Uchiha Sakura (うちはサクラ) is a jonin level kunoichi of Konohagakure, and the secondary character of the Naruto series.
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She is appointed as a member of Team Kakashi, but quickly finds herself ill-prepared for the duties of a ninja. Including the complications of her team-mates' lives. By training under her master, Tsunade, she becomes a strong kunoichi and an excellent medical nin, capable of facing the challenges of a life as a ninja, as well as help and protect her friends. She becomes recognized as one of the greatest medical nin, and was originally known as Haruno Sakura (春野サクラ).


Naruto Episode042-301

Sakura as a child.

Sakura was born on March 28 as the only child to Haruno Kizashi, and Mebuki. While growing up she had a normal childhood, being raised by her parents without any serious tragedy or complication. During her early years in the Ninja Academy, Sakura was frequently bullied by others due to her large forehead. To try and combat this, Sakura used her bangs to hide her forehead, but this proved to the other girls that it bothered her and caused them to tease her even more. Which was the one thing she hated about herself. She even got angry when her father told her to cut her bangs. This leaded for Sakura to gain the nickname "Forehead Girl". In the English version, she was call Bilboard Brow.

However Yamanaka Ino, upon realizing this, helped Sakura by giving her a red ribbon that she used as a way of drawing attention to the cuter features of her forehead, which helped Sakura overcome her insecurity. Over the following years, Ino's friendship helped Sakura become comfortable with herself. When she told her parents about Ino, they were happy that she made a friend. As the two became best friends and Sakura grew more confident, developing her own unique personality under Ino's guidance. She even show her hideout to her. Despite this, Sakura felt that she was living in Ino's shadow and decided to prove herself as Ino #1 rival, and equal. Whenever Ino was around, she would even defend Sakura from her bullies.

In the anime, one day when she was about five years old and while searching for Ino to have lunch with her, she spotted Uchiha Sasuke for the first time, and became embarrassed when he turns to look at her and scowled. Then, she spots Ino, along with Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Choji stealing bits of food from others. Curious as to what they were doing, she followed them, discovering that they were bringing the food to a mysterious young child named Yota. She then decides to help them keep Yota hidden.

Later she and the others confronted Uzumaki Naruto. They accused him of making someone named Yota, who was a stranger to the village, disappear. Seeing them look at him with such distrust like the rest of the village, Naruto grew furious and ran away, so angry that people would like even an outsider over him. He then heard a young boy crying who strangely appeared to control the weather, making it rain with his tears. Naruto then realized this boy must be Yota. Immediately taking a liking to Naruto, the young boy asked him to teach him how to whistle like he saw Naruto do earlier. As Naruto began teaching him, the two soon became close friends. Later, Naruto and Yota began playing along with other the Konoha children that knew about Yota. One day, while playing a game of hiding, Yota insisted to hide with Naruto. When Naruto told him to hide somewhere else, Yota mistakenly thought Naruto didn't like him anymore and ran away crying. His crying caused another rainshower, which alerted the ANBU. As they took Yota captive, Naruto and the others tried to stop the ANBU, but to no success.

Determined to save Naruto's first ever friend, Sakura and the others staged a plan with Naruto acting as a diversion. Despite finding Yota, the ANBU easily foiled their plan. Naruto quickly joined his friends, refusing to let Yota be kept prisoner. Seeing how much Naruto cared for him and then got struck down by the ANBU, Yota summoned bolts of lightning to knock the ANBU out. Greatly weakened by the act, Naruto carried Yota out of the village with the others, determined to bring him to freedom. Upon reaching a river, unable to walk over it yet, they chose to swim. Their attempts proved futile and nearly drowned, only to be saved by Yota. Having overtaxed himself, Yota felt his life fading. Happy to had great friends that cared about him. Yota didn't want them to suffer with this sad memory, and erased all knowledge of him from their minds.

Naruto Episode032-383

Sakura tells Ino that they are now rivals for Sasuke's affection.

Later, Sakura announced to her friends that she had a crush on Sasuke and was surprised when she learned he was aleardy popular among the girls. She eventually heard a rumor about Sasuke liking girls with long hair, so she happily told this to Ino. She even try to tell him that she love him, but he said he didn't knew her. She then ran out of the hallway, and her inner self was born as she began punching a tree. Before the Uchiha clan was murdered, Sakura witness Sasuke beating Naruto in a race. However she became confused when Naruto told Sasuke that if he was serious then he would have beaten him. She then watched Naruto challenged Sasuke to a game of higher-jump. Right after the Uchiha Clan Massacre, Sakura became sad upon learning that Sasuke was now an orphan like Naruto. However Sakura would never make fun of Sasuke's status as an orphan. At some point, Sakura found out that Ino also had a crush on Sasuke. Therefore Sakura ended their friendship so that they could compete for Sasuke's love, thus beginning a bitter rivalry between the two and the two disliking each other.

Before the series start, Sakura would start to grow her hair longer in order for Sasuke to notice her. Ironically she would start to call the last Uchiha as "Sasuke-kun". Including that she would start refer to Naruto as "annoying", since she hated how Naruto got away with pulling pranks, and that he couldn't get scolded by anyone in the village because he didn't have no parents to complain to. Nevertheless, even though Sakura hated Iruka's class lectures. She took his teachings seriously, and became the top student of her class. This made her often argue with Ino, who would give her the secondary nickname "Crybaby Sakura". However Sakura would response back at Ino by calling her "Ino Pig". The two would even try to see who can get to class quickly in order to see who can sit with Sasuke. However even though Sakura ended their friendship, she would still wear the red ribbon as a reminder of their strained friendship.


As a child, Sakura was insecure and highly self conscious about her large forehead; covering it with her bangs. It was not until she met Ino, who defended her from bullies and became her friend, that she started to become more self confident. However Sakura is shown to have a short temper, but is usually relatively kind, cheerful, gentle, and positive. She has a very strong sense of being useful, and is often frustrated with herself for being a burden and not being helpful. She is generally clear headed and rational when faced with a crisis, though her emotions have been known to cloud her thoughts at times. Unlike the rest of Team 7, Sakura has not suffered any heavy losses during her childhood. However she does not hesitate to ask if she does not understand something or if it bothers her.

At the start of Part I, Sakura typically gives the outward impression of being considerate of her peers, and confident in herself. She also believes that Sasuke is better than everyone, and thinking that she herself is better than Ino. Sakura also believes that Naruto is weaker than everyone on their team, but is proved wrong during the second round of the Chunin Exams. She has occasional moments of bashfulness around Sasuke and competitiveness around Yamanaka Ino, but otherwise appears quite collected. This reservation, though never disingenuous, frequently masks how Sakura really feels: in certain situations she has pronounced feelings of delinquency, jealousy, and anger. She refer to Ino as "Ino-Pig", and refer to Sasuke as "Sasuke-kun". Sakura would even call Naruto "annoying" and "stupid". In the English version, she refers to Naruto as "idiot" and "loser". However she would stop referring to Naruto and Ino this way after Sasuke left the village.

As Part I progresses, Sakura is increasingly exposed to the difficult realities of the world, difficulties for which she cannot rely upon Inner Sakura to cope with. As a Ninja Academy student, Sakura succeeded through studying alone, able to avoid physical trials and thus allowing her to focus on her physical appearance in a bid to appeal to Sasuke. However as a shinobi, this is insufficient: the long hair she puts so much effort into is a liability that opponents can use against her; missions cannot be completed with mere book smarts and it is necessary to be able to fight so that other shinobi will not kill her or her team-mates. The latter makes Sakura particularly disappointed in herself, as she is unable to contribute much in battle and must rely on Uzumaki Naruto and Sasuke to save her. She sets out to change this about herself, dedicating nearly two years of training to making herself as capable as Naruto and Sasuke. In the meantime, she becomes willing to sacrifice herself to protect them. She looks to Naruto as a model for this goal, inspired by his rapid growth and his determination to be there for her and all those he held dear. She is helped in this goal by Tsunade's influence, who trained her to have a contempt for losing; she will place herself at risk so that others don't need to and to assure her allies' victory.

Naruto Shippuuden 206-196

Sakura with Naruto.

Sakura's relationship with Uzumaki Naruto, also changes throughout the series. When first teamed up together, Sakura viewed Naruto as a talentless idiot who deliberately tried to ruin her life, with the result of Naruto's efforts to win her heart interfering with her similar efforts with Sasuke. But when Sakura realizes that she is as rude to Naruto by teasing him for being an orphan. She sees that Sasuke is usually rude to her by defending Naruto, and telling her off for not understanding the life of an orphan. Afterwards she starts treating Naruto better, cheering for his accomplishments along with confiding her hopes and fears with him. However, in spite of some moments of being overbearing and cynical. Including teasing him about how he's an idiot, and still losing her temper with him at times, Sakura no longer thinks poorly of Naruto for the most part, now holding his abilities in high regard. She even worries for his safety and well-being, and valuing him as one of her closest friends.

After Sasuke defected from Konoha, Sakura pleads to Naruto, believing him to be the only one capable of bringing Sasuke back. When Naruto promises to bring Sasuke back to Konoha, Sakura realizes just how committed Naruto is to her happiness, and how he has always been there for her. However, Naruto fails and is left in the hospital after losing to Sasuke, though he vows to someday fulfil the promise he made to her. Once Naruto goes into his four tail form when they try to bring Sasuke back again. Sakura cries and begs Naruto not to try and save Sasuke by himself. When they fail to bring Sasuke back again, Sakura tells Naruto that crying won't bring Sasuke back. She also says that they will have to train harder to bring Sasuke back next time. Naruto, in turn, comes to know Sakura very well, correctly guessing that she actually likes the Sexy Technique, at least so long as it objectifies men rather than women.

Sai eventually points out that he believes Naruto knows Sakura too well for his own good, constantly placing himself in personal peril out of his feelings for her so that Sakura will be happy. Sakura is moved to tears by this, feeling guilty for what she puts Naruto through, and despite her attempts to take responsibility for herself during the Five Kage Summit. After the events of the Five Kage Summit, she confesses to Naruto that she loves him, no longer caring about Sasuke, and tries to get him to give up on his promise. However, Naruto does not believe her, and claims she is lying to herself, stating he knows her better than that. Sai seems to confirm this and tells Naruto that Sakura's confession was actually an attempt to release him from his promise, and possibly distract him while she hunts down Sasuke. When seeing how far Naruto would go to save Sasuke from revenge Sakura decides to still relies on him. She ultimately settles for doing whatever she can for him, trying to do more in supporting him and his decisions concerning Sasuke, trying to do more to help him bear the challenges of being a jinchuriki, and fighting at his side whenever possible. Despite this, Naruto and Sakura remain as close friends for the rest of their lives and develop a bond that mirrors that of a brother and sister. Sakura went as far as to encourage Hinata to knit a scarf for Naruto as a way to confess her love to him, and offered Naruto advice on his feelings for Hinata. Once Naruto marries Hinata, she is happy for him and is proud of him when he becomes the seventh hokage.

Naruto Shippuuden 278-0195

Sakura reveals that she is still in love with Sasuke.

Sakura had the same infatuation on Uchiha Sasuke that most other girls in their Ninja Academy class had, due to his good looks and calm and collected personality. Throughout Part I, she attempts to spend extra time with him and get him to reciprocate her feelings, but he consistently refuses to give her any special attention. As she recognizes he is a person with imperfections and suffering, she tries to help him as much as she can. Due to this, Sakura's feelings develop into love by the end of Part I, which she confesses to him when he tries to defect from Konohagakure; though he thanks Sakura, her words don't change his mind. This rejection deeply upsets Sakura, driving her to plea for Naruto to bring Sasuke home, and when Naruto fails, this motivates her to become stronger so that she can bring Sasuke back herself.

However, Sasuke is even colder to Sakura in Part II: he acted indifferent to her when they met for the first time in two years, and as his hatred increased, he tried to kill her twice. Despite this she tries to separate herself from her feelings when Sasuke becomes an international criminal, attempting to kill him for Konoha and Naruto's sake so that he won't sink lower. But her love for him is too great for her to harm him, which nearly cost Sakura her life, and she was left saddened that he had become an enemy, and she would have to fight him during the Fourth Shinobi War. After witnessing his brutal acts, she resigns herself to the possibility that Sasuke is beyond redemption, but still even at the end of the Fourth Shinobi War, Sakura holds out hope that she may mean something to him. Although Sakura was happy that Sasuke returned to help them during the war, she didn't truly trust him and was devastated when her suspicions were confirmed by Sasuke's desire to start a revolution. After his final battle with Naruto, Sasuke apologizes to Sakura for what he did to her. Upon hearing this, she reacts to his apology with a mixture of anger and joy at first by criticizing him for it, and then tearfully accepting it. Sakura's forgiveness of Sasuke despite his years of criminal acts is evident of her maturity and unconditional love. In fact upon seeing how remorseful Sasuke truly is, Sakura can never hold a grudge or ill will towards him. However although she doesn't fully condone his actions, she understands them.

