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Hunter × Hunter (ハンターハンター) is a old school hit Japanese anime series created by Japanese author and illustrator, Yoshihiro Togashi.

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He is known for creating YuYu Hakusho as well. The story focuses on a young boy named Gon Freecss, who discovers that his father, Ging Freecss, who he was told was dead, is actually alive. His long lost father is a world renowned Hunter, a licensed profession for those who specialize in fantastic pursuits such as locating rare or unidentified animal species, treasure hunting, surveying unexplored enclaves, or hunting down lawless individuals. Despite being abandoned by him since he was a infant, Gon departs upon a journey to follow in his footsteps, pass the rigorous Hunter Examination, and eventually find his father. Along the way, Gon meets various other Hunters, and also encounters the paranormal. The show aired in Japan on October 16, 1999 to August 18, 2004. This television series was also licensed by Viz, and the Funimation Channel aired it in 2009.


Kite is shown riding on a boat as it approaches a island. Meanwhile Mito is seen talking about Gon with her mother while retrieving the clothes hanging from the clothesline. She is worrying about her nephew, but Abe convinces her that Gon will be alright. Soon after Kite comes in the bar where Abe and Mito work at, Abe tells Kite that they ain't open yet but he tells her that he is in a hurry. So Abe gives him his favorite drink, and Mito comes downstairs but is surprise to see Kite since she didn't know that he was a customer. However Kite pays for his drink and leaves.

While in the forest, Kite is walking when he hears a bear's voice. He comes to see a giant Foxbear lunging at Gon, who cannot run since his leg is trapped by thick vines. Just when the bear is about to hit him, Kite attacks the bear and kills it in an instant. He then frees Gon by cutting the vines trapping his leg. When Gon stands up, Kite punches him in the face, making him fall again. Kite then starts to scold him about the danger of entering that forest at that time of year and asks him if his father had taught him something that basic. Gon tells him that he has no parents and that he is taken care by his aunt. Kite feels sorry for him, but Gon tells him that he doesn't need to. Kite then tries to kill the cub, but Gon immediately protects it, by telling Kite that he will raise it. Seeing the familiar determination in Gon's eyes, Kite lets him be.

Late at night Gon gets back home to find Mito scolding him for being late. But when she sees Gon's body full of scratches, she stops and asks what happened to him. Gon lies by telling her that he fell in the forest. However, Mito does not believe him; so she pushes Gon out of the house and closes the door. She tells him that she won't let him in unless he tells her the truth. Gon apologizes and tells her that he was attacked by a Foxbear, so Mito lets him in. She then tells him to get ready for dinner. Soon after Mito watches Gon asleep in his bed. While at a bond fire, Kite sees the foxbear cub sleeping next to its dead parent.

The next morning, Gon is seen digging a giant hole to bury the Foxbear that Kite had killed. After digging, he tries to push the bear into the hole but to no avail. So Kite helps him push it, therefore managing to get the bear into the hole. While the cub is drinking milk from a plate, Kite introduces himself to Gon and tells the boy that he is a Hunter. He also explains what a Hunter is and that he is looking for his teacher as his final test. He then asks Gon about his father, to which Gon replies that he knows him only by his name, Ging. Kite tells the boy that his father is still alive and that he is his teacher, as well as the best Hunter in the world. This shocks and surprises Gon overall.

Back at home, Gon asks Mito about his father, but Mito refuses to tell the truth and only replies that Ging is dead. The next day, Mito is seen trying to burn Ging's stuff, but her mother tells her that she will regret it later. Mito says that she is scared that Gon is going to leave her, but her mother encourages her that every boy will leave their mother one day and follow in his father's footsteps. Later that day, Gon shows both Mito and Abe the Hunter Exam Application Card. This surprises them and he tells them that he wants to take the Hunter Exam. However, Mito does not allow him to unless he is able to catch the Master of the Swamp within a week. Gon tries to catch it for days, but to no avail.

One night upon coming home late yet again, Mito tells him to just stop trying. But Gon refuses and says that he will become a Hunter and find his father. She tells Gon that his father abandoned him when he was a baby to continue being a Hunter. This shocks Gon, but she also tells him that she hated Ging for causing her sister (Gon's mother) so much pain, since then she hated Ging for being a hunter since he didn't care about his own family.

After hearing all this, Gon still insists on finding him and says that being a Hunter must be a job that is worth continuing even at the cost of neglecting his own child. However after hearing this, Mito admits that Gon is Ging's child after all, and leaves him. She closes the door and sadly stands in the hallway while her mother looks at her.

The following day is the last day of their agreement. While eating with Abe, Gon asks Abe where Mito is but Abe tells him to eat. Soon after Mito arrives with something. She gives Gon a fishing rod that Ging used to catch the giant fish. While being confident with his new rod, and eager to catch the Master of the Swamp, Gon leaves the house and heads to the swamp. Later that day, Gon catches the fish by using a huge tree to do it. Soon after he presents the giant fish he has caught to his aunt. He then shows her the Hunter Application Card and asks if he could take the Hunter Exam now as promise. Reluctantly, Mito gives her permission and enters the house by telling him to do whatever he wants, and leaves. That night she watches Gon sleep in his room, and sadly closes the door.

On the day of departure, Mito admits that she lied to him all this time about Ging. She tells him that she took him away from Ging by fighting for custody of him in court. However, Gon already knows that she was lying. Because she doesn't look at him when she lies. Upon hearing this Mito sadly hugs Gon, and he tells her that she will always be his mother no matter what. After he bids farewell, he sets off in a small boat, leaving his home to begin a new journey. That night Mito stops working and hears his bedroom window. She goes to his room and sees it completely empty. While looking at his room, Mito wishes Gon good luck and sadly closes the door.

As Gon searches for the ship for his next destination. He roams around Whale Island and sees an event where a Hunter is involved. He is inviting an opponent for an arm wrestling match. But Leorio steps in and challenges the Hunter. However, the man lost for he became weak due to hunger. Gon, noticing this, gives him an apple and asks him about the ship heading to Dolle Harbor. Leorio ignores him and just keeps on walking, until another man approaches Gon tries to lead him to a false location of the ship, and so Leorio steps up and teaches the man a lesson.

Gon, while being persistent, follows Leorio. The man tries to escape from him, but Gon is too slick for him. He then decides to just ignore the child following him as he continues to walk. Desperate to satisfy his hunger, Leorio steals some fish from a fish stand because its vendor went to catch a thief. Gon is displeased by Leorio's action, so he stops following him. A while later Gon sees Leorio eating when suddenly, a thief steals his briefcase. Gon uses his fishing rod to bring back his briefcase. As a sign of gratitude, the man tells Gon that Kaijinmaru is the ship heading towards Dolle. Gon thanks him and leaves which makes Leorio happy.

The ship arrives at Whale Island. Meanwhile Leorio is seen mopping up a certain place, as he is temporarily working for somebody who seems to have business with the 'hunter' from the event before. Gon continues his search for the ship until he is accidentally reeled into a place where different kinds of rare animals in cages are on display for the public. Meanwhile, Leorio continues to work as he spies on his boss and the hunter, eavesdropping on their conversation.

The people panic as Gon approaches the Foxbear in the cage. Gon recalls a memory he had with his friend Konta and feels sorry for the Foxbear in front of him, which easily grows fond of Gon. The people around him are impressed. Then the Hunter along with owner (Leorio's boss) comes and confronts Gon. The Foxbear sees its cub in the cage the Hunter is holding. It gets mad and tries to attack the Hunter, but is unable to inflict damage because of its cage. The hunter shows his true intent of making money, making Gon wonder if this is what Hunters really are. The hunter then captures Gon.

