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Inazuma Eleven (イナズマイレブン) is a Japanese anime series base on the video games, and manga of the very same name.

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The animated series was produced by OLM under the direction of Katsuhito Akiyama and consists of 127 episodes. The series was first broadcast on TV Tokyo in Japan on October 5, 2008 to April 27, 2011. The main character, Endou Mamoru, is a very talented goalkeeper and the grandson of one of the strongest goalkeepers in Japan, who died before he was born. Even though his skills are incredible, his school lacks a real soccer club as the 6 other members don't appear very interested even in training. But as soon as a mysterious forward called Gouenji Shuuya moves to Endou's town, and the club receives a challenge by the 40 year Football Frontier championship holder, Teikoku Academy, the young goalkeeper sets out to find and recruit members for his soccer team. Along the way he meets new characters that he adds to his soccer team. Endou also reunite with his childhood best friend who has anesmia but wants her to regain her lost memories of soccer. While he also finds out that his grandfather is actually alive, and not dead like his family had thought.


The series begins by someone using a destructive hissatsu shoot to the goal and Kageyama Reiji disbanding an unknown school's soccer club, before destroying the school. At Raimon, Endou Mamoru is trying to convince the other 6 members of the soccer club (Someoka Ryuugo, Kabeyama Heigorou,Kurimatsu Teppei, Handa Shinichi, Shourinji Ayumu and Shishido Sakichi) to practice, however no one was interested and gave excuses. Thus Endou goes to the riverbank alone to practice instead.

In the afternoon when Endou practices at the riverbank with some children, one of the children was showing off his hissatsu shoot which almost hit one of the two punks which were passing by. Endou apologizes and asks the punks to return the ball, but the request was cut when the one of the punks kicks Endou's stomach and the other insulted him for being in a weak team. Not soon later, he spat and kicks the ball, which was heading straight for a small girl. Suddenly, a mysterious boy runs in and kicks the soccer ball back rolling at the punk's face. Endou asks the boy to join the Raimon Soccer team but the boy ignores him and leaves. When Endou gets home, he talks to his grandfather's photo about the person he just met, but his mother angrily tells him to take a shower. The next day, the mysterious boy is enrolled in Raimon Jr. High and is introduced as Gouenji Shuuya. During the lunch break, Endou talks to Gouenji, but the latter tells him that he doesn't play soccer anymore.

As Endou is called to the principal's office. He is told by the principal and Raimon Natsumi that Teikoku Gakuen wants to have a friendly match with Raimon, but the soccer team needs to have 11 players in order for them to play in the match. If they fail by not having 11 players, the soccer club must disband. As Endou tells the other 6 members, they are shock. But Endou tells them that they have to do this to save the club, but team gets discouraged. Therefore Endou, is left with no other choice. He goes around the school to try and recruit 4 new members. But he only invited those who were interested in entering the club to the place where he practices. He is able to recruit Kazemaru Ichirouta, Matsuno Kuusuke, Kageno Jin, and Megane Kakeru.

While is at his favorite training spot, Endou is happy to see Gouenji. He also asks Gouenji to play with him, but Gouenji still refuses on the grounds that he has stopped playing soccer. He asks Gouenji why he has stopped, but Gouenji doesn't reveal why. Therefore Gouenji leaves and tells Endou to leave him alone. Soon after Endouu trains by himself, but is surprise to see Kazemaru. He shows Kazemaru his notebook and tells him that his grandfather created the techniques in the notebook. Upon hearing this Kazemaru joins the team which makes Endou happy. Soon after Endou sees all the other teammates, as Kazemaru tells Endou that they followed him. The other teammates ask Endou if they can train with him, and Endou happily agrees. He then teaches them how to train with a tire.

The day the match between Teikoku and Raimon came. All of the Teikoku's members were skillful and terrifying. However Endou blocks the shot and his gloves get very burned. However even though his teammates are worry about him, Endou gets very excited.

have their first practice match. The downside is that they must face the number one team in Japan: Teikoku Gakuen. While watching Teikoku warm up, Kabeyama gets scared and excuses himself to go to the washroom. Since Kabeyama didn't come back, Endou and the others quickly looked for him. They only to find that he managed to get himself trapped in a locker. Kabeyama adits that he is scared, Endou and the others get him off of the locker. After some encouragement from Endou, they returned to the field and the match starts.

Raimon fared badly during the first half of the match and were completely at the mercy of Teikoku's hissatsu techniques which include Death Zone and Hyakuretsu Shot. The reason for Teikoku requesting the match is that their leader, Kageyama Reiji, wants to observe Gouenji's skill level. Since Gouenji is not participating, Kageyama ordered Kidou and the others to bring him out by any means necessary.

In the second half of the match, Endou refuses to give up even though he is badly injured, so Kidou and his teammates brutally attack him with their shoots, and Kidou threatens that if Gouenji does not play in the match, then he will obliterate the last person standing (which is Endou).

From the principal's office, Natsumi notices that Teikoku must be waiting for something to happen. Looking at the state of his teammates, Megane flees the pitch and takes off his t-shirt (which he drops in front of Gouenji). Gouenji picks up the t-shirt and joins the game, with the intent of stopping Kidou from attacking Endou further.

Endou is delighted to see Gouenji play and rushes to greet him, only to collapse and be caught by Gouenji. Knowing that Gouenji believes in him, Endou finally manages to stop Death Zone by using God Hand. Endou throws the ball to Gouenji who then scores using Fire Tornado.

Having seen all that they need of Gouenji's power, Teikoku forfeits, which means that Raimon wins the match by default. Endou welcomes Gouenji into the team, but Gouenji still refuses to join and hands his shirt back to Endou. After Gouenji left, Endou tells the team that they just have to train hard even though they only scored one point.

The team is still on a high from their surprise win against Teikoku Gakuen, but there is a lot of work they still need to do. They discover that their next game will be against Occult, which is said to be a cursed team. Natsumi strikes a bargain with Endou and says that if the team win against Occult, she will get the school to enter them in the Football Frontier. The other team members are excited, but believe that they will not be able to do well without Gouenji and this angers Someoka who is jealous of Gouenji and his abilities.

In the afternoon, Endou saw Gouenji going into the hospital and decides to follow him. However he thinks that Gouenji is injured and that's the reason why he stopped playing soccer. When he bumps into him, Endou apologizes for following him and sees that the sign reads Gouenji Yuuka. He asks who is in the room and Gouenji tells him that inside is his little sister. Inside the hospital room Gouenji tells Endou that Yuuka has been in a coma since last year, when she was involved in a car accident while going to see one of his games. Because of this he promised that he would not play soccer until she wakes up, though he broke his promise in the game against Teikoku. Endou apologizes again, this time for insisting he should join Raimon.

The next day Otonashi (from the newspaper club) is introduced to the team by Aki as their new manager. While being jealous of Gouenji for scoring the only point in their game against Teikoku, Someoka starts his special training. Endou watches him and, after hearing his friend say he would like to play more like Gouenji. Endou states that he has his own style which gives Someoka more energy to continue training. During practice, Someoka creates a new Hissatsu. At the same time, Gouenji observes the training from the bridge when Natsumi drives past and tells him that she did some research about his life, and discovered what had happened to his sister. Natsumi leaves, telling him to remember who liked to see him play soccer the most, and to think if he is making her happy with his promise. Gouenji then goes to the field, and announces that he will join the team. Which makes Endou happy.

It is a game day for Raimon as they are playing against a team that is supposedly cursed - Occult. Gouenji is now officially a part of the team, about which Someoka is not happy about. When Occult arrives, their coach makes it clear that he is only interested in Gouenji, much to the annoyance of Someoka who states that Occult's opponent isn't just Gouenji but the entire team.

Someoka manages to score quickly with his shoot hissatsu Dragon Crash, giving Raimon the first point. Someoka scores the second point the same way, much to the annoyance of Occult. Occult begin their counterattack and the coach starts to utter a strange incantation. Yuukoku initiates Ghost Lock, which causes Raimon to be unable to move, enabling Occult to easily score a point using Phantom Shoot. Raimon tries to score another point, but are stopped by Occult's goalkeeper who uses Yugamu Kuukan. Occult uses Ghost Lock once again to score another point, making the score 2-2, and then 2-3.

During half time, Endou thinks about the Occult's coach's strange incantation and wonders if it has something to do with Ghost Lock. During the match Endou studies Ghost Lock carefully and figures out it's meaning. He quickly counters the 'curse' by shouting 'rumble rumble rumble boom', which frees everyone from Ghost Lock. He blocks the next attack with his new Hissatsu, Nekketsu Punch.

After Endou and Megane explain that Ghost Lock was an audio-visual hypnosis, Endou throws the ball to Someoka. Gouenji realizes that the reason why no one can score is because Occult's goalkeeper uses another hypnosis trick. Knowing this, Someoka uses Dragon Crash to pass the ball to Gouenji, who scores using Fire Tornado. However this new combo Hissatsu is dubbed Dragon Tornado by Gouenji.

At the football frontier team selection, it is revealed that Raimon's first opponent is Nose Junior High.

At the soocer club, everyone is introduced to the new transfer student (Domon Asuka) who wants to join the team. Endou welcomes him eagerly and claims that they're going to win the football frontier, but Domon warns him that Nose have very good jumping abilities. Endou dismisses his warning by saying that they have many powerful shoots, but Domon still insists that Nose could beat them with their jumping ability and intercept any of their hissatsu techniques. Endou decides that the answer to their problem is to create a new hissatsu technique.

During their practice, Furukabu interrupts them and talks to them about the legendary Inazuma Eleven, whose coach was Endou's grandfather. The next day they continue their practice, but no one seems able to come up with a technique. After visiting Rairaiken and getting a clue about Endou Daisuke's secret notebook from the boss of the restaurant, Endou and the others start to look for it. Natsumi manages to locate the notebook for them, although no one apart from Endou can read it.

