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Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is an North American animated fantasy comedy television series created by Sam Register for Cartoon Network.

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It aired on TV on November 19, 2004 to June 27, 2006 with a total of three seasons, and thirty four episodes, leaving five episodes unaired. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi follows the adventures of two very cool, but very different, pop stars as they travel from gig to gig or just hang out in their hometown, Tokyo. Being famous rock stars, Ami and Yumi tour the globe in their customized Puffy bus, a veritable condo on wheels with all the major amenities and an ever-changing interior. Ami is the peppy, positive and resourceful one. Yumi on the other hand is the hard-rocking, no-nonsense cynic with an absolutely infallible sense of cool. Together, these superstars take the world by storm with musical talent, trend-setting style and humor, despite occasional misjudgments from their well-meaning but tragically square manager, Kaz. Whether they're jamming with aliens, being chased to the center of the earth by an obsessed fan or getting knocked into a video game by a tsunami, Ami and Yumi always come out on top - dishing out the international language of "cool" along the way.


Ami (right) and Yumi (left) in real life and animated form.

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi follows the adventures of two Japanese female pop stars and best friends: Ami Onuki, a peppy optimistic, and cute schoolgirl; and Yumi Yoshimura, a cynical, sarcastic, rough, and tough punk rocker. Both are based off the real Japanese pop duo Puffy AmiYumi, but with different appearances and exaggerated personalities. They travel around the world on their customized tour bus, along with their well-intentioned yet greedy manager, Kaz Harada (Keone Young). From rockin' out at a concert to hanging out in their hometown of Tokyo, the duo take the world by storm with their musical talent, trend-setting style, and humor, dishing out lessons in J-pop justice and establishing the international language of "cool" along the way.

Secondary characters include: Jang-Keng and Tekirai, the duo's pet cats who enjoy tormenting Kaz; Harmony, a six-year-old girl who is the self-proclaimed "Number One Fan" of Puffy AmiYumi and (later) Kaz and constantly stalks them; Eldwin Blair, a sinister land developer who tries to tear down beloved places for his own selfish needs; King Chad, a selfish "bad boy" who is a master of the card game Stu-Pi-Doh! (a parody of Yu-Gi-Oh!); the Talent Suckers, a vampire rock trio from Transylvania; and Atchan, a caricature of Vo Atsushi (lead singer of the pop band New Rote'ka) who speaks in third-person and thinks he is a superhero.

The animated Puffy AmiYumi travel all over the world in their tour bus. While appearing the same size as a regular bus on the outside, it appears to have enough internal space to house the girls' rooms (including full-sized beds), Kaz's room, their equipment, televisions, and computers, among other things. In the episode "Domo", Kaz refers to an upstairs area. It also seems capable of running on autopilot, as Kaz, Ami, and Yumi are sometimes sitting in the rear cabin of the bus while traveling. Occasionally, the rear door has been opened to receive packages delivered by a boy on a scooter.

During the first season, the show included live-action clips of the real Ami and Yumi making childish commentary (in English and non-subtitled Japanese) at the beginning and end of each episode. They only performed short clips at the beginning of the show during the second and third seasons. Starting with the second season, the duo was sometimes shown holding title cards introducing the cartoon segments. At the end of the episode "Sitcomi Yumi", Ami and Yumi watched television and saw the animated Kaz with the real Ami and Yumi.

The real PUFFY AmiYumi performs the cartoon's theme song (which is also in Japanese, English, and many other languages over the world). Many episodes feature one or more of the duo's songs playing in the background, along with music by their Puerto Rican muse Andy Sturmer.

Though the characters speak English, the script intersperses their vernacular with Japanese speech, especially when the characters react to events that they find to be surprising. Calling out "Tasukete!" instead of "Help!" is commonly used.


Dis-Harmony: Kaz holds a contest to find Puffy's #1 fan. The winner of the contest is Harmony, a psychotic little girl. After meeting Ami and Yumi, she doesn't want to leave. After trying many times to get rid of her, Ami and Yumi decide to get Kaz to get rid of her. Harmony hears Kaz singing in the shower and is attracted by his voice. So, she decides to become Kaz's #1 fan. She starts following Kaz all over the place. Ami and Yumi suddenly feel sad and miss her so they try to get Harmony to be their #1 fan again.

Collect All Five: While getting a midnight snack, Ami finds a box of cereal that has huggle buddies in them. She finds 4 of the 5 (The one she is missing is the bunny one). When she realises that she doesn't have the Bunny Huggles, she tries to do anything to get one. After many fails like searching through the cereal boxes, stealing one from a Little Girl and going to the factory, Ami dresses Kaz up in a bunny huggles costume to make it look like she had all 5. In the end, Yumi trades her favorite guitar at a pawn shop to get Ami the Bunny Huggles she desperately wanted. However Yumi becomes annoy when Ami now wants to get 100 panda toys.

Ninjcompoop: Ami gives Yumi a career test & it comes out as ninja. Yumi orders a home ninja training kit & passes the tests her way. After she becomes a ninja, she goes a too far with it. Ami seeks help to get Yumi back to normal, but she finds out that she must defeat Yumi in a battle. So, Ami trains to become a ninja & goes to confront Yumi. Yumi knocks Ami to the ground & pulls her mask off. Yumi realizes that she doesn't want to fight Ami so she quits being a ninja. The two walk into a sunset as they decide to get a snack. However Yumi asks Ami if Kaz is mad at her for braking his leg and Ami tells her not at all.

Talent Suckers: The Tour Bus gets a flat tire. Ami and Yumi must find a way to get the tire fixed. They hear terrible music coming from a cave and go to inspect. They find the Talent Suckers, a vampire band that one day dreams of being good enough to play at Gloomy Sunday. The Talent Suckers ask Ami & Yumi to play a song for them to show them how talented they are. After finishing the song, they get scared and pass out in the cave. Upon wakening, the girls run back to the tour bus and find out that their talent has been stolen. They go to Gloomy Sunday to get their talent back but are ambushed by vampires. The pizza man arrives and delivers a garlic pizza to Kaz. When Kaz opens the pizza, the garlic weakens the vampires. Ami and Yumi got their talents back. At the end, we find out that there's more to Kaz than meets the eye.

Olé!: Ami and Yumi go see the bullfights. When the bull sees Kaz covered in red, he charges right for him. Kaz is to scared to think and is petrified with fear. Ami and Yumi grab Kaz a save his life. The mayor decides to make Ami and Yumi fight El Diablo, the toughest bull around. Ami and Yumi try to run from their job but end up fighting El Diablo anyway. They run from El Diablo and are cornered. When they think the end has come, Kaz shows up with the tour bus disguised as a bull. El Diablo thinks that it's a real bull and is defeated. Kaz is then made the new Master Matador.

Mini-Puffs: Kaz decides to make baby versions of Ami and Yumi. Ironically he calls them "Mini-Puffs". The Mini Puffs Start stealing the spotlight from Ami and Yumi. Kaz tells Ami and Yumi that they are now nannies for the Mini-Puffs. After taking too much torture, Ami and Yumi decide to quit. But after quitting, Ami and Yumi realize that since they quit, there'll be no more Puffy AmiYumi. So, they go to get their rock star lives back. They find Kaz struggling with the Mini-Puffs. As Kaz begs them to help him, they look at him angrily. They agree to help him out, but he must sign their contract. So, Kaz signs it. The girls help calm the Mini-Puffs by singing a lullaby to them in front of the audience. As soon as the infants fall asleep, Ami and Yumi get their fans back. However they make Kaz carry the instruments.

Ami's Secret: It's Puffy's bandiversary and Ami wants to throw a surprise party for Kaz and Yumi. She gets a job as a clown and works hard to raise the money. However Yumi and Kaz see Ami being tire during the day along with juggling CDs, and having animals in her room. At night they sneak into her room by finding tons of money and reading her dairy. At a circus, Yumi and Kaz see Ami dressed up as a clown and performing for the audience. Yumi and Kaz think that she's leaving the band and drown their sorrows in junk food. When they arrive at the tour bus, they see three figures standing up in the bus. Kaz thinks that Ami is trying to hijack the tour bus so that she and her circus friends are taking the tour bus and are going to use for themselves. They enter the bus to confront Ami and her friends. Yumi and Kaz make noise by fighting. Ami hears the commotion and turns the light on. Yumi sees that she was actually beating up Ami. She feels upset until she realizes that it's just a cake. Ami comes in and reveals that she was only making some money to throw them a "Bandiversary" and that she was still part of Puffy AmiYumi. The two girls start the party while gets inside a real lion.

Taffy Trouble: After finishing a concert, Ami signs autographs while Yumi plays the guitar. When they get back to the bus, it's lock so Yumi yells and hits the door to wake up. Kaz asks how the show went but doesn't let the girls back on the bus. Therefore Kaz refuses to let the girls back on the bus unless they pay rent. But Yumi is angry about this and tries to break the door. So, the girls go to find jobs. They get jobs at Wacky Wally's Lolly Factory. The girls think that all they have to do is lounge around, eating lollies all day but, Wacky Wally tells them that their real job is to make toffee. Ami & Yumi get the toffee machine to work, but because they don't know how to work it, it goes out of control and creates a giant toffee ball that destroys anything in it's path. The girls see that it's heading for their tour bus and they must stop it. Kaz begs the girls to save him, but they refuse because Kaz is making them pay rent. Kaz agrees to not let them pay rent and Yumi stops the toffee ball. They think they're in the clear without having to pay Kaz any money, but Kaz won't let them back on the bus until Ami and Yumi pay for the damage that they did to the bus. After hearing this, the girls knock on the door multiple times while telling Kaz to open it.

