after being thrown, the wind and force continue on course unseen, tricking the opponent to let their guard down as sufficient damage is inflicted when it makes contact. Boruto learned to use Wind Release, Lightning Release, and by the time of his Chunin Exams, Water Release without any training required. Therefore, Boruto can perform the techniques like Lightning Release: Purple Electricity (雷遁・紫電), Water Release: Splash Bullet (水遁・飛沫弾) and Wind Release: Gale Palm (風遁・烈風掌). As Sasuke noted, Boruto has an affinity towards Lightning Release, letting him learn such techniques more easily.

Cooperation Ninjutsu

Boruto's Parent & Child Rasengan

Boruto with the Parent & Child Rasengan

Boruto has shown some skill in cooperation ninjutsu through his training with Sasuke. He and Naruto can also perform their own version of the Parent and Child Rasengan, which was strong enough to defeat and kill Momoshiki. In the video game, Boruto can also work well with Sarada. As he uses his small Rasengan by throwing it whereas Sarada combines it by using three in fused lightening kunais.


On the day he became a Ninja Academy Student, Boruto who was at the age of seven, displayed the ability to unconsciously activate a Non-Byakugan in his right eye, later on to be call Jogan which grants him the ability to detect things that he wouldn't normally see. The eye which is featureless in appearance (with a darkened sclera in the anime). While originally only able to instinctively activate it in times of threats, several years later, he became able to activate it at will, along with black markings across his right arm and face. Boruto was able to communicate with Momoshiki's dying spirit. As Momoshiki explained, it was because he possessed the blood of a Byakugan wielder.

It grants him the ability to detect things such as chakra which is generally unseen by a normal eye. This dōjutsu can perceive the flow of chakra, enabling Boruto to see the visible changes in one's chakra and likewise track a target through its chakra. It can also determine the key point of the chakra pathway system, and see through invisible barriers that connect between dimensions.


After defeating Momoshiki, Boruto received a seal on his right hand in the shape of a diamond. When activated, it can change and expand to cover more of Boruto's body to various degrees. Its activation takes a toll on Boruto's chakra, and with it, Boruto can absorb other techniques, like fūinjutsu and nature transformation. Originally, he could not access it willingly but was later taught how to more efficiently by Kawaki. Three years later, however, Boruto becomes completely able to activate it at will.


While usually carefree to the point of being coming off as lazy, similar to his mentor, Boruto is a very keen-minded individual who excels at reading the situation and adapting to it. Though not unlike his father, he shows noticeable ingenuity with the Shadow Clone Technique for complex strategies, yet shows more subtly as he is since he is limited to four clones. Preferring an overall more direct approach in battle, he relies on various intricate misdirections and feints, which allowed him to get the better of Yuino Iwabee, and even the likes of Otsutsuki Momoshiki.

One day during his time at the Ninja Academy, Shino asked Boruto to come up and solve an educated problem on the whiteboard. Boruto solved the answer flawlessly using his own method, which even surprises Iwabee who wondered how Boruto was able to come to this conclusion despite the fact that he dozes off in class. Inojin replied that he has a knack for this. Even more, he was the only student in his class to pass the written test of the graduation exams without cheating, by getting a perfect score in the process.

Boruto is also proven to be very capable leader, able to both inspire his allies and properly coordinate their respective skills into a team assault. His plans are also shown affective against Jonin level enemies. His cunning in battle was even able to deceive and ultimately defeat Ao, a famed and veteran jōnin from Kirigakure with decades of experience.


Boruto Naruto Next Generations (Anime)

In the anime, Boruto is seen running through Konoha with Nara Shikadai, and when they are later sitting at the top of the Thunder Rail carriage eating burgers, with Shikadai asking if the rush to get the burger was necessary. Later, while venturing Konoha, Boruto comes across a young boy being harassed by a group of bullies and saves him from them. The boy then introduces himself as Denki, and Boruto becomes shocked at finding out that he was the son of the president of Kaminarimon Company. Afterwards, as Denki claims that his father was strict with him and demands him to learn ninjutsu, Boruto insists Denki stands up to his father for being forced to join the Ninja Academy against his will. The next day on route to the Ninja Academy entrance ceremony while being late, Boruto notices a dark shroud surrounding Denki and follows him. Upon discovering Denki committing to take revenge on the bullies from the previous day, Boruto pleads with Denki to stop the carriage from crashing. Taking action, Boruto and his clones divert the Thunder Rail carriage from crashing, and is saved by the boys in the process from falling off. Boruto and Denki then take the carriage towards the ceremony and crashed it into his father's Hokage stone face, leading to him receiving a two week suspension. However Boruto was clueless about Naruto being happy that he sticks up to others, and doesn't look down on his new friend.

For the next two weeks, Boruto is home-schooled by Hinata. After returning to the Ninja Academy, he is placed in Aburame Shino's hoomroom, and introduces himself to his classmates, to which they begin taking negatively about him for being under the impression Boruto gets special treatment for being the Hokage's son. He soon met Yuino Iwabee who views Boruto negatively. Through the heated encounter, the two decide to fight each-other in a match. Upon barely defeating Iwabe within the rules he set in place, his classmates view Boruto differently as they did initially.

During shuriken training, Boruto throws a fuma shuriken at the target. After Metal Lee gets hurt with the weapon, Shikadai asks Boruto where he got a fūma shuriken, as they're not supposed to be using that yet. Boruto says he got it in a locker, which turn out to be Iwabee's. Shino calls everyone involved to his office, where he commands the ones involved to do voluntary work. They're assigned to help repair Naruto's face at the Hokage Monument, which Boruto damaged. Boruto goofs off while playing video games, but sees Lee damage the stone face even more. Soon after Boruto hears Shikadai talk rudely about Lee getting nervous all the time when everyone watches him.

The next day while walking to the Ninja Academy, Boruto notices the same darkness that took over Denki with his left eye. As he and Inojin come to help Shikadai, the three boys run when Lee is getting out of hand to much. Therefore Boruto distracts Lee with shadow clones, giving Shikadai an opening to pin his shadow, but Lee gets out of his range. Inojin distracts Lee with ink birds, and Lee gets paralysed. Another shadow paralysed him from another angle, revealing the real Shikadai, the previous one being a disguised Boruto, and the shadows he used actually ink snakes drawn by Inojin. Lee begins breaking free of Shikadai's hold, who urges Boruto to knock him out. Lee breaks free by accident, and knocks himself out, the darkness taking over him dissipating. When Lee comes to it, Shikadai apologises for the day before. As Lee says he will take his training seriously, he tells Boruto to do the same which makes Boruto depress.

At home while seeing his mother and sister, Boruto tells Hinata he took his training seriously. But Hinata being unimpress asks if it was just today, however Boruto lies saying he takes training everyday seriously. When Himawari asks if they can play together after dinner, Boruto says he has to study afterwards which annoys his sister. When they eat dinner, Boruto asks about the Byakugan and learns that the eye is from his extended family including that it can see chakra. But he drops the conversation when Hinata asks him why he brought it up. Soon after Naruto arrive home early from work, but goes straight to bed since he is tire. However Boruto is angry at this since Naruto didn't eat dinner with them. The next day, Boruto, Shikadai and Inojin try getting Lee to play video games to get him less anxious, but he ends up breaking Boruto's game which made Boruto angry by shaking Lee.

During a later designed to introduce students to summoning techniques, while the other students were amazed at Konohamaru's performance at summoning a giant toad, Boruto was unimpressed, making some of the girls call his jealous. Wanting to prove himself, Boruto attempted to summon a toad himself, only to embarrassingly learn after his failed attempt that he can't without first going into a blood contract with a said creature. As Boruto and the other boys began bickering more with the girls, Konohamaru broke up the squabble. Later during their lunch break, Boruto began to fight with Sarada over who would get the last yakisoba bun. Shino appeared, insisting that they boys and girls settle things with a race challenge for a flag. The challenge quickly got heated, with many of the boys being taken out of the contest until only Boruto, Shikidai, and Inojin were left on their team. Getting desperate, Boruto found a summoning scroll and miraculously summoned a snake-like creature. The creature went on a rampage, attacking the students and launched Chōchō Akimichi off the roof, to which Boruto managed to save her with the help of some other students. After the creature was subdued by the timely arrival of Konohamaru, the contest ended with the girls getting the flag. Despite their victory, the girls made peace with the boys.

Later, as an expelled Ninja Academy student, who was being possessed by the same dark presence from before, began going on a rampage in the village, Boruto, along with Shikadai and Iwabee went into action. Before they could stop him, a mysterious youth took out the destructive ex-student. The following day at class, the mysterious youth was revealed to be a new transfer student from Otogakure named Mitsuki. The boy took a liking to Boruto, who found him strange. The following day, wanting the students to warm up to Mitsuki, Shino organised a welcoming party for the new student. When Shino's efforts for the party backfired with his insects, the class began to freak out, with Denki begging someone to make the insects go away, which Mitsuki did with his Wind Release: Breakthrough, causing even more damage to the Academy. The chaos caused Boruto along with other students to absentmindedly belittle Shino's credibility as a ninja and teacher, making him take the day off. Later, one of the repairmen went on a rampage, being possessed by the same presence. Boruto joined his friends in stopping him from destroying the Academy. Ultimately, the combined effort of Boruto and Mitsuki ended the madness. Later, Boruto, along with Shikadai and Mitsuki were called to the training field by Shino for an extracurricular class. Once their teacher appeared, he was revealed to be possessed by the dark presence.

Shino then encased the entire area with his insects, forcing the students to flee. After a prolonged chase, Shikadai devised a plan to stop the rampaging sensei. While Shikadai and Boruto distracted Shino and lured him into the water, Mitsuki ensnared Shino and electrocuted him, expelling the spectre. Later, as Shino voiced his decision to resign as teacher despite being possessed, the students convinced him to reconsider, apologizing for their earlier statements.

Later, growing concerned about this repeated and seemingly random attacks, Boruto and Shikadai begin discussing, trying to figure out the source behind them and why apparently only Boruto could see it. Later, they along with Mitsuki find several of the girls confronting Magire, a shy boy that is student from a different class. As the boy was stalking Sumire lately, Chocho insisted that he be more forward with his feels. When Magire meekly asks her out, Sumire turned him down, leaving him distraught and running away in shame. The following day, various creepy messages are left for Sumire. While Boruto and the others decide to watch over her, they are systematically separated from Sumire. Eventually, the perpetrator is revealed to be a possessed Magire, who kidnaps Sumire. Boruto and the others soon find them, where Magire quickly attacked them with his concealment skills. Eventually, Chocho was able to reach Magire, noting that such an indecisive nature will never win anyone over. Accepting his poor methods of trying to make Sumire like him, the spectre was rejected from Magire. As Magire began to apologize for his actions he fainted, resulting from severe chakra drain caused from his possession.

Later, as Boruto continued to wonder the nature of his shadow spectre attacking everyone and why only he could see it, he ultimately fell asleep. While dreaming, he was approached by Otsutsuki Toneri who warned him of an impending danger and that Boruto's eye is the key to stopping it. Upon waking up and seeing his dōjutsu for a moment in a reflection, Boruto became overjoyed at the prospect of being a great hero. To which, he began acting the hero of a recent action movie. When his family approached him about his new attitude, he insisted that he had finally manifested his Byakugan. Naruto noted that it was very unlikely since Boruto had no prior training for it. However, admitting that Himawari did achieve such a feat prior, they decided to talk to Hiashi about this. Upon arriving at his grandfather's home, the doting grandfather quickly smothered his grandkids in hugs, which was quickly repeated by their equaling doting aunt Hanabi. As Himawari played with Hanabi, Boruto and Naruto explained the nature of their visit. To which, after Hiashi gave a similar explanation to Naruto's about the unlikeliness of Boruto's powers being the Byakugan, he decided to test his grandson with a sparring match.

Hanabi then stepped in, insisting to spar Boruto herself, which was agreed. Quickly, the heiress showed her might, easily overwhelming Boruto and countering all his assaults and tactics. Hanabi began mocking Boruto into revealing his speculated Byakugan. While Boruto's performance forced Hanabi to fight more seriously, he was ultimately defeated soundly. This led everyone, including Boruto to sadly conclude that he in fact did not awaken his Byakugan. Afterwards, it was decided for Boruto and his family to stay the night. After dinner, Boruto began pouting alone, wondering if his dream from earlier was meaningless. Hanabi then approached him, seeing how down he was. Realizing that Boruto's goals weren't just about proving himself to his father, but also a personal problem, she insisted that Boruto continue trying to figure out on his own and only ask for help after he tried his hardest.

Deciding to get some air, Boruto wondered in to the village, where he bumped into Sarada. Suddenly, Boruto's eye activated again, noticing someone with the dark shadow again. He decided to follow, discovering that it was Kagemasa, the famous movie star. Much to Boruto's shock, the celebrity had become very fat. Kagemasa began attacking Boruto, take his frustrations out on the fact that his movie series was going to be cancelled because of his increased weight and poor dieting. As Kagemasa pinned Boruto down, he was saved by Sarada. As Boruto explained the situation, while she didn't fully believe the story, she did trust that Boruto wasn't lying. Following Boruto's plan, Sarada launched a shuriken assault on Kagemasa. Knowing that the movie star would dodge, Boruto disguised himself as one of the shuriken, letting him get close enough to knock out Kagemasa, purging the spectre. The following day, as he goes out to meet up with his friends, Boruto also lets Himawari keeps the orange glasses that Boruto wore because he doesn't need it anymore. While hearing that Kagemasa was getting back in shape and saving his movie series, a proud Boruto got over not having the Byakugan, determined to figure out the truth about his eye.

After learning that his father was beginning an investigation of his own on the random attacks, Boruto became determined to figure out the truth behind the spectre before Naruto, which Boruto decided to call the "Ghost". Alongside Mitsuki and Shikadai, they even resorted to skipping classes with a faked excuse. Due to Mitsuku's poor written excuse, Boruto was quickly found out and confronted by his visibly angry mother. The following day, Boruto was scolded by both Hinata and Shino, the latter of which decided Boruto would have to take after-school classes to make up the lost time. Later, Shino assigned his class to tail other workplaces to better understand non-shinobi life. Seeing Boruto's desire to continue patrolling the village, he subtly convinced Boruto, Shikadai, and Mitsuki to try the postal service. While sorting stamps, they heard on the news that another attack happened at the water purification plant, where Sumire was. Boruto and his friend quickly rushed to her aid.

After learning that Sumire was okay, Boruto and his friends were approached by Naruto. Realizing that the children were conducting their own investigation on the attacks, the Hokage decided to show them what became of people who were possessed by the spectre for prolonged periods, requiring intensive care from near-complete chakra depletion. While Naruto insisted they stay out of this matter, Shino appeared, insisting that Naruto not underestimate his students after seeing what they were capable of. As Boruto and his friends continued their post work and tried to find the spectre, they soon learned that the creature was intentionally attacking in areas far away from Boruto as he is the only one who could see it, from which Shikadai deduced that they were being spied on. Deciding to get help from their classmates to better patrol the village, they left the post office, anticipating that the culprit controlling the spectre would go after the post chief Komame. Half the team went after the retreating masked culprit while Boruto and his half stayed to subdue the possessed Komame. While saving the post chief, the spectre and the culprit ultimately got away.

As classes continued, Mitsuki continued to show noticeable interest in Boruto, ultimately asking if he can join him for dinner at his house, which he agreed to. On that night, Boruto was surprised to learn that Naruto would actually be joining them for dinner for a change. While talking to Mitsuki, he says Naruto is a jerk for not helping out at home, since he sees Naruto letting Hinata do all the work. Mitsuki then questions Boruto if that's how he truly feels about Naruto. Before he can answer, Hinata calls them to dinner. However, as dinner began, Naruto learned that a strange chakra was being dispersed throughout the village, prompting him to leave. Boruto was furious at this, seeing his father leave at the slightest notices. Outside of his house, Boruto tells Mitsuki he was happy when Naruto was always with him and Himawari. But now he resents Naruto, because ever since becoming Hokage, he feels Naruto has neglected his family. He admits he doesn't know what the Hokage is. However Boruto gets confused when Mitsuki says that Boruto truly likes the Hokage. Boruto tells Mitsuki, seeing Naruto's duties as Hokage as someone who would sacrifice those closest to him for the sake of the entire village is something that his village doesn't need it. Therefore he was determined to stop the spectre before Naruto in order to prove his father wrong on his methods. Mitsuki than revealed he knew who the culprit was.

Mitsuki reveals to Boruto that Sumire is the one behind the incidents. Despite Mitsuki's explanation of Sumire having interacted with each victim, Boruto is not convinced of her guilt. As Mitsuki explains the goal of the attacks was to absorb chakra from its victims, a rumble comes from Senju Park. Boruto and Mitsuki see the Nue from afar. Boruto wants to hear from Sumire herself. Mitsuki tells Boruto that Nue will drain everyone in the village, and will only stop if the jutsu user dies. Boruto is determined to save both the village and Sumire. Mitsuki acknowledges that's an answer he would never give, and expresses interest in learning more ways in which they are different. Mitsuki covertly creates a snake clone to restrain Boruto, and leaves to kill Sumire. Boruto manages to create a clone himself and knocks out Mitsuki's. Boruto's eye activates, allowing him to track Sumire through chakra. Mitsuki almost has Sumire, but Boruto's arrival lets her get out of Mitsuki's hold. Sumire admits to being the culprit, having lived so far to carry out her father's revenge. Boruto stops Sumire and Mitsuki when they attack each other, and his eye lets off sparks. Nue transports itself out of the barrier to Sumire, and absorbs her to take her chakra. As it vanishes, Boruto jumps after it.

In the pocket dimension, Boruto began looking for Sumire, only to be attacked by Nue. As his right eye realised the weak point the creature, Boruto began working to subdue it. Mitsuki, who followed him, distracted Nue long enough for Boruto to pin Nue down with some giant hanging ropes. As Mitsuki prepared to kill Nue, Sumire blocked the attack. Despite her strong intentions to finish her father's revenge, Boruto insisted that that doesn't have to be her path. Rattled and torn between all she knew as Boruto continued to befriend her, Sumire told Nue to take her chakra and finish the plan, only for the creature to snuggle against her. Boruto surmised that having been the one who raised Nue, it came to view Sumire as its parent. Boruto insisted that Sumire doesn't want violence and knows she doesn't want the beast to follow the same dark path that was forced on her. Letting go of her anger, it broke the summoning contract on her back, causing the dimension to start crumbling. Boruto reached Sumire and convinced her to join him and Mitsuki while Nue protected them from debris, forced to be left behind. Boruto found the portal back home. Upon arriving, they were found by their friends and elite ninja. Sai, who could sympathise with Sumire's past, offered to help her build a new path for her. Sumire willing turned herself in. Before leaving, Boruto's eye noticed that a trace of Nue remained alive imprinted in Sumire's right palm.

Several weeks later, Boruto realized that his eye's power had seemingly disappeared completely. Later, Shino decided to change up the 3-man teams for their next challenge to determine the optimum pairings for graduation. Mitsuki insisted on staying on Boruto's team and also teamed-up with Lee. As rumors about Sumire's fate began to spread, Boruto confronted his father about it. Naruto insisted that while he has to think about the whole village and he does not have absolute say, he will help Sumire. The following day during the team challenge to capture a flag, Mitsuki and Boruto's teamwork managed to win their match. Afterwards, to everyone's joy, Sumire returned to the class.

When Himawari gets sick, Boruto looks after her. But Naruto arrives wanting to see her. Boruto notices his Hokage cloak is inside out, and is secretly glad Naruto came home. However Boruto and Naruto fight over what Himawari should eat, and upon seeing this Hinata puts them both outside. Naruto invites Boruto to eat with him, and takes him to Ramen Ichiraku. While eating, Naruto asks about Boruto's time at the Ninja Academy. Naruto is secretly happy that Boruto is making friends. But Boruto secretly admits he blames Naruto for not letting him be exactly like him at school. As the two eat more ramen, Naruto sees that Boruto likes a movie character, but when Naruto tells Boruto that Hinata eats ramen as well he doesn't believe it and thinks that Naruto is lying. Upon seeing news about an upcoming Five Kage meeting, Boruto asks if Naruto is going to be busy again. Naruto tells him not to worry. Then Choji and Chocho arrive for an eating competition, and Boruto envies their rapport. When the Uzumaki family are paying for the check, Ayame is shock that Boruto never knew about Hinata being the number 1 champion of having the best ramen eating record. She and Naruto even show Boruto a picture of Hinata's record as proof, which finally shocks Boruto since he believed that Naruto was lying about Hinata eating ramen.

Five years later when classes at the Ninja Academy are dismissed early due to the Five Kage Summit taking place in Konoha. Boruto tries to convince his classmates to help him pull a prank, believing a successful prank despite all the security would be a testament to their abilities. But all of his classmates refused, so he defaces the Hokage Monument by himself. He's stopped by Uzumaki Naruto, who orders Boruto to clean up the graffiti, but Boruto sadly suggests that they do together. Naruto reminds him that, as the Hokage, that the entire village is like his family Including that he can't always make time for his children. He asks that Boruto endure the hardship of their frequent separation.

As their graduation from the Ninja Academy approaches, Boruto and his classmates train with their parents to prepare them for their final exams. Naruto sends one of his shadow clones to train with Boruto and the two spar. Having not had the opportunity to do this with his dad in quite some time, Boruto tries very hard to be capture so they can spend more of time together. Because Naruto has other responsibilities that he needs to focus on; his adviser, Nara Shikamaru, catches Boruto with his Shadow Imitation Technique so they can bring the game to an end.

When Naruto leaves the village on a mission shortly afterwards. Boruto is sent by his mother to see Naruto off and deliver a lunch to him, but when he arrives late at the village's gate he finds that Naruto has already left. Annoyed, Boruto decides to go home despite Mitsuki's observation that they could still catch up to Naruto. At this suggestion, Uchiha Sarada and Akimichi Chocho suddenly appear and offer to deliver the lunch for him. In the end, Boruto reluctantly agrees. When they finally return, Boruto thanks Sarada for what she did. She insists that she should be thanking him, as she got a lot out of the experience and has now decided that she wants to become Hokage. But an angry Boruto scoffs at the idea, calling it weak.

In the anime, to improve relationships with other villages and symbolically show the warring era was over, the Seventh Hokage set up an official class trip for the Academy to go to Kirigakure. Much to Borut's chagrin, he was appointed class leader. While everyone was getting hyped up about the trip, Iwabee made it clear he was against the idea due to its history as the "Bloody Mist Village". Upon arriving, they were met with Karatachi Kagura who was appointed by the Mizukage to act as the class' tour guide. While very formal to Boruto as the son of the famed world hero, Boruto insisted to treat each other as equal friends. Once inside the village, everyone was amazed at the various sights of the very modern village. Boruto soon noticed Iwabee wandering off into a back alley, Boruto and Denki pursued him. They where quickly confronted by older ninja who apparently despised Konohagakure citizens. After a small skirmish between Boruto, Shisuma Hoshigaki applauded Boruto and Iwabee's guts at facing them before calmly walking off.

Later, the class got to meet Terumī Mei and Chojuro, the Fifth and Sixth Mizukage, who welcomed the class to their village. Afterwards, the class was shown the new Kiri Academy. Amazed at their curriculum including water terrain combat and kenjutsu, Boruto jumped at the offer to have a match against Kagura. However, Boruto was swiftly disarmed by the Chunin. Kagura then brought the class to the site of the old "Bloody Mist Village" final graduation hall where students would fight to the death to earn their genin status. The class was then approached by a group of delinquents, who made their disdain of outsiders clear. Realizing that Boruto was the son of the Hokage, they wanted to make a name for themselves at Boruto's expense and attack him. Their efforts were quickly repelled by Kagura and Iwabee. Later that night, Boruto, Shikadai, and Inojin received a message in blood on the window that the Denki was kidnapped and ordered Boruto to go to the pier.

Once arriving, the culprits were revealed to be Hachiya Tsurushi, an old classmate of Kagura, and his delinquent gang. As they began mocking Kagura's relationship with the Konoha-nin, they attacked the visiting class. During the fight, Hachiya revealed Kagura's dark past as the grandson of the Fourth Mizukage and having his own personal bloodshed reputation from his Academy days. After defeating their enemies, to cheer up Kagura, they inviting him to play a card game with them. While Kagura enjoyed the game, he continued to lament about his past. Boruto however insisted that he can't let his family ties define him, as Boruto could relate to being compared to his famous Hokage father and grandfather. As a sign of friendship, Boruto decided to give Kagura his playing cards.