Endou reads out the description for the hissatsu technique called Inazuma Otoshi, although no one can understand the description. During practice Gouenji figures out what the description meant, and Endou decides to pair Gouenji and Kabeyama together for the new hissatsu.

The episode starts where Kabeyama and Gouenji practices their jumps to master Inazuma Otoshi. After Endou and Aki's observation, Kabeyama has problems with his landing yet Gouenji lands perfectly. Now, all they need to do is coordintate between the two. After the first try, Kabeyama states that he is scared of heights which caused him to have problems with his landing. Aki suggests to have him look at Gouenji so he wouldn't look down. Kabeyama gives another try but still looks down. Natsumi appears and assumes that the work she had gone through finding the secret manual was a waste of time. Endou argues that he has trust in Gouenji and Kabeyama that they will master Inazuma Otoshi and finds special training to do for Kabeyama.

After a series of trials, the team finally begins their usual practice except for Domon, who states that he'll take it easy for a bit since he is a newcomer. Gouenji and Kabeyama practices their coordination for Inazuma Otoshi but keeps failing since Kabeyama keeps looking down, which loses balance for Gouenji. At the end of practice, Kabeyama walks to the Inazuma Tower Plaza where he sees Gouenji training with Endou.

The next day, Raimon arrived at Nose Junior High and saw there was three fans cheering for them: Saku and two of his friends. Kabeyama then got discouraged of how his brother was boasting of how Kabeyama's team had defeated Teikoku. The team went on the field and started the kickoff. Gouenji started with Fire Tornado but the ball got stolen by Nose's captain, Torii Ryouta. That's when Raimon realized the opponent's jump power. Nose counterattacks and shoots with Condor Dive with Tarzan Kick. Endou uses Nekketsu Punch to deflect the ball. The ball goes to Someoka but Shishiou tackles him and gives a leg injury. Therefore, Raimon switches Someoka to Domon which switches Kabeyama into a forward. Kabeyama and Gouenji tries Inazuma Otoshi but lost balance.

The whistle blew and half time was up. Endou had red hands which means it is sore but he doesn't give up. The defenders knew they couldn't depend on Endou to protect the goal so they, too, helped protect the goal from Nose's powerful shots. After a while, Kabeyama noticed they were tired and exhausted and is never giving up so he decided to try Inazuma Otoshi again. This time Kabeyama turned his back towards the ground, whilst Gouenji can step on his belly and together, they scored a point with their Inazuma Otoshi. The whistle blew and Raimon wins 1-0. The episode ends with Teikoku's commander talking in the phone.

The episode start with the simulation Training of Mikage Sennou. They are getting data of Raimon to win of them. Later on the day, Raimon is training at the Riverank. Then they spotted many fans on the bridge. Endou says to everyone to show them hissatsu. Then Natsumi's car came the field on and Natsumi says that practicing them hissatsu is forbidden. Endou asks why they can't. Natsumi says that those fans are spies. Everybody is shocked about it. That night Sugimori and Arata spoke with Kidou.

The next day Sugimori and Arata are spying on Raimon. They find out that they aren't using their hissatsu and they ask why. Then Endou challenges them for a match. The match starts and Arata is using Fire Tornado, which everyone is shocked about it. Endou is using Nekketsu Punch but failed to block it. Later Gouenji is using his Fire Tornado against Sugimori but he stops it with his Shoot Pocket, which Raimon is also shocked about it aswell.

Later Natsumi is leading them to the Secret Training Facility to show everyone that they can do better training there. When the training is over, everyone was exhausted but Endou says that they should training every day until the match in the Secret Training Facility and Domon says he doesn't want to go back to the Training Facility in which he ended up going back to it.

When it is the day of the match, Raimon was surprised about the Stadium. At the end, Endou and Sugimori has a talk.

Endou meets Sugimori in the locker rooms and Sugimori says he knows the percentage of Raimon winning the match. Endou asked how much was it and Sugimori replied with a non-like answer,”You better not ask.”

As the match starts, Mikage Sennou’s players don’t move at all. Then, Sugimori commands Defense Formation Gamma 3. The players do what is told and Someoka shoots Dragon Crash but it quickly lost power while going through a line of players. This causes Sugimori to catch it easily. Sugimori states that he knows Raimon’s attack patterns, which is exactly the same as the data. Hence, they can make easy predictions. Mikage Sennou counterattacks and uses Attack Formation Beta 2. Kazemaru quickly slide tackles and breaks their formation. But Mikage Sennou quickly steals it back and passes many Raimon defenders. They begin their shoots but Endou catches them.

When Endou was about to pass it, the opponent already marked all of Raimon. Luckily, Kazemaru shook of their mark and passes to Gouenji. Gouenji uses Fire Tornado but Sugimori easily stops it with Shoot Pocket. Someoka runs up and does Dragon Tornado with Gouenji. Sugimori catches it this time with some difficulty with Shoot Pocket again. Again, Kabeyama runs up and does Inazuma Otoshi with Gouenji. This time the danger level of the shoot went to red. Therefore, Sugimori used a more stronger Hissatsu, Rocket Kobushi and blocked it. Mikage Sennou shoots again while Endou stood it with Nekketsu Punch. With the loose ball, another forward and does a hat trick with a finishing heading, which gives a score to Mikage Sennou. Now they keep the ball and passes without attacking. The whistle blew and it was half-time.

While walking back to the locker rooms, Endou told Sugimori that not attacking was not even called soccer. Sugimori said it was the coach’s orders and explained that either it’s a 1-point victory or a 10-point, it’s still the same victory. They will wait for the time to end without taking any risks. Sugimori says he believes he has all the data that Raimon has and they will lose. Endou argues back that the goddess of victory will smile upon those who believe they’ll win and asks if that soccer is fun. This leaves Sugimori confused. Endou then concluded that soccer is a fun sport and Raimon will show it to them.

The second half starts with Mikage Sennou keeping the ball. Then, the coach ordered the players to crush Raimon but Sugimori obects it. Endou thought that if they wont attack, there is no point of him staying at the goal so Endou runs up and joins to attack. He stole the ball and shoots toward Sugimori. Sugimori asked Endou why he joined the offense. Endou replied,”To score points of course. That’s soccer!” This leaves Sugimori confused once again. Raimon steals the ball again and moves up but Mikage Sennou steals the ball back and starts attacking. Arata uses Patriot Shoot but Endou blocks it. Mikage Sennou starts with a corner kick. Endou runs up and tells Gouenji to follow him.

Arata uses Patriot shoot again but Endou and Gouenji shoots the ball back with a new hissatsu, Inazuma 1gou and made the score a tie. Raimon got the ball again and shoots with Dragon Tornado. Sugimori uses Shoot Pocket but it goes in. Mikage Sennou’s coach broke the connection between the players. The rest of the players decide to give up. Someoka shoots Dragon Crash but Sugimori stops it with Shoot Pocket. Sugimori took off the wires on his head and the players followed. He told the team to not give up until the last second. Mikage Sennou counterattacks. The match goes on and on with both teams going back and forth. When Gouenji uses Fire Tornado, Arata counters it back to block Gouenji. Both people fall down but Arata manages to pass the ball. Sugimori starts running with the ball away from the goal and shoots toward Endou and catches it with God Hand. The match ends and Raimon wins 2-1.

Around the building, Detective Onigawara caught Fuyukai talking on the phone with Kageyama and says he will not forgive people who ruins soccer. At the end of the episode, Raimon realizes Gouenji’s broken leg and moans. This means that Raimon must play in the next match without Gouenji.

While Gouenji is injured and out of Raimon's next game, but their opponents are the weakest team in the whole tournament, so winning shouldn't be a problem. Endou and his team doesn't know much about their next opponent so they go to a maid cafe to know about their team. Not too long after, the team "meets" the team as well as their captain and midfielder, who were later revealed to be the authors of Megane Kakeru claimed "most well-known moe manga in history" Magical Princess, Silky Nana manga. Megane was shown to get along with them nicely.

Later on, when the match starts, in the first half no action was happening. Raimon's opponents were playing very defensive but when second half started, they played aggressively and scored the first goal. Raimon are down by one goal and Someoka isn't able to score goals against them. Raimon are in big trouble but help comes from unlikely hero... Megane. He discovered the cheating of opponents and cleverly cut through their defense and makes a header to Dragon Crash (creating Megane Crash) and scores the goal. A second goal was easily scored by Someoka and Raimon won the match.

Endou along with a few of the Raimon eleven members and Domon are walking home from school, however they stop by at Rairaiken for a bite. Domon says he has to go off back home, but he stops half way through and walks in an ally. He starts to mutter something through his phone. After his chat, he starts to feel dazed and guilty and almost gets run over by a truck. Aki meets him on the way back and mentions "Ichinose" in her tiny conversation with him.

The next day, Domon heads off to the Raimon soccer clubhouse to take each of the members' training results from the Inakabri Training center. He hesitates to take it, but then decides not to, because of the feeling of guilt. On the way back to his class, he notices Fuyukai with buckets in the garage where all of Raimon's buses are parked. He confronts Fuyukai and realizes that Fuyukai has set a trap on the bus they are going to with the tiny clue saying 'Don't go on the bus that day'. Domon calls Kidou to meet him somewhere. Kidou expects Domon to have the training center results, but instead finds that Domon doesn't even have them with him. Then Domon tells Kidou about Kageyama ordering Fuyukai to lay a trap on the bus, something that Kidou doesn't know. Later Otonashi is wandering around to find Domon, and finds Kidou instead, revealing that they are both siblings.

At Kidou's house, he and his father have a tiny talk about Otonashi, Kidou mostly staying quiet since his confrontation with her.

Endou and his team later goes to Natsumi's dad's office, then to find Natsumi with a letter by Domon, admitting everything about Fuyukai, etc. They go to confront Fuyukai at the garage, and Natsumi officially fires him as a teacher here, but then reveals to everyone that the letter was written by Domon, and that he was a spy for Teikoku Gakuen. Domon runs off to the riverbank, and Aki follows after him. They have a short talk, but then it's interrupted, as Endou invites Domon to practice with him, by forgiving him despite Domon formerly being a Teikoku's spy.