Dance A-Go-Go: Ami dreams of one day to be on Dance Party Hysteria & win a prize, but she can't enter unless she has a partner. Yumi refuses, but changes her mind when she sees a scooter that she wants to have. Ami and Yumi are doing well, but one of the other contestants trips Ami & she stubs her toe. Not being able to dance anymore, Ami tells Yumi that she must use her rock star know-how to win. Yumi pulls off some rock star moves, catching the other contestants off guard & she wins the competition. Ami and Yumi receive bobble head doll as a prize, but Yumi complains for not getting the scooter she wanted. So, she chases Clyde Easyguy for giving her a prize she doesn't want. While chasing the host, Yumi breaks the fourth wall by eye winking and saying not unless I have anything to say about it.

Ami Goes Bad: Ami wants to be a rock-n-roll bad girl like Yumi. She purchases a set of drum sticks which, unbeknownst to her, are possessed by Crazy Sticks, a punk rock drummer. She starts acting like Crazy Sticks and she has Yumi and Kaz concerned. Yumi and Kaz follow Ami and get the sticks away from her and Crazy Stick's soul finally goes to rest...sort of. After Ami became possessed by the drum sticks, she slowly slips into insanity only to be brought back by Yumi's friendship, but she still partly remains in possession of the drum sticks, and has nightmares every night about the drum sticks.

Robo-Pop: Ami and Yumi are on top of the tour bus relaxing. When one of their songs comes on, Yumi tells Ami to crank up the tunes. She presses the wrong button & turns on the buses hydraulic system. They fall off the bus and Ami sees her and Yumi on the cover of a magazine they don't even remember posing for. Kaz introduces the girls to the Puffy bots. The girls think that the Puffy bots have everything under control, but are sadly mistaken. Kaz ordered an entire fleet of Puffy bots and the girls must get rid of them all. Yumi activates the buses hydraulic system and it takes care of the Puffy Bots. In the end, Kaz creates a bunch of Kaz bots.

Metal Mental: Kaz discovers Metal Breath, a heavy metal band. They come on tour with Puffy and they're making the girls lives miserable. They decide to change Metal Breath's style to get their audience back.

Showdown!: Kaz drives the bus into the side of a jail, releasing the Burlap Boys. Ami and Yumi think that they're just ordinary citizens and decide to hit the saloon. Ami and Yumi play at the saloon which the Burlap Boys use to their advantage. While Ami and Yumi are playing, they steal all the money in the cash register. Ami and Yumi soon find out that they released the Burlap Boys. So, they decide to capture them. They capture the Burlap Boys & save the town.

In The Cards: Ami and Yumi are playing at a Stu-Pi-Doh card tournament. Ami sees King Chad & falls in love with him. Then, Yumi falls in love with him. They then play Stu-Pi-Doh to decide who gets Chad. Ami wins but she finds out that Chad doesn't want a girlfriend and he beats Ami at Stu-Pi-Doh. They then make up for fighting. But, they see another guy walk by them. They fall in love with him and play Stu-Pi-Doh to see who gets him.

Team Teen: Ami and Yumi meet Team Teen, a lame superhero team. Ami and Yumi join Team Teen & soon regret it. Team Teen follows rules. Just when they're about to quit, Ami and Yumi are needed to save Team Teen from Mega Bully. They save Team Teen, but are fired for hurting Mega Bully's feelings, of which they are glad.

Opera Yumi: Madame Blubbery, a woman from Yumi's past, tries to take her back as an opera singer. From there, she reveals that opera is boring that she gave it up to join Puffy AmiYumi. When she tries to take Yumi away, she uses a magic whistle to bring her back.

Madame reminds Yumi that rock music is terrible and opera is good. Soon, she is back in opera, and the hit of the shows.

Ami is convinced something is up with Yumi, so she decides to investigate the cause and bring Yumi back. She and Kaz goes to watch Yumi perform as a pirate that night. Yum does well, until she breaks the whistle that put her in a trances, snapping herself out, freeing her from her clutches.

She breaks free and together the duo reunite to give them a performance, to which Madame loves after all. The episode ends with the duo performing and a woken-up Kaz who didn't knew what was going on.

Save the Farm: The band and Kaz goes off to the old Happy Acres farm for much needed rest and relaxation.

But as they got there, they notice that the owner of Happy Acres, Farmer Zeke is on the verge of bankruptcy and selling it to Edwin Blair. He reveals the animals aren't working like they used to. Edwin plots to turn the farm into a used car lot. Ami and Yumi are shocked by this, and they vow to stop him from buying the farm.

The girls have a plan to save their hangout by working there, from plowing the fields by themselves literally, to swatting the crows away, but all the time put in could not save the farm and Farmer Zeke had no chance but to sell the farm to Edwin.

But then, Yumi has an idea to save the farm: By doing what they do best. The girls, Farmer Zeke and Kaz play their music to bring the magic of the farm back to life. Edwin is upset that his car lot is ruined and his plan is foiled.

Farmer Zeke rewards the group as a thank you for saving the farm with a pig, four boxes of fudge, and the milking machine. The milking machine tries to milk Kaz's head, while Yumi challenges Ami's pig to a fudge-eating contest and the episode ends.

Pen Pal: Yumi is practicing her guitar with the cats when Ami barges in, saying that she has a letter from her pen pal, Pierre. Yumi asks who he is, to which she replies that he is her pen pal from Paris. She says that his letters are scented with a mystery special scent. Yumi sniffs it and gets disgusted, to which Ami sniffs it and describes it as a nice scent. Ami mentions that Pierre is a poet and reads of his poems. Yumi gets disturbed by saying it is a pasta poem that tugs heartstrings.

Then she is delighted that he is coming to visit, to her excitement. Delighted that she is going to meet the prince of her dreams, Ami fantasizes what her prince would be like, and the day they would spend. Toward the end of her fantasy, she unwittingly kisses Kaz. Yumi and the cats giggled, to which she asked what happened and Kaz replied to what the commotion was about. Ami hears the honk of the taxi cab, and is delighted to finally meet her prince. But when he came out, Ami found out that he was a nerd from Paris, Idaho. Ami is disgusted by who he really is. Pierre bought a french potato toy for Ami, to which she says must be a mistake. She also asks about the letters and the scent to which he replied was the ointment he put on his chest. Ami is delighted to finally meet her pen pal, but Ami makes excuses such as Kaz never allowing them to anywhere. Pierre is delighted that they are spending the day together, to Ami's regret.

Their day begins at the library, to Ami's disappointment. Pierre has a stack of books and says he loves reshelfing books in his spare time. Ami tries to ask if they could do something else but gets shushed, saying that she should whisper. The books fall on Ami and clutter on her. Pierre says that he could only afford those books, to which Ami says he could put them on her library card. Later, at the Beetle Mania, Pierre tells Ami about the collection of beetles he wanted to share with Ami, to which they swarm on her pigtails and mix them with their saliva to create a unique nest for their young. She runs off, and later that day, they are at the arcade to play games. Ami is excited over what game they should play, to which Pierre suggested video chess. Ami tries to stop him, but it was too late as Pierre spends it all for 450 matches to which she gets horrified.

After their date, Pierre is delighted about the time they spent together, and he has one more surprise for Ami. Before he could do that, Ami breaks up with him, saying that he wasn't what she expected. Pierre almost forgets the surprise which Ami thought was for her. Ami finally accepts that Pierre might not be so bad, but Pierre says the surprise was for Yumi. Just as he decides to show it to Yumi, she gets so grossed out that she boots him out of the bus. Ami doesn't feel bad and asks if she wanted another pen pal.

Surf's Up: When Ami convinces Yumi to join her in a surfing competition, Yumi reluctantly agrees. It isn’t until the girls are hit by a giant wave and stranded at sea that Yumi realizes Ami doesn’t know how to surf!

Stupid Cupids: When Ami and Yumi come to the conclusion that Kaz is lonely, they decide to give him a makeover.

Brat Attack: When Kaz books Ami and Yumi to play at a rich kid’s name Timmy's birthday party. They’re totally bummed when they see that he's a spoil brat and boss around the kids at his birthday party and his father by screaming and crying. Things get worse when Timmy demand his father for Ami and Yumi and give Kaz 10 million dollars which he agrees to do. Timmy soon destory Ami and Yumi's gutiar and drums and abused them. Ami tries better ways to control Timmy like art or sports but it didnt work. Finally having enough they tell Timmy that they are leaving, saying that they are rock stars, not toys for Timmy to abuse. Soon Timmy start to cry because he tearfully admits that Ami and Yumi are his only true friends and the kids at his birthday party are actors and his father paid them to be there. Feeling sorry for Timmy, Ami and Yumi teaches him how friends treat each other and how they play. Soon Timmy is no longer a spoil brat and thanks Ami and Yumi. Soon Timmy's father get a helpicotor to get the money back from Kaz which he start to cry like a little kid for the loss of his money.

Kaz Almighty: While the girls played a concert on a tropical island, the locals start seeing Kaz as their almighty ruler. Ami and Yumi plot to reveal Kaz for the fraud that he is. But in the end he decides to let Nathan have ami for life.

Allergic: While Ami is having breakfast, Yumi walks in, saying that she can't believe it's the annual time for Kaz to wash his clothes. Kaz asks for Yumi to sit down and shut up. Yumi then begins eating Ami's waffles, and then sneezes the syrup off the waffles and onto Ami and Kaz. Ami wonders what made Yumi sneeze, Yumi says it was probably just something in the air. Kaz interjects saying that he thinks Yumi has become allergic to Ami. Ami and Yumi laugh at Kaz thinking that. Kaz then pushes Ami closer to Yumi, at that moment she sneezes again, forcing Ami and Kaz against the table. Kaz comes up with a solution by putting corks in Yumi's nose, but then she sneezes again, blowing the corks into Kaz's glasses. The three then mix a remedy made of lard, bokchoy, baboon milk, mackerel, and chili pepper. It fails, evidenced by Yumi sneezing herself into space. Kaz then puts a piece of tape down the middle of Ami and Yumi's room, intending to keep them isolated until he can find. Remedy. Unfortunately, this fails too. Yumi becomes even sicker, and Kaz decides they should give her a break from Ami. He next morning, Yumi walks into the room, her allergies gone, and finds a letter from Ami saying that she has left. Kaz tries to console Yumi, who sneezes after Kaz touches her. They realize that the soap Kaz used to clean his clothes was what was making Yumi sneeze. Yumi catches up with Ami and explains to her about the soap. They then make Kaz clean the soap off his clothes.

