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Sonic the Hedgehog (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ) is the title character, and he is also the main character of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

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He is an alien anthropomorphic dark blue hedgehog gifted with the ability to run at the speed of sound and beyond, hence to his name, and possesses lightning fast reflexes to match. As his species implies, Sonic can also roll up into a concussive ball, primarily to attack enemies. Ever since stepping into the battle against injustice, Sonic has been the champion of peace, and is renowned the world over for saving it countless times. During his many adventures, Sonic has traveled from the ends of the world to the far reaches of space and time, while facing countless trials that have tested him to the fullest, earning him many titles, allies and several foes. He is well-known for his legendary kind hearted cocky attitude, easy-going demeanor and somewhat short temper, yet strong sense of justice, compassion, and love for freedom and adventure. Sonic uses his abilities to protect the innocent. Which makes Dr. Eggman his arch enemy, since the evil doctor constantly seeks world domination.


Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic meets Tails

Not much is known about Sonic the Hedgehog's early life except for his birthday. He was born on Christmas Island with his abnormal ability to run at super fast speed, which gave him his iconic name but his love for an adventure eventually called him away from his childhood home. Since then, he has spent his whole entire life traveling the entire globe, while being driven by his restless spirit, in search for adventure to satisfy his thirst for thrills. This has led him to start helping nice people.

At some point in time, Sonic met the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik and they both had became arch enemies under unknown reasons and circumstances. Sonic would also subsequently fight Doctor Robotnik in an untold number of confrontations as the scientist attempted time and time again to conquer the whole world, but with Sonic each time foiling the doctor's plans. Despite their many battles, Sonic did not really account much of his arch adversary.

Sonic is a world roaming Freedom Fighter with a lifestyle similar to a stray tramp, who fiercely defends the citizens of Mobius from the evil schemes of Dr. Ivo Robotnik and his lackeys Scratch and Grounder in several comical adventures. One day, Sonic came across a young infant orphan fox named Miles Prower and was persuaded to adopt him as his younger brother, as the young fox had no one to live with. Naming him new little brother "Tails", the two of them became as close as a real family. While Sonic has his trademark attitude, he also tries his best to stand out as a responsible role model for the innocent young Tails.

Sonic the Hedgehog (TV Series)

Young Sonic with his uncle and dog

Sonic the Hedgehog was raised by his Uncle Chuck in Mobotropolis, during the reign of the King Acorn. As a young child, Sonic used to play with his best friend, Princess Sally. However he lacked manners by burping without saying excuse me as he had saw it as being "cool". Sir Charles was a top inventor of the kingdom and a personal friend of the King. Following the Great War, a warlord named Julian (later known as Doctor Robotnik) orchestrated a coup d'état and banished the King to the Void. Julian then renamed himself Doctor Robotnik and had ordered that all citizens of Mobotropolis be roboticized and transformed into mindless slaves. Sonic and Sally, along with several other young children, were spirited out of the city and hid inside a woodland camp that would eventually become Knothole Village. At the same time, Uncle Chuck fell into Robotnik's hands, and was the first to be roboticized. Sonic remains extremely frustrated by his inability to free his uncle from Robotropolis. Nevertheless he also takes care of the young Tails who doesn't remember the event at all.

Sonic and his friends currently live in Knothole to hide from Robotnik. There Sonic, Sally, and the others then formed the Freedom Fighters. Soon after that they began a ten year long battle with Dr. Robotnik to take back their planet, with Sonic being one of the main leaders and their primary agent.

Sonic Underground

Sonic as a child

Sonic was born as the eldest heir to the throne of Mobius, along with his two younger siblings, Sonia and Manic. Shortly after their birth however, their mother Queen Aleena was dethroned by Dr. Robotnik and they became wanted fugitives, but the Oracle of Delphius prophecized that Aleena and her three children would one day defeat Doctor Robotnik together, but only if she left her children in the care of random dothers until then. Aleena sent the siblings to three different caretakers.

Sonic himself was left in the care of a regular family. During his early childhood, however, his adopted family was captured and roboticized. After Sonic's former adoptive home was destroyed by a fire, Sonic was taken in by his Uncle Chuck. Sonic would learn how to play an electric guitar that, he soon figured out, could also be a weapon. He then joined his Uncle Chuck and the Freedom Fighters in the battle against Robotnik over the next many years.

Sonic X (Anime)

Sonic the Hedgehog hails from an unnamed world in a parallel dimension to Earth. His back-story is a mystery but it is known that he befriended Miles "Tails" Prower. One day while running really fast Tails spotted him, and started to admire Sonic calling him cool. Tails eventually found Sonic's original Tornado which was in the color red. So Tails decided to paint it blue, and made it faster. Sonic spotted him and they became good friends. After meeting Tails, Sonic also meet Knuckles the Echidna, Salior Mercury, Cream the Rabbit, Cheese and many small animals as well as constantly fending off Dr. Eggman's attempts at conquering the world.

Sonic Boom (Series)

While out foiling one of Dr. Eggman's evil plans with Tails, Sonic and his crew pursued Eggman and Metal Sonic to a distant island. After briefly splitting up, the group arrived at an ominous ancient tomb, where Metal Sonic and Eggman's newly acquired Destruction Troops cornered them. Against his team's wishes, Sonic opened the tomb and had his group seek refuge inside. As they got trapped inside, Sonic was scolded by his team for his solo-actions as they tried getting out, during which they accidently awoke Lyric the Last Ancient who showed familiarity with Sonic, much to Sonic's confusion, before trapping them in his shackles as he fled. Converting the shackles to Enerbeams, Team Sonic tried fruitlessly to catch Lyric, and so went to find Cliff to get some info on Lyric.

Finding Cliff, the archeologist unveiled that Lyric was a rogue Ancient who planned to power his Sentinel army with the Chaos Crystals to destroy all organic life, but was imprisoned by his race when they discovered his plan. Though Sonic was harshly judged by his team, they set out to retrieve the Crystals before Lyric. While seeking their second Crystal after getting split up, Sonic and Tails encountered MAIA, a robot who rebelled against Lyric, in the Abandoned Research Facility who assisted the team by creating a time portal leading one thousand years back in time to retrieve a map for the Crystals.

At they were about enter a portal, Shadow the Hedgehog attacked Sonic and Tails, intent to prove Sonic's weakness. After Sonic knocked Shadow into a time portal, he and Tails went back in time to Lyric's Weapon Facility where they helped a younger MAIA halt Lyric's operations while they confronted a younger Lyric. While Tails got the map, Sonic held Lyric back and trapped him for his future imprisonment by the Ancients, upon where he realized Lyric's previous knowledge about him.

Back in the present, Sonic and Tails regrouped with Knuckles and Amy to continue the hunt. Along the way, they had to content with a short alliance between Lyric and Eggman, Metal Sonic who had been reprogrammed to serve Lyric, and the power struggle between Lyric and Eggman. Regardless, the team overcame it all and got each Crystal.

When getting the last one though, Sonic was surrounded by Lyric's robots and Lyric demanded for the Crystals in exchange for Sonic's life. Sonic refused, but Tails, Knuckles and Amy complied. Despite that, Sonic got shot by Lyric's robots and buried under rubble. However, he recovered and the team went after Lyric to Lyric's Lair. Proclaiming his friends were his strength, Sonic fought Lyric with his team. During the battle, Lyric used the team's Enerbeams to ensnare them, but before he could finish them, Eggman ambushed Lyric from behind, freeing the group. Sonic subsequently tied up Lyric with assistance from his friends, during which Shadow dropped by, and removed Lyric's technopathy device to incapacitate him. With the threat over, Team Sonic celebrated their victory in the Village, with Sonic having gained a new sense of appreciation for his team.

In Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, Sonic and his team saved Sticks when she was caught in a rockslide, who gave them the warning that an underground army would destroy them all. Later, Sonic was contacted by Amy, who was out researching the Lost Crystal of Power, over their AVA. Through it, he saw Amy being kidnapped by Lyric the Last Ancient, who sought to rip her knowledge of the locations of the Crystal Shards from her brain.

Starting a rescue mission, Sonic assemble Tails, who found a way to track Amy from her data logs, and Sticks, though the latter's attempt at an impulsive rescue forced Sonic to rein her in and convince her to work with them. On their way, the trio found Knuckles, who had been guarding Amy's path, and recruited him for their search too. The team soon after met Shadow the Hedgehog, who acted peculiar before challenging Sonic to a showdown. After Sonic beat Shadow, the heroes learned from Shadow and his busted Mind Control Device that he had been controlled by Lyric, who then contacted them over a hologram and warned them that he would soon have the power of a god and would destroy them once he was done with Amy. While Shadow left to get revenge on Lyric, Sonic and his friends resumed their search.

When entering an ancient robot plant, Team Sonic was attacked by Metal Sonic, whom Sonic defeated. They followed the robot to an island, sure it would lead them to Lyric, where they found a plane that they used to reach Lyric's air-stationed stronghold. There, they freed Amy and confronted Lyric, where Sonic proclaimed the power of solid a team. Lyric thus separated Sonic's friends from him with a trap, but Sonic defeated Lyric and freed his team. Lyric then called forth a weapon to kill Team Sonic with, but thanks to the arrival of Shadow, the weapon was stopped and Sonic was able to drop Lyric from his airship. Concluding their adventure with a teamwork discussion, Sonic headed home with his team, though disappointed that Shadow had no interest in joining them.

Sonic then became the leader of Team Sonic. Though initially kind of a loner, the many trials Sonic faced during his battles against Lyric taught him the importance of teamwork, and he has since grown into a capable and admirable team-mate and leader.

2020 Film

SonicMovie Flower.jpg

Sonic was born on an island which carried all the details of the famed Green Hill Zone from the video games, and he was raised by the wise Longclaw, who had warned Sonic not to show off his powers as there were those who coveted it and wanted it for themselves. One day, when Sonic returned home to Longclaw with a flower, he and Longclaw were attacked by a group of Echidna warriors who had seen Sonic and followed him back to Longclaw's hut. When Longclaw is wounded by one of their arrows, she realizes Sonic won't be safe with her anymore, and using a ring, summons a portal for Sonic to escape through, giving him the bag of rings to use should he ever need to flee to protect himself from threats, before sending him through and making a heroic last stand to hold the echidna warriors off until the portal dissolves and Sonic is left stranded on the world Longclaw sent him to.


Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic whistles the TV show theme song

Sonic is not just quick on his feet but quick witted. Coming up with plans and disguises on the spot, Sonic uses his smarts and impressive speed to trip up the devious Dr. Robotnik.

While Sonic enjoys helping people out, he can get annoyed if someone tries to help him out. He feels that this will land them both in serious danger, and his temper can get the better of him (for example like with Captain Rescue). Sonic usually apologizes later though, showing that he didn't mean to get angry.

Sonic is very overprotective of his young charge, Tails. Tails is quite young so Sonic is the role of a big brother, and parental figure to him. He does what he can to keep the fox safe and has some rules in place to keep Tails away from his dealings with Scratch and Grounder. He is shown to become angry with Tails when he disobeys these rules and puts himself in danger, indicating how important Tails is to him.

Despite the mischievous attitude he is given in the main show, during the Sonic Say segments he is illustrated as a responsible role model for the innocent Tails, by often dealing and giving advice to the fox when he gets into a difficult situation.

In this series, Sonic has been depicted as being quite the lady's man (as referenced through the many female characters that he meets).

Sonic the Hedgehog (TV Series)

Sonic's love for Chilli Dogs.

Sonic is a cool teenager with a big attitude. He possesses a lot of self confidence and has a playful, yet never mean spirited arrogance about him, which lets him have fun even in the face of danger and crack jokes while staring evil in the eye.

Sonic is very impatient when it comes to waiting and will actively seek out action, which makes him ignore manners (since his childhood and when he is a teenager) and social customs and act before thinking. Because of his attitude, Sonic also sometimes come across as egotistical, but he is never selfish in his actions. Despite his flaws, Sonic is a good-natured person with a big heart and a strong sense of justice, and is fully devoted both to his friends and the Freedom Fighter cause.

He also has an emotional side as he desperately tries to make his Uncle Chuck no longer under Robotnik's slave including a robot.

Sonic Underground

"Yeah tell it to wait outside. I'm too tired to care".

Sonic is a wise-cracker of epic proportions and often cannot resist taking a stab at friend or foe alike. He has a big heart, and is always willing to help someone in danger. Sonic can be justifiably, arrogant about his speed and can have difficulties working in a team, or taking the time to plan. He is extremely impatient ("I'm waaaaiting!"), and would rather handle all the jobs himself than wait for others to take care of it. However he will admit if he made a mistake, though usually not when anyone can hear him. His love of Chili-dogs remains, and he tends to have poor etiquette and loves rushing into a battle, much to Sonia's disgust. Sonic loves speaking in slang instead speaking formaly. Sonic is the oldest of the three siblings, but can act a little immature which angers Sonia.

He has a dislike of water and a near crippling fear of the ocean as he cannot swim, but his determination and bravery help him push through his fear if necessary. Above all he loves his little brother and sister, and can be very protective of them.

Additionally, as the leader of the team, Sonic tries his best to keep his siblings in line, and often gives orders on most missions. He thus proves himself to be a very strong and capable leader, but it can go to this head. When Luke Periwinkle attempted to drive a wedge between Sonic and his siblings, he told Sonic that he decided that he [Sonic] is a better leader and is to be crowned King of Mobius. Before then, Sonic even said himself that when he is coronated, he will assign positions on his court to his siblings.

Sonic X (Anime)

Sonic is a habitual daredevil who is honest, loyal to friends, keeps his promises and dislikes tears. He took the young Tails under his wing like a little brother. Even though he isn't intrigued by the marital proposals from Amy Rose, he seems to share her feelings. With Knuckles, he shares a friendly rivalry, but the two can be great teammates, though Sonic simply can't resist teasing him whenever he has the chance to. Even though he meets Chris at the beginning of the series, he quickly becomes his friend and treats him like a younger brother similar to Tails. He is mostly seen napping, running towards an adventure or stopping Dr. Eggman with his plans of world domination.

In times of crisis, he focuses intensely on the challenge as if his personality had undergone an astonishing change most of the time.

Despite of his positive attitude, Sonic displays some loneliness when he first arrived at Earth, by believing that he was the only one being transported without his friends and feels partially sad about it. Sonic has also shown himself as a bit of a trickster, as seen when he was struck on a cruise with his friends, where he manipulated the others to return back by deceiving them that their loved ones at home were missing them.

Sonic Boom (TV Series)

Much like the wind, Sonic is free-spirited and always on the move. He has a passion for adventure and is very much a thrill seeker, always looking for the next thrill, challenge, and triumph. For Sonic, speed is a way of life; he runs fast, thinks fast and even eats fast. Being addicted to speed and action, Sonic gets bored and restless during extended times of peace. In fact, Sonic cannot process the aspect of being restricted and being unable to move makes him extremely stir crazy. He acts on instinct and lives in the moment, though he is impatient, impulsive and tends to run headlong into trouble without a plan. Regardless, his heart is always in the right place. When being honest, he tends to be rather blunt.

Sonic's typical driving force is his immensely large ego, and he is usually laid-back, cool and carefree. Possesses a snarky tongue, he is likewise cocky, playful and often jokes around even in dire situations. When the situation calls for it though, Sonic can be serious and will immediately rush to aid those in dire need. Always courageous and heroic, Sonic is very benevolent with a strong sense of justice and fair play, being fully committed to helping out those in need at all times. Sonic also does not back down or give up, because he has an unwavering belief and faith in himself and his abilities. While having his own fair share of quirks, Sonic has a profound common sense that often makes him the "straight man" amongst his friends.

Though rather selfless when saving the Village, Sonic does come off as somewhat sensitive about his hero-status, becoming extremely jealous, defensive, and frustrated whenever someone else rivals his fame, or when the civilians turn against him. This mindset even led to him temporarily retiring due to how ungrateful the citizens were for his efforts. Even so, when the times really call for it, Sonic will forgo his opinions to help those in need. Sonic is also a true chili dog connoisseur who can identify the ingredients of a chili dog with one bite.

Sonic is noted to be strongly loyal towards his friends. Though he may not always show it, he cares deeply for his friends and will do anything for them. Early on though, Sonic was somewhat of a loner and cynical. While he was willing to work with his friends in times of need, he would show more interest in going out alone and would even take credit for what the team did collectively. With time though, Sonic grew to see how his team made him stronger and realized that his friends were his strength. Since then, Sonic has become a much more admirable team leader, being quick to ask for help and acknowledge their collective contributions, though he is still kind of snarky.

2020 Film
"So. As I crashed into the cold, dark water of the Pacific I realized a few things. A, I have no idea where I'm going. B, salt water stings. [getting angry] C, I shouldn't even be ON this planet right now, but I AM. Why? Because you shot me! You shot me! I'm wet, I'm cold, there's a fish on my head! And clearly I'm not going to be able to do this on my own".
— Sonic while talking to Tom by asking him for help

Sonic after coming back from the Pacific Ocean.

Sonic is adventurous, cocky, cheeky, lively, fun-loving, and confident. He is a thrill-seeker who enjoys being able to go fast and live freely, which much of his early childhood was spent doing. However, this carefree nature can land him in trouble, as shown when he used his powers in the open despite being told to keep them hidden, allowing an echidna tribe to ambush him and Longclaw. He is mostly fearless and cool under pressure, mocking and bantering with Dr. Robotnik during their encounters.

After being forced to flee his world and live on Earth for ten years, Sonic became extremely lonely, as he was never able to interact with people lest they attempt to take his powers. This caused him to long for a real friend to connect with (as highlighted in the bucket list he creates), which he eventually found in the form of Tom Wachowski, who Sonic had up to then dubbed the "Donut Lord". The two quickly bond during their journey to recover Sonic's lost rings, where Sonic gains a better understanding of life on Earth and is thrilled to finally have a friend.

Sonic is impulsive and tends to act without thinking and sometimes disobey people, such as using his super speed outside when Longclaw told him not to, or going into the Piston Pit instead of staying in Tom's truck like he told him to. Sonic enjoys giving people nicknames, such as calling Tom "donut lord" and Maddie "pretzel lady". He also has a sense of humor, as he enjoys making jokes and doing silly things like pretending to be multiple people. Sonic's hobby of watching action movies and reading comics, combined with his lack of experience dealing with people, gives him a slightly unrealistic view of the world and causes him to occasionally act irrationally, such as mimicking the characters in "Speed" and by starting a fight with some thugs instead of leaving the Piston Pit and avoiding a fight.

Sonic is highly protective of his powers, being willing to spend years running away and living in hiding so that no one would discover or try to steal them. At the climax of his battle against Robotnik, however, he resolves to use them to protect his friends.

Despite being alone for 10 years while living in a cave Sonic stays in a positive upbeat tone but it becomes quickly apparent that he is lying to himself and is desperately lonely and unwanted. So he starts to develop mental issues and is label as a sad clown due to being isolated.

His extended isolation has taken a toll on his mental state. He pretends to have conversations and activities by using his Super Speed, and also pretends to have friends by spying on the residents of Green Hills; he even acknowledges at one point that his loneliness has driven him a "bit crazy". Sonic finally hits his breaking point while playing a baseball game by himself; he scores a home run, cheers for himself, and looks over at the stands to see them completely empty. The resulting frustration and sorrow Sonic feels is what leads him to trigger the frustration that knocks out power across half the country.

He also starts to be hyperactive as Sonic doesn't get a lot of people to talk to, so once he does, it's hard to shut him up. Even when Tom and Maddie step outside to have a moment to themselves, Sonic's still talking in the other room, even though no one's listening to him. Even before Sonic gets anyone to interact with he's seen talking to himself repeatedly, which is implied to be a coping mechanism to deal with his loneliness.

He is smart as he created his Buzzsaw Curl Ball attack. However he doesn't know how to weaponize this skill. At first, anyways. He figures it out during the movie's climax, weaponizing his speed against Robotnik. Another thing about him is that he knows a lot about Earth, and he doesn't have a sense of direction as he whines up in the pacific ocean

When Jojo gifts Sonic a fresh pair of shoes and socks after seeing his current ones are worn out, so he won't hurt [his] feet anymore. Sonic admits that he's never gotten a gift before and is genuinely touched.

True to the source material, Sonic is also known to be friendly towards any animals he comes in contact with. His first scene as an older kid shows him rescuing a turtle from being run over and showing it the joys of speed. When he meets Tom's dog Ozzy, he tries to put up a jealous front due to Ozzy's status as Tom's best animal friend. However when Ozzy expresses his like of Sonic, by licking him Sonic finds it both gross and touching.

Tom and Maddie also created a space in their attic for Sonic to stay after having to found his cave and moved ALL of his stuff up there to make an adorable bedroom of his own, including a racecar bed and string lights. When Sonic sees it for the first time and voices his appreciation, he is very happy and it sounds like he's about to cry. Maddie also says that Sonic can't stay up because it’s a school night. This not only solidifies her role as “mother” but also it’s implied they put him into school, where he can make more friends who are his age.


Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Lovesick 297.jpg

Sonic is a blue, anthropomorphic hedgehog with a light yellow muzzle and belly. His head and back are covered in spines, which are instrumental in his buzz saw attack. His eyes are black. He always wears the same red and white pair of shoes, which are heat-resistant and necessary for his incredible running ability. He also wears gloves and seems to have conjoined eyeballs. Sonic is also able to disguise himself in different outfits to trick Scratch and Grounder for fun and humor.

Sonic the Hedgehog (TV Series)

Just like with Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic's appearance remains the same in this tv series.

Sonic Underground

Just like with the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series, Sonic's appearance remains the same in this tv series. But as a infant he seen wearing a yellow PJ suit, and as a child he was seen wearing a red T-shirt. However Sonic also wears a guitar necklace around his neck overall. His body size is the same as Sonia, even his quirks are the same as Sonia's.

Sonic X (Anime)

Just like with the 2000 video games, Sonic's appearance remains the same. He has grown taller and that his eyes are more narrow.

Sonic Boom (TV Series)


Sonic retains most of the appearance from his 2005 appearance, but has a few physical and clothing differences. He is much slimmer, with longer arms and legs and more pronounced shoulders, giving him a lanky appearance. His hands are also noticeably smaller. Sonic's quills are also slightly messier, having some cowlick-like spikes that sticks out from his top and lower quills, and his arms are covered in blue fur, as opposed to being skin-colored.

For attire, Sonic wears a pair of white gloves with cuffs and a pair of red sneakers, in which have white cuffs, grey soles, and a large, rectangular gold buckle on the top. Both of his gloves and sneakers have white sports tape around them, which is wrapped around his palms, the lower half of his arms and legs, and the heels of his sneakers. Finally, he sports a short brown neckerchief around his neck.

2020 Film

SonicMovie SonicPoint.png

Sonic is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with predominantly blue fur. He has six quills that extend from the back of his head, with two on his back and a tail. He has green eyes, a black nose, his muzzle fur and his belly are peach, and his muzzle fur extends to the center of his nose ridge.

For attire, he wears a pair of white gloves, a pair of red Puma sneakers with white straps, white soles, and yellow Puma tags, and a pair of white socks. Originally Sonic wore rage socks and worn out green sneakers that were mismatched, and duck taped to run around in for most of his life after being alone on Earth. When when he was a baby, he wore small, brown boots.



Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog

Sonic can run at extremely fast speeds, assuming he is wearing his specially designed Hi-tops. While his top speed is unknown, he can run fast enough to reach the opposite side of Mobius in less than four minutes and forty-five seconds.

Sonic X (Anime)

Sonic's greatest skill is his running speed with the ability to reach supersonic speeds. While his top speed is unknown, it is confirmed that he can run much more than the speed of sound and achieve speeds greater than that of a lightning bolt. Having nearly limitless stamina, Sonic is able to run for an entire day without stopping.[26] He can also run backwards at full speed just as well as forwards and over water.[6][70] In line with his speed, he is a master of rapid response, having astonishingly quick reflexes and capable or running on walls and buildings.

Sonic Boom

Sonic's most notable skill is his super speed, allowing him to move and think faster than Mach 1. Though his exact top speed is unknown, he is credited as the world's fastest hedgehog and even the fastest being in his universe; he can effortlessly create a sonic boom, run along the surface of water, walls and ceilings, outspeed lasers, start small fires from friction by running on the ground, and create strong enough gusts when taking off to knock over boulders. His speed is so great that he can run a trip that would take others thirty hours by car to make in a few seconds. Even the effects of the Slow Motion Machine, which slows everything down to a crawl, could only reduce his speed and mental processes to normal levels.

Buzzsaw Curl Ball

Soni's Buzzsaw curl ball

Sonic is capable of curling into a ball and performing a buzzsaw attack which can cut through most objects (similar to the spin dash) though there are various materials that are too hard for him to penetrate such as nuclear forged steel and diamondium laced metal. Sonic is also an incredibly efficient burrower; by cutting into the ground while spinning, he can dig through the underground at such speed that he can burrow directly through Mobius in less than twelve seconds.


Sonic is a master of disguise and often uses a variety of costumes to foil Robotnik's schemes; his disguises are made all the more effective thanks to the extreme gullibility and stupidity of Robotnik's minions.

Power Rings

He is also able to harness the forces of the Power Rings, which charges up his strength and super speed to such levels that he creates an explosion upon dashing off.