The big game against Teikoku is only a few days away. By firing Fuyukai, Raimon does not have coach and that lead to their diqualification. They must look for new coach before the game. They look high and low. Endou decided to asked the Rairaiken shop owner, Hibiki Seigou to become their new coach. However, Hibiki didn't show any interest in becoming their coach and reject it. Endou without giving up, challenges Hibiki. If he can stop all three Hibiki's shoots, Hibiki must become their new coach. Fortunately, Endou successfully blocked all three shoots and manage to find Raimon a new coach.

Raimon finally arrive at Teikoku for the biggest game of their lives, but first Kidou is worried if Kageyama would lay a deadly trap so he checks places around Teikoku including the room where Raimon will be resting into which Raimon thinks of something suspicious out of Kidou (especially Otonashi), but Endou believes he isn't going to do anything wrong. Kidou is still going through around Teikoku, and wonders where the trap is laid, into which before the start of the match, Kidou finds the trap and tells Endou about it, resulting in the Raimon team being safe from the steel construction beams falling from the ceiling, but only by a little. Because of this, Kageyama is arrested due to the evidence found pointing straight at him, though he was still smiling sinisterly while he was taken away.

Afterwards, the match starts this time, and Kidou plays it fairly with the whole Teikoku.

Finally Kageyama is arrested and the real match starts! Kidou is determined to win to get Haruna back which troubles Endou. If Kidou loses, he'll lose Haruna, this causes Endou to lose focus and thus he has problems blocking shoot hissatsu techniques. Kidou created a hissatsu that will break through God Hand and it successfully did. But due to Gouenji, Endou wakes up and he is able to successfully block the Koutei Penguin 2gou, and score using a new hissatsu, Inazuma 1gou Otoshi, breaking through Genda's Full Power Shield. Raimon wins the district finals successfully. Raimon claims victory after forty years, ending Teikoku's winning streak and earns them a spot in the National Tournament. In the end, Haruna knows that Kidou did it all for her and she told him that she is happy where she is living now in which Kidou smiled.

Since they finally won the district finals, they need to ready themselves for the Football Frontier! But first they go to the Ramen Shop and eat to celebrate. First they meet one old member of the Inazuma Eleven team but he is down on hopes. Hibiki suggests a match against the current Raimon team Vs. the Inazuma Eleven to which Endou is excited and happy. Because of the match, everyone gets an idea of a new hissatsu Honoo no Kazamidori, the old Inazuma Eleven team teaches them on how to use it. Kazemaru and Gouenji finally succeed after many tries to master the hissatsu. In the end, the Raimon team are planning to use it in their next match!

Kazemaru and Gouenji are training to master Honoo no Kazamidori with the supervision of Kageno, Endou and Someoka. After saw the hissatsu being a success, Kurimatsu and Kabeyama became more decided to have their own hissatsu. Raimon Souichirou then appears, leaving all the members of Raimon curious about it. Endou then says that the director is one of the Inazuma Eleven, but Natsumi denied.

The director then congratulates the members of Raimon by their entrance in the nationals. He asks to Endou if they want a new club, but after Hibiki says that is the same club of the Inazuma Eleven, he denies. Later, Kazemaru meets one of his friends named Miyasaka Ryou, as he asks when will Kazemaru come back to the Athletics club to which he states he cannot answer just yet, In which his friend got angry, and he states that he should have a practice of running again since it's been a long time since he practiced with the Athletics Club. However Miyasaka says it's because of that, he lost his time of training with the Raimon team, in the match. He then states that he will have to choose whether to stay or leave the Raimon team.

Hibiki announces that their next match will be against Sengoku Igajima. Otonashi states that Sengoku's coach, Igajima Senichi, is said to be a descendant of ninjas! And that it is rumored that they use secret ninja skills for training! Endou states that they should not worry and "No matter what kind of team they are, it's no different if they play soccer." Aki then comes in stating that it's time for practice when she gets an e-mail from Natsumi. The e-mail reads: "To everyone in the Raimon Eleven, even though it's the first and important match for the Nationals, I'm sorry I couldn't fulfill my duties as a manager. But I believe you'll rein victorious. Win at all costs. Think of these as words from the chairman."

Before the match starts, the Raimon Eleven do some training. When suddenly, a mysterious person steals the ball from Gouenji. When asked who he is, he replies: "I have no reason to tell you." Much to the annoyance of Endou. He then challenges Gouenji to a one on one match. When Gouenji asks who he is he answers that he is "Kirigakure Saiji of Sengoku Igajima". Kirigakure then says that they'll dribble to the other side of the field competing with their speed. Gouenji replies "No thanks. That's bothersome." Kazemaru notices Miyasaka in the audience and takes up the offer. When Kirigakure asks who Kazemaru is, Kazemaru replies : "I have no reason to tell you." Imitating Kirigakure. Kirigakure seems annoyed by this. When they start, Kirigakure shows impressive speed, almost running faster than Kazemaru. Before they can finsh the competition, another mysterious person steals the ball from Kazemaru! And, yet another one, from Kirigakure. Then Kirigakure, and the 2 mysterious people (also from Sengoku Igajima) disappear, leaving the team baffled.

As the match starts Sengoku immediately steals the ball from Raimon. Kirigakure makes a shoot but Endou blocks it. Sengoku are showing an incredible display of hissatsu. Making it a one-sided game and in the process injuring Endou's right hand making it almost unusable, but he still uses it for the 2nd round. During the 2nd half, Sengoku attack without rest. Kirigakure makes a hissatsu shoot and Endou fails to block it because of his injury, but Kazemaru ran to the goal and blocked it. Gouenji and Kazemaru use Honoo no Kazamidori and scored. Gouenji then uses Fire Tornado and gives them the winning point.

After the match, Miyasaka told Kazemaru that he understands now, that Kazemaru belongs with soccer. Aki and Endou visit Natsumi at the hospital. Natsumi states that her father is fine. After they tell her that she won the match, she appears really happy, but was shocked in display of Endou's hand. Endou resures her saying that he is able to use it within 2 days. Natsumi complements Endou by saying "It is a noteworthy horse that can return it's rider to safety." To which Endou who does not know what it means replies "Are you calling me a horse?!" Natsumi says that's not what she meant and they argue about this.

Firstly, the Raimon team is training the center when Otonashi announces that Teikoku has lost to Zeus without even earning a single point to which Endou could not believe, he rushes to Teikoku Gakuen and sees Kidou there who is depressed and angry because they lost at the same time, also his team members are gravely injured and are at the hospital right now, though because of Endou's persevering of cheering Kidou up, Kidou invites Endou to his house. At Kidou's house, Endou is surprised on how big his house is to which Kidou showed his magazine about soccer which is his only remembrance of his father. Afterwards in the field, both Gouenji and Kidou have a heated battle against each other to which Gouenji stated that he only saw Endou at the front, what if Endou was watching his back.

Finally, the match day came and everyone was waiting and thought that they will be disqualified and is surprised that Kidou is wearing the Raimon uniform and is actually joining the Raimon team.

He helps the team in their coordination, Raimon's passes start connecting. However,they couldn't break the infinite wall even with hissatsu techniques. Senbayama Junior High gets a score in the first half. In the second half, they tried but they couldn't break the Mugen no Kabe. Then they discover a new hissatsu technique known as Inazuma Break which is a combination hissatsu by Kidou, Endou and Gouenji. It is able to break the Mugen no Kabe, while the second mark was scored by Someoka's Dragon Crash. At last, Raimon is able to win the match by 2-1.

Kino Aki tells Domon Asuka that Ichinose Kazuya, their childhood friend who was supposedly dead in an accident where he jumped in front of a truck to save a dog's life, was actually alive. Next, Raimon was seen practicing, with Otonashi Haruna recording their plays. She noticed that someone was watching them and thought he wanted to join.The boy was surprised with Endou Mamoru blocking Dragon Crash with his Nekketsu Punch. The ball had went out of the line and he caught it. He picked up the ball, ran on to the field with it, and everyone was surprised when he was able to pass Handa and Kurimatsu very easily with a very of speed. He went on to shoot using the hissatsu Spinning Shoot and was surprised when Endou caught it with his God Hand. He said he was from America, and Kidou mentioned that there was a genius Japanese junior high player in America who had a high rate of being chosen for America's International team.

Soon after, Aki came saying that Ichinose wasn't in the plane he said he'd be in. So they decided to wait for him, but they noticed that Raimon was centering someone, so they went to check. The mysterious boy said he was in Japan to visit an important friend of his, and just then Aki asked what was going on. But before she could answer, the boy gave her a big hug, telling her he was back home. That's when Aki realized that the boy was actually Ichinose Kazuya!

Ichinose next explained that he found an earlier plane and decided to surprise Aki, but wasn't expecting for Domon to be in the same school. Ichinose then explained why he lied about him being dead. It was because after, the surgery, the doctor said he couldn't play soccer anymore and made his world a pitch-dark place. It made him feel bitter and depressed, and he didn't want Aki or Domon to see him like that, so he lied about being dead. But because he loved soccer, as time went by, he started playing it again. He remembered a promise that he made with Aki and Domon when he was young about playing soccer together on a real team, which made him want to play soccer even more, and accomplish his dream of making America a soccer nation.

Endou invited Ichinose for a game and he was very impressed with Ichinose's plays. Even Gouenji and Kidou were surprised that he was on a level further than anyone one the team. Endou challenged Ichinose to see his plays, for that they see if Endou is able to catch Ichinose's shoot, which he makes from the penalty area. The first shoot goes in with ease, and Endou almost got the second shoot. But after about fifteen shots, Endou finally catches Ichinose's shoot. During that time, Otonashi and Aki both agreed that Ichinose and Endou are both very much alike. Afterwards, Ichinose tells Aki that she likes him, and that he likes him and the rest of Raimon too. Of course, that made Aki blush.