Gon is imprisoned along with the foxbear, but with the Leorio's help, he is able to get out of the cage. Leorio then gives him the keys to all the cages, so he frees all the animals. The owner and the hunter sees the animals running freely and approaches Gon. The Hunter prepares to attack Gon when Leorio appears and punches the Hunter's face, knocking him unconscious. He then shows Gon the guy's fake Hunter license.

The two run towards the ship heading to Dolle Harbor, but the ship has already embarked and left the shore. Seeing the still after the ship, the Captain tells them that they are already too late and that he won't stop the ship for them. Gon gets an idea and tells Leorio to follow him. Gon uses his fishing rod to get both of them board the ship. They were successful, and Leorio finally tells Gon his name. As Gon bids Whale Island farewell, the Captain says that he won't be bored this year.

As Gon and Leorio along with other participants set sail towards Dolle Harbor aboard the ship called "Kaijinmaru". The Captain and his crew observe the participants, one of the participants and one of the ship's crew puts on a show. Seeing this, the Captain decides to throw the participant overboard. He then tells the rest of them that the people he doesn't like will have to jump off from his ship.

However Gon impresses the Captain by catching a rare fish, and predicts an impending storm. The Captain asks about his father's profession, to which Gon replies that he is a Hunter. The Captain asks Gon additional information about the storm before ordering his crew to lower the sails. Just before the storm, a glowing thing called St. Elmo's fire catches the attention of all the people aboard the ship. A blonde-haired guy explains its cause, and the Captain adds that all sailors who see St. Elmo's Fire can't return alive.

As the storm finally comes, the Captain observes and tests the participants, and majority of them failed to pass. Only three participants survived the storm, while the others got seasick. The Captain asks for Gon, Leorio and Kurapika's names and their reason for wanting to become a Hunter. Gon answers the captain's questions, but the two refuse to give their answer for different reasons; until the Captain tells them that the Hunter exam has already begun the moment they got aboard the ship. Hearing this, the two then answers his question.

However Leorio feels disrespected by Kurapika for calling him only, "Leorio" and not, "Mr. Leorio" so he insults Kurapika's tribe. Both infuriated with the other, Kurapika and Leorio steps outside for a duel. The Captain tries to stop them, but Gon tells him to let those two fight to be able to find out what makes them hate each other. Meanwhile, the ship's crew learns that there is a crack on the ship's main mast. The battle between Kurapika and Leorio then starts as Katzo makes his way to the top of the mast to fix it. During their fight, lightning strikes to where Katzo is and falls down straight to the ocean. Kurapika and Leorio try to save him but Katzo was already out of their reach.

However, Gon suddenly jumps out from the ship and catches Katzo. Kurapika catches Gon while Leorio holds Kurapika to completely save all of them from getting swallowed by the angry ocean. Leorio and Kurapika tries to scold Gon for his reckless behavior. Then Gon asks them about their duel. It seems the two both forgot about it already, and so they apologize to each other. Due to their actions, the Captain then tells the three that they all pass, and that he will take them to Dolle.

The Ship drops off the three at Dolle Harbor. As a special tip, the Captain recommends they head towards a lone cedar tree on top of a mountain. However, they discover that the path towards the cedar tree is in the opposite direction of Zaban City, the site of this year's Hunter Exam. Suddenly, an examinee named Matthew tells them that they should take the bus if they want to head directly to Zaban City. Leorio decides to take the bus while the rest head towards the tree.

The bus is a trap, so Leorio abandons it and decides to catch up with Gon and Kurapika. Meanwhile, Matthew fakes a sprain in his ankle, so Gon carries him and even goes to get some medicinal herbs for him. Thinking this would just waste time, Matthew continues on without Gon and eventually gets lost. He comes across an angry rhinoceros, and fearing that it will hurt him, he tries to threaten it with his weapon. But Kurapika appears to stop him, and soon after Gon comes along to assure them that the animal was just nervous because they invaded its territory. However, Leorio appears and hits the rhinoceros, causing it to chase him.

After Gon sends the rhino away, the four continues on their way until they reach a town. Gon and company then encounter the Quizzing Lady and some masked children whom all appear around them. The Quizzing Lady tells them that to get to the lone cedar, they should go through the town, but not after answering her two-choice quiz. Matthew volunteers to go first, showing his true colors. He answers the old lady's question, and he was allowed to pass through the town.

While hearing the quiz given to Matthew, Leorio argues with the Quizzing Lady for there seems to be no right answer to her quiz. Kurapika figures out the trick to the quiz and tries to explain it to his friends, but the Quizzing Lady forbids him to. As Kurapika chooses for them to take the quiz, they were given the question. No one answers. This angers Leorio, so he tries to hit the old lady with a stick. Kurapika stops him, telling him that silence is the answer. Kurapika explains the trick, two children open a side door.

The Quizzing Lady tells the three to take this path, which leads to the cedar tree. She also tells them that the couple living in the house beneath the tree are navigators who would lead them to the Exam Hall.

As Gon, Kurapika and Leorio continue on the test, by taking the path given to them by the Quizzing Lady, which is actually a dark tunnel with a lake at the end. The three take the only boat to pass through the lake as they discuss about impressing the navigator. Just as Leorio tells them his best asset is his courage, a giant sea snake appears from underwater. He then grabs the paddles from Kurapika and Gon and rows so fast ashore.

The trio continue on their way until they arrive at the cabin beneath the cedar tree. No one answers when they knock, so Leorio decides to open the door only to find the couple being attacked by a Kiriko. The Kiriko kidnaps the wife, so Kurapika and Gon follow them. Kurapika tells Leorio to take care of the wounded husband. Gon, thanks to his ability to see well in the dark, was able to catch up to the Kiriko. Discovering that it can talk, Gon says it would be easier. He was able to hit the magical animal with his fishing pole, causing it to drop the woman. Kurapika catches her, while Gon continues to run after the magical animal. The woman regains consciousness and asks Kurapika about her husband. The tattoos on her arm make Kurapika suspicious of her.

Just then, Leorio shows up. He asks about the husband, and so Leorio answers he is sound asleep. Kurapika then hits him. It turns out that a Kiriko was just posing as Leorio. It questions Kurapika's actions, to which Kurapika replies that he would've done the same thing to the real one for leaving the wounded husband behind. As it leaves, Kurapika asks who the woman really is. She admits that she is a magical animal then asks Kurapika how he was able to find out. Kurapika replies that her tattoos were a sign of an ancient Sumi tribe woman swearing to God to be his wife and to stay single for life.

The real Leorio, after treating the husband's wounds, is out to get some medicinal herbs on top of a plain. A Kiriko suddenly grabs the rope he is holding onto and threatens to make him fall. However, Leorio notices the needle mark on the Kiriko's right arm and realizes that it was the husband all along.

Meanwhile, Gon confronts a Kiriko, which tells him that it would take a lot of cost to pay him back. The Kiriko then proceeds to attack the boy, but Gon does not dodge, for he says he does not owe that Kiriko anything. He says it wasn't the same Kiriko he was after because of the difference in their faces and voices. The Kiriko, amazed, then calls its husband. Soon after, Kurapika and Leorio are gathered at the same place. It turns out the couple and the beasts are a family and the navigators. They all find the group worthy of continuing to the next test, so they take the trio to the Exam Hall.