After marrying Sasuke, Sakura became very loyal to him and even refused to leave his side while she was pregnant with their daughter, Uchiha Sarada. Sakura raises Sarada on her own due to Sasuke being away on his mission for many years, and she reassures Sarada that Sasuke loves them both and will return home once his mission is over. She is also very patient and wise as her love and patience for Sasuke never faded even though Sarada was barely a toddler when he left. Sakura has a very close relationship with her daughter. Prior to his departure, Sakura vowed to Sasuke that they would keep his past a secret from their daughter, which is evident when Sakura says obvious lies to Sarada about Sasuke's past, such as if he wore glasses when he was younger and Sakura tried to explain that Sasuke was often away as a child. Sakura's justifications for these lies are to protect Sarada from the stigma of being a criminal's child and sparing her from the pain of the truth, as well as to protect Sarada's relationship with Sasuke. Even though Sakura can get angry at Sarada at times, she demonstrates how proud she is of her daughter. Although Sakura is very supportive of Sasuke's duties, she is disappointed when he teases her by refusing to show her affection. Sakura is also somewhat close to Uzumaki Boruto, and Uzumaki Himawari as both of them refer to her as "Aunt Sakura".


179793 551683678190086 170261872 n

Sakura in Part II

Sakura has bright pink hair, large green eyes, and fair skin. In her youth, she wore her hair as bangs in order to cover her large forehead and fend off her classmates' calling her "Forehead Girl" (デコリーン). In the English version, she is call Billboard Browl. Yamanaka Ino encouraged her not to do this and wear her hair back instead, so that others could see her face. Later in her Ninja Academy career she let her hair get longer because of rumours that Sasuke was attracted to girls with long hair. When, during Part I, she realizes that long hair is a vulnerability in combat situations, she cuts her hair and keeps it under shoulder-length from that point onward, which she sometimes pins up in a ponytail while working. As Sakura gets older, she is noted to become very attractive, with Jiraiya likening her looks to Tsunade's. In some of the flashbacks from Naruto Gaiden, Sakura let her hair grow out once again and tied it in a ponytail.

In Part I, Sakura wore a red qipao dress with white circular designs, with or without short sleeves, with a zipper, tight dark green shorts, and a forehead protector which she used to accentuate her face. During her childhood, Sakura was seen wearing a long sleeve dark blue shirt that had white diamonds on the sleeves of the shirt, light tan pant and dark grey sandals. She would wear a light green long sleeve shirt that had flowers on it, a light pink blouse and blue sandals. In a flashback of Naruto and Hinata's childhood, when Iruka asked her and her classmates to write down who would be the last person that they would like to spend their last day with if the earth was destroy, or if the moon was falling towards earth, Sakura was seen wearing her part I outfit.

In Part II, Sakura, now a chunin, has donned a new attire consisting of a red top with the same design as the upper half of her Part I outfit, with black gloves, black boots, black shorts, short pink apron skirt, and pink elbow protectors and forehead protector which is now on a red cloth. Her skirt and elbow protectors are also pink in the anime. Sakura is now also armed with a tantō which she wears above her medical pouch. When she's not on a mission, she wears her regular red shirt, with a light yellow shirt under it, and a navy-colored skirt. In this outfit, she still wears her boots. She later dons the uniform of the Allied Shinobi Forces inclusive of a Konohagakure flak jacket, albeit opting to wear a skirt instead of pants and her regular boots. She later changes her skirt to pants to assist the medic unit. During the battle against the Ten-Tails, having stored up chakra for over three years, Sakura obtained a rhombus mark on her forehead similar Tsunade's, known as the Strength of a Hundred Seal, which since being released has permanently remained in the center of her forehead.


Sakura as a young adult

Two years after the Fourth Shinobi War, Sakura at age 19 retained her short hairstyle, though cutting it even shorter this time now reaching around her chin, with her bangs now parted to the left keeping it out of her eyes, and her usual red cloth forehead protector worn as a hairband. She wears a sleeveless red qipao dress that reaches her upper thighs, with white trimmings and a white circular design on the back similar to her Part I attire; it is tied with a black obi. She wears black shorts underneath the dress, black gloves, and grey elbow and knee protectors. She has also changed her previous boots to regular black, high heeled ninja sandals.

While off-duty, she wears a small, bottom-up sweater under a larger cream sweater with a pale yellow neckline and white capri pants as well as pink, strappy high heeled sandals. She also wears a dark red hairband, in the place of her usual red forehead protector, along with a cherry-blossom pendent (similar to her father's) hung around her neck, half-hidden underneath her sweater. She is also seen wearing a red winter over-coat that falls to her mid thighs, with pink trimmings, pockets and a hood with white fur trim.

In adulthood, Sakura's attire consists of a short red sleeveless qipao shirt with the Uchiha clan crest on the back. She also wears light-colored pants and elbow protectors, as well as high heels. Because she spends more time at home, she often dons a long white apron and can keep her fingernails long and well-manicured. While at home, she is also seen as wearing several different dresses. For battle, Sakura wore a red top similar to her Part II one, with the Uchiha clan crest on the back, elbow protectors and flatter sandals.

Inner Sakura

Naruto Shippuuden 214-286

Sakura's Inner self, Inner Sakura.

Rather than show her actual emotions to others. She projects them inward, allowing a manifestation of who she truly is. This manifestation is labeled as "Inner Sakura" (内なるサクラ). Inner Sakura has the opinions of what Sakura truly wants to say, or opinions that she wants keep to herself. Inner Sakura whose appearances are marked by an exclamation of "Shannaro!", (しゃーんなろー) when frustrated or excited. In the English version, she ends her sentences with a forceful "Cha!". Inner Sakura is in a sense a personality separate from Sakura herself. A fact that allows her to overcome the Mind Body Switch Technique. At other times, Sakura and Inner Sakura are indistinguishable from each other, usually with regards to Uzumaki Naruto; if Naruto says or does something that annoys or upsets her, Sakura responds with violence, a reaction that under other circumstances would be delegated to Inner Sakura. Instead Inner Sakura would admire whatever Naruto does, with an example being the eraser prank that the latter did to Kakashi. In which Inner Sakura admits that the prank was awesome.

When Ino used the Mind Body Switch Technique on her, Inner Sakura was able to repel the user from her body, suggesting that Sakura has a split personality, consisting of the "Inner Sakura" and her normal personality.

Inner Sakura makes one appearance at the very start of Part II, and then is never seen again. This is because Sakura is finally in touch with her feelings, and is willing to express what she's thinking. A self-comfort she picked up during her training with Tsunade. Her violent and loud outbursts are, as in Part I, uncontrolled and often directed at Naruto, usually as a reaction to his variations of the Sexy Technique or whenever he ask her out on a date. Inner Sakura looks exactly like Sakura; the only difference is that Inner Sakura has the word Inner Sakura written on her forehead.


As a genin, due to her focus on her studies, Sakura lacked any particular combat skill, other than the basic skills she learned in the Ninja Academy. This greatly limited her role in missions, to the point where she noted frequently how much she relied on, Sasuke and Naruto. Determined to change herself, she undergoes intense training with Tsunade for two-and-a-half years, greatly increasing her abilities. Others remarked that Sakura would inevitably surpass Tsunade; and is recognised of finally doing so upon mastering and using the Strength of a Hundred Seal during the Fourth Shinobi War. By the time of Naruto Shippuuden movie 7, Sakura is one of two people from her Ninja Academy class to become a jonin. When Sakura is an adult, Sasuke even criticizes those who would doubt Sakura's abilities and speculates she could defeat Shin by herself. Whereas Uzumaki Boruto lists Sakura as a suitable replacement for Naruto as the Hokage.


Strength of a Hundred Seal

Sakura's Strength of a Hundred Seal.

One of Sakura's only defining skills in Part I — and in fact the only thing she is consistently better at than Naruto or Sasuke — is her precise control of her own chakra. Such exact use of her chakra allows her to perform a jutsu with maximum efficiency without wasting much chakra. In Part II of the anime, with her excellent chakra control, she was chosen in sealing the Three-Tails with the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier along with Shizune, Ino and Hinata. In Naruto Shippuuden movie 7, she is able to fully replenish even Naruto's large reserves, though it takes her three days of constant work to do so.

Hatake Kakashi informs Sakura that her chakra control makes her well-suited for genjutsu. She is never actually seen using genjutsu, but she is frequently able to quickly identify when a genjutsu is being used and then release herself and others from it. Even when trapped in higher-level genjutsu, she could instantly break free from them. In the anime before the Chunin Exams, she could instantly recognise a genjutsu casted by a disguised Iruka trying to trick her into not participating in the exams, noting that Sasuke would never ask her out, and only playing along to find out who casted the genjutsu. She could also decipher at the start of the Chunin Exams that they were trapped in a surrounding-altering genjutsu.

Two years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, she became so resistant genjutsu that she was the only one in her team to be unaffected by Toneri's genjutsu trap.

Sakura Charging

Sakura's Ninja Art Creation Rebirth — Strength of a Hundred Technique.

Increasing Sakura's available chakra supply was another objective of Tsunade's training, one that takes the longest to reach its intended goal: completion of the Strength of a Hundred Seal. For three years, Sakura gradually stored her chakra into a seal on her forehead, and by the time of the Fourth Shinobi War she accrues the so-named hundred-times her usual chakra levels. When the seal is released, Sakura has access to all the accumulated chakra, allowing her to perform jutsu of a greater scale than she is normally able to, and among other things, make her physical attacks even more powerful. She can also transfer this chakra to others. Years after the war, due to her mastering the Strength of a Hundred Seal, her chakra control improved to the point that she was able rapidly accumulate large amounts of chakra within her body without her enemies noticing. She can also transfer this chakra to others.

Medical Ninjutsu

Sakura's naturally refined control of her chakra had been taken to new heights over the time skip, an ability utilised to its fullest by the training she had done with Tsunade. With her excellent chakra control, Sakura had turned into an excellent combat medical-nin, and had shown herself to be able to heal fatal injuries with relatively little effort, even when more experienced medics would deem it a lost cause. She also has shown extensive knowledge of poisons having been taught by her senior pupil Shizune — learning how to imbue weapons such as kunai, with poison. She also has an extensive knowledge of herbal medicines, surpassing even the knowledge of Chiyo as well as other chemicals such as powerful sleeping gases taught to her by Tsunade. Her knowledge was great enough to withdraw Sasori's advanced poison directly from Kankuro's body, and use that as a base template to create multiple antidotes swiftly afterwards. During her fight with Sasori, she was able to start healing herself even with a poisoned sword still lodged in her abdomen,which Sasori commended on.

At the end of Part I when Tsunade observed Sakura successfully heal a fish with the Mystical Palm Technique, Tsunade remarked that Sakura had come so far, and she hadn't seen such talent since Shizune. Sakura can also assist with autopsies, as seen when she and Shizune performed an autopsy on a White Zetsu during the Fourth Shinobi War, and she has knowledge of cells and DNA. A few individuals have even commented that Sakura has the potential to one day rival Tsunade in terms of medical skill, and perhaps even surpass her given enough time, though Sakura has stated that Tsunade's skills are far greater than her own. Sakura has also proved capable of using a chakra scalpel in order to make incisions into flesh and perform surgery or very direct heart massage.

After completing the Strength of a Hundred Seal, Sakura can summon Katsuyu and remotely heal others, which Shizune praises her for. Upon the release of the seal, she, along with Tsunade, summoned a large proportion of Katsuyu to heal the alliance and according to Tsunade, they would be able to recover just by standing on her. Sakura has also shown to be able to release the seal completely, granting her the ability to heal any damage she sustains. During her fight against Madara, she could instantly heal even the damage done to her by a staff created from his Truth-Seeking Ball, without feeling any fatigue or physical repercussions.

By the time of the Fourth Shinobi War, Sakura's medical prowess had rivalled that of Tsunade and she had mastered Medical Ninjutsu by the time she had reached adulthood. By the time of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, she had also learned the Healing Power Alteration Technique (癒力変生の術), although it is unknown what this entails.