Later, Kagura called Boruto to meet him, showing off Hiramekarei, that he took Boruto's advice and applied for the position on the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Their celebration was cut short by the aggressive arrival of Shizuma. Applauding Kagura for gaining Hiramekarei, he insisting that the time was now perfect to being their assault on the Sixth Mizukage and return the village to its proud era of before. While Boruto and Kagura rejected his ideas, Shizuma poked at Kagura's bloodstained past, reminding him of how he has always protected Kagura. He also claimed that the noble actions of the Fifth and Sixth Mizukage were a shame, as they were using dark methods to force their new peaceful era, including assassination to anyone who opposed their new era. Boruto denied the claims and attacked Shizuma. As he nearly caught Shizuma off guard with his Lightning Release, Shizuma was saved by his allies, who he declared were his personally appointed Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Boruto scoffed at that as there were only six including Shizuma. Shizuma however said Kagura was to be the seventh. Reluctantly, Kagura, accepting his identity as Yagura's grandson, agreed to aid Shizuma in exchange for Boruto's life being spared.

As the group left, Boruto collapsed from his injuries. He was soon after found and treated by Sarada. She also revealed Hachiya, who after having been betrayed by Shizuma, revealed the true depth of Shizuma's goals. As Hachiya explained how Kagura truly was indebted to Shizuma, Boruto became determined to save Kagura. While Sarada wanted to tell the adults, Boruto insisted they not make a scene of this, saying that he had a plan.

Boruto and Sarada then found Mei and Chojuro, who were addressing the fact that Shizuma's group had stolen the Seven Mist Swordmen blades. While the Sixth Mizukage was strongly considering killing them all for this treachery, Boruto insisted that Kagura only being manipulated. Boruto also insisted to treat this as a children's fight so as to not make a public scene. Chojuro agreed to this on the condition that he join them in ending the revolt and if it was completed before curfew. After getting Denki to cover for her and Boruto, she and Boruto met up with Chojuro at the Kiri Memorial where Shizuma's team was about to destroy it, seeing it as an insult to Kirigakure's pride.

As the swordsmen attempt to destroy Kiri's Memorial Stone, Boruto stops them, leading to Shizuma erecting a mist barrier around the surrounding area and separating the three. Boruto then found himself fighting against Kagura, desperate trying to reason with him.

As Boruto continue to point out Kagura's reluctance to join this rebellion during their clash, Mitsuki arrived, revealing proof of Shizuma' lies. He revealed that Shizuma and his followers not only conspired with the Land of Waves, but also killing various people in Kirigakure who learned of his plans and refused to help him. When Shizuma took the allegations in stride, proud of his actions, he decided to finish the battle personally when Kagura refused to fight. He unleashed a blood mist that enabled him to absorb enemy's s chakra through their open wounds. Boruto and Mitsuki's coordinated tag-team enabled them to over-power the foe. Refusing to accept defeat, Shizuma attempted to merge with Samehada, backfiring on him as his inexperience allowed Samehada to overwhelm him into a feral state. When Kagura wanted to make things right but was too exhausted, Boruto joined him, taking up half of Hiramekarei and together were able to defeat the foe. The Konoha-nin then quickly ran back to their hotel to make curfew.

Upon returning with his class to Konohagakure, Boruto was concerned that Kagura didn't see them off, worried that he was punished along with Shizuma's gang. At home, as Himawari began acting sad and distant, Hinata reminded him that he forgot to bring her a souvenir like he promised. Decided to fake forgetting by claiming that it was mixed up with someone else's bags, Boruto scoured the village for Kiri gift. While he found a store that Kiri items, as he near home, he received a letter from Kagura explaining his situation, which noted that while he wasn't punished, he was still ashamed of his actions and hoped to make things right. Taking from Kagura's boldness at confronting his mistakes, Boruto decided to do both by giving Himawari his gift, and admit to his own mistakes to Himawari, which she accepted.

As the ninja classes began preparing for graduations, Boruto was interviewed by Shino about his future goals as a ninja. Boruto however admitted that he never really considered what he wanted. Later, Boruto was met by a freelance reporter named "Sukea", who said he was doing an article on the graduating students. As Boruto aided the older ninja in interviewing the other students, Boruto was left amazed at how others already had thought so far ahead in their goals, even learning that some students planned to continue their studies in the Ninja Academy to pursue careers outside ninja work. Boruto admitted to Sukea that his original goal on becoming a ninja was just to prove himself better than his father, but otherwise had no goal. Sukea assured Boruto that there is no shame in going through a period of carefree, but one should always plan ahead if they want to grow as people. Inspired by the man's words, Boruto decided for his immediate goal was to make sure he and his friends stayed close.

During the exams, Boruto easily passed the written test. Later, during the practical and final test, the class was brought to the training field. There, the entire class was set up to face Shino, Anko Mitarashi and Konohamaru for 24 hours. While their performance against the teachers was to better evaluate the students' respective growth, their true test was against Kakashi, who stated that only a the student who takes the single bell at his hip would pass. As the exam started, many students began scrambling. Boruto chose to stick with his friends as they worked to get passed the teachers and reach Kakashi. With the help of distracting the teachers, Boruto was able to move on and face the Sixth Hokage. While Boruto impressed the proctor with his advanced performance, Kakashi still quickly defeated the Uzumaki, firmly say that despite Boruto's clear brilliance, he lacked the most crucial aspect to be a ninja.

As Boruto continued to struggle free from the Sixth's hold, his fellow classmates provided enough distraction for him to escape. Later, while Wasabi treated his wounds, Boruto voiced his dismay at Kakashi's words. While Boruto apologised for being a bad influence, his friends strongly insisted that Kakashi was wrong; that Boruto has helped them all come so far despite their own personal problems. Convinced that they would still prove Kakashi wrong, the group realised the true nature of the test. Boruto then designed a plan for everyone to both save their captured team-mates and get the bell. After succeeding in the first part, the group went to face Kakashi. As Kakashi continued to disparage Boruto, the boy refused to give up, teaming up with his class-mates to attack. Kakashi easily repelled their assault, noting that they were still too scattered, but was then caught in a group-String Light Formation. As Boruto struggled against the restrain Hokage to get the bell, time finally ran out. Despite the plan failing, Kakashi passed everyone, noting that they succeeded in the true goal of the test: team-work and loyalty. Shino then revealed that everyone's headbands were in fact Konoha forehead protectors, proof of their full-fledged status.

Soon after Boruto was assigned to Team 3 with Mitsuki and Sarada with their squad leader being Konahamaru. Soon with unanimous decision they pleaded to the Hokage so their squad be changed to Team 7 instead of Team 3, a request Naruto granted.

For Team 7's first mission, they were assigned a D-rank to aid the Green Banks Village who were being attacked by bandits for their crops. Upon arriving, they learned that the only way for normal people to enter the village was by a great retracting bridge. They also learned that the previous village leader, who oversaw the bridge's construction, passed away recently, leaving his daughter Kiri to inherit the position. Kiri, while uncertain about trusting in such young ninja, revealed that she withheld the full nature of the mission when she requested it. As she revealed that the attackers were actually trained ninja, which made Konohamaru concerned as this would make the mission at least B-rank in danger.

While Konohamaru considered whether or not to continue the mission despite the deception, the village was attacked, prompting Boruto rushed off. Boruto was quickly pressured by the older ninja, but was saved by Konohamaru, as the foe quickly retreated after realizing that he was a Konoha-nin. As Konohamaru realised that there was more being hidden, he confronted Kiri. She confessed that the enemy ninja were after the deed to the bridge, which was the main source of income for the village. Later that night, as another villager was attacked, Team 7 went into action, only to find that several of the villagers were being controlled by genjutsu. They managed to harmlessly subdue the villagers, but Kiri was abducted.

Afterwards, Team 7 met with the enemy shinobi to exchange the deed for Kiri. The enemies however intended to kill everyone. Konohamaru dealt with Hidari while Boruto and the others retreated with Kiri. They were quickly followed by Ashimaru. Together, the three genin were able to devise a team combo to defeat the enemy. With this and Konohamaru defeated the other enemy, the mission was completed.

Boruto and his team-mates were later sent to deal with a bank robber, Haguruma. After they convinced the man to turn himself in, it was learned Hagurama was manipulated into doing this, as it was a diversion for the Byakuya Gang to steal jewels from a high-level vault. After learning that the thieves were somehow able to bypass the vault's temperature-sensitive alarm, Sarada noticed that flower outside the vault was frozen. She ultimately deduced that the thieves used the rare Ice Release to cover the theft. While Sarada insisted they send this intel to older ninja, Boruto insisted that the handle it as they were partly to blame for letting this happen. Instead, they went to Toni Katasuke for his technical knowledge. The scientist led them to a shady part of the village where they learned of secret means of making illegal transactions via graffiti. Realizing where they thieves would be, the Team 7 Genin plotted to intercept the transaction and capture the thieves.

Their plan however failed as the masked thief saw through their deception. While retreating, the masked foe left several ice-footprints for them to follow. Ultimately, this led the genin to small village in the mountains. There, it was revealed that the Byakuya Gang stole the jewels to get enough money to repair the small village's water distributing system, which without the village would require grueling hours of travel to even to retrieve water, and even that would be insufficient amounts. The masked man stated firmly that his group are noble in intentions and that the rich only get to where they are by profiting off the poor. This left Team 7 to wonder who was really wrong here.

With the continued thefts performed by the Byakuya Gang throughout Konohagakure, Team 15 was assigned alongside the other genin teams to help stop the self-proclaimed noble thieves. However, the genin were not permitted to engage the Byakuya Gang without aid from a chunin or higher-ranked shinobi. Later, Boruto met a new mysterious friend of Shikadai named Ryogi.

Later, the Byakuya Gang's actions continued to gain more supporters. Even more, swarms of protestors began emerging in the village against various legitimate companies, fueled by the Byakuga Gang's claims of the said companies being corrupt, one of which included Denki's family.

Later, the villagers supporting the Byakuya Gang began acting out against companies accused of corrupt actions. Boruto's team joined in working to pacify the situation. However, Boruto then noticed Shikadai and his team leaving their post frantically. Boruto decided to find out why. Ultimately, they arrived at the Ninjutsu Research Center, where it was learned the Byakuya Gang stole Katasuke' ninjutsu research, revealing that the mob build-up was a diversion by the thieves. Katasuke gave Boruto a tracking system to find the enemies, having slipped a homing beacon on them. Once finding the Byakuya Gang, Inojin and Chocho faced off against most of the enemies while Boruto and Shikadai pursued Gekko and Ryoji. They followed the two on to a train that would take them out of the country's borders.

As Boruto and Shikadai confronted the two thieves, Shikadai again tried to reason with Ryogi, who still rejected Shikadai's words, while also struggling to maintain his composure as he began suffering a massive headache. While Boruto went after Gekko. The two fought but Gekko overwhelmed Boruto by pretending to surrender. Gekko then comforted Ryogi, earing him to continue fighting, to which he then captured Shikadai and Boruto in a dome of ice. Inside, Boruto suddenly attacked Shikadai, believing that Shikadai was once of the Byakuya thieves. Shikadai realized that the ice's reflection was also causing a genjutsu effect. He then proceeded to smash all the reflections while binding Boruto with his Shadow Imitation Technique and then released him from the illusion. As Boruto settled down, Shikidai deduced from everything that Ryogi was also being manipulated by Gekko through genjutsu. This ultimately was proven right as once the two genin faced off against Ryogi again, Gekko retreated while Ryogi stayed behind, mindlessly insisting that he must be the pawn.

Soon, the genjutsu mark began going unstable, making Ryogi become even more reckless. Fearing for his new friend's safety as he continued to overtax himself, Shikadai employed Boruto's aid to get close enough and break the genjutsu. Boruto and his three shadow clones helped Shikadai get close to Ryogi. Finally seeing reason and remembering the truth, Ryogi accepted defeat, but also felt sorry at having nothing left. Shikadai insisted that he has come to understand Ryogi better and will help him to rediscover himself. Ultimately, the Seventh Hokage captured Gekko, who along with Ryogi was arrested and put in prison. Boruto then brought the stolen technology back to Katasuke., and learns that the scientist is making a new Ninja tool that can be used by Boruto's generation. However, Boruto was happy to see that Shikadai changed a little bit. But he was also angry that Naruto should of told them he captured Gekko after the former got away. Therefore Shikadai told him that Naruto had his own reasons for capturing Gekko. Which made Boruto see that missions were harder than they thought. Changing the subject Boruto reminds Shikadai that he owes him a burger.

While he and his team are on a mission to save people. Boruto wants to do the mission that Team Udon does. Which was to a documentary and Konohamaru scolds Boruto since they already have a mission. After the mission Boruto and his team watch the documentary at a restaurant but Boruto complained how Naruto got to be in the documentary.

Boruto told Sarada how sorry he was about their mission taking too long. After hearing how Team Hanabi took down a man wolf, Boruto believed Hanabi did all the work. But when Sumire and her friends say they did all the work, Boruto was shock and told them to hang in there.

On the night of his birthday, Boruto celebrated it with Sarada, Sakura and Mitsuki. But when Hinata got a phone call about Naruto. This makes Boruto angrily go to his room. When Sarada confronted him Boruto tells her he knew this would happen and that he never got his hopes up of Naruto showing up anyway. When Naruto does show up and feels bad about it, Boruto is already asleep in his room. Naruto shows Boruto's gift to Hinata, and tells her he got Boruto a game as a birthday present because he doesn't know what type of games Boruto likes. Naruto then leaves the gift in Boruto's room by writing a note that says "I'm sorry". This makes Boruto be unable to throw the note after seeing the gift sitting on his computer chair. A month later Himawari marks her birthday and tells Boruto that her wish is for Naruto to join the celebration. Boruto says it's a lame wish because he, Hinata, Sakura and his friends will be there to celebrate it with her. But she gets sad because she only wants Naruto to celebrate it with her. Due to seeing how much she cares about Naruto, Boruto tells her he will make Naruto show up on her birthday which makes her happy.

As he and his team are about to go on a mission. Boruto saw how some Ninja think his life is great because he is a prodigy and Naruto's son. Boruto also talks to Katasuke and learns that everyone has a different option about ninjas and gets a gift from Katasuke as a be later birthday gift. Boruto then sees Naruto before leaves with his team. While Naruto looks at him face to face he tells Boruto that he really is sorry for not attending his birthday. Boruto angrily understands and offers Naruto a fist bump by telling him he better attend Himawari's birthday. Naruto smiles and rough Boruto's hair but Boruto slaps Naruto's arm off him before going on his mission.

Team 7 was then assigned to follow a trail of bandits who stole from the Thunder Train. When they arrived at the mines where they thieves were last seen, they learned that one of the thieves was arrested after he had come out completely traumatised, claiming that "the white one" killed his allies. This prompted Team 7 to investigate more carefully. Inside, they found the three other thieves brutally killed, and soon after met the culprit, a mutated White Zetsu.

With a collective effort following Konohamaru's strategy, they were able to defeat the creature. From further investigating, they learned that the cave housed another nest to grow White Zetsu and that all of them and the God Tree bud were destroyed by Sasuke's Amaterasu. Boruto was amazed to hear about another shinobi from Konohagakure who's power rivalled that of the Seventh Hokage. Afterwards, Team 7 reported to Konoha about their findings, leaving the genin out of any further intel. While his team-mates were content with the decision, Boruto was discouraged to realize he still wasn't strong enough to be of any use in this battle.

Film Appearances

Boruto movie

After becoming a genin, Boruto is assigned with Sarada and Mitsuki to Team Konohamaru. They are given a mission to capture a panda, but he gets into an argument with Sarada over whether it is a regular panda or an aggressive bear that looks like a panda. Boruto shows off his prodigious talents by using two shadow clones to kick the panda in the face with ease. He then tells Sarad that defeating the panda was a piece of cake. After the bear is caught, Boruto reacts in amazement when Konohamaru gives them a demonstration of his Kote and uses it to launch a Rasengan, which impressed Boruto. However he becomes frighten when the Rasengan ends up veering off course and destroying a farmer's house, much to the local's anger.

When they report to Naruto, Boruto asks Naruto if he is a shadow clone. Naruto tells him that he isn't a clone. Naruto also asks his son to address him as "The Seventh" rather than "Dad". When Naruto asks how the mission went, Boruto energetically shouts that the mission was easy with his prodigious skills including that he doesn't need teamwork. Naruto lectures Boruto as he tries to remind the importance of teamwork to Boruto, by saying that they need to work as a team. But he said he didn't need training when he learned the shadow clone technique, including that he already has learned Wind Release, Lighting Release and now Water Release. When Naruto then asks Knohamaru what has he been teaching Boruto. Boruto tells Naruto that he doesn't know anything about him, and not to blame Konohamaru. Including that he never bothers to watch over him. Angered that his father is still spending more time working, Boruto reminds Naruto that it's Himawari's birthday and he better be at home or else Boruto will never forgive him.

Then Katasuke entered soon after to ask Naruto's permission to allow the participants of the upcoming Chunin Exams to wear his latest invention, the Kote, a forearm device that stores various types of ninjutsu inside of it. However Naruto refused since it did not show one's true potential as a shinobi and saw it as a sign of cheating. Since Naruto had forbid the Kote to be use in the Chunin exams, this angers Boruto as he leaves the office saying that this isn't the lame era Naruto grew up in.

Afterwards, Boruto meets up with Katasuke, who gives him a new software for his video game and asks Boruto if he would be taking part in the Chunin Exams, which Boruto says that he will not. However he gets surprised when Katasuke tells him that Naruto has to attend the exams. At a restaurant, Boruto joins Shikadai and Inojin to play video games before he is interrupted by Sarada and Mitsuki. When Boruto says he doesn't want to do the exams, Mitsuki begs him. However Boruto says he doesn't care which angers Sarada. As Sarada grabs his jacket collar she reminds Boruto about her dream of becoming Hokage, and Boruto is keeping her from achieving it by refusing to register for the Chunin Exams. Boruto slaps her hand off of him and angrily tells her that he doesn't want to be the Hokage. After Sarada says that the title isn't inherited, Boruto retorts that if she wants to be Hokage, she better be alone for the rest of her life because the title is an nuisance to the village that is fitted for people with no love ones. After that Shikadai and Inojin ask Boruto beat the boss in their game, but Boruto gives them his new software to make the game easier. This makes them upset at Boruto for cheating, and they leave, much to his confusion.

While in the village, Sarada tells Boruto they should take part in the Exams so they can show off their abilities to Naruto, and he finally gives in after remembering his conversation with Katasuke. As Boruto sits down on a bench with Sarada, he asks Sarada if her father, Sasuke, will come watch her in the Exams, to which she replies she doubts it. He even hears her says that she doesn't care because Sasuke never became the Hokage. However Boruto says that it's not true, because his father told him that Sasuke is considered to be the other Hokage, and refers to him as "Uncle Sasuke". As they talk about Sarada's father, Mitsuki says his parents told him that Sasuke is the only person who can fight evenly against Naruto, prompting Boruto and Sarada to wonder about his parents. Before Mitsuki can tell them, Hinata and Himawari arrive to pick up Boruto, so they can get ready for Himawari's birthday party. Boruto while smiling tells Sarada that he has to leave. He then runs to his mother and carries her grocery bags. As he walks with Hinata, Boruto talks to his sister as they walk home together.

Upon arriving home, Boruto was shock to find out that his father showed up. That night, while Boruto and Hinata clap their hands as they sing happy birthday to Himawari. Himawari's birthday goes well until Naruto starts carrying her birthday cake to the table, but he suddenly disappears dropping the cake on the floor as he is at the table. It turns out however, that it was revealed to have been a shadow clone. After seeing this, Boruto got angry and gets up from the table. However Hinata stops him by grabbing his hand. Boruto kindly tells Hinata to let go of him. But Hinata tells him that Naruto has to protect the whole village, but he hasn't forgotten about them. He asks her why he had to be the Hokage and that he acts arrogant. Hinata tried to remind him that Naruto's job as Hokage was important to the village because the title has been pass down throughout the generation, but Boruto wasn't swayed as he believes that the Hokage are expected to be grateful to be born in this situation. He retorted that his grandfather wasn't alive when Naruto was a child, and Naruto must have been lucky to never experience the joy of having his parents around, because his father never had to put up with this sort of negligence.

However this had saddened Hinata who told him that even though he and Naruto are different, he was lucky to have a father who's here. Boruto says that it's not about him but it's about Himawari. He then tells her to forget about the conversation and leaves by sliding the slide door. While he is about to go in his room, Boruto sees Naruto's study room door being wide open. Upon entering the room, Boruto looks at his father's pictures of his friends and his current life. Afterwards Boruto finds Naruto's old jacket hanging on his closet. He then grabs it off the hanger. While looking at it, he described it as so old and tattered. However as he thinks back to his mother's word about Naruto being his father, Boruto angrily throws the old jacket out of the window in a fit of rage.

When he heard the doorbell ring, he thought it was his father and was about to punch him before he saw it was Sasuke at the front door instead, and apologised. He then introduced himself to him after Sasuke asked him for his name since he sees that he is Naruto's son. As Sasuke asked Hinata for Naruto's whereabouts, Boruto realized that Sasuke was his father's rival and starts to admire him when he leaves. After leaving from his meeting with Naruto, Boruto tries to attack Sasuke with a shadow clone. However Sasuke confronts him by kicking him behind his legs. Right after he cleans his clothes, Boruto asked Sasuke to take him as his student because there was someone he wanted to defeat. Unimpressed, Sasuke asked Boruto if he could use the Rasengan, to which Boruto shows a angry expression on his face. Therefore Sasuke said he couldn't be his student if he couldn't learn it.

That same night, Boruto goes to Konohamaru by waking him up from yelling outside of his house. As Konohamaru is awake, Boruto demands to be taught the technique. But when Konohamaru thinks that he wants to impress Naruto, Boruto angrily smirks and looks away from Konohamaru while saying "well yeah". However the next day, Boruto is dismayed to start off the training with a water balloon. Boruto then argues with Konohamaru saying eh all the time, so he tries to copy him. This angrier his teacher as he tells him to stop copying him, but Boruto tells him to speak for him self.

He even finds the use of water balloons to be ridiculous, but he puts up with the training when he learns that his grandfather was the one who created the technique. After completing stage one, Boruto becomes shock that he has to do the same thing with a rubber ball. He then works many days and nights with the rubber ball. After a few days of training, Boruto was able to perform the Rasengan, and was happy. Later on he showed it to Sasuke, who noted its' small size. Thinking Sasuke meant he failed, Boruto angrily threw the Rasengan and ran off, while being unaware, that his Rasengan disappeared and struck a tree, which Sasuke noticed and decided to accept him as his student.

While walking in the village, Boruto angrily bumps into Katasuke. As they are in his lab, Boruto looks at many shinobi use the Kote, as he sees this by looking through a window. While comforting him, Katasuke shows Boruto a Rasengan on his hand. As Boruto sees it with a depress paralyzed look on his face, and looks at it disappear. Katasuke then shows the Kote to Boruto. The scientist tells him that by using it, he will be able to become strong and advises him not to think too much. While walking home, Boruto notices that his clothes are dirty as he sees his reflection on a store window. He then cleans himself off, and then angrily stares at Naruto's face on the Hokage Monument.

With the Kote, Boruto is able to create a standard-sized Rasengan and shows it to Sasuke, who notices the Kote under Boruto's sleeve and was reluctant to take him as his student. When Sasuke asks him if he did all in one day. Boruto says he is different from Naruto when it comes to talent. However Sasuke tells him that he seems to be different from Naruto and says he hope it wasn't the case as he walks away. After an outburst from Boruto about his earlier promise, Sasuke agrees to take Boruto on as his student. While sitting at a bond fire that night, Boruto about Naruto. Sasuke tells him that when Naruto was a kid all he did was go around saying he'd become the Hokage. Even saying that he was quite a loser and stubborn as hell.

However Boruto asks Sasuke about Naruto's weaknesses. Sasuke elaborates that Naruto was full of weaknesses, but he overcame them to become the person that he is now. Sasuke tells Boruto that he should learn about the past Naruto instead the current Naruto. Upon hearing this, Boruto asks him what's that suppose to mean. While meeting up with Sarada, they argue about surpassing Naruto with or without teamwork. So Boruto shows his application paper to Sarada, and she does the same. Then Mitsuki meets up with them, and they all smile together.