The trio of Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio were led by a navigator to the Exam Site, which is a small restaurant. Inside, the navigator tells the password to the man behind the counter to gain access to the back room. They were given their number badges by the navigator as he wishes the rookies good luck before he leaves. The room, turns out, is actually an elevator leading to the site of the first phase of the Hunter Exam. They are befriended by Tonpa, an examinee who has taken the Hunter Exam for 35 times already. Suddenly, another examinee, Hisoka puts on a show because a man bumps into him and does not apologize. Tonpa warns the trio about Hisoka.

Just then, an alarm rings and the examiner for Phase One, Satotz, appears and announces the end of the call for applicants, thus the start of the Hunter Exam. The first phase is a seemingly endless forced run through a tunnel as they follow Satotz, who is leading them to the site of the second phase. As the exam progresses, a boy named Killua annoys Leorio because he is using a skateboard while the rest of them are running. Gon and Kurapika defend him by saying it is not against the rules. Killua, however, stops using the skateboard and runs along with them.

They then reach a fork. Everyone turns left, which makes Leorio curious, especially since Gon smells something sweet coming from the right side. Three hours later, they reach another fork, and Gon smells the same scent from the right tunnel. Just then, they notice Leorio getting weak, and so he eventually stops running. Gon, Kurapika, and Tonpa stops as well. Killua tells them to leave Leorio, telling them that Leorio fails. However Gon replies that Leorio is their friend, so he asks Tonpa what to do to help Leorio. Tonpa suggests that Leorio could recover his strength through the sweet scent from the right tunnel, claiming it to be the scent of the healing cedar tree.

He takes Leorio with him and goes back to the right tunnel. Along the way, they see another examinee, Nicole, who has stopped running because of exhaustion, so Tonpa tells him to come along. Meanwhile, Gon and Kurapika decide to follow after Leorio and Tonpa, telling Killua to continue on the first phase without them. As Tonpa, Leorio, and Nicole reach the right tunnel, Tonpa leaves the two, revealing his true colors as 'Rookie Crusher.'

As the exam continues, Gon and Kurapika find Tonpa lying on the ground. They ask what happened, and Tonpa replies that there is a trap inside the tunnel where Leorio is. But actually, Tonpa is tricking them to fall into the trap as well.

Inside the tunnel, Nicole and Leorio start to see hallucinations. Nicole passes out for a brief moment, while Leorio follows an illusionary shadow he calls Pietro, an old friend of his who died because of illness. In the illusion, he enters a room where he sees Pietro in his deathbed. However, he could still hear Pietro's voice talking to him, asking him to cure him. Meanwhile, as Gon and Kurapika continue searching for Leorio, Kurapika gets affected by the sweet scent surrounding the tunnel, which causes the illusions. Gon then carries Kurapika on his shoulders since he was unable to move. Tonpa, on the other hand, is running to catch up with the other examinees when he sees Killua, who threatens to kill him. Killua then follows after Gon. When he arrives, Killua kicks the blonde to make him snap out of the illusion. Killua then explains that the sweet scent surrounding the tunnel is from the sap of the Illusion Tree.

Meanwhile, Leorio is still stuck in an illusion. It turns out that Pietro died because there is not enough money for his operation. Leorio wants to become a Hunter so that he could pay for the expenses involved to be a doctor and then cure sick people like his friend. But Pietro discourages him and asks Leorio to just come with him. Leorio apologizes, telling Pietro that he does not want to die without trying anything. In the end, Pietro encourages him to become a fine doctor.

Just then, an explosion snaps Leorio out of his hallucination for Gon, Kurapika, and Killua have destroyed the sap-covered walls. The four of them then uses the same technique to catch up with the rest of the examinees. They soon reach the exit and stand before the Milsy Wetlands, also known as 'Swindler's Swamp'. Satotz warns them about the various creatures inhabiting it. Just then, a man appears carrying a creature in a cloth. He claims to be the real examiner, which causes confusion among the examinees.

The man claiming to be the real examiner divides the examinees' opinions. Leorio asks the man for proof, so he reveals the creature he is carrying. It is a Man-faced Ape, which looks just like Satotz.

This agitates many examinees even more until Gon comments that this might be part of the Hunter Exam. Kurapika steps up and says that the real examiner has his Hunter License. The man says his Hunter License was stolen by Satotz. Hisoka settles the problem by attacking both the man and Satotz, saying that the real proctor would be able to dodge that mild attack. This confirms Satotz is the real Examiner.

They continue with Phase One, which is to follow Satotz through the Numere Wetlands to the site of Phase Two. The marathon gets harder for some, running on swamp mud and coping with the fog that's forming. Killua warns Gon that they should run faster in order to get away from Hisoka, who is itching for a kill. Meanwhile, Kurapika and Leorio are stuck at the back of the line, which puts them in danger when animals of the Wetlands start to attack the examinees.

Moreover, Hisoka decides to play examiner and eliminate those he thinks are not worthy to continue with the exam. Gon, despite being in the front of the line, worries about his friends enough to go back for them. Meanwhile, only three examinees remain after Hisoka's killing spree: Leorio, Kurapika and Pokkle. Pokkle tells the two that they should run in different directions on his cue to avoid being killed. They run, but Leorio comes back to take Hisoka head on. However, Hisoka is too quick for him. Just when Hisoka is about to kill Leorio, Gon attacks him with his fishing pole. Hisoka then turns his attention to Gon.

Leorio tells Hisoka that he is Hisoka's opponent, but Hisoka just knocks him down with one punch. Gon tries to attack Hisoka, but Hisoka easily catches him by the neck. He stares at him for a while and then tells him that he passes and lets him go. Just then, someone calls Hisoka. He carries Leorio and tells Gon that if he wants his friend back, Gon should catch up with him. Gon and Kurapika run after Hisoka, which, in the end, leads them to the site of the second phase, the Visca Forest Reserve.

The clock strikes twelve, and the doors open to reveal the Phase Two examiners, Menchi and Buhara, who are both Gourmet Hunters. Menchi announces that the subject of Phase Two is cooking, which causes a fuss among the examinees. However, they are left with no choice but to take it anyway.

Phase Two consists of two parts. First the examinees must cook what Buhara orders, and those who pass that test are allowed to proceed cooking Menchi's order. Buhara's order is a whole roast pig, so the examinees start hunting for the Great Stamp. The examinees easily catch a pig for themselves and present it roasted to Buhara. He then eats all seventy whole roast pigs, passing all seventy examinees.

The second part of the test is cooking Menchi's order, which is nigiri sushi. This troubles the examinees for they do not know the dish. Menchi then allows them to enter the building in front of them. Inside are cooking stations for each examinee. She further explains that they could prepare as many sushi as they would like in the time allotted. The exam would end once she's full.

One examinee, Hanzo, is thrilled for he comes from the country where sushi is a traditional dish. Leorio and Kurapika discuss about nigiri sushi, with Kurapika telling Leorio that they need fish. Leorio is too loud, which irritates Kurapika and makes him raise his voice loud enough for the others to hear. In the end, they all rush out to catch fish in the pond.

Leorio is the first one to finish and present his work to Menchi. However, he is not able to get the right shape, which Menchi points out as an important factor for her to taste their finished product. The examinees start to line up with their dishes, but not a single one is able to get it right either. Alas, Hanzo steps up and presents the nigiri sushi with the right shape. However, it does not taste good, so Menchi tells him to do it again. Hanzo loses his temper and blurts out how to make nigiri sushi. As a result, the rest of the examinees are able to make nigiri sushi the right way and so they immediately line up to present their work to Menchi. However, none seems to pass Menchi's taste. What's more, she easily got full, so she announces the end of the test and passes no one, which angers the examinees.

