I admire how Boruto sounds in Japanese. But how he sounds in the English version now is just lame and it sucks. It's like vomitting whenever you hear his voice. Here's why I like his original English voice better than his current English voice. Many fans liked how Maile Flanagan played Boruto in the previous video game (Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4). She's consider the original Boruto. Since she sounded like a guy, along with being high pitch and expressed emotion while voicing Boruto. As of today, many fans (mostly on YouTube) hate how Amanda Miller currently plays the character. Because she sounds like a girl instead of a guy, and doing the character with less emotion. But seriously Stephanie Nadolny would had been a great choice instead of Miller. Since Nadolny is known for playing young Goku & young Gohan! Or they could have gotten Johnny Yong Bosch to voice Boruto! Another choice is that they could have let Maile play Boruto, and just find a older male to voice adult Naruto (An example Sean Schemmel). That way it could have been like the English version of DBZ.

Due to this many fans had to play the game in the Japanese version, along with watching the movie in Japanese because they found out that Boruto (voiced by Yuko Sanpei) sounds better in Japanese. Since many fans hate how Amanda Miller doesn't play Boruto correctly, or as they say "doesn't fit his character". Now they considered her to be officially recasted.

Yep Maile 4 the win! (Yay)!!! Along with Yuko Sanpei for doing him in Japanese! But Amanda Miller sucks officially. 😡