Spaced Out: Ami, Yumi and Kaz are abducted by giant alien bananas. They first watch their thoughts, experiment on them, and when Kaz was playing his game, it is revealed that the aliens were mean because they had no music on their planet. Ami and Yumi play a song for them and they along with Kaz return to Earth.

Yumi Saves Kaz: Yumi saves Kaz from a falling doughnut sign. As a result, Kaz ends up doing various favors for her. However, he ends up causing more harm than good.

Rock N' Roe: Kaz takes Ami and Yumi to the Sushi Shack, where the girls eat the entire food the place offers. Unaware of the sushi being cheap, Ami and Yumi then start suffering from strange nightmares.

Scowlitis: Ami and Kaz take Yumi to a doctor to deal with her constant scowling. He then gives Yumi a head brace that forces her to smile.

Treasure Map: While driving to their next destination, the gang finds a map. Due to greediness, all three of them fight over it and later find out that the map was nothing more but an abstract painting.

Kaz vs. Katz: Kaz is left with Jang Keng and Tekirai while Ami and Yumi are out for the night. Determined to get the cats out, Kaz tries everything he can, but the cats are always one step ahead of him.

Bad Manager: Kaz loses Ami and Yumi to Slick Shady after a game of rock-paper-scissors. The girls then enjoy what Slick has to offer, but they then miss Kaz and their old life.

The Amazing Kaz-Am: Ami and Yumi find out Kaz held his own magic show in Las Vegas as a magician. He explains what moves himself into this, telling them he wanted to be one after being bullied by several collague students when he was a student. Kaz also make Ami and Yumi help his magician debut as assistants by utilizing the contract. The duo force themselves support Kaz's magic show, hoping the show ends quickly or safely as much as possible. The show, however, ends up hurt Kaz himself by several mistakes he couldn't expect or notice.

After lots of failed magic tricks, the duo decide to get out of the theater, ceasing their assistant jobs for Kaz. However, they end up helping Kaz, when he fails to achieve his escaping trick. Ami and Yumi insist on his immediate cease for their manager's safety. Kaz claims that he is safe, but ends up being chased by a shark prepared for his escaping trick. By dealing with some magic tricks, the duo decide to save Kaz from the shark. After saving Kaz, receiving a good deal of praise form crowds, Ami and Yumi think they can begin the new career as magicians. A shark eats the duo and Kaz eventually, and Yumi decides to stick with her current career.

Puffylicious: The episode begins with a scene of TV comedy show. It is revealed that Ami and Yumi have a good fun on it. Yumi suggests Ami try the gag trick from the show on Kaz. Then the bus is stopped, as Kaz stops the bus to show the duo a Puffy-themed restaurant. The duo like the idea of opening a restaurant, but are shocked when Kaz tell them work as employees for it. He even gives a heavy responsibility of keeping the Puffy AmiYumi's good reputation during the critic's visit, even though the duo barely know how to run a restaurant business. When Yumi decides to run away from the building, the critic visits the place. He also threatens Ami and Yumi with his own reputation, saying the opening day could be the closing day. In order to keep the Puffy's reputation, Ami decides to offer him a dish.

The duo begin cooking a dish of seafood gumbo with a recipe book, but they rather make mishaps than completing it in a time. Teething problems prolong the waiting time as well, making the both critic and the duo stressful. Time pressure also cause endless problems for Ami and Yumi's cooking progress when they bake a chocolate souffle, ruining the cuisine once again. Ami and Yumi ends up completing a dish at the end. Yumi also offer the critic a flashy fireworks show on it as well, but this causes the accident on the critic, making him infuriated into the extreme status. The duo receive the critic's review that he described as "the worst review he ever written."

The duo feel shameful for ruining the good Puffy name, until the whole situation was a big frank planned by Kaz. Kaz, who acted as the critic, declares the victory from Ami and Yumi's long-lasting franks on him. It is revealed that the frank he did to them was very similar to TV show as well. Yumi concludes the episode by saying her manager Kaz wins for now. Kaz keeps calling himself as "the frank master" with his song, revealing a ton of excitement to do his revenge very successfully.

Lights, Camera, Danger: In a waiting room of the movie studio, Ami is excited to shoot the music video of the duo, sprucing herself up for a long time. Yumi tells Ami that styling herself up is rather pointless, as the last music video they got was "a low-budget disaster shot by Kaz." When they meet Kaz, it is revealed that he won't shoot the video. Instead, He introduces Flash Backman, one of the biggest and greatest music video directors in Hollywood.

Ami and Yumi welcome Flash at first. However, his music video direction requires the duo bear lots of stressful sequences and actions. Since these stresses are beyond what they can cope with, Ami and Yumi decides to ruin the studio on purpose. They set the wind blower to make malfunction, and when it comes to shooting scenes with the blower, it blows Flash Backman and his crews away with several equipmemts. Then, Ami and Yumi suffer with malfunctioning blower as well.

After the incident, they find out that Flash is very satisfying for the whole situation. He praises them for performing the best performance they have done. The duo is surprised with a pleasant emotion for Flash's compliment. But when Flash Backman tells them every shootings the duo had to deal with were no more than rehearsals, it blazes Ami and Yumi's anger up as they couldn't cope with his direction. They decide to look for their stunt doubles, picking up their manager Kaz for the role eventually.

Fan Clubs: Ami and Yumi have their own fan clubs but, Ami doesn't know about Yumi's fan club and vice versa so Ami tries to hide her fan club from Yumi. Yumi hides her fan club from Ami by putting their stuff in Kaz's room until the president of both clubs came to visit and both Ami and Yumi were happy to know they both have fan clubs. Kaz gets disappointed because he can't keep all the stuff in his room.

Cat Nap: Kaz tries to go to bed but the cats do many cruel things to him that keeps him up at night like glueing his bed onto the ceiling and many other pranks on Kaz.

Cursed: Ami and Yumi were believed to be cursed on Friday the 13th after bad luck strikes them both when they turn on Kaz's machine when he forgot to put on the off button and trying to avoid stepping on cracks.

Eye Sore: Kaz accidentally flushes his glasses down the toilet, leaving Jang Keng and Tekirai to find out how exactly blind he is. Kaz then uses the cats in various ways and nearly ends up destroying the bus.

Mean Machine: An inventor introduces Ami and Yumi to an all-in-one music machine. They love it, but quickly scheme to get rid of it once the machine starts stealing their beloved fans.

Sea Sick: Kaz books Ami and Yumi for a cruise to entertain elderly people where they unexpectedly meet up with Silky Lame.

Koi Fish: After Yumi makes a mistake that leads to their van crashing into a dumpster, Ami discovers an all-knowing Koi fish. Yumi becomes obsessed with it to avoid any more mistakes. Ami soon becomes annoyed with the fish being right all the time and she goes as far as trying to destroying him, but to no avail. Yumi ties the fish to her head and Ami gets so fed up with the fish that she jumps into the raging river to see if Yumi would help her. Eventually, Yumi gives up the fish and the girls are OK.

Arbor Day: Kaz almost runs over a squirrel who left his home due to Eldwin Blair chopping down trees for toothpicks, Ami and Yumi decide to help the squirrel get his home back. Later on, Ami chains her and Yumi to the tree. Eldwin starts up the bulldozers and chases them through the forest until he surrounds them. Ami manages to convince Eldwin to save the tree.

Ami Ami: After Yumi has an accident with the microwave, she thinks she's Ami, which leads to Ami and Kaz trying to get her back to normal in any way they could think of. Like freeze her with buckets of freezing cold water, but it backfires when Jengo and Teki get frozen by the water and turn into catsicles.

Visiting Hours: Ami and Yumi come back to their tour bus and find a note that Kaz left saying that he had to go to the hospital. When they visit the hospital, they face a tough nurse who refuses to let them see Kaz.

Kitty Kontest: Kaz enters Ami and Yumi's cats in a contest but turns out the cat contest isn't for a few months, so Kaz decides to enter the cats in a dog contest by pretending that they're dogs.

Chow Down: Unlike Ami and Kaz, Yumi has never won a trophy before. Intent on winning one, she enters a tofu-dog eating contest. However, she faces a very tough competitor.

Hungry Yumi: When Yumi's midnight hunger strikes, she wants a Pink Palace cheeseburger. Yumi convinces Ami to drive her to a Pink Palace location. They end up going everywhere because the other locations get into trouble.

The Oddly Guard: When the girls are repeatedly getting attacked by fans after shows, Kaz hires them a body guard named Wall. When Wall becomes too protective about his clients, Ami and Yumi plot to have him fired.

Song Sung Bad: Kaz writes a song, but Ami and Yumi don't like it. They don't let Kaz know in fears of disappointing him.

Helping Hand: Yumi cramps her hands after signing too many pictures. Ami wanted to help but Yumi doesn't want any help, so Ami gives Yumi a bell so if she needs help all she has to do is ring the bell. Yumi has gotten so used to it that when her hands healed, she didn't tell Ami that her hands were better. This causes Ami to get mad for doing all her work even though Yumi's hands were better a few days ago.