As he learns the shurikenjutsu from Sasuke, Boruto asks Sasuke how he did. But Sasuke shows him that he has to curve the shuriken. But Boruto asks him how is he suppose to bend it that far. Sasuke shows him without answering and this surprised Boruto. However he tells Boruto to use his head a little and don't expect an immediate answer. Upon hearing this, Boruto looks at Sasuke while keeping his body forward as he tilts his head. He then looks away while saying "I Know". At night while Boruto pulls out the Kote from his computer desk. He looks at the Kote as he is in his room, and remembers what Katasuke told him.

The first round of the Chunin Exams is a true or false quiz regarding a question about the fifth volume of a novel series. Knowing that Sarada had read the series, Boruto asks her for the answer, only for her to tell him that even she doesn't know as she was not aware there even was a fifth volume. Sarada asks Boruto which answer he thinks her father would choose and he replies with false since Sasuke isn't the conventional type. When he asks her why, Sarada says that she wants to take a different path than her father. When it is revealed that both answers are incorrect, Boruto and his teammates find themselves falling down a pit with a lake of ink at the bottom. However Boruto is saved by Sarada and Mitsuki from falling into the ink. He then notices that the ink stretches across to both pits, and Sarada deducts that the quiz was a sham from the start since there isn't even a fifth volume and it is revealed that anyone who falls into the ink is disqualified. Boruto feels hopeless when he realizes he would have been disqualified if not for his team members quick actions. He then covers his sleeve so no one doesn't see the Kote.

After winning the first round, Boruto was annoyed with Naruto congratulating him via email and not sending a shadow clone instead, leaving him more desperate to do anything to win his father's recognition. While training with Sasuke, Boruto has problems with the shurikenjutsu. As he struggled Sasuke doesn't say anything. Therefore since Sasuke didn't say anything, Boruto angrily looks at him. While yelling Boruto complains that the shurikenjutsu is Sarada's specialty because of her being Sasuke's daughter and an Uchiha. Sasuke responds by creating 8 shadow clones. When he asks Boruto if this is his speciality, Boruto says it's Naruto's speciality. Sasuke tells him that he can't make anymore excuses. He also says that Naruto can make a thousand shadow clones. Upon hearing this, Boruto angrily tells Sasuke he knows.

As Boruto Progresses to the second round, he and his teammates are forced to compete against other teams for flags. While Sarada and Mistuki leave to attain other teams' flags, Boruto stays behind to defend their flag and is confronted by three Kirigakure genin brothers. Boruto says that it's five against three and that if they know who has the advantage. However he is shock when the three brothers are also good with shadow clones. As he fights the brothers, one of the brothers kicks one of Boruto's shadow clones in the stomach as the clone has white anime eyes, then slicing another one of Boruto's shadow clones with his sword and kicking the real Boruto to a few meters of where his flag is at.

When Boruto believes he is going to lose the round. He hears Sarada's voice, and thinks about his father's email. He resorts to using the Kote, and is able to defeat them by using Water Release and Lightning Release on his opponents by knocking them out. He then lands on his flag, he tilts his head forward as he smiles while he looks at the three genin brothers laying on the ground. He then touches his ear piece and radios Sarada by saying that he is fine and to finish the round, which leds for him and his team to pass the second round. As he speaks to Mitsuki, Sarada yells through Boruto's ear piece that she will be Hokage. As Boruto talks to her again, she yells at him even more.

Once they regroup, Sarada scolds Boruto for not being as happy as he should, but then tells him that his eyes are even bluer than his father's, which makes him blush and is given a fright when Mitsuki unexpectedly gets in his face to look for himself. He then blushes as Sarada talks to Mitsuki about how nice Naruto is.

As Boruto returns home that evening, he is congratulated by his mother and sister for passing. He then tells his mother that he isn't hurt, however he also tells her that he is tire and that he isn't hungry. While he sits in his room recuperating, Boruto starts to feel guilty about using the Kote. But when he hears someone knock on his door, he covers his sleeve and reminds that person that he said he wasn't hungry. However he is surprise Naruto enters his room in person shortly afterwards. As they remind quiet Boruto asks him to leave. But he is shock when Naruto personally congratulate him on passing the second round. Before leaving, Naruto tells Boruto not to lose to Shikadai in the next round and attempts to initiate a fist bump with his son, but Boruto doesn't return the gesture since he didn't want to risk his father discovering the Kote on his arm and simply smiled at him by saying like he would lose. Naruto bumps Boruto on the chest and tells him that he'll be watching and leaves afterwards. While being quiet in his room, Boruto remarks that Naruto's brief words could have been put in an email, but he is nevertheless moved to tears by his father coming to see him. He then happily laughs on his bed.

In the third round, Boruto was first matched against Yurui. As he blocks the sword with his kunai, Boruto sat arts to have problems with Yurui's explosive bumble gum. Desperate not to lose in front of his father, Boruto resorted to using the Kote so he attacks from afar and was able to defeat Yurui and progress through the round until he was finally matched against Shikadai. During the match as Boruto uses the gentle fist, Shikadai catches him and all four of his shadow clones off guard with the Shadow Imitation Technique. Although Boruto can't directly do anything to escape, he is able to use the Kote to make dozen of shadow clones, and won after Shikadai forfeit the match.

However, Naruto had realized that Boruto was wearing the Kote on his arm after Hinata used her Byakugan to see this. When Naruto comes in the arena Boruto offers a fist bump but when he thinks that Naruto is about to give it to him. Boruto becomes spleechless when Naruto asks him why he has the Kote on his arm, and doesn't answer him.

Naruto was disappointed that Boruto had been cheating throughout the exams. He lectured Boruto about why he has to use chakra to learn and master the techniques. Afterwards Naruto deems Shikadai as the winner, and disqualifies Boruto, by taking his son's forehead protector. While placing his hand on his shoulder, Naruto tells Boruto that they are in the middle of the exams, and that they will talk when they get home. Angry, Boruto pushes Naruto's arm of him and berates him for giving him a lecture by asking him will he have the time, and that Naruto is never home. Boruto also says that if Naruto had payed more attention to him then he would never have been in a situation such as this. Soon after Katasuke reveals to Boruto that he knew that he couldn't pass the exams from the start, which angered him. He then hears Katasuke tell everyone that the Kote is better than training.

However Otsutsuki Momoshiki and Otsutsuk Kinshiki appear and Boruto is pushed back by his father. Soon after the enemies start attacking the arena, causing massive chaos. As Naruto urges Boruto to go somewhere safe, Momsohiki knocks Naruto out of the arena. Boruto tries to fight Momoshiki with the Kote, but Momoshiki absorbs all of his attacks. This leaves Naruto scared and defenseless as the enemy comes near him, however Naruto jumps in to protect his son just in time. They are then joined by Sasuke and Sarada. As Sarada asks him if he is alright, Boruto assures her. Afterwards Momoshiki reveals that he and Kinshiki plan to take the world's charka for themselves to grant themselves unfathomable power without ever needing to train to earn any of it. To this end, their plan reminds Boruto of the Kote. Momoshiki attacks with the jutsu he's absorbed, including those earlier used by Boruto.

When Sarada shows fear at Momoshiki's impressive display of his strength, Boruto creates a Shadow Clone to protect Sarada. As the attack is thrown at them, Naruto protects them with his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode - which Boruto hasn't seen before. However even with help from Sasuke's Susanoo, it cannot shield all of Momoshiki's attacks. Boruto's shadow clone disappears afterwards while he still tries to protect Sarada. While trying to defend themselves as well as all the people evacuating, Naruto decides to sacrifice himself to protect Boruto, Sasuke, and Sarada from Momoshiki's jutsu while he engages Momoshiki with his Tailed Beast Mode, and asks Sasuke to take care of Boruto and Sarada. When Sasuke shields them without Naruto, this scares Sarada and makes Boruto worry as they call out to him. As Naruto stops the attack, Boruto finally understands Sasuke's words about his father. Before Naruto disappears, he turns to smile at his son, and Boruto who is amazed by Naruto's power calls out to him before falling unconscious.

When he wakes up, he finds Sarada and Mitsuki watching over him. As they explain to him what happened, Boruto hears his sister crying out to their mother and finds her being healed by Sarada's mother, Haruno Sakura. Demanding to know what happened to his mother, Sakura explains to Boruto that Hinata was injured. As Boruto asks Sakura why his mother would do something reckless, Sakura that Hinata did it after trying to save Naruto from Momoshiki and Kinshiki. Upon realizing that his father is gone and not in the hospital, Boruto became distraught and runs out of the hospital. Once outside, he trips over a box and as he gets up. He sees the Kote on his wrist and thinks about Momoshiki. He then angrily rips it off, and throws it away onto the ground. He then starts walking again continuing to the Hokage Tower.

Upon feeeling guilty for how he treated his father, Boruto wonders into Naruto's office and thinks about his earlier words of his father being an orphan and seeing him as arrogant as he visions him in the office. Soon after Boruto finds his father's old jacket. He then puts it on, and comments on how uncool he looks. Sasuke, who followed Boruto, agrees with him. Sasuke informs Boruto that he received scorn at the Exams for cheating, is technically not a shinobi anymore and that if it was not for his little sister who adores him and his mother who worries over him, he'd be just like how Naruto used to be. Boruto demands to know how his father overcame his hardships, to which Sasuke replies that he should ask Naruto himself and further elaborates that he can still sense Naruto's chakra and intends to rescue him. Boruto asks Sasuke why he would bother with someone like him, to which Sasuke replies that he believes Boruto is a strong shinobi who could potentially surpass Naruto one day. Boruto asks him how can he be so sure, Sasuke tells him that as his number one student Boruto is just like Naruto because he is a bigger idiot who dislike losing.

With his confidence restored, Boruto decides to join Sasuke and the other four Kage on the mission to rescue Naruto. As they prepare to leave, Sasuke lends Boruto his old forehead protector. Sasuke uses his Rinnegan to open a portal to the dimension where Naruto is being held and just before they leave, Hinata arrives with, Sakura, Sarada and Mitsuki, to stop Boruto from going in fear for his safety. However, upon seeing Boruto wearing his father's old jacket and Sasuke's forehead protector, she is reminded of Naruto when he was young. Boruto then tells his mother that he is going, and he smiles at her. Hinata then smiles at him, and decides to trust him. Before entering the portal, Boruto asks Sarada and Mitsuki to look after everyone in the village. He then follows Sasuke into the portal.

Once arriving in the other dimension, they find Momoshiki attempting extract Kurama from Naruto and they engage in battle. As Sasuke and Boruto rescue Naruto from the tree. Naruto asks about why is Boruto here and why he's wearing the jacket. Sasuke says that many things happened but Boruto has finally become a shinobi. After Sasuke leaves, Naruto comments on how seeing Boruto wear his old jacket was like looking at his own shadow clone. When Boruto asks Naruto if he looks a little cool in his father's old jacket, Naruto tells him that he does even more than before. Which surprised Boruto on figuring out that his father has been watching him all along. When Naruto tries to apologize for inadvertently neglecting him. Boruto says that he is fine with things remaining the same, and he only asks Naruto that whenever they can meet up now that instead of giving lectures. He now only just wants Naruto to tell him about his childhood past, to which Naruto tells Boruto ok.

Boruto then shelters himself as everyone battles Momoshiki. After Momoshiki absorbed Kinshiki, he becomes shock when Momoshiki turns Kinshiki into a fruit. He then covers his eyes as Momoshiki screams while causing heavy wind. However Boruto watched on in amazement as Naruto and Sasuke fought against Momoshiki and defeated him. Afterwards Katasuke, who had followed them, much to Boruto's anger rushed in and used his device to shoot a barrage of attacks at Momoshiki, which Momoshiki absorbed and used his new strength to attack them. Boruto tries to run from the attack, but he is protected by Sasuke as the latter uses his Susanoo.

While Momoshiki had Naruto and the Kage trapped using the Shadow Imitation Technique and was preparing to finish them off, Sasuke ordered Boruto to use his Rasengan to stop Momoshiki still they are running out of time. Although Boruto was hesitant that his jutsu would not work, Sasuke encouraged him to trust him. Boruto was ultimately successful in hitting Momoshiki with his Vanishing Rasengan, and thus was able to free the Kage. As Naruto was surprised that Boruto can do the Rasengan, Boruto was happy. When Sasuke tells Boruto to use his Rasengan again, he is unsure again but his father tells him that it's alright and to do as Sasuke says. Therefore Boruto is okay with the plan. With his father's help, Boruto is amaze that Naruto is able to create a giant Rasengan for him. Therefore Boruto is able to sense his father's feelings and declares that he won't lose.

As Sasuke began to distract Momoshiki long enough for Boruto to attack him. Momoshiki didn't know that both Boruto and Sasuke were working together in order to take out the Rinnegan eye in his palm, which allowed him to absorb ninjustu attacks. He uses his shadow clone to destroy the Rinnengan, then Boruto attacked Momoshiki with his giant Rasengan. As he struggled with the technique, Boruto's right arm was severely burned. While Momoshiki, who unable to absorb the attack was destroyed. After Momoshiki is killed, Boruto is standing up after using the Parent and Child Rasengan. Then they all return to Konoha.

After the battle, Boruto poses for a photograph with Naruto, Sasuke, and the other four Kage.

Boruto's life sees many changes once he comes back home. One morning, Boruto eats breakfast with his family while playing his video game, while using a non-hacked video game character from the start without cheating, even though it makes the game more difficult. Including that Naruto is home parmently due to him having a lessen schedule and Boruto is supportive of his work schedule. Not only that Boruto no longer hates the Hokage title, but he still doesn't want to be Hokage. As he prepares to meet with his team and Naruto to head over to his office, Boruto tells his mother not to worry about mending his torn jacket as he thinks it looks cooler the way it is. He then loses round one of the game and cuts it off as his left arm is bandaged. Boruto then takes his jacket away from his mom, as he is about to head out because he needs it, and while walking he asks his dad how is he on the time.

As Boruto and his father head out, the two of them bump fists and encourage each other to do their best. While going to meet his team, Boruto used a shadow clone to attend the same type of interview as Naruto did with Boruto being asked the same question and Boruto answering exactly like his father did by saying "What's important is to study hard and learn, you know". When asked what it means to be a ninja, Boruto says “To be a ninja it's about Teamwork, and preservance". He then says his father told him that, it's not about what's up here that counts but what you know and fell here, as he bumps his heart. Then his clone tells everyone that he'll do his best during the retake exams. He then shows his bandage fist and disappears after that.

Boruto and his teammates are given a mission to capture the giant panda, which is running loose in the village. Mitsuki comments on all the attention Boruto has been receiving lately, but Sarada is still angry at Boruto for cheating. However Boruto says he has already apologised many times to her about that. While their Sensei deals with the panda, Mitsuki asks Boruto as he is annoy that as Naruto's son and Minato's grandson, but Sarada interrupts and questions Boruto on whether or not he wants to become Hokage now. Boruto asks if he wants to be Hokage, and smiles while explaining to her that he has no interest in becoming Hokage. However he supports Sarada's dream of becoming Hokage, and will protect her no matter what, which makes her blush. He also adds that his goal is to become a ninja like Sasuke, and that he will follow his own ninja way. As they see their teacher being chased by the panda, Boruto and his teammates then leap off the Hokage Monument and into the air. While Boruto is in the air, he prepares to launch his real standard sized Rasengan.

In the post credits, Boruto and Sarada finally capture the wild panda, which leaded for them to have another argument about the Panda being an actual panda or a bear. But once Mitsuki interrupted them by saying they get along very well. Boruto once again asks Mitsuki who his parents are. Mitsuki replies that he is the son of Orochimaru, which shocks Sarada, but Boruto asks Sarada who Orochimaru is. Therefore Sarada doesn't hear Boruto's question, due to her being curious by asking Mitsuki if Orochimaru is his mother, or father. When Mitsuki says it doesn't matter, Boruto gets angry and demands to know who Orochimaru is. Even saying that he doesn't understand anything at all.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Manga

In the Anime, Boruto has a happy belated birthday dinner with Naruto and his family which makes Boruto happy because they haven't had dinner in a while together before Naruto became the Hokage. When Naruto came home Boruto punched Naruto in the stomach thinking he sent a shadow clone but smirk when he thought otherwise. Naruto had scolded him while Himawari wants a piggy back ride but the family gets afraid when Hinata threatens to throw the cake away. Boruto and Himawari then blow out the candles on the cake. While eating dinner the family throws their cups as they cheered.

In the anime, when the lead actors of a popular TV drama, Tomaru and Ashina received a death threat if they continued filming their show, Team 7 was assigned to protect the actors alongside Team 10. Boruto and his team were assigned to watch Ashina, who much to their chagrin was a prima donna who basically made the team act as her personal servants.

Later, a masked attacker managed to capture Tomaru. A ransom was left that demanded 20 million ryō and for Ashina to be the one to deliver it. Shikadai and Boruto noted that this situation was no making sense as the attacker suddenly change tactics form murder to ransom. During the exchange, as Konohamaru already captured the attacker and disguised himself as the Ame-nin, Ashina was revealed to be the mastermind behind the assaults as she desperately wanted to rekindle her fame as an actress. In a last blind effort to keep her fame by burying the truth, she attempted to blow up the area. While Konohomaru stopped her from using them, the explosive tags went off, causing a landslide, which the Konoha-nin quickly saved the spectators from. Afterwards, Ashina was arrested.

Later, during another Kage Summit in Konohagakure, Boruto and his team-mates met the legendary Ōnoki. After treating the ancient man to a tour around the village, Ōnoki gave the genin the answer to a riddle Naruto once asked on what is the hardest stone. Ōnoki revealed that it was riddle he once gave to Naruto and that the answer is the core of one's being, that they must keep their core strong to endure all obstacles.

Later, all shinobi missions were suspended during an investigation of an attack on two gate guards. When Mitsuki failed to show up, Boruto and Sarada asked Konohamaru about it. As it became clear that he was hiding something, the two genin decided to spy on the Seventh Hokage's meeting. There, they learned Mitsuki not only left the village, but did so willingly with the attackers. After Naruto confessed to his advisors that Mitsuki was Orochimaru's son, much outrage followed from learning that Naruto would permit an offspring of the man who killed the Third Hokage live in Konohagakure, let alone keep it a secret. Despite Naruto rationalized this reasons, the meeting ended with deeming the Oto-born boy as a threat.

Furious at this decision, Boruto was left to sulk at what became of his friend, refusing to believe that he was a traitor. Later, while ashamed to realise he never really tried to learn much about Mitsuki, Boruto found a white snake that recorded a message from Mitsuki to Boruto, simply saying his actions were his own will. Deciding to find Mitsuki, despite the lockdown on the village, Sarada joined him, saying that going to Orochimaru should find more answers.

Upon arriving outside Orochimaru's base, to lure away the Konona-nin stationed to watch over the Sannin, Sarada took the form of Mitsuki. Her efforts succeeded in letting Boruto get in unseen. Once inside, he found a laboratory, with to his shock contained tanks housing copies of Mitsuki. Boruto was then caught by Suigetsu. While held down by a blade, Orochimaru appeared, telling Suigetsu to release him and let the genin ask his questions. As it became clear that Mitsuki was an experiment of Orochimaru's, even going to extremes to make sure the boy would never betray him, Boruto openly expressed his disgust at the Sannin's apparent lack of compassion for Mitsuki. Putting those feelings aside, Boruto gave Orochimaru the snake, asking him to find any hidden messages. Despite Orochimaru's various tests, he found nothing. However, he suggested that Boruto and Sarada go to the White Snake Sage in the Ryūchi Cave for more answers.

Along the way, the two were blocked by Team 10. As Boruto and Sarada refused to come back peacefully, they created a distraction and then attempted a decoy with Boruto's shadow clones. This succeeded in splitting up Team Moegi between the jōnin and her students. Sarada and Boruto were soon intercepted by their friends, who through Shikadai's strategy easily anticipated Sarada and Boruto's tactics to quickly subdue them. While ready to take them back, Shikadai noticed the snake. Once learning that a message was left on it from Mitsuki, Shikadai realised that the situation had to many inconsistencies to brand Mitsuki a traitor. Wanting to find answers, Shikadai convinced his team-mates to help Boruto and Sarada.

Eventually, they found themselves in a foggy canyon. As they began wondering about aimlessly, they found a large palace, assuming that it must be the Ryūchi Cave. Inside, they found to their surprise a very lavished setting and were greeted by a beautiful young woman. Saying the White Snake Sage was expecting them, the woman invited them to a large feast. Boruto was uncertain about this place, as he remembered Orochimaru's warnings about how dangerous the White Snake Sage was. As the others began to enjoy themselves, the woman insisted that after they eat, they could ask the sage about Mitsuki. Boruto realised the woman was deceiving them as he never mentioned Mitsuki by name. The woman revealed herself to be a snake creature and the palace and food were but illusions to test the guests. Applauding Boruto's fortitude, she explained that to see the sage, one must past a series of tests, if they fail, the snake servants may eat the guests. As the genin continued walking, Boruto found himself separated from the group and tricked into a locked room. He faced the second test, having to solve a puzzle or remain locked up forever. After seeing through the deception of looking at things too straightforward, he completed the puzzle. For the third test, he was bitten and poisoned. He faced illusions of his friends who scolded him for his reckless and selfish actions which often led to other people paying for his mistakes. While realising it was an illusion, Boruto admitted to his mistakes in the past, but was still firmly determined to do what he believed was right. Proving his resolve, Boruto past the final test and was allowed to meet with the sage.

Healed from the poison and reunited with his friends, they met with the White Snake Sage, surprised to see that she was a small and frail-looking reptilian woman. While surprised that someone would risk meeting with her for something other than learning senjutsu, the sage insisted that she couldn't help give answers beyond mastery of senjutsu. Boruto refused to give up, begging the sage to reconsider. Giving in to Boruto's stubbornness, the sage agreed to help analyse Mitsuki's snake only if the they first brought to her the Reverse Scale of the giant snake Garaga, who was located in the most dangerous part of the cave. Boruto and the group accepted.

In their journey through the cave, they found several massive stone snake statue before ultimately being attacked by Garaga. The genin attempted to hold their ground but were quickly overpowered by the massive foe. As the rampaging snake attacked Sarada, another massive snake appeared to stop him. After the genin retreated to safety, the other snake appeared again, revealing himself as Aoda, Sasuke's personal summoning. As Aoda made his peaceful intentions known the group explained their goal of acquiring Garaga's Reverse Scale on the request of the White Snake Sage to get her help in finding Mitsuki. Aoda was reluctant as Garaga's savage nature made all other inhabitants of Ryūchi Cave stay clear of him, but nonetheless agreed to help Sarada. Following Shikadai's plan, they were initially able to pin down Garaga, until the rampaging foe used his spit to petrify Chocho.

When Garaga was distracted long enough for Boruto to reach the Reverse Scale, Boruto connected with Garaga's mental plane, seeing into his sorrowful past of betrayal from his former summoner. As the two talked about the value of trust, Boruto insisted that Mitsuki was indeed his friend. Garaga scoffed at such a notion, wishing he could be there to watch Boruto's hopes crushed. Ultimately, Boruto chose not to take the scale. Instead he made deal; Garaga would enter a summoning contract with him to see Mitsuki himself and if Mitsuki did betray Boruto, the snake could eat Boruto. Intrigued by Boruto's determination, Garaga accepted the terms. After Chōchō was restored, they returned to the White Snake Sage. There, Boruto summoned Garaga before her, technically upholding his promise of bringing her the Reverse Scale. Accepting this, the sage revealed the secret thoughts inside Mitsuki's snake, revealing that Mitsuki feigned killing a guard to save his life. Still unclear why Mitsuki joined the attackers but knowing where he went headed off to the Land of Earth.

As the group began to approach the Land of Earth's border, Inojin and Chōchō returned to the village to report their findings. As the other genin continued their pursuit, they found the remains of a sand creature, which Boruto recognised as the same thing that attacked Mitsuki's snake. Their route soon found a group of Konoha jōnin who were defeated by one of the gate attackers, Kokuyō.

