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Tea Gardner aka Anzu Mazaki in the Japanese version of the anime series and in the manga.


In the Funimation Uncut English version, she is known as Tea Mazaki. Tea is a main character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters anime series. She is the childhood best friend of Yugi Muto. Tea does not usually play games with Yugi, and his friends. But in the beginning of the anime, she could beat Joey Wheeler in Duel Monsters, and was later on shown to be more than competent against others. Tea is also very good at dancing, and wants to be a professional dancer when she grows up. She finally achieved her dream several months later after the ceremonial battle.


Tea Gardner was born on the day of August 18th to two unknown parents. During her early childhood, Tea first met Yugi Muto in elementary school however what age they were and what grade they were in was unknown, and is never mentioned at all in the series. He gave her a handheld game, in which she got engrossed in. However after spending a lot of time playing it, she did not get any better, and she had angrily smashed the game completely out of frustration. Yugi laughed at the ordeal upon seeing this, and had brought her an easier game to play the next day. When she and Yugi enter Domino City high school. Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor would bully Yugi, but Tea would tell them off and scare the boys after they bully Yugi, in which Joey and Tristan would leave the classroom. Tea then learns that Yugi was trying to complete the Millennium Puzzle, and she also learned that the Millennium Puzzle was from Egypt. After learning that Yugi had stood up for Joey and Tristan, when they were all attacked by Tetsu Trudge Ushio. Including that Joey and Tristan came to be Yugi's friends after the said incident. Along with Joey recovering the final piece of the Puzzle in which had made Yugi finally solve the Millennium Puzzle, and therefore Tea became good friends with Joey and Tristan after this incident too.

When Tea was working at a restaurant call Burgerpalooza, Yugi and Joey suspected she was prostituting herself and followed just to find out that she was working there. She mostly feared that if they told (mostly Joey in the Japanese version), then she would get expelled as it's against school rules for students to have part-time jobs. (In the English version, she worried about getting fired, as they could have revealed that she was under 18, the real required age to work there) After the boys sat down talking at a table. She then splattered their burgers in ketchup, warning them not to tell. They told her that they did not even know she worked there, and they promised to her that they wouldn't say a word about her job. She admitted that she was working there only to raise money so she can go to New York City to study ballet dancing, because she wants to become a great dancer. But she was shock to find out that they encouraged her to follow her dream instead of mocking her.

Yugi later on found Tea in an abandon warehouse, being filmed by a male pervert, who threatened to reveal that she was working at Burgerpalooza. (In the English version, he was a mugger who tricked her by writing a note, by pretending Yugi and Joey had given her a dance studio) Yugi tackled the man down, but got thrown against a wall. Tea was also knocked unconscious after trying to attack him. Yami Yugi rescued her by challenging the mugger to Duel Monsters. He told him that if he lost, he'd decide his fate. The mugger thought Yami was crazy, but accepted the challenge anyway after Yami asked if he was afraid. The mugger drew "Curse of Dragon" (2000) but Yami had drew "Dark Magician" (2500). Not caring about the outcome, the mugger attempted to beat Yami up, but before he could lay a hand on the Pharaoh, Yami Yugi used the Penalty Game, Mind Crush on the mugger. When Tea regained consciousness, Yami told her that she wouldn't have to worry about the mugger anymore. (In the Japanese version, Yami Yugi told her that a demon was running around while she was asleep.) Tea on the other hand was shock to see Yugi's alter ego for the very time, while wondering how this person in front of her could be the same Yugi she knows.


At the beginning of the manga, Tea Gardner has a spunky, tomboyish type of personality. She was able to scare away Joey and Tristan after they had bully Yugi. She's very kind hearted, strong willed and supportive of others. In the Duel Monsters anime series, she and Tristan are basically cheerleaders for Yugi and Joey. She is known among hardcore fans for her "friendship speeches". Tea cares about friendship a lot, and keeps the group together. She always stands up for what she believes in, and will do anything to help her friends. However she later on hates being late for school and if she is late she has Yugi do her homework for her for a month.

Tea is also shown to have a temper that is able to scare Joey and Tristan. She also dislike girls that get more attention such as Rebecca, and Vivlan Wong. Nevertheless she does have a great friendship with Mai Valentine, Serenity Wheeler and Rebecca Hawkins. Tea is also shown to care about others well beings such as Yugi, Yami Yugi, Mokuba and Joey. But mostly Yugi and Yami Yugi's well being. It's reveal that she has a crush on Yugi and Yami Yugi, but can't decide who she likes more. But it is hinted in the series that she likes them both even if they are separate beings.

Her phrase when refering to going to USA is "Deta Toko Shoubu!" (出たトコ勝負!).

Later on before going to USA she start dating older men for money behind the back of Yugi because she realized the money she made working part time would never be enough to live in USA and fullfill her dream.

Some months later after the ceremonial battle, Tea started her career as an exotic dancer in USA. Takahashi considered this to be Tea at her cutest. She also starts to encourage everyone's dream goals instead of her own. However she still get annoy by seeing Joey and Tristan arguing. Ironically she tries to stop the arguments but to no success at that point her relation with Yugi was mostly at distance and she was working as a exotic dancer and dating 4 kokujin keeping everything quiet from Yugi.


Tea Gardner's character design was overseen by Kazuki Takahashi.

In the manga, Tea originally had a conventional, short hairstyle. Her first color image, as seen in Duel 1, featured dark brown hair, thick eyebrows, pale skin and amber eyes. As Takahashi continued drawing the manga, Tea gained more feminine and "cute" facial features. Her hair style became longer, and less conventional. Color images from Volume 3 and onwards portray her hair as a lighter brown color. Sometimes her eyes are blue and sometimes they are reddish brown. In the final volume of the manga, Tea's hair touches her shoulders. The standard female Domino High School uniform, Tea's usual outfit, consists of a pink coat, a white oxford shirt, a blue tie, and a blue pleated skirt.

In the Season 0 anime, her hair and eyes are of a reddish brown color. Her school uniform color differs; her coat is orange while her tie and skirt are green. In the amusement park episode, she wore a light-green bikini. In the Duel Monsters anime, she has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. On occasions she wore the school uniform colored in the same manner as in the manga. Her brown shoulder-length hair is sectioned into two layers, consisting of a darker shade of brown inner layer, with the outer layer of a lighter shade.

During the first season of the Duel Monsters anime, her usual outfit is comprised of a yellow shirt, which flows like a skirt at her thighs, with a pink waistcoat over it, and a blue mini-skirt. A pair of brown knee-high boots completed the rest of her outfit. In the second and third season, her clothes consists of a light green sleeveless buttoned shirt with yellow collar, pink and blue bracelets, navy shorts with a light blue belt, white thigh-high socks, and blue platform sandals. She also wears a yellow tank-top with the word "SPIRIT" on it (which was removed from the English version) and a red skirt on occasion in the second season. She also wears another set of clothes: yellow tube-top, light pink shorts, black thigh-high socks, red platform sandals, and pink jacket. In the fourth and fifth season she wears a dark sleeveless shirt, a red skirt and a pair of white high-heeled boots.

A few months after the ceremonial battle, Tea's hair style is diferent. But she has two bangs in the front of hair, while she has the back side of her hair in a ponytail while wearing clothes more sexy like shorter school uniform or miniskirt with high heels and sexy tops

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Manga

In high school one day during lunchtime. Tea Gardner become fed up playing basketball with the boys, who were trying to look up the girls' skirts, so she returned to her classroom. Here she caught Yugi's Millennium Puzzle box that Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor were throwing around and told them off for bullying him. After they left, Yugi told Tea that he had been working on the Millennium Puzzle for eight years and that it was a memento of his grandfather. Tea went to Yugi's house after school. She was surprised to find his grandfather was actually alive and put off when he commented on her bust size.

After Yugi became friends with Joey, Tea started to spend time with Joey too. When a ZTV van arrived at their school, she argued with Joey for spreading rumors of there being a star at their school and his choice to make money selling pictures of them. When Tristan and Joey lifted her skirt with a t-square, she punched Joey in the face.

Going against school rules, Tea secretly got a part time job at Burger World to earn money to attend a dance school in New York. Yugi and Joey noted suspicious behavior on her behalf, which Joey suspected was a result of her dating older men for pay. They followed her to Burger World after school one day. There Tea served them burgers, but squirted a message onto the burgers, in ketchup, warning them not to tell. An escaped convict entered the restaurant and took Tea hostage. While she was blindfolded, Yugi was forced to serve the convict a drink and Lucky Stripe cigarettes. But Yami Yugi took control and played one finger BATTLE! with the convict. To Tea, his voice sounded like Yugi's, but he was much too confident and dangerous to be Yugi. Yami Yugi defeated the convict and saved Tea. Not knowing who her rescuer was, Tea developed a crush on him and wanted to find out his identity.

The alleged psychic Kokurano tried to seduce Tea, by reading her future telling her how she would meet a wonderful man, who would reveal himself to her and she would swoon before him in love. Tea hoped that this would be the man who saved her at Burger World. However, Kokurano tried to make himself the man from the prediction and caused Tea to swoon, by knocking her out with a bottle of chloroform. Yami Yugi learned how Kokurano was in the habit of making his predictions come true and rushed to Tea's rescue. Using the bottle, Yammi Yugi defeated him in Paper Crash!.

Tea was class representative as her class prepared for the school festival. She took suggestions from other students as to what they should do and decided to go with Yugi's Carnival Games idea. She managed to win the most popular spot at the festival in a lottery. As they built the booth, she assigned Joey the role of playing Bluebeard in their life size Pop-up Pirate, despite his wishes. Goro Inogashira tried to steal the spot for his class and tore down the Carnival Games booth. When Yugi saw Tea cry over this, he changed to Yami Yugi and won the spot back in a Shadow Game, Griddle Ice Hockey, against Goro.

Yugi and Solomon introduced Tea to Duel Monsters at the Kame Game shop.

When Joey mysteriously missed a day of school, Tea admitted that it was lonely without him. So she helped Tristan and Yugi look for him later. They later spotted him with Hirutani's gang attacking someone outside the American Club. After Joey denied knowing Yugi and didn't react when one of the gangsters punched Yugi, Tea told Joey that he was the worst. Tea tended to Yugi's injury later, while Tristan told them about Joey's past with Hirutani. The three agreed that Joey wasn't back with Hirutani by choice and went after the gang. They spotted a member and Tristan interrogated him into telling them that Hirutani forced Joey to rejoin the gang by threatening to beat-up everyone in his class. The trio split-up to search for Joey after finding out there had been a fight among the gang. Tea and Tristan later caught with Joey after he had been rescued from the gang by Yami Yugi.

Yugi invited Tea, Joey and Tristan to The Art of Egypt exhibition in Domino City Museum. Tea worried Joey, who was fearful of curses, by pointing out that Yugi's Millennium Puzzle, which was also from Egypt was said to be cursed as the archaeologists who uncovered it died mysterious deaths, according to Yugi's grandfather. At the exhibition, Tea and her friends were shown around by Professor Yoshimori, who told them about the Weighing of the Heart after Tea took interest in papyrus depicting it. Yoshimori's friend Curator Kanekura died a sudden suspicious death on the day of the exhibition, leading for Tea and Joey to accompany Yugi and his grandfather as they visited Yoshimori to cheer him up. Shadi, the man responsible for Kanekura's death was also looking to punish Yoshimori for taking treasures from the pharaoh's tomb.

However seeking to challenge Yami Yugi, he "redecorated" Yoshimori's soul room and had him attack Yugi's friends. Tea stopped Yoshimori from choking Joey by walloping him in the head with a globe. Shadi entered Tea's soul room in an attempt to coax Yami Yugi into taking control of Yugi. Inside he saw items that represented Tea's dream of becoming a dancer in New York and a photo of a hero, whose face was blank. Shadi redecorated her soul to use her in a Shadow Game against Yami Yugi.

Tea was suspended on a bridge of life supported by three ushebti, which break when a weakness is detected in Yugi's heart. A fourth ushebti, which breaks when a weakness is detected in Shadi's heart, held the Millennium Key. Yugi's ushetbi breaking would result in Tea being sent to her death, while breaking Shadi's would slide the Millennium Key to Tea and return her to normal. Yami Yugi passed a series of tests Shadi threw at him, although he let three ushebti break in the process. The rope from the fourth began to break, but Joey appeared under the bridge and held it up. From Joey's action and how Yami Yugi passed the last test, Shadi was surprised by how the friends help and support each other, causing his ushetbi to break and return Tea to normal. Yugi and Joey helped Tea back onto the building, after which Tea and Joey noticed Yugi had been acting different, but Yami Yugi relinquished control to Yugi when they approached him about this.

When Digital Pets became popular, Tea got one which she called Peachy. She also lectured Kujirada on how he shouldn't disrespect other people's Digital Pets, because they aren't a hidden character, like his. Peachy later fells victim to Kujirada's pet after Kujirada swiped it from Tea to feed it to his.

Tea was fired from Burger World, after she punched a customer, who touched her rear. She then got a job at Kaiba Land, where she had to work at the Stardust Shootout. While working here, she met Yugi, Joey, Tristan and Tristan's baby nephew Johji, during Death-T and learned how Seto Kaiba was trying to kill Yugi in his theme park. Tristan got Tea to mind Johji, who disliked the boys, but admired Tea, in a perverted sense. Since Kaiba rigged the game, Yugi and his friends laser guns were duds. The staff were unaware that Tea was their friend, so she had been given a functional gun. Using her gun and hiding Johji on his back, Tristan was able to take out the remaining opposition. In exchange for Johji's help, Tristan had promised him a bath with Tea, which she outright refused.

Tea and her friends enter the Horror Zone for Death T-2. Here they were greeted by Kaiba's butler, who took them to the Electric Chair Ride, which was to take them to the Murderer's Mansion. Tea, Yugi, Joey, Tristan and the butler were strapped into electric chairs on the ride, while Johji sat on Tea's lap. The butler controlled a series of terrors along the ride aimed at making the riders scream and if anyone screamed they would be electrocuted to death. At one part of the ride, mechanical hands came out of Tea's chair and groped her body, bringing her close to screaming. Seeing the danger Tea was in, Johji got off her lap, crawled back to the butler and defecated his lap, causing him to scream and get electrocuted. With the butler unable to control more terrors, the group arrived at the mansion safely.

Inside the Murderer's Mansion, as the group searched for an exit, they were greeted by a projection of Kaiba. He warned them that the serial killer, the Chopman, was in the mansion and pointed them to four holes in a wall. He explained that each hole had a button at the opposite side and in order to escape they would have to put their hands in the holes and press the right switch. Tea, Yugi, Joey and Tristan did so, but then had their hands strapped in place and were shown that they were now strapped to a guillotine, whose blade would drop after five minutes or if the wrong button was pressed. Yugi managed to solve the bllood puzzle just in time and told Tea to press her button, freeing their hands.

Before the group exited the mansion, Johji was taken captive by the Chopman, but Joey saved him and the group moved on to Death T-3. The gang entered an empty room. As nothing happened for a while, Tea, Yugi, Tristan and Joey reflected on how their lives had changed by meeting each other. Tea asked them to hold out their hands as she drew a smiley face on them. If they ended up taking separate paths in life, Tea told them to remember the symbol and they would remember being friends.

When the stage's game, Rhythm Rock, started a number of blocks began to fall from the ceiling. Having studied dance patterns, Tea noticed a rhythm to how the blocks were falling. With this, she was able to predict where the next blocks were about to fall and warn the others. As the room filled up with blocks, the gang climbed up on top of them and passed Johji, who had fallen asleep around. Tea, Yugi, Joey and Johji made it out through a hole in the wall high above the ground, but Tristan got trapped in and was left behind. Upset over what happened to Tristan, Yugi admitted to Tea and Joey that he thought there was another Yugi inside him; Ever since he solved the Millennium Puzzle, there had been times when he blacked out and the other him took over. He had been afraid to tell his friends, as he feared they might leave him if they knew. However Tea and Joey promised that they would always be friends with Yugi.