Neat Freak: While Yumi and Kaz are playing a game of golf, Ami is cleaning her room. She screams as she walks out of her room which causes Kaz to finally hit a hole in one. Ami screamed because the other rooms in the bus are a huge mess! After Yumi guesses right that Ami was cleaning her room again, Ami tells her and Kaz that she's tired of cleaning up the messes they make, wants the band to be know for their music and not their filth, and that she will be making a few changes. As Yumi tells Ami to let her know how it goes, she is walking away, eating a bag a potato chips, leaving a trail of chip crumbs. Ami yells "Slob Alert!" and takes away Yumi's clothes because they are filthy, which leads to Yumi using the chip bag as a clothing item. Later, Ami takes away Kaz's toenail clippers because he made a pile of toenails until they grew back quickly. That night, she makes Yumi scrub the kitchen for making a mess while making a sandwich and Kaz put away his many bags of money. In the following morning, Yumi is vacuuming while listening to "Planet Tokyo" with her headphones. She ends up sucking up Jang Keng and Tekirai with the vacuuming and Ami, now dressed in military leader wear, she shows Yumi how to vacuum the bus nicely (again), even though she ends up sucking her in the vacuum. The next morning, Yumi and Kaz get very nervous because of Ami is grading them for cleanliness. Because there was a small dirt spot, Ami sends Yumi and Kaz flying when she yells "unacceptable". Yumi and Kaz start to argue with Ami and after Kaz reminds them about their concert, Ami looks for her drumsticks, but she can't find them anywhere! Yumi comes to the conclusion that she and Kaz cleaned so much and Ami can't find her drumsticks as a result. She is then cheered by Yumi and Kaz to get the bus dirty again. When they all make a very huge mess, Ami finds her drumsticks, and she is very happy. She also agrees with Yumi and Kaz that she did go overboard with the cleaning. Ami and Yumi then have fun making the bus messier with Kaz cheering them on.

Hypno Kaz: Yumi has a problem of biting her nails and Ami calls in a hypnotist to stop Yumi's problem. But the hypnotist accidentally hypnotizes Kaz and makes him act like a monkey, an opera singing racecar driver, a DJ, a drill sergeant, Yumi, a dog and a snake. Yumi bites her nails again in fear and Ami tells her to stop but Yumi replies by saying she can't poof it away. so when the lady of manager of he month appeared Kaz was already, acting like a snake, wrapping himself around her and Ami and Yumi both say the word poof and Kaz turns back to normal and the lady said she does not want to give the award and Kaz begins to cry but Ami and Yumi convinces her that Kaz is a great manager and she keeps him in the competition.

In Harmony’s Way: At an auction, Yumi and Kaz accidentally sell Ami's diary to Harmony, who refuses to give it back. Ami and Yumi must become Harmony's best friend in order to get it back.

Time Off: Yumi is tired of Ami always waking her up early, so Yumi sets Ami's clock backwards by 5 seconds. The clock affects Ami as she loses her sense of timing.

Home Insecurity: Yumi is tired of Ami using her stuff without her permission, so Yumi gets a security system that attacks whoever comes into her room. What happens, however, when the security system soon targets Yumi herself?

Uninvited: Kaz has a party in a hotel room and doesn't invite Ami and Yumi, now the girls try to sneak into the party.

Camping Capor : Ami takes Yumi camping so that Yumi can receive some fresh air after she had been in her room for almost a week. Then, Ami gets kidnapped by Bigfoot.

Cell Block Rock: Ami and Yumi end up in prison after Kaz mistakes them for crooks.

AmiYumi 3000: Ami and Yumi are transported to the year 3000 where they discover the whole world is dedicated to them. The citizens turn against them, so Ami and Yumi try to get back to their own time.

The Ride Stuff: Ami and Yumi play music at a theme park called Adventure Farm Fun Land. After the concert, the girls and Kaz decide to try out the park's new roller coaster called the Heart Stopper. However, Kaz is too short to ride it. The duo try to sneak Kaz on in every way they think of.

Were Kaz: Kaz is sick of being bald, so he gets some hair-growing liquid to grow his hair back. Then however, something scary happens: he suddenly becomes a werewolf, and soon starts chasing Yumi & Ami's cats around their bus. What will Ami and Yumi do?

Ski Sick: Kaz books a ski trip for him, Ami and Yumi. Yumi wasn't a good skier so Ami signed up Yumi for ski school so she could get better But Yumi gets mad and lies to Ami and says that she passed. Ami finds out she didn't and Yumi said there were monkeys and little kids in the class. They start fighting and then start rolling down the hill. Meanwhile, Kaz is trying to skate across a frozen lake. While rolling down the hill, Ami and Yumi crash into the cabin and break all the bones in their body. In the end, Kaz uses Ami and Yumi as skis to ride down the mountain. The name is a reference to Seasick.

Claw and Order: Fed up with the cats scratching up his stuff, Kaz tries to build Jang Keng and Tekerai a scratching post.

Janice Jealous: Chad, the good card game player of Stu-Pi-Doh, comes back and has a new girlfriend named Janice. Ami and Yumi start to like Chad again and they start getting jealous of Janice and they start to follow them everywhere to see what they do together. While following them and getting information of what Janice likes Ami and Yumi change to try to be more like Janice so Chad will like them again. They start dressing and acting like her. Chad falls for them and Janice gets sad and runs off. After hanging out with Ami and Yumi Chad starts to not like them. Later on, Janice comes back and tells Chad that she joined a rock band and she had hair like Ami's. Chad said that it ruled she was in a band. Ami and Yumi get mad and just keeping saying that they rule until the end of the episode.

Domo: When Kaz goes out and buys a dog that looks just like him things start going crazy. When big time company owners come Kaz isn't there but Domo is. The girls then plot to keep the owners from leaving.

Yumi Goes Solo: Yumi gets fed up with Ami and Kaz giving her all the hard work, so she wishes that there was no such thing as Puffy AmiYumi. Her wish comes true, but Ami and Kaz are now having a hard life, and Yumi realizes how miserable she is without them.

Cat Feud is an episode where Kaz tries to frame Jang Keng and Tekirai for mischief to get revenge on them for always harassing him. First, Kaz tries to frame them cats by putting a bucket of water on the top of a door, but it backfires when he opens the door and the water falls on him. Next, he tries to make it seem like they ruined the recording studio, but the music plays smoothly. Then, Kaz tries to frame them for eating a fish, but the bowl lands on him. Finally, Kaz makes Jengo and Teki scratch the curtains by putting catnip on the top of the curtains. The scheme almost succeeds until Kaz bursts out in laughter.

Super Zero: Ami and Yumi visit their friend Atchan, who believes he is a superhero. Ami and Yumi are suddenly kidnapped by a giant snake monster named Sunikura and it is up to Atchan to rescue them.

Artist Ami: Ami has made very poor attempts at making an album cover, but one of her attempts catches the eye of an art critic who suggests that Ami should be an artist.

Ikkakujuu: In this silent episode, Ami breaks Yumi's guitar and tries to convince her that she saw a unicorn.

Run Cat Run: Kaz enters the cats into a racing contest, much to Ami and Yumi's disapproval.

Driving School: Ami thinks Yumi and Kaz are dangerous drivers, so she makes them take driving classes.

Record Breakers: The girls compete with each other to complete a world record.

Rock Lobsters: Ami and Yumi try to save lobsters from a seafood restaurant.

Phantom of Rock: Kaz is tired of how terrible Ami and Yumi play, so he seeks the help of phantom rocker Johnny Ghost. The girls then get trapped in his haunted mansion.

Fungus: Ami adopts a hunk of fungus that comes from their shower.

Soapbox Derby: Ami, Yumi, and Kaz compete against Axel and Rod Skidmark in a soapbox derby.

Talent Suckers Return: The Talent Suckers seek a job in order to pay off some debts.

Prisoners of Yoyovia: Ami and Yumi become slaves in a country.

Secret Origin: Young Ami and Yumi get off a bus and arrive at Camp Youwannasushi. They meet Atchan after Yumi rescues him from the camp bully by violently stomping on his foot. Atchan reveals he didn't have much confidence in himself in his childhood because he wasn't a superhero. Ami finds Atchan to be sweet, sad and funny while Yumi thinks he's crazy. After not taking Atchan's warning about the bunk bed monster, Rumaki (a monster that takes kids from the bunk bed Ami and Yumi were assigned to, to work in his rock candy mines) seriously, Yumi is kidnapped by Rumaki and Ami and Atchan set out to save her. Yumi, being in a sack, thinks this is a prank.  After encountering Rumaki's army of giant dust monkeys and being taken to the rock candy mines, where they meet the very old campers of Youwannasushi, Ami and Atchan set out to rescue them as well. Atchan faces off against Rumaki, and with the help of Ami and the elder campers, Atchan starts believing that he is a superhero with powers. Rumaki surrenders, promises to never kidnap another kid again, and Ami, Yumi Atchan and the elder campers return to the camp room. They got Yumi out of the sack. Yumi thinks this whole thing was a prank. Atchan attacks Yumi when he was telling the story of how he beat Rumaki to the elder campers, which has Yumi saying Ami has created a monster instead of a monster fighter.

Legend of Mei Pie: Yumi needs a new guitar and must accomplish certain tasks to get one. So she meets Master Mei Pie, who sends her to get some items.

Under the Hood: The tour bus is acting erratically and Ami and Yumi go inside to find out what is wrong. They find out that the man who sold them the bus had moved into its carburettor.

Movie Madness: Walking through the streets of Hollywood, Los Angeles, Yumi is selected as a main star of the movie by the movie director Flash Backman. At first, Yumi angrily refers the first shooting for Puffy AmiYumi, claming that his music video shooting practices almost killed her and Ami. Backman tells Yumi that he wants her become a main protagonist of his movie, A Rock Star is Born. Yumi decides to accept his deal, with a condition of letting Ami be with her during the movie's production schedule.

While Yumi is treated very well under Flash Backman's direction, Ami is seriously abused as Yumi's stunt double. Also, Ami get blames for being "terrible" after finishing every single shooting moments. These situations make Ami's bad emotions begin piling up, and she completely losts her temper when it comes to Yumi's red carpet event for the movie. In a infuriated manner, Ami clames that she did everything during the production in front of the press, including Kaz and Flash Backman, who pour the oil on Ami's situation by answering they did everything that were mentioned by the press.

