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Stay in here is a dark song feature in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (film).

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The song shows a darker meaning to the film, and audience. The song is sung by Judge Claude Frollo (the late Tony Jay), and Quasimodo (Tom Hulce). The song means that Frollo wants Quasimodo to stay inside of the bell tower at all times in order to keep him from interacting in society.


Frollo : The world is cruel
The world is wicked
It is I whom you can trust in this whole city
I am your only friend
I who keep you, teach you, feed you, dress you
I who look upon you without fear how can I protect you boy, unless you stay in here away.
Remember what I have taught you Quasimodo
You are deformed
Quasimodo : I am deformed
Frollo : and you ugly
Quasimodo : and I am ugly
Frollo : and these are crimes for the world shows little pity, you don not comprehend.
Quasimodo: You are my one defender
Frollo : Out there they'll revile you as a monster
Quasimodo : I am a monster
Frollo : Out there they will hate, scorn and jeer
Quasimodo : only a monster
Frollo : Why invite their calumny and consternation
Frollo : Stay in here be faithful to me
Quasimodo : I'm faithful
Frollo : Be Grateful to me
Quasimodo : I'm grateful
Frollo : Do as I say obey and stay in here
Quasimodo : I'll stay in here
Quasimodo (Speaking) : You are good to me master I'm sorry
Frollo (Speaking) : You are forgiven but remember Quasimodo this is your Sanctuary


  • Many fans on YouTube have a hard time trying to find this song in Japanese, because they want to heard what Frollo sounds like while singing.
  • Deleted scenes show that Frollo's version was shorter, and more darker than the film version.
  • The first half of the song also shares similarities to "Mother Knows Best" and "Stay With Me", where the film's villains/parental figures lecture the main character on the importance of staying secluded from the world and always listening to their every word.
  • This song is edited out in Disney World, and Disneyland. Instead it starts with Quasimodo singing Out There.

This song holds many similarities to the song "Love is an Open Door" from Frozen.

  • Both are duets between the main character and the main villain of the film.
  • Both are sung atop large buildings in their kingdoms. (For Quasimodo and Frollo : Notre Dame. Whereas for Anna and Hans : Arendelle Castle)

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