Tea knowingly saw Yami Yugi for the first time, as he prepared to face Mokuba in a game of Capsule Monster Chess in Death T-4. Joey and Tea were held there at gun point, during this stage. After Yami Yugi won, they were taken to the Dome Duel Arena to watch him face Kaiba in a game of Duel Monsters in Death T-5. During the duel, Yami Yugi grew afraid that was going to lose, but then remembered the smiley face that Tea had drawn. He imagined his friends being with him and was able to overcome his fear. As Tea celebrated Yami Yugi's win, she wondered which Yugi she should be thinking won, but decided it did not matter and that Yugi is no longer the scared little boy he once was. Tea, Joey and Johji were still held at gunpoint, until Tristan showed up and saved them with the help of Mokuba. Before Mokuba left, Tea asked him why Kaiba had planned this elaborate revenge and he told her how Kaiba had changed since they were adopted by Gozaburo Kaiba.

After Tea became aware of Yami Yugi's existence, she gave a Lovely Two love compatibility tester, to Yugi. Initially it got no reading, suggesting that they were not romantically compatible. That day, the teacher Tsuruoka confiscated Yugi's Lovely Two and called Yugi, Joey and Tristan unskilled slackers. Yami Yugi emerged and disagreed that they have skills, arguing that he had never lost a game. Tsuruoka then imposed a game, Find the Keyring!, where he hid the Lovely Two somewhere in the school and gave Yugi and his friends one hour to find it or face expulsion. Tea became bashful, seeing Yami Yugi, but handed him her love tester, thinking it might be of some use. Yami Yugi brought her tester into close proximity of where he thought Yugi's was hidden and switched it on. Tea closed her eyes and begged the Lovely Two to react. This time it worked. The noise it made, exposed the location of Yugi's tester; under Tsuruoka's wig.

Tea, Yugi and Tristan sat in the studio audience when Joey took part in the TV game show, The Get the Million Game.

Solomon was showing the ancient Egyptian game, dogs and jackals to Tea, Yugi and Joey when Imori arrived at the store to inquire about a jar and box he had found sealed-up. Solomon explained that the Chinese game Dragon Cards was inside and warned not to break the seal, as it would cause yin and yang to clash, creating a warped power. Tea confessed that hearing that made her want to break the seal.

During the summer vacation, Tea invited Yugi to come to Domino Park. On the way, she was frustrated by Yugi being more interested in a newspaper than her. As they entered the park, Yugi tried asking Tea if they were on a date, but was interrupted by the ticket attendant, who mistook him as being grade school age. Tea suggested that they first go to pool. They went down a water slide together and Yugi blushed at the sight of her in a bikini. While sunbathing, Tea looked at Yugi and thought he had changed into Yami Yugi. However as he chased after a boy who squirted him with a water gun, she realized that it was just her imagination, as the regular Yugi behaved like a child. As she wondered what she could do to make Yami Yugi appear, a boy tried hitting on her. Tea then decided that Yami Yugi might appear if she made it look like she was in danger. So screamed for help, accusing the boy who was hitting on her of being a pervert. However a bunch of boys came over and started punching him before Yugi arrived. Tea then grabbed Yugi's wrist and fled the scene.

Yugi and Tea rode the roller coaster together and as they thought about what to ride next, they noticed the police were present. An evacuation of the park was ordered after a bomb scare. Tea saw this as a chance to make Yami Yugi appear. She got separated from him in the crowd on got the ferris wheel, not knowing that the bomber had planted bombs in each car on it. Yami Yugi emerged and aided the police by playing a game of clock solitaire that the bomber had set up to determine which bombs would go off. Yami Yugi managed to end the game before any of the bombs in cars containing people were detonated. When Tea got off the ride, much to Yami Yugi's annoyance she happily took his arm, and suggested that they get back to their date.

Tea, along with Yugi, Tristan and Joey befriended Ryo Bakura the day he transferred to Domino High School. She learned about the tabletop role-playing game Monster World from Bakura and Yugi. Joey then suggested that they all play Monster World the next day. However after school, Bakura warned them that people who have played games with him have mysteriously wound up in comas, so he advised against them playing with him. Bakura did not attend school the next day. So suspecting he was upset, Tea, Yugi, Joey and Tristan went to his apartment to cheer him up. They hoped to play Monster World to prove that the coma incidents were just a coincidence. Unbeknownst to them, Bakura became possessed by Yami Bakura, who was happy to play with them and secretly turned the game into a Shadow Game. Yami Bakura explained more of the rules to Monster World and helped the others create their character miniatures. Tea's avatar was an elf magician, similar in appearance to her. She, Yugi, Joey and Tristan played the adventurers in the game, while Yami Bakura played the Dark Master.

The adventurers quickly discovered that he had little idea what to do in the game, so Tea suggested that they go to the village to get information. Tea was curious about how it sounded like the villagers were really talking and asked if there was a speaker in the diorama, but Yugi theorized that Bakura was throwing his voice. She became even more curious when Karita's miniature seemed to speak. The adventurers learned from the village that the area had been taken over and terrorized by the Dark Lord, Zorc. Deciding to try and defeat Zorc, they were given directions to his castle and advised to stay out of the forest.

Outside the village, the adventurers encountered Zorc disguised as a man, lying motionless on the ground. Not knowing who he was, Tea felt sorry for him and suggested that they help him. Zorc acted afraid and claimed to have been attacked in the forest by monsters, who stole the holy sword, capable of defeating Zorc, that he had been delivering to the village hero. As the group contemplated helping him retrieve the sword, Tea reminded them that they had been told to stay out of the village. The group finally decided to help him, but on entering the forest discovered that the rate of random enemy encounters had went up to 80%.

Yami Bakura needed to roll below 20 for the group to encounter monsters. With lower rolls resulting in stronger monsters, the 05 caused five strong monsters to appear before them. Honda defeated Beega, Yugi tamed Pokii and Anzu rolled a 00, which was a super critical hit, allowing her to use top level magic and destroy the three remaining monsters at once. Zorc transformed into his true form and revealed that he had deceived the adventurers. Yami Bakura rolled a super critical for Zorc, allowing him to use his "Mind Doll" ability to seal Tea's soul in her miniature. In the next round of turns, Joey, Tristan and Yugi each became sealed in their miniatures too, leaving Yami Yugi to roll for the four of them.

Yami Yugi got Tristan to shoot off Zorc's left hand, which mutated into monsters. Zorc retreated to his castle, while his offspring battled the adventurers. After the battle, the adventurers followed Zorc to his castle, where they quickly got trapped inside a tower, with the ceiling dropped on their heads. In order to escape the needed to complete a support pillar before their bodies shattered under the pressure. Zorc also attacked the adventurers while they were defenseless. Yami Yugi managed to complete the pillar in time for the adventurers to dodge a second attack from Zorc. Having caught Zorc off guard, the adventurers won initiative. By channeling their anger into the dice, Yami Yugi rolled low numbers, allowing the adventurers to use powerful attacks. However due to Zorc's high level, this had little effect on him. Yami Bakura rolled a super critical using brainwashed dice. Zorc then attacked the adventurers with an attack that should reduce their HP to 0. However Ryo Bakura, who had taken control of Yami Bakura's left hand after Zorc's amputation, recalculated the damage, so that the adventurers each had 1 HP.

On Tea's next turn, she healed the party. Yami Bakura claimed it did not matter, as Zorc's next attack would still destroy them. However Bakura took his next roll, causing him to roll a fumble, making Zorc's attack backfire. Yami Bakura's reaction led Tea and her friends to believe he was not the Bakura they had befriended earlier. Yugi then extracted that Bakura's avatar, the White Wizard Bakura from Zorc's wounded wrist. Wizard Bakura aided the party in battling Zorc. When the party were on low HP, he advised Tea against healing them again, insisting it would not be enough and they needed to defeat Zorc quickly. Tea and Last Zorc tied for initiative on the final turn. Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura both rolled super criticals, but Bakura managed to destroy Yami Bakura's dice, letting Tea attack and defeat Zorc. After the game, Tea and her friends were returned to normal.

Tea took up playing Duel Monsters and defeated Joey in a duel at school. Later that day, the two of them went to Yugi's house to watch the final of the Japanese National Duel Monsters Championship. Afterwards they watched a videotape, that Maximillion J. Pegasus sent Yugi. Pegasus was able to duel Yami Yugi from the tape, despite claiming to be a prerecording. Yami Yugi suspected Pegasus was using subliminal messaging to tell him what cards to play, so he checked to see if Tea, Joey and Solomon were affected too, by asking them to guess what card he played. Tea and Solomon both guessed something skeleton-like, which was what Yami Yugi's instinct had told him. When Yami Yugi lost the duel, Tea witnessed Solomon's soul being sucked from his body into the videotape.

At school the next day, Tea, Yugi and Joey told Tristan and Bakura what Pegasus had done. From their conversation, she was alarmed to learn that Bakura still carried the Millennium Ring around in his bag. After school, the group went to Yugi's house to watch a videotape, Joey had been mailed. Before watching it, Yugi showed them the invitation to the Duelist Kingdom tournament, he had received in the mail from Pegasus. They feared Joey's tape was sent by Pegasus, but it turned out to be self-recording of Joey's sister, Serenity Wheeler. Tea was previously unaware that Joey had a sister, and sympathized on learning that she was going blind.

Yugi and Joey both entered the Duelist Kingdom tournament, to save Solomon and use the prize money to fund an eye operation for Serenity. They were accompanied by Tea, Tristan and Bakura. At the Domino Pier, Tea was disgusted by Mai Valentine, who patronized Yugi, yet easily won the approval of Yugi, Joey and Tristan, who were charmed by her femininity. On the boat ride, Tea spent the night on the common room floor, with her companions.

When the ship arrived at the Duelist Kingdom island, Tea, Tristan and Bakura stuck with Yugi and Joey, despite not being contestants in the tournament. The group watched Yami Yugi duel and defeat Weevil Underwood. During the duel, Mai's analysis greatly annoyed Tea. Mai also mocked Yugi's friends cheering, saying it made no difference, despite Tea's claims that Yami Yugi would hear their feelings and win.

Joey was later challenged to a Duel by Mai. Knowing that Mai was a more skilled player, Tea tried to talk Joey out of accepting and pleaded with Yami Yugi to do the same. However Joey and Yami Yugi both thought he should accept. Mai dominated the first few turns of the duel and challenged Tea to prove what she said earlier about helping a Duelist win by letting them hear their friends feelings. She said that that kind of thing was useless and Duelists could only trust themselves. Tea began to sob in frustration. However Yami Yugi reminding Joey of the "something you can show, but can't see" riddle, led to Joey discovering Mai's Aroma Tactics, which was shortly followed by his victory.

As Tea and her friends got hungry, Joey blamed Tea, saying she should have prepared food, since she's the girl. Tea warned him about being sexist and called Pegasus cheap for not supplying food. Joey found fish left unattended by a fire and proceeded to take it, despite Tea's objection that he was stealing. Regardless, Tea and the others sat with him to eat the fish. They were told off by the owner of the fish, Mako Tsunami, who unbeknownst to them had left the fish as bait for Duelists. Mako shared the food with them and told them how he had entered the tournament to buy a new boat. He dueled and lost to Yami Yugi afterwards. The group held no hard feelings towards Mako and Tea guessed that all the participants came to the island with hopes and dreams.

Tea and her friends stumbled upon a participant being forced to leave the island by Kemo for losing all his Star Chips, despite his claim that they were stolen. The group searched for the thief in a futile attempt to help the victim. After the victim had been evicted, they met the thief, Mokuba Kaiba, who then tried to steal Yugi's Star Chips. In contrast to Joey, Tea spoke politely to Mokuba and got him to explain how Pegasus needed to defeat Yugi in an official duel as part of a plan to take over KaibaCorp. He thought that stealing Yugi's Star Chips would get him disqualified, before Pegasus could defeat him. Mokuba explained that Seto Kaiba had good intentions, despite what he did during Death-T. Tea told Mokuba that she believed him and asked him to believe in Yugi, when he said he could defeat Pegasus. Mokuba reluctantly agreed, and was about to return the two Star Chips he managed to take before Kemo appeared, and forbid the transaction.

During the duel between Yami Yugi and Mimic of Doom, Tea correctly noted how Kaiba's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" seemed to refuse to attack, but Joey told her she was being unintelligent. Before the duel ended, Kemo kidnapped Mokuba without Tea or her friends noticing.

Tea liked how it felt to have the other competitors afraid of Yami Yugi's presence, as Joey struggled to find an opponent. Eventually, they were approached by Mai, who had arranged for Rex Raptor to duel Joey. Tea was annoyed by Mai constantly targeting Joey and was surprised by Joey's decision to duel without help from Yami Yugi. Joey was easily overpowered by Rex initially, prompting Tea to plead with Yugi to help him, as Serenity would go blind if he lost. However Yami Yugi convinced Yugi that they should not interfere. As Mai belittled Joey, Tea reminded her that he had beaten her, but Mai said that he cheated, as anyone could win if Yugi helped them. The two girls then exchanged intense glares. When Joey won, Mai accidentally cheered for him and let out an "oops" as Tea spotted her.

During the night, Tea and her friends found a spot in the forest to sleep, without anything to eat, contrary to Tea's expectations of the island being a resort. They were soon approached by Mai, who proposed a ceasefire for the night and shared her supplies. As Mai ordered the boys to prepare the food, she noticed how Yugi was a completely different person than earlier, when he had been controlled by Yami Yugi. Tea pointed out that this was similar to Mai's behavior shift and asked why she was suddenly being nice. Although Mai was unsure what changed her, she lied that it was because she was a woman and her Duelist makeup does not last 24 hours. As Mai allowed Tea to use her portable shower, Tea thought about how she had misjudged Mai and wondered if all Duelists had two sides to them. While the group ate their food, Mai explained that despite their current friendship, they would be enemies in the next day.

Mai suggested that Tea stay with her in the tent that night, as she had heard rumors about a strange man lurking in the area. Mai told Tea about her past as a casino dealer and accused Tea of having a crush on Yugi. Tea blushed and tried to deny it, but Mai was unconvinced. Mai had previously told Yugi that Tea wanted to meet him at the cliff to tell him something. She told Tea and sent her to the cliff, advising her that in any game, girls always have the advantage at night. Tea spoke with Yugi about when they first met. Yugi got the impression that Tea wanted to be with Yami Yugi and prepared to switch control. However Tea stopped him and and said it was okay; he was still Yugi regardless of which "side" is showing and was fine the way he is. The two held hands for a brief moment, before being interrupted by the sound of Mai screaming.

Tea and Yugi rushed to a Battle Box, where Mai had just been defeated by Panik. Yugi switched to Yami Yugi. While Tea and Mai watched him defeat Panik, winning back Mai's Star Chips. When Mai initially refused to take back the Star Chips and prepared to accept disqualification, Tea reminded her that she would lose her chance to fulfill her dream of Dueling Yugi.

Tea and her friends were woken during the night by the sound of Kaiba's helicopter landing on the island. Tea was surprised to see Kaiba out of his coma and watched him duel Joey, who was mad about what Kaiba had done during Death-T. When Kaiba defeated and mocked Joey, Tea told him off, saying that he was in no position to judge, as he did not know what Joey had been through or what he was fighting for. She comforted Yugi, who felt betrayed, having believed Kaiba had changed. At some point, Tea told Mai about Joey participating to save Serenity's eyesight. When Tea woke up the next morning, Mai had already left and left behind supplies for Tea and her friends.

Joey got separated from the group and was forced into a duel with Bonz. Tea and Yugi searched the forest for Joey, while Bakura and Honda searched the Battle Boxes, until Yami Yugi saw a vision of Joey underground. The group found Joey in a cave and congratulated him on winning the duel. Before they managed to leave, Bandit Keith got his lackeys to block the exit with a boulder. Tea and her friends found their way to the Meikyu Brothers' dungeon, where Yami Yugi and Joey had to Team Duel against the brothers in order to leave the underground. Yami Yugi and Joey won, earning each of them enough Star Chips to enter the finals. However they still needed to answer the brothers' riddle in order to exit or be trapped. Tea, Joey, Tristan and Bakura searched the area for clues. Yami Yugi, with help from Yami Bakura, whom everyone believed to be Bakura, managed to correctly answer the riddle, allowing the group to return to the surface.

The exit from the dungeon took them to the front of Pegasus Castle, where Kaiba stood waiting for Yugi at the entrance. Tea unsuccessfully tried talking Yami Yugi out of accepting a duel from Kaiba, as he could risk losing his spot in the finals. On the verge of defeat, Kaiba threatened to step over the edge of the tower if he lost. Yami Yugi tried to attack, but was stopped by Yugi, who threw the duel. Yugi wept afterwards, but Tea tried to comfort him, saying he had done the right thing. When Kaiba accused Yugi of showing weakness, Tea told him off and said that he had been the one who showed weakness by betting his life as if it had little meaning and being afraid to continue living if he lost.