In the next morning, Yumi finds out Ami is seemingly hold a grunge all about the movie. However, when everyone notices that the movie A Rock Star is Born, got a negative review by the press, Ami also finds out Yumi has felt guilty about Ami's stunt double role. When Ami tries to comfort Yumi by telling her who would care about the review, Yumi opens up her trum mind at her, remembering being a movie star was Ami's dream.

Stop the Presses: Ami and Yumi have to stop other people seeing an embarrassing photo of Ami in the newspaper.

Hired Help: Ami asks Wall to help out with the band, but he is not good at it.

Puffy B. C: In prehistoric times, Primitive Ami and Primitive Yumi create their own music, and Primitive Kaz tries to get the two to join together and form a band.

Dupli-Cats: Jeng Keng and Tekirai clone themselves to get rid of Domo.

Agent Y: Yumi is mistaken for a secret agent and must handle the real agent's job.

Manga Madness: Ami and Yumi returned to Japan to watch anime and read manga. When they started to fight about who the better hero, Decibel Destroyer or Knoble Knight, a solar flare hits the manga books, which brings Knoble Knight and Decibel Destoryer to life.

Junior Tapeworm: Harmony joins the Junior Tapeworms so she can be #1 Tapeworm.

Kazalot: Knight Ami the Brave-Hearted goes up against the Dreaded Black Knight to see who can pull out the Mystical Drumsticks of Daloot from the stone to defend everyone from Maury the Dragon.

The Golden Fleas: When their instruments break, Ami and Yumi go on a quest for golden fleas. They need to find them before the concert is canceled.

Sitcomi-Yumi: The girls and Kaz try out for a sitcom, hoping for good reviews. However, there are continuous bad reviews. The real Ami and Yumi make an appearance in this segment.

Spree!: Ami and Yumi get a chance of receiving one million Yen when they borrow a shopping cart. Ami is happy at first, as she was already excited to buy everything she want when she, Yumi and Kaz visited Japanese department store. But a 6-minutes limit makes it hard for them to spend all the money in time. While Ami was very optimistic to do that, several events that saves their cash block every chances to spend all the money. Yumi, who is already very sarcastic about the department stores and shopping spree, tells Ami to give up as the event is impossible to accomplish at all. Ami never gives up, but becomes depressed when the money was barely gone despite of several attempts.

However, Yumi finds out they can get rid of all the cash by damaging goods in the store, as they should compensate the loss for it. The duo decided to wreck everything in the department store, and managed to clear out the one million Yen successfully. They were excited for a brief moment, but they also find out there's nothing any of them could get. Yumi also thinks the only thing she and Ami could get was nothing besides wrecks and junks. Ami concludes that by saying she won't rely her happiness on buying goods. The duo immidiatly leaves the ruins for something else.

Granny: The episode begins with the duo's average daily life, including playing darts. Ami opens up the door of tour bus when the bell rings. It is revealed that Ami's grandmother visits the duo. Ami concerns as her grandmother was such a traditionalist who thinks rock steals the soul. So Ami make Yumi hide every single their rock references from her. Even though Ami and Yumi's attempt to hide everything about rock'n roll, things are getting worse as the duo got a schedule of live performance. At first, they tell granny they are supposed to visit the wig contest. This means they have to hide larger, more revealing hints of rock career such as crowds and posters, making Ami and Yumi harder to hide all the truth of themselves. Yumi suggests Ami tell the truth.

Ami also tries to tell the truth. However, her first attempts are blocked by granny's mistake. Ami and Yumi keep erasing every references of their rock'n roll career in the street.

A Grave Mistake: The Talent Suckers use zombies to increase their popularity, but it proves ineffective.

Motor-Psycho Mamas: A gang of bikers attacks London. The girls must stop them before they take the city over.

Oldie AmiYumi: The episode takes place as the future when Ami and Yumi are in their elderly age. When the duo is performing their gig of Cosmic Wonder, Ami and Yumi are too exhausted to finish it properly. Then, a guy from Rock Museum lands into the stage, telling them the concert they were doing was the final show. He even notices them the fact that Kaz, Ami and Yumi's then-current manager, signed up to the retirement home for former rock superstars. After the man took the duo's instruments, Yumi complains at Kaz for putting them into the retirement center.

In the retirement center, things get worse for Ami and Yumi. The center is under control of hostile and tyrannical nurse who emphasize them "accept their age and be relax." As the result, the duo feel that the center forces them give up every single fun they have enjoyed for several years. Ami and Yumi decide to escape the center, but their attempts fail in several times, leading to be punished by nurse. When the nurse ban their Bingo as "the ultimate punishment," Ami tells Yumi that they should "give up their enjoyment for good and let the nurse win over them." Yumi is surprised at first as her statement sounds absurd, but it is revealed that Ami didn't mean it. Instead, Ami declares "the retirement revolution" in order to not make their retirement life go downhill that way.

As the part of the plan, the duo take their instruments from Rock Museum. Then they visit the center to prepare their plan. Ami and Yumi appreciate the nurse for "letting them learn how to accept their ages" to avoid nurse's doubts. They managed to enter the retirement home, after telling the nurse they have a present for her. Then the duo begin playing music with other ex-rockers in the center. This makes the nurse fall into the panic as everyone in the center are violating her rules. The episode ends with scene of everyone including Ami and Yumi enjoying their gig in the center.

Trouble with Mimes: Ami, Yumi and Kaz have trouble with a mime named Si, and need a way to get rid of him.

Jungle Prom: The girls go to a prom in the jungle to help a man be with his crush.

Truth or Dare: The girls play a game of Truth or Dare?.

Sumo Kaz: With the help of the girls, Kaz trains to become a sumo wrestler and has his first match. Note: This is the last episode to air on Cartoon Network in the United States.

Tooth Decay: Ami and Yumi look for loose teeth when the tooth fairy is unable to do so, and they must do it before the sun rises.

Gridiron Maidens: Kaz makes Ami join his football team after she throws it into a tree.

Sound Off: Ami, Yumi, and Kaz have a strange experience when the soundtrack is completely wrong. So the girls must go and fix it.

Small Stuff: Ami and Yumi give their cats a bath, but they fall in the dryer and shrink. The girls must find a way to return to normal size.

B.C Road Trip: Kaz tries to find a way to carry Ami and Yumi's instruments to their next gig without the need of a tour bus.

Puffyanuts: Ami, Yumi, and Kaz get lost in space as they head to their next gig.

Evil AmiYumi: Yumi tempts fate and is struck by lightning as she does so. It causes Yumi to switch places with her evil half from an evil alternate universe. Evil Yumi causes some trouble in the normal universe while Evil Ami and Evil Kaz cause trouble in their own world. Yumi must find a way back to her world and get Evil Yumi back into her world.

Butterscotch: Kaz knocks out a rodeo star's horse Butterscotch with a flying kick after it kicks him so Ami and Yumi get in a horse costume and pose as Butterscotch to avoid trouble.

Big Waldo: Kaz buys a swamp for his new dream house, but it is inhabited by Big Waldo, a huge alligator. Ami and Yumi have to get rid of Big Waldo so Kaz can enjoy his new land.

Disco Caper: Ami and Yumi travel back in time to become disco stars.

House Unkeeping: The girls are denied access to the Rock Legends museum since they've never trashed a hotel room. Ami and Yumi try their best, but the plan becomes thwarted by an efficient maid.

Number Please: Ami's cell phone overuse causes Kaz to take her cell phone away, leaving Ami to find alternate methods to communicate with other people.

Manga Madness II: Ami and Yumi's favorite comic book characters are back in their comic books but Kaz is trapped inside once again, so Ami and Yumi go into the comic book world to save him.

Julie AmiYumi: Ami and Yumi are showing off how well of a team they are before Kaz could tell them something great. Ami and Yumi switch instruments before they go back to their defaults. After telling Kaz about their teamwork and doing their special high five, Kaz announces that he got them a TV reunion special. Both Ami and Yumi are excited until Kaz says Julie is returning. Yumi is excited but Ami isn't. Yumi remembers all the good things Julie did for her: She carried the instruments leaving Yumi's hands free, made Yumi breakfast in bed, and when Yumi let Julie try on her wristbands, Julie said she had the best spiked wristbands, before she started to karate chop thin air. Yumi then remembered the day Julie left them. Ami reminded Yumi that Julie left because she was going to kick her out. Yumi wondered what Ami had against her, but Ami has a few reasons: When Ami put half of the instruments in the spot she wanted them be, Julie put the other half on Ami. Julie apologizes, saying that was her bad. When Yumi was finished eating the breakfast Julie made for her, Julie dumped it on Ami's bed. Ami yelled at her, and Julie said that was her bad too because she thought Ami was the sink. When Julie was karate chopping, she was chopping on Ami's shoulder, causing her pain. Yumi doesn't believe Ami, calling her paranoid. That's where Julie comes in. When she opened the door, Ami got hurt. Julie says it's great to see Yumi, Kaz, the cats and a random soda can again, but not Ami. Ami clears her throat and Julie thinks she's the bell boy, so she tells Ami to put her bags in her room. Ami tells her that she is not the bell boy and that she and Julie were in the band together. Julie starts to remember a little bit. She did remember Ami's name begins with an "A". She was thinking the her name was "Angie" or "Annie", but she calls her Arthur, and then says it's nice to see her too. Julie then focuses her attention to Yumi, and shows her a sign and tells her to pull the switch. When the sign lights up, the sign reads "Puffy JulieYumi". Ami sees that her name is not on there, and asks Julie if there was a name missing. Julie doesn't think so and tells Yumi that they should get to rehearsing, so she takes all of the instruments (including Yumi's guitar) to another room. After she leaves, Ami looks at the sign with annoyance. Yumi notices, and says that Julie was always bad with names. So the girls' day began...

