Kuribon is the Duel Monster Spirit of the card "Kuribon".
She is a minor character in Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's. Kuribon serves as Luna's spirit partner, and often appears to her when anxious that something bad is about to happen. "Kuribon" is the female incarnation of Kuriboh. 


When a 3 year-old Luna entered the Duel Monsters Spirit World, Kuribon befriended her.


It's unknown if she acts exactly like Kuriboh.


She looks exactly like Kuriboh but she has three eyelashes.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (Anime)

Fortune Cup arc

Eight years after her first visit, Luna was sent to the spirit world. Here she met up with Kuribon, who assists in finding Ancient Fairy Dragon, who is sealed in stone and helps her remember the promise she made to protect the spirits.

The moves in Luna and Frank's Duel in the human world dictated what happened to the spirits. So "Gestalt Trap" was strapped to Kuribon, who was also affected by "Immortal Homeostasis". Kuribon was attacked by Ido. Kuribon was able to survive the attacks, but suffered pain, which Frank described as the "pain of immortality". The second time it was attacked, Luna managed to save Kuribon using "Fairy Wind" to free her from Frank's cards.

While Yusei dueled Akiza in the Fortune Cup, Kuribon appeared alongside Luna to express concern over the Duel.

Dark Signers arc

While the Signers and their companions pursued the Dark Signers, Kuribon appeared to Luna and told her there was trouble in the spirits' world. Luna's body, and mind were transported to the spirits' world.

She and Kuribon went to the town, Schwank, where they were hunted by Zeman's monkey troop. Kuribon, along with the spirits of some of Luna's other cards distract the troop to allow Luna to escape. The monkeys cast a Minus Curse on the spirits, turning them into stone slabs of Duel Monsters cards with Negative Levels.

When Luna enters Zeman's castle, she hears Kuribon cry from her slab. Kuribon is freed after Luna and Leo defeat Devack. After the King of the Netherworld is released into the Satellite, Kuribon appears next to Luna to tell her not to let it get to the Condor geoglyph.

Knownable Relatives


  • It's unknown if she exists in the manga.
  • She seems to be quiet and shy.

Voice Actresses

  • Japanese & English : Mika Ishibashi

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