Tea and her friends prepared to find an opponent for Yugi to requalify for the finals. Kemo warned them that it was too late. But Mai arrived with six excessive Star Chips, which she offered Yugi to repay him for winning back her Star Chips earlier. Tea and the others encouraged Yugi to take them, although he was reluctant at first. Mai, Yugi and Joey entered the castle, but Kemo refused to let Tea, Tristan and Bakura enter as they were not participants. However Joey knocked him unconscious and they all entered. Inside the castle, Tea, her friends and Keith watched a duel between Kaiba and Pegasus, resulting in Kaiba's soul being sealed in a "Soul Prison" card.

During a dinner party, arranged for the finalists, Yami Yugi directed Tea and their friends attention to a portrait of Shadi. Tea told Bakura that she nearly died when they met Shadi before, and told him about the Millennium Key's power. However Tea noticed the portrait of Cyndia next Shadi's and wondered who she was. During the night, Tea came out of her room after she heard noise from Keith intruding on Joey. She used a first aid kit to treat Yugi, who had been punched by Keith. Yugi admitted to her that he was embarrassed by always being helped by people, including her, Joey and Yami Yugi. He disagreed with what she had said earlier about him being fine the way he is, as he was unable to protect people that way and vowed to become stronger.

In the morning, Tea and Joey watched Yami Yugi and Mai's duel. Tea noticed how Yami Yugi seemed impatient during the duel and noticed that Mai was not trying to provoke him, but get him to perform at his proper ability. As Mai overwhelmed Dark Yugi, Tea thought that she seemed much stronger than when she dueled Joey, but Mai disagreed saying Joey had won by accepting and overcoming his weakness. Yami Yugi struggled with Mai's "Harpy Lady" and "Shadow of Eyes" pheromone combo, Tea's comment on the harpies being sleazy caused him to reminded him that monsters of the same sex would be unaffected by the pheromones. She congratulated Yami Yugi when he won.

Before Joey and Keith's Duel, Joey was faced with disqualification unless he could find his "The Honor of the King's Right" in five minutes, not knowing Keith had stolen it. Tea protested that he would not be able to make it to his room and back in that time. She also got mad at Keith for accusing Joeu of being afraid to duel him. However Joey returned after Mai gave him her card. After he won, Joey thanked Anzu and Yami Yugi saying that he could not have done it without them.

Tea asked Yami Yugi and Joey if they would have to duel each other in the finals now, but Yami Yugi deemed it unnecessary as they would only expose more of their tactics to Pegasus. Tristan and Bakura then showed up, having spent the night searching for Mokuba's soulless body. Tea, Joey, Bakura and Tristan then watched the duel between the Yugis and Pegasus. The nature of the Shadow Game caused Yugi to collapse and Pegasus to state his soul had died. However Yami Yugi took over and Tea explained to the others that Yugi had not died, which she figured because Yugi had told her before that as long as one of his souls lived the other would live too. No longer able to perform his Mind Shuffle, Yami Yugi became vulnerable to Pegasus' Mind Scannig power. However an apparition of Tea, Yugi, Joey, Tristan and Bakura soon appeared, blocking Pegasus' view of Yami Yugi's mind. Yugi regained his consciousness at the end of the duel and credited their success to Tea and the others lending their hearts.

When Pegasus released the souls of he had trapped, Tea noticed Solomon disappear from the camcorder. As Pegasus told Yami Yugi and his friends how he came into possession of the Millennium Eye, he mentioned that the Millennium Items possess an evil intelligence. Tea realized that that was difficult for Yami Yugi, who came from a Millennium Item, to hear. She theorized that he refrained from giving Pegasus a Penalty Game as he did not want to succumb to that claim. She and her friends visited Mokuba as he regained his soul. Tea assured him that KaibaCorp was safe and as they searched for his brother, Kaiba, she told Joey off for joking that his soul might have went to Heaven. Once the brothers were reunited, Tea realized that Mokuba was the final piece Kaiba needed to complete the puzzle of his heart. She also wondered where Bakura had went, not knowing Yami Bakura had taken control for the murder of Pegasus. After Bakura returned, Mokuba talked Kaiba into giving everyone a lift home on their helicopter.

Tea stopped by Yugi's house one morning and Yugi made sure that they went by the soon-to-be-opened Black Clown store on their way to school. Tea became creeped out by Mr. Clown, who tried giving her a balloon there and had to drag Yugi away so they would not be late.

At school Yugi and Tea told Joey, Tristan and Bakura about the Black Clown. Joey had already heard about it from a newspaper flier, which Tea mistook as implying his family managing to afford a newspaper subscription, when he had in fact delivered the paper. On the subject of his finances, Joey told the others that Serenity's vision was going to be fully restored thanks to the money won in Duelist Kingdom.

The group became distracted by their new classmate Duke Delvin, who was impressing girls with dice tricks. Tea noted Joey's jealously and sighed as he bragged to Duke about his success in Duel Monsters, shortly after saying he was not one to show off his talents. She watched Joey become swindled into obeying Duke for two weeks only to have Yami Yugi win back his freedom, all through dice in a cup and Four Aces bets.

The next day, Yugi, Tea and Bakura queued up for the grand opening of the Black Clown. When Joey arrived late, she told him to go to the back of the line, but to no avail. Yugi asked his friends not to mention that he was shopping in a rival store and belittled Solomon's taste in gaming. The three of them however looked at him speechless as they could see Solomon behind him. Yugi got separated from the others inside the shop. Unknown to them, that he was forced into a game of Dungeon Dice Monsters against Duke. After they failed to get help in finding him from a security guard, Solomon suggested that they go back to Kame Game and wait for Yugi.

Tristan later met Tea, Joey and Solomon at Kame Game and told them that he had seen Yami Bakura enter the Black Clown, which had closed for the day. Worried that something bad was happening, they went back to the store to look for Yugi again. Inside they found two security guards rendered unconscious. By the time they found Bakura, he was not possessed by Yami Bakura. He was with Duke outside a room that had caught fire after Mr. Clown dragged Yugi inside. The group forced open the door, but were unable to convince Yugi to leave. The disassembled Millennium Puzzle had been chained to a table and he wanted to recomplete, so he could speak to Yami Yugi before the puzzle got destroyed. Joey got everyone else to leave, while Yugi finished the puzzle and he carried him out afterwards.

Tea, Joey, Tristan and Bakura visited Yugi in the hospital when he recovered from his burns. Tea reminded Yugi that he told her he made a wish the first time he solved the Millennium Puzzle and asked him what he wished for this time. Yugi had not thought about making a wish, but had been desperate to see Yami Yugi again while he solved it, so he guessed that was his wish. Yugi said it was strange that he solved the puzzle within minutes, when it took him eight hours the first time. Tea suggested that the puzzle sensed he wanted to see Yami Yugi and said that she thinks if the puzzle had a mind it would want to see Yugi. She then realized that she had begun to believe Yami Yugi was not a side of Yugi that the Millennium Puzzle brought out, but a separate person who came from the puzzle. She worried about what would happen to Yami Yugi when the Millennium Puzzle has to be brought to a place in Egypt.

At school, Yugi told Tea that Yami Yugi had been feeling down, but would not talk about it. He suggested that Tea go out with Yami Yugi on Sunday to cheer him up. In preparation, Tea bought magazines with tourist information. The two met at Domino Station at 10:00, where Tea was nervous at first.

They first went to a coffee shop for drinks. Yami Yugi noted how they were both alike; not knowing where to go in life. Tea assured him that everyone was like that and that they had to keep moving forward, despite being afraid and not seeing what is coming. She reminded him of her dream to become a dancer in America and how that moment was closer to becoming a reality. She noted that everyone has limited time and silently thought about how that meant Yami Yugi would leave them one day. Yami Yugi said he was certain her dream would become a reality.

Afterwards, they went to the RPG Hobby Trading Cards shop. They then to the arcade, Game, where Tea was challenged to a game of Super Dancer by Johnny Step. Yami Yugi advised her to ignore Johnny, but Tea refused to back down from a dance challenge. Johnny insisted that Tea should spent the night with him if she lost and accused her of playing for that reason. Tea managed to win the game and admitted it felt good.

The two went to the docks and Yami Yugi mentioned how the Millennium Items belonged in Egypt and how going there could help him learn more about himself, but not going would mean staying with Yugi. He was not sure which he wanted to do. Tea suggested that he be honest to his own heart, so Yami Yugi decided to go to The Art of Egypt exhibition at Domino City Museum for clues to his past. He knew he had to go there, but had been afraid before. However spending time with Tea caused him to make up his mind.

In the museum, Tea and Yami Yugi learned from the Tablet of Lost Memories that Dark Yugi was once a Pharaoh, from 3000 years earlier. This caused Tea to worry about Yugi, who thought that Yami Yugi would always remain in his heart. The two were greeted by Ishizu Ishtar, who predicted Yami Yugi's arrival with her Millennium Tauk. She explained that Yami Yugi needed to collect the Millennium Items to regain his memories and would soon partake in a battle for that purpose. Yami Yugi asked that Tea not to tell Yugi what they had learned, until he was ready to accept it.

Outside the museum, they bumped into Mai, who was there for the announcement of the Battle City tournament. Mai was happy to see them and teased Tea for being on a date.

The next day, Yugi and Joey searched for the RPG Hobby Trading Cards shop, in order to collect Duel Disks for the Battle City tournament. Having been there on her date, Tea was able to show them where it was. She noticed that Yugi was suspicious of why Yami Yugi wanted to enter the tournament and thought he would figure it out before long.

On the day of the tournament, Tea noted how she and her friends were drifting apart, as they struggled to meet up. She, Bakura and Solomon spotted The Doll standing motionless, as they searched for Yugi and Joey. At noon, she was able to correctly guess that Joey would be at a restaurant and they spotted him catching a thief near the Beef Buster. The thief claimed that his own Deck and Duel Disk had been stolen and that he had taken Joey's to try and win his own back. Joey let the boy go to fetch the thief, so he could Duel him. Tea and the others were skeptical of the boy's story, but Joey insisted they should have more faith in people. As they waited, Joey told them about his desire to Duel Yugi and how Serenity lacked the courage to remove her bandages after her eye operation.

As Weevil arrived upon the thief's summoning. Tea said that he did not deserve to Duel Joey, after what he did to Yugi's "Exodia" cards, but Weevil was just glad such a cute girl remembered him. She suspected Weevil was up to something and warned Joey to be careful. During the duel, Joey drew "Parasite Paracide", which worked to Weevil's advantage. Tea knew that the card did not belong to Joey and Solomon figured that the thief slipped it in. Despite the handicap, Joey still managed to win.

While getting separated from Bakura in the process, Tea and Solomon followed Joey to the aquarium, where he faced his next opponent, Mako Tsunami.

After the Duel, Tea congratulated Joey on qualifying for the finals and reminded him that he could use his Puzzle Cards to determine the location of the finals. However before he could do this, they spotted Bakura, with a stab wound on his arm and Marik Ishtar helping him walk. Bakura had no recollection of how he had been injured. Marik then got punched defending Bakura from two boys accusing him of stealing a Duel Disk. Joey proceeded to beat up the boys, while Tea checked to see if Marik was okay. As Solomon took Bakura to the hospital, Joey and Tea thanked Marik, who lied that his name was "Namu".

Without them knowing, Marik possessed Joey and Tea by using the Millennium Rod and used them as hostages to lure Yami Yugi into a Duel. While possessed, Tea answered a phone call from Tristan, but hung up without saying anything. However, the sound of a ship horn in the background, allowed Tristan to deduce she was at Domino Pier. Marik got Tea to place a suicide capsule between her teeth and threatened to make her swallow it, if Yami Yugi refused to Duel Joey at the Arena of Death. When the Duel ended, Marik got Tea to spit out the capsule and released her.

Mai, Tristan, Serenity and Duke arrived at the pier after the Duel and Tea witnessed Serenity taking off her eye bandages. Mai, Serenity, Yugi, Joey, Tea, Tristan and Duke all squeezed into Mai's car, so that they could all follow Kaiba's helicopter to the finals. On the way, Tea received a call from Solomon, who said that Bakura had disappeared from the hospital.

They arrived at Domino Stadium, where seven of the eight finalists were revealed; Marik, under the alias Namu, Odion, pretending to be Marik, Kaiba, Joey, Mai and Bakura. Tea and her friends were surprised to see Bakura and worried about his condition. Joey and Yugi were cautious about "Namu", but Bakura and Tea, under the influence of the Millennium Rod, insisted that he saved Bakura and was their friend. Roland tried stopping Tea, Tristan, Serenity and Duke from boarding the Battle Ship, as they were not finalists, but Mokuba insisted that he let them on. Much to Joey's dismay, the four of them went into his room and he unsuccessfully tried telling all of them, except for Serenity, to leave.

Tea watched the first Duel of the finals between Yami Yugi and Bakura. She was surprised to see Yami Bakura take over Bakura. As Joey explained who Yami Bakura was to Marik, Tea told him about the Monster World game, where Yami Bakura nearly killed them.

During the Duel, she saw Yugi's Egyptian God, "Slifer the Sky Dragon" for the first time and witnessed Marik's plan to have Yami Yugi lose by endangering Bakura's life. However Yami Bakura intervened and Yami Yugi won. Under the influence of the Millennium Rod, Tea, took Bakura's Millennium Ring and said she would keep it where Bakura could not get it. She did not attend Joey and Odion's Duel, as she stayed by the bedside of Bakura, who was rendered unconscious in the last Duel.

As Joey and Odion were both rendered unconscious in their Duel. During this time, Joey had a dream where he was at school with Tea, Yugi, Tristan, Bakura and Duke. In the dream, Tea told him off for sleeping at school and helped him pick up the cards he dropped. She and the others all smiled at him, encouragingly, as he got ready for a tournament at Domino Toysaurus. Joey told his friends about the dream and credited their support to him being able to regain consciousness. After overhearing Mai asking Joey if she was in dream too, Tea told Jonouchi off for joking about how she was not.

Although Mai said she did not want anyone cheering for her, Tea and her friends watched Mai's Duel with Yami Marik. Yami Yugi threw himself in front of a blast from "The Sun Dragon of Ra", in order to save Mai. After this, Tea held onto him until he regained consciousness and warned him to never do something like that again.

Duke and Tristan took Mai's unconscious body away, while Tea and the others stayed to watch the last quarter final Duel between Kaiba and the last finalist, who they were surprised to learn was Ishizu Ishtar, the woman they had met at the museum. Tea saw that Ishizu had used the Millennium Necklace to predict Kaiba's moves and compared her power to Pegasus' Mind Scan.

After the Duel, Tea, Yugi and Joey were accompanied by Ishizu, when they went to check on Mai. Ishizu told them about her family's past; how they had met Shadi, how Yami Marik had been born and how he killed their father. Tea said she would stay with Mai that night. As the others returned to their rooms, Tea called after Ishizu in private. She asked what would happen to Yami Yugi when the Millennium Items are returned to the Millennium Stone, to which Ishizu replied that he would have a place to return to. At some point, Joey told Tea that he planned on Dueling Yami Marik, in order to save Mai and got her to promise not to tell the Yugis.

Marik was able to return to the Millennium Ring, he had taken over through Tea, to Bakura. He aided Yami Bakura in a Duel against Yami Marik. When they lost, Marik possessed Tea, in order to talk to Ishizu and hide Odion's body from Yami Marik.

In the Duel Tower, Tea watched the Battle Royal to determine the match-ups for the semi finals. When Yami Marik turned his Duel with Joey in a Shadow Game, she apologized to Yami Yugi for not telling him that Joey had planned on going through with the Shadow Game, in order to save Mai. Tea wept after the Duel, fearing Joey could be dead. He was taken away on a stretcher after the Duel and his friends stayed at his bedside.

When Yami Yugi got up to leave for his Duel with Kaiba, Tea went after him. She asked if it is worth continuing to fight and if there was anything in his heart other than finding his lost memories. Yami Yugi told her about the premonition the Millennium Necklace had showed him, where he faces Joey in a friendly Duel and said that if he did not fight, that vision would not come true. Tea stayed with Joey while Yami Yugi left. During the Duel, Joey awoke from his coma and told the others off not being with Yami Yugi. He led them up to the arena, where they saw the end of the Duel.