The man quickly revealed himself to be an artificial being with superhumanly augmented abilities. As the genin were quickly pressured by him, Inojin and Chōchō arrived to help. The Ino-Shika-Chō trio decided to hold him off as Boruto and Sarada went on ahead. They were intercepted by another one of the gate attacks, Sekiei, who noted that Mitsuki was with them willingly. He initially held them off with his Explosive Clay, until Boruto summoned Garaga, who initially refused to help until his might was questioned by Boruto. As Sekiei struggled to dodge Garaga's assault, his body suddenly gave out. While Boruto attempted to finish him off, Mitsuki appeared to save Sekiei. He made his intention to join the artificial humans clear as he attacked Boruto with his Lightning Release before retreating with them. Soon afterwards, the Ino-Shika-Chō trio returned to help the injured Boruto.

While unconscious, Boruto dreamed about Konohagakure as if Mitsuki never left. He was soon approached by this lie by Garaga, who mocked Boruto at his failure in retrieving Mitsuki and lying to himself. Despite the taunting and Boruto's own shame, he remained as determined as ever to retrieve Mitsuki. Once awakening, and learning that Inoin had befriended a miniature and imperfect Akuta, it was decided to go venture on to Iwagakure as the rise of these enemies spelled trouble for all in these peaceful times. Boruto suggested that go seek the help of Ōnoki in the Earth Country's ninja village.

Upon arriving outside the village, it was decided that Inojin stay outside with the Akuta as to not draw any attention. Inside, they were soon spotted by Akatsuchi. He decided to help the genin as it may be related Kurotsuchi's sudden disappearance. They confronting Ōnoki, the elderly man was happy to see his friends again. Once they revealed their goal of finding Mitsuki however, Ōnoki's attitude turned dark and turned them away. The group was then surrounded by a bunch of Akuta, that were being controlled by Kū, the leader of the conspiracy in Iwagakure as well as Ōnoki's son and working alongside the retired Tsuchikage, much to everyone's horror.

As Ōnoki began explaining the nature of his plans and his genuine desire to protect people, realising that with his secret out in the open, he would have to accelerate his plans before the other Great Shinobi Countries learned. While Ōnoki told his son to gently takes the prisoners away, Boruto and the others chose to resist, and a fight ensured. As the battle escalated a massive column was knocked over towards Ōnoki. He was narrowly saved by Boruto, who then retreated while carrying the elderly man.

Ultimately, Boruto brought Ōnoki and himself to a field, where they old man eventually came to. He explained to Boruto that he unwittingly trapped them in the Sanzu Plains, a special old training grounds meant to strengthen the hearts of one. As it was designed with a special barrier that would not let one leave until then find core of their heart, symbolised by literally finding a special stone. Resigning to his fate of being stuck in this place, Ōnoki called a truce between him and Boruto, showing the boy proper survival skills of foraging for food. As the two continued to talk about how the events unfolded, Ōnoki insisted that he truly cares about Boruto and all the other young lives in this world, determined to not be caught unprepared by another attack like from the Ōtsutsuki. He voiced his resolve on pursing his plans on the grounds that such peaceful times have dulled the shinobi's growth and need protection.

Later, the two were met by Sekki, who went to the Sanzu Plains to find his self-worth. As Sekki began believing that Ōnoki saved Boruto from trouble, the elderly man was shocked that Boruto to tell him the truth about his treacherous acts. Boruto simply said such truth would only get in the way of escaping the grounds. As the two helped Sekki get food who opened up about his own struggles in life, Ōnoki began explaining about the truth test of this training ground and how they must never let go of their abandon their resolve. The following day, Sekki and Boruto were attacked by a massive wolf. While Sekki initially retreated, remembering Ōnoki's words about not making excuses, he stayed his ground to help Boruto fend off the wolf. After driving off the wolf, this effort let Sekki manifest his Heart Stone, let him lead Boruto and Ōnoki out of the training grounds before they parted ways with Sekki. Afterwards, Ōnoki once again talked about the true nobleness of his goals, saying he wants to save lives. Wanting to prove his point, he decided to take Boruto somewhere special.

Ultimately, he brought the genin to the site where Kozuchi was killed. He told Boruto the tale of how he began this controversial plan and how it was all for the goal of keeping his grandson's dream alive to protect the peace. Boruto conceded that Ōnoki's goals for peace were genuine and had no nefarious agenda, but he still found Ōnoki's method as flawed on the grounds that for all his talk of no lives sacrificed, his artificial soldier had free will and feelings of their own. Still saying is Mitsuki a real person, Boruto refused to think of Ōnoki's artificial soldiers as any less and by extension rejected Ōnoki's views. As the elderly man regretfully ended their truth, Kakō appeared and got between the two.

When returning to the village, Ōnoki was visibly horrified by the hostile takeover of the village. When approaching Kū, the second-in-command voiced his plan to transplant human hearts into the fabrications to sustain them. The elder however refused on the grounds that it went against the purpose of his goal for saving lives. Deciding that Ōnoki was too sentimental to see the bigger picture, Kū usurped the Third Tsuchikage. Before Kū could move forward with his plan, Shikadai appeared, using a diversion to help his friends escape.

As the Ino-Shika-Chō trio decided to face off against Kokuyō, Boruto and Sarada were forced to face Kirara, who voiced her desire to take Sarada's glasses on the grounds they would look prettier on her. Quickly, she subdued them with her genjutsu.

When Sarada attempted to use her Sharingan to override the genjutsu on Boruto, Kirara made him close his eyes. She had them fighting until she received word the transplant hearts were ready, and left them with a final command to fight to the death. Sarada however found an opening, using the sword's reflecting to cast a genjutsu on herself to break free and subsequently freed Boruto as well. They caught up with the fabrications as Mitsuki was about to deliver a transplant for Kū. Mitsuki's attack kept them at a distance and Kū's Earth Release immobilised them. They watched in shock as Mitsuki betrayed and attacked Kū from behind. Mitsuki told them of his actions deceiving the fabrications, revealing the heart as disguised snakes. Team 7 prepared to confront the remaining fabrications.

Kū fell back to treat his wounds and decaying body. Boruto and Sarada went after him while Mitsuki faced Sekiei but the two were cut off by Kirara. She used a massive Akuta to attack Boruto and Sarada. As they were quickly pressured by it, Boruto summoned Garaga again. This time, having seen what happened between Boruto and Mitsuki, the snake conceded losing the bet and decided to help Boruto. Boruto joined Garaga and together they destroyed the Akuta, a piece of which fell on and killed Kirara. Upon regrouping with Mitsuki at the Old City, they were confronted by Kū, who had recently transplanted a human heart into himself, stabilising his body.

As Kū began pressuring the genin with his renewed power, Mitsuki unleashed his Sage Mode to push the fabrication back. While Sarada and Boruto were trapped under rubble, they were saved by the aid of Sekki, who was accompanied by Ōnoki. Having a change of heart after seeing what became of his work, the elder wished to help the genin stop Kū. Boruto brought the elder to face Kū, who tried to reason again on how far Kū strayed from his original path, ignoring his words, Kū attacked the group with his Dust Release. Sarada saved everyone by breaking through the ground. As Kū caught up to finish the battle, the combined effort of Team 7 managed to seriously damage Kū. Kū attempted a final Dust Release on the group, only for Ōnoki to counter it with a much stronger one, determined to not face his late grandson again without atoning. Ōnoki ultimately destroyed Kū. Afterwards, the genin approached the drained Tsuchikage, who spoke to them about the importance of keeping one's will strong before collapsing. Team 7 was then found by their allies from Konohagakure and they welcomed Mitsuki back.

After returning to home, Boruto was eagerly hugged by his angry and relieved mother and sister. Later, with Mitsuki back in Konoha, Garaga contacted Boruto to inform him that their contract was up, and the two parted ways. The following day, Boruto and Sarada were punished for their technical desertion by having their shinobi status revoked. They then found Mitsuki, whose shinobi status was also revoked. Mitsuki apologised for his recent actions and admitted to the shameless curiosity of wanting to connect with people more like him. Boruto however quickly accepted his apology and admitted he was glad that he got the chance to better understand Mitsuki as a person, hoping to learn more about each other, Sarada also agreeing to it. Later, due to Kurotsuchi's gratitude and recommendation, it was decided to restore the Team 7 genin's shinobi status. While enjoying the moment, Boruto noticed what he thought was a Heart Stone, and upon picking it up, he got emotional thinking back to Ōnoki's teachings. Because of Kurotsuchi's gratitude and recommendation convinced Naruto to reinstate them.

In the anime, he decided to pass on Parent and Child day. At first he tells Himawari that Naruto will be home while he plays his video game. He then says good bye to Hinata that night. The next day he tells Naruto to look after Himawari while he trains and has a depress look on his face while walking away. While walking in the village he then spots Shino talking to a Kurama doll. While walking by himself he felt sad and embarrassed to spend time with his father due to his age.

He then watches the Akimichi duo eat in a eating contest. Then he decides to eat out with the event. He also sees Shino with his Kurama doll. Later he wants to try the spicy burgers from the semi-finals, and manages to find leftovers of the Dōtonbori, but finds them not to be spicy at all. He then found out that the cooks are trying to sabotage Choji from winning and Boruto Choji's food to his enemy. After the Akimichi family won Boruto stops Granny from leaving.

Later, he found to his surprise that his master Sasuke had returned to the village. He explained the situation of the new holiday and decided to back off on training with Sarada so she could enjoy the holiday with her travelling father. Later, after learning that Sarada was getting embarrassed and annoyed by Sasuke's naïve attempts to bond with her, Boruto pointed that neither of them really know much about the other, but rather should just enjoy the time together. Ultimately, Boruto's advice helped the Uchiha duo reconnect and in gratitude, Sarada told Boruto his own advice of just being more casual with his own father. Later that night, Boruto received a custom shuriken as a present from Naruto, and the two decided to train together for the remainder of the evening.

In the anime, Team 7 and Team 15, minus Hanabi who had another assignment, were later assigned to investigate the random attacks on village from its nearby wildlife. They were assigned also to work with Tosaka, an ornithologist. Upon arriving, the group was attacked by strange-looking birds. When Boruto was separated from the group, he was attacked by a monstrous man. Boruto was saved by Nue, who knocked the man into the river. At the village, the group learned that many people attacked by the mutated birds quickly became sick and were covered in Cursed Marks. Also, the villagers found an unconscious Jūgo. When the solemn name awoke, he was questions, until one of the sick villagers went on a feral rampage. While Jūgo quickly subdued the man, causing the Cursed Marks to disappear, he retreated to forest everyone to stay out of there. Konohamaru speculated that Orochimaru was involved in this and split the team up to investigate, pairing Boruto with Sarada. Remembering the villagers saying they heard roars from underground, Boruto deduced that there was a cave nearby. They soon found Jūgo, who randomly transformed again and attacked them in his berserk state.

As Jūgo attacked Boruto, he was countered by Konohamaru. The rampaging Jūgo managed to drain Konohamaru severly of his chakra. Konohamaru blasted Jūgo away with his Big Ball Rasengan and snapping him out of his blood-lust. The entire Konoha team soon approached the man. When noticing the medical injections he had, another mutated bird then attack. Before Boruto could counter, Jūgo stepped in and captured the bird, draining it of its Cursed Seal before noting his dislike of Boruto for having previously killed an infected bird. Later, Tosaka concluded from a blood test that the outbreak and Jūgo were not related. With Konohamaru too weak to join the field, he instructed Team 15 to report to the village while Team 7 observe Jūgo from afar. As Team 7 watched Jūgo continue to cure birds, they noticed how the efforts were harming him and even making him a times transform. After another episode passed, Boruto apologised for accusing him earlier and also for harming the birds. Despite this, Jūgo insisting it was too dangerous to work with them, as his rampages were becoming more frequent. The genin however were determine to join him regardless. Soon enough, Jūgo did rampage, but was stopped by Boruto be using one of Jūgo's injections. Stating firmly that he wanted to save the birds as much as him, Jūgo trusted Boruto with his remaining injections and were joined by Tosaka.

As the group continue to work in tandem over the next couple days, treating Jūgo while he treated the birds, Jūgo began building an immunity to the injections from such regular usage. Ultimately, he underwent another episode. With all the remaining injections mysteriously disappearing, Jūgo began rampaging on the village. Before anyone was harmed, the researchers from the Land of Rivers arrived and knocked him out with a tranquilizer. The villagers revealed that they were spying on the Konoha team, as were the researchers. Upon learning that they were hiding the truth about Jūgo, the villagers became furious at the Konoha team and wanted them to leave. When it was revealed that Wasabi and Namida were infected by curse seals, Tosaka was allowed to stay behind as his expertise still proved vital.

After the genin reluctantly left the village while Tosaka was allowed to remain to help in the investigation, they found Sumire after she was knocked out by Suigetsu. Suigetsu insisted that Nue attacked them first and only acted in self-defense. When learning Suigetsu and Karin were looking for Jūgo, who left the base without permission, the genin explained that Jūgo was apprehended by the Land of Rivers' researchers. When Sumire awoke, she explained that two assailants who captured Wasabi Izuno and Namida Suzumeno had special collars that let them harness cursed seals of their own. Realising that this duo was working with the Land of Rivers' researchers, they concluding that the outbreak must have been stared by them. While Suigetsu insisted on just assaulting the enemies and take Jūgo back by force, Karin reminded him that such reckless actions could reflect negatively on Orochimaru's already-dubious truce with the world.

As the group separated to handle parts of the rescue, Suigetsu joined Boruto in finding Jūgo. They managed to find Tosaka, where after explaining the situation, he lead them to where Jūgo was being held. Before they could free him, Tosaka subdued them in tranquilizers, revealing to be working in league with the researchers and cursed seals operation. He also reveals that he started the outbreak to lure Jūgo out in the hopes of weaponising the man's genetics for the ultimate Cursed Seal weapon. He then injected Jūgo with a serum to force his transformation, desiring to test his finished Cursed Seal weapon against an original Cursed Seal's power.

Once he could move again, Boruto attempted to free Jūgo, who had been injected with a drug to trigger his transformation. Tosaka attacked him with his cursed seal weapon, but he was protected by Suigetsu. Jūgo broke free of his restraints and begged Boruto to flee. Regaining some strength, Boruto followed Jūgo back to the lake with the infected birds. Once Jūgo fully transformed, Tosaka unleashed his weapon's power on the Oto-nin, who effortlessly defeated Tosaka. As Jūgo continued to go berserk, the crazed scientist laughed at Jūgo's harsh destiny. Boruto however refused to believe that this was the only path for Jūgo. In a desperate gambit, Boruto launched himself with his was able to hurt Jūgo enough to knock him out of his rampage. Konohamaru and Mitsuki then arrived with Suigetsu. Using the cure for the cursed seals they got from the enemies' base, they were able to cure all the infected birds. While the Konoha-nin were cleaning up the area, Jūgo and his friends slipped away with Tosaka as their hostage.

While Team Konohamaru is on a mission, Boruto keeps thinking about the seal. However he soon regains his senses when Konohamaru reminds him of their mission to capture the Mujina Bandits. Boruto manages to defeat the robbers, but in the process ruins the teams objective of letting one of the shinobi escape and track him to his boss. Afterwards, Boruto buys some Shinobi collecting cards before Metal Lee arrives and tells him that Konohamaru requires his presence at the Hokage building. Upon arriving, he is introduced to Madoka Tento, and given the mission of protecting the boy for the next few days.

Later, at Tento's request, Boruto demonstrated various ninjutsu. Eventually, Tento showed off his near-complete collection of shinobi collecting cards. When Boruto was amazed that Tento had the one card he wanted despite how rare and expensive it was, Tento offered to give Boruto the card if he would teach him some ninjutsu. While not liking Tento's attitude on trying to buy his way towards anything, he decided to teach Tento nonetheless.

As Boruto began teaching him shurikenjutsu, the boy quickly became discouraged at how he couldn't even properly throw a shuriken. As Tento explained his desire to become a ninja in order to make his father notice him. Boruto who was able to relate to Tento, insisted that some things cannot be bought. Encouraging Tento to keep working at it, the boy gradually improved in his technique until finally hitting the target. Proud of himself for succeeding, he thanked Boruto for his help, who encouraged him to keep practice to find his own path. Later, the two began playing the trading card game with each other. Afterwards, Boruto gave Tento the Seventh Hokage card he was missing for his collection. After the three days of body-guarding passed, Tento asked if he could visit Boruto again, which Boruto agreed to as they were now friends, much to Tento's joy.

Later, Boruto and his team were delighted to be issued their first B-rank mission. As Boruto was about to prepare for his mission, he noticed the ultra rare trading card he desired was in his pocket. Realizing that Tento slipped it in, Boruto admired the boy's effort but still decided to return it. While sneaking into Tento's room, he overheard the daimyo talk to his attendants saying that Tento was kidnapped by the Mujina Bandits and a ransom of 500 million ryō plus the release of all criminals in Hōzuki Castle to return Tentō. Determined to save his new friend, Boruto asked Sarada to tell their team he couldn't join them on the mission because of an important matter. Boruto soon found Tento, just in time to stop Shojoji from performing his Corpse Clone Technique technique on Tento.

Shojoji sent his men to deal with Boruto, who swiftly defeated them all. Tento warned Boruto about Shojoji's Corpse Clone Technique, which Shojoji used the distraction to attack. As Boruto managed to evade being devoured by the glutton, he countered with shuriken. Shojoji easily repelled it with his Wind Release: Shield of the Wind Count. As he continued to repel Boruto's attacks, Shojoji gloated about how invincible his techniques made him. Boruto attempted to catch him off guard with a smoke bomb. Shojoji however anticipated Boruto's attack with shadow clones. As he dispelled the clones and subdued the genin, Shojoji began proclaiming how he would eat Boruto. Suddenly, he found a shuriken lodged in his back. As he turned expecting to find another shadow clone, he was shocked to see it was actually Tento who threw it. Enraged at his captive attacking him, Shojoji forgot about Boruto, allowing him to knock Shojoji out with his Rasengan. Boruto then applauded Tento for his help.

As Shojoji manages to get back up, Boruto prepares another Rasegan. Before he can use it, his body becomes paralysed with pain, which came from the mark on his palm spreading. At the sight of it, Shojoji is left horrified, wondering if Boruto is part of a certain organization. As Boruto insists he is clueless to such a thing, Shojoji resumes his attack, only to be subdued and knocked out by Mitsuki and Sarada respectively. While glad to see them, Boruto also worries about the mission they were assigned. However Sarada and Mitsuki tell him that he can make it up to them by buying them coffee and sandwiches which Tento gladly offers to pay for. Realizing that his teammates abandoned their B-rank mission to help him, Boruto apologized to them as the mark receded back into his palm and the pain stopped. Later, Boruto and his teammates were scolded by Konohamaru for abandoning their mission, insisting that there would be punishment. Boruto tells Konohamaru that he will take the punishment by himself for the team, but Konohamaru forbids it. He did however promise to take into account their noble efforts of saving the Daimyo's son and capturing the Mujin Bandits. When Tento was reunited with his father and prepared to leave the village, Boruto gave him back the rare card, insisting that he has to get one on his own. Later on he goes to the shop to buy a pack of the collectable cards but doesn't get the one he wants. After finding out that Orochimaru is Mitsuki's father, Boruto wishes that he should took his favorite card from Tento, which later on is reveal to be a super super rare Sasuke card.

Weeks later, Boruto joins his father in a sparring match in front of the Academy students and other spectators. While Boruto shows off impressive improvement in his timing and control of his various techniques, Naruto is able to easily repel his various assaults. While driven to win, Boruto is surprised by Naruto's sudden new ability to absorb techniques with his right hand. While focused in this, Boruto failed to notice Naruto removed his prosthetic hand as a distraction while he got behind Boruto to pin him. Afterwards, Boruto learned that his father replaced his usual prosthetic hand for a new invention of Katasuke, inspired by Momoshiki's own ability to absorb chakra and techniques. While Boruto was furious at this deception, viewing Naruto as a hypocrite for using such advanced tools in combat after scolding him for doing the same, Sasuke calmed Boruto down, making him realise that this match was about refining new weapons more than an actual competition, that this was necessary as the danger to their world was still very imminent.

As Sasuke explained the existence of an organization who threat level was comparable to the Otsutsuki Clan, Mitsuki asked if this group had anything to do with Boruto's mark gained from Momoshiki. While Boruto was furious at Mitsuki offhandedly revealing his secret, Naruto admitted that Sasuke already told them about it, which was another reason Naruto approved the development of this advanced weaponry. Katasuke then arrived to retrieve his prototype, to which Naruto assigned Team Konohamaru a C-rank mission to escort the lead scientist back to the lab in Ryuben City. While Boruto stormed off in a huff, Naruto asked his genin team-mates to watch over him should anything happen with his mark. Mitsuki then talked to Boruto, convincing him to get over his anger and join the mission. Once arriving on a train to their destination, they bumped into an old patient of Katasuke, Ao. Questioning Boruto if he still dislikes Scientific Ninja Weapons, Ao grabs Katasuku's screwdriver to threaten Boruto, and informs him that the technology isn't good or evil, it's how you use it. After further talking with him, Boruto gains great respect for the man before parting ways once the rain arrives at Ryuben City.

Upon arriving at the lab, Boruto and his team were surprised to see his old acquaintances Sumire and Inuzuka Akita, who were working there. For the second part of their mission, Team Konohamaru aided in the testing of new technology. Despite initially continuing his annoyance at such automatic tools, he began warming up to the less combat-oriented inventions. Afterwards, Boruto was greeted by Chamaru, who Boruto was happy to see again. He was surprised however to see the friendly dog's prosthetic leg. Akita explained how it was thanks to Katsuke that both Chamaru could walk again and she found her passion for science. Amazed at how much Katsuke truly was endeared to helping Konohagakure and its people, Boruto decided to let go of his anger at the scientist. Boruto's team then receive a call from the Seventh Hokage, noting that Konohamaru and his partner Mugino went missing during a mission nearby. Naruto reassigned Team Konohamaru to search for their Jonin sensei.

Before leaving, Katasuke decided to join them, wearing a new prototype battle armour. Akita also offered them Chamaru to aid in the search. Soon, they found Konohamaru's last known location, at the crash site of a blimp. There, they found a group of puppets lying about. Before they could do much investigating, they puppets attacked. It quickly became apparent that the puppets were self-moving robots based on new ninja tech. As they proved highly resilient, Katasuke used his armor to block the attacks long enough to make the robots overheat and shut down. Chamaru then found Konohamaru's scent and led them to a cave. Before they could talk about what happened with Konohamaru, they were confronted by Ao, who held a machine gun at them, questioning them on what they learned inside the blimp.

Ao then unleashed a barrage of Fire Release Bullets from his gun, making everyone realising that he a scientific ninja tool. Konohamaru, with help from Katsuke, was able to destroy Ao's gun. As Konohamaru asked if this had anything to do with the organisation Kara, Ao unleashed a hidden weapon from his prosthetic shoulder, blasting Konohamaru. He then attacked Katsuke and stole one of his technique-absorbing gauntlets. After testing it himself on Boruto's Rasengan, Ao concluded that now they had to die to keep the organisation a secret. Mugino then held Ao down long enough to collapse the cave on him and Ao to save his allies. His sacrifice however turned futile as Ao quickly clawed his way out of the rubble, prompting Boruto and his team to retreat. As they took shelter, Katsuke admitted to his shame that the enemies' access to advanced ninja tech was because they brainwashed him into giving up his research. As Konohamaru insisted that they had to return the data he found on the blimp to Konohagakure, Katasuke offered to act as a divergence to atone for his mistakes. Boruto, realizing that the scientist was ashamed of his inventions, reminded Katasuke that he too hated such tools at first, but learned that all tools are either good of bad depending on how they are used, such as how Katasuke used his technology to help Chamaru walk again. Boruto insisted to help Katasuke stop Ao before he continues to abuse the technology that Katasuke gave him.

Devising a plan to defeat Ao, Team Konohamaru began their counterattack, during which Boruto fooled Ao into picking up his extreme chakra-draining blade and weakening him. Breaking free of their trap, Ao attempted to absorb Boruto's oncoming Rasengan with his gauntlet, leading to Boruto using Katasuke's other gauntlet and cancelling out the effect of Ao's, giving him the opportunity to strike Ao with his technique.