Later, Ichinose said that he wanted to try Tri-Pegasus with Endou in their memory of becoming friends. But because it requires three people, Domon paired up with them too. Tri-Pegasus was originally a move Ichinose and Domon did with another one of their childhood friend. Even after many tries, the trio, Endou, Ichinose, and Domon, kept failing, but one time it was completed by half, so they never gave up and kept trying. After that, every time they tried to use Tri-Pegasus, it was always halfway. The whole day passed, and on the next day, Raimon Natsumi was shown putting flowers in her dad's room in the hospital. She then left and went to the Inazuma Tower, where she met Endou. Because she was feeling down, Endou cheered her up by showing her his favorite spot where they could see the sunset. He said that it made him relax when he saw the view. He then told Natsumi that if she was ever feeling lonely, she had her friends, which made her feel better. Then, Kidou was shown visiting Genda Koujirou at the hospital, promising him that he will defeat Zeus for him and Teikoku Gakuen.

Afterwards, the rest of Raimon, with Ichinose, is seen in Endou's room chit-chatting, while Aki helps Endou's mom with the cooking. Endou's mom said that they all wanted to hear Ichinose's stories so the gathered up. Aki wished she could be a boy, just so she could talk with them about soccer. The next day was Ichinose's last day and he was to go back to America during the afternoon. That meant that Tri-Pegasus has to be completed in the rest of the time remaining. But they kept failing and with only little time left, Aki decided to stand and be their center point, so they can finish the technique, just like she had when they were young. And then, with only one chance left, they were finally able to complete Tri-Pegasus! Then Ichinose said that he decided to stay and help Raimon!

But good things aren't the only things happen in life, the next match was decided for Raimon and it was with Kidokawa Seishuu! Now, what does destiny have in store for Gouenji Shuuya?

As Raimon is practicing for their upcoming match. Otonashi states that their next match is against Kidokawa Seishuu that surprised Gouenji a lot. Endou tries to encourage Gouenji by telling both Gouenji and Kidou to come somewhere. Then, the three of them went to Inazuma Town and Endou comes to the candy shop and meets some of the Inazuma KFC members and ask them what candy should he chose. Kidou comments on Endou's personality, that Endou was pure and innocent and Gouenji agrees.

Someone enters the shop and it was the three triplets of Kidokawa Seishuu saying that they are angry at Gouenji for leaving the team, so they ask a match. They did, and Endou tried to use God Hand to try and stop the hissatsu technique; Triangle Z, though is unable to. Endou gets fired up by this and is encouraged to block the hissatsu. Gouenji though, is still worried about their upcoming match against Kidokawa Seishuu.

The Mukata triplets and their grudge are dominating Raimon at every turn. The Raimon team decided that they need to find the strength to overcome their malice if they're going to make it to the final. They are trying to take on everyone on their own, and not co-operating with the others. Raimon decides that they need work together, their dream is finished!

As Endou is dreaming of the match they have soon with Zeus. A player shoots and Endou uses God Hand, but a monstrous being suddenly appears and tears God Hand apart, leaving Endou in shock. Endou wakes up as if it was a nightmare and says to himself that he needs to get a lot stronger than he is now. Endou, feeling depressed, meets with others at Raimon telling them that it's useless trying to stop Zeus' shots with God Hand because he thinks it's not strong enough. He got mad, shouting at Kidou and saying that the normal "we can do it if we try" spirit is not enough. Everyone was in class and the teacher was calling Endou's name to answer question, but Endou was just daydreaming about Zeus' power.

Afterwards Aki goes to talk to Natsumi as she is very worried for him. But Natsumi just says to watch over him as it's not surprising for him to be nervous at a time like this. Ichinose and Domon enter the soccer club apologizing for being late. But it seems that the atmosphere there is very bad and dull. All the other members of Raimon are training, except Ichinose, Domon, Gouenji, Kidou and Endou. Gouenji asks Kidou if he thinks God Hand will work against Zeus' shots because he is the only one in Raimon to have witnessed the power of them. But Kidou says he's not sure, all he knows is that they must be more powerful than the Mukata triplets' shot, Triangle Z.

Kurimatsu and Kabeyama helped him save Triangle Z in the previous match and says the only reason he stopped it, was because of them two. He then doubts himself, saying he's not good enough to be captain or even the goalkeeper. Then Domon says that he should look in Daisuke's notebook for a new hissatsu powerful enough to stop their shoots. Then Endou reads out the details for the catch hissatsu Majin The Hand. According to Daisuke, its the most powerful goalkeeper technique he ever came up with. Endou points at the main part of the hissatsu and says it comes from the heart. The members who were training burst through the door, asking Endou and the others to join practice. They were the only ones that were psyched for the finals.

Gouenji, Kidou, Ichinose and Domon all turned to Endou. He got up with a fake smile and mentioned to do some training. Whilst everyone is tranining, Aki talks to Haruna about what Natsumi said. The scene changed to Fuyukai walking in an alleyway, wearing a cloak and a top hat, hiding most of his body & face. Onigawara was spying on him and then called his name. Fuyukai got scared and ran into a wall. Onigawara said not to get worked up and that he just wants to talk. Fuyukai looked left and right and hid behind Onigawara saying Kageyama is watching him, leaving Onigawara confused. Natsumi then meets with her father in the hospital and he said to watch out for any more of Kageyama's tricks. Endou is then seen training by himself, with Aki watching over him. Ichinose appears and Aki asks him if they should do something to stop Endou over exerting himself, but Ichinose says to leave him because thinks he will master Majin the Hand. Onigawara shows up at Natsumi's house to talk about something. She ask's if the rumor about Endou's grandfather, Endou Daisuke, was true.

But he just says they don't have any proof, but Kageyama was involved in Daisuke's death somehow. The next day starts and Endou is once again seen training by himself with the tire on the tree. So Gouenji and Kidou tag along to help him out. Endou is getting hurt from the powerful shots by Gouenji and Kidou, so Natsumi runs over to him to say he's working himself too hard. But Kidou just backs up Endou in saying he'll never stop until he's good enough, and so the painful training continues. Everyone ended up going to Hibiki's restaurant for some food and an ice pack for Endou. Endou asks Hibiki if he ever learned the move but he said he Gouenji and Kidou could never master it. He then says he thinks Endou can do it. Onigawara walks through the door and starts talking on the incident that happened 40 years ago with the Inazuma Eleven and says it links in with Kageyama as he was the one that made the bus crash. He then says that Kageyama may have also been involved with Gouenji's little sister; Yuuka's accident. He has a flashback of what Fuyukai said about Kageyama and he was only talking about a project he was making called Project Z. The scene changed to a mysterious place that looked like floating land. A boy was seen using a shoot hissatsu, but it was all in a dark room so it wasn't clear to what it completely looked like. It was so powerful that it broke the net and sent it flying along with it. Kageyama then appeared and says "Raimon Jr... just you wait".

Kageyama asks "Who is it that will win the Football Frontier?" "We of Zeus Junior High!" The Zeus team then drinks the Aqua of the Gods. Endou's mother yells "Mamoru! How long are you going to keep sleeping?" To which Endou replies "I'm already awake." to which Endou's mom turns around, only to find Endou eating bread. As Endou leaves for school, his mom looks at the picture of Endou Daisuke. Endou's mother fears that the same trajedy will happen to Mamoru. Endou is back at the training place, getting very hurt. Handa asks him what he is doing to which Endou replies that "Grandpa's notebook said that Majin The Hand came from here (refering to his heart), so I thought maybe I should strengthen my chest area." Handa replies "It could be talking more about your heart and lungs." Endou leaves excitedly but he left the machine on and Handa screams "Waaaaaaaaaah!" We find Endou trying to hold his breath by dunking it in a basin of water.

When he gets up for air, he finds Kageno right in front of him! Endou and the others are training when the managers decide to make onigiri for them. Apparently, Natsumi has never made onigiri before so the other managers help her. Aki shows her hissatsu "Double Rice Bowls!" Natsumi tries it and makes her first ever onigiri. Natsumi tells everyone to wash their hands only to find Kidou already drying his. Endou states that Natsumi's has a really weird shape and salty. Handa agrees that some were salty. As the day ends, Gouenji goes to visit his sister Yuuka. The next day Endou is up early again, much to the shock of his mother. Endou is training again. Kidou, Gouenji, Ichinose and Endou's mom are all watching him. The next day, at Rairaken, Hibiki gets a nasty surprise, Kageyama orders some ramen. But leaves claiming that Raimon has already lost. Endou is training with Kidou, Gouenji, Someoka and Ichinose. But before Endou can catch any of the shoots Aphrodi from Zeus blocks both without even using a hissatsu. He also declare that Zeus will win. Endou says that practice is like onigiri. Aphrodi finds this funny much to the annoyance of Endou. Aphrodi makes a shoot and Endou fails to stop it. Aphrodi then mysteriously disappears. Hibiki says that, at their current level they can never win.

The big game with Zeus is almost on top of them but Endou still hasn't mastered Majin The Hand. Coach Hibiki decided that everyone should spend the night at school as a sleepover training camp. When Endou gets home, he angrily tells this to his mother. As his mother tells him to take a shower, Endou doesn't respond so his mother goes upstairs. As she is in Endou's room, she sees Endou sleeping in his bed and smiles at him as she cover him with a blanket. On the day of the sleep over Endou is told to write his name on his underwear so his male classmates won't think it's their. Much to his annoyance, when he gets to school he sees everyone having a good time. While in the basement, the members of Inazuma Eleven brought a machine with them which was used by Hibiki to master the Majin The Hand which in turn didn't work out well for him. Endou practiced on it very hard and at last, he was able to complete the obstacle course with the help of his teammates. Gouenji, Kidou and Coach Hibiki used Inazuma Break a few times at Endou and Endou was able to stop the balls but still he didn't manage to master Majin The Hand. The team's aura was at first down, but after Otonashi's convincing that their soccer is to shoot more than the opponents did, everyone regained their confidence.