Super Sonic

When performing this move, Super Sonic levitates in the air and launches four airborne Spin Attacks into the opponent, where he each time after striking the opponent moves backwards and launches a new Spin Attack. After hitting the opponent with the Spin Attacks, Super Sonic roundhouse kicks the opponent across the opponent's front, before flying directly into the air and then bringing his left heel directly down on the opponent. After this, Super Sonic finishes the attack by flying into the air and strikes the opponent with a total of six Homing Attacks from every angle, before flying up in front of the opponent and firing an energy blast made of golden chaos energy at the opponent.

Hyper Sonic

Hyper Sonic has unlimited speed. His strength is unknown and incalculable. He also has all of Super Sonic's abilities, such as invincibility to all attacks, improved speed and strength, and greater jumping abilities. Since Hyper Sonic is generally an upgraded version of Super Sonic, it can be assumed that all of Hyper Sonic's physical abilities surpass that of Super Sonic's. Hyper Sonic also has some new and improved abilities: while Super Sonic is near invulnerable, Hyper Sonic is completely invulnerable towards physical harm from attacks and the environment, however, he can still die by being crushed, falling into a pit, or running out of time. He also can breathe underwater and has the added ability of a devastating lightning attack. This can be used to launch him in any direction and, when performed, destroys all enemies on-screen (except bosses) with a bright flash.

As with all Chaos Emerald/Super Emerald-caused transformations, once Hyper Sonic runs out of Rings, his transformation will end and will revert back to normal.

Dark Sonic

Dark Sonic in silhouette form

As Dark Sonic, Sonic demonstrates light-speed movements, high enough to tear through a robot multiple times within a second simply by dashing through it, while not even being visible. He also possesses very high physical strength, enough to make dents in metal and caves in a robot's face with one punch, and tear a robot vertically in half with one swift strike.

As Dark Sonic, he seems to relish the prospect of murdering the two prototype Metarex, as shown by his demonic grin and mad cackle. In this form, Sonic's rage is out of control and he has even gained the intention to kill. However, he can still control his actions to an extent, as this form is rooted in the darker aspects of Sonic's natural instincts, including the desire to live, trample and impose over opposition, and on a metaphysical level, the natural occurrence and manifestation of loss, decline, destruction and death.

Darkspine Sonic

In this form, Sonic has increased physical strength, enough to send Alf Layla wa-Layla's strongest attack back at him with brute force alone. He also obtains the power of high-speed flight, similar to his Super State. He is also granted pyrokinetic abilities, allowing him to create and control fire (though it is not shown to what extent). In combat, he can create concentrated flames on his hands and feet to amplify the destructive force behind his attacks, and form highly powerful bursts of flames. His attacks focus more on hand-to-hand combat, as opposed to the boosting and energy moves that Super Sonic uses. He is also able to perform Time Break and Speed Break without relying on the magic of Shahra's Ring, and he can generate the necessary amount of soul energy he needs for these moves, himself.

As the World Rings are what keep the world of the Arabian Nights together, it appears that Darkspine Sonic is also capable of warping the reality of the Arabian Nights' universe: with one gesture, Sonic was able to revert Erazor Djinn's realm back to normal while also expelling the World Rings' power from his body.

Excalibur Sonic

In this form, Sonic is renowned as the ultimate Knight, hinting a high level of skill and power. He has increased strength, allowing him to deflect the massive sword strikes from the Dark Queen's spectral form, and the ability to fly, along with the ability to use his own Soul Surge. He also gains a move similar to his Quick Step, allowing him to roll to the right or left to evade attacks. His attacks are also more close-combat based, as opposed to the boosting and energy moves that Super Sonic uses, and he can channel golden energy into his strikes for more devastating damage.

As Excalibur Sonic, Sonic wields Caliburn in his legendary form, Excalibur, the greatest of all the sacred swords. With it, Excalibur Sonic can cut through anything and deflect magical energy projectiles. He can also use Excalibur for his most powerful attack where he thrusts Excalibur directly through his opponent while enveloped in a golden energy meteor.

Sonic the Werehog

Sonic gained this form for the first time when Dr. Eggman used a machine to forcefully extract the power of the Chaos Emeralds from Super Sonic, with which Eggman fired a specialized laser weapon at the planet, releasing and awakening Dark Gaia from the core of the planet. During the process, due to his close proximity to the Chaos Emeralds, some of Dark Gaia's energy infested Sonic's body, causing his transformation. The transformation is triggered at night, which is when Dark Gaia's presence can move freely and affect people. When transforming into the Werehog (or transforming back to normal), light and a cloud of purple smoke envelops him.

Due to his transformation giving him increased muscular density,[3] Sonic gains a noticeable increase in physical strength, allowing him to open sealed doors and entrances; effortlessly pick up, throw, and swing large enemies and objects; destroy metal vaults with one hit; and even topple creatures several times his size, such as Titans and the Dark Gaia Phoenix. While he loses his trademark super speed, Sonic can still run faster than the average human by dashing on all fours. He also retains his normal lightning fast reflexes and agility, and a small degree of his jumping skills.

Sonic Spin Attack

The Sonic Spin involves the user curling into a concussive ball and bashing opponents with their body, often as a cutting disk. Often used by hedgehogs or hedgehog-like beings, the attack often requires for the user to utilize their quills or something similar to cause extra damage.

When performing the Spin Attack, the user curls tightly into a concussive ball and rolls forward at such high speeds that a wave of wind surrounds them (though not always). In this state, the user becoming a powerful projectile, capable of penetrating almost any substance, though extremely durable opponents like Chaos (when transformed) and the Metarex Commanders can withstand it. Additionally, the Spin Attack makes the user virtually invulnerable to harm, like when Sonic could hold back a drill from the Egg Hornet while using this move. Alternatively, this move can be used for immense leaps.

Very versatile in nature, the Spin Attack can be enhanced in various ways. Sonic, for example, can use a Ring to enter "Super Spin Mode" which is a more powerful and almost unstoppable version of the Spin Attack.[6] Using a Chaos Emerald empowers the Spin Attack in a similar way to the Ring, but to a greater degree. Another method is through the Sonic Power Cannon which uses the Master Emerald to empower it enough to let the user generate an electric field around themselves and take down some of the toughest Metarex in one shot. Entering a super form empowers the Spin Attack to its maximum potential, and using it with the Sonic Power Cannon arguments it further, although such power can be fatal to the user.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

The episode begins with Sonic and Tails being captured by Scratch and Grounder. While hanging upside down in a tree, Sonic decides to remind Scratch and Grounder how they all first met.

In a flashback, there is a gathering of Badnik bounty hunters. Dr. Robotnik called this group together to offer them an award of a billion Mobiums for Sonic alive or otherwise. Sonic is in the audience, but it takes everyone a long time to realize it. Robotnik eventually sicks all the robots on him. Sonic runs out and tricks each robot into a path of their own destruction.

Back at his lair, Dr. Robotnik decides to make two new robots for the sole purpose of catching Sonic. He throws many ingredients into a machine including a pair of rotten eggs. As a result, the machine produces Scratch. Thinking Robotnik is his mother, Scratch begins kissing Robotnik and licking his body. Annoyed, but not taking it too seriously, Robotnik clones Scratch with his robot making machine. Scratch pulls one extra lever which was not supposed to be pulled. The machine produces Grounder and right off the bat, the two start bickering about who is Robotnik's favorite. Robotnik dubs the two robots his Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad.

Coconuts watches from the bathroom. Coconuts is jealous of these new robots because he had been rejected by Robotnik and put on latrine duty. He vows to catch Sonic himself and win Robotnik's love.

Sonic and Tails are out running when they find a chili dog stand which is run by Coconuts in disguise. The stand becomes a large Robot that chases the heroic duo, but is eventually defeated. Similarly Scratch and Grounder try a number of clever plots to catch Sonic. Eventually they succeed in capturing Tails, thus Sonic gives himself up to ensure Tails' safety.

With Sonic and Tails captured, Scratch and Grounder call Robotnik to come and pick them up. Coconuts sneaks up on them and ties up Scratch and Grounder so as to take credit for capturing Sonic and Tails. Sonic convinces Coconuts to put Scratch and Grounder in the cage with him. Coconuts proceeds, but sure enough when he opens the cage, Sonic escapes and traps all three Badniks in the cage. he frees Tails and creates a dust storm making Dr. Robotnik unable to see when he flies in on his Egg-o-Matic. Sonic tricks Robotnik into landing on the cage and smashing up his own henchmen.

Back in modern day, Sonic ends the story and is still hanging from the tree. Scratch and Grounder don't like the story because they don't catch Sonic in the end. Sonic escapes the tree, then he and Tails run away.

After fuming about how much he hates Sonic, Robotnik's Deluxe-Highly-Callibrated-Hedgehog ometer picks up Sonic's presence, being in the Marble Zone. He subsequently activates a Spring that launches Scratch and Grounder there. When they arrive, the Badniks chase Sonic and Tails, but they escape down a geyser which leads to a series of tunnels. Nevertheless, Scratch and Grounder decide to follow them.

Sonic and Tails find a cave full of gold and diamonds. They also meet a mole named Spelunk who thinks they want his money. He tries to blast them with a cannonball, but they manage to avoid it. The cannonball ends up trashing Scratch and Grounder. Sonic and Tails come across minecart tracks which they assume will lead them out of the underground tunnels. They run along the tracks, but are stopped by an angry Spelunk coming straight at them in a minecart. Sonic and Tails try to outrun him when they notice a family of turtles crossing the tracks. Sonic dresses as a crossing guard and stops Spelunk, allowing the turtles to cross the track. Once the turtles are safe, Sonic lets Spelunk's minecart pass. He and Tails once again attempt to leave the tunnels.

Running up a flight of steps, Sonic and Tails have almost reached the surface. Spelunk, realizing he had been tricked by Sonic, pulls a lever which smooths out the staircase. This causes Sonic and Tails to slide back down the steps and into a cage. The bars are made from diamondius, the hardest substance on Mobius, so Sonic cannot cut through them.

Scratch and Grounder return with Dr. Robotnik in drilling vehicles which they plan to use to obtain Spelunk's loot and capture Sonic simultaneously. Angry that Robotnik is after his treasure, Spelunk blames Sonic and opens a pit in the cage where Sonic and Tails are being kept. Scratch and Grounder use dynamite to blow a hole in the ground. The cave crumbles and a large diamond breaks the cage open, freeing Sonic and Tails. Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder fall into the pit.

With the cave crumbling, Sonic decides to escape, but Spelunk doesn't want to leave his treasure behind. Sonic saves Spelunk from being crushed by a falling boulder. He is touched that Sonic saved him, so he returns the favor by leading them outside the tunnels to safety.

Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder, who have somehow escaped the pit, begin to steal Spelunk's treasure. Sonic, who is dressed like an IRS auditor, informs Scratch and Grounder of all the paperwork and taxes they have to deal with for acquiring this large amount of treasure. The initials for the taxes spell 'You are so stupid'. Sonic binds the three villains in calculator paper and sends them up a conveyor belt into Robotnik's Egg-o-Matic. Spelunk then pours gunpowder on the conveyor belt and lights it with a match. Sonic quickly removes the treasure from the Egg-o-Matic before the gunpowder explodes and sends Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder blasting off.

Spelunk says he's never met such greedy, miserly jerks before in his life, but Sonic and Tails point out that he is one himself. Spelunk thanks Sonic for showing him the error of his ways and he decides to use his fortune to buy chili dogs for Sonic and Tails.

When Sonic saves a very pretty girl hedgehog named Breezie from Scratch and Grounder, she flirts with him. Then Breezie gives Sonic a kiss and love hearts appear in Sonic's eyes. Sonic is unaware that Breezie is actually one of Robotnik's robots, sent to distract him while he proceeds to destroy the underground wells of Mobius with his new Egg-o-Matic Tunnelizer and Town Terrorizer. Meanwhile Sonic returns as all the snow melts off him. Tails lets Breezie see how tired Sonic is. So Breezie strokes Sonic's head. Then Sonic runs along to heat up Breezie's chili dog.

After Breezie throws Tails in a rushing river, Scratch and Grounder come to team up with Breezie and make plans to eleminate Sonic. Tails makes it back and spies on the three robots as they plot their traps. Tails rushes off to warn Sonic and tell him about Breezie, but Sonic is too twitterpaited to listen. After Sonic writes a romantic poem for Breezie, she starts to develop feelings for him. But it is too late, Sonic runs to the robots' big magnet. Fortunately, Breezie frees Sonic, and they escape.

Breezie tells Sonic that she is a robot and of Robotnik's plans to drain the reservoir. Sonic stops Robotnik by attaching a bungy cord to his Egg-o-Matic Tunnelizer and Town Terrorizer. Robotnik springs into the opposite direction yelling "I hate that Hedgehog!".

Sonic is sad, but Tails brings him a note from Breezie which says she hopes they'll meet again some day.

Dr. Robotnik flies to the Sloth's home planning to use them as bait to lead Sonic into a trap. He damages their house with Scratch and Grounder. Rocket the Sloth sees Robotnik escape and sends a Morse code message to Sonic for help. Back at Robotnik's fortress, the evil Doctor shows Scratch and Grounder his Subatomic Slow Go Beam Weapon which can shoot a slow motion beam that will put Sonic into sloth motion. However, his mind is still accelerated (when Sonic pulls on Scratch's tail feathers, Jaleel's grunts for Sonic were recorded at normal speed). Sadly, it doesn't last long; the effects wear off in one hour.

Sonic and Tails arrive at the Sloth's home and repair the damage caused by Dr. Robotnik. Rocket sits in a tree with a gong, on the look out for danger. Scratch and Grounder come and begin firing slow rays. Sonic figures out what the ray does. Robotnik shows up and Scratch and Grounder accidentally zap him again. Robotnik leaves for an hour. Scratch and Grounder set a trap for Sonic, by having Scratch hide in a tree while Grounder hangs from a branch disguised as a distressed Sloth. Sonic stops to help the sloth, allowing Scratch time to zap him with the slowness ray, slowing down his molecules and his voice. Sonic slowly tells Tails to go warn the sloths. Scratch and Grounder capture Sonic and take him to a cave where they put him in a cage and call Robotnik to tell him their good news.

Back at the Sloth's home, by realizing Rocket can't help him, Tails goes to save Sonic himself.

Back in the cave as Scratch and Grounder taunt Sonic, but Tails steals the slow ray and threatens to shoot Scratch and Grounder. Grounder knocks it out of his hands, breaking the crystal that it runs on. Tails takes the slow ray and retreats to the Sloth home.

Back at the Sloth's home, Rocket uses the slow ray to make him and his family super fast. Tails and the four speedy sloths rush off to save Sonic. The Sloths roll into balls like Sonic, they bounce around and hit Scratch and Grounder. Tails zaps Sonic with the ray and he is back to his fast self. Sonic quickly takes care of Scratch and Grounder. Robotnik comes and Tails zaps him with the ray making his Egg-O-Matic go super fast. Speeding beyond control, Robotnik crashes into a mountain.

In a town, Smiley is using underhanded techniques to gain all the material assets of a group of Gambler Sheep. Once they have nothing left to lose, Smiley takes them as slaves to work on building Dr. Robotnik a sphinx in the desert.

Smiley has a cheating robot (or High Voltage Flimflammer as Sonic calls him) who plays a game with a pea under one of three nut shells. Sonic comes to help the sheep win. Sonic's eyes are fast enough to keep on the pea and he wins every time. The Flimflammer malfunctions and blows up. Sonic wins back all the sheep's things. In order to get them back, Smiley lures the sheep to Robotnik's Casino Night Zone. The sheep, having not learned their lesson, go to the Casino Night zone and gamble until they lose everything again.

Sonic and Tails go to the Casino Night Zone where Sonic disguises at a maintenance worker and resets the machines to make the sheep win. The Sheep get a lot of money. Sonic leaves Tails in the nursery with a pig lady while he runs off to take care of Scratch and Grounder.

While Tails is playing in the Nursery ball room, the Pig Lady reveals that she works for Robotnik and has Tails fall into a trap. Robotnik puts Tails in a cage. Tails gets mad and calls Robotnik a "Crum-bum," and when Robotnik comes close, Tails ties Robotniks' mustache to the bars of his cage. Robotnik eventually gets free.

Sonic returns to Casino Night Zone and cannot find Tails. Smiley tells him Tails is captured by Robotnik and to ensure his safety Sonic has to lose a race to Grounder.

At a large Stadium, Scratch announces the race and all the sheep bet on Sonic. Sonic sadly walks in the race, disappointing all the sheep. Bragging about his imminent victory, Grounder tells Sonic that Tails is in a cage underneath the stadium. Sonic tunnels underground and saves Tails, tunnels back up and wins the race, but Robotnik has already taken the sheep as his slaves. Sonic runs to the desert and sets Louis and the sheep free. He then re-designs Robotnik's sphinx to look like himself, after which the Sphinx looks at Robotnik and winks. This upsets Robotnik, making him cry.

The sheep then ask Sonic if they could be good freedom fighters to which he considers risky. The high stakes would be "Mobius free of Robotnik".

Sonic and Tails rush to the news stand to pick up the month's new issue of their favorite comic, Crack Ups. Meanwhile Scratch and Grounder have also obtained the new issue. Scratch and Grounder are so distracted by their comic that they are not paying attention to Dr. Robotnik as he introduces his new inescapable prison, "Robotnik's Rot-Your-Life-Away Dungeons". Dr. Robotnik grabs the comic away and is outraged to find the main joke in the comic is an animated strip based on Humpty Dumpty starring Robotnik as the titular character. Outraged of being mocked by his egg-shaped physique, he orders Scratch and Grounder to capture the artist who drew the comic to be his first prisoner.

Scratch and Grounder easily capture the artist, a crazy bird by the name of Sketch Lampoon. Sonic, having just read the comic imitates Robotnik's act while cracking up hard suddenly hears the kidnapping of Lampoon on the radio so they rushed to "Robotnik's Rot-Your-Life-Away Dungeons]]" to rescue Lampoon. As part of his plan, Sonic allows himself to be captured but the plan backfires when Robotnik tells the hedgehog he built a super special prison just for him with lasers, spears and a spike ball that automatically shoot and smash anything that is hedgehog blue. Robotnik leaves Scratch and Grounder on guard while he goes and forces Sketch Lampoon to draw him handsomely with muscles in his new issue of Crack Ups.

Robotnik is furious at Sonic making fun of him, so he sends him to the cell for interfering his plans once again. While imprisoned, Sonic pretends that he is reading next month's issue of Crack Ups that he claims Sketch Lampoon gave him. Wanting to see it, Scratch and Grounder open the cage and grabbed the issue. Sonic tapes a poster of himself on Grounder's back, stating that he may be a little taller but they've got his hedgehog blue color just right. They realize it's this month's issue and Scratch notices the poster on Grounder's back. The spears, lasers and spike ball all attack Scratch and Grounder, then Sonic escapes.

Sonic and Tails then go around and set off all the security alerts, overloading the system. The Prison starts to crumble and fall apart. Sonic frees Sketch Lampoon and grabs Tails, as they race out of the prison (and Scratch and Grounder who also escape) just before it collapses. Dr. Robotnik is left on his back crying and yelling "I've fallen and I can't get up!", exactly imitating his act in this month's issue of Crack Ups.

Inside the fish-infested Warp of Confusion sits the disgruntled scientist, Doctor Warpnik, who is angry at his cousin, Dr. Robotnik, for banishing him to this strange place. He watches Mobius through a telescope, plotting his revenge.

Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts each prepare their own trap to catch Sonic. They set a single Chili Dog on a table in the middle of the three traps. Scratch has a "Sonic-Snatcher"; a machine with a chicken-claw attached to a coil (keeping to his theme of chicken/egg-related inventions). Grounder has four catapults loaded with fish, anvils, a chest of drawers and a large safe. Coconuts has a cannon which makes the target explode when triggered (fitting with Coconuts' fondness of lasers, cannons and such weapons). Sonic and Tails smell the chili dog from far away and they know that it's a trap. To Tails' disappointment, Sonic insists that he gets the chili dog on his own and that Tails should stay put.

Sonic grabs the chili dog and makes all three traps backfire on the Badniks. Some smoke and fish from the traps make Tails think Sonic is in trouble, so he comes to help. The Badniks grab Tails and tie him up. Sonic returns to where Tails was waiting and does not find him. Sonic quickly rescues Tails from the three robotic goons and yells at him for not staying put, but eventually forgives him and states that he is important to him. Dr. Warpnik watches them through his telescope projector object and realizes that he can use Tails to lure in Sonic, which will lure in Robotnik.

The next morning, Sonic wakes up to find that Tails is missing. Sonic goes to Dr. Robotnik's fortress and asks Robotnik where Tails is. Robotnik insists that he did not capture Tails, but he continues to talk to Sonic, distracting him so his badniks can catch him off guard. Robotnik asks Sonic if he and Tails had a misunderstanding between them. Sonic says they did. Robotnik says Sonic probably made him run away. Sonic feels bad, but still does not get caught by the Badniks sneaking up on him. Sonic leaves to find Tails, and Robotnik and his three goons follow him with hopes of catching him off guard.

Sonic follows Tails' tracks into the Warp of Confusion. He is welcomed by Dr. Warpnik who reveals that he captured Tails and now he and Sonic are his prisoners. He also shows Sonic an old movie of Robotnik literally throwing him into the Warp of Confusion. Sonic's boredom makes him angry. Robotnik, Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts show up after finding the entrance through a trash-bin, which Coconuts accidentally uncovered by leaning against a rock which fell over. Robotnik and Warpnik get into a fish fight. Sonic unties Tails and they start looking for a way out. Trying to prevent their escape, Dr. Warpnik fires a cannon that turns fish into monsters. Sonic and Tails run around avoiding the monsters. Dr. Robotnik tries to use the machine, but Dr. Warpnik gets mad at him. The cannon hits Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts, turning them all into monsters. Since they are large and powerful, the three Badniks decide to teach Robotnik a lesson for treating them badly. They try to hit him, but hit the cannon instead. The cannon sets alight and Scratch states that they 'laid an egg' (messed up). Robotnik and Warpnik try to put out the fire with fish. With the cannon broken, Sonic and Tails are able to escape the Warp of Confusion.

Back in the real world, Sonic apologizes for getting mad at Tails. Tails says he would never run away because they are best buddies. The bin explodes and turns to dust, but the Warp stays intact. Sonic says it's good to know that Robotnik and Warpnik would be stuck with each other for a while.

Back in the Warp of Confusion, Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts, who are still monsters, share a bucket of popcorn as they watch Robotnik and Warpnik slap each other with fish.

Scratch and Grounder race down a road, complimenting Dr. Robotnik for creating his latest invention, the "Electro Suction Plate", which has a magnetic pull strong enough to stop Sonic from running. Placing the device on the ground, the two hide and activate the plate's powerful suction beam. However, the beam flies right up into Mobius' atmosphere just as Prince Charnock and his advisor Splorg fly past the planet from their extended vacation, Splorg reminding the touring prince of his coronation in two hours time. Prince Charnock decides to briefly visit Mobius, desiring to explore it. However, their spaceship gets caught in the suction beam and is dragged to the ground where it is wrecked.

Sonic and Tails witness the crash landing and race to help Prince Charnock and Splorg. Splorg panics about their wrecked ship whilst Prince Charnock is more interested in taking photos. Scratch and Grounder approach the aliens, capturing them to remove their ship to retrieve the Electro Suction Plate. Sonic and Tails arrive, Sonic freeing the aliens and tossing the Badniks off a thousand-foot cliff. Sonic returns to the aliens, and greetings are made, Prince Charnock revealing he is to be king of the planet Rhombus. Splorg interrupts and reminds that unless Prince Charnock does not return to Rhombus within the two hours he mentioned to become king, his baby brother legally becomes king and he will more than likely order for Mobius' destruction. Sonic agrees to assist the aliens rebuild their ship, racing around Mobius and collecting the scattered pieces. Splorg uses a device to automatically reconstruct the spaceship. However, he realizes two vital pieces are missing; the cockpit's pressurizing canopy and the navigational nosecone with an embedded miniature steering chip.

Scratch and Grounder clamber back up the cliff, Grounder's nose repeatedly falling off. Sonic, Tails and the aliens walk through a forest of curly trees, Prince Charnock commenting they have "nothing like [the trees] on Rhombis" (which becomes a running gag in the episode). He nearly gets bit by a snake but Sonic saves the oblivious prince. They come across a river where Tails spots the pressurizing canopy on a tree branch and retrieves it. Scratch and Grounder appear, attempting to use the suction plate again, but Prince Charnock is too interested in taking photos of a sunfish. But the Badniks have it backwards and end up magnetizing themselves to it before falling down a waterfall. Sonic and co. continue on, finding a quarry filled with rocks shaped like sports equipment (dominoes, bowling equipment, etc.) Splorg spots the nosecone, Sonic getting it. Scratch and Grounder reappear and fire the suction pad again but instead magnetize a boulder who causes a landslide, burying everyone and saving Tails and Splorg. Sonic and Prince Charnock emerge, and run off with Grounder's nose, whilst the Badniks find the nosecone.

Back at the spaceship, the aliens panic with only twenty-five minutes to go, but Sonic realizes the object they have is Grounder's nose and comes up with a plan to regain the nosecone. The Badniks realize what they have and place the nosecone in the suction plate hoping Sonic will attempt to steal it but get stuck in the process. Grounder decides to telephone Dr. Robotnik to tell him of the events. Dr. Robotnik is busy cleaning his beloved Egg-O-Matic when he receives the call from Grounder and heads out to aid his minions.