Although not known for her strength and skill in Taijutsu in Part I, Sakura is still skilled and strong enough physically that she could compete with Ino, one of the top students of her class. She is even strong enough to send someone several feet backwards with a single strike, and in the anime, wield the broken mast of a ship as a weapon. After training under Tsunade for over two and a half years, Sakura's taijutsu increased greatly, along with her chakra control abilities — the latter of which became a cornerstone to many of her skills. By building up chakra into her fists (and infrequently her feet) and releasing it on contact with a target, it grants her what Naruto constantly refers to as "monstrous strength". For this reason she remains very alert to an opponent's movements so that she can pick up on patterns and thus know exactly when and how to evade.

From her training with Tsunade, Sakura has also inherited her master's resilience and contempt for losing, able to continue fighting after being surrounded by a poisonous cloud, and using an explosive tag to dispel it. With her new strength, Sakura could knock away Sasori's giant iron constructs, throw the Lion-Headed Kannon fast enough to catch Sasori by surprise, and prevent the airborne puppet master from reaching his target, later smashing his body to pieces. Sakura also learned to read her enemies' attack patterns and thus greatly increase her evasive skills as a field medic. From this, she could evade a barrage of poisoned senbon, a multitude of puppet arms, and help defeat one hundred puppets unharmed, hardly needing Chiyo's assistance later on.

She could also defeat Pain's Giant Centipede and a transformed White Zetsu Army clone with a single blow each. In the anime during the Fourth Shinobi War, she lifted a chunk of the ground to protect herself from Obito's attack manifested through the Ten-Tails. After completing the Strength of a Hundred Seal, Sakura's strength grew immensely, being able to easily decimate several dozen of the Ten-Tails' spawns, while obliterating the surrounding battlefield. This feat earned her praise from Hashirama himself, deeming Sakura's strength superior to Tsunade's. Likewise, Sakura has shown keen reflexes, quickly grabbing and moving Obito out of danger from a sea of acid, as well as evading Kaguya's extremely fast chakra arms before being saved by Kakashi's Susanoo. This was further shown when she injured Kaguya, even knocking one of her rabbit ear-like horns off her head. Years later, Sakura's strength has further improved, to the point that she could even blitz and defeat a Mangekyo Sharingan-bearing Shin with a single blow. Along with being able to destroy a big collapsing wall with one hit with ease. Her overall skills in Taijutsu has also improved remarkably, able to compete with the Mangekyo Sharingan bearing Uchiha Shin.

Summoning Technique

Like Tsunade, Sakura can summon segments of Katsuyu, a slug. By having Katsuyu divide and attach to others, Sakura can remotely monitor many allies at once, healing them and replenishing their chakra as needed.

Nature Transformation

Sakura is also proficient with four nature transformations: Earth, Water, Yin and Yang Release.


While she was in the Ninja Academy, Sakura received consistently high test scores. It is because of her diligence in her studies that Sakura initially struggles in combat situations, for which reason she is added to Team Kakashi so that she can benefit from the more battle-oriented Naruto and Sasuke. Conversely, her own teammates would benefit from her large knowledge base. Sakura's intelligence is nevertheless consistently useful, making her observational enough to guess an opponent's tactics from a brief scan of the battlefield and pick up on otherwise minor inconsistencies in conversation. Sasuke deems her analytical skills superior to his Sharingan.

She has excellent recall, able to quickly put together multiple pieces of information she's previously come across in order to form a hypothesis. Simply put Sakura is intelligent, such that she can answer the written portion of the Chunin Exams by herself, something genin are not intended to be able to do. In actual combat, Sakura frequently relies on misleading her opponents. Either by letting them think they've outsmarted her so that they lower their guard. Or in Part II, letting them think they've defeated her so that they come to her. Which enables her to defeat them with a single punch. As a field medic, she cannot afford to be gravely injured or killed on the battle field, as drilled into her by Tsunade when she trained her.

Naruto (Part I)

Introduction arc


Team Kakashi

Sakura is first seen showing Iruka the Transformation technique. After she succeeded she cheers, and asks Uchiha Sasuke if he saw it. She walks away as Sasuke's name is call. Later on the day of her graduation exam, she is seen sitting next to Sasuke and Shikamaru. After graduating from the Ninja Academy, as Sakura gets ready to leave her house while fixing her hair. She gets annoy when her mother tells her to leave. However her inner self, comments that her mother treats her like a kid.

While walking in the village, Sakura comments that she's no longer a student from the Ninja Academy, but is now a female ninja. However Sakura then seesYamanaka Ino leave her house. As they are walking, Sakura reminds that their friendship is in the past. The two then began to speed walk to the Ninja Academy. While running to their classm room, Sakura complains to Ino that she made it first. However when Sakura sees Uzumaki Naruto, she runs to him and pushes him out the way so she can sit next to Sasuke. After Sakura witnesses a horrible kiss scene, she decides to beat up Naruto. While waiting to hear the team squad members, Sakura hears Ino say that one of them will be on Sasuke's team.

Upon being assigned as a member of Team Kakashi, Sakura spent much of her time trying to appeal to Sasuke, despite the fact that Sasuke had no interest in her and had a habit of belittling her. All the while, Naruto tried to appeal to Sakura, despite the fact that she had no interest in him and degraded him whenever given the opportunity. Later on, Sasuke approached Sakura, who expresses her feelings for him and her distaste for Naruto. But when the real Sasuke approached Sakura, she expressed her jealousy of Naruto for having no parents to tell him what to do, Sasuke stated that those without parents grow up lonely, and that Sakura makes him sick. Sasuke left the crushed Sakura by herself, and she began to consider treating Naruto better. Naruto then approaches Sakura and when she tries to be friendly, Naruto thought that it was Sasuke who transformed into her. He yells at Sakura before fleeing once more to the bathroom. As Naruto was leaving, this angered Sakura overall.

Soon afterwards, the members of Team 7, after a long wait, finally met their jonin-sensei, who used the meeting as an opportunity for them to get to know one another. After Kakashi and Naruto introduced themselves, Sakura implied that she loves Sasuke and stated that she hated Naruto.

When Hatake Kakashi administered a bell test on the three of them to see if they would be allowed to become genin. Sakura preoccupied herself with following Sasuke instead of helping Naruto. After Kakashi lectured Sakura for this, as well as Naruto and Sasuke for their respective faults. Sakura realized that if they were to become genin, they would need to work as a team. Even if that meant breaking the rules, this revelation having been the goal of the test. Kakashi passed all three of them, revealing that Naruto, Sakura and Sauke being the first group to have ever passed his test.

Land of Waves arc 

Sakura accompanied the rest of her team on their first mission to the Land of Waves, to act as bodyguards for Tazuna. While there, Kakashi administers a Tree Climbing Practice, and Sakura masters the exercise on her first try. This leaves her in charge of escorting Tazuna while Naruto and Sasuke complete the training. When they are later attacked by Zabuza and Haku, Sakura protects Tazuna while Kakashi, Naruto, and Sasuke battle the enemy. After hearing that Sasuke was apparently killed, Sakura violated Shinobi Rule #25 of not showing any kind of emotions by crying for Sasuke's loss even as she recited it. When Sasuke turned out to have only been in a death-trance, Sakura was relieved that he was alive. Once their mission was completed, Team 7 returned to Konoha.

Chunin Exam arc

When Team Kakashi is entering into the Chunin Exams, Sakura is reluctant to participate because she feels she is too weak. With some reassurance from Sasuke, she agrees to enter. During the first, written portion of the exam, Sakura is one of the few examinees that is able to answer the questions without cheating. She instead spends her time lamenting that Naruto is probably too stupid to answer the questions or know that he is supposed to cheat, and contemplates forfeiting so that he doesn't need to embarrass himself. After seeing Naruto's confidence in himself, she decides against it, and they pass the first phase.

Soon after the start of the second phase of the Chūnin Exams, Team 7 was attacked by Orochimaru. Although Naruto and Sasuke did their best to defeat Orochimaru, both were rendered unconscious, and Sakura was left to take care of them. When they were attacked by a group of Oto genin sent by Orochimaru to kill Sasuke, Sakura tried to defeat them with some traps she had pre-prepared, though the group easily avoided her efforts. Just as the Oto genin were about to turn their attention to Sakura, Rock Lee came to her rescue, determined to protect Sakura at all costs. Despite his efforts, Lee was defeated, and the Oto genin again turned their attention to Sakura. Kin Tsuchi immobilised Sakura by grabbing her hair, scolding her for putting more effort into her looks than her abilities as a ninja.

Distraught that people were always fighting for her because she couldn't fight for herself, Sakura resolved to better herself as a ninja. Cutting off her hair to release herself from Kin's grasp, Sakura did what she could to fend off the Oto genin, even going so far as biting to make sure that she couldn't be easily repelled. This display spurred Ino and her team into coming to Sakura's aid, allowing her some rest. The unconscious Sasuke re-awakened after receiving Orochimaru's cursed seal, and immediately asked Sakura who injured her. Quickly overcome by his new Cursed Seal, he began a violent rampage on the Sound ninja who were present. Frightened by his new behaviour and after having realised that "this is not Sasuke", a tearful Sakura rushed to his side and embraced him, begging him to stop. Her words and embrace got through to him, and his Cursed Seal quickly receded.

In the preliminary matches of the exam, Sakura was pitted against Ino. After Sakura and Ino exchanged insults, Ino followed Sakura's earlier example and cut her hair, leading Sakura to believe that Ino had lost her mind. In actuality, Ino cut her hair to help her in battle; by sending chakra into her cut hair, Ino was able to tie Sakura in place, allowing her slow-moving Mind Body Switch Technique to have no difficulties in finding its target. After taking control of Sakura's body, Ino tried to force Sakura to forfeit, but thanks to Naruto's cheering, Inner Sakura was able to force Ino from her body before she could do so. With both girls exhausted from the amount of effort they'd been putting into their fight, Ino and Sakura charged at each other to deal final blows. Striking each other simultaneously, both were knocked out, leading to a draw. As the two recovered, Ino and Sakura began to rekindle their friendship. Though when Ino declared that she wasn't going to just hand Sasuke over to her, Sakura became angered and declared that the same went for Ino as well.

Invasion of Konoha Arc

A  month later, while watching Naruto and Sasuke's matches during the finals and marvelling at how their abilities had improved, the invasion of Konoha began. Sakura was able to repel the sleep inducing genjutsu that spread throughout the stadium. Because of this, and because Sasuke had pursued Gaara, Kakashi tasked Sakura with waking and assembling a team to go after him. Upon catching up with Sasuke, Sakura protected him from Gaara's attacks, risking her life to put herself between him and danger. Gaara used his sand to immobilise her, and as the sand slowly suffocated Sakura, Naruto fought to defeat Gaara using Sakura as inspiration to not give up, and save her. After Naruto defeated Gaara, Sakura was freed. Later, Sakura thanked Sasuke for saving her, but he explained to her that it was Naruto who had saved her, and she turned to smile at Naruto, not noticing the scowl on Sasuke's face as she did so. She later attended the Third Hokage's funeral.

Search for Tsunade arc

Sakura is seen in the village going to Ino's house to give her family some sweet that her mom made. While walking Sakura decides to give some sweets to Sasuke while wondering if he has a sweet tooth, however she also decides to give some to Naruto because she thinks he can eat anything. Later on while being at Naruto's house, she was surprised to see Sakura at the front door. As Sasuke asked her where Naruto is, Sakura says she doesn't know and only came to his house to give him some sweets. But Sakura can complete her sentence, Sasuke runs off leaving her confuse. After Sasuke's defeat by his older brother, Uchiha Itachi. Sakura visited Sasuke in the Konoha Hopstial while he was still under Itachi's genjutsu. When Tsunade return to Konoha with Naruto, and Jiraiya. Sakura asked her to heal Sasuke, and Tsunade does. As Sasuke woke up from the genjutsu, Sakura tearfully embraced him.

While outside the Hyuga compound, Sakura saw Hinata with injuries. Hinata told her that she was training. While they were outside, Sakura asks Hinata if she will be attending a firework festival. Because the fireworks festival is a celebration for Tsunade being the current Hokage. However Sakura tells Hinata the true reason why she wants her at the festival is because she wants her to be Naruto's date so she can be Sasuke's date. As Hinata because shy after seeing Naruto wave at her from afar, she tries not to faint and runs off. However Sakura see her run back to her, and she tells her that she'll come to the festival. After Hinata left, Naruto walks to Sakura and asked her what is wrong with Hinata.