This is it, the finals of the Nationals has arrived. Zeus storm to an early lead of three goals and nothing Raimon does has any effect on them. However Endou still doesn't know how to unleashe Majin the Hand which makes things worse for him as the enemy team has three points still.

As Raimon are down by three goals and are getting clobbered by the Zeus. The situation looks completely hopeless and the clock is running down. All the players of Raimon are down by the unnatural strength of Zeus, who are using Aqua of Gods, which is a kind of water that gives a supernatural power to humans. All Raimon players have lost the hope and Aphrodi is striking the ball at Endou, but Endou is stopping each of them by his body. By seeing his strength, Aphrodi becomes impatient and shoots God Knows at Endou. However Endou suddenly realizes the secret to master Majin The Hand and stops the ball. Suddenly, all Raimon players become fearless and Gouenji and Kidou scores three goals, one after the other, and the score is tied. Then, with a combination of The Phoenix and Fire Tornado, Raimon scores the final goal and wins the match with the score 4-3.

An unidentified meteorite strikes the surface of Earth. In the center of the crater, a purple meteorite, eerily glowing purple, has strange energy emanating from it...

With the Football Frontier trophy in the air, Endou, who is Raimon's captain holds it high in the air. He, with the rest of his team celebrate their long-earned victory. Shishido, with permission from Endou, holds the trophy, where some other members glamour over it. They eventually start fighting over it when Kageno takes the trophy.

As Gouenji, and Endou, and the others are either watching this quarrel or talking about their victory, Endou suggests that Gouenji visit the hospital, adding, "Gotta let Yuuka-chan know we won, right?", then winked. He then extended his hand, thanking him, to which Gouenji shook, thanking him as well.

Endou then narrates as the narrator. Multiple flashbacks are the shown, including Raimon's first match against Teikoku Gakuen — where, following Gouenji's first appearance on the field with his Fire Tornado, Endou successfully caught Teikoku's Death Zone with God Hand. Kazemaru's recruitment to the team, the reason why Gouenji vowed never to play soccer again until his little sister woke up. Flashbacks of the Football Frontier matches begin to roll, including Hibiki Seigou becoming Raimon's new coach. After Raimon's tough victory against Teikoku in the Football Frontier, flashbacks of the Football Frontier nationals start, including Gouenji's past dilemma with his father, and the final battle against Zeus. At this point, the flashbacks end.

In Raimon's bus, Kazemaru asks Endou why Ichinose and Domon had left all of a sudden. Endou replies that they got a call from Kidokawa's Nishigaki right after the Zeus match ended, and the two of them went there to tell him about the match. Kazemaru says that he would tell the Athletics club about the match, as well. After some conversing, Natsumi asks what the team's plan is for their next fight, and what would they hope to achieve next now that Raimon was the best in Japan. To this, Kazemaru says he'd want to face the world, to which Endou exclaims that to "work on some hard training and become the best in the world". To this, everyone agrees in exclamation.

At the Inazuma General Hospital, Gouenji arrives at Yuuka's hospital room carrying a single, yellow flower. At his little sister's bedside, he says to Yuuka that he won. As he sets his bag down and begins to put the flower in the vase, which was sitting on a desk, Gouenji hears Yuuka's voice. As he turns around, he finds his sister, lying in the hospital bed with eyes opened. Shocked and glad at the same time, he goes over to the bedside and begins to tear up, repeating what he had said earlier to her, that he won.

The bus nearing Inazuma Town, Endou notices three, unidentified rotating glowing balls falling through the sky in the distance. Once the balls hit whatever was beneath them, a glowing, devastating explosion occurred from that very spot. At this point, everyone in the bus notices this.

Upon arriving at Raimon Junior High, the whole campus is completely destroyed. Endou, panicked, asks the school principal about what had happened. "A-Aliens!" was the answer to Endou's inquiry, in which the team was surprised. In a devastated voice, the principal says that aliens have attacked Raimon. Furukabu and the Inazuma Eleven lay, defeated on the ground. Batora, one of the members of that team, says that they had fought the aliens in Raimon's place, but they were no match against them. Furukabu says to Hibiki that he volunteered as goalkeeper, but the aliens were too powerful for him, saying that they challenged them to soccer.

A rumbling sound his heard, and three, black soccer balls, glowing a deep purple circle towards the ground, where, on top of the destroyed Raimon symbol, combine and create a sort of vortex, where three figures appear from in a blinding light, standing on top of the wreck which was once Raimon Junior High.

Startled and disbelieving, Endou asks the figures if they really were aliens when the light fades out. The one on the further top of the rubble smirks, then says that they "have come from the far planet of Aliea to act as messengers to Earth's people", and that they have decided to display their power in accordance to Earth's system. He states that that system is soccer, saying that soccer was a method that decided which side was a winner through battle. Following this, he says that if Raimon couldn't defeat them, then Earth would "cease to exist". To this, Endou gets aggravated and challenges them. Someoka steps in to argue that they were not going to not fight, to which everyone else on the team agrees with. However, the furthermost "alien" kicks one of the black soccer balls in the direction of Raimon's team. Endou starts to unleash Majin The Hand, but before he knows it, the rest of his teammates are blown back from the force, and he himself is hit by the ball. The ball does not avert its path, as it continues to fly in the direction it was kicked... towards the soccer clubroom. With another ball in hand, the "alien", along with his two other comrades vanish in a purple light.

What was once Raimon's soccer clubroom is now a pile of rubble and broken parts. Both Aki and Natsumi get a phone call, from Ichinose and her father, respectively. In Kidokawa Seishuu, the Mukata twins lay defeated, Nishigaki on a stretcher. Through cellphone, Ichinose tells Aki that the aliens were at Kidokawa, as well. On Natsumi's side, her father, Raimon Souichirou informs her that two aliens have just shown up at Kasamino Junior High, saying that the aliens are challenging them to a match.

At Kasamino's school grounds, Kasamino's soccer team, before their match against the "aliens", they forfeit in order to protect their school. However, they did not know by forfeiting, their school would be destroyed, which the aliens' captain began to do. Just as he started to kick the ball that was to obliterate Kasamino, the team of Raimon appear saying they want to fight in Kasamino's place. Even if Gouenji, Ichinose, and Domon weren't there, they still began the game without them, leaving Someoka as a 1-top. Right before the match, as Endou introduced the team of Raimon as Raimon Junior High's soccer club, the aliens' captain called themselves Aliea Gakuen, and his team, Gemini Storm. He then introduced himself as Reize.

At the beginning of the first half, the Raimon team advanced forward on the field, the members of Gemini Storm remaining static. Someoka then uses Dragon Crash, to which Reize easily blocked the shoot with one knee, as if it were a pass. He then made a shot for Raimon's goal. Before Endou was able to perform Majin The Hand, the ball was already in the goal, giving Reize's team the first point. Another of Gemini Storm's members gets through Kazemaru's Shippuu Dash in a flash, leaving behind a strong gust of wind. As Max and Kidou attempt to steal the ball, the member of Gemini Storm passes them with agile. Before Raimon knows it, the score is 12-0, Gemini Storm in the lead. Unfortunately, Shishido's leg gets injured, but almost immediately, Gouenji shows up at a convenient time, replacing Shishido's position. With Gouenji back on the team, they are able to use Inazuma Break.

As Kidou, Endou, and Gouenji using their combination hissatsu shoot, Inazuma Break. As the shoot nears Gemini Storm's goal, their goalkeeper simply yawns and easily stops the shot with just one hand, saying that it "was a pretty laid-back shoot". The whole team of Raimon is shocked, as well as the team of Kasamino, who were watching the game from behind a wall. Gemini Storm's goalkeeper then throws the ball back onto the field, where another member of his team captures it in mid-air, who kicks the ball towards the goal. Kabeyama then uses his block hissatsu, The Wall to block this shoot, but the ball smashes into his face, sending him, along with the ball, into Raimon's goal, earning Gemini Storm another point. With the score now at 16-0, the team of aliens are still overpowering Raimon by a great amount. Raimon attempts another shot — Dragon Tornado, but to no avail, it's blocked by Reize, who sends the shot in the opposite direction, right towards Kageno Jin, who, like Kabeyama, is sent into the goal, along with the ball. When Someoka says that Raimon's hissatsu techniques don't work on the "aliens" to Kidou, Reize steps in and says, "You call those hissatsu techniques? That only shows your limits." To this, Someoka gets angry, along with the rest of his teammates, to which Endou retorts, "We don't have any limits!"

After this, Gemini Storm begin to play violently. During this series of attacks, Reize makes a single kick, which hits almost every team member on the way to the goal, eventually getting into the goal in a flash, leaving a cloud of smoke. When it clears, Endou is shown to be badly injured. The referee — one of Kasamino's members volunteered to be the referee — reluctantly blows the whistle, which earns Gemini Storm yet another point. While Kazemaru checks on Endou to assure that he was okay, another shot from the opposing team hits his body and scores a goal. As Endou lies on the ground, face-down, more and more shoots from Gemini Storm score goals, Endou suddenly opens his eyes, seeing his whole team, most likely very wounded, lay across the field, in front of the goal. When he tries to stand up, he falls again, trying to drag his body to reach the soccer ball that sits in front of him. Reize stands above Endou, then lightly kicks the ball into Raimon's goalpost. With the team members badly wounded, the team of Kasamino watching in shock, the referee tearing up and refraining from blowing the whistle that ends the match, Reize declares the game set. He immediately prepares a black soccer ball, who then uses it demolish the Kasamino Junior High building.

Back at Raimon Junior High, Domon, Ichinose, and Aki face the destroyed building. Aki explains to them that it was a one-sided match — that Raimon's hissatsu techniques had no effect on them, that the members with the most severe injuries were being hospitalized.