Sonic, Tails and the aliens find the Badniks, Sonic revealing the aliens plan to use Grounder's nose as their nosecone and go to leave. Grounder goes hysterical at the thought of never seeing his nose again, and gives chase and Scratch following to try to tell him that it is all a trap, Sonic and co. tossing the nose about until Sonic drops it on the suction plate and snags the real nosecone when Scratch turns off the plate. The enraged Scratch tortures Grounder using the suction plate and then proceeds to crush his nose using the plate. Sonic arrives to finish off the Badniks, dressed as a woman with fruit on his head, like a fruit-hat but decides to leave upon seeing Scratch taking care of Grounder's nose.

Returning to his friends, Sonic finds them at Dr. Robotnik's mercy. Tails has been captured, Dr. Robotnik threatens to atomize Tails into molecules unless Sonic surrenders himself, and also happens to possess the nosecone. Sonic ends up bound and gagged in a cage, and Dr. Robotnik tosses the nosecone to the aliens. While Splorg is more than eager to rush away, Prince Charnock is objective and laments he would not be much of a king he cannot help those who have helped him. Getting an idea, Prince Charnock goes to Dr. Robotnik and compliments the Eggomatic, asking if he can take a picture of it. Dr. Robotnik agrees, but Prince Charnock deliberately bumps into the domino-shaped rocks, causing them to collapse on top of Dr. Robotnik and the Eggomatic. Prince Charnock frees Sonic from his bonds and gag and the group race for the spaceship with few minutes remaining.

The aliens rebuild the ship and leap into it with only five minutes to spare, Splorg realizing they will have to go to hyperspeed to reach Rhombus. Sonic asks Prince Charnock why his baby brother wants to destroy Mobius, but the prince reveals his brother is literally his baby brother, only being two years old. The aliens fly off into space, Prince Charnock referring to Sonic and Tails as "jolly good fellows".

Momma Robotnik storms into Dr. Robotnik's fortress to tell her son that she escaped the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers and that it is her birthday and as a present she wants him to destroy the Mobius National Park. Dr. Robotnik sends Scratch and Grounder with a group of tree destroying robots to do as his mother wishes.

Sonic and Tails see the robots destroying the trees and Sonic begins to destroy them. Grounder comes up with a plan to catch Sonic, but Sonic buts in disguised as a robot repair man. Sonic convinces them that he is fixing their robots when in actuality he reset the robots to attack Scratch, Grounder and Robotnik. Robotnik and Momma Robotnik arrive in time to be attacked by the robots.

Moving on, Robotnik and Momma Robotnik are at home, watching Scratch and Grounder destroy a Mobian town using giant walking robot legs. Sonic, disguised as a game show host, tricks the Badniks into opening a door to a bunch of water and they get washed down a drain. Momma Robotnik is furious at her son for not being able to do anything right and says as a birthday present to herself, she is going to catch Sonic.

Tails comes across Momma Robotnik crying on the ground saying she lost her son because he has turned evil. She shows Tails a roll of film showing Robotnik as a baby and how he lost his Fuzzy Wuzzy and that turned him bad. She tells Tails that if he had his stuffed bear back, he would be a good boy again. She gives them an address to go get it in Chaos City. Tails leaves a note for Sonic. Momma Robotnik then says Tails is so gullible after he left.

Sonic finds Tails' note and goes after him. He gets lured into a trap by Coconuts disguised as a chef giving away free Chili Dogs. His pot of Chili turns into an angry robot which Sonic quickly defeats and continues on to Chaos City. After avoiding a trap set by Scratch and Grounder, Sonic makes it to the old Robotnik home and finds Tails tied up. Sonic frees him, but they cannot escape because Momma Robotnik turns a pile of trash into a birthday cake and turns the gate into an electric fence using a machine on her watch. She then releases Fuzzy Wuzzy from the birthday cake. Fuzzy Wuzzy is at first a cute little teddy bear, but he snarls loudly and then transforms into a large, muscular, four armed, two headed angry, stitched up bear monster. Tails is terrified of this and cowers in fear, realizing that was the little Fuzzy Wuzzy he was sent for. Sonic says that he would hate to see the big Fuzzy Wuzzy. They run away but Fuzzy Wuzzy grabs Tails with his two left arms.

Sonic ties a rope to Fuzzy Wuzzy and grabs Tails from Fuzzy Wuzzy, tripping him over. He then ties the other end to the electric fence. Robotnik is horrified as his Fuzzy Wuzzy is getting electrocuted and going bonkers, turning into a robotic skeleton, a skewered sausage with Fuzzy Wuzzy's two faces and a bat batting Fuzzy Wuzzy's heads attached to the bat by a string for each head. Robotnik begs Sonic to save him. Sonic says only if Robotnik promises to be good. Robotnik promises. Momma Robotnik hits her son with an umbrella for promising to be good. Sonic saves Fuzzy Wuzzy who then drops a big birthday cake on Robotnik and his mother and then sings "We wish you a happy birthday". Two workers from Momma Robotnik's home show up and drag her into their vehicle and take her back to the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers. Robotnik is glad to be rid of her. After saying that, the vehicle comes back and Mama Robotnik sticks out her umbrella and whacks Robotnik on the head. The vehicle then speeds off again.

Sonic tells Tails that he is the one who called the home and told them where Momma Robotnik was. The two friends run off to get some chili dogs.

pursues Sonic in Robotonik's Egg-O-matic. Sonic tricks Coconuts into crashing and smashing up the vehicle. When Coconuts goes home and tells Robotnik, the furious doctor fires him and launches him out of his fortress. Robotnik goes to his basement to talk to Big Daddy, a giant gorilla who he has caged up and plans to use to take over Mobius. Big Daddy roars at Robotnik as he is not under Robotnik's control yet.

Coconuts lands in a tree next to a large baby ape named Boom-Boom who thinks Coconuts is his daddy. Coconuts realizes Boom-Boom has super strength and decides to use him to help capture Sonic and get back on Robotnik's good side by pretending to be his daddy.

Coconuts and Boom-Boom set a trap for Sonic. But Sonic and Tails spy on them and decide to get it to backfire on Coconuts. Sonic tells Boom-Boom that Coconuts is not his Daddy. Boom-Boom cries and tells him that a bad man took his daddy away in a cage, and that he never found his daddy.

Robotnik attaches a mind control device to Big Daddy and tests it by making him destroy things using a remote control. Robotnik plans to have Big Daddy climb Mount Mobius, the largest mountain on the planet, and install a giant laser so everyone on the planet will have to do what he says. Robotnik tells Scratch and Grounder that they are no longer necessary, and he leaves with Big Daddy. Scratch and Grounder are pleased that they "get promoted from useless". Coconuts comes and tells Scratch and Grounder a plan to get all three of them back on Robotnik's good side.

The three Badniks dress up in a big gorilla costume and go find Sonic and Boom-Boom. Sonic uses a disguise to reveal them as frauds. They then see a big laser fry a tree and Sonic looks up with Grounder's binoculars to see Robotnik and Big Daddy on top of Mount Mobius. Boom-Boom says' Daddyyyyy!' and laughs excitedly at finding where his daddy is.

Sonic, Tails and Boom-Boom climb up the mountain and Robotnik had Big Daddy fire at them with the laser. Sonic realizes the laser gun must be running on batteries, so he decided to run around until they run out of juice. His plan works perfectly, but Big Daddy Ape grabs Sonic and holds him over the edge of the cliff. Tails tells Boom-Boom to try talking to his father, but the mind control device was too strong. Boom-Boom then picks up Robotnik and smashes him on the ground multiple times which breaks the remote control. Big Daddy snaps out of the mind control and recognizes his son. The two apes reunite and Boom-Boom tells his daddy that he lost his rattle. Big Daddy gives Boom-Boom Robotnik to shake around instead.

A singer named Catty Carlisle is invited to the REBL studios by Mad Dog Max. Catty starts singing a song in a Texas style as she dedicates it to "Mobius' number one hero, Sonic".

Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder are on a mission to capture Sonic by using a bear trap. As the two get distracted by a radio playing 'Sonic's Song', Sonic comes and makes fools of them and they get trapped instead. Scratch and Grounder go back to Robotnik and he gets upset that Catty is singing a song about Sonic. So Scratch and Grounder head to REBL studios and try to capture Catty but Sonic dresses as an interviewer and distracts the two by saying that they have just become instant stars on radio. As that happens, Robotnik decides on another plan by making only one song in the whole of Mobius that is Robotnik's anthem, so he creates the Music Destroyer (M.D.) to put an end to all other music. After he captures Catty, Sonic and Tails try to save her but ends up being captured themselves. Sonic manages to trick Scratch and Grounder into freeing them and plays very loud rock music to destroy the M.D. Sonic returns Catty's guitar and she walks into the sunset with Sonic and Tails, singing Sonic's song.

Just as Robotnik frustratingly questions his ability to get rid of Sonic with such unreliable aid as Scratch and Grounder, an energetic salesman comes to Robotnik's doorstep introducing himself as Wes Weasely, a representative of the Handy Dandy Super Villain Appliance Distributors Limited Company (or H.D.S.V.A.D.L.) Robotnik takes a liking to Weasely's brash, obnoxious, pushy, rude demeanor and odd attire, and immediately hires the salesman. Weasely's first invention is the Darkinator, a vacuum-like device that makes the immediate surrounding area dark when activated. Despite the enormously high price of the device, Robotnik buys the Darkinator. Unfortunately for Scratch and Grounder, the darkness caused by the Darkinator does not completely reach the ground, allowing Sonic to use the robots' stupidity to destroy the machine.

Weasely then introduces the Freeze Banger, a flash freezing device, which Robotnik buys two of. Sonic's exceptional jumping abilities cause Scratch and Grounder to freeze each other with the device, after which Sonic thaws (and melts) the robots with his supersonic speed. After Robotnik repairs his robots, Wes, having become rich because of Robotnik, introduces the HDSVADL's latest weapon: the Gravity Stopper, a device that allows anything it zaps to become weightless. The device appears to be successful this time around, but when Tails carries Sonic off faster than usual (thanks to the absence of gravity), Scratch takes off his Self-Gravity Boots and step into the Gravity Stopper's path in an attempt to catch them, but is unable to without gravity, forcing Grounder to deactivate the machine and allowing Sonic and Tails to escape.

Back at the hilltop fortress, Wes cites Scratch and Grounder as the reason for the failure of the last three contraptions, and gives Robotnik a chance to use his new De-Atomizer, a weapon shaped like a perfume container that causes anything it is used against to disappear. As to make sure the weapon works, Robotnik assigns a reluctant Weasely as the supervisor of Sonic's capture. Near a corn field, Scratch accidentally pushes an untested button on the De-Atomizer, causing an upcoming Sonic to split into five. After disposing of Scratch and Grounder, Sonic forces Weasely to reverse the effects of the cloning. When Weasely attempts to sneak away, he reveals that he is trying to escape from Robotnik as to avoid his wrath. Sonic travels to the hilltop fortress under the disguise of a HDSVADL salesman and uses all of Weasely's past contraptions combined into one against Robotnik. As Sonic reveals himself and leaves, Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder yell out "We hate that hedgehog!"

The story starts as Tails and Sonic sneak through the fortress of Dr. Robotnik. In there, they find Lucas, who has bee locked up by Robotnik for thirty years. Sonic immediately frees Lucas, but it triggers Dr. Robotnik's robot armies, who were later defeated by Sonic. In anger, Dr Robotnik decides to use his secret weapon, the eggbomb. That too, was countered by Sonic, and together with Tails, Sonic escaped the fortress. When they escaped to the forest, Lucas decided to tell them what this was all about in a flashback. In his story, Lucinda liked Lucas and in return, Robotnik was jealous and imprisoned Lucas. Hearing this Sonic decides to help him find Lucinda.

Meanwhile, back in the fortress, Scratch and Grounder also gets curious about this whole thing and Dr. Robotnik tells them what happened, only it was completely opposite from Lucas's story. Then Dr. Robotnik decides that he'll give any prize to one who captures Lucas, who stole "something" from him other than his power. Scratch and Grounder go out to capture Lucas, only to fail and accidentally blurt out the location of Lucinda. Now knowing the location, Sonic, Tails, and Lucas go out to get Lucinda and Lucas back together. When they arrived, Lucas decided to call Lucinda, despite his nervousness, only to be captured by Scratch and Grounder. Lucas was thrown into a volcano, and Dr. Robotnik goes to see Lucinda, not knowing that Sonic actually made it out of the volcano with Lucas. Sonic decides to dress as Lucinda and fool Dr. Robotnik. The plan works and Lucas and Lucinda got back together again.

Scratch and Grounder are conducting the Robotnik Express, a train filled with explosives that they must deliver to Dr. Robotnik. Upon trying to stop them, Sonic and Tails get captured, allowing Scratch and Grounder to celebrate out loud. Hearing the Badniks celebrate, Da Bears come to help. Before Da Bears arrive, Sonic and Tails escape and wrap up Scratch and Grounder like mummies. Da Bears show up and free Scratch and Grounder thinking they are Sonic and Tails. Scratch and Grounder play along saying that they are indeed Sonic and Tails and need Da Bears' help in capturing Grounder and Scratch. They describe Scratch as being Spiny and Blue and Grounder having two tails.

The brakes on the train get broken at some point and Sonic realizes there's a bridge above the buffalo village that is out. In order to save the village, Sonic places a tree at a very stiff switch, so when the train hits the tree, the tree will pull the switch and the train will switch tracks.

Sonic continually uses his silly costumes and manipulating tactics to humiliate and hurt Scratch, Grounder and Da Bears. Sonic realizes he has gone too far when Da Bears are stuck on the front of the train while it is headed for a cactus patch. Sonic uses the tree he left at the switch to bump Da Bears onto the top of the train and safe from the cacti. Sonic and Tails then convince Da Bears that they had been tricked by Scratch and Grounder. Da Bears ask how they can redeem themselves and Sonic asks them to help save the buffalo village.

Using their cars, Da Bears and Sonic make haste in fixing the bridge above the buffalo village. Realizing they won't get it done on time, they tilt a piece of the bridge upward making a ramp, allowing the train to jump the gap over the village. The Buffaloes all cheer and rejoice that their village is saved.

The Robotnik Express arrives at the bomb factory on time, but since the brakes don't work, they crash into the factory making the whole thing explode. Dr. Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder all fly off holding onto a giant rocket, with Robotnik screaming "I hate that Hedgehog!" Da Bears wave good-bye to Sonic and Tails as they leave.

Robotnik has kidnapped Professor Von Schlemmer and has forced him to tell how to create his Gizmo Gas machine. Scratch and Grounder finish putting together the Gizmo Gas machine, but when tested, it fails. Robotnik, now furious, tortures Von Schlemmer to see what they have to do to get his contraption to work (by tickling his feet with a feather), and Von Schlemmer finally reveals what to do. Robotnik then sends Von Schlemmer to the deepest darkest hole in the Jungle of Doom.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are being chased by Coconuts, but they easily get rid of him. The two heroes then arrive in Wienerville, the weenie capital of Mobius. Mayor Knackwurst greets Sonic and Tails and insists on feeding them a feast. Tails gobbles down a ton of food and leaves to get some dessert. At the same time, Robotnik tests the machine on a piece of belly-button lint, but the machine explodes and casts Gizmo Gas into the air, and it eventually settles on Tails, who breathes it in as it rolls into town. Tails grows to an enormous size and gets very hungry and starts eating and breaking the whole town. He leaves so as not to hurt anyone. The citizens of Wienerville are quick to forgive Tails until Robotnik flies in on his Egg-O-matic and tells them that Tails did it on purpose and Sonic is the mastermind behind the destruction. They don't believe Robotnik until he gives them all a bunch of free gifts. The citizens then turn on Sonic and Tails.

Tails continues to grow and continues to eat whatever he can. Tails' burps cause earthquakes. The citizens go after Tails like he is a monster. Robotnik leaves and puts Scratch and Grounder in charge. Sonic overhears them talk about Von Schlemmer, so he tricks them into telling him where to find the Professor.

Sonic runs to the bottomless pit in the Jungle of Doom and pulls Professor Von Schlemmer out with a crane. Von Schlemmer tells Sonic that the antidote to the Gizmo Gas is the fragrance of the rare Hoot-n-Toot Garlic from the garden of the evil wizard lizard. Sonic runs and gets it.

Meanwhile, the Wienerville citizens have Tails cornered in a canyon. Tails tries to justify his actions, but they do not listen. Sonic and Von Schlemmer arrive with the garlic, but the citizens insist Robotnik uses his Insto-Freeze Cannon to turn Tails into a Popsicle. Von Schlemmer gives Sonic blueprints to build the world's largest wiener launcher which fires a giant Chili Dog (with the garlic on it) into Tails' mouth. Tails shrinks back to normal and Robotnik's freeze ray misses him and bounces back at the villains, hitting them. Professor Von Schlemmer explains everything to the Mayor. The diner's waitress asks how to make things up to Sonic and Tails. Tails asks for 746 Chili Dogs and some dessert.

When Tails is being attacked by Scratch and Grounder. Sonic shows up to help his little buddy. As Sonic makes light work of Scratch and Grounder, Tails ends up falling out of a tree and getting injured. Sonic feels very guilty about Tails getting hurt and declares that he would never let something like this happen again.

Sonic puts a bandaged Tails in a wagon while explaining to him that he is going to find him a real family. Tails insists that he does not need a real family, but Sonic tells him otherwise. The first family is a pair of clumsy Storks who flood their own house and set it on fire. Tails says he would be safer living with Robotnik. The second family is that of Sergeant Doberman, who treats Sonic and Tails like new recruits. Sonic and Tails quickly retreat.

When all hope seems lost, Sonic and Tails find a billboard with a picture of Baby Tails on it which catches Tails' attention. Scratch and Grounder are hiding behind the billboard. Scratch speaks through a microphone, explaining that the child's real parents miss their baby and giving an address. Tails gets very excited to hear that his real parents are looking for him. Sonic is a little bit sad at the idea of losing his friend.

They follow the address, where "Tails' parents" are. They give Tails lots of toys and food and he is very happy. "Tails' father" tells Sonic that Tails belongs with his own kind. So Sonic says goodbye and leaves. Dr. Robotnik watches from a telescope far away. He notices a tear roll down Tails' cheek. Dr. Robotnik then explains to Scratch and Grounder that his plan to capture Tails is working perfectly.

Tails' parents reveal themselves as Badniks and capture Tails.

Sonic sits by a rock and remembers the time that he first met Tails. In a flashback, Baby Tails falls and lands on top of Sonic. He tells Sonic that his name is Miles and that he hates it. Sonic gives him the nickname "Tails". Sonic snaps out of the flashback and realizes that if those were really Tails' parents they would have called him 'Miles', not his nickname.

Back at the house of Tails' fake parents, they tied up Tails and, Dr. Robotnik has set up two traps for Sonic: the Magnetic Sneaker-Gripper Hedgehog-Trapper Rug and the Ceiling-Squasher Sonic-Smasher Cruncher. Sonic arrives disguised as a mailman and tricks Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder into getting crushed by their own traps.

As they walk together, Sonic apologizes to Tails for the whole ordeal; however, Tails explains that he already has a family. He tells him that he is his mother, father and picket fence. Sonic tells him that he loves him and Tails says he is glad to be home.

Sonic and Tails cross paths with an old hero named Captain Rescue, only to come to regret it. He insists on helping the two heroes out in their adventures, but he ultimately just makes things worse. Sonic eventually has enough and makes it perfectly clear that he doesn't want Captain Rescue around. Doctor Robotnik, on the other hand, wants him to stay and easily manipulates the old hero, creating big trouble for Sonic. Now, Sonic's life depends on Tails and a regretful Captain Rescue.

As Scratch and Grounder watching their favorite show "Edgar Eagle". Dr. Robotnik comes into the room to see what is going on and makes the Badniks kiss his feet instead. As usual, Scratch and Grounder argue over who Robotnik likes more, so Grounder challenges Scratch to a race, claiming that whoever caught Sonic first would determine who Robotnik likes more. Grounder jets out of the door, leaving Scratch jealous that Grounder is faster than him. Soon, a commercial airs on the television advertising an authentic, easy-to-build Eagle Chopper. Scratch, convinced it will help him catch Sonic, buys an Eagle Chopper.

Unfortunately for him, construction of the chopper was way more complicated than advertised! The next morning, Scratch has completed the chopper, although it looks nothing like the real chopper. He took off in it, hoping it will catch Sonic. Later, Sonic and Tails were heading towards the farmland to answer a distress call from Farmer Peck, when Scratch arrived in his chopper, shooting flaming egg bombs at Sonic. After being outsmarted by Sonic, Scratch crashlands in the farmlands, where Henrietta finds him. The crash altered Scratch's memory, making him think that he was Edgar Eagle.

Meanwhile, Farmer Peck explains to Sonic that Robotnik wanted to destroy his farm and build the planet's largest robot factory. Sonic tries to stop the robots, but to no avail. Soon, Henrietta appears with the deluded Scratch, saying that he was a big star, leaving Sonic confused. This time, Scratch tries to destroy the factory, but Sonic drags him to safety as the robots shoot at them. Sonic and Tails manage to use Scratch's delusions and his knowledge of Robotnik to their advantage. Once Sonic, Scratch, and Henrietta arrive near Robotnik's fortress, Grounder tries to lure the trio into a trap by setting up a chili dog vending machine that turns into a rocket when activated. Fortunately, Sonic safely brings the two back to the fortress unscathed, while the rocket crashes into Grounder. Once they infiltrate his fortress, they find the remote that controls the robots in Robotnik's lab coat pocket, but Robotnik arrives and orders Grounder to capture Henrietta. He then threatens to kill her if they don't give him the remote.

Scratch then jumps on Robotnik's leg to distract him while Sonic saved Henrietta. Robotnik flings Scratch off of his leg, slamming him against the wall and restoring his full memory. Using the remote control, Sonic sets the robots in reverse, then destroys the remote to prevent overriding the command. As Sonic and Henrietta escape, Robotnik advises to escape the fortress before destruction, but not without "turning Scratch into a toaster oven" first. Later, back at the farm, Farmer Peck thanked Sonic for reversing the robots and returning the farm back to normal, although he is quite upset about Henrietta being heartbroken by Scratch. So, Sonic makes a phone call and the real Edgar Eagle arrives to spend time with Henrietta. Afterwards, Sonic gets the idea that he should have his own TV show one day just like Edgar Eagle.

After destroying some angry Buzz Bombers, Sonic reads about a town called McGuffin has declared tomorrow to be "Sonic Appreciation Day" in the newspaper. Sonic and Tails head for the town. The dog who works the news stand makes a mysterious phone call telling someone that Sonic is on his way and he has his sneakers with him.

At McGuffin, Sonic and Tails meet Harry the Hucker who sells Sonic merchandise. As a courtesy he gives Sonic a free blue Sonic book mark. Scratch and Grounder attack driving the Monster Robot Sonic tracking Device. Sonic uses a "Sonic Day" banner to tie up its legs and send it smashing to the ground. Sonic then hears cries for help on top of a near by building. A Squirrel named Sonnette is on the edge of a building and she falls. Sonic catches her and she is very excited, introducing herself as his biggest fan and consumer of all Harry's cheesy Sonic Merchandise. She also confesses that she jumped off the roof just to meet Sonic. Thinking she's crazy, Sonic drops her on the ground and leaves. Sonnette gets angry and swears she'll get even with him.

While checking into a hotel, Sonic and Tails are approached by a bell boy named Hodgepodge, who is old friends with Sonic. Sonic challenges him to a race just like old times. They race on a track built for Sonic's speed demonstration on Sonic Day. Hodgepodge is very fast, but still can't keep up with Sonic. Hodgepodge tells Tails how he used to be the fastest until Sonic came along and he used to be jealous. He playfully kicks Sonic while Coconuts, in an Italian old man disguise, spies on him. Sonic runs away and Coconuts says Sonic will soon be checking out forever.

Meanwhile, at Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik loses at cards to a card playing Robot. In anger, Robotnik takes out a laser gun and shoots the robot multiple times until it is dead and he kicks it into a pile of other dead robots. Scratch and Grounder come and tell Robotnik they were defeated and about "Sonic Appreciation Day". Robotnik gives them his new Robo-Roller, a vehicle that can flatten an entire city. He gives the Badniks an order to squish Sonic and his fans into a squishy paste.

While Sonic and Tails are asleep in the hotel, a tube comes through the door and it sprays green gas all over the room. Sonic wakes up to find his Sneakers are gone. Sonic shows Tails that when he runs, his feet burn up when he runs without his hi-tops. Tails assures him that they'll solve the mystery of who took them and get his shoes back. While looking for clues, Tails finds Coconuts sleeping in the closet. They tie him up and threaten to take him apart. Coconuts tells them that he hid in the closet so he could get them in their sleep, but when the hose sprayed its gas in the room, he fell asleep.

Tails assumes Hodgepodge stole the hi-tops. They go outside and Tails jumps on Hodgepodge, shaking him and accusing him of stealing the shoes. Sonic gets Tails off him and says he believes he is innocent. Hodgepodge tells them that he heard Robotnik and his Badniks are going to attack the town.