When Julie was given to task to park the bus, with Ami guiding her to the spot, she ends up ramming Ami against the wall with the back of the bus. Then, when Ami, Yumi and Julie are together Julie showed off her ability to lift them and all of their signature instruments at the same time with two fingers (one from each hand). On the finger she lifts Ami (who lifts her drum set) with, Julie lets go to look at the time on her watch. Ami falls down and her drum set falls on her. Later, when Yumi is on her lounge chair, watching TV, Ami (with an ice pack on her head at the time) asks her if she finally believes Julie is out to get her. Yumi tells Ami to give Julie another chance, and she ends up calling her Authur as well. Ami yells what her name is and Yumi tells her they can't have a reunion special without Julie. Ami asks Yumi if she thinks the reunion special is more important than her and Yumi says she didn't say that. Ami then asks if they get rid of Julie, but Yumi doesn't want to go with that plan. Finally fed up with this, Ami yells at Yumi, saying that she and Julie can do the reunion without her and she storms off. As she was about to walk out of the bus, Ami hears Julie laughing. Looking inside Julie's room, she sees that Julie is talking to her keyboard (which was dressed in a hat and glasses at the time), saying that her plan to get back at Ami and Yumi for stealing the stardom that she believes she should've gotten is working perfectly. She then says that now that they got rid of Ami, all they have to do is destroy Yumi. Ami sets out to save Yumi, and leaves to prepare. A few hours later, it starts to rain. Ami's face is crossed out on the building the band is performing at. As Kaz prepares everything, Yumi and Julie have their instruments, with Yumi saying that she's never performed without her best friend. Julie says they don't need "that Authur kid". After Yumi and Julie run the stage, Ami, dressed like a caterer, reveals herself to Kaz. Kaz is delighted and tells Ami to get out there, saying that they will sell twice the merchandise. Ami tells Kaz he has to help find out Julie's plan. Kaz says he'll do that after the show, and reminds everyone about the sign. Ami looks at the sign at notices the super heavy amp on top of it. Julie encourages Yumi to light up the sign, and Yumi gets ready to. Ami sees what Julie's up to: flattening Yumi with the amp! Ami went to rescue her and the amp only gets on top of her legs and Yumi's legs due to the save. The audience think this is part of the special, so they laugh. Julie laughs also, talking to her keyboard again, saying "So much for Puffy ArthurYumi!", which Ami responds by saying "It's Ami, you nitwit!". Julie then asks her keyboard if it sees this, and that now everyone sees who the real star is. The audience, not finding that funny, boo at Julie. Julie freaks out saying that that's not the love she wanted, and that the booing was mean. In order to save the ratings of the TV special, Kaz passes all this as an opening act called "Julie the Wicky Wacky Woo-Woo". He also puts Julie in a straight jacket and gets her off the stage. As he does, Yumi, (along with Ami) now freed from the amp, thinks about what she has done, and asks Ami if she will give her a second chance. Ami says she gets as many chances as she want, and calls Yumi her partner. They then do their special high five again. Kaz announces the band's reuniting and the audience cheer. Ami and Yumi are so happy, that they jump high in the air. It is then shown that it is still raining outside and Julie's face on the builing is now crossed out instead of Ami's. It is also shown that Julie has freed herself from the straight jacket. She mumbles about Ami and Yumi, but says revenge will be hers. After, thunder crushes, she talks to her keyboard once more saying "What's that? Oh, sorry, Keyboard Guitar. Revenge will be ours." Julie then laughs for a bit.

It's Alive: Ami and Yumi bring a Kaz monster to life, but it goes around wreacking havoc. Ami and Yumi go after it and try to stop it.


39 (total)

Theme Songs

  • Hi Hi (Ep 1 – 39)
  • Hi Hi (Instrumental)

Voice Cast

  • Kei Kobayashi as Ami Onuki & Tekirai
  • Sachiko Kojima as Yumi Yoshimura & Jang Keng
  • Akihiko Ishizumi as Kaz Harada & Domo
  • Satomi Arai as Harmony
  • ??? as Eldwin Blair
  • Tomo Shigematsu as King Chad
  • ??? as Wall
  • ??? as Vlad
  • ??? as Mitch
  • ??? as Nicolai
  • Taiki Matsuno as Atchan
  • ??? as Julie
  • ??? as Monet Renoir
  • ??? as Veronica West
  • ??? as Dr Mysto
  • ??? as the Little Girl
  • ??? as Janice (Chad's girlfriend)
  • Janice Kawaye as Ami Onuki, Tekirai & Janice
  • Grey DeLisle as Yumi Yoshimura, Jang Keng & the Little Girl
  • Keone Young as Kaz Harada & Domo
  • Sandy Fox as Harmony
  • Nathan Carlson as Eldwin Blair, Vlad & Mitch
  • Katie Leigh as King Chad
  • Will Ryan as Wall
  • Corey Burton as Nicolai
  • Rob Paulsen as Atchan & Dr Mysto
  • Lara Jill Miller as Julie
  • Diane Michelle as Monet Renoir & Veronica West

Songs Used In The Show

  • Nagaiki Shitene aka I Want You To Live A Long Time (instrumental)
  • Puffy's No Rule
  • Vacation (instrumental)
  • Umi e to aka Into the Beach
  • Atarashii Hibi aka Brand New Days (instrumental)
  • Urei aka Worry
  • Sign Of Love aka Ai No Shirushi
  • Haruno Asa aka Spring Morning
  • Sui Sui
  • Long Beach Nightmare
  • That's the Way It Is aka Kore ga Watashi no Ikiru Michi
  • Friends Forever
  • Your Love Is A Drug (instrumental)
  • Cosmic Wonder aka COSMIC Nagaretabi
  • Electric Beach Fever aka Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Et Cetera
  • Destruction Pancake
  • True Asia aka Asia no Junshin (Japanese version)
  • K2G aka Kimi Ni Go
  • Circuit no Musume aka Wild Girls on Circuit
  • December aka 12 (instrumental)
  • Planet Tokyo
  • Boogie Woogie No. 5 aka Number 5
  • Shut Your Mouth, Honey aka Mondo Muyo
  • Stray Cats Fever
  • Puffy de Rumba
  • Forever
  • Aoi Ringo aka Green Apple
  • Aoi Namida aka Blue Tears Remix
  • Circuit no Musume Remix aka Wild Girls on Circuit Remix
  • Need Title Song Sung Bad
  • Joining a Fan Club
  • Love So Pure
  • Sunrise
  • Sayonara aka Goodbye
  • Sunday Girls aka Nichiyoubi no Musume
  • Simple
  • Honey
  • Aoi Namida aka Blue Tears
  • Kirelina Namidaga Tarinaiyo aka Pure Tears Are Not Enough
  • Tokusuru Karada aka Profitable Body
  • Jet Police Remix aka Jet Keisatsu Remix
  • That’s the Way It Is Remix aka Kore ga Watashi no Ikiru Michi Remix
  • Vacation
  • Planet Tokyo (instrumental)
  • Simple (instrumental)
  • K2G (instrumental)
  • True Asia (instrumental)
  • Shut Your Mouth Honey (instrumental)


  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Theme
  • Friends Forever
  • Forever
  • Into the Beach
  • December
  • True Asia
  • Vacation
  • Joining A Fan Club
  • Planet Tokyo
  • Love So Pure
  • Boogie Woogie Number 5
  • Sunrise
  • That’s The Way It Is
  • Teen Titans Theme