As Naruto and Sakura haven't seen Hinata around for a couple of days. They decide to ask Neji where Hinata is. Therefore Neji tells them that Hinata strained her eyesight during her training with Neji. As Neji claims that Hinata did it to herself, Naruto tries to confront him, but is stopped by Sakura as she grabs his nose. Naruto then tells Neji about the fireworks, and claims he will be going on a date with Sakura but he gets elbowed in the gut by her. Sakura then states that she'd never go on a date with him, and ponders begrudgingly how to get rid of him. However she storms off with Naruto chasing after her.

While not wanting Hinata to miss the fireworks that she had made plans to attend with Team Kakashi, Neji wants to seek out the Eye Medicine Plant that was fabled to grow in the Valley of Judgement, despite being advised not to go there by the doctor. However Naruto and Sakura eavesdrop on the conversation and they see that Neji has a soft spot for Hinata. While meeting Neji at the gate, he tells them not to join him, but they protest and he agrees to have them join him on the mission.

While in the Valley of Judgement, Naruto tied Sakura with him using a red rope and says to her that he ties them up together so that they will not get separate from the mist. While blushing, Naruto says that it is like their red string of destiny. Sakura was angry about this but before she is able to hit him, Naruto jumps off the cliff, pulling Sakura along. While they were fighting the enemies, Sakura yells at Naruto that the rope is a nuisance and tells him to cut it to which Naruto replies that he will not cut the red string of destiny that ties them together. Angered, Sakura punches Naruto, although also claiming that's not what she meant, and they were almost attacked by the enemies.

However Neji saves them and cuts the red string, which saddens Naruto. However Neji reminds Naruto that he was the one who teaches him that destiny is something someone reaches by their own hands. Naruto smiles and replies that he will reach his destiny with his own hand, while making Sakura creeps out. She then says that destiny will never happen. The three then fight the enemies together. At the very beginning, Neji tells Sakura to punch Naruto (really a way for Naruto to take down an enemy), which she does in brutal fashion. After Kakashi and Guy defeat the enemies, Sakura is forced to explain false alarms to Naruto.

Soon after Kakashi noted that the search for the plant was futile and that they returned to the village. Before the festival started, Naruto and Sakura had came to Hinata's bedroom window and told her the lengths Neji went through to help her. Later, during the fireworks display, Sakura leans on Sasuke but when Naruto leans on her, Sasuke pushes them off him and Sakura punches Naruto for ruining the event.

Land of Tea arc

With Konoha having a shortage of jōnin due to Orochimaru’s failed invasion, Tsunade was forced to use genin for more dangerous missions than normally allowed. Team 7 (minus Kakashi who was assigned to another mission) was given the assignment of the escorting a member of Land of Tea's Wasabi family through a dangerous annual race as it was rumoured the rival Wagarashi family had hired ninjas of their own to sabotage the Wasabi family. Along the way, they met an arrogant teenager named Idate who openly showed his hatred towards ninja. He also showed off his impressive speed by running away from Team 7 after conning them into paying his bill at a restaurant. Upon arriving in the Land of Tea and meeting the Wasabi family’s leader, Jirōchō, Team 7 was shocked to see Idate again and learn he was the man they were assigned to escort.

During the race, Naruto and Idate continued to show their dislike of each other. It was also revealed that Idate was actually the younger brother of Ibiki and formerly a Konoha genin. They also encountered the three Ame genin from the Chūnin Exams. After defeating them, they encountered Aoi Rokushō, another former Konoha shinobi, who betrayed Konoha to join Amegakure. He was also originally Idate's teacher and the one responsible for Idate running away from Konoha. After barely surviving Aoi’s attack, Idate explained how after he was failed by Ibiki himself for the Chūnin Exams, Aoi tricked Idate into stealing a special scroll and the Sword of the Thunder God from the village. Being able to relate with Idate in both being taken advantage of and the need to have others recognise them, Naruto helped Idate regain his self-worth and continue the race.

While managing to catch up in the race, Aoi appeared again and used the Thunder Sword to initially overpower the Team 7. But thanks to Sasuke fighting Aoi and weakening the sword with his Chidori, Naruto was able to break it when they clashed and defeat Aoi with his Rasengan. With the danger overcome, Idate was free to continue and win the race for the Wasabi family. While returning to the village, Team 7 was escorted by Ibiki himself. While he did not openly state this fact, Ibiki was glad that Naruto had helped his brother grow as a man.

Sasuke Retrieval arc

At the Konoha Hospital, Sakura tries taking care of Sasuke and keep him company as he recuperated from the battle with Uchiha Itachi but Sasuke isn't very humble about it. But with Naruto coming in, only made him more upset and he challenged Naruto to a fight, who gladly accepted. Sakura watched as her two team-mates began to fight. Not being able to take anymore of them fighting, she forces herself to intervene, but they are unable to stop their attack. However, Kakashi is able to stop them and separate them.

As time goes by and Sasuke's lust for power grows stronger, Sakura grows concerned that he may abandon Konoha to seek out Orochimaru. Although she spends as much time with him as she can in an effort to deter him from this path, Sasuke finally defects. Having suspected this would happen, Sakura met him at the village's exit, doing what she could to stop him. When it seemed that he was still going to leave, Sakura declared that she was in love with him. She said she would do anything for him, even offering to help him in his quest for power, so long as she could be with him. Sasuke then turned to her and called her annoying. Sakura then threatened to scream and alert the village of his betrayal. Sasuke gives her a soft "thank you" before knocking her unconscious and leaving the village. When she awakens the following morning she tells Kotetsu Hagane and Izumo Kamizuki, who in turn reports to Tsunade about his departure, leading to the formation of the Sasuke Retrieval Team.

When Naruto set out the next day to retrieve Sasuke, Sakura came out to meet him. Sakura begged for Naruto to bring Sasuke back, believing Naruto to be the only person who could get through to Sasuke. Naruto, looking at the crying Sakura, promised her that he would bring Sasuke back, making it his promise to her for a lifetime. This brought more tears as Sakura realised that Naruto knew how she felt and that he had always been there for her.

After Naruto failed to bring Sasuke back and was left hospitalised in the process, he apologised to Sakura for his failure and asserted that he would definitely keep his promise. When she and Naruto on a new mission to bring Sasuke back with the help of Jiriaya, inspired by Naruto's determination, she replied that, next time, they would retrieve Sasuke together, and that she would be there to help him from now on. Determined to never be useless again and to save Sasuke and help Naruto, Sakura then asked to become Tsunade's apprentice, a request which Tsunade happily accepted.

Pre-Shippuuden Filler arc

During this time, she seen little as she was often preoccupied by Tsunade's tutelage. In the anime, at the end of Naruto's mission, she runs to tell him that she succeeded in healing a fish during her training with Tsunade.

She did appear when she, Choji, and Naruto has to help rescue Ayame, the daughter of Teuchi. To save the daughter, Sakura and her team-mates were forced to create the perfect ramen, to which Sakura assisted by pounding it to its shape. While having a snack with Sakura, Naruto learns that Neji, Rock Lee, and Tenten were sent on a mission to aid Hoshigakure protect their precious chakra-emitting star (which was actually a meteorite from thieves. In the anime, Sakura and Ino were sent to examine a corpse that was believed to be that of Genno. In the anime, she help Kurenai along with Naruto and team Kurenai to stop a member of the Kurama Clan.

She, Naruto and Lee were ordered to help escort a wanted criminal ninja named Gantetsu, who was a member of a criminal group called Shinobazu, to the Land of Forest's capital to be interrogated and standing trial. Upon arriving to their mission, Naruto and the others met Todoroki, one of the head guards. He quickly made it clear that he didn't want the young ninja's assistance. It was clear that for some reason, he had especially high anger towards Gantetsu. During the transfer through a river, the Shinobazu attacked and caused Naruto, Todoroki, and Gantetsu to be separated from the rest of the group. After a short skirmish with the Shinobazu's leader, Shura, they fell off a waterfall, forcing Shura to retreat. While Naruto managed to survive with Todoroki and Gantetsu, they were now lost in a maze-like forest which was also the Shinobazu's home territory. Surprisingly, Gantetsu offered to lead them through it. He explained to Naruto and Todoroki that the Shinobazu were after him to get the money Gantetsu stole from them back and then kill him. Along the way, one of the Shinobazu members,Toki, found and attacked them. With help from Gantetsu, Naruto was able to defeat him. In doing so, Gantetsu had gained Naruto's trust, but Todoroki's rage towards the man seemed to grow even greater.

It was then revealed that Gantetsu killed Todoroki's family five years ago. After learning what happened to his family, Todoroki joined the Land of Forests's police to find his family's killers and trained extensively so he could get revenge. Finally giving into his anger, Todoroki decided he would kill Gantetsu now. Then, another member of Shinobazu appeared named Monju. He captured Gantetsu in a net of steel string and caught Naruto and Todoroki in a constricting trap of more steel string. Later after Monju left with Gantetsu, Naruto and Todoroki used their sweat to weaken the strings and broke free. Naruto then caught up with Gantetsu and Monju, who was fighting Sakura, Lee, and strangely a group of kids. With some Shadow Clone tactics, Naruto was able to defeat Monju. Unfortunately, Shura then emerged and took one of the kids after Monju told him the boy knew where their treasure was.

The boy turned out to actually be Todotoki's younger brother Akio. Todoroki, who arrived not too long ago, refused to believe it. It was explained that while Gantetsu was once a true member of the Shinobazu, after witnessing the pointless slaughtering his gang was doing, he began secretly saving children from Shinobazu's attacks and sheltering them, starting with Akio. After time, the children began looking to Gantetsu as a father-figure and became a new family. Eventually, he decided that his actions of merely sheltering people wasn't enough and decided to put an end to Shinobazu. He then formulated a plan to steal from them their stolen goods and get caught by the police, knowing that this would drag out Shinobazu and give the opportunity needed to stop them permanently. Despite learning the truth, Todoroki refused to forgive Gantetsu as he still helped in the murder of his parents.

Naruto, Todoroki, and Lee then Gantetsu then joined in saving Akio while Sakura stayed behind to watch the orphans. Upon arriving at the base, Todoroki accidently set of the alarms. They soon found Akio, only to be caught in a trap set by Shura, who set the building on fire. Naruto left Todoroki and Gantetsu to save Akio while he went after Shura. With the assistance of his Shadow Clones, he was able to catch up to Shura and defeat him with a Rasengan. Later with the Shinobazu destroyed, Todoroki grudgingly decided to let Gantetsu go and watch over the orphans, swearing he would tell his superiors Gantetsu was killed in the fire. Todoroki also grudgingly decided to let his brother Akio stay and help Gantetsu.

When she did go out on missions with her fellow genin, Sakura served as the medical specialist, healing the wounds of others and examining bodies. Ino, being jealous of Sakura's new-found healing abilities, asked to train with Sakura to be a medical ninja. To Ino's dismay, Sakura immediately proclaimed that Ino would be her junior during the course of the training. When Choji was release from the Hospital, Ino invited Sakura to celebrate with Team Asuma, but she decline because she had to train more on medical ninjutsu.

Shortly after Naruto and Jiraiya left, Yamanaka Ino appeared with a similar desire to Sakura for learning medical ninjutsu under Tsunade. Intrigued, Tsunade decided to test Ino, giving her three months to master resuscitation of an octopus to officially become Tsunade's student alongside Sakura. At the same time, she tasked Sakura with memorizing a large shelf of medical books. While keeping quiet about it, she noticed that the strong rivalry between Sakura and Ino helped in pushing the duo into improving. Ultimately, Ino passed her challenged and Tsunade began training Ino as well. Sakura was happy for her, but continued her rivalry with Ino. Now officially a student of Tsunade's like Sakura, Ino asked Sakura what made her take this path. Sakura simply said she wanted to be an equal team-mate on missions to her allies.

In the anime, as Sakura's performance grew enough, Tsunade began instructing Sakura in how to master the Strength of a Hundred Seal and be extension the self healing techniques it provided. While Tsunade warned Sakura the danger of developing this technique alongside strenuous performance, Sakura found a way to divert some of the accumulating chakra into her natural reserves.

Two years after Naruto left the village with Jiraiya, as Sakura began earning great respect amongst her fellow medical experts in the hospital, she was approached by Ino. With Konohagakure deciding to host an early Chunin Exams alongside Sunagakure, Ino asked Sakura to fill in as the third member for Team Asuma's participation for the exams. Still unsure of her growth, Sakura declined the offer. Later at the hospital, a ninja was brought in with severe injuries. Quickly assessing the damage, Sakura took it upon herself to help the man, determined to stop living in Naruto and Sasuke's shadows. While the procedure made her nearly pass out, she successfully saved the man's life, to which Tsunade applauded Sakura as she caught her student. She later joins Ino and Choji to take the exams.