Endou wakes up, to find himself in his bed, at his house. He tries to get up, only to feel the injuries that the aliens had inflicted upon him and his teammates in the past day. Then, realizing reality, he gets up to hold his grandfather's picture in his hands, apologizing for not winning. Afterwards, as Endou stuffs himself with riceballs, a news reporter is broadcast on television, reporting the destruction of junior high schools in multiple districts, that "witnesses and victims all claimed that the perpetrators declared themselves to be aliens, and that they came as messengers from Aliea Gakuen and the planet Aliea". As the reporter goes on, Endou finds Aki across from him — his mother saying that she came worried about him. When Endou asks Aki what had happened after the demolition of Kasamino Jr. High, she answers with somethings that makes Endou bolt out of the house in an instant.

Endou finds Handa, Kageno, Max, Shishido, and Shourin at the Inazuma General Hospital, them either saying that they were okay, or that they had gotten injured because they hadn't trained enough. Although Endou, in a positive tone, says that he understands all of their feelings, though they should heal from their injuries first, declaring that he would take revenge for all of them, Aki notices his hands shaking.

At the destroyed school grounds of Raimon, Aki and Endou visit the remains of the soccer club room. A moment later, Endou finds Gouenji standing across from him, who glances at Haruna and Kidou, who were standing near them. Aki and Endou then find Natsumi standing parallel to them. As she picks up the club room's sign and dusts it off, Endou says that he won't forgive Aliea Gakuen, that soccer isn't for people to break things and hurt people with, that he'd show the aliens what true soccer is. To this, Kidou and Gouenji agree, and so does the rest of the Raimon team, who had been at the site as well. Natsumi steps in and says that the Raimon Eleven doesn't have enough members, and there wasn't enough time to wait for the ones that were currently being hospitalized. Hibiki, standing along with the school's principal, announces that Raimon would have to just do it. The school's principal tells the team of Raimon to come with them.

Hibiki brings the team to the Inabikari Training Center. Endou's expecting that the team would have to train here in order to power up and fight against the aliens, but Hibiki answers with a "not quite".

Going down an elevator, the team finds the chairman, Raimon Souichirou, at the bottom level, saying that he was glad that the Raimon Eleven was safe. He then initiates a speech about "gathering a team of eleven and create the strongest soccer team on Earth", to defeat Aliea Gakuen. Endou, along with his teammates are confident about this. Their expressions quickly change when Hibiki says that he wasn't going on the mission. He introduces Raimon's new coach, Kira Hitomiko. As she enters the scene, she complains to the chairman how she was going to train "a bunch of spoiled kids who couldn't do anything without their coach". Raimon's captain speaks up, saying that their loss against Aliea Gakuen would make them stronger.

At the Inazuma General Hospital, Gouenji carries a big, stuffed bear to Yuuka's hospital room, where he says he won't be around for a while, saying that she can think of the stuffed bear as him. Upon leaving her room, he finds three strangers who want to have a talk with him. Gouenji recognizes them, as the one of the men say that they "work under those who endorse the will of Aliea Gakuen.

In a new location, Narashika Park, a statue is beginning to be presented to represent hope for worldwide peace. The ribbon is cut, and the statue — a deer — is revealed to the crowd, as applause follows. Something strange then occurs, as three, black objects fall from the sky. One of the balls destroys the head of the statue, the two others destroy some other small structures. From behind one a piece of the statue that had fallen onto the ground, Zaizen Sousuke, the Prime Minister of Japan, along with a bodyguard, is called to by Sousuke's daughter, Touko, along with two other bodyguards. From above, one of the bodyguards find Reize, with two other aliens, introducing themselves as messengers from Aliea Gakuen. The Prime Minister takes Touko, along with some other bodyguards, leaving three bodyguards to deal with the aliens. Sousuke and the others find the three strangers that Gouenji had met at the hospital. Touko uses a hissatsu, The Tower to defeat them, but instead finds the strangers unaffected, her bodyguards defeated, the strangers vanishing along with her father.

Raimon is called to a report on Narashika, where the aliens have recently been. When Souichirou tells the team of Raimon that Aliea Gakuen has also kidnapped the Prime Minister, everyone is shocked. Gouenji then arrives, late. Later, the Inazuma Caravan is introduced to the team, being equipped with everything to provide them with a base. Endou finds the club room sign on the steps of the bus, with Hibiki telling Endou that the Inazuma Caravan would be Raimon's new club room. With everyone sit inside the caravan, — Furukabu as the driver — the platform that the caravan was sitting on rises, and Raimon's soccer field folds and expands to reveal a road from underground. With the Inazuma Caravan having taken off, the team takes on a brand-new goal.

Once Police cars are parked in the middle of the road. Police officers scour and investigate a certain area — and they're blocking the road, thus blocking the Inazuma Caravan's path. As Kira Hitomiko is arguing with one of the officers, the Raimon team is watching from the caravan. Endou suddenly gets up, then declares that he's going to beg the policemen. Even as Aki protests that the coach told them to stay in the caravan, Endou continues to storm off the bus. Natsumi then calls her butler to connect her to her father. As the policemen are telling Hitomiko that outsiders aren't allowed in, before Endou gets a chance to talk to the policemen, one of the policemen calls someone with their walkie-talkie. He reports that a soccer team was out in front of the gate, but the person on the other end replied to let them through.

At Narashika Park, the team of Raimon stand in front of the statue — that was once meant to represent hope for worldwide peace — that has had its head taken off from one of the black soccer balls of Aliea Gakuen. Just when Raimon arrives there, Natsumi ends her phone call.

Endou suggests that the team look for clues, and they start to scour the place, except for Hitomiko and Natsumi. Natsumi asks a general question; What is it that Aliea Gakuen wants? Kira simply looks ahead, having an mixed expression that seems to consist of disgust, revenge, and inquiry.

Megane and Kabeyama walk through a forest, with Megane asking where Aliea Gakuen had come from. As Kabeyama eats a snack, Megane proposes a theory in which the planet of Aliea has far heavier gravity than on Earth, thus the reason why the "aliens" can jump so high. After this explanation of his, Kabeyama offers him a cracker. At that moment, someone — or something swipes it away from his hand. The two look through the bush to find — the rear end of a deer. They presume this to be an alien, then dash out of the forest out of extreme fear. They accidentally fall into the river, as a deer begins to eat one of the cookies that Kabeyama had presumably dropped onto the ground while running, then walks off. Megane emerges out of the water, calling for Kabeyama. Kabeyama, however, is floating face-down on the water, his eyes on what looks to be one of Aliea Gakuen's black soccer balls. He begins to flail, shouting that he has found a clue.

Endou hears this, and the group is soon gathered around the soccer ball of Aliea Gakuen's. Endou tries to lift the ball, but as he's overwhelmed by its massive weight, he drops it onto the ground, and it lands with a thud. Everyone is shocked at this, with Endou recalling that the members of Gemini Storm could kick this ball with extreme ease. Just as they begin to contemplate on it, a group of security police appear at the scene, accusing the Raimon Eleven of being aliens, this accusation triggered by the fact that the black soccer ball was with them. The team of Raimon try to protest, but someone else — a girl with pink hair — interrupts and points out the Aliea soccer ball. Even as Raimon keep countering back, the girl is still unmoved. She then looks around at the team, then gets an idea. She suggests that she would put Raimon to the test, if they really were aliens or not, through soccer. Endou accepted this challenge out of fury.

Haruna pulls up her laptop to search up the team they were playing against. It turns out that the security police are not only bodyguards of Prime Minister Zaizen, but they're also a soccer team — the SP Fixers, enhancing their bodies through soccer. Kurimatsu worries over having to play against adults, and he and Kabeyama ask their coach for advice. Hitomiko only replies to them, to do what they want for the time being. In response, Kurimatsu and Kabeyama are hopelss, and Kazemaru turns to Endou. Kidou says that she probably wants to see how Raimon plays, since the match against the SP Fixers is the first match that she will be commanding them. Endou's ready for the match, but Ichinose steps in to ask what formation would they use for only ten people. Endou proposes to tighten the defense, but Raimon's game strategist — Kidou — says to put both Kazemaru and Domon as midfielders in order to strengthen their offense, saying that it was "times like these that getting the first goal is essential". The whole team is prepared for the match, and the match against the SP Fixers begin.

Aki and Haruna notice shaking in the bushes, Kakuma Keita, Raimon's previous commentator for the Football Frontier preliminaries in the first season, emerges out of, riding on a bike, declaring that "where there's the Raimon Eleven, there's Kakuma's live commentary!"

The match starts with Raimon's kickoff. Someoka immediately barges deep into the opponent's side of the field. Gouenji passes the ball to Ichinose, who speedily gets through two SP Fixers players. The ball is sent to Someoka, but just as he advances towards the goal, three defenders block him with their defense hissatsu, Body Shield, and the ball goes outside of the sidelines. With Gouenji in possession of the goal, another defender successfully performs a block hissatsu, Profile Zone against him. The team of the SP Fixers are exceeding the team of Raimon with their plays. Endou throws the ball to Someoka, who uses his Dragon Crash shoot to score a goal.

However, it's blocked by the opponent's goalkeeper using Safety Protect. The SP Fixers begin to advance into Raimon's side of the field, and Kidou orders Kazemaru to mark them. The girl with the pink hair gets pass Kazemaru with flexibility. She passes the ball to Tateno, who, with another midfielder, performs their combination dribble hissatsu, Aikidou. The ball's sent to another midfielder, who, with a forward, shoots towards the goal with Tkachev Bomber, but Endou punches this away with Bakuretsu Punch. Hitomiko seems impressed, with a contented look on her face. Just as Someoka prepares to use Dragon Crash again, the girl from earlier uses her block hissatsu, The Tower. Only a few minutes from the end of the first half, Someoka attempts to shoot at the goal, but misses. The first half then ends with a score of 0-0.

The pink-haired girl mocks him, calling him an alien, then walks away. Endou then compliments Someoka for his efforts and tells him to keep it up for the second half. Hitomiko orders for Someoka, Kazemaru, and Kabeyama to be put on the bench, adding that the rest of the members would cover up for their spaces. Everyone is appalled at the coach's orders.

