I'd Stick With You is a song feature in The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2.
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The song is sung by Quasimodo (Tom Hulce) and Zephyr (Haley Joel Osment). The meaning of the song shows how strong the bond of friendship is between them.


The song starts after Quasimodo, and the others came to the circus to see Saroush's circus act. After the show ends, Zephyr and Phoebus noticed that Quasimodo couldn't keep his eyes off Madellaine, since he had fallen in love with her. Zephyr asked Quasimodo if he will forget about him, and Quasimodo tells him no including that he'll always be there for him, which makes Zephyr happy. As the song plays, Quasimodo and Zephyr both fail to notice that Madelliane is spying on them. While Quasimodo is rocking Zephyr to sleep, Madelliane sees how gentle and kind Quasimodo is to the young boy. Thus Madelliane finally conquers her fear of Quasimodo's deform face.


Zephyr : You mean if I'm ever in any kind of great big mess or trouble
Quasimodo : I'd be right there we'd be a pair
Zephyr : You mean you'll never leave alone we'll always be a double we two
Quasimodo : That's the arithmetic I'd stick with you
Zephyr : just say we're hanging by a rope above an evil witch's brew pot
Zephyr : It's bubbling blue with sticky goo, our ropes give way and we make a splash inside her stew pot of glue.
Quasimodo : even if your sticky stick I'd stick with you
Quasimodo (Speaking) : I'm sticking with you
Zephyr (Speaking) : hey no fair
Quasimodo (Speaking) : can't help that we're stick together
Zephyr yawns: best friends
Quasimodo (Speaking) : and we always will be...always

Zephyr yawns again, and falls a sleep on Quasimodo's back. Quasimodo then picks Zephyr up off his back, and rocks him while he is asleep.

Quasimodo : Through all the thin and thick
Quasimodo : Closer than frack and frick
Quasimodo : We two will do the trick I'd Stick With You
Quasimodo : Fast the clock can tick
Quasimodo : I'd be there just as quick, no one I rather pick. I'd Stick With You


  • This is the last song that Quasimodo sings in the sequel. The first is Le Jour D'Amour, and the second is An Ordinary Miracle.
  • This is the first, and only song that Zephyr sings in the sequel.

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