In the final Duel, between Yami Yugi and Yami Marik, as each player lost Life Points, a part of their other self, Yugi and Marik, would disappear. Marik possessed Tea again, in order to tell Yami Yugi not to hold back, as he was prepared to die. He also took the time to apologize to Yami Yugi and Ishizu. By the end of the Duel, Tea returned to her normal self. She felt sorry for Marik, when she saw that the instructions to retrieving the Pharaoh's memory had been carved onto his back.

Tea and her friends returned to the Battle Ship, after Kaiba announced that the tower was to be destroyed. Here they found Mai and Bakura, who had recovered. They desperately searched for the Kaiba brothers as the detonation time approached and Tea told Joey off for suggesting that Kaiba was again planning on killing himself over losing. The blimp finally took off without the Kaibas, but Tea was relieved to see them alive as they passed by in their Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet.

Anzu is abducted by Yako Tenma during school as part of his R.A. Project and taken to KaibaCorp. Her soul is trapped in a "Soul Prison", and she is connected to a machine. Before revealing the kidnapping to Yugi, she was replaced by a hologram (though whether she was projected in the same manner as Yako himself is unknown. Yako revealed the deception after Summoning "The Wicked Avatar," a Wicked God card, and effortlessly defeating "Slifer the Sky Dragon" in a Duel against Dark Yugi.

When Yako Summoned "The Wicked Dreadroot," in his second Duel with Yami Yugi, the mystic energy that the Wicked God emitted was harnessed to remove her soul from her body completely. After the defeat of the God and the revelation that Yako had been possessing his brother Gekko Tenma to Duel Yugi, Yako revealed that his plan was to put Pegasus' soul in her body. Gekko explained to Yami Yugi that it had been promised that Yugi would see Tea - by placing the "Soul Prison" card in his Duel Disk.

Yami Yugi was able to commune with her through a hologram, and she attempted to cheer him up after he began to worry, though when they were unable to touch each other, they were both saddened by the loneliness. (Gekko also theorized she was watching events through the Duel Disk after becoming part of the Duel Ring Server). Gekko told the duo about his and Yako's history, and explained to Tea that she was chosen because she was 1) physically and mentally healthy, 2) not a Duelist (whose "sword of the heart" fighting spirit prevents Yako from removing their souls via the means available to him) and 3) someone whose loss would hurt Yugi. He then clarified that Yako held the belief that Yugi had killed Pegasus, based on information supplied by Bandit Keith. The Bandit in question met up with them immediately afterwards, and Tea watched in worry as Gekko Dueled and defeated Ted Banias, as the Duel, like all of Yugi's, decided her fate.

Keith took them to meet Yako afterwards, but they were intercepted by two Card Professors who were also Pegasus's prodigies like the Tenma twins, Depre Scott and Richie Merced. When Yugi decided to Duel Depre without the help of Yami Yugi, he had to take Tea's card out of his Disk, and she wished him luck before vanishing.

Gekko was defeated by Richie, preventing Yugi and Gekko from moving up any further, and after Yako defeated Seto Kaiba and Bandit Keith Summoned "The Wicked Eraser," Yako had the energy to recreate Pegasus's soul from the Duel Ring Server, and he began to pour the data into Anzu. Tea appeared to Yugi, scared by what was happening to her, and her image faded away. She was revealed to have been linked into the Wicked Gods. Due to the data being downloaded into her body, Mokuba, Tristan, and Joey were able to locate her. While Tristan was the first to reach her, soon after he was followed by Joey. Joey attempted to remove her body from the machine, but it was revealed that doing so would prevent her soul returning to her body, unless the Wicked Gods were defeated. Yako himself claimed he couldn't reverse her condition.

When Yako Summoned "The Wicked Avatar" in his third Duel against Yami Yugi, the Wicked God briefly took her form upon its initial Summoning. She later appeared to Yami Yugi after he was able to destroy "Avatar," and told them that she would be with them soon, before her soul returned to her body. Joey and Tristan helped her out of the machine, and took her up to the roof after Yami Yugi won the Duel. She almost tripped as the friends ran towards each other, and she left the building with her friends afterwards.

Tea greeted Yugi and Joey at school, while they were whispering about the Video Girl♡ tape, and embarrassed them by asking what they were talking about. The three of them, including Tristan and Bakura discussed using the Egyptian Gods to restore Yami Yugi's memories. Tea mentioned her concerns that in gaining his old memories, Yami Yugi might lose his memories of them. However Yugi switched to Yami Yugi, who assured her that he could never forget them.

After school, Tea, Yami Yugi, Joey, Tristan and Bakura went to Domino City Museum and were greeted at the entrance by Bobasa, who was to aid Yami Yugi in his journey to the World of Memories. Inside the museum, Tea became conscious of how odd it seemed that she had always called Yami Yugi "Yugi". Being a different person, rather than another part of Yugi, she concluded that he must have a name of his own. She then went into the souvenir shop and bought a cartouche pendant, which she gave to Yami Yugi. She explained that after he learns his real name, he can carve it into the cartouche, so he will not forget it again.

Following Marik and Ishizu's instructions, Yami Yugi brandished the Egyptian God cards to the tablet, sucking him into the World of Memories. Tea was stunned when Yugi reported that Yami Yugi was no longer inside him. She was somewhat relieved to hear that he would maintain his memories of the present world, but was shocked to hear that he was going to experience his death again. Bobasa explained that others were able to go to the World of Memories too, so Tea and her friends volunteered to help Yami Yugi. Before they continued, Bobasa used the Millennium Scales to ensure there was no evil in any of their hearts. Tea, Yugi, Joey and Tristan passed the scales' test, but Bakura fail. Because the evil was detected in Bakura's heart, due to the presence of Dark Bakura, so he was asked to leave. Bobasa then used the Millennium Key to bring himself, including Tea, Yugi, Joey and Tristan into the labyrinth of Yami Yugi's soul room.

In order to enter the World of Memories, Tea and her companions needed to find the door to Yami Yugi's true soul room. While searching for the door, Tea thought Yugi might be the only one able to find it, and grieved of not being able to help. She also learned that it was their duty to find Yami Yugi's name, which may be hidden in the World of Memories through his subconsciousness. Yugi concluded that the doors they were checking were fake, and to find the true door he suggested that they put their hands together and focus on their true goal. Upon doing so, this caused a new doorway to the Memory World to appear.

However Tea, Tristan, Joey and Yugi, didn't know that their unconscious bodies were taken to a hidden room in the museum, where they were placed in coffins. Their minds were sent to the World of Memories, where events were controlled by the Shadow RPG, played between Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura.

Going through the doorway took them to an Ancient Egyptian setting; the kingdom Yami Yugi ruled as Pharaoh. They quickly learned that they were unable to interact with the people of the World of Memories or enter the Pharaoh's palace. Tea told Joey and Tristan off for wanting to exploit their invisibility to peep at the women of the kingdom. They overheard that the priests were searching for a thief, named Bakura and spotted Kisara being stoned by people, who believed her white skin and blue eyes to be a bad omen. Tea, Tristan and Yugi tried helping her up, while Joey confronted her attackers, but their intangibility caused them to just phase through the people, making them unable to help. However, Priest Seto, whom they immediately noticed looked identical to Kaiba, arrived on the scene, told the attackers off and prepared to take Kisara to the palace. Tea and her friends overheard Seto mentioning the Pharaoh, who they assumed to be Yami Yugi, so they followed him to the palace.

Unable to enter the palace, Tea, Yugi, Joey, Tristan and Bobasa waited outside, until they were woken up by the Pharaoh chasing Bakura on horseback during a ka battle. They caught up with the Pharaoh and Yugi was able to lend him strength, allowing him to win a battle. He had lost the first time he lived the events of the World of Memories. Tea was relieved to see and learn that the Pharaoh could see them along with that he had not lost his memory of them. They explained that he was living in the world of his memory, and that they had come to help him learn his real name.

However the Yami Bakura at the RPG table rewound events, using an hourglass, sending the group back to shortly before they reunited with the Pharaoh. This time, the part of Yami Bakura that had entered the World of Memories stood in their way, preventing them from helping the Pharaoh. He explained that 3000 years previous, in addition to the Pharaoh's soul, a fragment of Zorc Necrophades' soul had been sealed in the Millennium Puzzle, only one of which can return to the real world. He identified as himself as that part of Zorc's soul and revealed his motives to have Zorc return to the real world. Yami Bakura demonstrated their abilities to warp reality and caused Duel Disks to appear on his, Tea, Yugi, Joey and Tristan's arms. Tea was surprised that she was given one and wondered what cards she even had. Joey engaged in a Duel with Yami Bakura, which was interrupted as the world fell into darkness, due to the Pharaoh blacking out.

Some time after, the sky turned black and everyone around Anzu and her companions became immobilized, due to Yami Bakura freezing time with another hourglass. Tea said that it reminded her of when they were turned to figurines in Yami Bakura's Monster World game, which prompted Yugi to realize they were living in a game world.

After Zorc had been resurrected, Bobasa reported to the group what had happened and transformed into Hasan. Hasan was able to inform them that they would find the Pharaoh's name inside his tomb. Joey thought this was odd, because the Pharaoh was still alive, but Tea explained that in Ancient Egypt, Pharaohs had their tombs built while they were still on the throne. While Hasan fly away to protect the Pharaoh, he left the four of them to find the name. Yugi discovered that they too should be able to fly and led the group to the Valley of the Kings.

Inside the tomb, Tea, Tristan and Yugi saved Joey as he tried flying across a deep hole, not knowing they could not fly in dungeon settings. They were able to safely make their way through most of a maze, as the traps were all frozen in time. Inside the maze they found a Duel Monsters card, "Destiny Board" and realized they were not alone. Time resumed after a while and they were chased by statues swinging blades for the remainder of the maze.

When the group exited the maze, the group was confronted by Yami Bakura. In order to pass, they needed to defeat him in a Shadow Game of Duel Monsters, in which the loser would die. Yugi accepted the Duel, while Tea and the others watched. Tea took notice of Yugi using a different Deck than Yami Yugi and how he had become independent and strong.

After Yugi defeated the Yami Bakura in the World of Memories, the Yami Bakura at the RPG table used his third hourglass, causing the ground to sink, destroying the bridge Tea and her friends had just crossed. As the tomb collapsed behind them, they raced into the last chamber, where they found the Pharaoh's name, but were unable to read the hieroglyphs.

She and her friends flew to where the Pharaoh and his army were battling Zorc and while the others fought, Tea tended to the Pharaoh, who had been injured. She, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, the Pharaoh and some of his army were shielded from one of Zorc's attacks by Hasan, who informed them that they needed to show the Pharaoh his real name before they could defeat Zorc. The attacked killed and unmasked Hasan, allowing the others to see that he was Shadi. As they wondered how they could show the Pharaoh his name, Tea spotted the cartouche pendant she had given the Pharaoh and told the others to concentrate on the glyphs, so they could carve them onto the pendant. The Pharaoh, read his real name, Atem, from the pendant. With his name as the key, he was able to summon The Creator God of Light, Horakhty, who defeated Zorc.

As they celebrated defeating Zorc, Tea inattentively referred to Atem as "Yugi", which he said he did not mind, but Tea insisted that she should call him by his own name now. Despite Zorc's defeat, the ground began to collapse and Atem insisted that Tea, Yugi, Joey and Tristan find a way out of the World of Memories. After getting Atem to promise that he would come after them, they flew towards the Millennium Puzzle in the sky, from where they had originally entered.

Tea, Yugi, Joey and Tristan woke up in the museum and Atem returned to Yugi's body shortly afterwards. They found Bakura unconscious and free from Yami Bakura, at the opposite side of the RPG table.

One month after going to the World of Memories, Tea, Yugi, Atem, Joey, Tristan, Bakura, Solomon and Duke traveled to Egypt for Atem's final trial, which was to take place in the Valley of the Kings. They were greeted outside the airport in Cairo, by Marik and Odion, who informed them that they were unable to fly to Luxor as planned, due to a sandstorm, so Ishizu arranged for a ship to take them there. On board the ship, Ishizu and Marik explained that Atem needed to lose a Ceremonial Battle, in order to pass on to the afterlife. Tea was uncomfortable with the idea of Atem leaving and later tried talking to Yugi about it, but was unable to do so and changed the subject to Tristan's medicine.

The next morning, the group arrived at the Shrine of the Underworld. After placing the Millennium Items in the Millennium Stone, Atem and Yugi split into separate bodies, in order to Duel in the Ceremonial Battle. Tea contemplated wanting Atem to win, as she did not want him to leave. When Yugi smiled after Atem took the upper hand, Tea suggested that he might have done so because he wanted Atem to win and stay. However Joey told her she was wrong; Yugi was happy that he was no longer following Atem, who was now coming at him with all he had. After Yugi defeated "The God of Obelisk", Tea wondered how Atem felt about how strong Yugi had become and thought he must be happy as "the other Yugi", but sad as "Atem". She noticed Yugi's "Gold Sarcophagus" card was similar to the box that Yugi got Millennium Puzzle in; the box that brought him and Atem together.

After Yugi won, Atem said his name to the Eye of Wadjat, opening the door to his afterlife. Before he went through, Tea, Yugi, Joey and Tristan called him back. Tea reminded him that if he went through, he would not be able to come back and said she did not understand why he had to go. Joey told her that she did not need to understand it, she just needed to accept it and never forget him. Tea wept as he left and vowed to never forget anything about him. After the door to the afterlife closed, the shrine began to collapse, burying the Millennium Items, while Tea and the others ran outside, where they reflected on Atem's passing.

In the advent of their high school graduation, Tea and her friends, Yugi, Jonouchi, Honda and Bakura discussed their plans for the future. Having recently been accepted for a study-abroad program, Anzu planned on studying to become a professional dancer.

At a mall, Anzu, Yugi, Honda and Bakura ate lunch at Otogi's cafe, while being served by Ryuji. As they discussed news of people disappearing recently, Bakura mentions how the person responsible could be watching them, but Anzu accredited that paranoia to the obsessive girls, who were stalking Bakura. When Jonouchi, who was also working at the café, got into a fight with Honda, Anzu tried to break it up, but Jonouchi ignored her and ate her ice cream.

Following a graduation rehearsal, Aigami forged a friendship with Anzu and her friends, in order to get close to Yugi, the vessel of the pharaoh. The group went bowling together and ate at Burger World. This new connection resulted in the disappearance of Jonouchi and Bakura. Anzu learned of Jonouchi's disappearance after Honda found his bike and Duel Disk abandoned. She, Yugi and Honda soon found Jonouchi, who abstained from telling he had been saved an apparition, as he prioritized the search for Bakura. At Kaiba Land, she witnessed Yugi Dueling Aigami and Kaiba. The first of which resulted in her reunion with Bakura.

After graduation, Anzu traveled abroad and was seen off by her friends at the airport.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Anime)

Duelist Kingdom arc

Tea defeats Joey in Duel Monsters five times at school. Tea draws symbols on her, Yugi, Joey and Tristan's hands to symbolize their friendship before Yugi faces Kaiba, after Kaiba tears up Solomon Muto's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Tea and Tristan sneak onto the boat to Duelist Kingdom to support Yugi and Joey in the tournament. Tea mostly stands on the sidelines giving the boys encouraging speeches.

Yugi and his friends faced Yami Bakura in a Shadow Game of Duel Monsters, where the players are trapped in cards similar to their Monster World pieces. Tea becomes the card "Magician of Faith" in the Duel. As she is upset over Joey's sacrifice, she uses her effect to return "Monster Reborn" to Yami Yugi's hand, which allows him to revive Joey.

Kaiba defeats Yugi in the tournament by standing on the edge of the castle, so Yugi's last attack would knock him off. Yugi relinquishes the Duel to Kaiba. Tea then argues with Kaiba over his strategy. Kaiba explains how Duelists are given one chip and must use it in whatever way allows them to win. Tea argues back that Kaiba only won because he couldn't live without the chip and insists that Yugi won the Duel.

After losing to Kaiba, Yugi no longer has enough Star Chips to enter the tournament finals. Mai offers Yugi her excessive Star Chips. Yugi initially refuses, feeling unworthy. Tea duels Mai for the Star Chips. Using a combination of Magic Cards, Tea makes her "Shining Friendship" card defeat Mai's "Harpie Lady". Although Mai is able to turn the Duel around, using "Harpie's Feather Duster", she is impressed by Téa's performance and wants to give Yugi the Chips, so she surrenders saying "Harpie Lady" was her best monster and Téa defeated it.