Raimon's formation in the second half comes to quite a shock, them playing with only seven members. The pink-haired girl complains to Kidou if they were mocking them, but Kidou says that their formation is a part of their plan. When the whistle blows, it's the SP Fixers' kickoff. Kidou violently steals the ball from them, then notices that the back of the opponent's side of the field is open. As Kidou dribbles past another member along with Ichinose, Kidou kicks to Gouenji, but the pass is blocked by the pink-haired girl. Despite this, Kidou manages to kick the ball outside of the sidelines. Endou calls to Kidou if he's okay, him responding that he is and telling Endou to continue protecting the goal. Raimon's players are moving at a dizzy pace, covering up their lack of people with large movements. Thinking to himself, Kidou's able to move much easier than before. He looks at Hitomiko, where Someoka complains and glances at her with a look of disdain., then "hmph"s. She then calls the managers to prepare ice packs for the three benched players.

It turns out that Someoka, Kazemaru, and Kabeyama were injured, thus being the reason why coach Hitomiko benched them. Hitomiko, looking back at Kidou, Kidou realizes why it was easier to move on the field without them, and that it was easier for him to strategize the game. Endou and Gouenji see this as well, realizing the same thing.

With a few minutes remaining on the clock, Raimon continues to block passes, dribble past the opponent, and successfully catch any flying shots. Struggling to keep up, Domon and Megane try to mark the pink-haired girl, who passes to Kagami to perform a shoot hissatsu with another forward, Kisoku. Security Shot is blocked by Majin The Hand. This is when things turn around, in favor of Raimon. He kicks the ball to Kidou, who passes to Ichinose. Imitating the formation of The Phoenix, the three — Ichinose, Domon, and Endou — run up as the pink-haired girl uses The Tower. Instead of using The Phoenix, Ichinose passes the ball to Kidou, then encounters a defender. He performs his dribble hissatsu, Illusion Ball to get past him, then kicks to Gouenji. He shoots with Fire Tornado, which scores Raimon a goal. The match then ends, with the team members of Raimon celebrating their victory.

The pink-haired girl admits that her team had lost the game, but added, "Nothing less from the best in Japan, the Raimon Eleven!" Endou takes in this compliment for a second, before he realizes that she know all along that his team was the team that won the Football Frontier. Everyone is shocked at this. Afterwards, the pink-haired girl introduces herself as the Prime Minister's daughter. She tells the team of Raimon that she wants to save her father, but in order to do so, she needs strong people to help her, which is why she forced Raimon to have a match; as a test. The Prime Minister's daughter apologizes for testing Raimon, but Endou says it's okay. She wanted Raimon to help her find her father and to fight the aliens, to which Endou and the others agreed to. Endou introduces himself, and the pink-haired girl introduces herself as Zaizen Touko. They shake hands.

A screen sitting in Narashika Park displays Reize, making a public announcement, declaring that it's meaningless to defy Aliea Gakuen. Kagami Houko, one of the members of the SP Fixers, receives a reply from her headset. She then tells everyone that the broadcast is coming from Narashika Television. In a flash, everyone arrives at Narashika Television, where a dark aura resides at the roof of the building. The group arrives at the roof, just in time to find the team of Gemini Storm, with their captain walking towards a black soccer ball, engulfed in a purple aura. Endou calls the captain's name, and Reize looks back, with a dark smirk.

Once Raimon's match against Gemini Storm begins, the problem yet again is that they are still fast. Raimon is having a hard time, but Kidou finally sees the pattern and they finally pass it to Gouenji, but Gouenji fails to get a goal to which everyone was shocked. Then, Gouenji and Kazemaru use Honoo no Kazamidori, but it missed the goal again.

Afterwards in the second half, the coach changed the position by bringing everyone up, leaving the defense field open, to which everyone was shocked. This makes Gemini Storm attack even fiercer than before. At the end of the match, Reize uses Astro Break and defeats Endou. Gemini Storm won the match in the end.

After the match, Endou is badly injured and have to stay in the bus for treatment, and the others are very upset about things just happened. Someoka gets very angry at coach Hitomiko 's strange command, but Kidou calm him down and tell him the reason for that command. Endou also step outside and tell everyone that coach Hitomiko did that to help him train against Gemini Storm's shots, at the end Endou was able to see the ball coming.

However, just when Endou finished his words, another shock came for Raimon . The coach asked Gouenji to be removed from the team, to which he accepted it quietly. Although Endou has tried his best to convince Gouenji to stay, Gouenji's mind still not changed. He walked away, leaving a shred of tears behind. Endou then shouted to him that he will always be waiting for Gouenji to come back.

Zaizen Touko decided to join Raimon officially. Endou thought they should stop by the Japanese Parliament Building for Touko to which she was happy about. Afterwards everyone trained in isolation from one another because they did not want to listen to Coach Hitomiko's training plan. After training they went to a hot spring and as they took off their clothes suddenly Touko barged in, wanting to take a bath with the rest of the team. Everyone shouted and laughed about this later at the hot spring. Kabeyama and Kurimatsu told a joke afterwards and made everyone laugh at the camping site. Then, everyone went to sleep. The bus moved toward to the legendary ace striker's place. On the way, around the Northern Ridge, they met a boy freezing in the snow and they invited him in. Not long, a bear attacked and shook the bus and suddenly the boy disappeared out of the bus. When he was back, smiling, he stated that it was safe to continue their journey. Then they dropped the boy in front of the house. When the unnamed person saw a huge pile of snow was blocking them as soon as the bus left, he kicked the ball he bought with a huge energy and blew away the snow, which on the next episode was revealed to be Fubuki Shirou, the ace striker they were looking for.

Raimon was excited and surprised when they finally met Fubuki Shirou, but was he really good as everyone said? There's only one way to find out, and that's to play a match against him. But unknown to them is that he is the person that had saved them before. Later on everyone participated in doing a snowball fight while Kabeyama and Megane were making snowman. Kazemaru, Kidou and Domon did snowball hissatsu's when they threw their's they called them Shippuu Snowball and Twin Snowball.

Later, when the match started, Raimon was surprised that Fubuki was not a striker but a tough defender. He blocked Someoka's Dragon Crash without using any hissatsu technique. He also stole the ball from Someoka by using his hissatsu Ice Ground. After he stole the ball, he suddenly "changed" and rushed toward Raimon's goal. He passed through the defenders and Domon's Killer Slide easily. After that he used Eternal Blizzard and it broke through Endou's God Hand.

Raimon has a match against each other. When Fubuki stole the ball, he became Atsuya and didn't want to pass the ball to anyone. Then the match stopped and Someoka commented about Fubuki's plays. When Fubuki said something to him, Someoka became angry and wanted to hit Fubuki but Domon and Ichinose stopped him. Then, Kazemaru asked how Fubuki got so fast. Fubuki asked him to follow him and they arrived at a snowboard hill. He then showed his talent for snowboarding. When he finshed, Raimon wanted to do some snowboarding too but some Raimon members weren't doing well on snowboarding and Someoka doesn't want to join.

That night, they got dinner but the food wasn't much to eat. After that, Kazemaru and Endou had a talk on top of the Inazuma Caravan. Kazemaru wanted power and said he wanted to use the Aqua of Gods. Endou was shocked about it and said Kazemaru doesn't need it at all.

The next morning, Kazemaru and Endou wanted to go snowboarding but then sees Someoka is snowboarding. When they all three are snowboarding, a snowball comes to Endou and he smashes the snowball to pieces and all three is shocked. Endou says that he has never felt this sensation. Later they have a snowball fight and unknowingly to them Fubuki is watching them and have a flashback. Later that day, Someoka challenged Fubuki to decide who is the ace striker. Later the match started. Fubuki stole the ball but Someoka steals the ball back and shoots but the ball hit the goalpost. Then Fubuki turns into Atsuya and wants to score but when he sees the squirrel he slowed down, which causes Someoka to steal the ball made a goal.

After the winning the Raimon team gathers around Someoka, congratulating him, but Fubuki doesn't seem disappointed about his lost. He is smiling and looked to the squirrel on a tree branch.

The next day, Raimon and Hakuren stand on the field and wait for Gemini Storm. When Gemini Storm arrived, Endou challenges them for a fight.

Raimon started their match against Gemini Storm and Fubuki Shirou joined the Raimon team, he promised his old teammates in Hakuren that he will protect them.

The match started and everyone is still having a hard time against Gemini Storm. But then, they were slowly getting used to the speed of Gemini Storm slowly, and they finally got the ball from them with Kazemaru, who made a fast cut. From this moment, Raimon was just as fast as Gemini Storm.

Someoka then used Dragon Crash to score a goal but failed to do so, then as Gemini Storm pushed on, Fubuki stole the ball by using Ice Ground. He displayed his speed and got the ball easily. Then, Gemini Storm changed their attack pattern, and Reize used Astro Break. Both defenders use The Wall and The Tower but failed to block it. Endou used Bakuretsu Punch, but failed to block it.

Then, at the start of the second round, they put Fubuki on forward, and he stole the ball again. Then, when he neared the goal, he turned to Fubuki Atsuya's personality and headed towards the goal. Ichinose realized that the opponent had habits before they passed the ball, so he used Flame Dance to steal the ball. Someoka then shoots with Wyvern Crash and scored a goal.

With this, the opponent used Universe Blast to score, but the other two defenders used The Tower and The Wall and decreased the force of the ball, with this, Endou used Majin The Hand and blocked it. Then, Raimon attacked again, Fubuki uses Eternal Blizzard and scored. Raimon won the match. Natsumi then said to Gemini Storm "third time's the charm".

Then, another team from Aliea Gakuen, called Epsilon, came and stated that they got exiled Gemini Storm and they will wait their match against Raimon. At the end, it was shown that Kageyama Reiji escapes jail once more.