Once entering the exams, Sakura and her new team-mates were randomly split up and sent to different rooms to take the written test. On a monitor, Shikamaru, as proctor, explained that everyone only needs to answer one question on the test, but their combined score with their team-mates will determine if they pass or fail the exam as they need exactly 100 points to pass. While Sakura tried to calculate what questions her team-mates would probably take, Ino telepathically contacted her and Choji to make sure their score would be even.

After hearing five bangs through the wall, Sakura deduces that someone is trying to send a message for everyone outside of the room it came from: to pick the question worty 50 points. After time is up, Shikamaru reveals a bonus question that asked the teams what member of their team would they sacrifice as a decoy and the answer had to be unanimous. Unfortunately, the person picked will be disqualified. Sakura catches on to the ploy and after Ino telepathically communicates to her, she tells Ino what to do and to send it on to Choji. Ultimately, when the first exam concludes, she and her team are allowed to participate for the second round because they left their answer blank since a full team would be needed for the upcoming round. However, because the numerous amount of participants, a preliminary round had to be placed which involved a race to Sunagakure where the official second round will be, but only the first 30 participants will qualify.

Ultimately, Sakura and her team made it to Sunagakure and qualified for the second round. The following night, as all the participants were ready to eat a largely-prepared dinner, everyone grew nervous about the overly-sweaty Burami ruining the food. To which, the genin all quickly tried to keep him away from spreading his sweat, which resulted in Neji using his Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven an accidently destroying the food. As tension grew between everyone over the recent event, an all-out brawl began. Ultimately, the late arrival of Fū with her out-spoken desire to make friends and play games caused everyone to lose their desire to fight. Later, while everyone returned to their rooms to prepare for the following day, an anxiously hungry Choji decided to go to the next building in hopes that the jonin supervisors would share their food. As Sakura and Ino went after their team-mate, they were attacked by a giant scorpion. They were saved by the joyful Fu who swiftly defeated the massive beast. After Sakura's wound was treated and Choji got some food from Guy, everyone turned in for the night. The following day, the second exam began. Like the last exam in Konogakure, the teams were each given either a heaven or earth scroll and were required to within three days to obtain a matching set. They were then required to bring the set to main building in the center of the Demon Desert.

Once the second round begin, Sakura and her teammates were seen jumping into their location to begin the second round. Team Asuma lost their provisions in a previous fight. Following Sakura's decision, they went for an oasis to replenish themselves. Taking so long to arrive, Ino and Sakura got into another heated argument. Their bickering was quickly ended by the attack of another giant scorpion. While Ino didn't have enough time to use her clan techniques and the scorpion overpowered Choji, Sakura surprised everyone by defeating the creature with a single punch. Afterwards, Ino healed Sakura's hand from the attack. With everyone calming down, they used the scorpion's meat as new provisions and commented on each other's growth, reasserted their desire to pass the exams.

Not feeling the provisions from the scorpion was enough, Ino insisted that the team go to the nearby oasis. Before arriving, they were cut off by a Suna-team. Knowing her sensory skills still are not strong enough to aid in actual combat, Ino takes Shikamaru's earlier advice and feigning recklessness. To which, Ino attacked first, letting the enemies counter and pretend to be knocked out. While the enemies then engage Sakura and Choji, Ino begins sensing the enemies' movement and telepathically informs her allies. Soon seeing through Ino's ploy, they erect a barrier to disrupt her ability to sense. This allows the enemies to continue their assault without resistance. Remembering what her allies and teachers taught her, Ino improves by linking minds with her allies, allowing them to counter-attack and defeat the Suna-nin. Afterwards, everyone calmly heals each other. While the Suna-nin openly admit defeat and offer their scroll, Sakura notes that it is unneeded as they already have two matching scrolls. The two teams then part ways, agreeing to meet again in the third exam.

Later, while Sakura was still struggling with maintain her own reserves of chakra and developing the Strength of a Hundred Seal, she and her team was attacked by another Suna-team the leader of the team, Saya, attacked them with a small doll as her puppet. After snatching some of Ino's hair, she possessed Ino's mind and forced her to attack Sakura. As Saya's team-mates began to be overwhelmed by Choji, Saya canceled her technique on Ino and turned it on Choji. Ino explained that Saya's technique is similar to the Yamanaka Clan's own mind techniques. Ino then used her technique to enter Choji's mind and attempt to free him. Sakura meanwhile was left to face the giant sized Choji alone.

Ultimately, Ino succeeds in expelling Saya from Choji's mind. After which, Choji regained himself and attacked the enemies, forcing them to retreat. Later, with Ino and Choji still exhausted from the last skirmish, Saya's team soon returned, keeping Ino and her team pinned down in a sandstorm while attacking them with sand puppets. While Ino tried to keep up her sensory mode, her team convinced her to conserve chakra and rely on their eyes. The Konoha-nin easily dealt with the sand puppets, until one of them was revealed to be Mamushi in disguise and poisoned Ino and Choji. As Sakura began reflecting on everything to this point, Ino and Choji apologized for pressuring Sakura to join them in the exams, learning of how Sakura felt through Ino's Mind Body Transmission Technique. Sakura however insisted that she wanted to join for her own sake of bettering herself. Afterwards, gaining enough chakra, Sakura was able to propel herself out of the sandstorm and defeat the enemies with a single strike. Afterwards, Sakura healed her team-mates, to which Ino and Choji voiced their pleasure in having Sakura for a team-mate.

Later, Team Asuma was caught in a massive sandstorm. Ultimately, her team was rescued by the Suna-nin proctors, and brought to a building to wait out the storm before resuming the exams. After the storm passed and the second exam was concluded, it was learned that the Chunin Exams were ended early due to controversy happening in the second exam. Instead, it was decided by Gaara that a report on each participant would be sent to their respective village leader for them to decide if they would be promoted. Upon returning to the village, Sakura and her team-mates were all promoted from genin to chunin status by Tsunade. She then became surprise when Hinata wonder what kind of training that her teammate, Naruto was up to.

Naruto Shippuden (Part II)

Kazekage Rescue arc

Tsunade informs Sakura of Naruto's return after two-and-a-half years of training. So Sakura decides to go greet him. After Uzumaki Naruto returned from his two and a half years of training, Sakura was one of the first villagers to greet him, and was happy to see him, even noticing he was now taller than she is. However, this doesn't last long, as Sakura asked him if she had changed, to which he responds she hadn't and that she was the same old Sakura. The results of her training with Tsunade is first shown when she punches Naruto for attempting to demonstrate a new perverted technique in front of Sarutobi Konohamaru. Kakashi soon recruited both of them into Team Kakashi and issued another bell test, this time the goal is to actually take the bells. Kakashi vanishes shortly after the test begins and Sakura, after determining that he's nowhere above ground, concludes he's below ground. To force him out, she shatters the earth with Cherry Blossom Impact, frightening both Kakashi and Naruto. Despite their improved abilities, neither Sakura nor Naruto are able to get a bell through conventional means, and it is only by Naruto's threat to spoil the latest Icha Icha book that they are able to lower Kakashi's guard long enough to take his bells.

After returning from the bell test, Team 7 tries without success to find a mission to go on that Naruto won't complain about. However they learned that the Akatsuki had captured Gaara. Team Kakashi was assigned to go to Sunagakure to help rescue him. On their way to Suna, Naruto explains that Gaara was kidnapped because he is the jinchuriki of the One-Tail, just as Naruto is the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails. During this period of time, Sakura first learned that the Nine-Tails is sealed into Naruto. Upon arriving in Sunagakure, they are informed that Kankuro was poisoned by the Akatsuki member Sasori in his failed attempt to rescue Gaara, and that none of the village's medics can heal him. Sakura used her new medical expertise to save Kankuro by to removing the poison from his body.

Sakura then made a few antidotes to counteract the poison in case anyone on the team should have need of it. Seeing all of this basically impresses Chiyo. Therefore Chiyo, Sasori's grandmother, ultimately decides to accompany Team 7 as they leave to find Gaara, helping them navigate the local country. On their way to the Akatsuki lair where Gaara has been taken, they are met by Uchiha Itachi, the brother who Sasuke defected from Konoha in order to kill. Although eager to face him, Sakura must leave most of the fighting to Kakashi due to his Sharingan; when Naruto is trapped in Itachi's genjutsu, Sakura and Chiyo release him. The Itachi that they are facing is eventually discovered to be an impostor, so they continue to the Akatsuki lair. They meet Team Guy there, who takes down the barrier over the entrance so that Team 7 can get in.

Once they arrived at the Akatsuki lair, the team split up, Chiyo and Sakura fighting Sasori while Kakashi and Naruto went after Deidara and Gaara's body. Chiyo informs Sakura that what appears to be Sasori is actually one of his puppets, Hiruko. She also warns that all of Hiruko's weapons are likely coated with poison. With both Sasori and Chiyo being master puppeteers, Chiyo controlled Sakura like a puppet to improve her dexterity allowing her to get close enough to Sasori to destroy his puppet armor Hiruko.

With Hiruko gone, Sasori summons his the Third Kazekage puppet, much to Chiyo's shock, he begins employing the former Kazekage's Iron Sand ability which he had combined with his own poison. Although it initially appears no different from a standard puppet, Chiyo is able to fight it with her Mother and Father puppets,

The Iron Sand neutralises the Mother and Father puppets and then forms into blocks, which Sakura, with Chiyo's guidance again, is able to punch away. Sasori's Iron Sand World Method proves more difficult to avoid and Sakura receives several scratches, causing her to collapse from the poison. She is able to administer the antidote, however, allowing her to destroy the Third when it moves in to finish her off. Revealing that he had turned himself into a puppet as well, Sasori goes after Chiyo. Sakura intercepts him and destroys his body, but he's able to reassemble it.

Sasori gained the upper hand in the fight and later summoned one hundred puppets to fight against Chiyo's White Secret Technique: The Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets. Sakura moves closer to Sasori and places a seal on him. Sasori is able to transfer his living core to another puppet before the seal connects. After being sealed by Sakura, Sasori moved to another puppet body and tried to kill Chiyo, only for Sakura to step in as a human shield. As Sasori attacks Chiyo again, he falls into her trap and have his core stabbed by the Mother and Father puppets. Chiyo then heals Sakura's wound. As his life waned, he relished the fact that Sakura would die too, only to be proven wrong by the combination of Sakura's antidote and Chiyo's healing abilities. Having guessed that Sakura was able to create an antidote for his poison - something he thought was impossible - Sasori decides to reward her before he dies: he tells her of a spy his was within Orochimaru's ranks who he had plans to meet in Kusagakure will arrive in ten days. Chiyo collapses once he's dead, but refuses Sakura's offer to take her back to Suna to make another antidote.

When they caught up with Naruto and Kakashi, Sakura tried to revive Gaara, only to discover that he was already dead. Chiyo decides to use the One's Own Life Reincarnation on him, bringing him back to life at the cost of her own. As Chiyo surrendered the rest of her energy to resurrect Gaara, she told Sakura not to give her life for an old woman and predicted that someday she would surpass her master as a kunoichi, even believing that Sakura is too valuable. After attending Chiyo's funeral, the team returned home.

Sai and Sasuke arc


The Reborn Team Kakashi in Part II

With the information gained from Sasori, Team Kakashi decided to use this as an opportunity to find Sasuke. Because Kakashi was still bedridden after his encounter with Deidara, Yamato led the team instead. Sai (Naruto) was also added to the team as Sasuke's replacement, but neither Naruto nor Sakura were willing to view him as such, and had difficulties getting along with him. In fact Sakura even punched him for insulting Sasuke. Their mission being to meet with and capture the spy, Yamato, disguised as Sasori, went on ahead. When the spy, Kabuto Yakushi, ended up being in league with Orochimaru, Yamato called in the team for back up.

Naruto quickly engaged Orochimaru in combat, and Sakura was surprised by the very danger of his tailed forms. She was then knocked out after Kabuto was thrown away by Naruto and slammed into her. After regaining consciousness, she realised that Naruto had advanced to his four-tailed form. When Sakura approached him to try and bring him to his senses, he attacked and injured her, unaware of what he was doing. Kabuto attempted to heal her wound, saying that they were both enemies of Akatsuki. All he could do was close it, however. Once Yamato forced the Nine-Tails' influence to recede, Sakura tended to his wounds and lamented that all she could do is heal him after a battle. He recuperated, and they continued on to Orochimaru's hideout, where Sai finally proved his worth by helping them find Sasuke. When they were unable to persuade Sasuke to come home with them they attacked him instead. Sakura was able to determine how his Chidori Current worked, and charged him after charging her fist, attacking Sasuke for the first time ever. However, when Sasuke attacked her with a massive amount of killing intent, Yamato intervened and took the attack for Sakura. In the end, Sasuke fled with Orochimaru and Kabuto, and Sakura told Naruto very determinedly that tears weren't going to bring Sasuke back. Then, they returned to Konoha.

