Quasimodo's Father is a minor character in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (film).
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He does speak in the movie, but it is unknown who the actor was that provided his voice. 


At the beginning of the film, Quasimodo's parents who were gypsies tried to enter the city of Notre Dame with fellow other gypsies. But they are discovered by Judge Claude Frollo, and his soldiers. While his wife, and deform infant son manages to escape. He is taken to the Palace of Justice, and is killed by Frollo's soldiers.


He is a kind, and caring person. He truly cared about his wife, and deform infant son overall. He then shows that he is brave, and will protect his family from soldiers. He was also shown to risk his own life to make sure that his wife, and deform infant son were safe from Frollo.


He is a slender man with black hair and has black eyebrows. He has a black mustache. He has a earring on his left ear. He has on a purple hat with black gloves. He wears Indigo clothing.

Live Action Film

Songs sung by him


  • Hush it up will you
  • Judge Claude Frollo


Quasimodo's Mother

He cared about his wife very much, and protected her from Frollo's soldiers. He was never the less happy that his wife fled from Frollo with his deform infant son, hoping that she would protect their child from the evil judge.


He cared about his infant son, despite his deformity. He also showed that he risked his own life to make sure that his son, and mother were safe.

Other Gypsies

He also protected his fellow gypsies who accompany him to Paris, and is sadden that they are capture alongside him, while his wife and deform infant son fled from Frollo.

Judge Claude Frollo

He hated Frollo, for capturing him, and never tells the Judge's soldiers where his family is. Never the less, he is killed by Frollo's soldiers.

Knownable Relatives


  • The stage musical identifies him as Jehan Frollo, the younger brother of Claude Frollo.

Voice Actors

  • Japanese : ???
  • English : ???

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