Kemo doesn't allow Tea, Tristan or Bakura to enter the castle, where the finals are held, as they are not finalists, but Mai distracts him, long enough for them to sneak in.

Inside they witness Kaiba and Pegasus Dueling. Pegasus was able to predict Kaiba's moves and easily win. Tristan suspects that Pegasus cheated, so that night he talks with Tea and Bakura on the subject. The three inspect the Duel arena and find a hole that shines moonlight directly at the Duel arena. Tristan spots a tower and the three head towards it. In the tower, they are confronted by Pegasus, who uses his Millennium Eye to transport them to another dimension. They wake up and enter a room, where a Shadow Game between two robed men is taking place while others are chanting. The winning man, Pegasus confronts the three and tries to take Bakura's Millennium Ring. Yami Bakura takes over Bakura's body and sends Tea and Tristan back to their rooms and erases their memories.

During the final rounds, Tea cheers on Yugi and Joey in their Duels. She is unable to watch the end of Yugi's Duel with Pegasus, as Pegasus takes the Duel to the Shadow Realm. Despite this Yugi feels his friends are with him in spirit and manages to defeat Pegasus.

Pegasus disappears after the Duel. The gang proceed to a tower, where they find Pegasus' diary, which Tea reads. She learns that Pegasus had a wife name Cecelia, who died and Pegasus was trying to revive her using the Millennium Items and Kaiba Corporation technology. Tea and her friends are taken home by Seto Kaiba in his helicopter.

Legendary Heroes arc

Seto Kaiba went to fire The Big Five after finding out about their little scheme to take over KaibaCorp. The Big 5 challenge him to a virtual game, and if he wins, they will resign their posts. Unfortunately, inside the game Kaiba's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" was captured by a "Dragon Capture Jar". Kaiba himself is then captured by the "Witty Phantom", who wishes to sacrifice him to the "Five-Headed Dragon".

Mokuba Kaiba runs to Yugi for help. Yugi, Tea, Joey Wheeler, and Tristan Taylor all run to KaibaCorp. While Yugi, Joey and Mokuba are in the vitural game. Tea and Tristan try to stop Kemo from unplugging the pods that the boys are in. On the way, Joey is forced to Duel with Mai Valentine. When she finds out her opponent is Joey (they were both masked), she joins in the search for Kaiba.

On the way they encounter a maze. Joey hears a girl crying and attempts to rescue her. (Mai disgustedly observes that Joey is too easily attracted to maidens in distress.) Joey finds Princess Adena who looks like Mokuba. (Joey initially thinks that the princess is Mokuba, and asks why he is wearing a dress. Mokuba appears behind him and explains that he is there.) Adena says she is about to be the sacrificed to the Mythic Dragon.

The four become guests to a royal feast. Adena explains everything about the Five-Headed Dragon. When they are ready to go vanquish the dragon, Adena is suddenly captured. However it is actually Mokuba in disguise. The remaining three heroes give chase, destroying many obstacles in their way. Finally, they get to the Kaibas. But then, the Big 5 cheat by re-writing the program and summon the Mythic Dragon themselves. After many sacrifices leaving only Yugi and Kaiba standing, they finally vanquish the dragon, by fusing Kaiba's "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" and Yugi's "Black Luster Soldier" into the "Dragon Master Knight".

Tea is happy that Yugi, Joey and Mokuba are back. Mokuba then tell Kemo that Seto is looking for them. Which makes Kemo and the others leave quickly. Mokuba the thanks Yugi, and his friends for helping him save Seto. Mokuba then leaves to go find Seto. (In the English version, Yugi and the gang say goodbye to Mokuba) In the Japanese version, Yugi and his friends say that they are going out for Ramen Noodles.

Battle City arc

Yugi asks Tea to go out with Yami Yugi. After visiting many shops and attractions, they enter an arcade. Inside Tea beats Johnny Steps in a dance game. Not taking his loss too well, Johnny later catches up with Yugi and Tea and challenges to another game. If she loses she must become his girlfriend. Yami Yugi instead challenges Johnny to a game of Duel Monsters. If he wins, Johnny must leave Tea alone. If Johnny wins, Tea must go on a date with him. Yami Yugi reveals himself to be Yugi Muto, towards the end of the Duel Johnny recognizes Yugi as the one who beat Pegasus, causing Johnny to surrender and run. Tea stops him to tell him how quitting isn't going to get him far, and he must keep trying to achieve his goals. Afterwards Tea and Yami Yugi go to an Ancient Egyptian exhibition to find clues to Yami's past. Here they meet Ishizu Ishtar, who shows Yami Yugi some information about his past as a pharaoh and tells him he must enter the Battle City tournament to learn more.

During the preliminary rounds, Tea encourages Joey along the side lines for his Duels, before being captured by the Rare Hunters. Tea is possessed and used to lure the Pharaoh into a Duel with Joey, who is also possessed by Marik Ishtar. The Duel is set up, so the loser would drown. In the anime, Tea is made to sit on a chair under a large crate. A push of a button would kill her, should anyone else interfere. Tea is then released from Marik's control after she explains the provisions to the Duel and helplessly tries to help Joey break free of Marik's control several times while also doing her best to remain brave and cheer Yugi on, despite the fact that her own life was in danger. Mokuba frees her after Joey and Yugi end the Duel in a Draw.

Tea, along with Tristan, Serenity and Duke Devlin proceed to the KaibaCorp blimp to cheer for Yugi, Joey and Mai in the finals. Roland initially refuses to let them board, as they aren't finalists, but Mokuba talks him into letting them on. Despite Joey's objections, all of them take residence in Joey's room for the finals.

Tea cheers for Yugi and Joey, during their quarter-final Duels. When Joey tells Mai, she wasn't in his dream, which his friends appeared in and jokes about it, Téa seizes him after Mai leaves and tells him off.

During this time, Tea is sometimes being controlled by Marik, since Yami Marik took over his body, and he uses her to try to talk to Yami Marik and Ishizu.

Vitural World arc

As the blimp traveled to the Duel Tower, it was sucked into an underground lair, by Noah Kaiba. Tea, along with Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Duke Devlin, Serenity, Mokuba and Seto Kaiba emerge from the blimp to investigate. Here they are sucked into the Virtual World.

The gang encounter Noah and the Big Five, all of whom seek revenge on Seto Kaiba and require a body to return to the real world. They then get separated, and Téa ends up being chased by a gang of Hitotsu-Me Giants. She manages to escape, but passes out. While she's unconscious, Tea has a dream where she and Yugi went to see a show about Dark Magician Girl, where she is chosen as a member of the audience and gets dressed up in Dark Magician Girl's outfit. She is woken up by a penguin, who leads her across the Virtual World to a temple. Inside she meets Crump of the Big Five, who has taken the form of Nightmare Penguin.

Crump imposes a Duel and takes her to an icy region, where both players stand on opposite icebergs in freezing water. Tea is made assemble a Deck, by selecting from a monitor of cards appearing before her. remembering her dream she chooses "Dark Magician Girl" as her own Deck Master, while "Nightmare Penguin" is Crump's.

As Tea's Life Points lower, she becomes engulfed in ice. Dark Magician Girl helps her during the Duel. Towards the end of the Duel, Tea was almost completely engulfed in ice. Using her Deck Master's effect and "Sage's Stone" to Special Summon "Dark Magician" from Yugi's Deck, Tea is able to defeat Crump as she attacks him with both Magicians.

After the Duel, Tea is released from the ice and passes out. Yugi who had witnessed the last few moments of the Duel helps her to regain consciousness and, after Tea hugs him out of relief, offers her his coat to keep her warm. The two proceed to the courtroom, where Joey is Dueling Johnson.

Afterwards everyone meets up with each other, while Tristan is trapped as a robot monkey because he lost a Duel. A few Duels happen between Kaiba and Leichter, Yugi (as Yami) and Joey between all the Big 5 members, Kaiba and Noah which changes to Yugi (Yami) and Noah. After this Duel Gozaburo shows up. Then, they all try to escape with Noah's help, but he tricks them, eventually taking over Mokuba's body and getting out into the real world, first wanting to trap their minds in the virtual world. However, he then had a change of heart and realized he was wrong, and helped them out instead. When they were all out, they got back to Battle City.

Battle City Finals arc

Battle City continues right after the Virtual World. They arrive at KaibaCorp Island where the Battle City finals begin at Duel Tower. Tea supports Yugi and Joey in the battle royal to determine who faces who in the semi-finals.

Tea cheers for Joey in his semi-final against Marik and rushes to his aid after he collapses.

As Yugi prepares to face Kaiba, Téa informs Yami that she would rather he didn't Duel, as she is afraid of what might happen to him, but Yami tells her he need to Duel Kaiba to Duel Marik so he can save the world and she understands and lets him go. She stays back with everyone to try and help Joey but is still cheering Yugi on.

Near the end of Yugi and Kaiba's Duel Joey wakes up and at first doesn't remember anything but slowly does. Then he asks Téa if Yugi started the Duel yet.She tells him he did and Joey wants to go immediately. Just then the doctors show up, but Joey demands to go and Tea tells him not to because so many people got hurt and he was just in critical condition. Joey says he made a promise to Yugi and he has to be there for him which reminds her of what Yami Yugi told her before his Duel. Then Joey, Tea and Tristan go to the Duel Tower just in time to see the ending of Yugi's Duel.

Since Yugi won he moves onto the finals to Duel Yami Marik but first Joey challenges Kaiba to a Duel to see who gets third place. Before the Duel starts Marik takes over Tea body so he can go talk to Ishizu. He then tells Ishizu that he needs to confront Yami Marik and runs off to the Duel Tower to do so. Yami Marik is already up there trying to figure out what happened during Yugi and Kaiba's Duel then he gets annoyed and throws the rod, which lands near Tea. She picks it up and is holding it up at Yami Marik while Marik is talking to him. Yami Marik ends up getting the rod back, and he tries to get rid of Marik with the rod. Then Ishizu comes up just in time to stop him.

Marik then tells Ishizu to forget about him and stops taking control of Tea. She is knocked out for a while, and Yami Yugi comes up to find out what happened to Tea and starts talking to Yami Marik, and he eventually leaves. Yami Yugi then talks to Ishizu about what was going on, and Tea wakes up not knowing what happened. Yugi decides to not tell her that Marik was taking control of her. They go back down to see how Joey's Duel was going and they tell her that he lost so they get ready for Yugi's Duel with Marik.

Yami's Duel with Yami Marik begins and everyone is worried on how this Duel will turn out. Tea is cheering Yugi the whole time but is worried because Yami Marik was able to stop Slifer the Sky Dragon and make a copy of Obelisk the Tormentor. Also every time Yami loses life points Yugi is slowly being sent to the shadow realm and the same with the good Marik every time Yami Marik loses life points. During the Duel Marik took over Téa again, this time so he could try and help Yami win the Duel but he eventually went back into his own body, leaving Téa confused about what just happened.

She quickly got over that and focused on the Duel. Then Odion shows up which gives Marik the strength to take over Yami Marik for a little while so Yami could win the Duel. Even though the Duel was finally over, Kaiba said they should get off the island because he was going to blow it up. Everyone went on the blimp, Mai was awake and they found Bakura but they noticed Kaiba and Mokuba weren't there so they went to go look for them but couldn't find them. So all of them went on the helicopter to go and they all seen Kaiba and Mokuba leave on a jet of their own.

They got back to Domino City and said goodbye to Marik, Ishizu, Odion, Duke, and Mai. The following day Tea was showing Serenity around town and remembering everything that happened during Battle City. Serenity eventually has to leave. Tea is sad at first, but Serenity tells her that it's ok and that they will always be friends. After Serenity leaves Téa is thinking about how she's not ready to say goodbye to Yugi and realizes that she should just enjoy the time she has left with him. Then she catches up with Yami Yugi.

Waking the Dragons arc

Tea is on the roof of the school wondering why Yugi left early. Joey and Tristan come up; they're wondering the same thing. They end up finding Yugi at the museum. Later they find out that someone stole the Egyptian God Cards. Yugi has a Duel with Gurimo, which is where they learn about the Seal of Orichalcos.

The next day they run into Rebecca, and she calls Yugi her boyfriend, which Téa doesn't like. She takes them to see Professor Hawkins, who starts talking about how the monsters coming to life could have something to do with Atlantis. After that, everyone heads home.

Later they're all at Yugi's house. Yugi gets a package from Pegasus with a video. Pegasus asks Yugi to come and see him right away. The next day they go on a private jet then in a limo. The limo breaks down so they have to walk for a while, Téa is able to get a driver to stop and give them a ride to Industrial Illusions. She finds out that Rebecca likes Yugi, and Rebecca teases her about liking Yami Yugi. Then she finds out that Yugi's soul was taking, and Yami Yugi has to keep using Yugi's body while Yugi is gone. She sees how depress Yami Yugi is, and watches as Joey punches him to snap out of it.

Later on they are on a train to Florida, but the train splits apart, separating Téa and Yami from Joey and Tristan. Most of the time Téa is trying to help Pharaoh from being upset about Yugi while she herself is also upset. After a while they just focus on finding Joey and Tristan. They are reunited later when Kaiba's plane crashes and then they are all taken back by Kaiba's helicopter to try and stop Dartz.

Kaiba's company was taken over by Dartz. Joey runs off to Duel Valon and Mai. While Joey Duels, Tristan, Tea, and Yami Yugi go to look for him, but when they find him he already lost his soul.

After Yami Yugi's Duel with Rafael the gang goes to Dartz in Kaiba's helicopter. Kaiba and Yami Yugi Duel Dartz; after Kaiba loses the Duel the Pharaoh continues while Tea, Tristan, and Mokuba are unconscious.

The Duel is won by the Pharaoh. Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey come back and Mokuba, Tristan, and Tea wake up. Seeing Yugi back they have a group hug. Then they're off to finish off Dartz. Tea wishes Yugi good luck as he, along with Joey and Kaiba, have their final battle with Dartz. Then she is happy that Yugi had surivie from his duel against Dartz.

Grand Championship arc

Tea does not have a prominent role in the Grand Championship arc, but as always she is Yugi and Joey's cheerleader throughout their duels. Tea also meets and despises Vivian, because of her love for Yugi. She also develops a habit of saying the line "I need some female friends!" whenever the others start getting on her nerves.

Capsule Monsters arc

Yugi wakes up after having a strange recurring nightmares about the Pharaoh being captured by an evil monster with glowing red eyes and telling him that why he is having these dreams will become clear when he "plays the game". This time, the Millennium Puzzle starts glowing in response to the dream, bewildering Yugi even further.

Before leaving for school that day, Yugi noticed that his grandfather, Solomon Muto, had not returned from his "secret expedition" (Yugi was told at the last minute) as his flight was due last night. Yugi is worried about the fact that Solomon is missing.

Meanwhile, there is a new game on the block; the Capsule Monsters board game is the new fad in the Duel Monsters craze, and Yugi has already taken the opportunity to learn the rules of the game. When Joey breaks the news about the trip, Yugi and his friends could not contain their excitement. Yugi, Tristan, and Tea agree to take Joey's other three tickets.

Just when the private plane for the trip approached its final destination, the engines cut out and the aircraft crash lands in a mysterious forest. After Yugi and his friends evacuate the aircraft, they find a man who says his name is Dr. Alex Brisbane.

When Yugi lets slip to Brisbane that he is Solomon Muto's grandson, Brisbane tells him that he's a colleague of Grandpa, and on their latest expedition together he disappeared. Now Yugi knows just where Grandpa had gone, but the Pharaoh still suspects something. They just happen to win a trip; their plane just happens to crash; and they just happen to meet the man who was the last person to see Grandpa. It all seems a little bit coincidental. Brisbane shows Yugi and the gang where he last saw Solomon. Yugi and his friends are surprised when they discover that Brisbane last saw Solomon in a pyramid.

Brisbane explains that he believes it to be the legendary pyramid of Alexander the Great, and that it's supposed to contain some sort of ancient game. They check it out, narrowly avoiding a number of dangerous traps, and come across a room that, as Tristan put it, is the size of Cleveland. The floor looks like a giant map of different land types, which looks incredibly familiar to Yugi. Joey decides to check it out but, to everyone's surprise, disappears into thin air the second he steps on the map. Coming to the conclusion that Solomon must have gone to the same place as Joey, the rest of the gang decide to follow, leaving a bewildered Brisbane behind.