Cornered, Ao used his Mirror Drones, leading to Konohamaru sacrificing himself to save Boruto from their attack. Being barraged by their Jutsu Bullets, Boruto used his sphere to absorb the attacks. Afterwards, he creates clones, and has one of them equip his gauntlet in order to fool Ao. When the Clones are all defeated, Boruto revealed himself and picked up his Chakra Blade to slash through Ao's artificial limbs, before defeating him with a Rasengan. After the ordeal, Boruto approached the injured Ao, and gave him the same lecture Ao had told him earlier. While Konohamaru congratulated his team, Boruto noticed Ao panicking, leading to him using Water Release to knock Boruto away. Noticing that a giant toad had crushed the area Boruto was just standing, he questioned why Ao had saved him while staring at his corpse. As the perpetrator introduced himself as Kashin Koji, Boruto gazed at him.

Koji then erects pillars around the team to restrain them with fūinjutsu, leading to Konohamaru freeing himself from the technique and facing Kashin alone. As they fight, the two use their Rasengan, prompting Boruto to comment on there being another user of the technique. After cancelling each others Rasengan, Konohamaru is engulfed in Kashin's flames, resulting in Boruto's Kāma unconsciously activating, which absorbs the fūinjutsu and the flames. Questioning what the marking is, Boruto collapsed. After Kashin becomes interested from the revelation, he retreated. Having departed the scene, Sarada assisted Boruto in walking, during which the group encountered destroyed puppets a fair distance away from the rest, followed by an unconscious boy who has the same seal as Boruto.

Main article: Kawaki Arc While the team examined Kawaki's body, Boruto's Kāma became painful. Seeing Kawaki suddenly in pain as well, Boruto wondered if they were feeling the same pain. Regaining conscious, the team dodged Kawaki's shock wave. Refusing to provide them with information regarding the crashed blimp, Boruto showed his Kāma to Kawaki, leading to him believing the team were pursuers from Kara. As Boruto attempted to correct him, their conversation is interrupted by Garō, who gets into a fight with Kawaki.

As the defiant Kawaki began attacking Garō, the boy gradually exhausted himself until Garō finally attacked and pummeled him into submission. Boruto wanted to help, but Konohamaru insisted that this mission's newest variables made the danger-level to S-Rank, meaning they had to progress cautiously. Suddenly, Boruto's Kāma activated again, causing Boruto agony. At the same time, Kawaki's own Kāma activated, giving him newfound energy and proceeded to kill Garō with a massive blast. Boruto activated his own mark, using it to absorb the shockwave to protect his team-mates. Seeing this convinced Kawaki more than ever that they were with Kara. The boy's mark then deactivated and he fainted. As Katasuke examined the boy, he determined that Kawaki was in fact the result of an unprecedented Ninja Tech, as his entire being was modified. It was decided that they bring Kawaki to meet with the Seventh Hokage.

Upon returning with Kawaki, Boruto is seen looking at his mark. Soon after he runs home. But he and Kawaki recognize each other, and Naruto explains to Boruto that Kawaki will be staying for a while. Boruto gets angry when he sees Kawaki broke the flower vase, which Himawari made as a gift to their mother. Kawaki barely apologizes, and the boys introduce themselves to one another, cursing at each other.

Soon after Boruto wakes up and has to go to the bathroom, and meets Kawaki along the way, who's also going to the bathroom. Boruto says he should go first since it's his house, but Kawaki is closer to the door and curses at him, telling him to wait. Boruto grabs him by the shirt, and they almost begin fighting, but from inside the bathroom, Naruto yells at them it's occupied, and tells them to go behind the house. They do it, still trading insults, and begin to fight when they're done, both eventually activating their Kāma. Kawaki feels like this is the only way Boruto will get what he says. Boruto says this is first and last time they'll agree on something. From the bathroom, Naruto creates a shadow clone to stop them, complaining about it. During a meal, Naruto tells Boruto he's putting too much salt in his food. Boruto comments on how unusual it is for Naruto to stay home all day long, and denies being happy about it when Himawari teases him over it.

Later he checks his toolbox before going out, and is approached by Kawaki. Boruto says they continue fighting later, and Kawaki asks how he got his Kāma. Boruto glosses over its appearance after defeating Momoshiki, and confirms he knows nothing about Jigen when Kawaki asks about him. He in turn asks Kawaki how he got his. After hearing the story Boruto comments he survived, Kawaki says he would have rather died instead of keeping on suffering. Kawaki wants to get rid of his Kāma so Kara will leave him alone, and speculates Boruto will also be targeted. He wants Boruto to cooperate with him in learning how to get rid of Kāma. Boruto considers it, but won't excuse Kawaki for breaking Himawari's vase, telling him to make it up for her before leaving.

When he found out Kawaki brought a new vase, Boruto gave him a glue tube to fix Himawari's broken flower vase. Later, Naruto offered to do some sparing with Boruto, which Boruto was eager to do but tried to act indifferent. Kawaki insisted that Boruto try using his Kāma, as understanding its power would be the first step to removing it. Knowing that Boruto still couldn't activate it at will, Kawaki activated his own so Boruto's would respond in kind. Naruto approved of his son using it and quickly showed a considerable improvement in performance. Afterwards, despite Boruto still losing, Naruto applauded his son on his recent growth, which Boruto was happy to hear.

After training Boruto saw Kawaki trying to fix the broken vase. When Kawaki gave up trying to fix it, he yelled at him. Immediately after this he asked Kawaki to teach him about the Kāma as he wanted to master it a bit. They began sparring. Kawaki told him that he'd go easy on him and after some taijustu he told Boruto that he may be ready to go on the next level. He told Boruto to absorb his attack just like he had done before. The attack ended up wounding Boruto much to his annoyance. Suddenly Boruto saw a vision of Momoshiki and asked Kawaki if he saw anything. When Kawaki said that he didn't Boruto understood that he alone saw that vision. His hand healed on his own. Koji Kashin who was watching this the whole time was surprised by this ability and remarked that if Jigen had this ability it will be troublesome. Meanwhile, Naruto was informed by Ino that someone had infiltrated the village. Naruto told Boruto to take Himawari and run but before this could happen, Delta arrived before them.

As she boldly told the Hokage to hand over Kawaki, the boy explained who this woman was Delta a high-ranking member of Kara. Naruto told Boruto to watch over Himawari from afar as he faced off against Delta. In the initially scuffle, Naruto proved to outpace her in raw taijutsu skill, but Delta quickly unveiled her cybernetic enhancements, using it to absorb Naruto's Rasengan. As Delta began unveiling more of her hidden abilities to pressure the Hokage, Naruto decided to unleash his Six Paths Sage Mode. The heated battle left both combatants amazed at the other's abilities, as it did Boruto.

Boruto also took Kawaki's fearful attitude as proof of Delta's abilities. While Naruto was continually forced to hold back in fear of the spectators' safety, he continued to gradually wear down his foe. Realizing that she couldn't beat the Hokage at this rate, Delta unleashed her ace, a destructive eye-beam that would override even the strongest of regenerative powers. While Naruto managed to dodge the lethal beams, the split-attention let Delta begin landing more solid blows. Fearing for his father's safety, Boruto recklessly launched his Vanishing Rasengan on the foe, who quickly absorbed the attack to reenergise herself. Going for a new tactic, Delta then launched her beam at Himawari, knowing that she would inevitably hit someone, whether it be her target or the Hokage acting as a human shield for his daughter. To everyone's surprise however, it was Kawaki who blocked the blast, at the cost of his right arm. While shocked at the stranger's selfless act, Kawaki insisted that it was for self-preservation as they would surely die without the Hokage's aid, and also that it'd counts as payment for breaking Himawari's vase.

Boruto watched as the battle resumed, and was initially confused by his father's use of ninjutsu despite Delta's ability to absorb it. He eventually realised Naruto's strategy, and corrected Kawaki on his assumption of the futility of using bigger jutsu. After Naruto defeated Delta, Boruto celebrated as his father smiled at them. After the self-destruction of Delta's body left the group with no evidence, Kawaki was brought to Katasuke to repair the boy's missing arm. After a crude solution was made from Naruto using his chakra to synchronise Kawaki with the new prosthetic, the boy began opening up more with Boruto, who introduced him to his friends. From this, Boruto and his friends began teaching him Extreme: Shinobi Picture Scrolls, where Kawaki gave Boruto an extremely rare Fourth Hokage card in exchange for a Seventh Hokage card. Boruto and his friends also began teaching him about ninjutsu when he took an interest in it.

Several years later, amidst Konohagakure's destruction. A 16 year old Boruto faces off against a mysterious boy named Kawaki on the remnants of the obliterated Hokage Monument. With Kawaki threatening to end the era of shinobi, Boruto puts on his forehead protector and prepares to face him in battle while subsequently reminiscing about his past.

Video Games

Uzumaki Boruto is a playable character in the following video game:

  • Jump Force
  • Naruto Shinobi Collection
  • Naruto Shinobi Collection Shippu Ranbu
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto
  • Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker
  • Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage



Hyuga Hinata

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Boruto with Hinata

Hyuga Hinata is Boruto's loving and caring mother. Boruto loves his mother dearly and shares a good relationship with her. Such as having a snowball fight with him, and on the day that Naruto became Hokage when she told him to wake Naruto up. He even takes a picture with her, while Naruto wears his hat and cloak. When Boruto enrolled at the Ninja Academy, Hinata angrily scolds Boruto by telling him to at least understand why Naruto is the Hokage after he disrespects him in front of her and Himawari. She even gets angry with him if he tries to skip any of his classes, and Boruto gets afraid of her when she is angry. When Himawari got sick, Hinata kept Naruto and Boruto outside of the house, to make sure they wouldn't make to much noise while Himawari was sleeping. Ironically Boruto blamed Naruto for the incident. On the other hand, Boruto found it hard to believe that Hinata likes ramen until he become shock when Naruto and Ayame told him that Hinata holds the longest record for eating ramen.

After he had became a genin, he even offers to carry the bags she was holding when they picked him up to get ready for Himawari's birthday party. She and him even sung happy birthday to Himawari, and when they found out that Naruto sent a shadow clone as a stand in. Hinata confronted Boruto by saying that Naruto is trying his hardest not to neglect them. Along with reminding him that the Hokage title is very important to their village. However, he is very wary of her feelings and tends to get angry on her behalf when she appears saddened that Naruto is home less, even though Hinata fully supports Naruto's Hokage duties. While Boruto hates seeing her sad, he at times is responsible for making her sad when his anger gets the best of him; such as saying Naruto was lucky to have never experienced neglect from his parents because they were dead, and this deeply troubled Hinata (even made her cry in the novel), and Boruto knew that he crossed the line including that he felt guilty afterwards.

Hinata loves her son dearly and is always concerned for him due to his troubled relationship with Naruto. She tries to make the best out of their family situation by offering Boruto unconditional love and attention, and reminding him that, despite his busy work, Naruto still loves them all. When Naruto was captured by Momoshiki and Kinshiki, and Hianta was injured while trying to save him. Boruto was worried about her condition when she was in the hospital. But when Hinata tried to stop Boruto from going with Sasuke, and the other Kage to rescue Naruto because it was a dangerous mission, but when she saw Boruto wearing Naruto's old jacket and Sasuke's scratched forehead protector, she was reminded of Naruto when he was younger and Hinata decided to put her faith in her son. After Boruto left, she asked that he take care of his father. In the aftermath, while Hinata was knitting Boruto's jacket, he told her not to have it perfectly knit because having his jacket all tore made it look cool that way, and she smiled. She even wishes him to have a good day when he is out on missions.

Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto looking at photo by fu reiji-d938wok

Young Boruto with Naruto

Boruto's father is Uzumaki Naruto, a legendary tall man with good talent and an appearance similar to him. Boruto has a loving relationship with his father, by often playing with him whenever he has free time. Such as having a snowball fight with him. Years later on the day of his Seventh Hokage inauguration, Naruto was surprised when Hinata told him that Boruto was excited for the event. But Naruto also got caught in a fight between Boruto and Himawari. With the result of his sister's teddy bear having to accidentally been destroyed by Boruto, the fight is what led to Himawari finally awakening her byakugan. Naruto then stepped in to defend Boruto from Himawari's Gentle Fist-strike and took the blow instead, rendering him unconscious. This shows that he cares about Boruto's safety, even when he tries not to harm both of his own children. After Naruto regained consciousness, Boruto took a picture with him as he wore his hat and cloak.

Although he loved his father, Boruto's relationship with him grew more complicated as Naruto's duties as Hokage detracted him from spending enough time with his family, which made Boruto feel neglected, including to hate the Hokage title. When Boruto enrolled at the Ninja Academy, Boruto gets angry when Naruto doesn't eat the dinner that Hinata made for them. However Naruto was happy when Boruto stood up for Denki's little train incident that almost harmed three bullies. Turns out when Boruto thought he had the Byakugan, Naruto has a fear of Boruto trying to steal the Forbidden Scroll of Seals. But Naruto was happy that Boruto wasn't lying to him and believes his son because of how serious he was. He's also shown to scold Boruto sometimes for his reckless behavior, such as pulling him by the ear by force because he was getting involved with the "Ghost" incident, and prohibited him from continue to investigate for his own safety, before changing his mind thanks to Shino's pleas. Naruto even try's to speak to Boruto when he was doing a opening ceremony. When Naruto finally was able to eat dinner with his family, he leave for work as he was to eat which made Boruto angry at him. According to Mitsuki himself, Boruto actually likes the Hokage title even though he says he hates it. Boruto admits that he wanted to be exactly like his father when he is seen as "happy go lucky", however he thinks it's Naruto's fault that he can't be happy go lucky. The two would even argue on what to make Himawari eat when she got sick. When the two ate ramen together, Naruto would ask Boruto how his studies are going. On the other hand, Boruto found it hard to believe that Hinata likes ramen until he become shock when Naruto and Ayame told him that Hinata holds the longest record for eating ramen.

Ironically Boruto would occasionally pull pranks such as defacing the Hokage Monument just to seek his father's attention. Despite reprimanding Boruto for his behavior, Naruto understood what his son wanted and lectured him to endure any hardship as a true shinobi would. Eventually, Naruto reached a compromise by using his shadow clones to play hide-and-seek with Boruto, with the condition that he can't use Sage Mode since that'd make the game too easy, which also helped with his son's training. Boruto even doubted his father didn't care about his family, leading him to frequently lash out in anger at his father for not paying attention to him.


Boruto tells Naruto to drop the lecture

However, Boruto would react with dismay at the mention of him following in the footsteps of his father and late grandfather, since he often felt like he lived in both of their shadows. Boruto would even get annoy when Naruto asks his son to address him as "The Seventh" rather than "Dad". When Boruto's team reported to Naruto on the mission with catching a Panda. Boruto energeticly shouts that the mission was easy with his prodigious skills including that he doesn't need teamwork. But Naruto shows disdain due to Boruto’s actions. Then with the topic of teamwork, Naruto tries to remind the importance of teamwork to Boruto. But he said he could do missions with just his clones. Including that he never needed to train when he learned the Shadow Clone Technique. Follow by that he already has learned Wind Release, Lighting Release and now Water Release. Naruto then asked Knohamaru what has he been teaching Boruto. But Boruto tells Naruto that he doesn't know anything about him, and not to blame Konohamaru. Including that he never bothers to watch over him. Boruto was even angry that Naruto has become more strict and serious compare to back then when he was not the Hokage yet.

He even warned Naruto to show up at Himawari's birthday party, or he will never forgive him. But when Katasuke entered soon after to ask Naruto's permission to allow the participants of the upcoming Chunin Exams to wear his latest invention, the Kote, a forearm device that stores various types of ninjutsu inside of it. Naruto refused since it did not show one's true potential as a shinobi and saw it as a sign of cheating. Since Naruto had forbid the Kote to be use in the Chunin Exams, this angers Boruto by telling his dad that his timeline is lame before he leaves the office.

When Naruto sended a shadow clone to attend the party, Boruto was angry that Naruto didn't keep his promise. Boruto felt bad knowing that his father was an orphan, but did not know what Naruto had to endure when he was young. Including that Naruto told Boruto that his late grandfather was not around when Naruto was a child. But knew that his father told him that his late grandfather was the Fourth Hokage. Due to this, Boruto knows that his father had never learned about or experienced a father-son relationship. Boruto even admitted that Naruto must have been lucky to never have a father around to spend time with him, which had saddened Hinata. In Naruto's defense, Hinata even told Boruto that he was lucky to have a father where as Naruto did not. Boruto then throw his father's old dirty tattered jacket out of the window in a fit of rage, by calling Naruto's old jacket uncool. (In the English version, he described the old jacket as dirty and torn to shreds before throwing it out of the window).

Naruto with his son

Boruto is shock that Naruto is proud of him

As a result, Boruto tended to rebel against his father and used any means to surpass his legacy, even by cheating in the Chunin Exams. When he learned that Naruto found out about him passing the first round, Boruto was angry that Naruto congratulated him through email instead of sending a shadow clone (In the novel, he happily laughed upon seeing the email). After passing the second round, Boruto was surprised to see Naruto come see him in person. Although they try to talk to each other, Boruto wanted Naruto to leave his room. But when Naruto told Boruto that he did very well, Boruto asked him if he came in here just to said that. Naruto told Boruto that it was important, and lastly offer a fist-bump by telling him not to lose to Shikadai. Although surprised from his father's words, Boruto didn't return the fist-bump because he was worry that Naruto would see the Kote on his left arm (under his pillow in the novel), and told him that he wouldn't lose to Shikadai. Even though Naruto was sad that Boruto didn't fist-bump him, he fist-bump Boruto on his stomach and then took his leave. After Naruto left the room, Boruto realized that he was speaking to his father and not a shadow clone (In the film, Boruto just told Naruto that he could have just sent an email to him). Nevertheless he was happily moved to tears, and happily laughed on his bed (happily cried on his pillow in the novel).

When his father came to the arena to spoke him, Boruto was so happy that he fail to realize that Naruto was angry with him when he offer his father a fist-bump. Even being speechless when Naruto saw the Kote on his arm. After being caught cheating by his father, and being removed from the exam. Boruto blamed his father for how he turned out because Naruto never had the time to properly lecture him. However after Boruto witness seeing his father nearly die by risking his life to protect him. This experience changed Boruto, making him understand the true meaning of being a shinobi and finally respecting Naruto including the title of Hokage.

This was proven true, when Naruto was capture during Momoshiki and Kinshiki's attack. Boruto decided to go save his father while also wanting to learn about his father's past instead of his weakness. In which it had led him to wear his father's old jacket, and on the fact that the attack had made Boruto extremely worry for his father's wellbeing and safety. Including that he finally felt guilty for how he treated his father. Since Sasuke told Boruto that he was repeating the same thing that Naruto went though at his age; such as being hated by the entire village along with not being consider to be call a shinobi, taking a certain item that was reveal to be forbidden, including only having one adult worry about him and having a younger child admiring him as his older sibling.

Once arriving in the other dimension, they find Momoshiki attempting extract Kurama from Naruto and the four kage engage in battle. After Sasuke and Boruto then rescue Naruto from the tree. He asks about why is Boruto here and why he's wearing the jacket. Sasuke says that many things happened but Boruto has become a shinobi. After Sasuke left to join the battle, Naruto comments on how seeing Boruto wear his old jacket was like looking at his own shadow clone. When Boruto asks Naruto if he looks a little cool while wearing the old jacket, Naruto tells him that he does even more than before. Which surprised Boruto on figuring out that his father has been watching him all along.

Naruto even apologized to Boruto for not always being there for him. However Boruto says that he is fine with things remaining the same, and he only asks Naruto that whenever they can meet up now that instead of giving lectures. He just wants Naruto to tell him about his childhood past, to which Naruto tells Boruto ok. When Boruto saw Naruto battling together with Sasuke as the two fought against Momoshiki, he called the tag team battle "amazing", since he only hear about this in stories and never got a chance to see it in person until now.


Boruto and Naruto finally bump fists.

Naruto was even surprised that Boruto can do the Rasengan, and he even told Boruto that he needs to trust in Sasuke when it comes to the Uchiha making good plans with the Rasengan. Which had led Naruto to help Boruto do the Parent and Child Rasengan during the battle with Momoshiki. While Naruto and Boruto's chakra were mixing together, Naruto was able to have Boruto sense his feelings in the Rasengan, including the many losses he had to endure in order to become the shinobi he is today. After the battle, Naruto is able to reconcile with his son after this, by vowing as a father to always watch his son grow up as a great shinobi. Then Naruto posed for a photograph with Boruto, Sasuke, and the other four Kage. Naruto even tended to Boruto's injuries by bandaging his son's left arm, since it was seriously injure and had giving him back his forehead protector. After his father was rescue, Boruto finally stop referring to his father as "Shitty Dad" and started to refer to him as "Dad" again. In the English version, Boruto refers to Naruto as "stupid dad".

Due to the fact that Boruto finally decided to take his training seriously by wanting to be a great shinobi like Sasuke. Which had led him to finally make the normal actual size Rasengan that Naruto uses. Naruto and his son are able to have a normal family moment together at the end of the movie, where Naruto and Boruto sat together at the dinner table while Hinata fixes up Boruto's jacket. Including that Naruto is home permanently since his schedule was lessen to have him spend time with his family, without having to work too long at the Hokage office, and Boruto is supportive of his grueling work schedule. Follow by that Boruto no longer hates the Hokage title. Boruto even starts to wear his jacket torn up now thinking it looks cool now, since he took back his words of calling his father's old jacket uncool. Then as Boruto left to meet with his team and Naruto left to go to work, both wished each other to do their best and bumped fists with each other. Now that he starts to admire his father again, it turns out that Boruto used a shadow clone to attend the same interview that Naruto did on the day of Himawari's birthday. Including that everything that he taught Boruto about how to be a shinobi have finally reached him. This had brought a smile on Naruto's face since he was watching the interview in his office.

During Parent and Child day, Boruto decides not to spend time with Naruto because he at his age fells embarrass and gets depressed because Himawari got the chance to spend more time with Naruto at a much younger age than he did. However he became shy when he asked Naruto if they can train together after seeing that Naruto had brought him a kunai.

Uzumaki Himawari

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A young Boruto with Himawari

Uzumaki Himawari is Boruto's younger sister, who is seven years younger than him. (In the Boruto manga, she is at the age of seven. Therefore making her five years younger than him). The two share a very close relationship and Boruto is a doting, protective older brother to Himawari. That doesn't mean that he doesn't get afraid of Himawari when her temper gets the better of her. On the day of Naruto's inauguration as the Seventh Hokage, Himawari wanted to bring her toy panda but Boruto said no because he knew he would have to end up carrying it and didn't want to be an embarrassment in front of the village. They ended up tearing its head off and Himawari awakened her Byakugan in anger by attacking Boruto. He then hid in a closet while vowing to never push her over the edge again. After their father woke up, Boruto even takes a picture with her, as Naruto wears his hat and cloak. Boruto even slept with her after the ceremony was over.

When Boruto is a Ninja Academy student, Himawari hates it when Boruto speaks rudely about their father in front of their mother. Sometimes when he comes home after hanging out with his friends, Himawari would want to play with him. But he would honestly tell her that he have to study after dinner, which annoyed her. He cares about his sister so much that he would try to cook something for her when she got sick and when he threatened Naruto not to be late for her birthday or he would never forgive him. But since Naruto didn't show up as planned and sensed a shadow clone instead. Boruto told Hinata that he was angry at Naruto for Himawari's sake and not his own. When Boruto passed the second round of the Chunin Exams, Himawari happily congratulated him (hugged him in the novel). Himawari loves her brother very much, as seen when she happily cheered for him during the third phase of the Chunin Exams, and asking her mother if Boruto was in trouble when he got disqualified for cheating. When their mother was injured in the hospital for trying to save their father, Boruto and Himawari were shown being worry at Hinata's bedside. After their father was rescue, Himawari was shown (off screen) giving Boruto his lunch when he was leaving out for a mission. In which she even told him to have a nice day.

Hyuga Neji

Boruto often visits the grave of his late uncle Hyuga Neji when he goes with his parents, and little sister. Even though he never met his uncle, Boruto does know Neji from old stories that his parents tell him, and the fact that his father has a picture of Neji in his study room (bedroom in the novel). However Boruto doesn't know anything about Neji's dark past, and that he was named after his uncle overall. Including that he acted just like his late uncle when it came to disliking the Hokage title, being arrogant and having a strained relationship with your family. When Boruto became a student at the Ninja Academy, he asks his mother about the Byakugan. Therefore Boruto learns that his uncle had the Byakugan along with the rest of the Hyuga clan. Despite this since he always heard stories of Neji, Boruto always wonder if his father was always stronger than Neji. But Boruto was surprised when his mother told him that his father and Neji were both equal in strength.