Menchi's decision of not passing anyone angers majority of the examinees, particularly an examinee named Todo, who even insults Gourmet Hunters. This irritates Menchi and Buhara, so Menchi decides to show Todo what a Gourmet Hunter is really capable of, saying she'll give him a farewell present.

She goes out to hunt for moss from a Big Horn Bear, which she minces and sprinkles over rice once she gets back. Todo refuses to taste it, so Gon eats some. Menchi explains the danger that Gourmet Hunters are getting into just to look for fine ingredients like those. However, Todo and two other applicants attack her. Buhara stops them and is about to get serious on taking on Todo, but Menchi tells him to not interfere and fights Todo instead. Satotz steps up and tells Menchi that there is something wrong with her decision, but she still continues to be stubborn.

Just then, Chairman Netero's voice is heard. Everyone sees the Hunter Exam Committee's airship arriving, and so they all rush outside. The Chairman suddenly jumps from the airship, creating a huge crater on where he lands. He then proceeds to talk to Menchi about what's wrong in her decision. Menchi apologizes and says she is not fit to be a proctor anymore. The Chairman then proposes a retest where Menchi should take part in through a demonstration.

Menchi announces that the subject of the retest is boiled egg, which puts the examinees at ease. The examinees go to Mt. Split-in-Half through the airship, where they have to get an egg of a Spider-Eagle from the depression, and then boil it. Menchi demonstrates how to get an egg, Once she gets back, the other examinees follow her example. Some are able to hang onto the webs, some fall to the river below, especially when the Spider Eagles start to arrive.

Todo tries to outwit Gon. Despite this, Gon still helps him for he almost falls into the river. In the end, Todo comes back up with nothing, for Gon is able to get his egg back. The examinees who successfully got themselves an egg proceed to boil it in a large pot. Buhara accidentally gives a signal, so no examinee over boils his egg. They get to taste the boiled Spider Eagle egg, and they all find out how delicious it is compared to an ordinary egg. Menchi then announces the end of Phase Two. 42 examinees pass.

The examinees get to ride the airship towards the site for the next phase. They are set to arrive at their destination at 8 am the next day, which gives them free time. Kurapika and Leorio uses this time to sleep, while Gon and Killua explore the ship. Meanwhile, the examiners discuss their opinion about the examinees.

Gon and Killua finish exploring the ship and decide to take a rest by the window. The night view of the city from above catches Gon's attention, which makes Killua tell him about his family of assassins. Gon believes him, which Killua finds surprising. Just then Killua senses someone watching them, but when he tries to catch the person, he only finds an earring. The two then proceed to the airship's cafe to drink tea.

Meanwhile, Menchi gets a call that a disqualified applicant has snuck into the airship. This stowaway, named Anita has a grudge against the Zoldyck Family, for one of its members is sent to kill her father, a trader who managed a spice mine. She attacks Killua, a member of the said family, but is stopped by Chairman Netero and takes her away. Killua walks away, but Gon follows him and insists that he wants to know Killua more despite him pushing Gon away. Just then the Chairman appears. Gon asks him about Anita, to which the Chairman replies that she will be severely punished and might not be allowed to take the Exam again. Gon asks him not to forbid her from taking the exam again, and the Chairman agrees on the condition that Gon and Killua would win against him in a game. Moreover, the Chairman offers to give both of them a Hunter License once they win.

The game is to get the ball from the Chairman. The game ends once they reach their destination. Killua goes first, and soon realizes that the old man is faster than he looks. And so he uses a technique unique only to assassins in order to get the ball from the Chairman.

However Killua's trick does not work, and neither do the rest of his attempts to get the ball from Chairman Netero. He switches with Gon, but he does not get the ball from the old man either. Killua tries again, but still does not succeed. The Chairman then suggests that Gon and Killua team up, and they do so. This time, they almost outwit the Chairman because he underestimates Gon, but the old man still manages not to lose the ball.

Suddenly Killua gives up and leaves the room, but Gon stays to try to finish the game. Anita tells Gon that he has no chance against the old man, for the Chairman barely uses his right hand and left leg yet still manages to move at a great speed. However, Gon insists on playing the game, saying he'll make the Chairman use his right hand. This irritates Anita and leaves the room, telling she'll go back to her cell, but actually she just follows after Killua.

Meanwhile, Killua's killer instincts are starting to take over again. He is confused also because Gon says he wants to know him more. He mumbles to himself, which wakes up an examinee and tells him to shut up. Killua then kills the man. Anita sees this and attacks him, accusing Killua as her father’s killer. Killua almost kills Anita when he remembers that Gon is still trying to win against the Chairman in order to lift the charge against the girl, and killing Anita would make Gon mad. In the end, Gon is able to get the Chairman to use his right hand and left leg, and so he celebrates as if he has won. Gon falls asleep afterwards, so the Chairman asks for the pilot to fly a little slower in order to give Gon a rest. The charges pressed on Anita are lifted off too.

As they reach their destination, Killua returns Anita’s earring and tells her the truth about her father. A few moments later, Beans explains that Phase Three will take place at the top of Trick Tower, where they currently are, and that they have to get to the bottom of the tower within 72 hours.

So Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio try to think of a way to get down from the top of the tower. One examinee, who is a rock climber, tries to climb down the tower, but gets captured by large flying creatures. Kurapika suggests that there might be a door that could lead them down to a lower level of the tower. Seeing that the other examinees seem to have the same idea, the four spread out to find a door.

Gon and Killua soon find a door and call for Leorio and Kurapika. They discover that a door has a self-lock function once a person already used it. Luckily, Gon is able to find more than enough doors for them, which are close to each other. They picked their doors and bid farewell, thinking that they would be separated from each other from there on. However, once they jump down the door, they find out it all lead down to the same room.

Luckily Gon sees a table with five timers. It turns out that they have to take the ‘Path of Majority Rules’ to get out of the tower. They cannot start until there are five of them in the room, so they wait until Tonpa arrives from the top of the tower. A wall opens once Tonpa wears his timer and they start on their way out of the tower. Right from the start, Tonpa tries to sabotage the four by choosing an opposite option from them.

Soon they reach a battlefield, where five prisoners are waiting for them on the other side. They have to fight the prisoners in one-on-one matches, where they have to win three out of five matches to pass through. The prisoners are hired by Lippo, the jailer and the examiner for Phase Three, to stall the applicants from reaching the bottom of the tower. For each hour they stall the applicants, their prison years will be reduced. The first one to fight from the prisoners is Bendot, a muscular robber and murderer. Meanwhile, Tonpa volunteers to fight first from Gon’s team.

When both fighters get to the battlefield, Bendot suggests a death match, to which Tonpa readily agrees. In the end, Tonpa loses to him by admitting defeat. They then proceed with the next match with Sedokan and Gon as the second fighters.

For the next match, Sedokan, a serial bomber, shows two candles to Gon. Both of them should hold one candle, and the one whose candle goes out first loses. He then reveals the full appearance of the candles. One of these is short, and the other is long. He lets the group choose by majority rules. Kurapika tells Gon that they would go for his decision, and so Gon chooses the long candle.