  • The only cartoon series establish with Ami and Yumi that didn’t get rebooted in today’s era. Teen Titans is the cartoon series that Puffy AmiYumi work on, that got rebooted as Teen Titans Go.
  • The only two major hit songs of Puffy AmiYumi to be put as an instrumental version is Yumi’s solo hit “I Want You To live A Long Time”, and the group’s “Your Love is A Drug” song. This is understandable as the lyrics of I Want You To Live A Long Time in the Japanese version talks about someone dying before their time is up by staving to death. While the English version of Your Love Is A Drug talks about a girl whose been somber her whole life finally does drugs for the first time. Ironically this explains why Ami and Yumi’s songs are only heard mainly in Japanese, and less English with subtitles as the duo prefers to sing their music in Japanese, and some of their songs in English by switching the lyrics depending on which version they actually like playing for fans.
  • In real life Yumi is taller than Ami, making Ami the shortest member of the duo. But in the cartoon series Ami is taller than Yumi, making Yumi the shortest member of the duo.
  • In the cartoon series, Yumi likes horror films and had star in a Hollywood movie once. In real life this fact was true for the real life Yumi, as she has star in different Japanese movies such as playing Dendou-Jitensha in the 2002 film Copycat Killer, playing Ryoko Tajima in the 2004 film Walking the Dog and as Nozomi Akai in the 2005 horror film The Neighbor No. 13. With the Neighbor No 13 being her most famous film to this day.
  • In the cartoon series Ami and Yumi have two pet cats, and a dog. But in real life the real Ami and Yumi do not have cats as pets. However the real Yumi has a pet dog name Micky.
  • Atchan is based on Vo Atsushi, the lead singer of the J-Pop band New Rote'ka who is childhood friends with the real-life Yumi Yoshimura and made two cameos in the series last season's live-action sequences.
  • Only six cartoon music videos were shown in the cartoon series: Urei, Circuit no Musume, Vacation, Simple, True Asia & Puffy de Rumba.
  • Starting with season two the theme song switches with the real Ami and Yumi singing the song at a live concert. This happens in some episodes while it will switch back to the cartoon version of the theme song that is mostly played during all three seasons.
  • At the end of every episode, the real Puffy AmiYumi say to the viewers, "Bye-Bye, Boo!". During the final episodes of season three Ami and Yumi would write Bye Bye Boo in Japanese kanji.
  • At the beginning of every episode Ami and Yumi would say sutetou in Japanese meaning start in English. But during the final episodes of season three Ami or Yumi would write Start in Japanese kanji.
  • The episode Ami Ami, is the only time that the real Ami doesn’t say the episode title in English with Yumi. The real Yumi is the only one to say the episode title out loud while Ami stays quiet. This is a way of showing how friends can say a person’s name while the said person herself can not say their own name.
  • The Cartoon Network logo has its letters written in Japanese kanji characters.
  • This Cartoon Network show is mostly known for being a rare Western-made show based on a famous Japanese band property, like Puffy AmiYumi.
  • When the show first aired on the Cartoon Network, it scored the highest rating ever for a cartoon premiere.
  • It is the only Cartoon Network show that featured real songs by Ami and Yumi themselves, and the first cartoon to use license music at the time, other cartoons and movies would soon follow afterwards after seeing this example.
  • The skull on Yumi's shirt changes to match her expression. (Example: when she's shocked, it makes a surprised face (O_O), when she's happy it makes a smiling face ("_"), and when she frowns, it makes a sad face or scowl. However the skull seems to have a mind of its own.
  • In some episodes Yumi's hair switches from purple to blue.
  • In real life Ami's favorite color is rainbow, but her signature color is pink. Whereas Yumi's favorite colors are purple, blue and black.
  • Kaz is based on by Puffy AmiYumi's real life manager Kaz Harada. In real life Kaz is a tall man. But in the cartoon series he is a tiny midget.
  • In real life Kaz had passed away in 1998 long before the cartoon show had aired. This explains why the real Kaz didn’t appear when the real Ami and Yumi did comic relief scenes during the show, as in one episode (episode 9 of season one) when the girls broke a camera Ami mentioned Kaz by hoping he doesn’t find out that they were fooling around and had broke a camera. Including that the real Ami and Yumi interacted with the cartoon version of Kaz on two episodes.
  • In real life Ami is older than Yumi, whereas Yumi is the youngest. But in the cartoon series, Ami acts like the youngest while Yumi acts like the oldest.
  • Teasers for the show, seen on some Cartoon Network videos and DVDs, reveal that it was originally going to have a very different look and feel. They show very jerky animation and no shading. Ami has ponytails instead of buns including two flowers on her hair, and Yumi has a fang sticking out of her mouth.
  • The episode Surfs'up was banned in the USA for it's original title "Tsunami AmiYumi". The episode was set for premiere on December 31, 2004 a few days after the Indian Ocean tsunami. Renegade changed the title of the episode and all the references to the tsunami were changed (the word tsunami was changed into wave). The episode was aired everywhere on the world normally, except in the USA were even the edited version was banned. The ban for the edited version can be considered as pointless as the episode was banned only in a country that wasn't effected by the tsunami.
  • The cartoon was produced entirely in the United States (the only series that does this full time) using a combination of Macromedia Flash and traditional cel animation. The cartoon is inspired by Japanese animation and people often think the show is from japan and that it's an anime.
  • The real Ami and Yumi filmed their live action comedy relief sequences in Japan. While they did all their complete spoken dialogue starting with season one in English. But starting with season two and three Ami and Yumi would do their live action comedy sequences by speaking in Japanese.
  • The only cartoon to not have English subtitles appear when Ami and Yumi’s hit Japanese music is heard on screen. Also no songs titles appear when the music plays in the episode. The song titles only appear during the end credits under the title as additional songs.
  • Ami and Yumi yelling as their mouths are as big as their face was an obvious reference is the Peanuts comic strip when kids yell.
  • The main reason that this show wasn't rated TV-Y, but TV-Y7 is because of Yumi's mischievous rude sarcasm comments.
  • The word renegade was seen in three episodes as graffiti in the background. Renegade is the studio that produced Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. In every season there is an episode with the graffiti (Dance a Go-Go, Yumi goes solo & House unkeeping).
  • Episode titles from the first season are animated, those from season 2 & 3 are filmed in the real world and often various Japanese people are holding them. In all seasons the real Ami and Yumi read the titles and sometimes hold the title cards.
  • Also Ami and Yumi would say the episode titles in English. But starting with season three Ami and Yumi would switch saying the episode title in English or completely in Japanese.
  • Two video games were released, one for Game Boy and the other for DS. Also dolls were released by fans either getting the real Ami and Yumi or having cartoon version dolls.
  • In real life Ami likes Rings, Art and Surfing. Her love for art and surfing was carry on into the cartoon series. While in real life Yumi likes the colors black and purple, necklaces and the bass. Her favorite subject was never reveal in real life. This could explain why her cartoon self is refer to as a rebel/tomboy as she wants to be label as a mystery instead of an open book.
  • In real life Ami acts like her cartoon self as revealed by Yumi. However in real life Yumi doesn’t act too much like her cartoon self as reveal by Ami. Also in real life and in the cartoon Ami shows some of her Virgo zodiac traits since her birthday is September 18, 1973. While Yumi also shows some of her Aquarius zodiac traits in the cartoon (unknown in real life) as her birthday is January 30, 1975.
  • The real Ami and Yumi provide their singing voices for their animated cartoon selfs, instead of Janice Kawaye and Grey Delisle.
  • On October 2, 2006, the show's crew announced on their blog (puffycrew.blogspot.com) that Cartoon Network had cancelled Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi after three seasons and 39 episodes due to management shakeup, leading Sam Register to leave the channel until 2020. The real reason why the show got cancel was because the new show runner at the time favor hip hop music, and hated Japanese music. The new show runner removed the show from the network despite it still being popular with fans and critics.
  • The unaired pilot episode has two real unknown Japanese girls voicing Ami and Yumi in English. Grey Delisle reveal that the two Japanese girls had recorded 10 episodes before the cartoon show was released and due to things not working out with how Ami and Yumi’s Japanese accent should be portray for the cartoon version of the show, the unknown Japanese girls were replaced with Janice and Grey to give cartoon Ami and Yumi voices that are easy to hear, and for fans to understand.
  • When auditions came to who would voice Yumi in cartoon form, it turns that Mexican-American voice actress Grey Delisle (who was at comic con many years later) reveal that she was a last minute choice that had got the role to voice Yumi for the series, as she knew one of the employees working on the show. She was the only cast member that had to learn how to speak Japanese.
  • Grey Delisle also reveal that her co star friend Janice Kawaye, (who is Japanese American) ironically doesn't speak Japanese fluently too much.
  • Ami and Yumi are the only duo that appear in most carton network bumpers by appearing in 30 clips worldwide in different countries. The real Ami and Yumi only appears in three promos including posters. Also the real Ami and Yumi only spoke in one promo by answering cartoon Kaz’s question about having their own show.
  • In the episode Treasure Map, Ami breaks the Fourth Wall by talking to the viewer. Also in the episode Under the Hood, Yumi also broke the Fourth Wall by saying “this is a weird episode”.
  • The episode Under the Hood is the second time we see Yumi getting electrified. The first episode where Yumi got electrified was Scowlitis. Other episodes are Hungry Yumi, Ami Ami, Home Insecurity and Evil AmiYumi.
  • Episode 13 is the only episode where Ami and Yumi’s cartoon selfs do a comedy relief scene during the opening, and closing of the show. They try to talk to each other on their phones until they bump into each other screaming.
  • Yumi is the only character from the show that made a cameo in the K.O series. In this case as a statue.
  • Ami and Yumi are the second music duo to get their own animated cartoon series being based on themselves as teenagers, and with the girls appearing in live action by adding their hit songs to the series, the first to do this back then was the black rap duo Kid N Play who also went through the exact same thing. The only difference is that Kid N Play’s cartoon show only lasted one season, while Ami and Yumi’s only lasted 3 seasons. Another difference is that Ami and Yumi had comedic relief live action scenes before going into animation, whereas Kid N Play had serious live action talk about their problems in the real world before the show goes into animation. Including that both music duo do not voice their cartoon counterparts at all, but are heavily involved with the music for the show. Including that Kid and Yumi are the only two of their respective duos to still be involved with movies, voice overs and other projects beside making music. Other than that both shows still have a huge fanbase despite no longer being shown on tv.
Episode trivia