Sonic sees Sonnete and accuses her of sneaking in his room last night. She confesses that she did sneak in and she stole a chili dog wrapper and a red Sonic bookmark. Sonic has the mystery figured out, but it is too late. Scratch and Grounder attack the town in the Robo-Roller. Sonic tricks them into driving on the speed demonstration ramps. The trick backfires at first when Coconuts tells Scratch and Grounder they're being tricked, but Sonette shuts him up by covering him with bubble gum. Sure enough, Sonic's plan works and the Robo-Roller falls off the ramps and is destroyed. Sonic then places the flattened badniks in a giant envelope and puts it in the mailbox, calling it "junk mail".

Sonic gets a dog policeman to arrest Harry the Hucker. Sonic finds his shoes in Harry's souvenir stand and proceeds in telling Tails how he knew it was him. Sonic says Harry must have dropped the red bookmark and when he went to pick it up, he grabbed Sonic's blue one instead. Harry explains that he wanted to cut up the sneakers and sell the pieces as souvenirs. Fido takes Harry away. Sonic mails a talking t-shirt of himself to Robotnik saying he is now a member of the Sonic fan club, annoying him. Robotnik yells "I hate that hedgehog!"

As Sonic is out running, he sees a strike of lightning open up an interdimensional portal. A small black glob type creature comes through the portal and follows Sonic to a place where Tails is preparing Chili Dogs for lunch. Tails likes the creature and decides to name him Goobster and keeps him as a pet. Goobster eats all their Chili Dogs.

Scratch and Grounder attack in fighter planes and Goobster helps Sonic to defeat them. Goobster gets hungry so Sonic offers him steak and a sandwich, but Goobster only wants Chili Dogs. Goobster becomes large and starts sucking up everything in sight. Sonic gives him his retirement chili dogs and Goobster calms down.

Dr. Robotnik is angry that Scratch and Grounder failed once again. Scratch and Grounder say it was because of Goobster. Robotnik tells them to kidnap Goobster to lure Sonic and Tails into a trap.

Sonic figures out that Goobster is from another dimension, but before he can do anything about it, Goobster is captured by Scratch and Grounder.

In Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Goobster starts to eat everything in sight. Robotnik decides to use Goobster to get rid of Sonic and take over Mobius. When Sonic and Tails arrive, Goobster is hooked up to an electric machine that shocks him and makes him start sucking up everything. He quickly sucks up Sonic and Tails, but then burps them back out. Sonic frees Goobster and the three escape.

It begins to rain and Sonic takes them back to where he first saw the interdimensional portal open. They wait for lightning to strike again, but Robotnik and his Badniks attack. Sonic uses Grounder as a conductor and lightning strikes, opening the portal. Goobster goes through the portal where he is happily reunited with his parents. Tails is sad to see him leave, but Sonic cheers him up by saying he can get a new pet.

Dr. Robotnik has invented Club Robotnik, a luxury escape that captures its guests and makes them into his slaves.

Sonic and Tails find themselves in Scrap Valley where they meet Wallace A. Ditso and Torch who introduce them to their society of mechanically challenged robots. Ditso tells Sonic of a project that Robotnik is working on and Sonic goes to investigate.

Sonic and Tails spot Robotnik's blimp, so Sonic goes in disguised as a pizza delivery boy. He pulls a trap door that makes Scratch and Grounder fall out of the blimp. Robotnik gets Sonic in a trap. After the commercial break, Scratch and Grounder are somehow back on the blimp guarding Sonic as Robotnik reveals his plans to flood Scrap Valley and create Robotnik Lagoon. Robotnik and Scratch leave with Grounder guarding Sonic. Robotnik mentions he will use Sonic as target practice with his new Hedgehog Harpoon. Sonic tricks Grounder into releasing him. Sonic tells Scratch and Robotnik that he's escaped. The three villains chase Sonic up on top of the blimp. Robotnik fires his Hedgehog Harpoon and pops the blimp.

Sonic returns to Scrap Valley where he tells the robots about Robotnik's plan. They are suddenly attacked by a giant Crab Compactor that eats their buildings and excretes them out as little cubes. Outraged, the rejected robots agree to assemble with Sonic and Tails to take down Dr. Robotnik. They all go through the resort and sabotage everything from the pipes to the food.

At the opening of the resort, Robotnik is giving a speech, dedicating the place to himself. The audience drown him out with laughter as Sonic and Ditso project pictures on the large screen of Robotnik as a pig and Robotnik naked in the shower. Even Scratch and Grounder laugh. Scratch unplugs the screens, but Sonic replaces Robotnik's microphone with his own voice insulting him. Robotnik jumps to the cutting of the ribbon, but because of all the sabotage, the ribbon was the only thing holding the resort together. Once it is cut the entire place collapses and Robotnik yells, "I hate that Hedgehog! I hate him, I hate him! How am I supposed to turn Mobians into slaves if he keeps ruining my plans?" Sonic reveals to Robotnik that he was on TV as he said that and all the Mobians in the audience turn on Robotnik and hit him with fruit.

For the sake of revenge, Robotnik pulls the lever to flood Scrap Valley, but because of the sabotage the water comes up from under Robotnik and sends him up in the air.

Ditso declares that they can use what's left of Club Robotnik to rebuild Scrap Valley.

Doctor Robotnik builds Pseudo Sonic, a mechanical lookalike of his real counterpart in order to spoil the famous hedgehog's image and get Sonic in jail. The robot is piloted by a lab rat named Lawrence who is forced to commit crimes to save his parents. Pseudo-Sonic quickly manages to ruin Sonic's good reputation while the real Sonic is standing in the same spot watching TV. When racing against each other, Sonic and Lawrence accidentally fall in a patch of poison flowers in Poison Flower Valley and really get itchy and soon swell up. Tails helps them get out of the patch and takes Sonic and Lawrence to the hospital, and Sonic falls asleep. Tails decides that Sonic being out of commission for 'a day or two' is too late for Lawrence's parents and sets out to save them. Tails uses the robot to bother Robotnik on the way.

Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder believe that Pseudo-Sonic is the real Sonic, but Robotnik manages to set them straight. Meanwhile Sonic knows that Tails has gone and gets out of bed. Tails sees Sonic and Sonic tells Tails his plan! However, Sonic and Tails get Lawrence's parents out of Robotnik's laboratory, and Pseudo-Sonic is destroyed, with Robotnik thus ending up in the Mobius General Hospital. Grounder tells Robotnik that at least he still has them. Robotnik responds by beating Scratch and Grounder up. The episode ends with Robotnik screaming, "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!" One of the "H"s then falls into the hospital.

In his fortress, Dr. Robotnik is downloading a genius program that is supposed to improve his intelligence. Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder are setting a trap for Sonic the Hedgehog, which fails as usual. Eventually, they head back, where Robotnik is still searching for more brain power, attempting to download other computer programs. However, this results in a computer virus infecting his computer, which Sonic and Tails' friend Hacker created when copying the genius program onto a microchip. Hacker is almost captured but is saved by Sonic.

Later, Grounder's head loses various bits and pieces. During his search for the pieces, he accidentally grabs the Genius Chip, and when he places it in his head, he becomes a genius. Sonic tries to get the chip back, but ends up getting zapped by a ray that Grounder reveals has turned him to stone. Grounder then starts treating Robotnik like a prisoner, and Scratch like a slave.

Eventually, Hacker and Tails manage to reverse the ray that zapped Sonic. They discover that he was not turned to stone, but rather encased in stone and Sonic breaks free. Scratch tries to help Grounder take care of Sonic, but Grounder's head falls off, allowing Robotnik to remove the chip while Sonic switches the chip with another. This in turn makes Robotnik stupid. Robotnik then hands the prize to Grounder and Scratch as the lightning rod zaps them while Sonic, Tails, and Hacker escape from the explosion. Robotnik feels he's better off without the chips and yells "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!".

While Doctor Robotnik completing a machine and proclaiming that he should be given an award for supreme excellency. Scratch asks him if he got that award the week before. Robotnik tells Scratch to think of a better one. He introduces the machine as the "Super Supreme Stopper Zapper". Scratch and Grounder say, "It looks super!", then Robotnik yells at them. He tests the machine on Scratch who changes to stone. Grounder has some fun with him, fiddling around with his parts and tickling his nose. Robotnik unfreezes Scratch (who sneezes because of Grounder tickling his nose), jumps around holding his head (because Grounder hit him on the head) and dripping water (because Grounder squirted him with water). He wonders what happened and Grounder tells him that it was a bad dream. Robotnik literally throws them into the machine, telling them to fetch Sonic by suppertime. They fly out the building through the wall, and Scratch calls Grounder dumb.

Outside, Grounder and Scratch set a trap that includes a sign with a Chili dog on it. Sonic the Hedgehog runs by with Tails, who is on his skateboard. They stop at the sign and Sonic inquires that he has to check it out. Grounder prepares to launch the rock, but an Elvis bird lands on it and begins to dance. Grounder lets go of the slingshot and chases it away, whilst the rock is launched with Grounder on it. Tails and Sonic jump to avoid it, while Grounder crashes into a bigger rock and explodes. Upon smashing into the rock, The Super Supreme Stopper-Zapper starts to fire. Tails warns Sonic to watch out, where Sonic turns and dodges just in time. As the Zapper continues to shoot, Sonic grabs Tails and they fly off. They dodge all the beams and leave the scene. Scratch and Grounder emerge, cursing Sonic. Grounder's phone rings, and the two Badniks answer it, where Robotnik appears on the line. They say that they almost had Sonic, and Robotnik explodes with anger. Scratch inquires that they will do another plan his way. Robotnik threatens to melt them down if they don't catch Sonic.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails begin to hunger, until Tails spots a sign saying "All you can eat Chili Dogs". Tails is excited, but Sonic says its a trap. Tails gets disappointed, but Sonic tells him that he wants the danger, and they head off to the apparent cookout.

Meanwhile, Grounder (who is wearing an "I love Robotnik" apron) listens to Scratch as he explains his plan to zap Sonic. Grounder doesn't understand, to a point where Scratch yells at him that he's as dumb as a rock. Grounder asks, "Metamorphic, Igneous, or Sedimentary?". Scratch names him a made-up rock, and smacks him with it.

Sonic and Tails approach, where the hedgehog orders Tails to stay put. Tails tells him to be careful, but Sonic retorts, and says that he's too fast for them. They high five, and Sonic rushes off. He disguises himself as a chili dog inspector to check the level of chili in their chili dogs, while Scratch and Grounder fall for it. Sonic tells Grounder that his chili isn't hot enough and he will have to close them up. Grounder protests, so Sonic gives him a tin of "Very Hot Chili" that Grounder pours in. He dips a chili dog in and gives it to Sonic. However, Sonic tells him that he's the cook, so he should taste it first. Grounder eats it, and his cheeks inflate and explode with from spiciness. He begins to blow up, while Sonic grabs two normal chili dogs and runs off. Grounder blasts off like a rocket, flies high into the sky, falls back down, and crashes into the ground, leaving a Grounder-shaped hole. He jumps out and rolls away, chased by Scratch on the Super Supreme Stopper-Zapper. It begins to shoot again, so Grounder yells at him to shut it off, to which Scratch says, "I can't! It's stuck!". It continues to shoot at Grounder.

Sonic returns to Tails and gives him a chili dog. Just as Tails is about to eat it, he gives a shout and points behind Sonic. The Zapper is coming right towards them. Sonic and Tails both fly away without the skateboard. Tails pulls free and goes after it, leading Sonic to run after him. Tails grabs his skateboard, and Sonic pushes him away just as the Zapper shoots him, changing him to stone. Tails runs back and tries to save him, but Sonic simply falls over. Tails starts to cry, where Grounder gloats over him, until Scratch joins him. Tails tries to push Sonic away, but Scratch grabs him and tosses him away. The two Badniks fight over who will get their credit. They then begin to do tug-of-war with him. Tails gets to the Zapper, and grabs their attention. Grounder tries to escape, promptly being blasted and changes to stone, but then (due to a mistake of Tails') changes back. Scratch and Grounder chase Tails, who tries to blast them, though he keeps missing. Tails hops on his skateboard, drives over, and picks up Sonic, to the anger of the Badniks. Grounder's phone rings again, and they answer Robotnik again, rather slowly. However, too scared to speak of their mistake, they pass the phone to each other without saying anything into it, to a point where Robotnik is infuriated.

Tails, while panting, has pushed Sonic the whole way to the top of a hill. He turns and looks down the hill, and sees that the Badniks are still chasing him. He pushes over a pile of logs that roll down the hill and chase the two Badniks. They get squished while Tails escapes with the still-frozen Sonic.

Robotnik appears and floats over Tails. Using a megaphone, he demands Tails to give him Sonic, which Tails ignores. He jumps through a vent, in which Robotnik attempts to follow through. However, due to his obesity, he is unable to do so.

Inside, Tails pushes Sonic on the skateboard around Robotnik's fortress, still being chased by the Badniks. He runs into a dead end down an alley, which the Badniks run right past. Tails spots a door and pulls it open, running through and closing it without the Badniks noticing. Inside, Tails wheels Sonic to an office. He stares sadly at Sonic, and attempts to wake him. It doesn't work, and Tails says that he will do anything to wake him up again. Sonic only falls down, and Tails walks towards the door, peeking outside. He looks out, only to see the Badniks right there; Tails slams the door shut again, leading Scratch and Grounder to crash into the door. They push against the door, but Tails holds fast, refusing to give up. Tails runs over to Sonic, and the Badniks go quiet, returning in a tank attempting to bust the door down. The whole place shakes, and Tails pulls Sonic over to a wardrobe to hide in, until he gets an idea. The Badniks crash down the door and a few machines as well, flying out and hitting the opposite wall. Tails comes over dressed as a police officer.

It fools both, but Scratch sees through it after noticing the apparent officers' two tails. Grounder objects to Scratch picking up an officer, and the two argue, giving Tails time to escape. The fox hides again, giving the two Badniks a plan to trap him. Tails follows Grounder around until he has a plan of his own. Grounder creates a chili-dog trap and hides with Scratch. Tails gets the trap to backfire on them while he steals the chili dog they used as bait and escapes. Seeing as his foot is stuck in the trap, Scratch orders Grounder to chase Tails. Grounder does so, but is trapped as well. They lie there for a few moments, until they try and grab Tails again, who activates the second part of his trap. The two Badniks get dumped on a stationary conveyer belt. They refuse to give up just as Grounder's phone rings. They once again inform Robotnik that they still haven't caught Sonic, but will freeze Tails with the Zapper.

Tails fetches Sonic on the skateboard and gets another idea. He polishes up a mirror laying around, where Scratch and Grounder arrive with the Zapper and shoot at a reflection of Tails. The beam hits Sonic, and he changes back, confused of what had happened. Scratch and Grounder are amazed that Sonic's out of the petrification. The hedgehog speeds about too fast for the Badniks to zap him. Sonic bends the Zapper lens to point at itself, because as soon as the Badniks use it, it changes itself to stone. Grounder hits it, making it explode and sending the two flying. Robotnik comes storming in at that moment, where the Badniks land on him. Tails activates a claw that picks up all three of them. He releases them over a crate of Quick-Drying Cement that gets wet from the fire sprinklers due to the Badniks' short circuiting form the cement's dust. They plunge into the cement, and start to splash all around. Sonic and Tails leave the fortress as Robotnik screams, "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!" Sonic tells Tails that he's proud of him for his actions and they high-five.

Dr. Robotnik introduces the "Ultra Freeze-O-Matic", announcing his plan to freeze every citizen on Mobius and install "Servitude Chips" into the frozen citizens, causing them to completely and unquestionably obey Robotnik, with a test run on Scratch and Grounder proving successful. Meanwhile, at Mount Splatterhorn Sonic and Tails are getting some rest and relaxation when a blizzard suddenly hits the area. Dr. Robotnik discovers that Sonic is at Mount Splatterhorn and demands Scratch and Grounder to capture him. After a lengthy ski chase, Scratch and Grounder fall a considerable height and suffer a blow to their heads, causing their Servitude Chips to malfunction. Sonic takes this opportunity to fool Scratch and Grounder into believing that he is their master as to learn Robotnik's current plan. Sonic then commands the two robots to take him to the Freeze-O-Matic to make a few "adjustments". Robotnik learns of this, believes that Scratch and Grounder have turned traitor, and decides to bury them all with the Ultra Freeze-O-Matic's "Avalanche Activator".

Sonic is able to use the fire from the friction his speed is creating to convert the falling snow into water, allowing him and the group to continue their mission. Meanwhile, Robotnik whips out his "Servitude Chip Remote Regenerator" and uses it to return the robots to his control. Scratch and Grounder, now under Robotnik's command, trick Sonic into crossing a thin ice bridge and capture Tails after the bridge breaks. Scratch and Grounder return to Robotnik's bunker with Tails, on which Robotnik tests the "Servitude Patch", a Servitude Chip designed to work on living, breathing creatures rather than robots. Tails, now under Scratch and Grounder's control, lures Sonic into the clutches of the two robots, but Sonic easily tricks Scratch and Grounder into commanding Tails to remove his own Servitude Chip, and escapes himself. Robotnik decides to dispose of Sonic himself, using numerous weapons built into the Ultra Freeze-O-Matic. Sonic soon disposes of Robotnik, tossing him into Lake Splatterhorn and using the Freeze-O-Matic's "Frozen Concentrate" feature to freeze the lake. Mount Splatterhorn mysteriously thaws during this time.

Sonic the Hedgehog (TV Series)

A sleek black aircraft descends through the clouds to planet Mobius. Doctor Robotnik, the planet's absolute ruler, is returning home to Robotropolis, a sprawling cityscape choked with the smoke of innumerable factories. Robotnik strokes his robotic bird, Cluck, saying "I do miss the beauty of this place when I'm away". The aircraft settles on a landing platform on one of the tallest buildings, where Robotnik's toady Snively waits to greet him. As Robotnik enters the control room, Swat-bots open the door to let him in, but when Snively tries to enter the Swat-bots close the door and Snively bumps into the closed door, and the two Swat-bots chuckle, since he fell for their prank. In the control room, Robotnik demands to know if there has been any hint of his nemesis, Sonic the Hedgehog. Snively is too cowardly to admit that there has been none, and stammers for a while until an emergency appears on monitor 10. Scanners have detected one of Sonic's group of Freedom Fighters: Snively recognizes him as the young Tails, who is usually accompanied by Sonic. Robotnik says to capture him. "Perhaps his cries will flush out the hedgehog!".

Meanwhile, Tails is out picking flowers for Princess Sally when he spots one of Robotnik's Buzz-Bombers bearing down on him and he flies away. Not far away, Sonic demonstrates a new rock song for his pal Rotor Walrus. Sonic wants to impress Sally, but Rotor says she won't like it. She'd prefer a softer song, like a ballad, but Sonic can't stand ballads. Suddenly, they hear Tails crying for help. Sonic speeds to the rescue, whisking Tails out of the way of the Bomber's sting blast, which ricochets off a rock and destroys the Buzz-Bomber! Rotor draws their attention to a floating eye camera. Sonic and Rotor use the opportunity to insult Robotnik, who is watching from a monitor, but Tails simply waves and says "Hi mom!" Before they go, Robotnik swears that he'll have both Sonic and the Power Rings in the palm of his hand before the day is through. The three Freedom Fighters are not impressed, and Sonic zooms away with his friends in tow.

Soon after, the three heroes arrive at the secret entrance to their home at Knothole. Tails enjoyed riding with Sonic, but Rotor feels decidedly queasy. Sonic and Tails ride together down a twisting slide that takes them into Knothole and drops them in a haystack. Moments later, Rotor follows, landing on top of them.

Some time later, the Freedom Fighters (Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, and Rotor) attempt to repair some catapults. Bunnie, a cyborg, does the heavy lifting and is annoyed by Antoine's habit of "supervising" while doing no work of his own. Antoine also flirts with Princess Sally, who rebuffs his advances. Sally uses a computer to determine why the throwing arms of the catapults keep breaking, and finds the answer just as Rotor deduces it all by himself: the cotter pins are made of wood, but need to be metal in order to take the extra payload. Just then, Sonic arrives. When Sally explains that they need metal cotter pins, Sonic takes Rotor and says they've "gotta do the Power Ring thing!" He, Rotor and Tails go to the Lake of Rings, and as they watch a Power Ring rise out of the water. Tails wonders why only Sonic can use the Power Rings, so he explains: his Uncle Chuck invented them to help Sonic take down "dorks" like Robotnik.

While Sonic waits to get an example cotter pin from Rotor, Tails decides that he's going to head to the "big city". When Sonic catches him up, he is fighting a tree. Sonic explains that the big city is too dangerous for a kid like Tails: it's swarming with Swat-bots, who are just waiting for a chance to roboticize Tails! Tails points out that it's a long way back to Knothole and he could be captured by a Buzz-Bomber, so Sonic agrees to let him tag along as long as Tails stays hidden in his backpack and guards the Power Ring.

In Robotropolis, Sonic and Tails narrowly avoid detection by Swat-bots. They reach one of Robotnik's factories, where they manage to find the cotter pins in a pile of debris. However, Tails spots a line of worker robots walking into the factory. Sonic explains they used to be people, until Robotnik roboticized them. Tails asks if Uncle Chuck is there, but Sonic doesn't see him. Sonic misses Chuck, as well as his old dog Muttski. Suddenly, Tails sees a mean-looking robot guard dog: it's Muttski! He may look vicious, but Sonic believes Muttski won't hurt him because Sonic is his best bud. He calls out to his dog, only to have Muttski pounce and bite his tail. Sonic is disappointed, since after all he put Muttski through four years of obedience school. "Bad dog! You sit, you stay, you don't bite! Understand?" Suddenly, Muttski does just that - his eyes turn from red to white and he sits, and starts wagging his tail. He's Sonic's friend again! He licks Sonic's face and Sonic promises to turn him back to a real dog by putting him back through Robotnik's robo-machine. Unfortunately, Muttski's old personality doesn't stay long, and he quickly turns back to a savage, red-eyed guard dog. Sonic flees rather than fight his friend.

While escaping from some Swat-bots in the city, Sonic and Tails dive into an air vent. It turns out this vent leads to Robotnik's control room, where Robotnik is explaining his latest plan to locate Knothole Village and eradicate the Freedom Fighters. His Buzz-Bombers will fly over the Great Forest, spraying it with a new chemical that Robotnik invented, which will kill every tree, exposing Knothole's location. He also has a "hedgehog-seeking missile" prepared, in case Sonic should interfere. Just then, Tails sneezes with such force that he and Sonic both fall into the control room. They quickly escape the building, however, and Sonic uses the Power Ring to increase his super-speed even further and defeat the Swat-bots sent to capture him. He and Tails speed back to Knothole.

Sonic quickly warns everyone about Robotnik's plan, but luckily Sally has a plan of her own. When the Buzz-Bombers approach, the Freedom Fighters set up the now fully-functional catapults in a line at the edge of the Great Forest. However, Sally says that the range is limited, and Sonic volunteers to lure the Buzz-Bombers in range. Using one of the catapults, Sonic shoots himself towards the incoming Buzz-Bombers, leading them to launch the hedgehog-seeking missile. However, Sonic is able to turn this against them by leaping on top of the tanks of Robotnik's defoliating chemical. The missile hits the tanks, which fall to the ground far below. Robotnik orders the Buzz-Bombers to attack Sonic, who leads them in range of the catapults. Sally gives the order to fire, and they pelt the Buzz-Bombers with water balloons, short-circuiting them. Robotnik demands through the radio that they keep attacking, but the Buzz-Bombers have had enough, and flee. Robotnik decides to take his frustrations out on Snively.

Safe once again, the Freedom Fighters celebrate, and Sally says that Sonic was "really great today!"

In Robotropolis, a green security SWAT-bot is carried by floating platform to one of the industrial building's elevators. The elevator takes the transport downward in the elevator, the floor indicator counting upwards until it shows "51." The doors open and the transport enters a large room, where it faces a yellow security bot that transmits the message "Hall secure." In an air duct, undetected by the robots, Sonic the Hedgehog speeds through until he stopped at a vent, calling for Antoine and Cat to hurry up as they pant down the duct after their friend. When they arrive,

Sonic checks the room, only to come face to face with the green security bot. The three Freedom Fighters jump back against the wall as the transport removes the vent and points a light into the duct. The security bot's windshield opens to reveal that Princess Sally was commanding it. Greeting her fellow Freedom Fighters, she jumps from the transport and, accompanied by Sonic, enters a robotic plane. Using Nicole, Sally aims to hack into Robotnik's mainframe computer in order to reprogram the plane's launch data. While working, however, she receives a message addressed to "Bean". Sally's father used to call her Bean when she was little, and she immediately starts tracking down the source of the signal, believing that he may still be alive! The signal apparently originates from the Dark Swamp.

Back in the air vent, a nervous Antoine leans against the grill, toppling out of the duct and straight in front of a security Swat-bot! Ant dives back into the duct. Realizing that their cover is blown, Sonic goes to distract the Swat-bots while Sally makes a dash for the duct. When she is safe, Sonic makes his own escape. However, a single Swat-bot follows Sally, Ant and Cat into a duct. Cat, who is bringing up the rear, spots it and decides to lead it away from the others. Only when Sonic meets up with Sally and Antoine at their preset rendezvous point do they realize that Cat is gone. Sonic realizes he must have been captured, and wants to go back to save him. Sally, convinced that the signal was from however, says that she is going to go to the Dark Swamp to find him, and she'll take Antoine with her. Sonic says he'll catch up once he's rescued Cat, and speeds back to Robotropolis.