They light the candles at the same time. It does not take long before Gon's candle starts to burn fast, while Sedokan's does not. Gon's candle becomes shorter than Sedokan's, and because it's too hot to hold, Gon drops it to the ground. However, the fire is still burning so strong, which gives Gon the idea that it would not be put out so easily, unlike Sedokan's. So he runs over to where Sedokan is standing and blows his candle. Kurapika goes to the battlefield for the next match, where he will fight Majitani, a con artist. He tries to scare off Kurapika with the nineteen heart tattoos on his chest indicating the people he has killed. He then proposes a death match and threatens the blonde, saying that he will not stop beating him even after he surrenders. Kurapika agrees to the condition, which surprises Majitani.

Majitani attacks with his right arm, which is made of steel, but Kurapika easily dodges it. Majitani then shows Kurapika his spider tattoo, and starts to talk about the Phantom Troupe. Seeing the spider is enough to make Kurapika angry and turn his eyes scarlet. Majitani freezes in fear, and Kurapika punches him so hard that Majitani passes out. However, Bendot says that the match is not over, for it is a death match, and Majitani is just unconscious. Kurapika, meanwhile, does not want to continue beating up Majitani. This causes Leorio to get desperate and raise a discussion in the group. In the end, Leorio gets angry and sulks in a corner.

It has been a few hours of waiting for Majitani to regain consciousness. So, Leorio steps up and offers to check if Majitani is still alive. However, Bendot proposes a bet on whether Majitani is still alive or not, using their time as chips.

Meanwhile, Hisoka walks through the tower when another examinee challenges him to a fight. This examinee holds a grudge against Hisoka, who gave him the scars on his face. He attacks him by throwing four blades at him at the same time. Although he manages to cut through Hisoka's shoulder, he gets killed by Hisoka in the end. He continues on his way and eventually reaches the bottom of the tower first. Back at the battlefield, Bendot further explains the mechanics of their betting. If Leorio accepts the challenge, Bendot would let him check if Majitani is still alive. Leorio does, and bets on ten hours that Majitani is still alive. He and Bendot comes over to the battlefield, and Leorio finds out that Majitani still has a pulse.

Leorio continues to check Majitani's eye, and then proceeds to choose a topic for their next bet, which is betting whether Majitani is really unconscious or not. Bendot bets on twenty hours that Majitani is really unconscious, and then asks how Leorio could confirm it. Leorio then picks up Majitani and stops by the edge of the battle field and threatens to drop Majitani. Bendot agrees, but then bets forty hours that Majitani will wake up. When Leorio is about to let go of him, Majitani wakes up and runs back to the prisoner's side. Gon's group won the match, yet they lost forty hours. For the next match, Leorio volunteers to fight, while a girl from the prisoners' side steps up to be his opponent. She then proposes that they continue betting for their match.

Betting is the subject of the next match. Leorio's opponent, Leroute, a former psychologist, gets to choose the betting topic first, and proposes they bet on her gender. Leroute tells Leorio if he can verify if she's really a girl by allowing him to touch her body. Leorio then bets ten hours that Leroute is a man, just so he could touch her.

It's Leorio's turn to decide the betting topic, but he can't think of something to bet on. This is where Leroute tries to torture Leorio mentally. He easily gets caught up in her psychological trap, but soon gets back to his senses when Gon hits him with his fishing pole. As he still cannot think of anything, he just proposes to decide the match by janken (rock, paper, scissors). Leroute accepts, betting on all their time. At first there was a draw, but in the end Leorio loses their remaining ten hours. This ties both teams at 2-2, and at the same time Gon's group loses the 50 hours they wagered.

For the next match, Killua steps up to fight the last person from the other group, who turns out to be Johness the Dissector, an infamous mass murderer in Zaban City. He rips his victims' bodies into shreds with his bare hands only. Despite the warning from his teammates though, Killua decides to fight the guy. The condition of their match is that whoever dies is the loser. As Johness was about to close in on Killua, the boy easily digs out Johness' heart and crushes it, leading to the victory of Gon's group. They're then able to pass, but of course they have to stay in a room to spend the fifty hours they lost in the bet.

Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, and Tonpa are sent to a room where they have to spend the fifty hours they lost in the bet. Once fifty hours is over, they continue on their way using the majority rule, with only nine hours left. Tonpa, of course, has been constantly trying to sabotage the group by pressing the opposite button from the four.

Afterwards they reach a room full of weapons and two doors marked with an X and an O. The first door leads to a long and difficult path that all five of them can take. Meanwhile, the second door leads to a short path that only three persons could go through. It would only open once two persons are handcuffed to the wall. However, the long path will take forty-five hours to reach the exit, while the second path will take them to the exit in about three minutes.

They then argue about who will be left out, especially Leorio and Tonpa. After much discussion, Tonpa decides to handcuff himself to the wall, but Killua and Kurapika see through his real plan. Tonpa attacks with an ax, aiming at Leorio first. Leorio dodges, making Tonpa's ax crash onto the floor. This gives Gon an idea, and so he stops the two from fighting.

They all choose the long and difficult path, and Gon proceeds to destroy the wall with an ax to get to the other side, which is the short path. The rest of his companions take turns helping, and they succeed crashing through the wall. With only three minutes left, they all reach the bottom of Trick Tower just in time. The examiner for Phase Three, Lippo, then introduces himself and tells the examinees that they will be riding an airship leading them to the site of the next test.

The examinees ride the airship that leads them to a crescent-shaped island full of shipwrecks. They land on an abandoned warship that has been turned into a hotel. An old couple, Banner and Genner, welcome the examinees and tell them that they have received a message from the Hunter Committee to let them rest until the next phase, which will begin in three days. However, they have to pay in advance for their rooms, which cost ten million Jenny each. Having no money to pay a price like that, the examinees are offered an alternative payment method, which is to find treasure among the shipwrecks surrounding them. The type of their room will be according to the value of the treasures they are able to find. And so they set out to find valuable treasure among the sunken ships.

As Kurapika finds a treasure for himself, he sees a familiar ship, which happens to be a ship of the Kurta Clan. Inside, he finds a legendary Golden Kurta Pendant, which gives protection to anyone who wears it. Kurapika presents it to the couple, however it's not that valuable. However, Kurapika says that he does not intend to exchange it for money, but instead wants to know about the ship he has found. But Genner says he has nothing to tell him about it. The old man gives back the pendant to Kurapika, as well as a key to his given room.

As all the examinees finally got a room, they each attend to their own business. Some examinees exchange rooms with the others because they either don't like their given room or their roommate. One of these is Leorio, who exchanged rooms with Hanzo, Kurapika's roommate. Kurapika, meanwhile, goes back to the ship to burn it along with the pendant, in memory of his clan, the Kurta. Leorio follows him, and so Kurapika explains the Scarlet Eyes of the Kurta to him.

By nightfall, the examinees settle to rest for the day. However, in the middle of the night, they wake up to find that the airship that is their only means of departure is already leaving, along with the old couple.

Morning comes and the examinees continue waiting for the airship to come back. Hanzo tells them that the managers left all the treasure in their room and they discuss whether this is a part of the Exam. Ponzu then calls for them to come to the radio room, where Pokkle is checking for radio signals. The radio is still working, but they cannot pick up any signal because they are in the middle of nowhere. Gon starts to hear something, but then dismisses it. Hanzo then proposes that they search the ship for clues.

Leorio finds compasses that are equal to the number of examinees; Hanzo finds measuring tools; and Kurapika finds a map to Zevil Island. This stirs up the other examinees to go to the island, especially when Geretta tells them the drinking water is low. Hanzo believes in Kurapika's idea of being cautious, so he tries to talk some sense into the other examinees while Gon, Killua, Leorio, and Kurapika continue to search the ship.