They find themselves in a forest, with Joey nowhere to be seen. Yugi notices a lot of egg-shaped rocks around, but before they can investigate, some giant cockroaches (Gokibore, a monster from the Volume 6 expansion set) and a giant praying mantis (Kamakiriman, from Volume 3) ambush them. The escapes of Yugi, Tristan, and Tea causes them to have to split up.

Yugi is cornered by the mantis, so the Pharaoh takes over to protect him. He accidentally touches one of the strange egg-shaped rocks whilst jumping, which somehow causes Celtic Guardian to appear. Celtic Guardian attacks the mantis, destroying it.

Meanwhile, Tristan and Tea escape the cockroaches by ducking into a cave. They find themselves on a beach, accompanied by two monsters: Thunder Kid and Happy Lover.

At the same time, Joey is up high on a mountain, looking over onto the forest that the gang are in, hearing Yugi's shouting. Suddenly, a giant bird (LOB-039 Kurama) comes up behind him and grabs him by the shoulders, flying away with Joey in his claws.

Back in the forest, Celtic Guardian disappears in a beam of light, transforming into a small capsule. Now, Yugi knows where he'd seen this before. Somehow they have entered a real life version of Capsule Monsters. However, he is soon again attacked by a monster, this time it's a Trent. The Pharaoh realizes the strange device on their wrists are for launching the capsules that house their monsters in order to summon them. Calling upon Celtic Guardian, the Pharaoh attacks the tree, but it gets the upper hand and injures Celtic Guardian. The Pharaoh feels Celtic Guardian's pain and realizes that the Capsule Monster world is a deadly Shadow Game. To make matters worse, the Trent turns surrounding trees into copies of it to assist its attack. However, the Pharaoh releases a new capsule monster to assist them, the fire-attribute Hinotama Soul. It easily burns the Trents to ash. The Pharaoh switches with Yugi, and Yugi runs off to find his friends.

Elsewhere, Joey has been dropped by the Kurama into a nest of its young. Joey repeatedly jumps off cliffs housing Kurama nests to escape until he lands on a branch and accidentally releases Baby Dragon from another rock. Joey boards Baby Dragon and flees the mountains. However, a flock of Kurama chase after them. Realizing there are too many to take on head first, Joey decides to trick them into getting stuck in a small opening in a canyon.

On the beach, Tristan figures out that Happy Lover and Thunder Kid are monsters they accidentally released from the egg-shaped rocks back in the forest when they ran from the giant roaches. Suddenly a giant sea monster called Root Water emerges from the ocean. Happy Lover and Thunder Kid stand before it to keep Tristan and Téa safe.

Elsewhere, Joey has taken refuge behind a waterfall and checks his guide book, still believing himself to be in India. Joey then notices a treasure chest behind him and Baby Dragon and opens it. However, instead of treasure a scroll wraps around him, and Baby Dragon burns it off him (with Joey having to put out the fire on him in the waterfall). The ashes of the scroll turn into a map, and Joey wonders if it's a treasure map.

Back on the beach, Tristan is having Thunder Kid attack Root Water with limited success as Thunder Kid is taking a pounding from the giant monster. (They too realize they feel the pain inflicted on their monsters.) Tea remembers Yugi's advice on how to play the board game version of Capsule Monsters and has Happy Lover heal Thunder Kid with its Heart Beam. Tristan then decides to blind-side Root Water with a sneak attack and Thunder Kid is successful in frying the fish. However, instead of vanishing, Root Water's charred body shatters and the beast evolves into High Tide Gyojin. It then creates a typhoon, sucking up Téa and Tristan along with their monsters. However, Solomon arrives and uses his Summoned Skull to blast High Tide Gyojin apart, saving Tea and Tristan.

Having seen Summoned Skull's "Lightning Strike" attack, Yugi heads to the beach to find Tea and Tristan unconscious with their monsters. However, his mind is put to ease when Solomon walks up to him and tells him that they're resting after the ordeal they went through. Yugi happily clings onto his grandpa and cries in joy of seeing him again.

Later, Yugi and the others make camp and begin to wonder where Joey is in the Capsule Monsters world. At the same time, Joey has gotten hungry and follows the smell of the campfire to his friends (after nearly fallen to his death before Baby Dragon managed to catch him). The Pharaoh switches with Yugi and explains that their dilemma of being in this world won't be an easy problem to solve.

However, Tea points out that the flowers around them have gotten closer since they set up camp. Solomon tosses a stick from the fire into the flowers to reveal that they are actually a pack of Flower Wolf. Everyone but Solomon (whose Summoned Skull is too high level to be used frequently) releases their Capsule Monsters to fend off the pack. However, the Pharaoh knows they don't stand a chance and has Thunder Kid blind the wolves temporarily by reflecting its lightning off Celtic Guardian's sword.

The next day, Tristan and Joey do an annoying "victory dance" while the Pharaoh and Yugi wonder about the safety of their friends. Joey and Tristan then collapse and beg for food. Tristan then remembers about snacks he packed for the trip, but then remembers everyone (except Solomon) left their packs back at the campsite. After Solomon tries to encourage them to go a few days without food, they take off to find some, but run into tree branches. Tea reveals Solomon had a bag of food and taunts them as she eats a chip. Solomon tells them all they had to do was ask nicely. While Joey and Tristan complain, Yugi notices that the mountains are moving and runs to the edge of the forest to see they're on an Island Turtle. Joey and Tristan try to be tough until Yugi tells them it won't attack them unless they keep it up. Joey and Tristan apologize but immediately do another victory dance. Tea complains about the lack of female friends she has, while the Turtle roars in annoyance to Joey and Tristan's song. It dives, forcing everyone to "abandon ship!"

They then reach a temple in the middle of the lake and enter to have the doors shut behind them. Joey notices a "giant tea pot" in the middle of the room and (having switched with Yugi) the Pharaoh tells him it is not a tea pot. La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp emerges from the lamp. The Pharaoh summons Celtic Guardian and begins fighting the genie. Suddenly, the doors swing back open and a flood of water rushes in. It then freezes, trapping Téa and Solomon in ice. The perpetrator behind this is Neo Aqua Madoor, "Jack Frost's evil cousin". Tristan and Joey summon their monsters to help out the Pharaoh despite his constant protests, telling them to not interfere out of concern for their safety. Joey then tells him that they don't want to see him get hurt either as the Pharaoh realizes they can use the two enemies' attacks against each other. After faking head on attacks, Celtic Guardian and the others' capsule monsters back off as Neo Aqua Madoor and La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp's attacks collide into each other and destroys them.

Tea and Solomon are released form the ice, and a tablet with Egyptian writing on it appears. Solomon translate it: " Before the shadows blanket the land, Go to the fortress of fear. Locate the place where the spirit sleeps, And the pathway you seek will appear." Joey takes out his map from earlier and realizes that it shows the exact space they're on right now and that the fortress is on the same square, but VERY far away. Everyone resolves to go there, hoping the pathway it mentioned means the way home. Tristan finds a secret passage under the main floor (as they did not want to take chances with swimming across) and they quickly run through it.

Coming out above ground, they find themselves in an ancient graveyard that is soon flocked with Wood Remains and The Wandering Doomed. Yugi, Tea and Joey each release a new monster; Kuriboh, Dark Witch and the Flame Swordsman respectively. With their new monsters the Zombies are easily defeated.

Racing to the top of the hill the fortress lays upon, Tristan jinxes their good luck as four walls rise up from the ground and surround the fortress with statues of the Aqua Spirit, Spirit of Flames, The Rock Spirit and Garuda the Wind Spirit at each corner. Joey unsuccessfully tries to fly over as he is repelled by a force field. Yugi figures out that if four people mimic the stances of the four statues, the door will open. They do so, forcing Yugi to enter the fortress himself. Yugi falls into a pit, but is saved from a rough landing by the Pharaoh taking his place. The walls of the room they are trapped in begin to close in on them while outside, Joey breaks his pose and the statues come to life and begin attacking everyone. The Pharaoh finds a new capsule and releases the monster, which carries him up in a beam of light. Coming to his senses, the Pharaoh sees his new monster is Dark Magician and that his friends are in trouble. Using Dark Magician's "Magical Crossroads" the statues are destroyed at the cost of Solomon's Summoned Skull being taken down by the Rock Spirit.

Inside the fortress, Yugi opens the coffin located in the fortress (the place where the spirit sleeps) just as the sun sets and everyone else comes in. The coffin turns into a doorway and a piece of golden armor hovers above it. Another riddle appears as the armor dons itself on Yugi. Solomon says it says five trials await them to test the strength of Yugi's heart. Despite some discussion about not going through with the trials, everyone decides to go along with it in hopes of it leading them home again.

They arrive in a desert and find a village, where they are given a pendant and the instructions for the first trial; "Silence the whisper that rides the desert wind". While Solomon stays a safe distance form everyone else, they call forth their monsters and destroy a Medusa Worm, which they initially believed to be the enemy. However, it turns out to be one of many Medusa Worms under the voice's control. Everyone, but the Pharaoh is spat on by a worm and are turning to stone. Dark Magician takes the Pharaoh above the storm and the voice sent to confuse them to show him a tornado causing it.

The Pharaoh calls Dark Magician back to his capsule and proceeds on foot to reach the voice. However, he isn't strong enough to reach the tornado. He then sees a man wearing a cape and mask, telling him to merge with the Dark Magician to gain the strength needed to pass the trial. Doing so, the Pharaoh becomes the Dark Warrior and flies into the tornado to find the voice is Mystical Sand. Silencing her, the Pharaoh clears the trial and reverses the Medusa Worms' petrification on his friends. The armor takes a toll on the Pharaoh as he is not used to it yet. Yugi takes his place to relieve some of the pain and tells of the man he saw explaining how to use the armor. One of the five shapes on the pendant lights up to signify the victory over this trial, and a doorway comes out of the sand.

Entering it, everyone finds themselves on a floating island above the clouds. Yugi collapses from the strain of the Duel Armor and is taken to a cave to rest. Another message arrives, and Solomon reveals that next is "The Trial of Light and Shadow". They are tasked with breaking an unbreakable stone in the "valley of light" as it appears only once a day. Deciding to take care of the trial in Yugi's place, Tristan, Joey, and Solomon head for the nearest valley as it becomes noon and the stone is revealed. However a Prisman appears and begins to attack them. Tristan takes advantage of its short temper and uses it to blast the stone apart.

In the meantime, Yugi has recovered, and Tea shows the Pharaoh the trial's instructions. Noticing they only know half of the trial, the Pharaoh realizes that by exposing the parchment to darkness, the second half is revealed. He realizes they are now in danger and takes off with Tea to find them.

Elsewhere, everyone has picked up a large piece of the stone and smash Prisman to pieces. However, a Skull Guardian appears as a sign of the second phase of the trial beginning. Joey hoped he was there to congratulate them, but it began attacking instead. The Pharaoh once again merges with Dark Magician to become the Dark Warrior and easily defeats the monster. However, he spares it as a glow where the stone was appears. The Pharaoh then explains that the second part of the trial was to not only defeat

the Skull Guardian, but to show mercy. This rewards them with the means to leave the island. At the same time the masked man from before appears to all of them and congratulates the Pharaoh on completed Level 2 of the trials. The Pharaoh wonders what will happen if he completes the trials, and the stranger explains that he will receive the power to rule the world as he will have proven himself a true king. However, even though the Pharaoh might not want it, there are others seeking it, and it must be claimed before someone evil does. Also, if they fail, they will be trapped here until the next challenger arrives.

Using the wings found in the trial's reward chest, everyone flies off into another glowing doorway.

Back outside the game, Dr. Brisbane is laughing evilly that soon the power to rule the world will belong to him.

In the game, everyone has reached a volcanic area, where they must remove the Blade of Chaos before it's too late. Tristan gains a new monster, Thunder Dragon. Joey ends up separated from them, but returns, fused with Red-Eyes B. Dragon and full of evil. As Joey fights the Pharaoh in Dark Warrior mode, Joey begins to wonder why he is attacking his friend and realizes this happens because of his fusing with Red Eyes. Breaking free of the evil controlling him, Joey separates form Red Eyes, sees the Blade of Chaos is stuck in its thigh. Removing it, Joey clears the third trial and claims Red Eyes as his monster. Everyone leaves through another glowing doorway.

They then end up in a jungle (where they learn that despite its apparent endless scenery, it is only as big as the game board itself). Their next test is to find a golden apple that "gives you a raise" and offer it up. Tristan finds a giant melon and draws a picture of himself on it. The fruit then falls down a hole, and everyone follows it to find themselves in a chamber with three long pedestals with an apple each on them. Tristan then notices his melon in the corner, which turns out to actually be a Petit Moth.

Everyone attempts to leave, but are then caught in a labyrinth. Joey eats some of the fruit he took from the forest and instantly becomes a genius. Right as he is about to figure out how to get out of the labyrinth, a Battle Ox chases him away from his equations. At the same time, Tea gets a Seiyaryu after defeating a Jirai Gumo. Hopelessly lost in the meantime, Tristan releases a Shovel Crusher and it careens around the labyrinth like a lunatic, collecting his allies and depositing them back at the apple room. However, there is a slight difference. An apple is missing and a Cocoon of Evolution is where Petit Moth was. It hatches into Great Moth and Yugi becomes the Dark Warrior to fight it. However, a Dark Magic Attack simply further evolves it into Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth. The Pharaoh then realizes that he must eat one of the apples to evolve Dark Magician in order to stand a chance against the moth. Doing so evolves his magician into Magician of Black Chaos and earns them victory. He then takes the remaining apple to an altar, which opens a doorway.

They then find themselves back at the camp where they were attacked by the Flower Wolves. The masked man appears and properly introduces himself as Alexander the Great. He then goes on to explain he once possessed the Millennium Ring, which he considered his lucky charm as it helped him conquer most of the world. However, prolonged possession of it caused a split personality to emerge (due to Zorc being sealed in the ring) and most of his retainers lost faith in him. He was then put to a test to see if he was still worthy to wear the ring by Shadi and was the first to participate in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Collectible Figure Game.

However, though he was victorious in the trials, the door leading to the great power to rule the world did not open. This enraged his darker half into attacking his four vassals. It was then the pyramid punished him by splitting his soul in two. His darker half was sealed into the pyramid and he was sent to the game to act as a guide for future adventures. Alexander then gifts the monster-less Solomon with a new monster and tells him he will need it for the fifth trial.

They head to a village, where Alexander explains that the fifth trial involves destroying five different elemental dragons known as the Fiendish Five that terrorize the village. They find a girl about to sacrifice herself to give their dragon god the strength to keep the five away. However, they intervene and promise to slay the dragons. Solomon, using his new Curse of Dragon against Aqua Dragon, the Pharaoh faces Tyrant Dragon, Téa versus Serpent Night Dragon, Tristan battles Luster Dragon #2 and Joey fights Meteor Dragon. However, despite the aid of Yugi's new Black Luster Soldier, everyone fails to defeat the dragons and are forced to return to the village. The Pharaoh then learns of a sword that can slay the five only if a large power descends upon the village. Tricking the five into coming towards the village, the Pharaoh frees the sword and slays them. However, the defeated dragons transform into the Five-Headed Dragon. The girl from earlier prays for her god's help and her tears free the Blue Eyes White Dragon from its picture, and it fuses with the Pharaoh and slays the Fiendish Five once and for all.

With the trials now completed, everyone is about to be sent home, and Alexander is given permission to use Solomon's body as a means of taking himself out of the game.

They arrive outside to find Dr. Brisbane acting normal and concerned for their safety. He then wonders if they found anything interesting in the game, and Solomon presents the trial pendant, now fully lit. Right as the evil side of Alexander tries to grab the pendant, the good side jumps into Dr. Brisbane and seemingly subdues his evil side. However, it's a trick as the evil side was stronger and fused together with his weaker good half. Evil Alexander takes the pendant and runs up to the doors and successfully opens them after waiting for thousands of years. Everyone chases him into the room and they find themselves in an alternate dimension.