Hyuga Hanabi

Boruto is close to his aunt Hanabi. However he gets embrassed whenever she hugs him.

Namikaze Minato

Namikaze Minato is Boruto's late paternal grandfather. Because Minato was Hokage like Naruto, Boruto had a low opinion of his grandfather. Even feeling like he was in Minato's shadow. He also went on to say that because Minato was dead while Naruto was growing up, Naruto was lucky to have never experienced being neglected by his parents. But he did started to like his grandfather a little bit when Konohamaru told him that Minato was the one who created Naruto's second signature technique, the Rasengan. However, after he and Naruto fought Momoshiki and Kinshiki, Boruto started respecting the title of Hokage and began to respect the memory of Minato, who he refers to as "Grandpa". Boruto would even refer to Minato as "Grandpa Hokage", a habit he inherited from Naruto who would always address Hiruzen the exact same way.

Uzumaki Kushina

Uzumaki Kushina is Boruto's late paternal grandmother. Not much is revealed about his feelings for her, but it is noted that his personality is similar to hers, in regards to being energetic, short-tempered, and having her verbal exclamation. It turns out that Boruto inherited her habit of foreshadowing his father's painful childhood. Including that he inherited her dream goal of not wanting to become the Hokage.

Hyuga Hiashi

Boruto shares a close relationship with his maternal grandfather, Hiashi. However he gets embrassed whenever he hugs him. But Boruto gets excited when Hiashi tells him to have a sparring match with him, so he can see if Boruto has awoken his Byakugan.

Haruno Sakura

Boruto is fond of Haruno Sakura, who he always refer to as "Aunt Sakura". Since she is married to Sasuke, and that she is best friends with Naruto. However he becomes shock when Sakura tells him how much his parents love, and care about each other, when Naruto gets capture by Momoshiki. Once Naruto is rescued, Sakura secretary watches over Boruto without him even knowing.

Uchiha Sasuke

Boruto's sensei is Uchiha Sasuke, another man with great talent including his father's best friend, and number one rival. Although they didn't formally meet until Boruto was a genin, the two quickly developed a strong bond. Because Sasuke is Naruto's best friend and rival, Boruto refers to him as "Uncle Sasuke" and looks up to him. Despite knowing that Sasuke once betrayed the village and was a criminal. Once Sasuke heard from Naruto about Boruto's laziness when it comes to training, and preferring to take shortcuts to increase his abilities including to complete missions. Along with trying to do all of this by not wanting to get his clothes dirty, including that he acts like Sasuke when it comes to being arrogant and not wanting to use teamwork. Sasuke decided to do something about it, in order to make Boruto understand how Naruto was at his age. But when Boruto asked him to be his student so he could surpass his father, Sasuke offered him a deal. Which was he would accept Boruto as his student if he mastered the Rasengan, knowing how difficult it takes to perfect the technique and forcing Boruto to take his training seriously for once.

Although he was initially unimpressed with Boruto's desire to surpass Naruto, Sasuke was impressed with Boruto's small Rasengan due to that he can subconsciously apply a change in the chakra nature, including that the boy didn't notice how dirty his clothes were. Even when he then discovered that Boruto had created a normal sized Rasengan the next day by using a Kote, and was disappointed in the boy. Sasuke felt obligated to keep his promise to Boruto and agreed to train him, hoping their training will persuade Boruto to work hard to increase his abilities like how he and Naruto had to. Sasuke teaches Boruto the shurikenjutsu, and often lectured him to use his head to succeed in his training rather than worrying how to complete the training, as well as reminding him that hard work makes it possible for others to learn techniques that are specialties to certain clans, like Naruto's Shadow Clone Technique.

As they trained together, Sasuke told Boruto about how Naruto was as a child; describing him as someone who would always ranted about becoming the Hokage; and was a stubborn loser. But Boruto said he wanted to learn his father's weaknesses, and Sasuke explained that Naruto was full of weaknesses but he worked hard to overcome them, and become Hokage. He told Boruto that it was best for him to understand the past Naruto rather than the current Naruto.

As Momoshiki and Kinshiki began their rampage in Konoha, Sasuke protected Boruto and Sarada from getting killed and promised Naruto that he would take care of Boruto before Naruto was captured. With his father's disappearance, this devastates Boruto greatly and leaves him guilt-ridden for how badly he treated Naruto. Knowing lecturing the boy would do no good, Sasuke instead sympathized with him and tells him that he is repeating the same mistakes his father had at his age. When Boruto asked Sasuke how Naruto endure from his past mistakes, and why would he bother with someone like him. Sasuke elaborates that, as Naruto's son, Boruto has the potential to surpass his father. Including that Boruto is his number one student, and just like Naruto he is a bigger loser because he hates to lose. This conversation finally Boruto out of his guilt-ridden state, and makes him feel confident again.

Sasuke truly believes Boruto can be a stronger ninja than Naruto, and had faith in the boy to the point where he felt it was acceptable to bring Boruto along with him, and the other Kage to rescue Naruto. Sasuke seems to be fond of Boruto and is willing to risk his life to protect Boruto, and trusts Boruto's abilities. Which is seen when he told Boruto to use his Rasengan to stop Momoshiki from killing the Kage and when Boruto doubted it would work, Sasuke told him to trust him or else he would have never brought the boy along. Sasuke even helps Boruto teleport in front of Momoshiki to destroy his Rinnegan. As a result of his bond with Sasuke, it finally Boruto reconcile with his father for good. Including that Boruto decided to make it his dream to become a ninja like Sasuke; a ninja who protects the village from the shadows, and supports the Hokage. Which is why Boruto promises to Sarada that he will protect her when she becomes Hokage.

Uchiha Sarada

Uchiha Sarada is Boruto's childhood friend and rival. They have known each other for as long as they can remember due to their parents being close friends and former teammates. During their early childhood, Boruto paid little attention to Sarada, as he was more interested in pulling off pranks to get his father's attention. Sarada, however, was interested in his actions and tended to follow him around the village, and labeled him as annoying. However, Sarada sympathized with Boruto because his estranged relationship with his father was similar to the one she shared with her father. Before they graduated from the Ninja Academy, Sarada thanked Boruto for helping her realize that she wanted to become the Hokage one day, which surprised him but then he scoffed the idea as weak.

After becoming genin and being placed on the same squad, Boruto disregarded working together with Sarada, who tended to scold him for his selfishness and being reckless on missions. When Boruto argued with his father about putting his work above their family and warning him not to miss Himawari's birthday party, Sarada was concerned for Boruto. When Boruto refused to enter in the Chunin Exams because he didn't want to be near the Hokage title, Sarada scolded him that he was keeping her from getting closer to her dream and the Hokage title wasn't a heritage post while slamming her hands on the table (smashing the table upon saying this in the novel). Boruto said she can be the Hokage but she better be alone for the rest of her life or else it would cause problems to those around her. Sarada then tried to cheer Boruto up by telling them they should enter in the Exams so they can impress Naruto and Boruto agreed, with Sarada remarking how simple Boruto is.

When Boruto first met Sasuke, he noticed how similar he was to Sarada. As Boruto was undergoing training to learn the Rasengan, he was unaware that Sarada was watching him the whole time and expressed happiness for him when he finally mastered the technique. She even defended Boruto on his behalf in front of her father when Boruto thought he failed to impress Sasuke, who said he never failed Boruto and he was going to accept the boy as his apprentice and this made Sarada very happy. Boruto explains to Sarada he hopes to learn his father's weaknesses from her father so he can use "his" power to surpass Naruto, to which Sarada says it will be "our" power and reminds Boruto that they need to become chunins to go up against Naruto. When Boruto reaffirmed his decision to enter in the Exams, Sarada happily replied he wasn't as irritating.

In the first phase, when they had to answer a true or false question on the fifth volume a novel series, Boruto asked Sarada first, knowing she read the series and is the most intelligent member of their team, but she said she didn't know there was a fifth volume since she only read up to volume four. When their answer was in correct, Sarada save Boruto from falling into the black ink pit. Upon passing the first round, Sarada was happy while Boruto was depress for not helping.

During the second phase, Boruto suddenly thought of Sarada when the opposing team was about to capture the flag and Boruto resorted to use the Kote to win, hinting that, despite his disdain to the Hokage, Boruto still didn't want Sarada to lose her dream. Boruto became embrassed when Mitsuki told him that he is likely to become Hokage, in which Sarada angry yell through her head piece that she will become Hokage, which caused Boruto to smile awkwardly in front of Mitsuki. When she came back to his location, she was angry that he wasn't happy for passing the second round, to which he apologized for. (In the novel, she hugged him too hard which made him unable to breath). Afterwards, Sarada commented that his eyes were bluer than Naruto's, causing him to blush.

During the third phase, Boruto fought in the matches with the sole intent of getting his father's recognition and wanting to help Sarada get closer to her dream. When Boruto was caught cheating and got disqualified, Sarada was deeply saddened and felt Boruto had betrayed her because she always believed in him. As Momoshiki and Kinshiki attacked, Boruto was worried for Sarada as she became fearful towards Momoshiki and produced a shadow clone to protect her. Sarada also stayed by Boruto's side as he was unconscious from the battle in the hospital and became worried for him when he learned of his father being captured. Before leaving to rescue Naruto, Boruto asked Sarada to look after the village for him. After this, Boruto and Sarada reconcile, though Sarada remained angry at Boruto for cheating despite that he apologized several times to her. Boruto tells Sarada that he has decided to become a ninja like Sasuke, who supports the Hokage from the shadows and has also decided to be Sarada's right-hand man when she becomes Hokage, as well as vowing to protect her, which causes her to blush.

Due to Sarada's temper, Boruto can get afraid of her and is willing to appease her by hiding his true feelings or lying to her about certain things that would upset her. While being close friends, they are polar opposites; Boruto is energetic and inconsiderate whereas Sarada is friendly and polite. Despite their frequent bickering, Boruto and Sarada get along really well and care deeply for each other. They later begin to develop romantic feelings for each other.


Mitsuki is Boruto's teammate and former classmate. Mitsuki immigrated to Konoha and entered in the Ninja Academy sometime before their graduation. Boruto enjoys Mitsuki's friendship, despite not knowing anything about the latter. The two quickly became friends and Mitsuki firmly believes Boruto, as the son of the seventh Hokage and the grandson on the Fourth Hokage, is destined to become Hokage as well. During the second round, Mitsuki even went back to Boruto's location to help him against a genin team. But was surprised when see that Boruto already defeated the team. He then helped Boruto off of the ground due to him being exhausted. Upon learning that Boruto cheated during the final round, Mitsuki was shock about this. Once Boruto learned that Naruto was captured by Momoshiki, Mitsuki even tried to comfort him. When Boruto went to go save Naruto, he told Mitsuki to help Sarada protect the village while he was gone. After Naruto was rescued with Boruto no longer having a strained relationship with him, Boruto still gets annoy when Mitsuki asks him if he wants to be Hokage. Upon learning that Mitsuki's father is Orochimaru. Boruto gets angry whenever he and Sarada doesn't tell him who Orochimaru is.

Sarutobi Konohamaru

Sarutobi Konohamaru is Boruto's squad teacher when he is placed on Team Konohamaru. Boruto and Konohamaru have a good relationship, even though Boruto tends to disregard Konohamaru's teachings on teamwork and Konohamaru scolding Boruto for pulling off pranks and not taking training seriously. Boruto was impressed when Konohamaru introduced the Kote to his students and used a Rasengan with it. However when Konohamaru is scolded by Naruto what is teaching him, Boruto would defend his sensei in front of his father. Determined to impress Sasuke and become his apprentice, Boruto asked Konohamaru to teach him the Rasengan and Konohamaru agreed, thinking it would be an honor. Whereas Boruto thinks it will be an easy task.

However Boruto was initially dismayed to learn he had to start off by using a water balloon and then a rubber ball, but he gave into the harsh training once Konohamaru explained how it took his grandfather, Minato, three years to create the technique and another six months to perfect it. He was seen watching Boruto fight against Yurui. Upon learning that Boruto cheated during the finals of the Chunin Exams, Konohamaru was shock. After Boruto no longer had a strained relationship with Naruto, Konohamaru was happy that Boruto was no longer arrogant even deciding to take his training seriously, and valuing teamwork now.

Nara Shikamaru

Boruto respects Nara Shikamaru for being his father's close friend when he was his age. Shikamaru in turn sympathizes with the boy for having an estranged relationship with Naruto. He tries help the father and son repair their relationship, by trying to get Naruto to spend more time with Boruto and reach out to him more often. When Boruto went to save Naruto from Momoshiki, Shikamaru was surprised that Boruto started to act like Naruto when he was young.

Nara Temari

Due to that there are no interactions between them shown, Boruto's relationship with Temari is unknown. Although, it is implied that Temari likes Boruto because she approves of the boy being friends with her son and laughed in amusement when Shikadai forfeited the fight against Boruto.

Nara Shikadai

Nara Shikadai is Boruto's childhood classmate. Boruto and Shikadai often argue and get on each other's nerves due to their opposing personalities. However, they are actually good friends and consider each other comrades. When they are not on missions, they spend their time playing video games, although Shikadai gets annoyed with Boruto cheating and says he only agreed to play with Boruto because he does so behind his mother's back. When they fought each other in the Chunin Exams, Shikadai had Boruto captured with his Shadow Imitation Jutsu and asked him to give up, but Boruto used his Kote to make a dozen shadow clones. Amused but unaware of the cheat, Shikadai forfeited. When Boruto's cheat was revealed and Shikadai was declared the winner, Shikadai was surprised while Boruto was dismayed at having been caught by his father. Boruto usually considers Shikadai his male rival overall, since he can get pass his shadows without a problem. In the novel, Shikadai even wanted to help Boruto rescue Naruto. Also in the novel, after Naruto was rescue Boruto decides to apologize to Shikadai for cheating at video games, and also vows to have Shikadai keep him company again while playing video games.

Yamanaka Ino

Due to there being no interactions shown between them, Boruto's relationship with Ino is unknown. Although it is implied that Ino likes Boruto because she approves of the boy being friends with her son. However she got amused when Shikadai forfeit his match against Boruto.

Yamanaka Sai

Boruto finds Sai to be weird and was bemused to learn that it was Sai who came up with the confusing question during the first phase of the Chunin Exams.

Yamanaka Inojin

Inojin is Boruto's childhood classmate. The two are good friends and consider each other comrades. When they are not doing missions, they spend their time playing video games, although Inojin gets annoyed with Boruto cheating. In the novel, after Naruto was rescue Boruto decides to apologize to Inojin as well for cheating at video games, and also vows to have Inojin keep him company again while playing video games.

Akimichi Chocho

Chocho is Boruto's childhood classmate. Boruto doesn't pay much attention to her and Chocho finds Boruto annoying, to the point where she wonders why Sarada likes Boruto.

Rock Lee

Boruto finds Rock Lee to be weird but he respects the man. Rock Lee even announced that Boruto cheated during the Chunin Exam finals, and stands beside him and Naruto when they are confronted by Momoshiki and Kinshiki.

Metal Lee

Metal Lee is Boruto's childhood classmate. Boruto finds Metal to be annoying and weird.


Boruto's feelings for Tenten are unknown. However, Tenten has a high opinion of Boruto, which is seen during the Chunin Exams when she saw him defeat another genin team by using water and Lightning Release without her noticing that he used a Kote and she said his talent was expected due to him being the son of the Seventh Hokage.

Aburame Shino

Shino is Boruto's teacher from when he was a student at the Ninja Academy. Boruto paid little to attention to Shino's teachings and showed almost no respect towards him, resulting in Shino scolding Boruto. When Boruto became a genin, and took part during the second round of the Chunin Exams. Shino was seen watching Boruto battle without using hand signs, and told this to one of Katasuke's co workers.

Umino Iruka

Boruto likes Iruka, who was Naruto's childhood teacher and is a surrogate father to Naruto. Iruka cares deeply for Boruto and is fond of him, to where he defended Boruto against Konohamaru for defacing the Hokage Monument. Iruka said Boruto was simply trying to get Naruto to scold him because Naruto has been so busy with work lately. When Boruto became a genin, Iruka even went to see Boruto battle during the Chunin Exam finals, but was shock upon learning that Boruto was cheating.

Hatake Kakashi

Even though Hatake Kakashi was the Sixth Hokage, Boruto has respect for him. Kakashi sees so much of Naruto in Boruto and cares deeply for him, to the point where he thinks of Boruto as a grandson. Boruto refers to Kakashi as "Grandpa Kakashi". Kakashi even went to see Boruto battle during the Chunin Exam finals, and was shock upon learning that he cheated.

Maito Gai

Boruto finds Guy weird but has respect for him.


Boruto has great respect for Gaara, by calling him "Uncle" despite the man being the Kazekage. Boruto has meet Gaara several times due to Naruto and Gaara being good friends, and Gaara has shown to have a soft spot for Boruto due to the boy being Naruto's son and reminding him of how Naruto was like as a child. Gaara even comments that when he is with Boruto, it's like being in the old days with Naruto, and was happy when Boruto went with him to go save Naruto. After Naruto was rescued, Gaara even posed in a photo with Boruto.

Tono Katasuke

Boruto initially looked up to Katasuke due to him developing advanced technology, such as updating the data on Boruto's video games and creating the Kote that can allow the user to use every kind of jutsu. However Katasuke thinks of Boruto as an idiot, and planned to use the boy to help him win public favor of using the Kote rather than having rookie ninjas train. When Boruto finds out the truth after Naruto disqualified him, he began to dislike Katasuke for using him when the former try to embarrass him even more in front of the whole audience. When Momoshiki began attacking the stadium, Boruto didn't help Katasuke get to safety at all, since the attack came out of no where. Boruto even found Katasuke's efforts of interfering in the battle with Momoshiki and Kinshiki to be annoying, since he still showed hatred for him. Once again Boruto didn't care about Katasuke's safety since the enemy made the formers attack bounce right back at him, but also made the enemy regain his strength much to Boruto's horror. As a result after he defeated the enemy with his own technique, Boruto began to take his training seriously, and use hard work to increase his abilities.

Otsutsuki Momoshiki

When they first met, Boruto was instantly afraid of Momoshiki and tried to use his Kote to attack him, but Momoshiki absorbed his attacks and was prepared to retaliate if Naruto had not rescued his son. Momoshiki revealed that he was seeking scattered chakra to gain immortality and invincible powers without training or hard work, which reminded Boruto that he was the same way with the Kote and felt guilty for his actions. It was Momoshiki's attack that made Boruto finally respect his father for risking his life to protect him. Including that the attack also made Boruto felt guilty for how he treated Naruto, and for Boruto to see what life would be like if Naruto was not around permanently for good. To this end, Boruto threw out the Kote for good since it made him unfavorably think of Momoshiki. During the battle, Momoshiki expressed rage towards Boruto for using the Rasengan to damage his garments and Boruto, finally having enough of Momoshiki and wanting to end the battle for good, used a Parent and Child Rasengan he created with Naruto to kill Momoshiki.

Knownable Relatives


  • The name "Boruto" (ボルト) is the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "bolt". His name is a reference to his late uncle Neji, whose name means "screw" (捻子). Therefore he is named after Neji, who had brought Naruto and Hinata together during the war. Ironically Masashi Kishimoto initially intended to name Naruto's son "Menma" (メンマ) or "Shinachiku" (シナチク), both being names for seasoned bamboo shoots.
  • Boruto's name also refers to spinning which matches his father's last name which means "whirlpool".
  • His name was inspired by Jamaican olympic sprinter Usian Bolt, who is one of Masashi Kishimoto's favorite athletes.
  • Boruto and Himawari were the only known descendants of the Hyuga clan who did not initially possess the Byakugan. However, according to Masashi Kishimoto, he intended to give them the Byakugan, but forgot to before releasing chapter 700. This was corrected in the first chapter of the Boruto Naruto Next Generation manga, where Boruto is shown using his Byakugan.
  • He also appears to enjoy drawing a lot, while seemingly oblivious to his poor skill for it.
  • At the age of 16, Boruto is nearly at Naruto's Part II height (166cm) but Boruto is 3 inches shorter (163cm).

According to the databooks:

  • His birthday is March 27, & his bloodtype is ???.
  • His favorite foods are Hamburgers & Yakisoba Buns. While his least favorite food is possibly Ramen.
  • His hobbies are playing video games & collecting super rare shinobi training cards.
  • His attributes are: 160 in dexterity, 140 in chakra, 130 in perception, 120 in strength, and 90 in intelligence and negotiation.
  • He has four stars in evasion and ninjutsu, and three stars in unarmed hand-to-hand fighting.
  • He also has 3 stars in Acrobatics, espionage, observation, and swimming. While he has four stars in Mental Resistance and drug resistance.
  • According to the movie's light novel adaption, Boruto's role-playing character, when he plays with Shikadai and Inojin. Is reveal to be a Light Warrior, who duel-wields two swords called "Shadow Weaver" and "Law Bringer". His high level character is revealed to be the product of cheating rather than levelling up. Ultimately after no longer cheating in video games, Boruto makes his new character look similar to him.
  • For the English manga release, originally when Viz released the final chapter as part of Weekly Shōnen Jump, Boruto's name was translated as Bolt. This was later corrected when the chapter was released in volume format. But the English version still uses the name Boruto overall, even for the video game.
  • While Junko Takeuchi went through having Boruto's childhood in real life, even though she doesn't voice him. It also turns out that Boruto's relationship with his father reflects Kishimoto's relationship with his children. Not only that, his voice actress Yuko Sanpei, enjoyed doing the work of Boruto's acting, finding him endearing. Sanpei was thankful for being offered this position and joked about how Junko Takeuchi became a "father" as her voice role was Naruto. Initially, Sanpei recalls having difficulties voicing Boruto; when she received her script for the film, she began to understand Boruto's concept as the boy who loves his father dearly, which helped her voice the character better. Pleased with the Boruto film, Sanpei asked Kishimoto to make another one which resulted in Kishimoto asking her to let him rest for another one.
  • Boruto is the first main character Amanda Miller has ever voiced. While enjoying the work she does as Boruto's English voice, she stated she felt stress about it due to how important her character is considering his role in the story. Miller herself admitted that she tried her hardest to sound like Maile because Miller wanted Boruto to have his father's voice.
  • Boruto's anime signature color is magenta, a color that is mix with red and purple. This is due to the fact that the color magenta, is consider a light color that is in between orange, and purple which are his parents favorite color. Since both colors are made with red. This also could possibly be an allusion to his father Naruto inheriting a color scheme created by the colors associated most with his own parents, or Boruto's grandparents. However Boruto's signature color in the manga is red.
  • Even though Boruto's signature is magenta, he wears his signature color on a black tracksuit. However magenta is often confused with another color that looks like it. The color that magenta is confused with the most is Hot Pink because they look similar, even though pink is not added to the color scheme to make magenta. But he does wear pink on the inside collar of his jacket, and on his sleeves in his promotion art appearance.
  • Masashi Kishimoto confirmed during a TV interview that he gave Sasuke the role of Boruto's master due to the inspiration of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Z character relationship between Gohan and Piccolo.
  • Masashi Kishimoto stated that Boruto has softer eyes than Naruto because he is not a fox.
  • He is like Asuma in his youth. As both have a father that is the Hokage. However both didn't get along with them being the Hokage. Including that both as ninja were over shadowed by their fathers.
  • In a artwork for Boruto, Boruto is depicted with the Byakugan in both eyes and is seen in a Chakra Mode that is similar to Naruto's Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.
  • His eyes are blue in the manga, but are colored lavender in Naruto Shippuuden movie 7 and in his own movie debut. Not only that, due to him not having the ahoge in the Boruto manga. If you look closely his hair resembles Goku's super saiyan hairstyle. Also in the Road to Boruto video game, when Boruto uses his Boruto Spiral Storm technique. Boruto does Goku's Dragon Throw technique with his shadow clone.
  • In the Boruto movie, Boruto inherited his mother's clumsiness. It turns out that Boruto inherited his father's fear of ghost.
  • At the age of 16, Boruto is nearly at Naruto's Part II height (166cm) but Boruto is 3 inches shorter (163cm).