After some time, Leorio manages to convince some examinees to cooperate with them and choose a leader. Thus, they choose Hanzo, while Kurapika will be second in command. Meanwhile, Gon and Killua find the ship's logbook, which they show to Kurapika. It contains information about Zevil Island. However, Ponzu and Pokkle report from the radio room that there is a change in the atmospheric pressure. They look out the window and notice that the atmosphere is distorted. As Kurapika checks the logbook again, they find out that there is a phenomenon that happens once every ten years, which will occur that night.

A waterspout and a whirlpool has emerged and the examinees on ships to get to Zevil Island are being pulled in. Kurapika stops Gon from saving them, but once he sees Geretta being pulled in as well, Gon suddenly jumps into the sea to rescue him. Killua, Hanzo, and two other examinees, ride a boat to go after Gon. Gon uses his fishing rod for Killua to tie to a rope. In the end, they all come back safely because the rest of the examinees pull them back up to the battleship. The strong storm calms down later, but then Kurapika warns them about a second storm twenty four hours away, which will wipe out everything they see.

The examinees discuss how to get to Zevil Island, yet considers it a problem that there is no ship strong enough to withstand the second storm that could take them to the said island. Gon proposes that they could use the battleship they are in because he and Killua have discovered that the engine is still working. Kurapika suggests that it could work depending on the conditions of the ship and the time they have left. And so the examinees check the condition of every part of the ship.

However, Hanzo finds a blueprint of the ship and a manual. Using the blueprint, they plan to dislodge the ship from the rocks surrounding it. An examinee named Kyu offers to use explosives to help. The bow is also jammed in against a huge rock, so it needs to be blown out using the gun turrets of the ship. This will allow the ship to become buoyant. Leorio volunteers to get the abandoned artillery he found underwater. Pokkle and Ponzu volunteer to get the engines running. Gon and Killua then volunteers to take care of the seaweeds growing around the propellers. Meanwhile, Kurapika tries to figure out how to fire the cannons using the manual.

After the planning, they all set to do their tasks as the first signs of the storm starts to emerge. The ones in charge of dislodging the ship from the rocks through explosives causes a disturbance underwater. Leorio, who is underwater to get the shells for the cannons, gets caught up in a little earthquake due to the disturbance and passes out when one of the shells fall on him. The cannons are ready and the engine is almost ready to run, but they cannot pull Leorio up because he is wearing the only diving suit they have. Moreover, the storm is starting.

When Gon finds out about Leorio, he swims down to save him. Hanzo and Killua are in charge of loading the shells into the cannons, while Siper will fire at the rocks at Kurapika's command. They successfully destroy the rocks the ship is jammed into, which gets the ship moving. Gon manages to save Leorio, but then he gets lost in the water due to the strong tide. Meanwhile, as the ship began to move, the room Kurapika was in shakes violently, making him bump into a wall and pass out. The waterspout is closing in on them, but they do not receive any command from Kurapika anymore because he's already unconscious. Killua then suggests to fire at the waterspout to change its direction and to get the ship steady. Gon luckily gets a hold of a railing, but as he cannot hold on any longer, Hisoka saves him. Gittarackur takes over Kurapika's job since he has passed out. The storm calms down by the morning, and the airship comes back with Lippo, the examiner for the next phase.

The fourth phase is a manhunt on Zevil Island. Each examinee must collect 6 points; their badge is worth 3, their target's is worth 3, and any other badge is worth 1. Gon's target is Hisoka, so he practices catching birds with his fishing pole to prepare. He realizes he must attack Hisoka when Hisoka attacks a target. Gon learns this by watching birds catching fish from the water.

After finishing his training, Gon is surrounded by Hemotropic Butterflies on his wounds which he receives during his training. He starts searching for Hisoka with the help of the Hemotropic butterflies.

Meanwhile on the other part of the island, Leorio is being confronted by Tonpa who is having a stomachache and needs the help of Leorio. Leorio refuses to help him because of his reputation, but after hearing Tonpa's stomach growl, he is convinced that this time he is telling the truth. After getting information on his target from Tonpa, he is about to give him the medicine, Leorio is ambush through his back by Sommy and steals his badge, he and Tonpa are in cahoots as they exchange targets in order to trick Leorio. They start running as Tonpa is being pursued by Leorio.

Kurapika appears in front of Tonpa and kicks him in the face. Kurapika then teams up with Leorio. Meanwhile after helping a wounded applicant, Gon finally finds Hisoka's location and waits for his target to move, Kurapika on the other hand along with Leorio have managed to capture Sommy and had been able to retrieve Leorio's badge and Kurapika takes his target's badge which is Tonpa and accumulates six points total. A scene where Hisoka finally stands up to confront one of the applicants who challenge him to a fight.

However even though Goz keeps attacking him, Hisoka is not attacking, telling him that he is badly wounded and has no interest in fighting him for he is already dead, Goz tells about his clan, and begs Hisoka to fight him, however Hisoka goes back and sits again showing him that he is not interested even hearing his story, Goz then charges to attack Hisoka but he gets killed by Gittarackur. As evening comes Gon still waits for his target and finally, Hisoka decides to move out and hunt some badges as he spots his first victims which is Leorio and Kurapika.

Gon gets Hisoka's badge while Hisoka kills another examinee. But Gon is poisoned by Geretta who takes his badges. Hisoka kills Gereta and returns both badges: Gon's and his own. Gon refuses the charity, but is unable to. Hisoka tells Gon he will kill him when the time is right, until then he will protect him. He punches him in the face and tells him to return the badge when he can return the punch.

Gon recovers from being poisoned. Killua is stalked by the Amori Brothers. Killua bests them and gets Amori's badge. All the main characters now have their points except Leorio, who looks for Ponzu. He finds her in a cave, but is poisoned by snakes. Gon and Kurapika go inside to help.

Gon, Leorio and Kurapika become trapped in the cave with Ponzu. Leorio now poisoned, Gon gets bit by snakes numerous times to retrieve the antidote. Gon uses Ponzu's sleeping gas on the snakes while holding his breath and rescuing everyone. Leorio takes Ponzu's badge while she sleeps and Gon retrieves the badges given to him by Hisoka, reasoning that it's OK to use them so he can remain with his friends. The fourth phase ends.

Chairman Netero interviews the nine remaining examinees (Gon, Kurapika, Leorio, Hisoka, Hanzo, Pokkle, Gittarackur, Bodoro, and Killua) for the final phase. He asks each who they are interested in and who would they least like to fight out of the nine. He unveils a bracket system for an upcoming tournament.

Hisoka and Kurapika are in the first fight of the final phase. Hisoka toys with Kurapika at the beginning, but when Kurapika becomes angry they are on similar levels. This causes Hisoka to force himself to calm down. He then whispers something to Kurapika and declares himself the loser. Kurapika is now a Hunter.

The next fight is between Hanzo and Gon. Gon tries his hardest against Hanzo, though he is no match for the ninja. Hanzo severely injures Gon by breaking his arm, but Gon will not admit defeat. Gon feels that if he is to ever find his father, he must pass the Hunter Exam now.

Hanzo and Gon continue fighting. Gon still won't concede and Hanzo is forced to accept defeat. He decides he'd rather lose than kill Gon, because he likes him. Gon is knocked unconscious during the match and wakes up to find the matches are over. Satotz explains he's a Hunter, Hisoka defeated Bodoro, Hanzo defeated Pokkle, Killua conceded a match to Pokkle before facing his brother Illumi disguised as Gittarackur.