Meanwhile, Snively reports back to Doctor Robotnik, who orders the air ducts sealed up. Snively does have some good news. They have captured a Freedom Fighter: Cat! Robotnik wants Cat to tell him the location of Knothole, but Cat refuses to talk.

Some time later, when Sonic arrives back in Robotropolis, he sees Cat being taken by a Swat-bot to a detention center. Although Sonic breaks in and reaches Cat's cell, Cat tells him that Robotnik's surveillance detected Sally heading for the Dark Swamp, and that Sonic has to go save her. Sonic doesn't want to leave Cat, but Cat says it doesn't matter. As guards show up, Sonic escapes, promising he'll be back.

A Surveillance Orb follows Sally and Antoine through the Dark Swamp. Antoine is terrified, but tries to dismiss his trembling as shivering from a cold he as caught. He wants to go back to Knothole, but Sally isn't willing to give up. She asks Nicole about whether there are any structures in the Dark Swamp, and Nicole identifies only one: Ironlock Prison. When Sonic arrives at the swamp, he is also detected by a camera, leading Robotnik to launch a Stealthbot. However, it is easily defeated by Sonic, who turns its own missile against it.

Sally and Antoine arrive at Ironlock Prison and try to cross the rickety drawbridge over a deep chasm. Although they make it to the other side, the bridge collapses, leaving them stranded. They explore the prison, finding a scrap of King Acorn's cloak—Sally now has proof he was there!

Sonic, Sally, and Antoine search Ironlock for information regarding the King. At this point, Sonic catches up to them, having been following their footprints in the swamp mud. He leaps over the chasm and finds Sally and Antoine walking through the prison cells. Sally shows him what they've found: an ancient computer. Sally realises that her father must have sent her the message from this computer. When she accesses it, using "Bean" as the access code, she receives a message: "Bean, Check Sub-ter file. Impossi—" The message is incomplete, but at least Sally now knows he is alive. When she checks the computer's Sub-Ter file, she finds it contains schematics of the underground tunnel network throughout the whole of Robotropolis! As she tries to get Nicole to transfer the data to a holographic disk, the walls start to crumble and all three heroes are sent through a trapdoor into the sewer system below. They then see a red light in the distance, within the darkness of the only passage out of the sewers, and Sonic decides to go and check it out. But when he comes back, he states that they cannot go that way, as the red light turns out to be the glow of the eye of a giant one-eyed monster, which then attacks Sonic and his friends. But Sonic manages to defeat it by using a Power Ring, revealing that it is merely a robot.

With one obstacle out of the way, Antoine brings up another: how are they supposed to get out of this place? Bringing up the holographic map on Nicole, Sally gets a great idea. She leads the others down one particular tunnel, straight into Robotropolis. Using the secret tunnels, they access the Stealthbot hangar bay, and Sally reprograms every single one. While Sally and Antoine head back to the usual rendezvous point, Sonic has one last job to do: rescue Cat. But when he gets to Cat's prison cell, Cat has gone! Saddened by the loss of his friend, Sonic makes his escape. He is detected by Robotnik's surveillance, leading the dictator to launch all of his Stealthbots.

Back at the rendezvous point, Sonic and the others see the Stealthbots launching. Taking out a Surveillance Orb from his backpack, Sonic points it at the Stealthbots. When Robotnik sees the feed, he is confused and orders the Stealthbots to be recalled. However, as Snively presses the recall button, the Stealthbots all self-destruct! Turning the camera on himself, Sonic gives Robotnik one last message: "That was for Cat!"

After trying to detonate one of Robotnik's machines, Sally gets captured by Dr. Robotnik's Swat-bots. Sonic tries to go back, but Bunnie tells him he needs a power ring if he's going to save Sally. Meanwhile, Robotnik creates a clone of Sally to use to try to destroy Knothole. Sonic gets the power ring the next day and rescues Sally, but doesn't realize that it was the clone that Robotnik created. Sonic and the cloned Sally returned to Knothole. Tails found out he didn't get the "Funny Kiss" (on the nose) that Sally usually gives him. Then the clone reads a book to Tails and asks her to do the scary witch voice but refused and walked off. Sonic then, finds out that the SWAT-bot factory was still online and decides to go back and redo the mission. While in bed, Tails sees the cloned Sally and he sees the eyes glow red and finds out that it wasn't the real Sally. Bunnie wakes Sally up and showed her the ruined carrot crops, and Tails thinks it was the "Fake" Sally who did this during the night. Before going to the factory, Tails tries to tell Sonic that it wasn't the real Sally, Sonic thought Tails had a nightmare and ran off.

While at the SWAT-bot factory, Sonic does the special handshake that he and Sally do, and finds out that Tails was telling the truth, that it wasn't Sally. After subduing her, the clone shows Sonic the way to the Real Sally, who saves her before she was robotocized and run back to Knothole while putting the clone in Sally's place inside the roboticizer, overloading it and destroying the factory. Back in Knothole, Sally finds Tails sitting by the log and gives him the "funny kiss", proving to Tails that she's the real Sally (Adding more proof with the "scary witch voice"). She attempts to prove it by giving Sonic a kiss, but this makes Sonic claim that she's fake so he grabs Tails and runs off.

While spliting up into teams, Sonic, Sally, Antoine, Bunnie, and Rotor are forced to flee Robotropolis in mid-plot. Their rendezvous is a train station, where Sonic's roboticized Uncle Chuck boards a departing train. The Freedom Fighters follow the train to the crystal mine to try to rescue him. Unsurprisingly, he is not the hedgehog he used to be, but Sonic temporarily fixes that with a power ring. Returning to Knothole with the freed Uncle Chuck will have to wait, however. The robots are excavating a powerful crystal, which will further Dr. Robotnik's goals and wreak havoc across Mobius. This leads to Chuck going back to robotic form, while telling Sonic to leave Robotropolis while he still can. But Sonic protests so Bunnie brings him on the train herself against his will of not wanting to leave his uncle again. Back at Knothole Sonic is comfort by Sally and Bunnie telling him that they will get Chuck back, to which sonic agrees to.

The Freedom Fighters embark on an outlandish mission: to find magical scrolls which may hold the key to unlimited power.

As Rotor was working on a waterwheel to spread electricity through out Knothole Village. While Sally was searching for information on the waterwheel in Nicole's databanks, Nicole began malfunctioning. To fix the malfunction, Sally needed a computer chip. The only place she could get the chip was in Robotropolis. So she and Sonic went to go get the chip.

When they got to Robotropolis, Sally went into the room where the chips were, while Sonic waited outside. She picked up a chip and turned around only to be face-to-face with a SWAT Bot. She turned and ran as the robot chased after her. As she ran, she noticed a place called the Forbidden Zone. She ran in but stopped when she saw a cloaked figure with glowing red eyes standing in front of her. The cloaked figure shot an eye-beam, but instead of shooting at Sally, it shot and destroyed the SWAT Bot. Sally ran out of the Forbidden Zone before the figure turned around and decided to shoot her, too.

She met up with Sonic and they left for Knothole. While at Knothole, she installed the chip into Nicole and researched what the hooded figure was. Nicole said that it was called "The Guardian". The Guardian protected its master, Lazaar, from anything that entered the Forbidden Zone. Lazaar was a wizard who lived in the Forbidden Zone. He had been asleep for a very long time and he was also thought to be very evil. He had a magic computer that, like anything magic, can cast spells. Sonic had the idea that if they got the computer, they could use it to stop Robotnik. Meanwhile in Robotropolis, Robotnik had seen the whole thing and was also curious as to what the hooded figure was. He, or actually Snively doing it for Robotnik, was reasearching the same thing.

So, Robotnik decided to have a talk with the Guardian. Robotnik convinced the Guardian that he was also evil and wanted to talk to Lazaar and congratulate him on his evilness. Robotnik found out that the only way to survive the traps surrounding Lazaar's lair is to be pure evil. The Guardian showed him a map and told Robotnik to come alone.

Later, Robotnik's hover craft lands in the Forbidden Zone. First he sends out a SWATbot to survey the area. As it looks at the Forbidden Zone, it sees it has many pools of purple stuff that, when an uninvited guest walks by, a hand shoots out and grabs the intruder. Also, on the far side of the zone, the entrance to Lazaar's keep can be seen. It looks like a giant mouth which crushes intruders to a mushy pulp. As the SWATbot enters the Forbidden Zone, it is grabbed by a hand in the pool, but escapes. Just before the SWATbot thinks it can enter the doorway to Lazaar's palace, it closes and crushes the robot. Robotnik merely smiles and walks in. When he passed a pool, it retained it's quietness and serenity. As he nears the door, it opens and allows him to step in. He walked through the halls of the lair until he came upon Lazaar's resting place. But, Robotnik didn't want to talk to him, he wanted the computer. When he took it, it set off an alarm and Lazaar began to slowly return to conciousness.

Meanwhile, Sonic was running through Lazaar's lair, also trying to find Lazaar. When he got to Lazaar's resting place, the computer was gone and Lazaar was awake. Lazaar appeared in front of him and blamed him for stealing his computer. Sonic tried to explain that he didn't do it, but Lazaar didn't believe him and trapped him in a bubble. Lazaar told Sonic that someone was using the computer for evil. He then said that he was once evil, but, because he was asleep for so long, he began to dream about what his evil had done to people. Sonic immediantly knew who it was: Robotnik. He said that he can get the computer back, if Lazaar would let him go. So, Sonic agreed and revved up to leave. But before he could leave, Lazaar took away his speed. Sonic protested, but he could do nothing about it.

Back at Robotnik's lair, he has activated the magic computer and was looking for spells. He decided to teleport Sally and Bunnie to his base. He put them under mind control.

Sonic began making his way through the polluted city of Robotropolis even without his speed. A hover craft zoomed by. Another zoomed by, but this time, Sonic jumped on to it and hitched a ride to Robotnik. When the craft landed, he jumped off and began wandering the halls of Robotnik's lair. Suddenly, a laser flew by. He turned around and saw SWAT Bots chasing him. They chased him trough the halls and down a stairwell. Sonic left a bomb on the stairs. The bomb detonated just as the SWAT Bots passed over it. He continued running down the stairs, but he was suddenly engulfed in light.

When the light dispersed, he was in between Sally and Bunnie (who, if you remember, were under Robotnik's mind control). Robotnik gave the order and they lunged at Sonic in an attempt to grab them. They held Sonic's arms to keep him still. Robotnik began tell the hedgehog that there was no escape, but of course, Sonic always escapes. Robotnik then gave the order to have Sonic roboticized. Sally and Bunnie dragged him over to the roboticizer. The glass was about to shut, but Sonic caught a glimpse at Lazaar's computer. He shook free of Sally's and Bunnie's grip and jumped to the magic computer. He picked up and ran. Sally and Bunnie chased after him. A SWAT Bot noted that Sonic had the computer. It was going to shoot the hedgehog, but Robotnik began shaking its arm and telling it to hurry. This caused the SWAT Bot to lose aim and fire at a net of barrels on the ceiling.

The barrels fell and blocked Sally and Bunnie from reaching Sonic. Sonic ducked beneath a computer console to escape from being crushed. He had nowhere to go but back. On the other side of the barrel mess, Bunnie was moving the barrels out of the way. When they removed the final barrel, Sonic plowed through them, giving them his pardons of course. He began running to another exit. Before he could make it, Cluck flew to him and knocked the magic computer out of his hands. Before Robotnik could grab the computer, Sonic jumped up and grabbed it. He then pressed a button on the computer and cancelled the mind control spell cast on Sally and Bunnie. They woke up in a confusion and asked Sonic what he was doing here. He said he'd tell them later and they began running. They ran down a tunnel and Robotnik followed along with a robot. The SWAT Bot kept running. Robotnik stopped and claimed how he hated Sonic.

When Sonic got back to Lazaar's quarters, he returned the computer to the old wizard and offered him to join the Freedom Fighters side. He refused because he needed to keep his magic computer out of the hands of evil ones. He then pressed a button on his belt and returned Sonic's speed. They said their goodbyes and their good lucks. Lazaar walked back into his palace. It began to glow and disappear. Sonic, Sally, and Bunnie began walking back to Knothole, but was teleported there as a gift from Lazaar.

They arrived at Rotor's workshop back in Knothole just in time to see Rotor activate the waterwheel and the light.

When Sonic, Sally and Bunnie are attempting to destroy the main generator in Robotropolis. While they manage to do just that, they completely forget about the backup generator, so their victory is bittersweet. Back at Knothole Village, the Freedom Fighters hear about a race that Robotnik is holding; Sally knows it's a trap, but Sonic decides to enter the race anyway, in hopes of distracting Robotnik while Antoine, Bunnie and Sally are heading off to destroy the backup generator.

Jealous of all the popularity that Sonic gets from the other villagers (especially Sally), Antoine tries to capture Robotnik on his own, using a Power Ring as bait. Unfortunately, his plan backfires and Robotnik uses the Ring to power his Sonic Radar.

When Robotnink launches a Spy-Orb that will uncover the Freedom Fighters' Knothole location, Rotor launches them up to the orbiting spy-sphere aboard a home-made rocket powered by Robotnink's discarded booster engine that fell in the Great Forest. Once aboard the heavily guraded sphere, Sonic and Rotor must find the spy sensors before they locate Knothole.

Sonic is paralyzed by a recurring nightmare personifying his own personal fears; meanwhile, Robotnik unleashes a machine that can literally destroy the world.

The Freedom Fighters find themselves defending an underground city of Mobian refugees, all the while coming to terms with their own personal relationships.

The Freedom Fighters home, the Great Forest, is dying. In search of magical water that causes plants to grow at an accelerated speed, the Freedom Fighters journey underground where they begin disappearing one by one.

Robotnik and Snively discover an underground oil lake and start drilling, but their robotic snake probes disturb a purple subterranean creature. They also inadvertently block off a green underground stream, forcing the mysterious green water to rise to the surface and flow into the Great River.

Meanwhile, Sally, Rotor Walrus and Tails attempt to grow some trees in the area around Knothole, but find that nothing will grow. In fact, even the trees in the Great Forest are dying—Robotnik's pollution is spreading faster than they thought. Elsewhere, Sonic the Hedgehog is fishing at the Great River. A huge fish snags his fishing pole, pulling it and Sonic himself into the water. Sonic water skis behind it for ten miles (apparently) before being shaken off. When Sonic tries to explain the story to the other Freedom Fighters, he shakes water from his ear onto the withered tree shoots, which suddenly grow very large. Sally decides they must try to get more water from the Great River, and takes Sonic, Rotor and Antoine on a boat to get some. Sonic is impressed by Rotor's boat, although Rotor says he'd rather be a hero than a handyman. Suddenly, the boat is sucked down a whirlpool and spat out in an underground cavern, which seems to have been used as a dumping ground for Robotnik's garbage. As they try to navigate the tunnels, Antoine disappears.

Sonic, Sally, and Rotor row their boat into strange rainbow-colored water, which suddenly begins to boil and turn pink. They abandon ship just before it sinks, and discover a cavern filled with beautiful plants—some of which have teeth and try to attack. As Sonic ties up the man-eating flowers, Sally disappears just like Antoine. Sonic and Rotor find what seems to be a palace or throne room, but it is filled with more of Robotnik's trash and there is nobody home. They hear a noise, and Sonic goes to investigate only to be captured by the purple creature from earlier in the episode. Rotor manages to escape by accidentally tripping into a hole. Rotor discovers an even deeper chamber, also filled with plant life, where a green river has been blocked off by fallen rubble. He unblocks the river—the audience is shown that roots from the Great Forest are fed from the river, and so had been dying while it was blocked off—then collects a sample of the green water in his canteen.

Rotor finds Sonic, Sally, and Antoine, who have been stuck up to their necks in a lake of Robotnik's pollution. He helps Sonic reach a Power Ring, and together they rescue Antoine and Sally. Rotor is hailed as a hero. The four Freedom Fighters again encounter the purple creature, who accuses them of polluting his world and thereby killing all the other members of his species. They explain that Robotnik is really responsible, and that he has polluted their world too. They are attacked by Robotnik's snake probes, and on Rotor's advice Sonic runs up to the surface to deactivate Robotnik's oil platform, which he does.

Underground once more, Rotor uses the green water sample to turn the oil lake into clean water. Although there is not enough water to save the Great Forest, their new purple friend gives them something that could help, and Sonic offers to take him fishing any time. On the surface, Sally uses the remaining green water on their tree shoots, which begin to thrive. Rotor admits that being a hero is exhausting, and that from now on he'll stick to being a handyman.

Robotnik has set his greedy eyes on the last living herd of a dinosaur-like species. The Freedom Fighters help the creatures navigate through the Great Jungle while fighting off the advances of Robotnik's machines.

While salvaging a wrecked hover pod, the Knothole Freedom Fighters see a pair of Swatbots chasing a ram named Ari. Princess Sally incapacitates them with an electromagnet. Ari explains that he's the last member of a group of freedom fighters that was captured by Robotnik. Sally is suspicious, but Sonic agrees to help Ari save his friends.

At Knothole, the others tap the memory banks of one of the Swatbots chasing Ari and realize he's leading Sonic into a trap. Ari and Sonic travel to a mechanized pyramid where Ari traps Sonic inside a giant pinball game, with Sonic inside the ball. The more points Robotnik scores, the more a portal to the Void opens.

Sally and Dulcy fly to the pyramid to try to warn Sonic but are stuck outside and instead fly after Ari when he leaves in a hover pod. He flies to meet Robotnik, who promised to release Ari's friends if he helped capture Sonic, but shows Ari that his fellow freedom fighters have already been roboticized. They save Ari from a similar fate and return to the pyramid. Ari saves Sonic but is sucked into The Void after telling Sonic to look for the king's list of other freedom fighter groups.

While on a mission, Sonic and Sally spot Robotnik's Shriek-bot and also spot Sonic's Uncle Chuck working on the Shriek-bot. Trying to get to his uncle, Sonic sneaks toward him but Snively and Robotnik spot him. Robotnik orders Snively to activate the Shriek-bot and when Sonic was close, he gave chase. Sonic then tried to outrun the flying bot (which carrying Sally) but the mech nearly caught up to him but Sonic managed to pull out a Power Ring and escape.

Angered, Robotnik yells Snively's name, to which the latter squealed in fear. Robotnik claimed that Snively "lied" about being able to outrun Sonic. When Snively tried to reason with him, he asked him "what color is my heart?", to which Snively claimed that he could not see one.

In Knothole Village, Tails tries to sneak past a (seemingly) sleeping Dulcy, but the dragon stops him, telling him that Sonic and the others are working on something and didn't want to be disturbed. Inside, Sally activates the De-Roboticizer to change Bunnie back to her normal, organic self. This was a success and Sonic runs off to the Lake of Rings to get a Power Ring before he goes to Robotropolis to free his uncle. Sally warns him that they don't know how long the effects will last, but Sonic doesn't listen and speeds off. Once at Robotropolis, Sonic slips his backpack with the Power Ring in with Chuck's tools. Picking it up, Chuck regains is free will and follows Sonic back to Knothole so he can be de-Roboticized. Sally tries to De-roboticize him, but as Nicole states, there is a malfunction and Chuck is still a Robian, and to make matters worse, Robotnik's programming kicks in and the Freedom Fighters are forced to put him in a cage.

After finding Uncle Chuck's message, Sonic goes to find a chili dog vendor in Robotropolis. After he gets it, he finds more Freedom Fighters who are about to be roboticized. When he saves them, a Trackbot hits him with a laser that erases his memory. Snively, who is commanding Robotropolis because Robotnik has gone out for the night, then tells him that he is his friend and tells him to find Knothole. Sally warns the other freedom fighters that Sonic is going to tell Snively where Knothole is. Sally, Tails and Charles find a Power Ring and decide to use it to restore Sonic's memory. Before Sonic sets off to stop Snively Sally then tells Sonic that she is so glad that he was back and gives him a kiss. When Snively arrives, he starts erasing the other Freedom Fighters' memories one by one, only for Sonic, who has had the Power Ring in his hand to restore his memory, to erase his. Sonic tells him that Robotnik is a "bottom-dwelling scum-sucker" and Sally moves Knothole's coordinates to the Great Swamp. Robotnik returns, defeats Snively and threatens to turn him into a paperweight. However, Snively tells Robotnik he's found Knothole, somewhere in the Great Swamp. Therefore Snively and Robotnik searching for Knothole in the Great Swamp.

The episode starts with an eerie picture of Robotropolis, followed by the the entrance of Sonic, Sally, and two other Freedom Fighters. Sonic and Sally have a quick chat about the plan, and Sonic rushes over to two Robots and gives them the usual sarcastic remark. He then drives them away from the Freedom fighters. They then proceed in, according to Sally's plan, and a power surge follows. Soon after, through binoculars Sonic and Sally see that the others have been captured. Sonic tries to rush after them, but it was to late. When they return to Knothole, they argue about "whose fault it is" Sally insists that it was her fault, but Sonic objects. They then state they wish they could could go back in time to beat Robotnik earlier in time. Sonic remembers about a palace in the sky (which looks similar to Angel Island) that granted stones that could time travel. Sally denies this, but Sonic and Dulcy insist. With the aid of Dulcy, they head to the floating island in hopes of finding this palace. When they get there, they fight off two stone gargoyles. Sonic decides to jump off the island as an escape plan, and they both scream for help.

Dulcy hears Sonic and rescues them. However, Dulcy's poor landing skills tosses them into the palace. When they look around, they see a room with stairs constantly changing directions. They are then sucked into a room where The Keeper Of The Time Stones asks them a riddle. It is confusing, but Sally figures it out. The Keeper then gives them the Time Stones to go back in time and tells them to "synchronize your thoughts." Sally tells Sonic to focus on "Palace Fountain, 3224." However, Sonic wanders in thought for a moment about Chili dogs, but they still successfully arrive in Mobotropolis. They then see their younger selves (though not making any interaction). They then head to Sir Charles' laboratory, where they then meet their younger selves and call themselves by different names (Juice for Sonic and Alicia for Sally). They also figure out it was Sir Charles who invented the Roboticizer, and tell him about the takeover. He states that was intended to help old people live longer, but it failed, and Robotnik stole it. They then realize the date is earlier then expected meaning today is the day the takeover starts. They leave the kids with Rosie and tell her to leave to Knothole if anything happens.

Later, Young Sonic gets bored and decides to convince the other children to come to investigate. While they are looking, they get captured by Robots and are forced to surrender. Sonic and Sally go to see Sally's father, who recognizes her as her royal daughter. They tell him that Robotnik was going to take over today, but just as soon a huge blimp-like craft takes out the walls, while Robotnik evilly proclaims the kingdom his and laughs.

The time-travel mission to stop Robotnik has failed; his armies have already taken Mobotropolis! Also, Sonic and Sally have put their younger selves and the Knothole Village in the Great Forest at risk! Sonic and Sally must prevent further damage.

Antoine is sent to Robotnik's lair to obtain a message from Uncle Chuck. He is caught by a Swat-bot but is soon saved by Sonic, who complains of Antoine's foolishness. Sonic asks for the message Uncle Chuck left but Antoine reveals he did not obtain it. Sonic states that if Antoine is "so cool" he could get back to Knothole alone and runs off. Antoine is seen trembling in fear but is tapped on the back by Sonic. Sonic holds Antoine in his arms to take him back to Knothole.

Back at Knothole the following morning, Bunnie is teaching Tails martial arts. Antoine appears and asks Bunnie to teach him martial arts too. Antoine performs poorly and "ticks Sonic off" but Antoine claims he's just jealous. Antoine leaves and eventually finds the Nasty Hyenas. They announce Antoine as their king. Antoine is taken to their camp site. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters search for Antoine only to find him with the Hyenas. Antoine refuses to return and announces he has quit from the Freedom Fighters.

Most of the Freedom Fighters are asleep when Sally asks Nicole for information on the Nasty Hyenas. Nicole states that they are a group who eat their king. Antoine is seen the following morning inside a large pot being prepared to be eaten. He complains the Hyenas are using pepper on him which he dislikes and refuses to be eaten. Sonic appears and saves Antoine from the Hyenas. A Hyena sneaks up on Sonic. Antoine jumps and kicks the Hyena using the martial arts technique Bunnie taught him and they escape.

Antoine is recounting his tale and shows the kick he performed on the Hyena. Bunnie thinks he did good but he insisted on doing better. He attempts the kick again but falls on Dulcy's foot. Dulcy, in pain falls over and wrecks the house with Sonic commenting "We should've let 'em eat him".

Sonic takes Tails on a camping trip to train Tails to become a Freedom Fighter. When Sonic tells Tails a scary story, Tails get scared. Tails tells Sonic that something is out there. Later Sonic, Tails, and Antoine leave to go back to Knothole.

Dulcy is summoned to a dragon mating ground as Robotnik seeks to Roboticize the remainder of her species.

Sonic is running across the Great Unknown when the Void opens up in the ground beneath him. Using a Power Ring he manages not to be pulled in. He finds a golden artifact, which he brings back to Knothole. Sally believes it is an artifact from the Mandaras people, and intends to study it. Sonic receives a message from Uncle Chuck and leaves for Robotropolis. While he's gone, Sally discovers that the artifact may be fake, but she reads an inscription on it. Suddenly, Sally and Bunnie are engulfed in red light. They enter a trance-like state and fly off towards the Void, leaving Nicole behind.