There are ten differences between his character in the manga version of The Day That Naruto Became Hokage, and in the OVA version of it:

  • In the manga, Boruto wears a white t-shirt. However in the OVA, he wears a light pink t-shirt.
  • In the manga, Boruto comments Himawari waking their father up as cute. However in the OVA, he says cutesy while Himawari tries to wake Naruto up.
  • In the manga, Boruto jumps on Naruto while he is sleeping in his bedroom. However in the OVA, he jumps on Naruto while he is sleeping in his study room.
  • In the manga, Boruto never smiled after he woke Naruto up. However in the OVA, he does smile after he woke Naruto up.
  • In the manga, after Boruto gets knock out of the room by Himawari. He has one eye close when he looks at Naruto. However in the OVA, he has both eyes open when he looks at Naruto.
  • In the manga, Boruto never places his arm up when Himawari is about to attack him and Naruto. However in the OVA, he does place his arm up when Himawari is about to attack him and Naruto.
  • In the manga, Boruto looks at Naruto get knock unconscious by Himawari. However in the OVA, he doesn't look at Naruto get knock unconscious by Himawari. Instead he looks at Naruto's back get closer to him.
  • In the manga, Boruto hides in his parents bedroom after Naruto gets unconscious. However in the OVA, he hides in Naruto's study room.
  • In the manga, Boruto places one hand over his mouth while he hides from Himawari. However in the OVA, he places two hands over his mouth while he hides from Himawari.
  • In the Japanese version of the OVA, Boruto never vows to never make Himawari angry ever again. But in the English version of the OVA, Boruto does vow to never make Himawari angry ever again.
  • In the manga, Boruto never screamed when Himawari finally found him. However in the OVA, he does scream when he thinks that Himawari found him.

Boruto has many similarities with Son Gohan from Dragon Ball Z.

  • Both were born after their parents got marry.
  • Both met their other relatives when they were a toddler.
  • Both have a different hairstyle from their father.
  • Both wear something that is a memento. (For Boruto : a bolt necklace. Whereas for Gohan : the four star Dragon Ball)
  • Both are the sons of a legendary hero. (For Boruto : Naruto. Whereas for Gohan : Goku)
  • Both were able to spend with their fathers during their childhood. The only difference is that Boruto never got to spend time with Naruto at the age of eleven like Gohan did. Including that Gohan was able to have his father witness his eleventh birthday whereas Boruto did not. Along with the fact that Gohan got to train with Goku at the age of eleven, whereas Boruto did not.
  • Both have a uncle that they never knew about, and never knew that their uncle was mean. (For Boruto : Neji. Whereas for Gohan : Raditz) The only difference is that Neji was redeemed by Naruto. Whereas Raditz was never redeemed by Goku.
  • Both never knew about their other grandparent. (For Boruto : Kushina. Whereas for Gohan : Bardock)
  • Both witness their father sacrifice themselves in front of them, which leaded for them to fill guilty about how they acted in front of their father, and finally stop being arrogant with their abilities. The only difference is that Gohan was sweet and kind around his father as a pre-teen whereas Boruto was not. Including that Gohan never had a strained relationship with his father like Boruto did.
  • Both hated their father for getting addicted to something that they hated, but they start to like it in the end. (For Boruto : the Hokage title. Whereas for Gohan : Martial Arts)
  • But their hatred of their father disappear when they learned that their father truly cared about them, and wanted to spend time with them. Which made them finally make amends with their father in the end. The only difference is that Boruto got to do the Parent and Child Rasengan with Naruto while he is alive. Whereas Gohan had to do the Father-Son Kamehameha with Goku while his father was dead. Including that Gohan had to be couched by Goku on how to release the technique whereas Boruto did not.
  • Both don't want to follow in their father's footsteps, and only want to be like someone else that they admire. (For Boruto : Sasuke. Whereas for Gohan : Piccolo)
  • Both are prodigies and are skilled at something without even trying. (For Boruto : The Gentle Fist. Whereas for Gohan : being a scholar)
  • Both fall in love with their female teammate. (For Boruto : Sarada. Whereas for Gohan : Videl)
  • Both would refer to their grandfather as grandpa. (For Boruto : Minato. Whereas for Gohan : the Ox King) The only difference is that Boruto's grandfather is dead whereas Gohan's grandfather is not.
  • Both have a teacher student relationship with the person they idolize. The only difference is that Boruto had a strict teacher student relationship with Sasuke. Whereas Gohan had an abusive non commutation teacher student relationship with Piccolo.
  • Both have a over protective relationship with their mothers. (For Boruto : Hinata. Whereas for Gohan : Chi-Chi) The only difference is that Boruto's mother is sweet and kind overall but is scary when she is angry with him. Whereas Gohan's mother is sweet, and kind but aggressive.
  • Both have one sibling that they get along with. (For Boruto : Himawari. Whereas for Gohan : Goten)
  • Both had one technique that they weren't good at until they trained really hard to master it. (For Boruto : the Rasengan. Whereas for Gohan : surviving in the woods without shelter)
  • Both lived in two people's shadow. The only difference is that Boruto lived in Naruto and Minato's shadow. Whereas Gohan only lived in Goku and Piccolo's shadow.
  • Both are named after one of their relatives. (For Boruto : his late uncle Neji. Whereas for Gohan : his adopted great grandfather)
  • Both become heroes in their own right. (For Boruto : defeating Momoshiki. Whereas for Gohan : defeating Cell)
  • Both had a hard time showing their female teammate that they loved them. The only difference is that Boruto is shy and nice when he is with Sarada. Whereas Gohan is completely shy and nervous around Videl.
  • Both lived with a few of their relatives. The only difference is that Boruto lived with both of his parents and little sister. Whereas Gohan only lived with his parents by having his grandfather visit him from time to time because his little brother was finally born a few months after Goku died during the Cell Games.
  • Both lived a normal life from their childhood up until their pre-teen year. The only difference is that Boruto lived in a happy peaceful hometown fill with technology. Whereas Gohan lived in the woods where he described was peaceful but with less technology.
  • Both never realize that they lived in a world that is involved with violence. (For Boruto : getting attack by Momoshiki during his first Chunin Exams. Whereas for Gohan : seeing his father being attacked by the saiyans)
  • Both were shown having an education by the time they made their debut. (For Boruto : the Ninja Academy. Whereas for Gohan : being home school)
  • Both are able to do one of their fathers signature techniques. (For Boruto : the Rasengan. Whereas for Gohan : the Kamehameha). The only difference is that Boruto does the technique with one hand. Whereas Gohan does the technique with two hands.
  • Both tried to show their abilities to their father at a certain tournament. (For Boruto : the Chunin Exams. Whereas for Gohan : the Cell Games). The only difference is that Boruto did it by cheating. Whereas Gohan won his match fairly.
  • Another difference is that after they showed their abilities to their father, Boruto lashed out at his father for lecturing him even blaming him for how he had turned out. Whereas when Goku told Gohan to finish Cell off before he regenerate, Gohan told his father that he rather let Cell suffer which shocked his father overall.
  • Both are voiced by their father's original English voice actress in one video game. (For Boruto : Maile Flanagan. Whereas for Gohan : Stephanie Nadolny) The only difference is that in the Japanese version: Boruto is voiced by Yuko Sanpei, while Naruto is voiced by Junko Takeuchi. Whereas Gohan and Goku are voiced by the same Japanese voice actress, Masako Nozawa.

Boruto even has similarities with Renton Thurston from Eureka Seven.

  • Both are the sons of a legendary hero. (For Boruto : Naruto. Whereas for Renton : Adroc)
  • Both hated their father for spending to much time on their job, and instead of their own family. (For Boruto : because Naruto was Hokage. Whereas for Renton : because Adroc was a scientist)
  • But their hatred of their father disappear when they learned that their father truly cared about them, and wanted to spend time with them. Which made them finally make amends with their father when they saw him. (For Boruto : asking Naruto to tell him about his past. Whereas for Renton : being happy to see his father when he reunited with Diane)
  • Both don't want to follow in their father's footsteps, and only want to be like someone else that they admire. (For Boruto : Sasuke. Whereas for Renton : Holland)
  • Both are prodigies and are skilled at something without even trying. (For Boruto : The Gentle Fist. Whereas for Renton : being a mechanic)
  • Both fall in love with their female teammate. (For Boruto : Sarada. Whereas for Renton : Eureka)
  • Both pull pranks just to have one of their relatives spend time with them. (For Boruto : Naruto. Whereas for Renton : his older sister, Diane)
  • Both would refer to their grandfather as grandpa. (For Boruto : Minato. Whereas for Renton : Axel)
  • Both have a teacher student relationship with the person they idolize. The only difference is Boruto had a strict teacher student relationship with Sasuke. Whereas Renton had an abusive teacher student relationship with Holland.
  • Both have a Mommas boy relationship with someone they feel comfortable with. (For Boruto : Hinata. Whereas for Renton : Talho)
  • Both have one sibling that they get along with. (For Boruto : his little sister Himawari. Whereas for Renton : his older sister Diane)
  • Both had one technique that they weren't good at until they trained really hard to master it. (For Boruto : the Rasengan. Whereas for Renton : surfing on a rift board in the air)
  • Both lived in their relatives shadow. The only difference is that Boruto lived in Naruto and Minato's shadow. Whereas Renton only lived in Adroc's shadow.
  • Both had a certain group that hated them. (For Boruto : his home village since they found out that he cheated during the Chunin Exams. Whereas for Renton : the Gekkostate since they couldn't believe that a 14 year old boy risked his life to save Eureka)
  • In the end both certain groups forgives them, which leaded for them to become heroes in their own right. (For Boruto : defeating Momoshiki. Whereas for Renton : saving the world from the scrub coral)
  • Both had a hard time showing their female teammate that they loved them. The only difference is that Boruto is shy and nice when he is with Sarada. Whereas Renton is shy and immature around Eureka.
  • Both lived with a few of their relatives. The only difference is that Boruto lived with both of his parents and little sister. Whereas Renton only lived with his grandfather and older sister since his parents died when he was an infant.
  • Both lived a normal life from their childhood up to their teenage year. The only difference is that Boruto lived in a happy peaceful hometown, whereas Renton lived in a town where he described that was boring and suck.
  • Both never realize that they lived in a world that is involved with war. (For Boruto : getting attack by Momoshiki during his first Chunin Exams. Whereas for Renton : joining the Gekkostate by fighting against the military)
  • Both were shown having an education by the time they made their debut. (For Boruto : the Ninja Academy. Whereas for Renton : Military school)
  • Both are voiced by Yuko Sanpei. The only difference is that Boruto is voiced by Amanda Miller in the English version. Whereas Renton is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch.

Boruto also has some similarities with Renton's adopted son, Maurice Thurston.

  • Both are the sons of a legendary hero. (For Boruto : Naruto. Whereas for Maurice : Renton)
  • Both hated their father for having too much time on their hands, and instead of their own family. (For Boruto : because Naruto was Hokage. Whereas for Maurice : because Renton was spending time with Eureka)
  • Both had a big hatred for their father. (For Boruto: by wanting to punch Naruto in the face for missing Himawari's birthday party. Whereas for Maurice: by not wanting to speak to Renton face to face) The only difference is Boruto was also jealous that his father was an orphan. Whereas Maurice also wanted to kill Renton with a gun to show how much he truly hated him.
  • But their hatred of their father disappear when they learned that their father truly cared about them, and wanted to spend time with them as well. Which made them finally make amends with their father when they saw him. (For Boruto : asking Naruto to tell him about his past. Whereas for Maurice : hugging his family when Renton tells him that he loves him)
  • Both have a Mommas boy relationship with someone they feel comfortable with. (For Boruto : Hinata. Whereas for Maurice : Eureka)
  • Both would pull pranks just to have one of their relatives spend time with them. (For Boruto : Naruto. Whereas for Maurice : Renton) The only difference is that Maurice would pull pranks on Renton in order for him to stay away from Eureka.
  • Both would only get along with their siblings and mother. (For Boruto : he would spend time with Hinata and Himawari. Whereas for Maurice : he would spend time with Eureka, Maeter and Linck)
  • Both blamed their parents for how they turned out. (For Boruto : blaming Naruto for lecturing him and not spending time with him. Whereas for Maurice : blaming Renton for being in Eureka's life along with blaming Eureka for killing his birth parents)
  • Both finally looked up to their fathers after they become heroes in their own right. (For Boruto : watching Naruto risk his life to protect him from Momoshiki. Whereas for Maurice : watching Renton save the world from the scrub coral) The only difference is that Naruto was a legendary hero before Boruto was born. Whereas Renton became a legendary hero during Maurice's childhood.
  • Both lived with a few of their relatives. The only difference is that Boruto lived with both of his parents and little sister. Whereas Maurice only lived with his adopted mother, little sister, and little brother since his birth parents died upon accidentally being murder by Eureka. Including that he started to live with Renton right after he and siblings were adopted by him and Eureka.
  • Both lived a normal life from their childhood up to their pre teen year. The only difference is that Boruto lived in a happy peaceful hometown, whereas Maurice lived in the Gekkostate where Renton described was great but too peaceful.
  • Both never realize that they lived in a world that is involved with war. (For Boruto : getting attack by Momoshiki during his first Chunin Exams. Whereas for Maurice : upon seeing Renton join the Gekkostate by fighting against the military)
  • Both were shown having an education by the time they made their debut. (For Boruto : the Ninja Academy. Whereas for Maurice : being home school by Eureka)

Boruto has many similarities with his father, Uzumaki Naruto.

  • Both of their names rhymes, and each have 6 letters in their name.
  • Not only they hate bullies who pick on others for being weak, and are very loyal to others.
  • Both hate how the villagers talk about them in a negative way, which makes them want to get their acknowledgement.
  • Not only that they never look down on anyone else, and strongly believe in the Will of Fire.
  • Both outsmart the higher up ninjas by getting away from them quickly after they are caught pulling a prank.
  • Not only that they would start a fight because they hate to be ignored by their classmates.
  • Both are are compared to be at chunin or jonin level.
  • Both were slackers when they enrolled at the Ninja Academy, in which they would goof off and hang out with their friends. (For Boruto : he would play video games with his friends, and not take his training seriously when he uses weapons. Whereas for Naruto : he goes to training hall with his friends, but would take his training seriously by being in the forest)
  • However both graduated from the Ninja Academy at the same age. (age 12)
  • Both are the shortest of their respective team.
  • Both keep their jacket collar up, and never wears it facing down.
  • Also they hate strategies, and rush into a battle without thinking.
  • Both can't stand spoil rich kids that boss them around along with being rude.
  • Both learned the Rasengan at the same age. (age 12)
  • As they got older, both use the Rasengan with one hand but use hand signs with the Shadow Clone Technique.
  • Both don't use Japanese honorifics at all. (However they would use it around their family)
  • Both have the same personality. (Both : loud, cheerful, energetic, impatient, kind and stubborn)
  • Both avoid confrontation when someone is talking about them behind their back, by completely ignoring the situation altogether while using a smile on their face. However unless their friends get hurt, that is when they get involved in confrontations. (For Boruto : by not yelling what he feels. Whereas for Naruto : he does yell out how he feels)
  • Both are the son of the Hokage. (For Boruto : Naruto, who is the Seventh Hokage. Whereas for Naruto : Minato, who was the Fourth Hokage)
  • Both admired their father during their childhood. (For Boruto : he admired Naruto when he wasn't the Hokage. Whereas for Naruto : he admired Minato for being a legendary Hokage)
  • Both refer to a Hokage as Ojiichan. (For Boruto : Minato. Whereas for Naruto : Hiruzen)
  • Both never knew that their father had two powerful enemies that wanted to kill them. (For Boruto : his father had Obito and Pain as enemies. Whereas for Naruto : his father had A, and Obito as enemies)
  • Both have whisker marks on their face. (For Boruto : 4. Whereas for Naruto : 6)
  • Both hated how the villagers always spoke about them being like someone else. (For Boruto : he hated how they villagers believe that he wants to be the Hokage. Whereas for Naruto : he hated how the villagers believe that he will be like Kurama)
  • Both have a dream goal so they can prove the villagers wrong about them being like their polar opposite. The only difference is that Naruto succeeded his goal, whereas Boruto did not. (For Boruto : he wants to surpass his father, and learn his weakness. Whereas for Naruto : he wants to become the Hokage, and gain acknowledgement)
  • Both have a teacher in the Ninja Academy that they can't stand including that they hate hearing his class lectures. (For Boruto : Shino. Whereas for Naruto : Iruka)
  • Both would use a rope to help them deface the Hokage Monument, and would also use a dark color to paint the Mounment. (For Boruto : he uses red paint, and does nicknames on the Hokage faces. Whereas for Naruto : he uses black paint, and does spirals on the Hokage faces)
  • Both pull pranks to be notice, and is stopped by someone. (For Boruto : Naruto. Whereas for Naruto : Iruka)
  • Both saw someone in a different way when they enrolled at the Ninja Academy. (For Boruto : he saw Naruto as arrogant and uncaring. Whereas for Naruto : he saw Iruka as mean and strict)
  • Both were not given any special treatment during their childhood. (For Boruto : because he was related to Naruto, but the higher up ninjas saw him as a brat for pulling pranks. Whereas for Naruto : because he was related to Minato, but all the civilians saw him as a jinchuriki)
  • Both are clueless that someone has a crush on them, and never knew she extreme since their childhood. Ironically their love interest has a love for purple. (For Boruto : Sumire, who is a few months older than him. Whereas for Naruto : Hinata, who is two months younger than him)
  • Both have someone that they consider to be their surrogate family. (For Whereas for Boruto : Sakura and Sasuke, who he refers to as his surrogate aunt and uncle. Whereas for Naruto : Iruka and Hiruzen, who he refers to at his surrogate father and grandfather)
  • Both have two male friends that they hang out with during their childhood. (For Boruto : Inojin and Shikadai. Whereas for Naruto : Shikamaru and Choji)
  • Both didn't hang out with a female during their childhood because she is friends with their two male friends. (For Boruto : he didn't hang out with Chocho, because she ate too much. Whereas for Naruto : he didn't hang out with Ino, because she was one of Sasuke's fan girls)
  • Both don't know anything about their other clan or it's dark past. (For Boruto : he doesn't know anything about the Hyuga clan, and that it has the Cage Bird seal. Whereas for Naruto : he doesn't know about the Senju clan, and that they are rivals to the Uchiha)
  • Both experience what their life is like without having their father around. (For Boruto : when his father gets capture by Momoshiki. Whereas for Naruto : having his father die after he is born)
  • Both had a desire that made them talk to someone that they truly trusted. (For Boruto : his desire was for his father to see his skills at the exams which led for him to speak to Katasuke. Whereas for Naruto : his desire was to become a ninja by graduating from the Ninja Academy which led for him to speak to Mizuki)
  • Both took a certain item that was forbidden and had used it. (For Boruto : he used the Kote to learn ninjutsu. Whereas for Naruto : he used the Scroll of Seals to learn the multiple shadow clone technique)
  • Both were used by someone as a tool for their own personal game. (For Boruto : he was used by Katasuke to make the Kote more popular. Whereas for Naruto : he was used by Mizuki to steal the Scroll of seals so he can have the scroll for himself)
  • Both wore something on their forehead that got taken away from them. (For Boruto : his headband. Whereas for Naruto : his goggles)
  • Ironically both get this item back after they see the errors of their way. (For Boruto : he gets his headband back after the battle with Momoshiki. Whereas for Naruto : he gets his goggles back after the battle with Mizuki)
  • Both didn't want their favorite item to get messy. (For Boruto : his jacket. Whereas for Naruto : his headband)
  • Both were hated by the same village. (For Boruto : after he cheated during the exams. Whereas for Naruto : being the jinchuriki of Kurama)
  • Both were considered not to become shinobi. (For Boruto : after everyone learns that he cheats his way to do things. Whereas for Naruto : being a talentless orphan)
  • Both made someone precious to them worry about them, and witness them get injured. (For Boruto : he made Hinata got worry after he cheated in the exams, and sees her whine up in the hospital. Whereas for Naruto : he made Iruka got worry when he took the Scroll of Seal, and sees him get hit with a Fuma shuriken)
  • Both made someone precious to them cry. (For Boruto : he made Himawari cry after they saw their mother get injured. Whereas for Naruto : he made Inari cry after calling him a crybaby)
  • Both have someone that considers them as their older brother. (For Boruto : Himawari, who calls him big bro. Whereas for Naruto : Inari, who calls him big brother)
  • Both were protected by someone which shocked them. (For Boruto : he was protected by Naruto during the fight with Momoshiki. Whereas for Naruto : he was protected by Iruka during the fight with Mizuki)
  • Both were in a guilt ridden state after being too naive to see that some people hate them. (For Boruto : he was in a guilt ridden state after learning that Momoshiki is like him, and that his father got captured. Whereas for Naruto : he was in a guilt ridden state after learning that he was an jinchuriki, and believes that Iruka hates him)
  • Both were brought out of their guilt ridden state after hearing someone's speech. (For Boruto : it was Sasuke who admits that he is his favorite student because he is a bigger loser who hates to lose. Whereas for Naruto : it was Iruka who admits that he is his favorite student because he works hard and hates being alone)
  • Both used a technique to defeat their first true enemy. (For Boruto : he used the parent & child rasengan to defeat Momoshiki. Whereas for Naruto : he used the multiple shadow clone technique to defeat Mizuki)
  • Both get that persons' acknowledged after defeating their first true enemy. (For Boruto : Naruto congratulates him on being a fine shinobi. Whereas for Naruto : Iruka congratulates him on starting to become a shinobi after he graduated from the Ninja Academy)
  • Both wore something around their neck, and wear their jacket in a similar way. (For Boruto : he wears a bolt necklace, and wears his jacket open. Whereas for Naruto : he wears a crystal necklace, but keeps the jacket open to show the item sometimes)
  • Both caught a animal that they hated, and didn't use teamwork to catch it. (For Boruto : a panda. Whereas for Naruto : a cat)
  • Both speak to someone in a rude way after catching the animal. (For Boruto : Naruto. Whereas for Naruto : Hiruzen)
  • Both complain about their skills to the Hokage after he tells them that teamwork is necessary to complete low missions. (For Boruto : he tells Naruto that he never needed training to learn the shadow clone technique. Whereas for Naruto : he tells Hiruzen that capturing the cat was easy)
  • But both would finally let their favorite item get torn. (For Boruto : getting his jacket torn during the battle against Momoshiki. Whereas for Naruto : getting his headband step on during the battle with Zabuza)
  • Both have a similar catchphrase. (For Boruto : Dattebasa. Whereas for Naruto : Dattebayo)
  • Both wear their favorite color on their tracksuit. What's interesting is that their favorite color is similar to another two colors that look like it, but confused with another color that isn't mix with it. (For Boruto : magenta, a color with purple and red since they look alike. However magenta is often confused with Hot Pink. Whereas for Naruto : orange, a color mix with red and yellow since they look alike. However Orange is often confused with green)
  • Both have a rival that they knew since childhood, and can relate to them with having family issues. (For Boruto : Sarada, due to her not seeing her father. Whereas for Naruto : Sasuke, due to him being an orphan as well)
  • Both call their rivals names whenever they are with them. (For Boruto : he calls Sarada "Megane". Whereas for Naruto : he calls Sasuke "Teme")
  • Both can't stand one thing about their rival. (For Boruto : thinking that Sarada is too smart, and better at him in everything. Whereas for Naruto : thinking that Sasuke is special, and anti-social)
  • Both admire one thing about their rival. (For Boruto : being happy that Sarada wants to be the Hokage. Whereas for Naruto : being happy that Sasuke wants him to catch up to his level)
  • Both have their own way of how to train. However Boruto follows Naruto's way after being redeemed. (For Boruto : he asks for help, but loves cheating and taking shortcuts. Whereas for Naruto : he asks for help, but hates cheating and taking shortcuts)
  • Both have another rival that they get along with. (For Boruto : Shikadai. Whereas for Naruto : Neji)
  • However both can't stand one thing about their other rival. (For Boruto : he can't stand that Shikadai thinks somethings are a pain, and doesn't help him with pranks. Whereas for Naruto : he can't stand that Neji is quiet, and doesn't smile)
  • Both met their road model at a young age, and trained under him. (For Boruto : he met Sasuke at the age of 12, and learned the shurikenjutsu from him. Whereas for Naruto : he met Iruka at the age of 4, and learned the clone jutsu from him)
  • Both didn't know the answer to the first round of the Chunin Exams. (For Boruto : if their is a fifth volume to the Shinobi Strategist Detective Story book series. Whereas for Naruto : cheating while taking a writing test)
  • However both panicked when round one got serious. (For Boruto : falling in a ink pit after believing that true was the correct answer. Whereas for Naruto : hearing other examiners get remove for cheating)
  • But both are shock when they do something different that makes them go to round two. (For Boruto : seeing his team save him from falling. Whereas for Naruto : bringing everyone out of panic mode by standing up to Ibiki)
  • However they learn that their earlier answer was correct all along. (For Boruto : that the the Shinobi Strategist Detective Story book series has four volumes instead of five. Whereas for Naruto : that cheating was the goal of the writing test)
  • Both fought in round two against other teams by taking something from them. (For Boruto : a flag. Whereas for Naruto : a scroll)
  • Both fought someone during round two that made them almost lost the exams. (For Boruto : he fought against three genin brothers. Whereas for Naruto : he fought Orochimaru, who was disguised as a women)
  • However both used something to gain the upper hand without anyone knowing. (For Boruto : he used the Kote. Whereas for Naruto : he used Kurama's chakra) The only difference is that Boruto defeats the three genin brothers without his teammates. Whereas Naruto goes unconscious because Orochimaru placed a seal on him, and Sasuke defeats Orochimaru in Naruto's place.
  • Both developed "a mask" to hide their true feelings from someone. (For Boruto : he hides his feelings from Naruto when he came to see him in his bedroom. Whereas for Naruto : he hides his feelings from Hinata when she saw him come to the training field)
  • Both became depress before the finals. (For Boruto : he felt guilty for using the Kote even though it was forbidden from the start. Whereas for Naruto : because he is talentless, and that he had to face Neji in Hinata's place)
  • However both were brought out of their depression by someone, and it made them happy. (For Boruto : it was Naruto, who told him that he did well and not to lose to Shikadai, which made him happily cry. Whereas for Naruto : it was Hinata, who told him that he is a proud failure and works very hard, which made him say that he likes her)
  • Both remember someone's words as they struggle in finals. (For Boruto : he remembers Naruto's words of you did well. Whereas for Naruto : he remembers Hinata's way of the ninja)
  • Both fought someone from their own village during the finals of the Chunin Exams. (For Boruto : he fought against Shikadai. Whereas for Naruto : he fought against Neji)
  • Both used their secret weapon during their match to win the match. (For Boruto : he used the Kote to make a fake multiple shadow clone technique. Whereas for Naruto : he used Kurama's chakra by using hand signs) The only difference is that Boruto lost his match due to cheating. Whereas Naruto won his match fairly because he used a shadow clone as a distraction so he can give Neji a upper cut by coming out of the ground.
  • Both fought someone while their respective Chunin Exam was interrupted. (For Boruto : he fought Momoshiki. Whereas for Naruto : he fought Gaara)
  • Ironically both were afraid of this enemy. (For Boruto : he was afraid that Momoshiki had the ability to absorb techniques. Whereas for Naruto : he was afraid that Gaara can not get tire from using sand)
  • However both realized that the enemy is just like them. (For Boruto : learning that Momoshiki wants to do techniques without training. Whereas for Naruto : learning that Gaara is a lonely Jinchuriki as well)
  • Both blamed their father for their horrible life. (For Boruto : he blamed Naruto for lecturing him and not spending any time with him. Whereas for Naruto : he blamed Minato for making him a Jinchuriki, along with leaving him with Hiruzen and Iruka)
  • Both forgave their father for how they acted. (For Boruto : he forgave Naruto for trying to spend time with him, and wants to hear about his past. Whereas for Naruto : he forgave Minato for making him a Jinchuriki, and will get over it because he is his son)
  • Both fought a powerful enemy, and became a young hero. (For Boruto : defeating Momoshiki. Whereas for Naruto : defeating Pain)
  • Both have a new goal after they become a young hero. (For Boruto : he wants to be a ninja like Sasuke, so he can support Sarada if she becomes the Hokage. Whereas for Naruto : he wants to be the Hokage in order to protect his friends, and love ones)
  • Both witness one of their relatives monsterous temper, and vows to never make her angry ever again. (For Boruto : it was Himawari, because he had ripped her panda toy and saw her awoken her Byakugan. Therefore he vowed not to rip her panda toy ever again so she won't get angry. Whereas for Naruto : it was Kushina, because he mistook her to be Kurama's true form and got hit on the head by her for the misunderstanding. Therefore he realized that Kushina was his mother because of her catchphrase, and vowed not to refer to her as Kurama ever again)
  • Ironically both get along with this female overall because they understand her more. (For Boruto : he knows Himawari because she is kind. However he makes sure she doesn't get angry or depress. Whereas for Naruto : he knows Kushina because of her personality, and similar past. However he makes sure she is happy for having him as her son)
  • Both are addicted to something that makes them spend all of their money on it. However both of their favorite item becomes rare, and famous. The only difference is that Boruto hates getting the same item, whereas Naruto likes getting the same item. (For Boruto : a rare training card of Naruto as the Seventh Hokage. Whereas for Naruto : Miso Ramen)
  • Both have a seal on their body. (For Boruto : a seal that is call kama but is placed on his left hand. Whereas for Naruto : Kurama who is seal in his stomach)
  • Both had to rescue their team mate who went rogue. (For Boruto : Mitsuki. Whereas for Naruto : Sasuke)