Satotz tells Gon that Killua failed the final phase. His opponent was his older brother Illumi in disguise. He thinks Killua should just be an assassin and return home. Illumi threatens to kill Gon if Killua doesn't comply. Killua murders Bodoro in the middle of a match with Leorio and is disqualified. Gon confronts Illumi and decides to look for Killua.

Gon knows Killua left against his will and wants to find him. He fights Illumi for information and Illumi is about to kill him when Hisoka shows up. Illumi tells Gon that Killua is at the Zoldyck family home. Leorio is going to medical school and Kurapika is to leave for his first job when they both change their minds and decide to help Gon find Killua.

Gon, Leorio and Kurapika take a train towards Killua's home on Kukuroo Mountain. A tour bus takes them to the Door to Hades, a giant gate in front of the estate. A monster named Mike waits behind the gate, so Gon asks the security guard, Zebro, to call Killua and have him open it from the inside.

Gon, Leorio and Kurapika stay in the servants' quarters. Zebro lets them in the Testing Gate. While they stay, Seaquant trains them with weighted objects to open the main doors. They increase their strength after 20 days and open the gate themselves. Gon and Kurapika can push the first 2 ton gate open and Leorio opens the second.

The group meets a butlers' apprentice named Canary who refuses to let them pass. Repeatedly, she sends Gon flying with her mace when he tries to get by her. She has Killua's skateboard, meaning they're friends, so Gon says she should let Killua's other friends pass. She lets them pass, but is immediately hit by an unknown projectile.

Killua's mother Kikyo and brother Kalluto knock Canary out. They tell Gon that Killua doesn't want to see them and they should leave. Canary wakes up and Gon's group head to the butlers' quarters. Killua talks with his father Silva, who makes him promise to never betray his friends. He lets Killua leave to find Gon and tells Kikyo that Killua will be back.

Canary introduces Gon, Kurapika and Leorio to Gotoh, the head butler of the Zoldyck Family. Gon asks to see Killua, but before he can, Gotoh tells him they must pass a test before.

It involves picking which hand is holding a coin. With Gon's incredible eye sight, even injured he's able to pick the right hand. If he gets it wrong however, Canary could be killed. Later as the rounds get faster, Gon cuts his swollen eye open so he can see with both eyes. The last round, with Leorio and Kurapika out, Gotoh uses two others to move around the coin.

Gotoh asks which of the three has the coin and Gon correctly answers neither: it's the man behind him. Gon and co. wins and Killua comes in the room and says hi to everyone. Killua doesn't want anyone to follow them on their trip, and tells Gotoh to tell his mother this. Killua and Gon spend the night talking to each other and have a good time. The next morning, Kurapika tells the others that Hisoka said he'd be in Yorknew City. Leorio will study to be a doctor. They all agree to meet in Yorknew in September and go their separate ways.

Gon and Killua want to train and make money so they go to Heaven's Arena. Gon is stronger now from training on the Zoldyck grounds, sending his opponents flying. Killua faces Zushi, another child and senses a technique similar to Illumi's. Killua decides to question Zushi on the top floor to learn more.

Gon and Killua are in an elevator where an Elevator Operator congratulates them on rising to the 100th floor but Killua stops her by saying that it is nothing and Gon adds that their goal is the top floor. The elevator girl is annoyed and continues by explaining that those players who rise to the 100th floor will have their own room and the reward will be raised in times. Killua says that he already knows that and wonders if they would still be able to have pillow fights. The elevator girl is shocked. However, she tells Gon and Killua not to be careless because the opponents they are going to face are really good as a lot of people want to stay on this level due to the better treatment. Those people will think of any method to stay there. However, there are also some people who will do anything to achieve their goal. Therefore, the longer people stay on this floor the more enigmatic they are, not like those coming from the 50th floor, they can't even be compared, she says. Gon asks Killua if it is true and the latter replies "maybe".

Gon then shocks the elevator girl again by saying that he was glad that it is so as he is now sure that they didn't come in vain as he was worried up to that moment, training at the Heaven's Arena didn't have any sense. The elevator girl is angry as she thinks that Gon and Killua are underestimating the Heaven's Arena. Killua tells Gon to relax as the last time he came, he won without any effort. The words "last time" attracts the attention of the elevator girl. Killua then explains her that it was when he was six years old. This time, she is really shocked. Gon and Killua then leave the elevator. After that, they went to their personal room. Gon is amazed by the beautiful sight that they can enjoy from there. Killua admits that what the elevator girl said a while before was true.

We then see Gon in a ring, preparing to fight a guy who tells him that if he wanted to stay on the 100th floor, he will have to wait 10 more years. He also says that he already killed 100 professional fighters and that he advises Gon to have his graveyard ready. But just after he finished saying this, Gon pushes him out of the ring and won.

Then it is Killua's turn. He defeats his opponent with only one chop as usual. An announcer says that in only three days, Gon and Killua have risen to the 150th floor an that they had seven matches and seven wins. She continues by wondering how long time Killua and Gon's superiority will last. Killua, annoyed, turns off the TV and comments, "This isn't any superiority, it's our strength". After that, Killua tells Gon that he is still not satisfied as the first time he came to the Heaven's Arena, he spent two months to get to the 150th floor. He is then interrupted by Gon who is shocked by the amount of money he had obtained. Killua then asks Gon to lend him his money for a while. Gon retorted that he also has the same amount of money deposited in his account. Killua replies that he has used it all. Gon asks what he bought and then Killua pointed to a huge pile of boxes. Gon says that when he came in, he realized it and asks what they are. Killua tells him that they are chocorobo-kun.

He adds that because they are really popular, he bought them all. Suddenly, a thought came to Gon's mind: "200,000,000 Jenny Currency Symbol, buying chocolate for four years." He then shouted at Killua telling him that those chocorobo-kun that he already bought are enough for him to eat. He continues by ordering Killua to return him his money. They fight and Gon, who got his money back, tells Killua that he cannot waste money like this again. Killua retorts that buying chocorobo-kun is not wasting money. He attacks Gon again and this time, Gon gives up. Killua says that if Gon continues like this, he will not be able to reach the 200th floor and that Hisoka is stronger than him (telling Gon that if he can't beat him, how can he beat Hisoka?). Gon wonders about how he must train and an image of Zushi and Wing pops out in his mind. He asks Killua what Zushi might be doing at that moment and Killua replies that he must be at the 50th floor turning around. He adds that Zushi's level is low. However, Gon retorts that Killua could not beat Zushi at which Killua agreed.

Killua then remembers the match when he hit Zushi several times but Zushi could get up and because he was unwilling to accept it, he hit him with all his strength. At that time, Killua won because of a critical hit and got 10 points. Killua is still wondering why Zushi could still stand up. Gon demands if it has something to do with the Ren that Wing told them about, to which Killua replies that it has. Gon inquires if it is some sort of technique and Killua answers that he doesn't know. However, Killua thinks that on higher floors, they might face opponents like Zushi. Gon suggested to just ask Zushi about Ren as it is faster this way. Zushi explains that Ren is one of the four principles of the big training. The four principles are to elevate and train the spirit and to understand the basic of all fighting techniques: knowing the Ten, remembering the Zetsu, succeeding the Ren and reaching the Hatsu.