Uncle Chuck informs Sonic about the Doomsday Project, though he doesn't yet know what it is. Sonic returns to Knothole, to find Sally gone. He asks Nicole what happened, and becomes infuriated at her technical language and inability to volunteer information without being asked. He starts shaking her until she speaks more simply. She displays an image of what happened before Sally disappeared, and says the energy resembles readings from the Void. He goes to investigate.

Snively detects Void energy, which panics Robotnik. He is terrified of the wizard Naugus, an old partner (or boss) of his whom he trapped in the Void many years ago (and who had a habit of turning his head into different animals, to Snively's obvious enjoyment). He sends his robots to close the portal. When he finds Sonic in the area, he starts worrying that his two enemies, Sonic and Naugus, might be working together. He sends the robots to destroy Sonic, and when another portal to the Void opens he forces Sonic into it.

Meanwhile, the wizard Naugus has used his magic to bring Sally and Bunnie to him, as bait for Sonic. He discovered the Void many years ago, although it was Robotnik who found the means of accessing it - and Robotnik who then trapped him inside. Naugus has since learned how to open the portal out, but can't escape without Sonic's speed. When Sonic himself arrives, Sonic has no interest in helping someone who kidnapped his friends. He takes Sally and Bunnie and tries to escape himself, but instead finds a beautiful crystal replica of Castle Acorn. And, inside, they find the King himself!

Sally is overjoyed to be reunited with her father, but he seems weak. He asks Sonic to take him out of the Void, which Sonic is only too pleased to do. However, once Sonic and the King are gone, Sally gets another surprise. Ari the ram (who was sucked into the Void previously) appears, explaining that Naugus knew Sonic wouldn't take him out, so he impersonated the King. Sonic has taken taken Naugus into the real world, and the King is still here! Sally and the King are now re-united for real.

Back in the Great Unknown, Naugus drops his disguise and freezes Sonic in crystal. When one of Robotnik's egg cameras sees them, he sends a message to Robotnik ("Wanna play?"). However, being in debt with Sonic for delivering him from the Void, Naugus releases the hedgehog, allows him to rescue his friends and the real King, and goes to confront Robotnik. The evil dictator attempts to plead for mercy (to no avail) to the evil wizard, who starts transforming Robotnik's head into many different animals, finally settling on a pig and forcing him to root around in the dirt (all of which is monitored by Snively, who laughs uncontrollably at his uncle's humiliating misfortune). Before he could continue further, Naugus is shocked to realize that his feet have turned into crystal. Realizing that he can't go any further, Naugus is forced to turn Robotnik back to normal and chases him away by saying that he's going to play 'hide and seek'. This terrifies Robotnik, who then flees away in his hovercraft with Snively.

As Sonic brings the others back to Mobius, they notice Naugus' crsytallized feet. The King instantly learned that he too is turning to crystal. Naugus explains his miscalculation: he and the King have been in the Void for far too long, and cannot survive outside, since it's drawing their lifeforce back into it. Naugus states that he can control the Void's properties, but it can be only done from within the Void itself, which means that he and the King must return back to the Void otherwise they will both die. Realizing that Naugus is right, the King gives Sally a list of the other Freedom Fighter groups in case she would need help in taking down Robotnik. After the King tells Sonic to take care of Sally, he and Naugus return back to the Void before the portal closes, both of them vowing to return one day (the King tearfully bidding farewell to Sally and Naugus angrily declaring to an absent Robotnik that he will return).

Sally cries to have been separated again from her father after such a short time. but Sonic helps her to see the upside: she did get to see him, and someday Naugus will figure a way out. Not only that, but they have the Freedom Fighter list and Ari is back. Sally has to admit that Sonic's right, as does Nicole ("He's cool, Sal. Way past."), leaving Sally to wonder just what Sonic has done to her.

During the winter in the Great Forest, Sonic and Antoine attempt to guide Dulcy down safely into Knothole in the middle of a snowstorm. Unfortunately, due to Antoine's poor air visibility, Dulcy crashes into most of the huts. Fortunately, Sonic alarms some of the in inhabitants of Knothole, who then abandon their huts before Dulcy demolishes them. Later, while Antoine is relaxing in his hut, Sonic barges in, with a suitcase full of his socks, telling him that they're going to be "roomies" until the snowstorm stops, so he can start rebuilding his hut, much to Antoine's dismay, whom faints upon hearing this news. While Antoine and Sonic are waiting out the storm, a series of vignettes occur: Antoine tries to throw Sonic's sneakers outside after seeing that they are dirty, letting snow into the hut into the process. Later, Sonic makes some chili dogs, and while getting the chili, accidentally splatters it onto Antoine's face, causing him to faint in frustration. Some time after that, after Antoine comes to, he finds that there are dirty dishes everywhere, and sees Sonic sitting at the table with his legs up, eating the last chili dog. The sight of this manages to make Antoine go a little crazy, making Sonic believe that Antoine really wanted a chili dog.

Finally, later that night, Sonic begins to "sleeprun", dreaming he is in Robotropolis facing down Robotnik. The noise caused by this wakes up Antoine, who is now at the point of a nervous breakdown. He finally snaps, deciding "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." He then proceeds to tear up his hut. Sonic wakes up and after seeing Antoine going insane, he leaves. The noise disturbs some of the Freedom Fighters. They come to see what the source of the noise is, and narrowly avoid getting hit by one of Antoine's cushions. Sally then asks Sonic what is wrong with Antoine. Sonic states he has no idea, and states he will begin rebuilding his hut immediately, adding he has had enough of Antoine. Then a tree crashes onto Antoine's hut. But inside, the sounds of Antoine screaming and laughing maniacally continue.

Rotor builds a robot named "Ro-Becca". It was built to take orders from Rotor. When Rotor leaves Ro-Beca alone to get something he needs to help it work properly, Antoine accidentally activates it. Since Ro-Becca doesn't have everything she needs to work properly, she tries to help Antoine instead of taking orders from Rotor (which is more of an annoyance to Antoine).

Sonic and company finally make contact with another Royal Freedom Fighter group. They must work together when a nearly indestructable war-machine arrives to attack. However Sonic and the others are forced to travel through a tunnel which carries a "curse" against all intruders.

Uncle Chuck, once again spying on Dr. Robotnik, informs the Freedom Fighters of the dictator's plans on uncovering the Deep Power Stones, a source of incredible power that was hidden by the royal family in the fear it may fall into the wrong hands. It is up to Sonic and "Tails" to prevent Robotnik from getting his hands on them to power his ultimate trump card.

At a factory in Robotropolis, Uncle Chuck waits until the Swat-bots are not looking and slips away from his workplace to head up to the control room to gather more intelligence for Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, not noticing having been spotted by Snively as he made his way across the upper corridor. Once in the control room, Uncle Chuck retrieves the schematics for the robot tankers that are due to ship out soon to head for Robotnik's Project Doomsday, but before he can get the shipping schedule, he's confronted by Snively. Saying that a fuse malfunctioned and he's resetting it, Uncle Chuck leaves, but Snively is still suspicious.

A short while later, Sonic arrives at his uncle's hideout with a chili dog for him, while his uncle hands him the disk carrying the schematics on it. After revealing how Snively almost caught him, Sonic tries to convince his uncle to call it quits with his spying and return to Knothole, but Sir Charles refuses until Robotnik is defeated for good. After checking to make sure the coast is clear, Uncle Chuck has Sonic head back to Knothole with his latest intelligence.

Meanwhile, at the still under construction Project Doomsday, Robotnik checks in with Snively regarding the tankers, and asks for an update on where Snively stands with them. After Snively reports that he's ahead of schedule by a few minutes, neither realize their conversation is being picked up by Uncle Chuck at his hideout. When he learns that the tankers are shipping out in the morning, he sends word to the Freedom Fighters.

Once the Freedom Fighters learn of the tankers being sent to Project Doomsday, they set up a plan to sabotage the fuel tanks. While Sonic lures away the Swat-bot guards by playing on their programming to pursue him as top priority, Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine use special magnetic suits to cling to the underside of the tankers so they can sabotage them. Sally's suffers her suit malfunctioning when a wire comes loose, but Antoine saves her from being spotted by the remaining Swat-bot escorts until she can repair it. Meanwhile, Snively sees the pursuit of Sonic and contacts Robotnik. When Robotnik discovers the reduced escort, he orders Snicely to send the ones pursuing Sonic back to the convoy as Sonic is a diversion. When Sonic sees the Swat-bots pursuing him stop and head back, he realizes the others are in trouble. Sonic uses a Power Ring to double-time it back via the sewers. Just as Sally is sabotaging the last tank, the convoy is halted, and the Freedom Fighters are forced to surrender to the Swat-bots. However, Sonic arrives and knocks them over, buying time for the Freedom Fighters to escape back into the sewers.

At Project Doomsday, Robotnik is livid at how the Freedom Fighters have disrupted his operations at least four times within the last four weeks and wonders how they are predicting his every move. Before Snively can answer, Robotnik realizes they have a spy.Back in Knothole, Antoine is hamming it up regarding saving Sally from being discovered, but Sonic is still concerned about his uncle.

In Robotropolis, Robotnik has Snively wear a special device that prevent whatever they are saying from being picked up by the spy's equipment and orders him to conduct an electronic sweep of their headquarters. Soon, they find Uncle Chuck's bug and have a Tech-bot sabotage it, knowing that the spy will have to come to fix or replace it, then they'll have him. Meanwhile, Roter has repaired both one of Robotnik's vehicles and security transponders so they can enter Robotropilis without detection. After seeing his project, they use the transponder to find out Robonik has discovered Uncle Chuck's bug, to their horror. They send a message back telling the others about this.

What follows is where Antoine, in a bid to help Uncle Chuck, ends up being caught instead, leaving him to be tortured by Snively, forcing Sonic to save him, but protecting Uncle Chuck a little longer. However, it turns out that when the bug was discovered, Snively ordered a scan to find a match and Uncle Chuck is discovered by a Techbot. He is captured and his hideout is destroyed, which Sonic discovers upon coming back to check on him. Robotnik is stunned to see Sir Charles who Sinivley explains is the real spy, but Uncle Chuck refuses to disclose any info on Knothole. All Robotnik has to do is try to reactivate Sir Charles' Robian programming, and he'll tell Robotnik whatever he wants to know. Luckily, Sonic arrives to save his uncle before he could spill the location of Knothole to Robotnik, and after leaving Robotnik, Snively, and the Swat-bots in a whirlwind that Sonic churns up, uncle and nephew escape to regroup with Sally and Bunnie.

Sonic tells his uncle he must come back to Knothole as his cover has been blown but, having anticipated the loss of his first hideout, Uncle Chuck has another one ready and waiting to be used, and with Robotnik having seen his face, Uncle Chuck disguises himself as a Tech-bot so he can continue his spy work. After a heartfelt good-bye with Sonic, Sally, and Bunnie telling him to stay safe and how they will still miss him back in Knothole, the Freedom Fighters depart on their Hover Unit to return home, as Uncle Chuck watches them leave as a couple of tears fall from his Robian eyes.

Despite the setbacks as a result of Sir Charles sabotaging his plans by providing intelligence to the Freedom Fighters previously, Robotnik's Project Doomsday is complete and ready to become operational, with him and Snively overseeing the activation. Robotnik is convinced that once Project Doomsday is activated, all of Mobius will be his within 24 hours. With that, he activates Project Doomsday, and basks in the sound of his impending victory.

Back in Knothole, Sonic is with Rotor in his lab as he's just finished work on the first of several specially-designed water balloons loaded with a chemical capable of dissolving metal as Sonic tests it on a pile of scrap metal with one of them. After Rotor reveals that he has enough for 25 of them, Sonic leaves him to his work while he goes to check on the lookouts. He finds Antoine sleeping on the job and quickly wakes him up before saving him from a nasty fall. However, their peace is short-lived as the ground begins to split open, forcing Sonic to grab Antoine and take him to safety as one of the tubes that Project Doomsday deployed into the ground emerges and releases a Doomsday Pod from it. Sonic realizes Robotnik has tricked them and started his Doomsday Project a week early! As the Doomsday Pod begins laying waste to Knothole, Sonic has Antoine raise the alarm before going to see Rotor for one of his metal-eating balloons. However, the Doomsday Pod soon begins attacking the trees by Rotor's workshop, forcing Sonic to grab him and pull him to safety with only three of the balloons out of the 25 he made as the rest are destroyed along with Rotor's workshop when a tree trunk lands on top of it. Sonic quickly gets some payback as he uses one of the remaining balloons to destroy the Doomsday Pod.

With all of Mobius in danger, the Freedom Fighters prepare for their final battle. Sally sends messages out to summon the other Freedom Fighter leaders before she and Sonic look over the schematics for the Doomsday Project via Nicole, figuring that with hundreds of Doomsday Pods already swarming Mobius, time is critical to stop Project Doomsday before the whole planet falls under Robotnik's iron fist. Once the other Freedom Fighter leaders show up, including Ari, Lupe, Pollo and Dirk, the Freedom Fighter groups decide to infiltrate the Doomsday Machine. After Ari points out a straight assault would never get past the Swat-bot security, Sally ops for Plan B: Using hundreds of decoys to confuse the Swat-bots so they can slip in undetected. However, while Sonic, Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine make it inside using one of the remaining two metal-eating balloons, Ari, Lupe, Pollo and Dirk are captured by the Swat-bots after Robotnik takes notice and has the Swat-bots put on high alert. With the other Freedom Fighters captured, Sonic ops to go it alone while Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine retreat on one of the Doomsday Pods. Robotnik permits them to leave, only interested in Sonic, despite Snively's protests.

With Nicole's help, Sonic finds the power core and sets the charges, but when Nicole detonates them, Sonic finds the core undamaged, before Robotnik reveals he reinforced it with a special diamond-reinforced casing, and drops Sonic into a Roboticizer that Robotnik designed just for him. It looks like Robotnik has won, but Sonic manages to use three Power Rings to escape his Roboticization and flee back to Knothole, while Snively complains to himself at how Robotnik should have heeded his warnings.

Back with the Freedom Fighters, now including Tails and Uncle Chuck, it looks like Mobius is doomed, until Uncle Chuck brings up the Deep Power Stones. Sonic is concerned that is impossible since Robotnik has one of them, but Uncle Chuck convinces him to take it from him. With that advice, Sonic sneaks back into Robotropolis, and finds that the city is devoid of Swat-bots as they are all at Project Doomsday. Finding Robotnik's office, Sonic has Nicole crack the combination lock on Robotnik's safe, but unable to find the Deep Power Stone there, Sonic nearly passes it up before Nicole has him back up to find it sitting on a bookcase. With the stone secure, Sonic returns to the other Freedom Fighters, and Sally realizes they still have a chance to stop Robotnik.

Returning to Project Doomsday, Sonic tries to talk Sally out of what is about to happen, but Sally convinces him that they are in this together, no matter what happens. With that, Sonic drills his way back inside, and after using their last metal-eating balloon on a Doomsday Pod, they reach the power core and pull out the Deep Power Stones. They plan on using them like before, which would mean sacrificing themselves in the process since they have no idea how big the explosion could be, it could very well wipe out all of Mobius, until Sonic suggests putting them together the other way. As they ask Nicole about it, they are spotted by Snively, who warns Robotnik. Horrified to see that they have the Deep Power Stones, Robotnik orders all Swat-bots to the core to stop Sonic and Sally and get the Deep Power Stones. After having Nicole look over the Deep Power Stones, she reveals that if Sally and Sonic put them together the other way, the power granted to them would be equal to 10,000 Power Rings. With the fate of Mobius hanging in the balance, Sonic and Sally agree to take the risk, only to soon be surrounded by Swat-bots, demanding they turn over the Deep Power Stones. Instead of doing as they command, Sonic and Sally unite the stones together, and the power soon begins to course through their bodies. Supercharged by the Deep Power Stones, Sonic and Sally begin tearing Project Doomsday apart as the Swat-bots scatter and soon flee for their lives with Tech-bots, Robians, and Mobians joining them. Ari, Lupe, Pollo and Dirk are able to escape to a Hover Unit and flee themselves, while with his plans falling apart around him, Robotnik flees to his personal Hover Unit to escape, refusing to let Snively on by saying there's only room for one. After Robotnik flees and Snively retorts that Robotnik doesn't give him enough credit, Snively escapes himself via a hidden elevator pod that takes him underground. As Sonic and Sally continue their destruction of Project Doomsday, Robotnik voices his hatred for Sonic by saying calmly, "I really hate that hedgehog", before he snaps and rants, "I hate him! I hate him! HATE HIM!!! HATE! HATE! HATE! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTEEEEEEE!!!!!".

He can only groan, gasp, and shout afterwards as Project Doomsday is wiped from the face of Mobius forever, and Sonic and Sally regroup on a distant hilltop to celebrate their victory before returning to Knothole, still imbued with the energy given to them by the Deep Power Stones.

Back at Knothole, everyone celebrates after Sonic and Sally announce the defeat of Robotnik, followed by a passionate kiss between the two Freedom Fighters, setting off fireworks overhead as everyone else chants "Freedom! Freedom!".

However, Snively has survived, and he's planning to follow in Robotnik's footsteps. And to make matters worse, he's not alone...

Sonic Underground

This series explains the origin of Sonic and his siblings and how they banded together to reunite with their mother. Queen Aleena tells the story of how Dr. Robotnik took over planet Mobius and how she had to give up her three children–Sonic, Sonia, and Manic–to fulfill a prophecy that one day the siblings will be able to rise against Robotnik's rule and restore peace to the planet. This episode also shows where Sonic, Manic, and Sonia end up living. Sonia is left on Lady Windimire's doorstep. Sonic lived with two Mobians who ended up getting roboticized, forcing Sonic to live with Uncle Chuck. But when Manic is left on a doorstep, he is kidnapped by thieves, who raise him in their ways. The Hedgehogs find each other and see their guardians roboticized, and discover more about their mother.

The Hedgehog siblings begin to learn the important lessons of what it takes to be a Freedom Fighter. The Oracle provides teachers to guide Sonic, Manic and Sonia to develop the necessary skills to recognize the power that comes from within. The Hedgehogs also discover the hidden magical force of the power medallions as they grow to understand that teamwork will serve them best in averting the dangers that await them.

The Hedgehogs must end their training early when Dr. Robotnik threatens the Oracle and takes a member of the resistance hostage. During the rescue mission, the Hedgehogs fall into trouble and begin to place blame upon each other for everything that has gone awry. Queen Aleena then intervenes with an important message for her children that they must learn to work together and derive strength from their willingness to help others.

Argus, a captain of the Queen's guard, is captured by Sleet and Dingo before he can reach the secret rendezvous where he was to meet Queen Aleena. While listening to a scanned radio message, Sonic, Manic and Sonia overhear that a queen's guard has been captured and roboticized. The hedgehogs then begin their pursuit to recapture Captain Argus from Dr. Robotnik and get the information revealing the secret meeting place where they may be reunited with their beloved mother.

Sonic, Sonia and Manic return to their birthplace, Mobodoon, a beautiful, festive town. The homecoming is interrupted when Sleet and Dingo arrive to collect back taxes by order of Dr. Robotnik. Because Mobodoon has no form of currency to pay this bogus debt, Sleet and Dingo decide to raid the village and steal its most precious monuments, including the powerstone, which is the center of Mobodoon's vitality. It is up to the Hedgehogs to get the powerstone back and restore their former home to its previous blissful state.

Sonic X (Anime)

Season 1

One day, Sonic attempted to rescue Cream and Cheese from Dr. Eggman as well as foil the doctor's latest plot to control the world with the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds. Unfortunately, an accident initiated Chaos Control, which transported Sonic, his friends, Dr. Eggman and a few others to Earth. Seemingly separated from his friends, Sonic was astonished from meeting the human inhabitants of the world. After outrunning from the police officers and the Speed Team, Sonic befriended Christopher Thorndyke, who rescued him from drowning in a swimming pool. The next day, Sonic discovered that the military had captured Cream and Cheese for research at Area 99. With the help of Chris and his grandfather Chuck Thorndyke, Sonic infiltrated Area 99 and rescued the duo. Despite the security, Sonic, Cream and Cheese escaped from there to safety with some help from Tails, who sabotaged the facility's security system.

After that, Sonic left for a care-free journey. After enjoying some thrills, Sonic eventually heard the news of Dr. Eggman attacking Station Square with his E-23 Missile Wrist in an attempt to establish his Eggman Empire. After he reached Eggman, Sonic destroyed Missile Wrist, and he and his friends escorted Amy and Knuckles back to Chris' home. When Sonic heard the discovery of the first Chaos Emerald at a construction site, he rushed there but got ambushed by Dr. Eggman's E-11 Beacon, which bounced the hedgehog around, rendering him helpless. However, Sonic managed to destroy Beacon with the help of Tails and Amy in time to rescue a free-falling Chris who had gotten the Chaos Emerald. Soon after, Sonic was challenged by Knuckles to a showdown at Silver Valley. Sonic mainly toyed with Knuckles during the fight but discovered that Tails, Amy and Chris were held hostage in Eggman's E-47 Pumpty. Eventually, Knuckles realized that Eggman had tricked him and worked with Sonic to rescue Tails, Amy and Chris and destroy Pumpty.

Sometime later, Sonic took off to Chris' school, wondering why Chris had not shown up home when his parents had returned, only to discover that Chris was being held at school along with his classmates by Dr. Eggman and E-51 Intelligente. Sonic, however, was able to destroy Intelligente and reminded Chris to return home.

Later on, Sonic overheard Tails and Amy discussing about Cream while he noticed a poster displaying a small lake with flowers. Sonic then took off and sought out the aforementioned location and he returned back home with a bunch of flowers from there for Cream. Sonic later comforted Chris after Chris got yelled at by Cream.

When Eggman began sucking up satellites in outer space using E-90 Super Sweeper, Sonic and Tails tried to stop the robot while high in the sky but it was too powerful to handle with the Tornado 2. During the following day, Sonic, Tails and Chris got ready to take down Super Sweeper using the newly-crafted X Tornado. The fight was taken into outer space where Sonic was frozen solid, but with Tails and Chris' help, Sonic was thawed out and destroyed Super Sweeper.

When Sonic declined to go with his friends to the Emerald Coast, he left on his own. However, when he learned that Eggman terrorized the resort with his E-38 Octoron and E-39 Quizon robots, Sonic headed there and fought the robots with Amy's help. Amy then tried to give Sonic a bracelet which serves as a good luck charm to protect him in the water, but Serpenter appeared and destroyed the bracelet. While Sonic fought the robot, he was left in surprise when Amy started destroying Serpenter and then knocked Eggman into the water, but she slowly sank. Knowing that Amy was in danger, Sonic jumped into the water and was able to rescue Amy.

After a while, Sonic was called to action when Dr. Eggman challenged Sonic and his friends to a winner-takes-all baseball game where the winner could claim the newly found Chaos Emeralds at Diamond Stadium. As Sonic and his team were able to edge into the lead, Eggman commanded one of his E-21 Ballios to attach its head onto Sonic, threatening to kill Sonic if the head explodes but Knuckles saved him. Regardless, Eggman still escaped with the Chaos Emerald.

Later on, Sonic went out with Tails and Chris in order to find the third Chaos Emerald when they got a lead, but found nothing and went back home. A while afterwards, Sonic was napping when he heard that the President was assaulting Eggman's base and discovered that Tails, Amy, Chris and Frances were gone and that they were in trouble at Tingalin Villa so Sonic sets off to find them.

Sonic eventually found his friends being assaulted by Eggman with his E-35 Funfun. Sonic disabled Funfun while Tails unearthed the third Chaos Emerald, only for Eggman to appear and steal the Chaos Emerald before taking his leave. However, Sonic and the others vowed to get the Chaos Emerald and chased Eggman to his base on the X Tornado. After evading an initial assault, Sonic smashed into Eggman's base where he faced Eggman in his new robot, E-18 Guerra-Hard. Sonic was initially overwhelmed by the robot as it was powered by two Chaos Emeralds, but Sonic still destroyed the robot while reclaiming the two Chaos Emeralds and used them to trash the base. The base exploded shortly afterwards, but Sonic escaped in the nick of time. The citizens of Station Square, who have been watching this, then hailed Sonic as the hero.

After his victory at Eggman's base, Sonic was invited by the President to the White House for a party but Sonic declined as he promised to take Helen to an island said to have beautiful flowers. As Sonic and Helen began traveling towards the island, however, they were constantly ambushed by military forces as they were ordered to capture Sonic but every time, they managed to escape. Sonic and Helen finally arrived at an a field full of beautiful flowers and were adorned by its sight. The military forces chased Sonic and Helen again until they were cornered, but Sonic was able to escort Helen and himself to a helicopter and together, they flew towards the White House to meet the President. After meeting the president, Sonic is seen outside at Helen's house, sitting on a tree hearing her tell her parents about the adventure he had with her earlier.

Sonic encountered Eggman again when he launched the Egg Fort to attack Station Square. Sonic stopped an army of E-42 Torole and then tried to reach the Egg Fort but failed. However, the X Tornado arrived, and Sonic and his friends lured Eggman away from Station Square where Sonic then finished off the Egg Fort. Off to enjoy a vacation, Sonic and his friends then flew over to the Sapphire Sea where they discovered a Chaos Emerald located underwater. There, they uncovered the emerald but Eggman ambushed Sonic and his friends with E-57 Clurken. Sonic was initially unable to stop Clurken underwater but with the help of Sam and Tails, Sonic got to the surface and destroyed Clurken, allowing him to continue his vacation.