Shadi appears and wonders who should receive the power promised to the victor of his challenge. Though the Pharaoh protests that Evil Alexander cheated, Shadi points out that Alexander has a fair claim to the power as he tried himself and won thousands of years ago. To end the stalemate, Shadi announces one final Capsule Monsters battle. Evil Alexander summons the souls of his vassals to assist him and Good Alexander's Duel Armor.

Evil Alexander fuses with Reshef the Dark Being and sacrifices his retainers' monsters to summon his Seven-Armed Fiend, the apparition from Yugi's dreams. Everyone but Yugi's monsters are destroyed except for their dragons and Seven-Armed Fiend is destroyed. However, Evil Alexander decides to use the remaining monsters he used for his sacrifice to power Reshef and use his pawns' pain connection to them as a shield. However, the Pharaoh, disgusted with Evil Alexander for how he treats his loyal subjects, fuses with his friends' dragons to form the Armor of Unity and destroys Reshef. The evil side of Alexander is purged and the good Alexander tells the Pharaoh that his reign over Egypt is what inspired him to be pharaoh himself. Alexander then passes on with his vassals. Shadi wishes to gift the Pharaoh with the power promised, but he instantly turns it down. Shadi then muses to him that the one who can rule the world need not possess the power. The pyramid then begins to collapse, and everyone manages to escape safely.

They return to their pilots to discover the rescue plane has come. They talk the pilots into taking Solomon and Dr. Brisbane back to Domino City with them.

Dawn of the Duel arc

At the airport as Yugi prepared to board his flight, he unexpectedly met Joey, Tea and Tristan. He told them that they didn't have to come, but they insisted that they wouldn't miss this for the world.

At the airport in Egypt, Yugi and his friends were greeted by Ishizu, Marik and Odion, who brought them to an underground cavern in the desert, where the stone tablets from the museum had been relocated. As Yami held the Egyptian God cards up to the tablet, his spirit was sucked out of Yugi's body and into the Memory World. The portion of Yami Bakura's soul that had secretly been sealed in the Millennium Puzzle was also sucked into the Memory World, taking the rest of Yami Bakura's spirit from Ryo Bakura with it. Yugi reported that Yami Yugi was no longer present in his heart or the Puzzle.

Shadi appeared and confirmed that the pharaoh had left Yugi. He informed them that the pharaoh has gone to a world of his memories, which was created 3000 years ago (5,00 years agao in the English version) from the Pharaoh's experiences. Fearing Yami is in the same danger that sealed him in the Millennium Puzzle the first time around, Yugi, Joey, Tea and Tristan pleaded with Shadi to let them go to the Memory World to help Yami. Shadi explained that they must go through a doorway in the Millennium Puzzle to get there. Again Yugi insisted on going alone, but his friends wouldn't have it. Using the Millennium Key, Shadi brought the four them inside the Puzzle, where they began searching the labyrinth for the right door.

Yugi and company searched the inside of the Puzzle for a long time, but no no avail. Behind one of the doors they found Yami Bakura who turned into a monster and attacked them. After escaped Shadi informed them that that was the pharaoh's enemy in his true form. Since the maze reflected the pharaoh's heart, Yugi eventually started to feel it tremble as Yami Yugi was in danger. (In the English version, the temperature changed as the pharaoh's emotions changed.) Yugi realized that rather than calling for the pharaoh, they needed to wait for the pharaoh to call to them, so he got everyone to sit together and concentrate. This caused to labyrinth to open a door to the Memory World.

Yugi, Joey, Tea and Tristan entered the Ancient Egyptian Memory World, where Yugi no longer had the Millennium Puzzle. Despite looking out of place, no one took any notice of them. They quickly learned that other people could not see them and trying to touch solid matter, resulted in them phasing through it. Unknown to them, they had entered an RPG played by Yami Bakura and Yami Yugi, where they acted as non-playable characters.

The group found Bobasa, who like them could't be seen by most other people, but unlike them was able to touch objects. Chasing Bobasa led them to find Priest Seto saving Kisara. Recognizing him as the guy who looked like Kaiba from the tablet, they knew he worked for the pharaoh and followed him to the palace. Unlike other objects, they found that they couldn't phase through the palace gates. Bobasa reappeared and offered to help them.

The five of them fell asleep outside the palace until the gates finally opened as the pharaoh chased Thief Bakura on horseback, accompanied by the monster Ka Diabound and Slifer the Sky Dragon respectively. Yugi, Joey, Tea and Tristan ran after them and finally caught up with the pharaoh after he fell off his horse following Slifer's defeat. They were happy to find that the pharaoh could see them, as he asked Yugi in surprise if it was really him. By taking the pharaoh's hand, Yugi was able to give him some of his strength, enabling him to summon The Winged Dragon of Ra to battle Bakura's Diabound.

Ra initially defeated Diabound, but Yami Bakura, playing the RPG, used one of his Hourglass Tokens to turn back time to a few minutes previous. This time following Slifer's defeat, Diabound's attack smashed the ground below the pharaoh, causing him to fall into a chasm before Yugi and his friends could get to him. Yugi's friends briefly encountered Thief Bakura before being called by Bobasa to hide. Tea worried that the pharaoh may have lost his soul, since he just lost a Shadow Game, but Yugi reminded everyone that the world is built on the pharaoh's memories and since it still existed, he had to be okay.

The next day, Yugi, Joey, Tea, Tristan and Bobasa searched for the pharaoh along the River Nile. There they found Mana, who was able to see them and mistook Yugi for the pharaoh. When they started talking about looking for the pharaoh after Bobasa had found his cape, Mana realized that Yugi isn't the pharaoh. She quickly learned that they were his friends and joined their search party. The group were about to be attacked by Thief Bakura's men, shortly afterwards but Mana used her magic to raise the river and sweep the attackers away. As they continued their search Mana explained how only half her spells work, but Yugi told her how she resembled the card "Dark Magician Girl" and that if she kept practicing he's sure Mana could become as strong as the "Dark Magician Girl". Eventually the party found the pharaoh on the beach.

Yugi and his friends learned that Thief Bakura had taken the Millennium Puzzle from the pharaoh and was after the other Items too. The pharaoh told them that had only regained a fragment of his childhood memory and no one would tell him his real name. The pharaoh eventually left on horseback with Mana and asked that Yugi and the others return to their world and not get involved.

Tristan suggested that the pharaoh deliberately made himself lose his memory in order to forget information only he knew that someone would need to bring back the evil that he had locked away. Yugi and the others agreed that this must be his name, which had been erased from history. Yugi figured the pharaoh must have used it as a password to lock Zorc Necrophades away. Since the pharaoh was going to relive his battle with this creature, Yugi realized that without knowing his name, the pharaoh will lose this time. Determined to find out the pharaoh's name before the battle, they decided to go to the palace to see if there was some record of it.

This time at the palace, thinking to himself, Yugi asked the pharaoh to let them in it, and found he could pass through the palace gates. Inside the courtyard, he suggested that they split up to search and meet back in an hour. As they searched, Yami Bakura used another Hourglass Token to temporarily freeze time.

The five of them met-up again, finding Bobasa had eaten all the food in a storage room. Despite this, he was still hungry and couln't move without eating again. Tristan argued that Bobasa was no help and they should leave him. However Yugi pointed out that he had helped them find the pharaoh. The others agreed and helped Bobasa find something to eat. After finding some grapes they pulled him outside and let him eat them. The grapes finally filled Bobasa, who said this allowed him to grant their wish. His body inflated, allowing him to float in midair. He invited them to get on his back, so he could take them to see the pharaoh's name. He flew them to the pharaoh's tomb at the Valley of the Kings.

The inside of the tomb was filled with traps. Remembering Grandpa's story about his visit to the tomb, Yugi knew how the traps operated and was able to guide his friends safely through. They reached the room where Grandpa found the Millennium Puzzle, but were unable to find any clues there, so they began searching for another room.

Joey accidentally leaned on a hidden switch, unlocking a passageway. Possessed, Tristan ran ahead of everyone else, but found the room was empty. To everyone's surprise, Tristan read the hieroglyphics on the floor claiming they said that whoever solved the Millennium Puzzle must return the wish that they were granted in order to pass. Yugi claimed that what he wished for could never be returned, but after some coaxing admitted that he wished for friends. Tea and Joey were touched, having never heard this before.

Tristan pushed Yugi onto one eye pattern on the floor and pushed Joey and Téa onto another, where he joined them. The floor apart from the two eyes and a connecting beam gave away, leaving the two eyes balancing on a stone needle below the middle of the beam. (In the English version a pit of shadows is added below the platform. In the Japanese, it's just a long fall.) The beam turned, positioning Yugi's eye at a door to another room. Yugi was reluctant to go through as it would have meant losing his friends. After calling Yugi weak, Tristan leaped from the platform to the doorway, causing the platform to go off balance. Joey and Tea jumped off the platform and grabbed onto the ledge. Yugi ran after them and jumped catching onto Joey. The three of them climbed up and entered the room.

Inside the room, they found the name written on a wall. Unable to read it, they just memorized the hieroglyphics. As they looked around for Tristan, they spotted and exit and followed it.

Yugi, Joey and Tea were taken to a chamber with two sides connected by a bridge. Standing at the other side was Tristan who revealed he was possessed by Yami Bakura and took on his appearance. At the same time, the room shook as Zorc was about to be resurrected elsewhere. Yugi was able to defeat Yami Bakura in a duel in order for him to leave Tristan's body. Once Yami Bakura left Tristan for good, he was clueless on where his was. After explaining to Tristan what just happened, the chamber started to collapse. The quartet exited through a tunnel leading them to the side of a cliff.

After sliding down the cliff, Yugi and his friends were attacked by hooded riders. Like how Yugi and Yami Bakura were able to form Duel Disks, Yugi realized that if concentrated hard enough, their thoughts could become real. With no time to fight the riders, they imagined that they could fly and took off to find the pharaoh.

As Zorc was about to throw a fireball at the pharaoh, Yugi and his friends arrived. Zorc instead threw the fireball at them, saying that they should have stayed in their own world. The group dodged the attack, but saw some of Bakura's soldiers approaching. Preparing to fight, Yugi conjured a Duel Disk and the Deck that he and Atem built. He Summoned the "Dark Magician", who the pharaoh now recognized as Mahad. Joey, Tea, Tristan and Mana, who was at the palace, Summoned more monsters to battle the soldiers.

With the Monster Spirits battling Zorc and the soldiers, Yugi and his friends gathered around the pharaoh. They told him that they had seen his name and remember what it looked like, but were unable to read it. However after seeing the pharaoh's cartouche, Anzu suggested that they concentrate on making the hieroglyphics appear on it.

They all held their hands over the cartouche and tried this. Zorc tried to stop them by throwing another fireball in their direction, but Seto Kaiba appeared and used "Ring of Defense" to block the attack. Zorc launched another attack destroying the ring. Yugi and company managed to survive with the name engraved on the cartouche. The pharaoh declared that his name was Atem. Knowing this he was able to revive the Egyptian Gods and combine them into The Creator God of Light, Horakhty, who attacked and destroyed Zorc.

Yugi and Atem both found it weird having different names at first, having shared an identity since Yugi solved the Puzzle. Yugi said he felt a bit lonely, but it was okay. Even if their names are different, he said that they will still be a team. After saying goodbye to Priest Seto, Atem reached the end of his memories he could no longer exist in the Memory World, so he joined Yugi, Joey, Tea, Tristan and Kaiba to leave through an opening in the sky.

Ceremonial Battle arc

Both the Pharaoh and Yugi have obtained all 7 Millennium items and all 3 Egyptian God Cards. The Pharaoh has defeated Zorc Necrophades in the memory RPG and The Pharaoh has learned his name. Now it was time for the final test to see if Yami Yugi and Yugi were finally ready to separate for good; Atem would have to be defeated in a duel where he was actively trying to win, demonstrating that he had learned from Yugi that one did not need to win all the time and that defeat could teach us just as much as victory.

Originally planned to fly to Luxor via the Cairo International Airport, a sandstorm has brewed over the Valley of Kings, blocking that path but with the help of Marik and Ishizu Ishtar, they proceed to the Valley by boat from where its stated that the sandstorm might have not been without purpose due to the ancient belief that Ships carried kings or people back from the gods as it to say, travel from this world to the Land of the Dead. Both Joey and Kaiba asked Yugi if they could battle The Pharaoh. Yugi declined both requests, feeling that battling The Pharaoh was something he had to do to prove to himself that he was ready to separate from him. The boat docked and everyone was waiting for him. Ishizu then lead them across the desert to an underground cavern to the back of the cavern there was a large door with a carving of The Eye of Wdjat which Ishizu explained would unravel the Pharaoh's spirit from Yugi's, further explaining that in order to pass on he must pact with the Rite of the Duel. Yugi approached the Shrine of The Millennium Items and placed all the items in their appropriate places. A wave of light passed over Yugi, his shadow split in two, then his body. The Pharaoh and Yugi walked opposite ways to the far sides of the cavern. The Final Duel had begun.

Tea is mostly seen torn about the leaving of Yami. She is mostly seen having a debate within herself as to whether it would be good for him to stay or not, usually ending with her crying to herself while when with the rest of the gang she displays a happy facade.

Yugi falls to his knees, cries and tells Atem that he (Yugi) is weak. Atem tells him that he would not cry if he were in his place. Yugi says that that is the point, he admits that he could not follow in the footsteps of Atem. Atem reminds him that he is not a coward and it was he who taught Atem about the principles needed to win. He also says that now he is leaving, there would be no one else for Yugi to follow and that there would only be one Yugi.

The Eye of Wdjat glows on the wall, and Ishizu says the spirit of the Pharaoh has been freed. Atem stands before the Eye and declares that he is Atem. The wall parts to reveal a glowing light, and Atem walks towards it. Téa, Joey and Tristan step forward, asking him if this is how it ends: Atem can't show up, change their lives, and leave.

Yugi says that they don't want to say goodbye, and Téa cries that while she know its for the best, it doesn't seem fair that Atem has to leave. They were just getting to know him, and Atem was just getting to know himself, but now he's leaving. She knows they should be happy for him, but its hard when they're losing their best friend and they don't understand why. Joey says there are some things they aren't supposed to understand: he goes through half his life like that. But he does know that while Atem's stay isn't as long as they'd like, they were lucky to know him at all. Atem silently thanks him, and Tea wishes him luck.

Joey shouts that Atem isn't going anywhere: the memories he gave each of them will remain in their hearts. Joey and Yugi give Atem a thumbs-up, and Atem returns the gesture as he walks forward. The Pharaoh is about to pass through the gates to the afterlife, she then tries to run after him however she is stopped by Joey. The Pharaoh's cloak and clothing appear around him as images of Adviser Siamun, Mana, Akhenamkhanen, and the six priests (Young Akhenaden, Mahado, Seto, Isis, Kalim and Shada) greet him. Atem vanishes into the light, the wall closing behind him.

The Wdjat temple then starts to crumble as the Millennium Stone shatters, scattering the Millennium Items in a bottomless pit. They all run away from the temple while Shadi's spirit watches the temple he protected crumble, his duty being fulfilled, the Pharaoh's spirit has gone to the Afterlife.

Yugi, Tea, Joey, Tristan, Duke, Grandpa, Kaiba, and Mokuba all leave Egypt and return to Japan. In the airport, they meet up with Rebecca and Serenity. Both Duke and Tristan fall for Serenity, but are pulled back by Joey. Rebecca hugs Yugi much to Tea's annoyance.

The credits end with a cutscene where Grandpa is sweeping while Yugi comes out from the house to join Tea, Joey and Tristan to go to school. Yugi ends the show by saying that his story has not ended and that his story is not about a pharaoh who after three thousand years defeated the evil Zorc.

In fact, Yugi says that his story is just beginning. This alludes to the famous phrase "This isn't the legend of a Pharaoh. Everybody has his own story....The story that completes in the light. My story has just started." FIN

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (Anime)

Téa is never mentioned in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, but for a brief moment, she can be seen on a flier that Jaden picks up, along with Yugi,Joey,Tristan and Kaiba. As this is seen when Jaden Yuki had travelled to the past, ot therefore places Battle City V2 after Battle City but before The Ceremonial Battle.

Film Appearances

Yu-Gi-Oh! movie 1

The events of Battle City have just concluded, and Yugi now owns all three Egyptian God cards. Seto Kaiba longs to finally defeat him, and he has a plan. He suspects that since Maximillion Pegasus created the Egyptian God cards, he would have also created a way to beat them, just in case something ever went wrong.