And concludes that all these are the Nen training. Unfortunately, Killua and Gon could not understand what he was saying. Killua shouts at Zushi and Zushi proposes to explain it again. He asks Killua and Gon to listen carefully and started to explain again when Wing came out behind him and reprimands him for teaching others while he is still training. Wing then tells Gon and Killua that there is an old saying which says: "Knowing half of the matter is worse than knowing nothing". Killua translates that it is more dangerous to have a smattering of knowledge. He adds that he still wants to know more about Nen and even if Wing will not tell them about it, they will still search for the answer. He continues that he does not want to know only half about Nen but the whole thing clearly. Killua tells Wing that if he was willing to teach them about it, they wouldn't need to find out. Gon then requests Wing to teach him too and tells him about the true purpose of their coming to the Heaven's Arena. Wing sighed and tells them to follow him.

At his house, Wing teaches Gon and Killua about Nen. He explains that Nen is the inflammation of the spirit and it also means the strength of the will. The process of Nen training can be divided in four parts and these are what we call the four principles of the big training. The four parts are Ten, Zetsu, Ren and Hatsu. With Ten, we concentrate our spirit, look at ourselves and choose our objectives. With Zetsu, we change our thoughts in language. With Ren, we sublimate and improve our skill and finally with Hatsu, we put these into practice. Wing says that Killua was overwhelmed by Zushi's "I won't lose Ren". He continues saying that theories also need proofs and that he will show them for real. He requests Killua to stand up. He tells Killua that he is thinking in his mind that he wants to kill him and asks if it is fine with him, to which Killua answered positively as he thinks that Wing will not be able to kill him. Wing starts with Ten and continues with Zetsu. He tells them that they can think it in their mind or say it out loud. Next, Wing says aloud "I want to kill you" and suddenly, Killua feels a strong power. After Wing stopped, he tells them that that was Ren.

He continues saying that if your will is strong enough, the action will be sent out and that is the origin of the bluff. Gon is not really listening but is looking at Killua on the wall. Wing says that to win with power means I don't move but my opponent will move back. If you practice Ren without concern, it will become stubborn and the more you want to correct the wrong thought, the more you lose its softness, he says. Wing concludes that if your spirit is not ready, you should not practice. He carries on by saying that Gon, Killua and Zushi are still in the phase of training and bringing up their spirit and that if they really want to learn Nen, they will have to practice Ten first. Only practicing Ten will enable them to not to be repelled by the opponent's psychic aura. After that, Killua came down from the wall.

Difference Between Anime and Manga

  • In the manga, Leorio and Gon meet on the boat. But in the anime, they meet on Whale Island while the ship was stopping by.
  • In the manga, Gon also met Kurapika on the ship. But in the anime, Kurapika was in a restaurant on the island as well. However he was surprised that Gon and Leorio where the last to arrive on the ship as it was already taking off.
  • In the manga, the examinee that mets Gon's group doesn't have a name. But in the anime, the name Matthew was given to him.
  • In the manga, Leorio doesn't take the bus because he overhears 2 people claiming how the bus is a trap. But in the anime, he does take a bus and after a few laps around the town. He discovers that it's a trap, and jumps off.
  • In the anime, Matthew takes a path that leads to a trap and is attacked by monsters. But in the manga, it is never shown and it is stated that he simply took a path that doesn't lead him to the tree.
  • In the manga, Tonpa offer the characters laxative juice. But in the anime, Tonpa "crushes" applicants in the first phase by taking them to a tunnel with cedar that produces a smell that makes people hallucinate.
  • In the manga, Hisoka cuts off a participant's arms. But in the anime, he uses a different effect.
  • In the manga, Gon becomes the first applicant to pass the 287th Hunter Exam. But in the anime, Kurapika becomes the first applicant to pass the 287th Hunter Exam.
  • In the manga, Gon's Hu Tea License number isn't shown. But in the anime, the Hunter License number is shown.
  • In the manga, Abe has pale skin. But in the anime her hair and skin are dark brown.


  • 92 (total)


  • The Hunter Exam Arc (Ep. 1 – 31)
  • Zoldyck Family Arc (Ep. 32 – 36)
  • Heavens Arena Arc (Ep. 37 – 44)
  • Yorknew City Arc (Ep. 45 – 70)
  • Greed Island Arc (Ep. 71 – 92)

Theme Songs

  • Good Morning (Ep. 1 – 48)
  • The Sun Also Shines at Night (Ep. 49 – 62)
  • Pale Ale (Ep. 63 – 70)
  • Pray (Ep. 71 – 78)
  • Believe In Tomorrow (Ep. 79 – 92)
  • Song of the Wind (Ep. 1 – 31)
  • Do You Feel Like I Feel (Ep. 32 – 50)
  • Firefly (Ep. 51 – 62)
  • Carry On (Ep. 63 – 70)
  • Popcorn (Ep. 71 – 78)
  • If You And I Can't Come Into This World (Ep. 79 – 92)

Voice Cast

  • Elinor Holt as Gon & Young Ging
  • Annika Odegard as Killua
  • Cheryl McMaster as Kurapika
  • Jonathan Love as Leorio & Zeno
  • Abby Charchun as Mito & Zushi
  • Ben Jeffery as Ging
  • Michelle Warkentin as Abe
  • Brendan Hunter as Hisoka
  • Victor Atelevich as Illumi
  • Adam Hunter as Kite
  • Carol Anne Day as Menchi
  • Roger Rhodes as Lippo & Wing
  • Graden Gant as Pokkle
  • Leda Davies as Ponzu & Cocco
  • Mike Shepherd as Satotz
  • Angie Beers as Kalluto
  • Rocio Barahona as Canary
  • Lori Barnes Smith as Khara
  • Lucas Gilbertson as Hanzo
  • Gerald Matthews as Tonpa
  • ??? as Buhara
  • Ethan Cole as Togari
  • Tracy Sutton as Kikyo
  • John Knight as Gotoh


  • Wondering how you pronounce "Hunter X Hunter" in english?. Do be honest you say it like "Hunter Hunter". Not "Hunter Ex Hunter" and "Hunter times Hunter".
  • In an official "Hunter's Guide" book that was released in June 2004, the official spelling of several names by Yoshihiro Togashi were shown. They are mostly considered bizarre, since they make very little sense. And because of the bizarre spellings, translaters just kept the original translation names based on pronunciation rather than the official ones. An example of the character spellings are: Kurapika - Curarpikt, Hisoka - Hyskoa, Quoll/Kuroro Lucifer - Quwrof Wrlccywrlir, Ubogin - Wbererguin, Shizuku - Chzzok, Pakunoda - Phalcnothdk.
  • In episode 52, the classic piano piece playing when the Nostrad group is talking about the auction is Frederick Chopin's "Heroic".
  • In episode 53, Ubougin is fighting against a small man who uses his hair as a weapon and attaches himself to Ubougin´s hand. About 15 min into the episode, while Ubo is trying to punch the warewolf guy, Ubo´s hand can be seen and the hairguy is no longer attached. In the next scene however, the hairguy is still attached.
  • In the Japanese version, Gon and Young Ging are voiced by two different voice actresses. Whereas in the English version, they are voiced by the same voice actress.
  • Strangely enough a picture of Gon's mother was never shown in this anime. Not only that her name is never mentioned either.
  • In the English version of the anime, Its unknown who the person was that did the voice of Buhara.
  • Fans love the Japanese version of this anime instead of the English version. Especially because fans don't like how Gon sounds in English.
  • In this series Ging is call Jin Freaks instead.
  • Ponzu and Pokkle live in this anime series since the Chimera Ant arc was never animated.
  • Kite only appears in the Hunter Exam arc because the second time he appears is the Chimera Ant arc. But that storyline was never animated.
  • Koji Yusa is known for voicing Urataros in Kamen Rider Den O.

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