Tweleve Guardian arc

Sakura accompanied Yamato, Naruto and Sai on a mission near the Fire Temple. Sakura heads off with Yamato in search of finding the group who were suppose meet them for the mission while Naruto was told by her to stay with Sai just in case the group came. Later, Sakura, Yamato and Sai arrived with the group of monks and saw as Naruto fought with Sora, a monk in training from the Fire Temple. Chiriku ordered Sora to stop his actions. After an explanation, Sora calmed down seeing as he misunderstood Naruto motives for snooping around the hidden tombs.

The monks led Team Kakashi to the Fire Temple. The monks then explained the situation involving the sacred tombs' mysterious disappearance. It wasn't long before Naruto and Sora begin to bicker. The group were then told by a monk about another sacred tomb robbed. Team Yamato, along with Chiriku and Sora, went to find the perpetrators. They witness the coffins moving across the field and end settling on top a cliff where four ninja named Furido, Fudō, Fūka and Fuen are. The group goes after them but they are separated by an earth style technique to create rocky canyon maze. Sakura, trying to find her way, was attacked by a giant spider before she could react, but was saved by Sai who after defeating it broke his arm. Sakura then tended to his wound. She and Sai found Yamato. The three of them found Naruto apparently making out with Fūka, which angered Sakura, but this turned out to be false, as he was being drained of his chakra. She ran to help Naruto, but was knocked away by Fūka. She, Yamato and Sai were trapped by Fudō and Fuen. The rocky area began to collapse and all got away safely.

She and the rest of team went back to Konoha with Sora tagged along. Sora was going to be introduced to Fifth Hokage, but before doing so, was warned by Sakura of his choice of words towards her. This warning didn't account for as he was knocked through a wall almost immediately after entering the office. Later, when the Konoha was being attacked by the four ninja from their earlier confrontation, Sakura went after Fuen. Fuen castes a genjustu on Sakura. When Fuen thought Sakura was down, she went in for the kill, by stabbing her with a kunai turning out to be a fake. The real Sakura knocks comes out a tree and punches Fuen through several trees. Fuen, being immobilised, is then stuck by Sakura's devastating punch in the stomach and the affect of it being killed.

Some time after her fight with Fuen, she and Yamato meet up with Naruto and Asuma and she witnesses Sora in a nine tails cloak. After Chōji's hands are burned from touching Sora, she and Ino heal as much of his injury as they could; Sakura stating that injuries made from the Nine-Tails aren't easy to heal. She is one of the Konoha ninja who comfort Sora after he releases the Nine-Tails' chakra when he feels desolate. When Sora is about head off she, Naruto, Yamato and Sai say goodbye as their friend depart.

Hidan and Kakuzu arc 

Team Yamato was sent to provide back up for Team 10 during their battle with Akatsuki. Because Shikamaru was separated from the rest of the group, Sai and Sakura were sent to assist him, though upon arrival they found that Shikamaru had already defeated his opponent. Having not taken part in the battle, Sakura returned to Konoha with the others, and later healed the damage to Naruto's arm from the use of his new technique. Because this made it difficult for him to eat, she offered to feed him. Though he was delighted by the idea, interference from both Sai and Kakashi prevented this from happening. Shortly afterwards they left to find Konohamaru, who had just revealed to have mastered the Shadow Clone Technique. He showed them his variations on the Sexy Technique, one of which excited Sakura.

Three Tails arc

Tsunade sends Yamato, Sai, and Sakura to help them along with Naruto who meets them along the way. Team Kakashi and Kurenai follow Guren and discover that the thing they were after was the Three-Tails. Shizune, Ino, Tenten and Lee are assembled to help with the hunt for the Three-Tails. They all meet up and split into to groups to seal the tailed beast in its own dimension and get Yūkimaru. The Sealing group, Team Three is Shizune, Hinata, Sakura, and Ino. The Guarding group, Team Two is Yamato, Tenten, Kiba, and Lee, while Team One the Fighting group is Naruto, Kakashi, Sai, and Shino.

Team Three tried to use Four-Corner Sealing Barrier to permanently trap the beast in its own dimension. Just as the sealing began to work, the Konoha ninja were interrupted by Guren, which prompted the beast to attack them all. Yūkimaru was able to calm the beast down temporarily, but, after he became tired, the Three-Tails turned its attention to him. Guren and Naruto Uzumaki came to his defence, but were swallowed in the process. With the help of their allies on the outside, they were able to escape, and the Konoha ninja tried once more to seal the beast.

Just when the sealing was almost complete, Yūkimaru, angered by the apparent death of Guren, empowered the beast to break free of its restraints. The Three-Tails went on a rampage, attacking everyone nearby and crushing Nurari, Kigiri, and Kihō. Its attempts to attack Yūkimaru, however, had no effect. It was only through the use of the Wind Release: Toad Oil Flame Bullet that the beast was driven away. The sealing attempt was left to ANBU members, and the remaining Konoha ninja returned home.

Itachi Pursuit arc

When news reached Konoha that Sasuke had killed Orochimaru, Sakura and Naruto were the first to join Kakashi's Eight Man Squad, and began the hunt. During her search, she barely missed a member of Sasuke's Hebi, Karin, and later regrouped with the others. When Kiba caught Sasuke's scent, the group followed until they encountered Tobi. Sakura initially suspected that he was using genjutsu or clone techniques, but after Hinata pointed out that his chakra remained in one location and Tobi managed to escape Shino's bugs, she realised that he was removing parts of his body from existence. She attempted to head to Sasuke's location with her team, but Tobi had already taken him away. The mission was a failure,and The eight man squad was force to return back to Konoha.

Tsuchigumo Kinjutsu arc

Team Yamato are assigned by Tsunade to go and protect Hotaru on her way to the Tsuchigumo village. When the team find the fort, they saw Tonbee, who has been viciously attacked by the four-man bandits. Sakura stays and heals Tonbee, while Naruto, Sai, and Yamato follow Utakata and Hotaru. Naruto catches up to Utakata and Hotaru, and Utakata attacks Naruto with some of his Soap Bubble Ninjutsu. After Utakata learned that they are not attackers, he entrusts the protection of Hotaru to them. 

All of a sudden, the Kirigakure ANBU found Utakata and wrapped him up with their Water Release: Water Whip technique and began subduing him with their Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder. The captain revealed to Hotaru, who he was holding hostage, that Utakata was in their Bingo Book, and was wanted for killing his master. Naruto and his team arrived and managed to loosen one of the water whips holding Utakata. Both parties began to fight, but the leader of the Kirigakure ANBU appeared, and discussed the situation with Yamato. Due to Hotaru's insistence to be with Utakata, it was agreed that Utakata stayed with Team Yamato and they wouldn't hunt him until she was safe, but afterwards, they'd resume tracking Utakata down. Tsurugi, the leader, asked Utakata to return to Kirigakure, saying that the village changed, no longer earning the nickname of Village of the Bloody Mist. Utakata refuses, and says that he'll keep doing as he pleases.

After the groups part ways, Hotaru begins hurting from an injury sustained during the earlier altercation. Utakata has Naruto collect medicinal herbs. When Naruto returns, he witnesses what was done to Hotaru's back, where her clan's kinjutsu was put. Utakata voices his absolute disdain for people who selfishly take advantage of people's loyalty, only to treat them as tools.

Everyone is shocked to learned that Hotaru actually requested for the technique to be sealed in her. After she explained that she wanted her grandfather's dream to restore their clan's glory to come true. When Tonbee voiced his sorrow that by now the clan had probably lost too much strength to ever return to such a status he suggested they end the potential danger of the kinjutsu by destroying it. Utakata was surprised that Hotaru's grandfather had created a way to safely remove it from Hotaru's body. When Tonbee insisted that no true master would do such horrific things without a way to undo them, Utakata wondered if the same was true for his master.

Utakata resolved to find Hotaru initially refused the idea to destroy the kinjutsu, feeling that it would make all her grandfather's efforts for nothing, but Utakata made her see that she couldn't restore their clan with such a destructive technique. While willing to accept this decision as a final act, she offered one other possible solution, to search for a man named Shiranami, who is an immensely gifted ninja who studied En no Gyōja's teachings and could be of great help. It was then decided that Naruto would attempt to find the man in two days while preparations for removing the kinjutsu were madeTsurugi again to learn some answers about his late master.

When Naruto sought out Shiranami, the Magaki leader, who believed the latter was an ally, the Magaki Group ambushed Naruto and used Infinite Embrace to drain his chakra. While Chūshin beat Naruto, Benten almost revealed their plan before Akaboshi silenced him. Angered at being deceived, Naruto unleashed the Nine-Tails' chakra and broke out of the Infinite Embrace. Though shocked at Naruto's strength, the Magaki used their Multiple Infinite Embraces to crush Naruto. Much to their shock, however, Naruto was still able to resist, but not for long.

Later to Hotaru's dismay, Utakata suddenly leaves. Not wanting him to leave her, Hotaru goes off to find him. Along the way, she runs into Shiranami himself. He sympathises with Hotaru's loneliness and desire to restore their clan. After being convinced not to destroy the technique, she decides to write a message to Utakata. However, Shiranami reveals his true colours and knocks out Hotaru, taking her back to the Tsuchigumo village.

When Utakata is unable to find Tsurugi he finds Hotaru's messenger bird with a note for him. While it is from Hotaru saying she found Shiranami, Utakata is still at unease, feeling something is wrong. He goes to the location Hotaru wrote and finds that Shiranami is actually the leader of the bandits who trapped Naruto in a fūinjutsu. Utakata then uses his tailed beast chakra to scare the bandits and make them run.

Afterwards, he and Naruto track Shiranami back to Hotaru's village, where it is discovered that Shiranami took control of the villagers with his technique. The villagers attacked Utakata and Naruto and they were also confronted by the Magaki Group. Just before things got worse, the rest of Team Yamato arrived while hunting for Hotaru. Yamato, Sai and Sakura were fighting the villagers and the Magaki Group, while Naruto and Utakata were trying to save Hotaru from Shiranami. In the end Naruto and Utakata manage to save Hotaru and Team Yamato parts ways with Hotaru and Utakata.

Invasion of Pain arc

Naruto Shippuuden 175-231

Sakura thinks Naruto for saving Konoha from Pain.

Once they returned to Konoha and learned of Jiraiya's death, Sakura tried to comfort both Naruto and Tsunade. When Naruto blamed Tsunade for the death of Jiraiya, Sakura scolded him. She was then shocked to hear Naruto declare that he would get his revenge. She later tried to help decipher Jiraiya's dying message to find out more about the Akatsuki leader, Pain, but was interrupted by Pain's attack on the village. After saving some villagers and killing Pain's Giant Centipede, Sakura went to the Konoha hospital, where she was quickly asked to lead the medical front defending the building and healing what injuries she could, impressing Choji through her leadership and skills.

When Pain destroyed the village, Sakura was saved by Katsuyu. When she sees the village in ruins she cries out for Naruto to return to save everyone. After Naruto's return Sakura could only watch as Naruto tried to defeat the six Pains. She became worried when Naruto entered his six-tailed form, and was amazed to find out that Hinata risked her life to try and save Naruto because she loves him. She heals Hinata afterwards and watches as Pain, defeated and converted by Naruto, revives all those who had died during his attack. When Naruto came back to the village after talking to Nagato, Sakura punches Naruto calling him rash for taking on Pain by himself but then hugs and thanks him for saving them.

Konoha History arc

After Naruto defeated Pain, Iruka, along with Suzume and Daikoku Funeno approach the ruins of the Ninja Academy to salvage things for class. They split up and Iruka sees the destroyed academy, remembering when he began as a teacher and the day Sarutobi Hiruzen assigned Uzumaki Naruto to his class. Though he refused at first, due to Naruto being the jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails, Iruka accepts.

The next day, Naruto pulls a prank on Iruka but instead of scolding him, Iruka tells Naruto sit in his seat, remembering the advice given to him from Daikoku. Sakura is first seen in class sitting next to Ino when they met Umino Iruka.She is next seen reading her ninja textbook,but stops to see if Iruka will scold Naruto for sleeping in class. Sakura was seen admiring Sasuke doing the clone technique, and yells at Naruto by telling him to stop making Sasuke lose his focus. When seeing Naruto being bullied by the other students because of his failed attempts to be better than Sasuke, Iruka tells them not to bother a kid like him. She is then seen walking back to class with her other classmates. The next day, Naruto learns that Sasuke is the only surviving member of the Uchiha clan.