  • Harmony says that Yumi has a birthmark of Abraham Lincoln on the bottom of her left foot. However, Yumi has been seen barefoot in several episodes and not once have we seen any birthmarks (possibly as a continuity error).
  • Harmony was smelling Ami and Yumi's socks. Ami is never shown wearing socks in any episode (only Yumi was seen wearing socks in Camping Caper and Janice Jealous).
  • This was the first episode to air in 3 countries at the same time.
  • Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble from The Flintstones appear among the crowd of cowboys in Dis-Harmony.
  • Ami is the first character to speak in Dis-Harmony, making her the first character in the series to speak.
  • The episode Ninjcompoop was named after the term "Ninja" and "Nincompoop" (idiot).
  • The Episode Collect All 5 was adapted into a story from the book “together forever”.
  • Running Gag: Whenever someone mentions "Los Gatos Feos", a cat screeches. This is because it's Spanish for "The Ugly Cats".
  • The crying sound of Baby Kate Read from the long-running PBS series, Arthur is heard in the episode "Mini-Puffs".
  • Yumi is revealed that she can play the bagpipes, which the Yumi in real life does not play.
  • Both Ami's Secret and Taffy Trouble make references to the 1980 arcade game Pac-Man.
  • This is the first time Ami and Yumi are seen wearing grass skirts & coconut bras.
  • Kaz is absent in "Dance A-Go-Go".
  • This is the first time Yumi is seen wearing pajamas.
  • "Dance A-Go-Go" marks the only time that Puffy AmiYumi is referred to as Puffy.
  • Yumi's guitar in "Taffy Trouble" went all the way up to 11.5! Usually, some guitars would go to 11, or even The Who's volume going up to "Whuh-Oh!". But Yumi's guitar power extends beyond 10 by 1.5.
  • In "Dance A-Go-Go", Yumi doesn't have a coconut bra until she is seated playing the guitar.
  • Wacky Wally was voiced by Phil Lollar, who was the show's casting director.
  • Wacky Wally is a parody of Willy Wonka from the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, and the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, portrayed by the late Gene Wilder.
  • This episode is the first one to air in the UK in 2005-06 when they stopped running it until 2010.
  • Coincidentally, the Yumi cake in the segment Ami's Secret has a similar color scheme to Amethyst from Steven Universe, despite Rebecca Sugar implied her color scheme was based off of Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time.
  • Ami and Yumi learning different dances around the world complete with convenient costumes could possibly be reused concepts meant to be for the unaired pilot.
  • In "Taffy Trouble" when Ami and Yumi's stomachs grow big their bellies are heard rumbling.
  • Half of Yumi's belly is shown while she is lying down stuffed with Ami.
  • The episode Robo-pop was originaly titled "A Clockwork Puffy", which references the 1962 novel A Clockwork Orange.
  • "Metal Mental" was supposed to be called "Metal Madness."
  • "Metal Mental" was included into the storybook "Together Forever," as a tweaked form of "The Boy Band." "The Boy Band" remove Metal Breath trio and compensate them with a duo group called "Boytown, USA," a band that was likely to supposed to be American pop singers.
  • "Metal Mental" is the first episode that feature the duo with a touch of lipstick, including both Ami and Yumi.
  • Live Puffy Theme: Ami and Yumi tell their hometowns of Tokyo and Osaka and then have an argument about which is better.
  • Ending Credits: The Funky-fresh Hydraulics causing all the Puffy-Bots to fall apart, and Kaz reacting to it after they all were destroyed.
  • This is the first time we see Ami and Yumi in their bikinis. Ami's top has a heart it the entire bikini is blue. Yumi's is a camouflage, but is later changed to one similar to Ami's in Surf's Up but purple.
  • This is the very first time Ami played the drums with her feet. The second time was in "Mean Machine".
  • Kaz is seen without a shirt for the first time in "Robo-Pop."
  • This is the first time we see the girls dressed in heavy metal clothes.
  • The segments were originally aired in this order: "In The Cards/Team Teen/Showdown!" but was later changed around so that the music video would be after the second part of the episode.
  • First time we see Ami and Yumi wearing cowgirl outfits.
  • First appearances of King Chad and the Burlap Boys.
  • This episode can be found on the Volume 2 DVD "Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Rock Forever!", as well as the Season 1 DVD Japan import.
  • We learn that Ami is a sucker for Super Hunks, and Yumi is a sucker for Bad Boys.
  • Kaz is absent for the second and third time in "In The Cards" and "Team Teen”.
  • The music video Urei, shows Ami and Yumi racing on their motorized scooters and performing stunts that people in real life should never attempt unless they are a professional at it. This can be viewed at the offical site of Renegade Animation. The Music Video was the first moment of the show that refer the duo's own scooters.
  • Pizza Face and Prom Queen don't have any speaking roles in this episode.
  • These are the first appearances of Jang Keng and Tekirai, Farmer Zeke, Edwin Blair, and Pierre.
  • In the Japanese dub of Save the Farm, Farmer Zeke is called "Ojiisan" (おじいさん).
  • In Opera Yumi, Yumi's opera singing voice is provided by Karen Hartman. Hartman is perhaps best known for playing Talkatoo Cockatoo in the 1980s children's television series Zoobilee Zoo. This also marks Hartman's final performing role to date.
  • Yumi's bikini is now purple with a skull half on her top and skull mouth on her bottom and it is her primary bikini for the rest of the series.
  • In Stupid Cupids, Kaz wore a Betty Boop hairstyle wig.
  • In Brat Attack, the Russian text says "Это самое лучшее шоу на ТВ Это самое лучшее шоу на ТВ Это самое лучшее шоу на ТВ Это самое лучшее шоу на ТВ Это самое лучшее шоу на ТВ" translated in English: "This is the best show on TV This is the best show on TV This is the best show on TV This is the best show on TV This is the best show on TV".
  • This is possibly the first time we see a character with their butt lines shown onscreen (Yumi peeling one of the giant alien banana's peels). The second was Evil AmiYumi / Butterscotch / Big Waldo.
  • The episode shares some basic aspects with the movie "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)", such as basic storyline of duo finding out their favorite burger chain, a similarity of the brand name ("Pink Palace" and "White Castle").
  • According to Behind the Voice Actors, the man customer's name is Bill.
  • Bill's overall appearance is reused for tooth fairy in "Tooth Decay".
  • Wall's overall appearance, voice tone and one of his verval thicks is reused in the episode "Uninvited," for those who is hired as a security guard for Kaz's own party.
  • The Asahi Theater, the place Kaz held his debut concert, has a real-life counterparts with the same name. Real-life Asahi Theater is located in Osaka of Japan, but it rarely share other common points except the name.
  • Yumi's nightgown in this episode is white instead of black on Neat Freak.
  • Yumi has a bad problem of biting her nails in Hypno Kaz.
  • Ami seems to be a bit obsessive of keeping the BUS clean in Neat Freak. This is the first time we see her in a military leader uniform.
  • Camping Caper is the first episode where Yumi wears socks. The second is Janice Jealous.
  • This episode has parody's of other video games like Pitfall, Sonic The Hedgehog, and other games.
  • The video game Yumi plays at the beginning is somewhat similar to Donkey Kong Two.
  • The title of the episode Claw and Order is a pun on the drama television series Law and Order.
  • Yumi goes Solo is based on the film It's a Wonderful Life.
  • Domo eating cat food in a factory references Pac-Man.
  • Ikkakujuu is the only episode where no dialogue is heard.
  • Ikkakujuu is unicorn in Japanese.
  • Kaz as a floating cloned head from AmiYumi 3000 can be seen.
  • The title of the episode "Rock Lobsters" is a pun on the song Rock Lobster by the B-52's.
  • Secret Origins is the first episode where Ami, Yumi and Atchan are only shown as little kids. We get to see a little more of Camp Youwannasushi in this episode.
  • It is hinted that Atchan has a crush on Yumi after a camp bully was bullying him and Yumi taught him a lesson; Atchan told the purple-haired one that he will be forever grateful. The episode serves as a prequel to Super Zero.
  • Miss Patience is the only character in the show to be voiced by two voice actresses (Tara Strong and Kim Mai Guest).
  • In Renegade Animation's official website, Sitcomi-Yumi is spelt as "Sitcom Ami Yumi".
  • The real Ami and Yumi appear on TV at the end of Sitcomi Yumi.
  • In Sitcomi Yumi, a shot from Driving School is used.
  • In The Golden Fleas Two, the Oracle bears a perfect resemblance to the Koi Fish, only with a different voice.
  • Some fictional brands, such as Pink Palace, reappear inside the mall.
  • Lots of Japanese extras in the episode are drawn in more of American cartoon style than Ami and Yumi's anime-influenced art style. This also apply into several episodes such as "Manga Madness" and "Granny."
  • The episode Oldie AmiYumi has the low pitched and slowed down version of Cosmic Wonder.
  • In Sumo Kaz, when Sumo Wrestler roars before running toward Kaz, he sounds just like Puftoss from Donkey Kong Sixty-Four.
  • Jungle Prom is possibly based on Tarzan. In addition, it also shares similarities to Brandy and Mister Whiskers and My Gym Partner's a Monkey.
  • At the end of Sumo Kaz, Yumi says it had been 117 episodes. However, Sumo Kaz is the 102nd episode of the series unless you count The Golden Fleas as a full episode, making Sumo Kazthe 101st.
  • The closing credits list that Grey DeLisle voiced a character named Thomas, even though he wasn't mentioned by name.
  • Episode 35 is the first episode to air internationally, mainly Nine Network's partner channel, 9Go!.
  • This is the first episode not to air in the United States since the show was announced to be cancelled.
  • In "Sound Off", many sound effects from the Super Mario series, as well as one sound from Sonic The Hedgehog can be heard throughout the episode.
  • When Jang Keng and Tekirai are lifting the couch and Tekirai drops the couch as Jang Keng gets her paws crushed by the couch, the scream used is an archive recording of a scream (done by William Hanna) from Tom and Jerry is heard.
  • This is possibly the second time we see a character with their butt lines shown onscreen (Bigger Frida twerking in front of Big Waldo to attract him). The first was Kaz Almighty / Allergic / Spaced Out.
  • Evil AmiYumi is the first episode to take place in a different dimension.
  • In Disco Caper, Yumi is dressed like one of the Village People.
  • In Disco Caper, Ami throws her flower like a boomerang. This could be a possible reference to Sailor Moon, throwing her tiara like a boomerang.
  • At the beginning of House Unkeeping, Ami and Yumi are wearing black shirts. Ami wears one saying "Not Ami" and Yumi, "Not Yumi". This could be a reference to the Codename Kids Next Doorepisode, Operation: FLUSH, where Fanny Fulbright's dad brings up the time Lou fell for Nigie's trick, wearing a shirt that says "I'm Not Numbuh One".
  • In House Unkeeping, the girls get the idea to mess up the hotel room with chocolate. This could refer to The Simpsons episode, I Love Lisa, when Ralph accidentally knocked chocolate ice cream on Lisa's purple dress at Krusty the Clown's 29th Anniversary Show, and Clancy tells her that nothing gets chocolate out.
  • Julie AmiYumi is the only episode Julie appears in.
  • Ami's Bunny Huggles toy from "Collect All 5" and Yumi's animals from "Ami Ami" appear in Ami's room in the breakfast flashback.
  • This is the second time we see Ami dressed as a caterer. The first time was in "Uninvited".
  • Julie AmiYumi is the episode that left the series on a cliffhanger. It is also the last episode in colour.
  • Addie is actually Julie from Monica's gang.
  • "A Renegade Picture" at the beginning of "It's Alive!" is not only a reference to Renegade Animation, but also to the 1927 Universal Pictures logo. This is because the episode was inspired by Universal Pictures' ever-so-popular monster movies.
All information on Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi came from https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hi_Hi_Puffy_AmiYumi