Kaiba heads off to Pegasus's castle and challenges him to a duel. The stakes are the following: if Pegasus wins, he gets Kaiba's three "Blue Eyes White Dragons"; if Kaiba wins, Pegasus hands over the card that can beat the Egyptian Gods. Kaiba wins, and Pegasus must fulfill his wager: he picks up two cards from Pegasus's decks. However, Pegasus only created one card to beat the Egyptian Gods, so where did the other card come from?

Meanwhile, Yugi Muto and Téa Gardner, seeking refuge from a mob of duelists wanting to face Yugi for the Egyptian Gods, stumble into Domino Museum, where they discover a new attraction on display called the Pyramid of Light, which looks a little like the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi's grandpa, Solomon Muto (who also happens to be visiting the museum), reads an inscription on the side of a sarcophagus (The eye that sees what's yet to come, its vision shall be fulfilled, unless blinded by events predetermined, thus light & shadows both be killed), triggering a strange vision in Yugi's mind concerning his Millennium Puzzle, the Pyramid of Light, Anubis, and Kaiba. After he wakes up, he finds the pyramid stolen, the sarcophagus now empty. Yugi also finds Mokuba standing outside. Mokuba says that Kaiba wants Yugi to bring his duel disk to the KaibaCorp Duel Dome immediately.

Yugi does so, transforming into Yami Yugi on the way, and finds Kaiba ready to duel. Seto asks Mokuba to seal all the exits, forcing Yugi to duel him, but not before Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor find their way in to watch.

The duel goes on for what seems like an eternity, and Yugi is starting to suspect that there are dark forces at work - especially when Kaiba activates a Trap Card called the "Pyramid of Light", which not only bears a striking resemblance to its namesake in the museum, but also prevents Yugi from using any of the Egyptian Gods! Before long, Kaiba has his "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" on the field, but to Yugi's surprise, he sacrifices it to summon a monster known as the "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon", which is even stronger!

The Pyramid of Light also pulls the souls of Yugi, Joey, and Tristan into Yugi's Millenium Puzzle, where they are chased by a group of mummies controlled by an unknown force...

Kaiba could win the duel there and then, but he wants to humiliate Yugi by wiping him out with his own Egyptian Gods! His "Pyramid of Light" removed the gods from play, and he wants to play "Return from the Different Dimension" to get them under his control. Of course, to do that, he needs to destroy his Pyramid of Light first, otherwise it would just destroy the gods again! Kaiba commands his "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" to use its "Shining Nova" effect, which allows it to sacrifice itself to destroy anything on the field - and he aims it at the Pyramid of Light. Suddenly, a ghostly voice calls out, "This I cannot allow!", and the Pyramid stays exactly where it is. Then, a man rises up from behind Kaiba, throws him aside, and takes over the duel himself.

It's Anubis, the Egyptian Lord of the Dead, whom the Pharaoh destroyed 5000 years ago. But now he's back with the Pyramid of Light around his neck and two of his most powerful monsters - "Andro Sphinx" and "Spinx Teleia!. On top of this, Téa, Joey, Tristan and Yugi are all trapped inside the Millennium Puzzle, leaving the Pharaoh to duel all alone. Putting all his faith into the cards, Yugi draws the "Double Spell" card, which allows him to discard his other spell card to activate "Monster Reborn" from Seto's Graveyard. He uses it to revive "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon", who then destroys the "Pyramid of Light" (after it was weakened by Yugi from inside the Millennium Puzzle), along with "Andro Sphinx" and "Sphinx Teleia". But Anubis's not done yet. With the Pyramid gone, he summons his last trick up his sleeve - "Theinen the Great Sphinx"! Yugi, however, activates "Reverse of Reverse" to activate Kaiba's "Return from the Different Dimension". The God Monsters return, destroy the Great Sphinx and Anubis is seemingly defeated. But a giant jackal - the ancient Egyptian representation of Anubis, the Lord of the Dead - rises from the remains of the Pyramid!

Kaiba and Yugi join forces, putting all their strength into the "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" card, and using Shining Nova to destroy Anubis once and for all. On top of it all, Pegasus, who had earlier arrived via helicopter to help them, gets them out of the explosion in time. After this, Yugi thanks kaiba for all he's help. But brushes the thanks a side, and departs promising to defeat Yugi. Mokuba then leaves as well asking his brother to slow down. Yugi thanks his friends for helping him, and lastly talks to Yami Yugi.

Yu-Gi-Oh! movie 2

Tea, is first seen greeting Yugi outside the Kame game shop by giving him a shoulder bump. She and Yugi then see Bakura being admire by fan girls. Later on at lunchtime she, Yugi, Joey and Tristan meet on the rooftop. Tea and her friends discuss their futures. Tea wishes to study dancing in New York. She learns that Tristan is unhappy with the job, because he has lined up working for his father. She learns that Joey would like to become a professional Duelist, but needs to retrieve his Duel Disk, which has gotten old and broken. She also learns that Yugi will stay working in Kame Game, helping his grandfather, because he wishes to become a game designer himself and create a game that will be enjoyed by children, all over the world. While Tristan and Joey support his idea and offer to help him out, Tea says that she is certain Yugi will succeed.

When Yugi and his friends return to class, they spot a new student. They think that they remember him, but struggle to think of his name, before Tristan finally says that it is Aigami. After school, Yugi is walking with Joey and Tea. He and Joey have received back their Deck and Duel Disk respectively, that their teacher confiscated. After Aigami, gets harassed by Kudaragi and his gang, he tells Tea and Yugi that he is fine. At a mall, Yugi, Tea, Tristan and Bakura are sitting at Devlin's cafe, being served by Duke Devlin, while in the news, it is reported that Kudaragi and his gang have disappeared. Nearby, Joey is wearing a dog costume, walking around, handing out balloons. Bakura mentions how recently he has been getting the feeling that he is being watched. Tea points out that it is due to the girls obsessing over him, who are currently stalking him.

Later on she sees Kaiba suddenly appears on screens across the mall and introduces his new Duel Disk, which he says will be demonstrated in an exhibition Duel at Kaiba Land. When Tristan and Joey to start fighting. Tea tries to break them up, but Joey eats her ice cream, while continuing to fight. She then goes bowling with Aigami and then head to Burger World. The group tell Aigami stories about their adventures together, including their trip to Egypt, which Aigami says he would look to hear more about. Soon after Yugi invites them to have a Duel tournament at his house.

Video Games

Tea Gardner appears in the following video games:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Coliseum
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links


  • Hey guys what's up?!


Yugi Muto

Téa is deeply in love with Yugi, but is uncertain if it is Yami Yugi (Dark Yugi) or regular Yugi that she loves more. Even though in the manga and first series anime she has been friends with Yugi since childhood she is unaware that he is in love with her.

During the first chapter in the manga, she hung out with Yugi instead of playing basketball like the rest of the girls. In another manga chapter (Duel 45: 13 O'clock Terror!), when on a date with Yugi, Téa tries to bring out Yami (thinking that if she goes to extreme measures and plays a joke on Yugi, he will change into Yami). She makes Yugi fearful for her safety by going on a Ferris Wheel when it was known that a bomber was in the park; she was "pretending" to be in danger so she could "make the Yugi she wants to appear", not knowing that she placed herself in danger of being blown up for real. She is rescued by Yami Yugi, so her ploy succeeds in the end.

In the manga and the anime for much of the series, Téa believes that Yami Yugi is a more mature personality of regular Yugi. While at Duelist Kingdom, Yugi tells Téa that he "knows" that she prefers Yami Yugi. When he offers to switch out with Yami Yugi to give them time alone, Téa stops Yugi and tells him that there's no need because Yugi and Yami Yugi are both Yugi, so there's no need for him to change, as she really cares for both "personalities". It is only later on in the series when Yugi is in the hospital after trying to save Yami Yugi that she finally accepts the fact that Yugi and Yami Yugi are two separate people, but in the second series anime she knows they are two different people.

This causes confusion as to who Téa is really in love with: Yugi or Yami Yugi. The last references to this in the anime are during the final Duel, when Téa wishes Atem to be victorious so she does not have to say goodbye to him, but also roots for Yugi without even realizing it. She also does have romantic feelings toward the original Yugi as it is shown in many episodes when Rebecca Hawkins hugs Yugi, Téa appears upset; though this is before she accepts that Yugi and Yami are separate personalities. Téa has also hugged Yugi on two occasions during the second series anime - Once during the Virtual World Arc, after she beats Crump in a duel after being nearly encased in ice and Yugi comes to her aid; and again during the Waking the Dragons Arc after Yami Yugi defeats Dartz and Yugi's soul is returned to his body along with Kaiba's and Joey's.

Both of these cases occur during anime-only arcs in the story as neither the Virtual World arc or the Waking the Dragons arc are present in the manga. However towards the end of the fifth season though she is still seen unable to decide for her affections greatly reside in either Yugi or Yami, however after the Ceremonial Duel and Atem walks through the Gates of the afterlife she is seen trying to run after him however stopped by Joey. She does immensely care for Yami and has affection for him too. However in the Japanese anime credits, the gang returns back home. Rebecca is seen embracing Yugi and Téa is still jealous. This shows that whichever Yugi it may be, Yami Yugi or Yugi, she has affections for both of them.

Yami Yugi/Atem

Téa is deeply in love with Yugi, but is uncertain if it is Yami Yugi (Dark Yugi) or regular Yugi that she loves more. Even though in the manga and first series anime she has been friends with Yugi since childhood she is unaware that he is in love with her.

During the first chapter in the manga, she hung out with Yugi instead of playing basketball like the rest of the girls. In another manga chapter (Duel 45: 13 O'clock Terror!), when on a date with Yugi, Téa tries to bring out Yami (thinking that if she goes to extreme measures and plays a joke on Yugi, he will change into Yami). She makes Yugi fearful for her safety by going on a Ferris Wheel when it was known that a bomber was in the park; she was "pretending" to be in danger so she could "make the Yugi she wants to appear", not knowing that she placed herself in danger of being blown up for real. She is rescued by Yami Yugi, so her ploy succeeds in the end.

In the manga and the anime for much of the series, Téa believes that Yami Yugi is a more mature personality of regular Yugi. While at Duelist Kingdom, Yugi tells Téa that he "knows" that she prefers Yami Yugi. When he offers to switch out with Yami Yugi to give them time alone, Téa stops Yugi and tells him that there's no need because Yugi and Yami Yugi are both Yugi, so there's no need for him to change, as she really cares for both "personalities". It is only later on in the series when Yugi is in the hospital after trying to save Yami Yugi that she finally accepts the fact that Yugi and Yami Yugi are two separate people, but in the second series anime she knows they are two different people. This, then, causes confusion as to who Téa is really in love with: Yugi or Yami Yugi. The last references to this in the anime are during the final Duel, when Téa wishes Atem to be victorious so she does not have to say goodbye to him, but also roots for Yugi without even realizing it.

She also does have romantic feelings toward the original Yugi as it is shown in many episodes when Rebecca Hawkins hugs Yugi, Téa appears upset; though this is before she accepts that Yugi and Yami are separate personalities. Téa has also hugged Yugi on two occasions during the second series anime - Once during the Virtual World Arc, after she beats Crump in a duel after being nearly encased in ice and Yugi comes to her aid; and again during the Waking the Dragons Arc after Yami Yugi defeats Dartz and Yugi's soul is returned to his body along with Kaiba's and Joey's. Both of these cases occur during anime-only arcs in the story as neither the Virtual World arc or the Waking the Dragons arc are present in the manga.

However towards the end of the fifth season though she is still seen unable to decide for her affections greatly reside in either Yugi or Yami, however after the Ceremonial Duel and Atem walks through the Gates of the afterlife she is seen trying to run after him however stopped by Joey. She does immensely care for Yami and has affection for him too. However in the Japanese anime credits, the gang returns back home. Rebecca is seen embracing Yugi and Téa is still jealous. This shows that whichever Yugi it may be, Yami Yugi or Yugi, she has affections for both of them.

Joey Wheeler

Tristan Taylor

Solomon Muto

Seto Kaiba

Maximillion Pegasus

Mai Valentine

Mako Tsunami


Mokuba Kaiba

Rex Raptor

Ryo Bakura

Bandit Keith

Rebecca Hawkins

Arthur Hawkins

Duke Devlin

Serenity Wheeler

Espa Roba

Ishizu Ishtar


Marik Ishtar

Happy Lover

Dark Witch






Yami Bakura

Knownable Relatives


  • Her Japanese name "Anzu" means "apricot". While her last name "Mazaki" means "Cape of truth".
  • Her English version name "Tea" means "gift of the god". While her last name "Gardner" could be a corruption of the word "gaurd" or "the one who guard", reflecting her role as Yugi's "guardian" to some degree.
  • Her uncut version name "Tea Mazaki" means "a gift of a god and a cape of truth".
  • Her birthday is on August 18, and her bloodtype is O.
  • Her favorite food is Ramen. While her least favorite food is Grated yam.

Tea has many similarities with Hyuga Hinata from Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden.

  • Both have short hair, and are beautiful.
  • Both prefer to settle arguments calmly instead of using violence.
  • Both aren't the fighting type, and admire girl things.
  • Both like courage and confidence instead of violence and anger.
  • Both met the main character during their childhood. (For Tea : when Yugi gave her a game. Whereas for Hinata : when Naruto got his red scarf ruin)
  • Both met the main character's grandfather-figure, and find him to be a sweet guy but a prevert. (For Tea : Solomon. Whereas for Hinata : Hiruzen)
  • Both can't stand the main character's rival, and will put up with him for the main character's sake. (For Tea : she can't stand Kaiba, but helps him when he is with Yugi. Whereas for Hinata : she can't stand Sasuke, but becomes friends with him after the war)
  • Both have male friends instead female friends. (For Tea : Yugi, Joey and Tristan. Whereas for Hinata : Naruto, Kiba and Shino)
  • Both call out to the main character to not kill their opponent. (For Tea : she told Yugi not to kill Kaiba. Whereas for Hinata : she told Naruto not to kill Obito when they first met him)
  • Both see that the main character is troubled by something other than their skills. (For Tea : she sees that Yami Yugi hates having amnesia and living inside the Millnnenium Puzzle. Whereas for Hinata : she sees that Naruto hates being an parent less orphan and late bloomer)
  • Both see their friend in a guilt ridden state, and tells them that they aren't being a burden. Including that they are trying to help them get their confidence back. (For Tea : she notices how sad Yami Yugi felt when Yugi took his place to be seal away by Dartz. Whereas for Hinata : she notices how sad Naruto felt after seeing Neji get kill right in front of him)
  • Both can't stand when the main character is teased. (For Tea : seeing Yami Yugi being bullied by Weevil. Whereas for Hinata : seeing Naruto being bullied by Hibachi)
  • Both are happy when the main character is back to his normal self. (For Tea : when she and Yami Yugi decide to find Joey and Tristan. Whereas for Hinata : when Naruto thanks her for being at his side)
  • Both hate when a female likes their crush. (For Tea : Rebecca. Whereas for Hinata : Naruto's fan girls)
  • Both care about somone that is younger than them. (For Tea : Mokuba. Whereas for Hinata : Hanabi)
  • Both are brain washed by someone, and they controll them to make the main character helpless. (For Tea : Yami Marik. Whereas for Hinata : Toneri)
  • Both were knocked unconscious by someone. (For Tea : Dartz. Whereas for Hinata : Toneri)
  • Ironically both go through great lengths to rescue that person from danger. (For Tea : going with Yami Yugi to rescue Mokuba from Pegasus. Whereas for Hinata : going with Naruto to rescue Hanabi from Toneri)
  • Both are happy that the main character is a pacifist and spares his opponents from death. (For Tea : she is happy that Yami Yugi doesn't kill Pegasus and Dartz. Whereas for Hinata : she is happy that Naruto doesn't kill Obito and Toneri)
  • Both give the main character a gift to wear around their neck, and to keep as a memento. (For Tea : she gives Yami Yugi a cartouche necklace. Whereas for Hinata : she gives Naruto a new red scarf)
  • Both succeed their goal. (For Tea : she becomes a dancer. Whereas for Hinata : she marries Naruto)

Voice Actresses

  • Japanese : Maki Saito (all media), Yumi Kakazu (Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 & Yu-Gi-Oh! The movie)
  • English : Amy Birnbaum (all media)

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