Sonic, along with Tails and Chris, flew on the X Tornado to a savannah but were attacked by Eggman. Sonic destroyed Eggman's Egg Fort but was separated from his friends. While running on his own, Sonic was ambushed by E-65 Gorru-Gaooh. As the fight continued to a construction site, Sonic was able to exploit E-65's flaws and defeated it.

Later, Sonic and his friends came to watch Lindsey starring a film production, but when Sonic explored the castle, he discovered a talisman before finding his friends being attacked by ghost hands and was imprisoned within a wall with them when trying to rescue them. With Amy and Chris' help, Sonic broke free and rescued his friends while fighting back their kidnappers, King Boom Boo and his Booms minions, before Sonic and his friends escaped from the castle to safety.

To relax from their adventures, Sonic and his friends went on a cruise to the glaciers, but Sonic was unwilling to enjoy himself and schemed numerous attempts to get off the cruise but failed. As Sonic and his friends arrived at the glaciers, they were attacked by Dr. Eggman in his new flying fortress, the Egg Fort II. Sonic had trouble stopping Eggman at first but when advised by a senior to relax, Sonic regained his confidence and after Eggman was defeated, Sonic finally decided to enjoy himself on the cruise.

After their vacation, one late night, Sam Speed arrived at the Thorndyke Mansion to issue a race against Sonic but Sonic refused. Eventually, after a long process of persuasion, Sonic agreed to race Sam. Throughout the race, the competitors were neck and neck until they both neared the finish where Sonic won by a landslide.

Sonic and his friends went on another vacation at Mr. Tanaka's homeland at Japan, where Sonic explored the city on his own. After this, Sonic encountered Dr. Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe on E-66 Da-Dai-Oh who attacked Sonic, but the hedgehog defeated Dr. Eggman and his lackeys again. He then aided Chris, Tails, Cream and Frances to filter mud out of a lake at a nearby Chao colony.

Later, Sonic joined with his friends on a trip to Filmdom City to see Nelson and Lindsey's wedding anniversary. Upon greeting Nelson, Sonic discovered that his Chaos Emerald was reacting to Nelson's Chaos Emerald which he had bought to surprise his wife, causing a violent electromagnetic reaction. The situation got worse when Eggman attacked Sonic and his friends with E-74 Weazo but Sonic, with the aid of Knuckles, managed to beat the robot and saved his friends and the Thorndyke family although Eggman got away with the Chaos Emerald.

A while later, Sonic and Amy were attacked by Eggman and his E-88 Lightning Bird. Lightning Bird kidnapped Amy but Sonic damaged the robot and rescued Amy. Unbeknownst to Sonic, however, a circuit from the robot entered his ear, leaving Sonic constantly picking his ear to get it out. The next morning, when Mr. Tanaka operated a remote, the circuit activated, causing Sonic to run uncontrollably without being able to stop. Sonic's friends tried numerous attempts to catch Sonic and discover what happened to him but all their plans failed. Later, Sonic found Amy attacked by a damaged Lightning Bird and destroyed it. In the process, the circuit finally slid out of Sonic's ear, allowing Sonic to be himself once again.

Sonic sets out with his friends once again to find the seventh Chaos Emerald but had no success. Later that night, Sonic went for a run but was stopped by Chris who wanted to tell Sonic if he was homesick as he and his friends had stayed on Earth for a while but the hedgehog did not mind and resumed his run. When he returned home, he and his friends that discovered Chris had taken their four Chaos Emeralds so that Sonic and his friends could return home. Figuring out what Chris meant earlier, Sonic took off to look for him. Arriving at the forest where the Egg Fort II was just about to take off, he spotted Knuckles who told him Chris was held captive at the Egg Fort II along with the Chaos Emeralds and chased after the flying fortress.

Sonic discovered that Eggman was flying over to E-77 Lucky who had found the seventh Chaos Emerald and stopped him from reclaiming the emerald. Suddenly, several G.U.N Beetle robots appeared to attack Eggman despite Sonic trying to tell them that Chris was trapped inside the Egg Fort II. In the ensuring battle, Lucky was sent flying into the air and Sonic saw the Egg Fort II moving towards him. Using the Beetles, Sonic rescued Lucky who then gave him the emerald. He then turned his attention towards the Egg Fort II which transformed into E-99 Eggsterminator and engaged it in a fight. With the six Chaos Emeralds' energy however, the Eggsterminator was able to beat Sonic unconscious and dropped him into the ocean. Thanks to Chris though, the six Chaos Emeralds fell into the ocean and Sonic used all seven Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic. Using his enhanced powers, Sonic destroyed the Eggsterminator and rescued Chris as a new Chaos Control automatically occurred. Chris pleaded to stay with Sonic but Sonic disappeared. Quickly though, Sonic returned and it was revealed that the Chaos Control teleported Angel Island to Earth.

Season 2

Six months have passed since Chaos Control occurred; instead of returning Sonic and company to their home world, two islands from their world (one of which is Angel Island) were brought here. Eggman has also been strangely quiet during these six months, though he has gotten the Red Chaos Emerald, and G.U.N. is desperately searching for him. Then new characters, Big the Cat and his little friend Froggy show up (after appearing in Episode 1 and not appearing until now). They find the Purple Chaos Emerald but then Froggy swallows a blue blob and grows a tail. Big is confused, and Froggy swallows the Chaos Emerald and runs away. Chasing Froggy, Big runs into Chris and Cream (who are leaving their short visit with Lindsey and have been given the Yellow Chaos Emerald) who tells them about Froggy. Chris and Cream help him search for Froggy. Big, Cream, and Chris run into a monster named Chaos, a shape shifting water creature, and it begins its attack. Sonic appears and comes to the rescue, defeating Chaos temporarily. Eggman then appears and tells Sonic and his friends about Chaos and how each time he gets a Chaos Emerald (one of which Eggman has already), Chaos becomes bigger and stronger. Eggman grabs the Yellow emerald and gives it and his Red Emerald to Chaos, and Sonic and Knuckles narrowly manage to defeat him.

The gang sets out on several quests: Sonic visits Tails' workshop and finds that Tails has already gained the Green Chaos Emerald, so they use that Emerald to find the cyan Chaos Emerald; Knuckles tries to find the pieces of the shattered Master Emerald (which was shattered by the Chaos creature when Knuckles was asleep); and Big and Chris to find Big's friend Froggy. Meanwhile, Amy finds a Flickie bird with a Chaos Emerald pendant and calls it Lily. After Sonic and Tails find the Cyan Chaos Emerald, Chaos undergoes another transformation after absorbing the Green and Cyan Emeralds, and Eggman unveils his new Egg Carrier. Sonic and Tails attack in the X-Tornado, but are overcome (Sonic survives; Tails injures his left arm and head), while Amy and Lily are abducted.

However, Tails soon recovered and, joined by Knuckles, who had been searching for the shards of the Master Emerald, they launch a second attack on the Egg Carrier, with Tails managing to deal some heavy damage after turning the X Tornado into its Battle Armor Mode, before crash-landing it on the Egg Carrier after he realized the X Tornado did not have landing gear in Battle Armor Mode.[31] While Knuckles searched for the Emerald Shards, Sonic and Tails looked for Amy, and confronted Gamma. Sonic managed to damage Gamma, but Amy convinced him to spare Gamma, believing he had reformed after letting her out of her prison cell in the Egg Carrier's brig. As the Egg Carrier then began to lose altitude and fall out of the sky, Sonic had Tails escape with Amy, while he went to rescue Chris, Big, and Froggy from Chaos, now in its penultimate form, Chaos 6. With the aid of Knuckles and his Shovel Claw, Sonic managed to defeat Chaos 6, much to Eggman's fury. Sonic then began pursuing Eggman as he escaped.[32] Sonic tracked Eggman to his base in the Mystic Ruins after being show an ominous mural of Chaos in its ultimate form and taken back into the past to when Tikal's father attacked the altar home to the Master and Chaos Emeralds. Making his way through the base, Sonic confronted Eggman in the Egg Viper. Despite the Egg Viper's power, Sonic destroyed it, and both he and Eggman escaped before Final Egg exploded.[33]

Season 3

Season 4

Sonic Boom (TV Series)

As Sonic chased Dr. Eggman, he was ambushed by Burnbot. In the ensuing battle, Tails came to Sonic's aid in the Tornado until Burnbot made Tails crash. Finishing Burnbot, Sonic found Tails alive, but hurt. Swearing not to let Tails get hurt again, Sonic fired him as his sidekick once he recovered, and held try-outs to get a new one. During the try-outs, both Tails and Eggman applied, whom Sonic begrudgingly allowed to move on (along with Fastidious Beaver) since he promised everyone could come. As Sonic set up a race to test them, he saw Eggman make Tails crash into a frozen lake with Burnbot. Coming to Tails' aid, Sonic nearly drowned thanks to Burnbot, but was saved by Tails who helped him beat Burnbot. Afterwards, Sonic reconciled with Tails and rehired him.[6]

While at Tails' House, Sonic met Eggman, Orbot and Cubot, whom he reluctantly allowed to stay while their lair underwent repairs. Increasingly annoyed by Eggman, Sonic and Tails almost kicked him out until Amy made them give him another chance. After the duo was kept up all night by Eggman, the doctor told all of Team Sonic that he lied about his lair so he could exhaust Sonic and Tails, and summoned Obliterator Bot to kill them. However, Obliterator Bot misheard Eggman and attacked his lair instead. Convinced by Eggman to stop it, Sonic, Tails and Eggman reached Obliterator Bot's kill switches in the lair despite their downiness while the rest distracted it. Though they could not save the lair, Sonic had Eggman stay at its ruins when he tried to bunk with him.[29]

As Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks chilled on the beach, Tails showed them his universal translator UT. However, UT created tension between Sonic and the team by translating their private thoughts from the subtext of their speech. When Tails and UT returned the next day, UT "translated" their comments into insults. As they started to fight though, Tails discovered this UT was a fake send by Eggman to tear them apart. While Tails went to save the real UT, Sonic and the other stayed home, not thinking UT was worth it. Later, UT returned to give them a message from Tails and translated it into a call to rescue him from Eggman. At the lair, Sonic and the team freed Tails and beat Eggman's Mega. As Sonic saw more times with UT though, Sticks threw it into the sea.[30]

When Sonic saved the Village from Fire Bot, he and his team noticed Sticks' ill treatment of animals and convinced her to get a pet to learn compassion. Coming with Sticks to look for a pet, Sonic saw her chose a disgusting robo-dog she named "Buster". Over the next week, Buster was an annoyance to Sonic and the team which culminated in Buster keeping them from stopping a robbery made by Orbot and Cubot. As they tried to make Sticks give up Buster, Eggman came with a gift and revealed he made Buster. The gift turned Buster into a larger robot who caught Sonic and the team, but Sticks assumed control over Buster and had him release the team and remove Eggman. The team then said goodbye to Buster as Sticks released him due to his dangerous nature.[31]

While Team Sonic was in the Village as it was hit by meteors, Sticks saved them with her defense system. Later, Sonic and his crew heard from Sticks that she had been nominated for an Awardy Award, but refused to go to the Awardy Awards in fear of embarrassing herself. Begrudgingly, Sonic was made Sticks' escort and helped with her lady lessons. At the gala, Sonic learned Eggman was also a nominee (by cheating). When Eggman did not get the award and attacked everyone in vengeance, Sonic tried to fight his Badniks, but got incapacitated. Thanks to Sticks though, Sonic was freed and he drove Eggman and his Ballot Stuffer Bot into retreat, allowing the gala to resume.[15]

When preparing Amy's decorative lunch, Sonic slacked off instead of helping, making Amy feel unappreciated. When Eggman showed up to hire Amy for a redecoration of his lair for Modern Lair Magazine Amy accepted it, much to Sonic's shock. Seeing they did not treat Amy right, Sonic took his team to Eggman's lair to check on her, where Eggman claimed that Amy had chosen to stay. Not buying it, Team Sonic broke into the lair and found Amy encaged. After Sonic made amends with Amy, the team trashed Eggman's lair and his Badniks on their way out, costing Eggman his spot in Modern Lair Magazine. To cheer Amy up, Sonic let her redecorate his shack.[32]

On a trip to Meh Burger with Amy, Sonic's meal was postponed due to Eggman and the employee, Dave. Later, as Sonic and Tails tested Tails' Reverse Polarizer, Orbot came to have Cubot repaired. Soon after, Sonic and Tails went to Eggman's lair after detecting two Doomsday Devices and discovered that Eggman and his intern Dave were competing to see who could destroy the world best with their Doomsday Devices. As such, Sonic and Tails tried tricking them into calibrating their devices so they canceled each other out. When they created a black hole instead, Sonic carried out Tails' plan to destroy it with the Reverse Polarizer and saved existence.[12]

While home, Sonic found a batch of Evil Cookies, but had to go help Tails stop his vacuum-robot before he could eat one. When he returned with Tails, only one cookie was left, which he gave to Tails upon his request. Later, Orbot informed Sonic that his team had been turned into Eggman's clones by eating the cookies (which were made by Eggman). As Sonic went to Eggman's lair to rescue his team, he got corned when Eggman had them attack him. However, as his team began to fighting over the honor for capturing him, Sonic made an Evil Cookie with his DNA which he gave Eggman, turning him into his ally. With Eggman help, Sonic made new Evil Cookies which he used to cure his friends. The good Eggman thought they would now work together, but Team Sonic did not like the idea and cured the doctor too.[24]

During a Hoverboard race, Sonic and Tails saved Gogoba Village from the Weasel Bandits when they plundered it. As the Gogobas made them stay for a victory feast at their own expense, Sonic and Tails felt terrible and tried to leave many times, but the Gogobas kept guilt tripping them to stay until they had them remain as their protectors. When the duo failed to get away by giving the Gogobas a security system, Sonic had the successful idea of guilt tripping the Gogoba Chief into letting them go. Back home though, Sonic saw the Gogobas had moved into his shack so he could protect them. No sooner, the duo was attacked by Eggman and his Badniks. After beating the robots, Sonic and Tails convinced Eggman that the Gogobas would be a great asset to him. Guilt tripping the Chief as well, Sonic got rid of the Gogobas as they chose to follow Eggman.[24]

Another time, Sonic and Knuckles beat Eggman when he attacked them with his Badniks. The following day, they met Orbot and Cubot who were looking for Eggman. Hearing Knuckles' exaggeration of their last meeting, Sonic told where Eggman went.[33] When Sonic played coconut hurl with Knuckles, Eggman came by to attack Team Sonic with Cowbot, a robot that would create a large explosion when destroyed. Sonic therefore distracted it while Tails reprogrammed it, causing it to head for Eggman to kill him. Pressured by his team, Sonic went to warn Eggman with Tails. However, Eggman convinced them to help upgrade his lair's defenses for Cowbot. While waiting for Cowbot, Sonic, Tails and Eggman bonded while roasting marshmallows. When Cowbot arrived, the weapons got gunked up with marshmallows, so they stopping Cowbot by gunking it up too instead. As Eggman then revealed he had planned to make them upgrade his systems for his own usage, Sonic foiled his plan by gunking up the systems as well.[34]

During a battle with Eggman's Octopus Bot, Team Sonic were nearly crushed by a rock slide triggered by Tails' faulty Unbolterizer. While Sonic stopped Octopus Bot, Tails left the crew until he could fix his invention, despite Sonic reassuring him. No sooner, they met T.W. Barker and his traveling circus who needed stand-in performers. Team Sonic volunteered for this and put on a good show in the evening. As Barker revealed his plan to keep Team Sonic as his performers though, he imprisoned them, specifically Sonic in the Sphere of Fear. Fortunately, Sonic got a call out to Tails who rescued them. Imprisoning Barker, Sonic departed with his team.[35]

Over the following week, Sonic competed and won against Knuckles many times, the final game being Gopher Ball. Knuckles, blaming his losses on bad luck, thus tried to use it up by causing himself misfortunes, making Sonic worry for his survival. Persuade by his friends, Sonic convinced Knuckles to have a rematch with him, which was ruined by Eggman who began an invasion of the island. Team Sonic tried to stop the doctor, but Knuckles' bad luck and Eggman's current good luck ruined their chances, so Sonic got Knuckles to join Eggman to have their luck streaks neutralize each other. Sonic's plan soon worked and Eggman retreated. When Knuckles rejoined them though, they discovered his bad luck had been passed over to Tails.[36]

While out stargazing, Team Sonic saw a meteor landing nearby. When Eggman came to claim the meteor, he and Sonic raced to it, which swapped their minds as they touched it. Brought to Eggman's lair by Orbot and Cubot who thought he was Eggman, Sonic sought out his team when the robots did not believe who he was. However, his friends did not believe him either, and Eggman (in Sonic's body) had them drive him off. Using Eggman's army, Sonic returned for a rematch with Eggman when Tails came with the meteor to verify Sonic's claims. Though Eggman refused to swap back with the meteor, Sonic made him do so by threatening to cut Eggman's mustache.[37] Following a fight with Scorpion Bot, Team Sonic noticed Eggman sliding into a slump. After not hearing from Eggman in a while, Sonic checked on him and saw he had lost his drive to be a villain. Sonic soon grew bored with the peace and ended up annoying his team with his restlessness. Sonic was later lured to Eggman's lair by his team so he and Eggman would fight again. Though Sonic saw through this, he re-motivated Eggman his own way and their conflict began anew.[38]

Having helped Tails built a berry picking machine, Sonic joined his team at the pie festival, excluding Tails who was forced to replant the orchard his machine destroyed. When they returned, Tails had left to join the Lightning Bolt Society and the seeds that had been planted had turned into mutant flora, making Sonic and Amy go get Tails. When they intruded on the Lightning Bolts however, Eggman arrived, who thought they were joining the Lightning Bolts. With the Lightning Bolts only hindering Eggman, Sonic and Amy got Tails back to help them destroy the mutant plants with Tails' berry picking machine.[39] After Sonic beaten Eggman in his Moth Bot, he was sued by Eggman when the doctor claimed Sonic had broken his neck. At the trial, Sonic stood to lose due to Eggman's machinations, T.W. Barker serving as Eggman's lawyer, and Knuckles' incompetence as his lawyer. Thanks to Amy's inference though, Eggman was revealed to be uninjured and Sonic could again fight him.[16]

When pulling Tails away from his plane, Team Sonic found Eggman selling tomato sauce. Sonic thought the sauce was poisoned, but found it harmless when he was goaded into drinking it, and left Eggman alone. Weeks later, while dealing with faulty electronics, Team Sonic saw Eggman reveal on TV that his dispersed sauce cans had turned their electronics into robots to conquer the island. Fighting off a small army, Sonic and the others went to confront Eggman while Tails got his weaponized plane under control, but were overrun by Eggman's robots. Fortunately, Tails dropped in and shut the robots down with Eggman's controller while Eggman accidentally foiled his plan by revealing it on TV.[8]

While Sonic saw Tails showcase his voice-controlled Tailsmobile, Sonic noticed he had begun making a horrible sound when running, which would have made the Tailsmobile drive Tails into lava had Sonic not stopped it. Unable to determine the cause, Sonic was told not to run. However, he quickly got bored and later felt unneeded when his team kept him from fighting invading Crab Bots. Meeting Eggman, who sympathized with him since he did not deploy the Crab Bots, Sonic confided in the doctor who gave him new shoes which seemingly muted his noise. Back home though, Team Sonic was attacked by Eggman with Giant Robot which grew stronger the more Sonic ran with his new shoes. Unable to remove his shoes or power down the robot, Sonic overloaded Giant Robot by running instead, before celebrating with a run.[40]

As Team Sonic had a movie night, they were attacked by the Egg Tank. During the battle, Sonic was saved when Amy deflected one of the Egg Tank's weapons. As Eggman countered it though, an freak accident occurred, creating an time loop where the day kept repeating itself, which only Eggman knew. In this period, Sonic got captured by Eggman after he refined his attack, only for the time loop to reset it. Eggman thus sought Sonic's help to fix time. After several repeated attempts, Team Sonic helped break the loop by containing its reaction.[41]

Sonic Mania Adventures

After foiling the plans of Modern Eggman, Sonic returned to his own dimension and found himself on Angel Island, which he discovered was full of holes that had been dug by someone. Noticing then Dr. Eggman fly by in his Egg Mobile with a batch of Flickies trapped in a Capsule, Sonic hurried off to rescue the critters. Finding the Capsule in a clearing, Sonic got past the spike traps surrounding it and opened the Capsule, freeing the Flickies. The Capsule, however, was a trap, which flung Sonic into another trap that tied him up by the leg and left him dangling in front of the Capsule, which turned into a timed bomb. Eggman then appeared to gloat at the doomed Sonic. When Eggman was about to leave, however, Sonic managed to lure the Doctor into his own trap by tempting him to steal the Chaos Emerald he had. Escaping from Eggman's trap, Sonic was ready to leave Eggman with his bomb, but was then guilt-tripped by Eggman. Before Sonic could free him however, he found Eggman's handheld which revealed that Eggman had four Chaos Emeralds and that he planned to cheat Sonic out of his to complete his collection. Sonic thus accelerated the countdown on Eggman's bomb and left Eggman to have his bomb blow up in his face.

Sonic soon after met up with Tails and filled him in on what Eggman was up to. No sooner however, Sonic went ahead without Tails to check out an explosion nearby. At the site, Sonic found Eggman excavating another Chaos Emerald. Sonic tried to stop Eggman, but was easily repelled by the Doctor's excavation mobile. Sent flying back to Tails, Sonic accepted the fox cub's aid when he offered it, and together, the two of them took on Eggman. During their battle, Sonic was almost done in by Eggman, but was saved by Tails in the nick of time. After he and Tails finally brought down Eggman. Tails found the Chaos Emerald Eggman had been looking for. With two Emeralds secured, Sonic and Tails celebrated their victory.

Later on, Sonic and Tails would track down Eggman's base of operations and rush off to take on the evil doctor.[5] As they arrived, they were briefly trapped by Metal Sonic and had their Chaos Emeralds taken away. Metal Sonic then used their Emeralds and those provided by Eggman to empower himself and take Sonic on. Fortunately, Sonic and Tails soon found allies in Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel, who would help them fight the evil robot. When they began to lose, Sonic noticed that Tails had an idea and began distracting Metal Sonic while Tails went to work. In the end, Tails managed to trap Metal Sonic and strip him of the Chaos Emeralds. With Eggman's aid, however, Metal Sonic attempted to harness the power of the Master Emerald, which Eggman had procured, to finish off the four heroes. However, the villains were stopped by Knuckles, who took back the Master Emerald. Soon after, Sonic joined Tails, Mighty, and Ray on a chili dog picnic.

Later on in winter, Sonic dumbfoundedly watched Amy Rose return an abandoned Metal Sonic to Dr. Eggman. Offering no other response, Amy simply gave the unamused Sonic a flower.

Film Appearances

Sonic movie 1

Sonic in the Christmas special

Christmas Eve has come to Robot-tropolis (erroneously pronounced with two "T"s in this special), and everyone in town is gathered around the Jumbotron in the middle of the square so they can see Santa Claus (which is clearly a robot) make a very important announcement - he's retiring, and for some reason, he has picked Dr. Robotnik, alias Robotnik Claus, as his replacement! Of course, being the greedy porker he is, Robotnik demands that the children give him presents for Christmas instead of the other way around.

Meanwhile, Sonic recruits Tails to help him find some Christmas presents for Princess Sally. This confuses Tails, because Sonic just agreed with Sally that they wouldn't get each other anything this year. It turns out that every year they make this agreement, Sally ends up getting Sonic a bunch of cool stuff (such as a ring on his finger she gave him last year that becomes important later on), while Sonic usually takes the agreement seriously and doesn't get her anything. This year, however, Sonic's decided to actually get Sally a bunch of presents.

The duo arrives at Robotropolis only to find that all the stores in the local mall are empty. A nearby kid shows and alerts Sonic (and Tails) about Santa's retirement and Robotnik taking over the chore. Just then, Scratch and Grounder show up with a Santa robot who was actually giving the retirement announcement earlier and try to kill them, but of course, they fail miserably. Sonic, disguised as a garbageman, then tricks the henchbots into telling him where the real Santa is.

In spite of attacks by some SWATbots (who look nothing like those seen in the Saturday morning cartoon), Sonic manages to free Santa, but it doesn't change the fact that Robotnik still has all the presents. Just then, Santa recognizes the squiggle on the ring that Sally gave Sonic last year as being the same as a squiggle on an ancient cave painting that reveals the secret of achieving ultimate speed. Apparently, the one who wears the ring (Sonic) must pass three tests of skills.

Sonic passes the tests easily, in spite of Scratch and Grounder's attempts to stop him and then he uses his new super speed to steal back the presents Robotnik has taken (as well as the doctor's clothes) and redistribute the presents all over Mobius. After the hedgehog delivers Sally's presents, Santa, impressed with the job, decides to retire after all and turns his job over to Sonic.

Sonic movie 2

The story begins with Sonic relaxing in a beach chair and listening to electronic music outside the ruins of a crashed Boeing 747 and USS Enterprise, which serves as his house. When Tails comes out to test his new, jet-propelled body-board, he asks Sonic to give it a try. Sonic declines, because he has a great fear of water. Tails' body-board, however, encounters a flying ship driven by Old Man Owl, an old and harebrained anthropomorphic owl, and almost collides with a mountain before being rescued by Sonic. Afterward, Oji-san gives news of the President being held captive by Dr. Robotnik. Sonic and Tails race to the Presidential Palace (Presidential House in the dub), where they encounter Robotnik and his robotic guards holding the President and his daughter, Sara.