Boruto has some similarities with his late uncle, Hyuga Neji.

  • Both are prodigies.
  • Both act arrogant and anti-social around their teammates.
  • Both hated one of the their relatives. (For Boruto : his father. Whereas for Neji : his uncle)
  • Both are afraid of someone who is younger than them, and is way more powerful than them. (For Boruto : he is afraid of Himawari after she awokened her Byakugan. Whereas for Neji : he is afraid of Naruto when he unleashed Kurama's chakra)
  • Ironically both vow not to make this person angry ever again. (For Boruto : after Naruto gets knock out. Whereas for Neji : after he had call Naruto a failure)
  • Both have a soft spot for someone that is younger than them. (For Boruto : Himawari. Whereas for Neji : Hinata)
  • Both don't value teamwork, and has a rivalry with someone. (For Boruto : Sarada. Whereas for Neji : Rock Lee)
  • Both hate the Hokage title. (For Boruto : seeing the title as an nuisance, and is for people with no love ones. Whereas for Neji : seeing the title is fitted for people that are prodigies, and not for people that are weaklings)
  • But they have new respect for the title after witnessing something. (For Boruto : seeing Naruto protect him from Momoshiki. Whereas for Neji : being defeated by Naruto during their match)
  • Both took the Chunin Exams and defeated their oppenent. (For Boruto : Yurui. Whereas for Neji : Hinata) The only different is that Boruto did it by cheating. Whereas Neji won his match fairly.
  • Both witness something that they believe is a tragedy in their life. (For Boruto : seeing Naruto get captured by Momoshiki. Whereas for Neji : when his father die after having his Byakugan seal away)
  • After the Chunin Exams both of them reconnected with their family for good. In which both finally forgive their relative for what happen to them. (For Boruto : forgiving his father for always trying to spend time with him. Whereas for Neji : forgiving his uncle after he told him the real reason why his father died)
  • Also both have a new goal in life after they reconnected with their relative. (For Boruto : wanting to become a shinobi like Sasuke. Whereas for Neji : making Naruto his rival, so he can get strong enough to defeat powerful enemies)
  • Both are seen spending time with their relative after their home was attacked. (For Boruto : Fist-bumping with his father. Whereas for Neji : training with his uncle)
  • Both have a change of heart after the Chunin Exams and decide to help their teammate. (For Boruto : helping Sarada if she becomes the Hokage. Whereas for Neji : to see if his Gentle Fist is better than Lee's Drunken Fist)

Boruto has some similarities with Haruno Sakura.

  • Both never experienced a tragedy in their life.
  • Both are a prodigy.
  • Both are intelligence.
  • Both have light color eyes.
  • Both have their parents in their life.
  • Both don't take their training seriously.
  • Both get along with someone from the Uchiha clan.
  • Both would get into arguments very easily.
  • Both get into fights with bullies.
  • Both make fun of Naruto by foreshadowing his actual life, but they regret what they say about him in the end and start to respect him more.
  • Both of their birthdays are a day apart. (For Boruto : March 27. Whereas for Sakura : March 28)

Boruto has many similarities with his idol, Uchiha Sasuke.

  • Both are prodigies.
  • Both lived in someone's shadow. (For Boruto : his father. Whereas for Sasuke : his older brother)
  • Both hated that they were being compared to their other relative. (For Boruto : having the villagers believe he will become the Hokage. Whereas for Sasuke : being exactly like Itachi)
  • Both hated one of the their relatives. (For Boruto : his father. Whereas for Sasuke : his older brother)
  • Both act arrogant and anti-social around their teammate. (For Boruto : he does this with Sarada. Whereas for Sasuke : he does this with Naruto)
  • Both of their teammate blames them for not being apart of the team. (For Boruto : he hears Sarada say that he is ruining her chance to achieve her dream goal. Whereas for Sasuke : he hears Naruto blame him for not cooperating)
  • Both mock their teammate's weakness. (For Boruto : he tells Sarada that the hokage is fitted for no love ones. Whereas for Sasuke : he tells Naruto to surpass by getting stronger than him)
  • Both ask their mother a question about their father. (For Boruto : he asks his mother why Naruto is the hokage. Whereas for Sasuke : he asks his mother why Fugaku cares about Itachi more than him)
  • Both questions upset their mother, but they answer them anyway. (For Boruto : his mother tells him that the hokage is important to the village. Whereas for Sasuke : his mother tells him that Fugaku cares about him too even though Itachi is the oldest)
  • However their mothers' second response surprises them the most. (For Boruto : he hears Hinata say that he is different from Naruto. Whereas for Sasuke : he hears Mikoto say that his father talks about him all the time)
  • Both don't act arrogant and anti-social when they are with their family. (However Boruto only does this with his father, whereas Sasuke only acts nervous around his father)
  • Both don't value teamwork, and has a rivalry with someone. (For Boruto : Sarada. Whereas for Sasuke : Naruto)
  • Both can't stand one thing about their rival. (For Boruto : thinking that Sarada is too smart and better at him in everything. Whereas for Sasuke : knowing Naruto's pain of being an orphan, and hates that his rival is dense)
  • Both admire one thing about their rival. (For Boruto : wanting to protect Sarada. Whereas for Sasuke : admiring that Naruto is trying to catch up to his level)
  • Both took the Chunin Exams and defeated their oppenent. (For Boruto : Yurui. Whereas for Sasuke : Yoroi) The only different is that Boruto did it by cheating. Whereas Sasuke won his match fairly.
  • Both witness something that they believe is a tragedy in their life. (For Boruto : seeing Naruto get capture by Momoshiki, while also seeing that he is making the same mistakes that Naruto did at his age. Whereas for Sasuke : seeing his clan killed his older brother, and awakening his Sharingan)
  • Both finally forgive their relative for what happen to them. (For Boruto : forgiving his father for always trying to spend time with him. Whereas for Sasuke : forgiving his older brother after he show him the real reason why his clan died)
  • Also both have a new goal in life after they reconnected with their relative. (For Boruto : wanting to become a shinobi like Sasuke. Whereas for Sasuke : to travel the world while protecting Konoha from the shadows)
  • Both admired their father but felt that they were being neglected by them. (For Boruto : Naruto. Whereas for Sasuke : Fugaku)
  • Both fail to realize that they father loved them and wanted to spend time with them. But they couldn't because of their jobs. (For Boruto : it was because of Naruto's Hokage duties. Whereas for Sasuke : it was because Fugaku was the leader of the Uchiha clan)
  • Both saw their father from their point of view with a different personality after becoming a leader. (For Boruto : he saw Naruto as arrogant and uncaring after he became Hokage. Whereas for Sasuke : he saw Fugaku as stern and aloof while leading the Uchiha clan)
  • Both trained hard to get their father to acknowledge them. (For Boruto : by pulling pranks. Whereas for Sasuke : by learning the Great Fireball technique)
  • Both finally get their father's acknowledgement by mastering a technique. (For Boruto : the Rasengan. Whereas for Sasuke : the Great Fireball technique)
  • Both are seen spending time with their father after they are acknowledge by them. (For Boruto : Fist-bumping with his father. Whereas for Sasuke : talking with his father on the day that his whole clan will be murder)
  • Both have a change of heart, and decide to help their teammate. (For Boruto : helping Sarada if she becomes the Hokage. Whereas for Sasuke : to make sure a new threat doesn't attack the village while Naruto is the Hokage)

Boruto even has many similarities with his #1 rival, Uchiha Sarada.

  • Both were born while Kakashi was still the sixth hokage.
  • Both enrolled into the Ninja Academy after Naruto became hokage.
  • Both look like their father.
  • Both felt like they lived in their fathers' shadow.
  • Both hate to lose.
  • Both spend more time with their mother, compare to the father.
  • Both are close to their mothers by talking to her face to face.
  • Both are considered to be elite ninjas at birth.
  • Both are rivals by arguing with each other. But unlike their fathers, they reconcile without doing physical confrontation.
  • Both grew up feeling neglected by their fathers. (For Boruto : it was because of Naruto's Hokage duties. Whereas for Sarada : It was due to Sasuke being on a mission for many years)
  • Both asked their mother tough questions about their father which led for their mother to be upset with them. (For Boruto : he asks Hinata why did his father had to be hokage, and that he is lucky to be an orphan. This question makes his mother sad, but she tells him that he is grateful to have a father. Whereas for Sarada : she asks Sakura if her father wore glasses, and if he is truly marry to her. This question leds for her mother to angrily smash the ground, but she tells her that their feelings are connected to her father)
  • However both of their mothers' answers don't convince them and they decide to do something about it. (For Boruto : he decides to throw out his father's old jacket after finding it in his study room. Whereas for Sarada : she decides to look for him after finding his old group photo inside her mother's picture frame)
  • Both feel guilty for how they saw their father protect them, and make amends with him after the battle. (For Boruto : he fist bumps with his father before doing his mission. Whereas for Sarada : she talks to him during her first dinner with him at her side)
  • Both also make up with their mother after they reconcile with their father. (For Boruto : he gets his jacket knitted by his mother, but tells her that he likes his jacket being torn. Whereas for Sarada : she gets hugged by her mother after defeating the shin clones, but tells her that she understands emotions)
  • Both use a different catchphrase from one of their parents. (For Boruto : Dattebasa. Whereas for Sarada : Shannaroyo)
  • Both get along with one member of Ino-Shika-Cho. (For Boruto : Shikadai. Whereas for Sarada : Chocho)
  • However both get annoy about what their friend does when they are with them. (For Boruto : he gets annoy that Shikadai doesn't went to pull pranks with him, but also gets annoy when Shikdai tells his father's shadow clone where he is hiding after he does a prank. Whereas for Sarada : she gets annoy when Chocho complains about her dad training her, but also gets angry when Chocho wants to take a break from running)
  • Both are the children of pupils of a Sannin. (For Boruto : his father was trained by Jiraiya. Whereas for Sarada : her father was trained by Orochimaru and her mother was trained by Tsunade)
  • Both are well-respected in the village for their clans' reputations, and both of their parents' actions during the war. (However for Boruto : he grew up enjoying the luxury of the Hyuga and Uzumaki clan while being constantly reminded of his father's heroic deeds. Whereas for Sarada : she grew up knowing nothing about the Uchiha clan's dark past, but was bullied for her father being a traitor)
  • Both are capable of shurikenjutsu and Lightning Release. (though Boruto says Sarada is better than him in this field due to her Uchiha lineage)
  • Both are members of one of the most powerful clans in Konoha. (For Boruto : the Uzumaki clan, which is known for is specialty in Summoning jutsu, remarkable healing abilities, and possessing the Nine Tails. Along with the Hyuga clan, which is deemed the current most powerful clan in the village. Whereas for Sarada : the Uchiha clan, which co-founded the village)
  • Both don't know anything about their extended family members, and have a large surrogate family consisting of their parents' friends and mentors. (For Boruto : he spends no time with his other Hyuga family members because his uncle Neji die during the war. However he does visits his grandpa Hiashi and aunt Hanabi, but mostly spends time with Iruka because his father looks up to him. Whereas for Sarada : the Uchiha clan was killed by her uncle Itachi who later died while fighting her father. Therefore she only spends time with Kakashi because he use to have the Sharingan)
  • Both learned a technique that is a specialty to their parents. (For Boruto : the Rasengan from his father and the Gentle Fist from his mother. Whereas for Sarada : Fire Release from her father and Chakra Enhanced Strength from her mother)
  • Both gained their clan's eye abilities. (For Boruto : the Byakugan from his mother, though he possesses it in his left eye. Whereas for Sarada : the Sharingan from her father)
  • Both are named after a relative who died before they were born. (For Boruto : his uncle Neji. Whereas for Sarada : her uncle Itachi)
  • Both don't know that their late uncle had a dark past. (For Boruto : he doesn't know that his uncle Neji had the Cage Bird seal on his forehead. Whereas for Sarada : she doesn't know that her uncle Itachi was a pacifist criminal)
  • Both are intelligent. (For Boruto : knowing the difference between a actual Panda and a bear. Whereas for Sarada : reading books)
  • Both call each other names whenever they are next to each other. (For Boruto : he calls Sarada "Megane". Whereas for Sarada : she calls Boruto "Baka")
  • Both can't stand one thing about their rival. (For Boruto : thinking that Sarada is too smart and better at him in everything. Whereas for Sarada : thinking that Boruto is special because he has Naruto in his life)
  • Both like one thing about each other. (For Boruto : he admires the fact that he wants to protect her. Whereas for Sarada : she admires Boruto's eyes)
  • Both want to be like their fathers' rival. (For Boruto : he wants to become a great ninja like Sasuke. Whereas for Sarada : she wants to be like Naruto by having the dream goal to become Hokage)
  • Both learn about Orochimaru. (For Boruto : he finds out that the sannin is Mitsuki's father. Whereas for Sarada : she met him after she met her father)

Boruto has some similarities with Goofy's son, Max Goof.

  • Both are their fathers only son.
  • Both look like their father, but have different hairstyles from them.
  • Both dislike being protected by their father.
  • Both try not to act like their father.
  • Both have the same personality. (Both : kind, caring, honest, selfish and energetic)
  • Both of their mothers are present before they get older. (The only difference is that Boruto's mother is alive. Whereas Max's mother die before his childhood)
  • Both have two best friends. (For Boruto : Shikadai and Inojin. Whereas for Max : PJ and Bobby)
  • Both have a crush on someone. (For Boruto : Sarada. Whereas for Max : Roxanne)
  • Both have a strained relationship with their father. (For Boruto : due to Naruto being Hokage. Whereas for Max : due to Goofy being clumsy)
  • Both did a prank. (For Boruto : so he can spend time with Naruto. Whereas for Max : so he can impress Roxanne)
  • Both did something that made their father very angry with them. (For Boruto : using the Kote to cheat during the finals of the Chunin exams. Whereas for Max : switching the location on the map so he go to LA instead of Lake Destiny)
  • Both lashed out at their father for ruining their life. (For Boruto : by telling Naruto that he never has the time to lecture him, and that if he would have notice it sooner then he would had never ended up in a stitution like this. Whereas for Max : telling Goofy that he is not a little kid anymore, and that he has his own life now)
  • Both witness a tradegy in their life. (For Boruto : seeing Naruto get capture by Momoshiki. Whereas for Max : seeing Goofy fall from a waterfall)
  • Both saved their fathers life. (For Boruto : cutting Naruto free from a tree. Whereas for Max : using a fishing rod to grab Goofy by his pants)
  • Both make amends with their father. (For Boruto : by telling Naruto that he is alright with things remaining the same, and now just wants to hear about his past. Whereas for Max : by telling Goofy that he has a crush on Roxanne, and had lied to her about them knowing Powerline)
  • Both make amends with their true love. (For Boruto : by helping Sarada if she becomes the Hokage. Whereas for Max : by dating Roxanne after telling her the truth about him not knowing Powerline)

Boruto has many similarities with Jade Chan from Jackie Chan Adventures.

  • Both are short.
  • Both wear shoes without socks.
  • Both rush into things without thinking.
  • Both hate following the rules.
  • Both have a device that they use. (For Boruto : the Kote. Whereas for Jade : a cellphone)
  • Both can't stand hearing lectures. (For Boruto : about being a ninja. Whereas for Jade : about tough wisdom facts)
  • Both have a relative that doesn't know how to handle them. (For Boruto : Naruto. Whereas for Jade : Jackie)
  • Both have the same personality. (Both : energetic, kind, adventurous, stubborn and smart)
  • Both live with someone that they hated at first. (For Boruto : Naruto, his father. Whereas for Jade : Jackie, her uncle)
  • Both have a friend that annoys them. (For Boruto : Sarada. Whereas for Jade : Paco)
  • Both argue with their friend. (For Boruto : telling Sarada about the difference between a panda and a actual bear. Whereas for Jade : telling Paco about Jacke being the greatest instead of El Toro Fuerte)
  • Both tell stories that are true. (For Boruto : believing that Sasuke is the other Hokage. Whereas for Jade : that Jackie is a great martial artist)
  • Both follow into someone's footsteps when they get older. (For Boruto : becoming a ninja like Sasuke. Whereas for Jade : being a leader like Captain Black by protecting a secret agent organization)

Boruto even has similarities with Nemo from Finding Nemo & Finding Dory.

  • Both are their fathers only son.
  • Both have the same personality. (Both : sweet, kind, caring, respectful and doubtful)
  • Both get annoy by their father. (For Boruto : by not paying attention to him. Whereas for Nemo : by being protected all the time)
  • Both have a mother. (For Boruto : Hinata, who is alive. Whereas for Nemo : Coral, who is dead)
  • Both have siblings. (For Boruto : Himawari, who is his only sibling that lives with him and his parents. Whereas for Nemo : all his other siblings die alongwith his mother, which makes him and father the only two living members of their family)
  • Both disobeyed their father. (For Boruto : by cheating with the Kote. Whereas for Nemo : swimming to the surface by touching a boat)
  • Both yelled at their father. (For Boruto : by blaming him for being in a situation like this. Whereas for Nemo : blaming him for not letting him swim too very well)
  • Both feel bad for disobeying their father. (The only difference is that Boruto's disobedience led for Naruto to get kidnapped. Whereas Nemo's disobedience led for himself to get kidnapped)
  • Both meet someone that they admire. (For Boruto : he meets Sasuke. Whereas for Nemo : he meets Gill)
  • Both reconcile with their father later on. (For Boruto : by wanting things to remain the same, and to just hear about Naruto's past. Whereas for Nemo : by learning that sea turtles are a different age than what he had expected)
  • Both go on an adventure that is a experience for them. (For Boruto : by fighting Momoshiki. Whereas for Nemo : helping Dory reunite with her parents)

Boruto has many similarities with Kazui Kurosaki from Bleach.

Boruto has some similarities with Young Simba from The Lion King.

Boruto has many similarities with Sonia the Hedgehog from Sonic Underground.

  • Both hate getting their clothes dirty.
  • Both have the theme of Magenta.
  • Both was raised with luxury and wealth.
  • Both tend to be quite high maintenance, spoiled and snotty.
  • Both appear to be selfish, but are generally good natured and helps those that are in need.
  • Both are intelligent, the most responsible and the most levelheaded.
  • Both do not hesitate in taking on any threat or challenge that they may encounter.
  • Both often come out on top.
  • Both like to think things through.
  • Both think of their siblings as nothing more than pains.
  • Both like to use technology.
  • Both have a hatred for people that steal from the rich, and give to the poor.
  • Both speak like a girl. (For Boruto : in the English version only. Whereas for Sonia : in the Japanese version and English version)
  • Both wear dark colors. (For Boruto : black and magenta. Whereas for Sonia : red and black)
  • Both want the attention of their famous parent. (For Boruto : his father. Whereas for Sonia: her mother)
  • Both have someone that is in love with them. (For Boruto : Sumire. Whereas for Sonia : Knuckles)
  • Both have a black voice actor that is famous. (For Boruto : his voice actress Amanda Miller is famous for playing Sailor Jupiter. Whereas for Sonia : her voice actor Jaleel White is famous for playing Steve Urkel)

Boruto has many similarities with Himura Kenshin's son, Himura Kenji from Rurouni Kenshin.

Voice Actresses

  • Japanese : Kokoro Kikuchi (NSM7), Yuko Sanpei (all media)
  • English : Maile Flanagan (NSM7 & NSUNS4), Amanda C. Miller (all media)

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