Just when everyone thought the earth had been saved, Aliea Gakuen attacks once more, this time with Epsilon. These guys really mean business, and they're going to beat up Manyuuji in Kyōto. A new member is entering the team by the help of Haruna?

After the crushing defeat of Manyuuji Junior High, Raimon step up to take them on, with Kogure Yuuya helping out on Otonashi Haruna's urging. The results are strange and disheartening, but also encouraging in a way. They're going to have to do a lot of hard work though!

Coach Hitomiko called Manyuuji coach to ask to bring Kogure back. The coach says that Kogure must follow the way that he choose. Later Hitomiko received a e-mail from Hibiki that Kageyama has escaped and must go to Ehine. Kidou is angry about it. Later Touko asks about why Kidou is so angry. Kidou explain that Kageyama wants to destroy Raimon.

Later, Raimon buys in Ehine some food to eat. Then Fubuki asks if Teikoku Gakuen was a strong team to Someoka. Someoka explains that they are so powerful that in the first match between Raimon and Teikoku they can't do nothing, but after a hard training they finally beats Teikoku. Later, Endou received a call from his Mom about his homework. When Endou saw Fudou he ask to him is he playing soccer too but Fudou kicks the ball to Endou and says there are late. Natsumi and Aki arrived Endou and Natsumi asks who is that guy. Then Hitomiko says that he is Fudou of Shin Teikoku and that he send that e-mail. Endou asks why but Fudou didn't answer but instead he answer to follow him.

Later when they arrived the refuge and then a huge submarine appears and Kageyama has show his face. Later he calls Kidou to come in. Kidou gets in and Endou has follow him. On the field, Kidou and Endou are shocked because Kageyama has turned Genda and Sakuma against them. Kidou asks why they now working for Kageyama. Sakuma answer that they want power and that Kidou has betrayed them. Kidou apologies for that but Sakuma kicks the ball into Kidou's stomach hard.

Later the match starts. Sakuma says they have a secret Technique. Kidou hopes it isn't that Technique. Fudou passed the ball to Sakuma and Sakuma shoots Koutei Penguin 1gou.

The episode begins with Sakuma using Koutei Penguin 1gou and screaming in pain. Endou tries to block it using God Hand but he fails. Kidou tries to make Sakuma stop using Koutei Penguin 1gou because it is forbidden, surprising Raimon. Sakuma refuses and says if it's for the sake of winning, he'll use it as many times as it takes. It turns out Koutei Penguin 1gou is a technique Kageyama Reiji created.

While it has ferocious offensive power, it sends searing pain through all the muscles in your body. So they sealed it off as a forbidden technique never to be used again. If someone uses it twice in a match, they'll reach their limit. A third time would make it almost impossible to play soccer again. The same goes for Endou, if he takes that shoot head on again, he won't be able to stand! Raimon's strategy now is to make sure Sakuma doesn't get the ball. Kidou, Ichinose and Someoka use Koutei Penguin 2gou but it fails against Beast Fang, another forbidden techniqe. Fudou makes a shoot but it is stopped by God Hand. Sakuma and Genda say that Kidou doesn't understand, that only victory has value. The first half ends here.

Coach Hitomiko orders Fubuki to go on forward. As the second half begins Someoka shoots using Wyvern Crash but it's actually a pass to Fubuki. Fubuki uses Eternal Blizzard to score and Genda doesn't have time to react! When Someoka attacks again, Fudou makes a violent play and injures Someoka. Fubuki is about to punch Fudou when Someoka stops him, saying he'll be removed from the game. Aki says that Someoka can't play the rest of the match and Endou says to switch Megane in. Megane says he can't because his leg injury has not healed yet. Someoka says not to switch him out but, even if he may be useless, to let him stay on the field. As the match continues, Fudou steals the ball from Kogure and violently attacks Ichinose. Sakuma gets the ball and uses Koutei Penguin 1gou again but Kidou tries to stop it but fails and Endou uses Majin The Hand to stop it.

Sakuma says that he won't stop and that he was always envious of Kidou and that now he has power and he can surpass him. Sakuma uses Koutei Penguin 1gou a third time but is stopped by Someoka. Fudou passes to Sakuma but Sakuma collapses. With this the match ends in a tie. Coach Hitomiko calls a rescue squad for Sakuma. Kageyama tells Fudou that he is useless and second-rate. The stadium activates some kind of self-destruct button but... where's Kidou?! Kidou is talking to Kageyama and Kageyama says that Kidou is his best creation and Onigawara drags him off in a helicopter while Kidou is furious at Kageyama. Sakuma thanks Kidou for opening his eyes and promises to play soccer with him again. Coach Hibiki asked Coach Hitomiko that she was wrong, that a coach is suppose to protect the players. Coach Hibiki asks him what's motivating her and Hitomiko replies,"I have to win". But Hiroto was watching... The episode ends. In the English dub, while explaining to Raimon Kidou says Koutei Penguin 1gou is a forbidden technique.

Difference Between Anime and Manga

  • In the manga, when Endou is training he shockingly uses real live Boars for his training sessions. But in the anime, he uses huge Wheel Tires.
  • In the manga, Endou eats breakfast with his parents. But in the anime, he eats breakfast alone while rushing to school.
  • In the manga, Endou's mother isn't strict at all. But in the anime, Endou's mother is strict.
  • In the manga, Endou is a bit of a hothead with a loud voice, and a fiery personality. He also has a lot of determination and confidence including to be emotional as well. But in the anime, Endou is a soccer lover and a cheerful goalkeeper. He is the type of person who never gives up and always thinks of others before himself - therefore he could be described as happy go lucky.
  • In the manga, Natsumi is shown to be more forceful and sadistic when it came to disbanding the Raimon soccer club, up to a point where she nearly bulldozed the soccer club itself by taking it down. But in the anime, she goes from all haughty and mighty to caring and dedicated to others.
  • In the manga, whenever Natsumi ends off a conversation, or after she has a point ready to be said so that the soccer club would be disbanded, she laughs by saying "Ho ho ho". But in the anime, this isn't shown.


Theme Songs

  • "Tachiagari-yo" (Ep. 1 – 26)
  • "Maji de Kansha!" (Ep. 27 – 54)
  • "Tsunagari-yo" (Ep. 55 – 67)
  • "Katte Nakou ze!" (Ep. 68 – 87)
  • "Good Kita!" (Ep. 88 – 107)
  • "Bokura no Goal!" (Ep. 108 – 127)
  • "Seishun Oden" (Ep. 1 – 26)
  • "Seishun Bus Guide" (Ep. 27 – 50)
  • "Ryusei Boy" (Ep. 51 – 67)
  • "Otakebi Boy Wao!" (Ep. 68 – 87)
  • "Maji Bomber!!" (Ep. 88 – 101)
  • "Shining Power" (Ep. 102 – 112)
  • "Mata ne... no Kisetsu" (Ep. 113 – 127)


  • Season 1 (Ep. 1 – 52)
  • Season 2 (Ep. 53 – 101)
  • Season 3 (Ep. 102 – 127)

Voice Cast

  • Sarah Hauser as Endou Mamaru, Kino Aki & Natsumi Raimon
  • David Lee Mckinney as Gouenji Shuuya
  • Griffin Burns as Kazemaru Ichirouta
  • David Lee McInnis as Megane Kakeru & Afuro Terumi
  • Dave Bridge as Kidou Yuuto
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Fubuki Shiro & Nagumo Haruya
  • Andrea Kwan as Zaizen Touko & Urabe Rika
  • ??? as Kudou "Fuyuppe" Fuyuka
  • ??? as Otonashi Haruna
  • ??? as Handa Shinichi
  • ??? as Kudou Michiya
  • ??? as Hidetoshi Nakata
  • ??? as Domon Asuka
  • ??? as Shishido Sakichi
  • ??? as Kira Hitomiko
  • ??? as Hibiki Seigou
  • ??? as Raimon Souichirou
  • Richard Magarey as Kabeyama Heigoro
  • ??? as Shourinji "Shourin" Ayumu
  • ??? as Kurimatsu Teppei
  • ??? as Kogure Yuuya
  • ??? as Tobitaka Seiya
  • ??? as Utsunomiya Toramaru
  • Lizzie Waterworth as Tsunami Jousuke
  • Scott Evans as Someoka Ryuugo
  • ??? as Kuusuke "Max" Matsuno
  • ??? as Edgar Valtinas
  • ??? as Teres Tolue
  • ??? as Mark Kruger
  • ??? as Dylan Keith
  • ??? as Fidio Ardena
  • ??? as Hidetoshi Nakata
  • ??? as Mac Roniejo
  • ??? as Fudou Akio
  • ??? as Daisuke Endou
  • ??? as Young Fubuki Shiro
  • ??? as Young Endou Daisuke
  • ??? as Endou Atsuko
  • N/A as Endou Hiroshi
  • ??? as Gouenji Yuuka
  • ??? as Hijikata Raiden
  • ??? as Kageno Jin
  • ??? as Genda Kojiro
  • ??? as Suzuno Fusuke
  • Michael Pizzuto as Midorikawa Ryuji, Sakuma Jirou & Kiyama Hiroto
  • Lucien Dodge as Saginuma Osama
  • ??? as Yamino Kageto
  • Richard Magarey as Tachimukgi Yuuki
  • ??! as Rococo Urupa


  • In the English version of the anime, Mark's full name letter initials are the same as his Japanese version name.
  • The title of episode 1 is a reference to Endou's catchphrase: "Sakka yarou ze!" aka Let's Play Soccer.
  • In the English version of episode 2, Axel refers to his little sister as "Yuuka", despite the fact that her real name is Julia.
  • In the English version of episode 5, Mark refers to Kevin's signature hissatsu as "Dragon Crush".
  • This anime is in first place with the most episodes, as it has 127. GO has 47, Chrono Stone has 51, and Galaxy has 43. Whereas Ares has 26 and Orion has 49.
  • Tobitaka Seiya shares the same first name as Pegasus Seiya from the anime series with the same name.

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