Naruto Shippuuden 177-161

Sakura tells Iruka that she didn't see Naruto

After class, Naruto wants to join Hibachi and his friends in their "test of courage" though Hibachi tells him to not follow them. Naruto pranks them later in the night by dressing up as a fox demon. Hearing them say they saw a fox demon, Iruka runs to the Konoha grave site and learns it's Naruto. Recognising Iruka's glare as the same one everyone else in the village gives him, Naruto runs off with the intent not to return to the Ninja Academy again.

The next day, with Naruto is absent in class.Iruka asks everyone if they seen Naruto. Iruka asked Sakura, and she told him no. Ino was the second to tell Iruka that , she also have not seen Naruto. She is last seen when Iruka lies to her by saying they will have study hall, which confuse her and the rest of classmates. Iruka lie to his students so he can go find Naruto in the back hills.

When Naruto and Sakura go get water for the comatose Tsunade, Kakashi has a flashback of when he was
Naruto Shippuuden 179-168

Sakura tells Naruto to stop arguing with Sasuke

appointed as the leader of Team Kakashi after the team's formation. He watches Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, seeing Naruto and Sasuke's constant competition and remembers what Minato and Obito said to him about teamwork and those abandoning their comrades are worse than scum. Meanwhile, Koharu and Homura discuss with Hiruzen of his decision of having Naruto outside the village and being put in the same team as Sasuke. Danzō listens in on their discussion and thinks Hiruzen put Naruto and Sasuke in the same team due to the Uchiha being able to control the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox with the Sharingan which he thinks is a good idea. After noticing Sakura depressed, Naruto tries to pick a fight with Sasuke though all his techniques are no use against Sasuke. Sasuke easily beats Naruto and the members of Team 7 decide to go meet their squad leader. Kakashi's flashback ends, knowing as the group's leader, it is up to him to put a stop to Sasuke's road of hatred.

Naruto and Sakura meet up with Tazuna and Inari, who came to help rebuild the village. Naruto has a flashback that takes place after Team 7 finished their mission in the Land of Waves. Naruto remembers he had forgotten an Ramen Ichiraki coupon at Inari's house and runs back to go get it. Tazuna finds the coupon and Inari decides to give it to Naruto. On his way, Inari runs into Akane and his friends who try to pick on him with Team 7 gone. Zōri and Waraji hear of this and kidnap the kids.

Sakura and Sasuke, who was ordered by Kakashi to bring back Naruto, learn from Tazuna that Inari had went to meet up with them. Meanwhile, the remnants of Gatō's thugs decide to take Gatō's place and hold Inari and the others for ransom. Naruto finds his coupon and also traces of a struggle. Sasuke also notice cuts on the trees from a sword which Naruto remembers it was from Gatō's two bodyguards.

Naruto Shippuuden 181-370

Naruto waves goodbye to Inari

At the thugs’ hideout, Inari and the others escape from the thugs. Inari decides to distract them while Akane and his friends escape. Inari is chased into a dead end by the thugs but jumps into the water. While swimming away, Naruto and Sasuke find Inari and pull him out of the river. The thugs find him and fight Naruto and Sasuke, who are no match against them. When the thugs were about to flee, the villagers surround them, forcing them to give up. Akane and his friends apologise to Inari for bullying him and they all become friends. Then Inari tells Naruto he left his coupon at his house so then Naruto checks his pocket and wonders why its missing, Sasuke then tells Naruto that it probably drifted while he was at the river pulling out Inari, much to his dismay. The flashback ends and Inari decides to make it up to Naruto by building a new better Ramen Ichiraku for him to which Naruto thanks him for.

In flashback of Naruto and Sakura's, Team 7 are on a mission to take an ostrich called Condor to his home. They arrive at a village where they see a swordsman named Tsukado who has a vendetta to carry on a man named Katazu who killed his distant relative Shikazo. Tsukado fails to defeat him so Naruto decides to teach him unusual revenge lessons. When Mr. Ostrich is running wild and about to run over a little girl, Tsukado shows his hidden skills to stop him shocking Naruto. Tsukado can't seem to use his skills against Katazu as the look he gives him seems to drain him.

The next day, a man named Kanabun and his gang bring Katazu to Tsukado who want to profit off their fight. Tsukado doesn't hold back and manages to get the upper hand though Naruto notices something is wrong. Naruto suddenly stops the fight, saying Katazu couldn't have killed Shikazo as he sword isn't sharpened and the look of his eyes. Katazu reveals that his twin brother Kageki accidentally killed Shikazo. Kageki loaned him some money and after his child's birth, he needed money and asked Shikazo if he can be repaid. Shikazo refused and they begin fighting, resulting in Shikazo falling and hitting his head hard on a stone, killing him. Katazu has then took his brother's identity and attracted Shikazo's pursuers while Kageki and his family went into hiding.

Tsukado decides not to kill him and ends their years of fighting though Kanabun wants them to keep fighting. The swordsmen, Team 7 and Mr. Ostrich chase the Kanabun Gang out of town. While going back home, Naruto wonders if it ended alright and Kakashi says it depends on them, there the flashback ends.

Team 7 are sent on a mission to stop a group of bandits located between Konoha and Suna, resulting in the two villages working together for the first time since Suna's invasion though Naruto is reluctant about it. They meet with a team from Suna who are lead by Gaara, shocking Team 7. Gaara introduces his subordinates, Yaoki and Korobi who are scared of Gaara's sand abilities. Kakashi notices a change in Gaara, noticing he is mellower than he was before and no longer has his bloodthirsty lust.

Both Gaara and Kakashi decide to split up so they can simultaneously attack the bandit base from different sides located on mountain. But before they do, Gaara secretly informs Kakashi that he is being followed by another group from Suna and hopes he won't be a burden though Kakashi is completely fine with it as the more they overcome, the stronger both their village's bond will be. Hiding in the trees are a group of Suna ninja who plan on killing Gaara. When Gaara's team are heading to their direction, Gaara is ambushed by the group of ninja who uses techniques that prevents Gaara from using his sand. Gaara tells Yaoki and Korobi to flee as the ninja are only after him. Team 7 notice another group of Suna ninja who are watching them. When realising they aim to kill Gaara, Naruto runs off to find Gaara while the rest of Team 7 fight the assassination squad.

Team 7 and Gaara's team continue and finish their mission and they bid each other farewell. After Team 7 leaves, Gaara asks Yaoki and Korobi what they said to him and they happily say they're his friends which brings a smile to Gaara. The flashback ends and Gaara thanks Naruto for helping him form his first bond with Konoha.

Choji and Naruto bring lunch to Sakura and Shizune, Then Naruto leaves to assist rebuilding Ichiraku. When Chōji says the saying, "Fools never catch a cold", Sakura has a flashback of catching Naruto's cold. When Sakura sees Tsunade at her office, she collapses which Tsunade claims Sakura has an illness known as a chakra virus. It was an illness long ago in another village that would turn chakra into a terrible flu and Naruto recently went to that village for a mission. Tsunade, not wanting to scare the villagers orders Shizune and a team of medical ninja to capture Naruto.

The medical-nin try to capture Naruto, thinking they are after him for overeating ramen but he escapes them every time. The next morning, Naruto finds the village deserted and gets shot at from a distance from one of the medical ninja. Naruto finds the ninja and questions him. The medical ninja tells him that the villagers have evacuated and that Tsunade ordered Naruto's capture with explaining the reason. Shizune and a team of medical ninja arrive and chase after Naruto who tries to locate Tsunade. Naruto finds Tsunade but tries to corner him with a bunch of tall walls. In each sides are Choji, Kiba and Tenten who are also ordered to capture Naruto though the groups of shadow clones they defeat do not contain the real Naruto.

The real Naruto flees to Konoha Hospital, distracting Shino with one last another shadow clone as he hides in one of the rooms. The room Naruto is in happens to be where Sasuke is still recuperating after their Land of Tea mission. Learning Naruto was the source of ruckus occurring outside, Sasuke kicks Naruto out of his room with medical ninja grabbing him. After getting results from Naruto, Shizune tells Tsunade that he doesn't have the chakra virus but sneezed due to pepper he had in his pocket and Sakura just has an allergic reaction from Naruto's sneeze. After he is released, Naruto demands an apology from Tsunade for her mistake though she covers it up by claiming the entire event as an "emergency drill".

Lee arrives at Tsunade's tent and asks Sakura how she is feeling though Sakura nods her head no. Lee brought a bottle of medicine Guy made for her to get well and has a flashback of when Tsunade told him he could no longer become a ninja. Naruto and Sakura find Ino at the hospital who tells them they have a mission together. They say their hellos to Lee in his room. Lee accidentally drops his youth drink bottle that Guy made for him but catches it and drinks it all, putting Lee is dismay. With the drink, Lee would be able to recover a little faster. Naruto decides to go see Guy and have him make another drink. Guy appoints Naruto to a mission to go to Mount Jofuku to retrieve the Jofuku Flower, a medicinal herb said to cure any illness and the missing ingredient in the medicine he is making. Before setting off, Naruto puts on the green jumpsuit that Guy gave him.

Naruto meets Sakura and Ino at the village gate who were waiting to leave with Naruto to their mission. Naruto tells them of his mission at Mount Jofuku which is also the place of his team's mission. The team takes a break at a small tea soup where the old lady there warns them of Jofuku Forest that has ghosts of dead ninja wandering about. The team head to Jofuku Forest where they find a large sign blocking a path. Naruto decides to go through it with Sakura and Ino following him, having no choice. Naruto finds the Jofuku Flowers but upon pulling them causes some sand appearing that forms into Gaara after the mention of him from Ino. The team are shocked to see "Gaara" and decide to retreat but suddenly the Gaara impostor starts attacking Naruto, having the same abilities as the real Gaara. Ino tries her Mind Body Switch Technique on the impostor but cannot sense a consciousness in it. Naruto destroys the Gaara impostor with the Naruto Uzumaki Combo< and a Rasengan. Suddenly they are approached by an old medical ninja from Konoha named Furofuki who is doing research in the forest.

Sakura asks Furofuki who or what was the Gaara impostor and she tells it was a Jofuku Flower, which assumes the form of the nemesis of whoever pulls it. They give Furofuki the letter that they were assigned to do and are given another mission by her to take loads of Jofuku Flowers back to Konoha. With final ingredient made, Guy is able to finish the medicine and makes a bowl full of medicine balls for Lee. Lee is shocked to hear that Sakura and her team did this and decides to recover as soon as possible. While Lee starts devouring the horribly tasting medicine balls, Guy does 1000 push-ups, not wanting Lee the only one to suffer and the flashback ends.

Team 7 is hired by Nekobaa to get the paw print of the boss of the ninja cat underworld, Nekomata to put in her Paw Encyclopaedia which was a game played by Itachi and Sasuke when they were younger. The mention of Itachi angers Sasuke and leaves to prepare for the mission. Nekobaa explains to Naruto and Sakura of the Uchiha brothers’ game where Itachi would assign Sasuke to collect paw prints from fast cats to large lions. Sometime Sasuke stopped playing the game and two paw prints remained. Nekobaa collected one of the two paw prints from Yugito Nii, the jinchūriki of the Two-Tails and asks Team 7 to collect the last one from Nekomata who has hidden himself in a fortress.

Outside the shop, Sasuke prepares for the mission, hoping to pass the boundary his brother set. Nekobaa gives Team 7 cat ears to infiltrate Nekomata's fortress. After being guided by Hina and Denka, Team 7 head to the fortress. At first they managed to fool the guards but after Naruto blows his cover, the cats alert the other cats of intruders. Sasuke and Sakura sneak in without Naruto and split up to find Nekomata. They both manage to find Nekomata's location from other cats and head to his location but run into cats they are forced to fight though they defeat in the end. Sasuke finds Nekomata who is surprised Sasuke got by all his guards. Nekomata begins the fight by placing Sasuke under a genjutsu but Sasuke breaks it with the Sharingan.For the rest of the fight Nekomata relies on brute force. When Sasuke was about to be killed, Naruto and Sakura arrive to save him. Naruto decides to take on Nekomata though Sasuke decides to beat him himself with a bunch of kunai with exploding tags hanging above Nekomata which Sasuke had thrown during the fight. The ceiling collapses on Nekomata, defeating him and Sasuke collects the last paw print, ending the flashback. 

