Sha-Ron is Fa Mulan's number one fan.
Sha Mulan
Since Mulan came back from the Impiral city, she has been inspired by Mulan to become a fighter.


Not much about her past is known.


She appers to be brave like Mulan, but has a fear of crickets, as seen in the film when Mulan sings the line, "It's OK to be afraid".


Mulan 2

She appears just after Fa Zhou leaves to "pray," on the field with her friends and begs Mulan to teach them Kung Fu. When Shang turns up, he asks Mulan if there's somewhere private he and Mulan could talk. Sha-Ron giggles and says, "We could go to my house." Mulan dismisses the girls, but Sha-Ron just looks at Shang with her large black eyes. Shang gives her his helmet, which she happily takes and runs off with. She is seen later in the crowd that Grandmother Fa invites when she finds out about Mulan's engagement. She is lastly seen looking at Mulan and Shang leave for their mission.

Songs sung by Sha-Ron


  • Mulan is gonna teach us how to kick butt!!!


Fa Mulan

Fa Li

Li Shang

Knownable Relatives

  • Unnamed Father
  • Unnamed Mother
  • Other farm girls (Friends)
  • Fa Mulan (Role Model)


Voice Actresses

  • Japanese : ???
  • English : Mary Gibbs (Speaking), Chorus (Singing)

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