Robotnik tells Sonic that his city at Robotropolis (Eggmanland in the Japanese version) in the Land of Darkness, is being held by a metal version of himself called Metal Robotnik, who attacked his good people with a battalion of demonic robots and sabotaged the Robot Generator by overloading it with energy, which would then (supposedly) malfunction and release excess electricity and destroy Planet Freedom within a few hours. Unfortunately, when Robotnik finishes his speech, he notices everyone has fallen asleep including Sonic, Tails, and his own robots.

After he gains the trust of Sonic, Dr. Robotnik gives Tails a navigational watch for his journey, and the two head for the Land of Darkness. Metal Robotnik crashes into the Presidential House, and Sara demands that Robotnik give her a ride in it, entering the control panel and playing around. Sonic and Tails enter the Land of Darkness, encountering Badniks, but they soon get to the abandoned city. There, they get into a long battle with Metal Robotnik, eventually meeting up with Knuckles who helps them destroy the mecha.

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles go into the core of the city, where Sonic is held in a glass container which copies his DNA. The protagonists think that the bomb that Robotnik threatened would blow up the Land of the Sky was a dud.

Metal Robotnik appears, eventually crumbling, revealing Dr. Robotnik and Sara in it. Knuckles falsely accuses Sara of being behind his scheme, and in reply she cries a river and reveals that "the robot and the machine going haywire were all part of Robotnik's evil scheme," which Robotnik does not deny. He shows Sonic a metal version of himself, Hyper Metal Sonic, and the two get into a fight.

Metal charges at Sonic with full speed for a while, with Sonic dodging most of his attacks. However, when Sonic jumps up to avoid Metal, Metal rams into Sonic's back at max speed which knocks Sonic out. As soon as he comes to, Sonic jumps on top of a mountain and loses sight of Metal, and to Sonic's surprise, Metal appears out of nowhere and kicks Sonic's head knocking him off the mountain to the valley below. Tails and Knuckles go back to the Land of the Sky, where Tails learns that Hyper Metal Sonic is out to destroy the world by hitting the Ice Caps and blowing it up. The blue hedgehog wakes up in Green Lake City (a heavenly shrubbery), and thinks about Metal Sonic knowing everything he does, or has done. Sonic gets to the workshop, and hears all about the Ice Cap dilemma from the President (much to the dismay of the President and Tails).

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles go to the Ice Cap, where Sara is being held captive for marriage at the North Pole. (Dr. Robotnik's main goal in the movie is to destroy the world, leaving only he and Sara to marry and have children). Sonic encounters Hyper Metal Sonic, and the two have a long fight to which Metal gains the upper hand. Tails corrupts Metal's data with the navigation watch Robotnik gave him before, and Sonic is able to do serious damage with his Spin Dash. Metal manages to recover and attacks Sonic again but it is clear at this point that Metal is damaged too badly to win and is severely beaten down by Sonic. At the same time, however, the President's ship is destroyed. Hyper Metal Sonic saves the President and Sonic realizes that Metal does have emotions, as he was programmed with Sonic's DNA.

Metal gets blown into a crack and falls down into the subglacial volcano, where Sonic tries to save him, but Metal tells him that "there is only one Sonic" and is destroyed by falling into the magma, much to Sonic's dismay. While Sonic is smarting from his injuries and mourning the loss of Metal, Robotnik says that he still has Sonic's DNA, and reveals his plans to create a superior, emotionless replica of the blue blur. A design failure of his (a robotic turtle) blows up the CD that the DNA was inside of, thwarting his plans. After, Knuckles hits Sonic on the head because in the fight, Sonic stepped on Knuckles by accident and the two chase each other. The whole cast is seen following behind Sonic before Sonic races off and the movie ends.

Sonic movie 3

The short opens with two boys entering a haunted house during a rain storm. As they explore the house, they are watched by two Ghost Photographers. They scare the children out and take pictures of their frightened faces. Once they take their photos, they return to Lah and present her their photos to impress her. Ultimately, the Girl Ghost chooses the Bandana Ghost's picture and rewards him with a kiss, leaving the Bow-Tie ghost defeated.

This time, Sonic and Chip enter the house, Sonic is interested but Chip is rather frightened. The Bow-Tie Ghost scares Chip when he passes by a mirror with a freaky reflection of himself. The photo of Chip impresses the girl therefore the ghosts continue to scare Chip to win her heart. Even Sonic accidentally makes a scary face at Chip which causes him to faint. The pile of pictures of a frightened Chip grows and grows with each scare. However, Lah is dismayed to see the photos of Sonic that showed him preventing himself from being affected by their scaring by holding a book, yawning and making a silly face at the camera(he possibly did those three poses to get the ghosts to go away and quit pestering Chip in front of him).

The ghosts come after Sonic and Chip in knight armor. As Chip cowers in fear, Sonic transforms into his Werehog form upon seeing the full moon and scares the two ghosts off. The girl laughs at the photos of the frightened ghosts, as they accidentally took pictures of themselves. Humiliated, annoyed and angered, both ghosts decide to team up and form a green glowing dinosaur-like Ghost to attack Sonic.

While Sonic uses his Werehog powers, the Beast gains the upper hand since it becomes invisible and unable to be struck by the Werehog's stretching punches. As they fight, Chip discovers that Sonic can see the Beast by taking its photo. But even with the camera at hand, Sonic is unable to fight since he needs time for the photos to develop.

Ultimately, the Werehog is tackled into a wall when he loses his temper and attacks wildly after the ghosts copy his poses to tease him. As Sonic lays unconscious on the ground, the Beast proceeds to take his photo but the two are then fighting over the camera, as they want to impress the girl, causing the two to separate. As they fight over the camera and who takes the photo, Sonic reawakens and, after seeing that they formed the Beast on purpose, attacks them by throwing them off the roof for mocking him by copying his poses. Since the camera went off just before Sonic sends the final blow, the Girl Ghost found the taken photo of Sonic as the Werehog and falls in love with him.

She impersonates as Chip by taking the form of his body. Sonic thinking that she is Chip, agrees to take a photo with her. As the credits roll, the Ghosts are seen sighing depressingly looking at both the girl and Sonic walk together. They turn around and see Chip, who's struggling to be free as he had been tied up by the girl. However, when the photo comes out, the female ghost in her real form is seen in "Chip's" place, showing that Sonic realizes his mistake and goes back for Chip.

Sonic movie 4

The short feature opens up with the Blue Core Studios logo. The ring continues to spin, and stopping its rotation (and looking completely awkward in the process). Seven colorful gems spew out of its center: the Chaos Emeralds, the driving force behind nearly every main action in the series. The movie itself kicks into gear, looking at South Island on the planet Mobius. Flying overhead is the Egg Carrier. Silently, a group of E-100 units fall from the airship, landing in the very Upstate New York Looking forest of the isle. With the badniks on the ground, the Egg Carrier fires a missile at South Island, blowing up…something. Without warning, the people see those same six airships flying over Station Square.

In response, the President goes on television, talking about how this new force threatens the unity of Mobius. Jumping around to other news reports further expands on who Kintobor is and what South Island entails, it being home to intelligent animal life. With Kintobor declaring himself Robotnik while sitting in the shadows of his terrorist-like message, the President authorizes the use of G.U.N. forces to combat the threat. The end gives us our first glimpse of Sonic, though only from behind. The hedgehog is staring up at the Egg Carriers, apparently having not moved at all in the last three months.

To show Robotnik is doing more with his time than just sitting in a flying machine, we see a lone G.U.N agent, having been cornered by the fake E-102 Gamma. The robot asks the balding man for information regarding “the blue blur,” the soldier refusing to speak. The robot goes further, saying that the soldier has two choices to his fate: roboticization, or death. Fake Gamma takes his silence as choosing death. Before his head can be blasted off, the bots get destroyed by Sonic saying “Way Past Cool” with the creepiest mouth around, running away and leaving the strange man to contemplate his life. On the corner of 42nd Street in New York Square, the news is broadcast on the side of a building.

The newscaster tells of what they just saw, but is interrupted by an unauthorized feed of Dr. Robotnik’s doing. Two talking heads tell that a monetary reward is being offered for information on the blur, and also squash rumors that the figure could be one of the animals from South Island. Robotnik, still in the same dark room, explains that they’re all extinct, and he knows this because he made sure of it. The establishing shots of New York have those airships still flying above, untouched by anyone.

Back in the main Carrier, Robotnik interrogates a captured G.U.N. agent, trying to torture information out of him. The agent stands firm, saying he doesn’t know anything about the blue blur that everyone keeps on talking about. The evil despot then goes on about how humanity was once a god-given right, but now it’s a privilege that he bestows upon people. If they follow the rules, they live in peace, but if not they get it taken from them, telling his robots to put them under roboticization.

Meanwhile, a small G.U.N. troupe sneaks around a generic forest, preparing to shoot a very generic bazooka at the badly rendered Egg Carrier in the sky. Before they can fire, the Asian girl shouts that a swarm of Buzz Bombers are about to strike, though the next thing we see are the fake E-102’s. When all hope seems lost, they are saved by Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic then asks the girl if she likes what she sees, then retracting by saying that she is pretty…and trails off. The group are just in shock that there really is an anthropomorphic hedgehog in front of them. He finally tells them his name: Sonic.

Sonic runs off, saying “gotta juice". Our hero runs to fight off the E-102’s and the Buzzbombers, Robotnik finally realizes who the blur is. Moto Bugs are then sent off, but sonic destroys them. Since his robot forces decimated, Robotnik drops a missile from one of the Egg Carriers, Sonic hopping onto it and flying it up in the air. Forcing the missile to strike the ship, the one Egg Carrier explodes, Sonic running off unharmed. The collected G.U.N. soldiers start talking about Sonic and how they need his help, with only one dissident voice in the group.

Forcing the missile to strike the ship, the one Egg Carrier explodes, Sonic running off unharmed. The collected G.U.N. soldiers start talking about Sonic and how they need his help, with only one dissident voice in the group. Shades of racism fill the conversation, Lauren stopping it before it can be stretched out any longer. Back at Robotnik’s base, the villain demands that all priorities shift to the capture of Sonic. As DJ Hazard continues to go nuts, he is calmed down when one of the fake E-102’s appears with a Chaos Emerald in its hand. Giving it to Robotnik, the mood changes to that of euphoria, saying that only four more are needed.

Going back to Sonic, the oddly-rendered hero stands with a realistic background behind him. In his path? A fully CG rendered Green Hill Zone. Sonic looks at it like he’s never seen the place before, the Marble Zone also hiding out in the background. The film ends with Sonic the hedgehog running through the static locale, fighting Moto Bugs and running through loops slower than anything. In the distance, Knuckles the Echidna watches.

Sonic movie 5

Fast forward ten years since then, and Sonic has edged out a new life for himself on Earth in the woods on the outskirts of Green Hills, Montana, having made a cave where he spends most of his time reading DC comics of The Flash, using a washing machine as a treadmill, and generally traveling into town, but staying hidden, to spend time watching Green Hills Sheriff Tom Wachowski and his wife Maddie, whom he nicknames "Donut Lord" and "Pretzel Lady" due to the yoga Maddie does and Tom talking to donuts, always thinking of the friends he could have, but remembering Longclaw's warning, has to keep his distance from them. However, he has drawn the attention of the town's local loony hermit, Crazy Carl, who dubs him "The Blue Devil", and Sonic enjoys having fun with him when he tries to catch Sonic with his various traps.

One night, after watching a baseball game earlier that evening, Sonic tries to play by himself, but when he looks at the empty bleachers, he becomes so upset that he begins running around the bases, faster and faster, his sadness changing to anger and frustration, until he builds up so much energy that it soon is unleashed in a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that blacks out the Pacific Northwest in the process.

This, unfortunately, attracts the attention of the United States Department of Defense when word reaches their headquarters at the Pentagon in Arlington, and Commander Walters, commanding general of the U.S. military, suggests calling on Doctor Robotnik to aid in finding the source of the EMP, despite concerns from the other military brass about Robotnik's M.O. from previous encounters with him.

When Sonic hears Robotnik's robots and the United States Army soldiers searching the woods for him, terrified of them finding him, and unable to escape from his cave to the next world he intended to head for if Earth was no longer safe for him when he hears the search dogs above, he flees to the Wachowskis' house to hide in their shed, but the commotion he makes inside alerts Tom, who comes in looking for raccoons, and finds Sonic, just as he was preparing to leave for the next world, and in fear, shoots Sonic with a tranquilizer. As Sonic begins to pass out from the sedative, he momentarily thinks of San Francisco from Tom's T-shirt, and opens a portal to the Transamerica Pyramid instead, dropping his ring bag through it before passing out completely. When he comes to, it is not long before he and Tom get into an argument, but when Robotnik arrives at the house, Tom hides Sonic in the attic while he deals with Robotnik. However, Sonic ends up downstairs to evade Robotnik's drones searching for him, and when Robotnik finds one of Sonic's quills and threatens to kill Tom if he doesn't tell him the truth in five seconds, in desperation, Sonic reveals himself, freaking out Robotnik long enough for Tom to cold-cock him before they fight off Robotnik's now hostile drone and flee in Tom's Toyota pickup.

At one point, Tom stops to let Sonic off to head for San Francisco on his own, but Tom's general suggestion of heading west leads to Sonic ending up in the Pacific Ocean before coming back and asking for Tom's help to get to San Francisco. With little other choice, Tom agrees to help Sonic, and they make their way to the City by the Bay, unaware of Robotnik now hunting for them, declaring Sonic an alien and Tom a domestic terrorist for protecting Sonic from Robotnik and the U.S. military.

Stopping at a biker bar, Sonic soon learns about creating a bucket list of things to do before you die, or in Sonic's case, leave Earth for another world, and after causing a bar brawl that Sonic easily handles in supersonic speed mode, he and Tom flee to stop at a motel for the night, where Tom begins to show some affection and friendship with Sonic when he tucks him in for the night.

The next day, they soon find that Robotnik has caught up to them when he sends a large tank drone after them on the highway, and despite Sonic and Tom's best efforts, the drone proves persistent in stopping them, culminating in a small, helicopter drone that emerges from the wreckage of the larger ones slicing off the roof of the cab of Tom's pickup before Sonic breaks it in half, only for its core to become a powerful sticky bomb that leaves Sonic severely wounded and unconscious when it detonates. Terrified for Sonic's well-being, Tom takes him to Maddie, who was visiting her sister and niece at that time in San Francisco, who manages to revive him. While there, Sonic is granted a gift from Tom and Maddie's niece Jojo in the form of new shoes to replace his worn-out ones. With the new shoes, and Maddie joining Tom in helping Sonic out, they travel to the Transamerica Pyramid, where Tom is able to gain access to the roof due to his position as a law enforcement officer, and Sonic recovers his ring bag.

However, before he can leave for the next world and leave Tom, Maddie, and Earth behind, he is confronted once more by Robotnik, now flying the Prototype with an army of his drones with him. Sonic, in order to save Tom and Maddie's lives, pushes them off the building before using his supersonic speed to take out Robotnik's drones and also save them, but using the quill he captured earlier back at Tom's house, Robotnik is able to enter supersonic speed himself and nearly ruin Sonic's rescue attempt. Sonic manages to get Tom and Maddie, transported by ring portal, safely back to Green Hills, before dealing with Robotnik and the Prototype, having their chase pass through Paris, the Great Wall of China, and the Great Pyramids of Egypt, before Sonic attempts to escape back to Green Hills, but Robotnik manages to land a powerful hit just as Sonic is about to enter the portal, causing Sonic to be mortally wounded and left at Robotnik's mercy as they return to Green Hills and Robotnik prepares to take Sonic back to be dissected to learn the secrets of his powers. Tom tries to protect Sonic by attacking Robotnik himself, but is quickly overpowered. However, the people of Green Hills rally to Tom's aid, angry at Robotnik for attacking their Sheriff and Sonic, and when Tom declares Sonic his friend, Sonic gains a miraculous second wind, and soon begins to glow with that same power that gave away his location previously, but now in full control of it, intending not to run, but to protect his friends, and unleashes his fury on the Prototype, severely damaging it before Tom and Sonic open a portal to the world Sonic intended to travel to previously, but deciding Earth is his home now, with a final, powerful strike, Sonic destroys the Prototype and sends both its remains and Robotnik through the portal, never to threaten anyone again.

Some time later, Tom and Maddie reveal to Sonic that they transferred all his stuff from his cave to their attic, making it up so Sonic can use it as his room and live with them from now on, much to his joy. Commander Walters soon stops by himself to reveal to Tom and Maddie that any and all information about recent events regarding Sonic and Robotnik have been erased by authority of the U.S. government, and to keep Tom and Maddie quiet about it, offers them an Olive Garden gift card as thanks. Sonic soon settles into his new life living in Green Hills with Tom and Maddie, now among friends at last, proving that his earlier fears and warning from Longclaw were no longer needed.

Video Games

Sonic the Hedgehog is a playable character in all the following video games:

  • Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
  • Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
  • Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
  • Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
  • Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
  • Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • SegaSonic the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog CD
  • Sonic Chaos
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3
  • Sonic & Knuckles
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble
  • Sonic Labyrinth
  • Sonic the Fighters
  • Sonic 3D Blast
  • Sonic R
  • Sonic Blast
  • Sonic Adventure
  • Sonic Shuffle
  • Sonic Adventure 2
  • Sonic Advance
  • Sonic Advance 2
  • Sonic Advance 3
  • Sonic Heroes
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Sonic Battle
  • Sonic Dash
  • Sonic Forces: Speed Battle
  • Sonic Rush
  • Sonic Rush Adventure
  • Sonic Riders
  • Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
  • Sonic Free Riders
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
  • Sonic Rivals
  • Sonic Rivals 2
  • Sonic Unleashed
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4
  • Sonic Colors
  • Sonic Generations
  • Sonic Lost World
  • Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric
  • Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal
  • Sonic Boom Fire & Ice
  • Sonic Forces
  • Sonic Mania
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Team Sonic Racing


  • "Time to speed, keed (kid)".
  • "We are up... over... and gone!".
  • "I'm waaaaaaaaaaaitiiiiiiiiiing".
  • "I feel a need for speed!".
  • "Let's juice".
  • "Juice time".
  • "Way Past Cool!".
  • "Gotta Gotta fly, Clyde!".
  • "That's no good!".
  • "Sonic says!".
  • "What's a chili dog without heaps of cheese, and onions, and spice with plenty of danger?".
  • "It just ain't gonna be the same without 'im. Never thought I'd say that after the uncool way we met".
  • (To the Oracle when the latter tells him that his destiny awaits.) "Tell it to wait outside, I'm too tired to care"
  • (Sonic's reaction on seeing Burnbot for the first time) "So what? He's gonna burn me with flamethrowers or something?"
  • (To Eggman when the evil villain stays at his house) "How to say this delicately... You're a horrible roommate and no one in this house likes you".
  • "Yeah, just for a second, pretend I'm not a science guy".
  • "Too slow? Ha! You forgot who you're talking to!".
  • "Ha! Guilty as charged! So what'll it be, kid? Autograph? Want your picture taken with me? Maybe a bite of this comically large sandwich? Huh?".
  • "Catch ya later, eggface!".
  • "You know what I think is 'compassionate'? Saving the village from Eggman! Like, every week! But do I get any props for that? No! Everyone just goes around gasping at me whenever I call a guy a 'guy', or people 'people'!".
  • "Being a role model is overrated. I much rather be... hilariously edgy!".
  • "I guess when you get tired, you can just recharge. What's the difference between you and me, Metal, I... don't... get... tired!".
  • (To Eggman while threatening him) "Call off your goons or I'll smash you into next week!".
  • (To Tom) "I Wasn’t Spying. We Were All Just Hanging Out Except I Wasn’t Invited And No One Knew I Was There".


Sonic's adopted parents

Sir Charles Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog (TV Series)
Sonic Underground

Sonia the Hedgehog

Manic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog (TV Series)
Sonic X
Sonic Boom

Sally Acorn

Bunnie Rabbot

Antoine Depardieu

Rotor Walrus

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Cream the Rabbit


Vector the Crocodile

Espio the Chameleon

Charmy Bee

Blaze the Cat

Jet the Hawk

Rouge the Bat

Silver the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sticks the Badger

Christopher Thorndyke

Dr. Eggman






Metal Sonic

Knownable Relatives


  • There is a genome named Sonic hedgehog.
  • According to Yuji Naka, Sonic will not ever get married as he cannot picture Sonic in a marriage and with children.
  • Sonic's favorite thing to do in his free time is running.
  • Originally, Sonic was intended to have visible fangs in his Japanese artwork, though they were removed when he was given a more Americanized design for his US artwork in order to "soften him up" slightly. Even though he still possesses fangs, they are only visible when he opens his mouth (this is mainly noticeable in Dreamcast titles such as Sonic Adventure and Sonic Shuffle, but became less obvious after Sonic Adventure 2). Previously, his fangs were supposed to be visible even when his mouth was closed.
  • In the Japanese versions of the anime series and games, Sonic proves that he knows more English than any of the other characters, as he is the only one who speaks English many times in the games. This may be due to the fact that the English language is considered "cool" in Japan, and it therefore makes sense to have the "coolest" character speak many English lines, since his current Japanese voice actor Junichi Kanemaru, wanted him to.
  • Sonic makes a cameo appearance in the Disney film Wreck-It Ralph, in which he is voiced by Roger Craig Smith. Eggman also makes an appearance in the film, thus marking the big screen debut for both characters. Much like Eggman, Sonic's design seems unchanged from his current design in the game series.
  • In the Sonic Mania video game, if you make Sonic get hit by spikes too many time. As Sonic falls onscreen, you will hear Jaleel White's voice saying "that's no good".
  • In Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog, Sonic is not afraid of water and can swim quite well.
  • In Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog, Sonic is allergic to a certain flower and if it touches him, he will swell up like a balloon.
  • Sonic's appearance in the first 1993 cartoon series was largely based on the version seen in the Western box art of the existing Sonic games, which lead to a number of diversions from his established Japanese design. Such changes include a mowhawk-like single row of spines on his head as opposed to three rows, a two-spined single row down his back as opposed to two single-spine rows, and the lack of a tail. This design would be carried over into the subsequent western Sonic cartoons, Sonic the Hedgehog animated series and Sonic Underground, and adapted for the first eleven issues of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.
  • Sonic Underground was the last time that Sonic was voiced by Jaleel White. White would return 14 years later to voice Sonic again in a fan film.
  • In the Japanese version of Sonic Underground, Sonic and Sonia share the same voice actress.
  • In Sonic Underground, Sonic has four catchphrases such as "Way past cool", "Bummer Majores!", "It's juice and jam time!", and "Let's do it to it!".
  • According to Tails, Sonic has a beautiful singing voice.
  • It has been said that Sonic cannot cook.
  • In the Sonic Boom series, Sonic has confirmed that he (as of yet) does not have a Super State.
  • In the Sonic Boom series, Sonic is currently the only member of his team to not have his name appear in the title of an episode.
  • Sonic has a coconut husk collection which he cherishes.
  • Sonic can play the guitar, as seen during his concert with Dude-itude.
  • Sonic's favorite movie is Space Pigeon 2, the best movie in its trilogy.
  • Sonic has a secret method (which he is unwilling to share with even Tails) to holding in his food while running at extreme speeds.
  • By his account, Sonic has dozens of fans, although most of them are only criticizing everything he does.
  • Sonic follows the television show The Real Housewives of Gogoba Village.
  • Sonic has no need for goggles in strong winds because his years of traveling at obscenely high speeds has made him accustomed to wind resistance.
  • Sonic does not get motion sickness.
  • Sonic is very good at dancing. This has been shown a few times.
  • At one point in the movie, Sonic refers to himself as a "southpaw", indicating he is left-handed.
  • Sonic enjoys action films, as he quotes lines from Speed and the Fast and Furious films. He also regards Keanu Reeves as a national treasure.
  • Sonic appears to be a fan of Star Wars, as he likened Longclaw to Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • A couple of the things Sonic put on his bucket list are references to some of his past games, such as "find a genie lamp" (Sonic and the Secret Rings) and "learn parkour" (Sonic Lost World).

Sonic shares many similarities with Uzumaki Naruto from Naruto Shippuuden/Naruto.

  • Both are the main characters.

Voice Actresses & Actors

  • Japanese : Toshio Furukawa (Commercials), Takeshi Kusao (Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car, SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter, & Sega Sonic the Hedgehog), Kappei Yamaguchi (AoStH & StH), Masami Kikuchi (Sonic movie 2), Junichi Kanemaru (1998 – Present), Taishi Nakagawa (Sonic movie 5), Masahide Terashima (Young/Sonic movie 5)
  • Japanese voice actress : Keiko Utoku (Sonic the Hedgehog CD), Keiko Toda (Sonic Underground)
  • English : Jaleel White (AoStH, StH, Sonic Underground, Sonic movie 1 & Sonic movie 4), Martin Burke (Sonic movie 2), Ryan Drummond (1998 – 2004/Video Games), Jason Griffith (2005 – 2010/Video Fames), Roger Craig Smith (2010 – 2021/Video Games), Ben Schwartz (Sonic movie 5), Benjamin L. Valic (Young/Sonic movie 5), ??? (2021 – Present)

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