Team 7 sees ANBU members taking a captured spy in for questioning. When she resists Ibiki's interrogation, they decided to have Inoichi Yamanaka to read her mind. He learns that she didn't find anything about Konoha, but finds it curious that she knows nothing about her own village, and is surprised to see a young Kakashi in her memories. Kakashi has no memory of Hanare, and Inoichi suggests he spends time with Hanare, hoping he can use the Sharingan to learn more about Hanare. Kakashi and Hanare walk around the village. Ino lets Sakura know Kakashi is with someone, and rushes to see for herself, meeting Naruto and Sasuke on the way, who already know, and are also interested. Hanare tells Kakashi who she met him years ago when she was lost, and how he helped her find her way back. They try to eavesdrop on the two, but end up falling on top of them, knocking Kakashi directly on top of Hanare, uncovering his Sharingan. The three cover up by saying they approve Kakashi and Hanare's supposed relationship.  Konoha learns that Hanare's village has a Konoha jōnin in custody, and agree to a hostage exchange.

Kakashi objects to the trade. During the trade, Kakashi explodes the bridge on which the trade occurred, intending to take Hanare back. The Jōmae Village head tells her to rush back to the village with the information she collected. When Team 7 corners him, the village head commits suicide to prevent information leaking. Hanare reaches a cliff, and Kakashi reaches her. He tells her that he knows about her special information gathering technique, which allows her to look inside her own mind, and read the mind of those probing her mind, because he accidentally copied with the Sharingan when he was knocked on top of her. Hanare tells him that she has erased all the information she had on Konoha, because for the first time, she felt like was home and belonged somewhere when Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura accepted her, having never known her parents and being raised out of her village. By the time the others reach him, Kakashi is alone, claiming Hanare jumped off the cliff when she was cornered. Hanare lived, and is seen walking where she met Kakashi as a kid.

While Kiba and Akamaru were delivering some items Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki were watching. Sakura commented on how Naruto and Sasuke were inseparable those days and Naruto had a flashback to a mission where Team Kakashi had to retrieve a golden statue, which was stolen by a band of thieves from a Feudal Princess. As Naruto and Sasuke retrieve the statue, Sakura gets taken hostage. At first, Sasuke insists on continuing the mission, but Naruto tells him that those who abandon their friends are worse than scum. When they finally find Sakura and the bandits, it was at first hard for them because their hands got stuck together. However, one by one, through teamwork, the two quickly defeated the bandits and their leader, Jako. Although their mission was a success, the statue itself was very damaged, but Kakashi Hatake said that it could be melted down and re-casted. When Naruto complained about his hand being stuck to Sasuke's, Sakura said that it will naturally fall apart within two or three days, much to the disappointment of Naruto and Sasuke.

After a Village Headman's granddaughter was kidnapped by Baji, he hired Konohagakure's Team 7 and Team 10 for assistance. When the teams accepted the mission to stop Baji and rescue the girl, an ex-bandit named Tōfu acted as their guide. Shikamaru then instructed Asuma and Kakashi to find an alternate route to the Baji's fortress. Tofu later gets captured and is revealed to be a double agent working for the gang leader. When the six genin infiltrated the fortress, Shikamaru agreed to a hostage exchange between him and Tofu in order to find out the location of the Headman's granddaughter. Ino and Choji managed to find the tower where the hostages were held, and later, helped defeat Baji. The mission ended with a success, the bandit group were captured, and the Headman's granddaughter was rescued.

Naruto, and Sakura have been sent to escort Naho, a relative of the Fire Daimyō, to Shizume village. Naho wants Sasuke to escort her, but he was with Kakashi in another mission. Naruto disguises himself as Sasuke so Naho agrees to go with them. After Sasuke and Kakashi noted that the fortress was empty, Naho's group was intercepted by Sadai and his associates. Naruto, Sakura, and Naho come across the criminal and his associates. Naruto defeats the associates, but can't take down their leader. They're all captured. Kakashi uses his ninken to track the criminal. Sasuke appears and the leader mocks him, mentioning he alone in his clan wasn't worth killing, mirroring Itachi's words. Sasuke takes on the leader, who reveals an Earth Release armour, the reason he's able to take on so many attacks. Sasuke defeats him with Chidori, and proceeds to keep punching him. Kakashi stops him and Sasuke goes back to Konoha by himself. Naho while hideing behind Sakura, comments that Sasuke is scary, but Naruto assures her that Sasuke just has a lot going onin his mind at the moment, and promises to take her to see him once he's better.

Five Kage Summitt arc

Naruto Shippuuden 179-053

Sakura tells Naruto, and Kakashi that Tsunade is seriously injure, and unconscious from her battle with Pain.

Sakura is later seen in a tent along with Naruto, Kakashi, and Shizune, telling them about Tsunade going into a coma, and that neither she nor Shizune could do anything for her. She tried to cheer Naruto up, but her effort was interrupted by the arrival of Kiba. Kiba told them that Danzō Shimura has replaced Tsunade as Hokage and that he has ordered Sasuke to be executed as a missing-nin. Naruto and Sakura, hoping they might be able to convince Danzō to change his mind, asked Sai about him. Sai is unable to tell them anything, but their questioning attracted the attention of Omoi and Karui. The Kumogakure ninja informed them of Sasuke's crimes and demanded any information they may have on Sasuke. Seeing how upset this made Sakura, Naruto volunteered to tell them for her the information they wanted to know about Sasuke.

Naruto, along with Kakashi and Yamato, went to the Land of Iron to ask the Fourth Raikage to forgive Sasuke. While they are gone, Sai informed Sakura of the lengths Naruto has gone to make her happy. He also said that although Naruto loved her, the strain of trying to bring Sasuke home and fulfilling the promise he made to her, cause him nothing but constant pain. Shikamaru joined the conversation on behalf of the other members of the Konoha 11, telling Sakura that Sasuke's actions will only lead to war. Believing that the best course of action would be for them to personally stop Sasuke, Shikamaru asked for Team 7's consent. emotionally shattered, Sakura agreed, but insisted that she be the one to tell Naruto.

Sakura, Sai, Kiba, and Lee went to the Land of Iron to talk to Naruto. After they located him, Sakura made a false confession of love to Naruto and claimed she no longer cares about Sasuke and encouraged him to give up on the promise he made to her. Naruto, knowing very well that she's still in love with Sasuke and that she doesn't love him, does not believe her and says she is lying to herself. Angered by this, she insisted it was true and then pushed for Naruto to forget his promise to her and focus on the fact that Akatsuki is after him. Naruto, in turn, said that he was also pursuing Sasuke for his own reasons, not just because of his promise to her. Again, furious by this, Sakura left with her group. Ignoring Kiba's questions about why she hasn't told Naruto their plans, she asked him to help her find Sasuke. When they start nearing Sasuke, Sakura tried to set off a knockout gas to incapacitate Kiba, Sai, and Lee. Sai stopped her and, having told Naruto and Kakashi about their plans, instructed them to wait for Kakashi to arrive. She convinced Kiba and Lee to fight Sai with her, but used the knockout gas on them as they began to scuffle. As she went to Sasuke's location, Sakura asked herself when did she fall in love with Sasuke and remembered their days as Team 7. Sakura decides that she will be the one to stop Sasuke.

Naruto Shippuuden 214-057

Sakura fails to notice that Sasuke wants to kill her.

Sakura found Sasuke about to kill Karin and was shocked to realize that he is no longer the person she once knew. She stopped him and tells him that she wanted to join him, even if that means betraying Konoha. Suspicious, Sasuke told her to show her resolve by killing Karin. Pretending to agree, Sakura approached them, thinking that if she killed him now, it will all be over. Karin interrupted her by warning her that Sasuke was about to kill her, but his attack was blocked by Kakashi. Kakashi instructed Sakura to heal Karin and to leave once she had done so. As she healed Karin, she started breaking down in tears while Karin told her not to and, emotionally unstable, she left karin to return to the fight. She snuck up on Sasuke and tried once again to kill him, but she then started to remember all the times they had together and she was ultimately unable to bring herself to kill him.

Sasuke noticed Sakura and seized her by the throat and attempted to kill her, but she was then rescued by Naruto and Sakura was left horrified that she was almost killed by Sasuke. When Naruto demanded to know why he would attack Sakura, Sasuke said he was not part of the team anymore and berated Naruto for saying he understands his actions. This angered Sakura, who scolded Sasuke for not understanding what Naruto has gone through to try to save Sasuke. Sasuke was unswayed and confesses his desire to destroy the village and kill the residents, as well as to killing Danzo and his intent to the same to her, Naruto, and Kakashi. Naruto then prepared himself to attack Sasuke after Kakashi tells him and Sakura that he will personally take care of Sasuke and wishes for them not to witness it. Kakashi states that Sakura's kunai was crafted by Sakura herself, with poison learned from Shizune, and that it would most likely not work as Orochimaru would have made him immune to it. After Naruto voiced his determination that he and Sasuke will die together one day in battle, and that he would shoulder Sasuke's hatred as a friend, Sakura was touched by Naruto's determination, and showed her gladness that he showed her a way for Team 7 to still have a happy ending. However, Naruto suddenly collapsed from the poison kunai that Sasuke used to nick Naruto's face when he saved Sakura from him, and Sakura panicked, and gave him an antidote on Kakashi's request. After Sakura gave Naruto the antidote, Naruto says he still feels sick. When Naruto asks who Karin is, Sakura replies that she's a partner of Sasuke, which Karin denies. When the group are ready to leave the bridge, Kakashi reminds Sakura that she left something behind to which he is refering to Kiba and the others. Team 7 and Karin are later seen with the sleeping Kiba, Akamaru, Lee and Sai and Kakashi expects Sakura to apologise to them after they awake to which she will.

After returning to Konoha, Sakura is seen present with the rest of her friends, wondering as to what Naruto is hiding from them, remembering his statement about his and Sasuke's death in a possible fight. She is then seen out of breath when she meets up with Naruto at the Ramen Ichiraku, and she is happy to inform him that Tsunade is awake. Teuchi then offers her a bowl but, being in a rush to tell people the good news, she turns it down. She then tells Naruto she will see him later.

Chikara arc

The reborn Team Kakashi is sent out on a mission by Tsunade to a location known as "The Hole" to investigate an incident where Tonika Village's people had been killed. Regretting that she could not assign more people to the mission because of recent incidents elsewhere, the team sets out nonetheless. While there, they split up into two man teams, with Sai encountering officers from the neighbouring Hacho Village, consisting of Shiseru and her team. After finding out who the Konoha shinobi were, the officers escort them to their village leader, Disonasu. Elsewhere, Sakura and Naruto, who are at The Hole's water spring, encounter Kabuto Yakushi, who uses tiny, specially-created snakes to create a clone of Hidan using his DNA and the water of The Hole, which possesses special properties. Kabuto then reveals that he had reincarnated several shinobi. A fight ensues between the two sides as Yamato and Sai rejoin with their team-mates.

As Team Kakashi continues to battle Kabuto, Hidan and the reincarnated shinobi, Naruto gets swallowed by a giant snake created by Kabuto, but manages to escape using shadow clones, accidentally ingesting Kabuto's clone snakes in the process. When Naruto resurfaces, Kabuto retreats, using the reincarnated Deidara as a diversion, after revealing a village guard's corpse in the mouth of a snake. Meanwhile, Dokku takes care of the orphans, while Miina, due to trauma, becomes mute. After the attack, Naruto and Sakura join up with Shiseru, Yamato and Sai in going with the rest of the guards. While Yamato and Sai investigate Kabuto's motive for destroying the village, Sakura and Naruto follow Shiseru to Dokku's house. When Dokku and the orphans see them, noticing that Naruto wears the same forehead protector as the reincarnated shinobi, Leo kicks Naruto and they run until they reach a broken bridge. Leo crosses first and when Dokku and Miina run, they fall down the ravine, but are saved by Naruto. Yamato and Sai ask Disonasu for information, prompting him to show them a book revealing the origin of The Hole; a great power resided within many years ago and nearly consumed the world. In his sleep, Naruto sees himself in front of the Nine-Tails' cage within his subconscious as he is surrounded by the snakes he had previously ingested. Naruto and Dokku discuss Dokku's failure to save a girl in his prime and all his failures in life, unlike Naruto, who became famous even in the Hachō Village, a rural area. Kabuto, while testing the effects of his talismans on Hidan and Deidara in a graveyard, converses with an unknown individual that communicates to him through a scroll.

After having what was seemingly a bad dream, Miina runs to Dokku in the night to seek comfort. Elsewhere, in a graveyard, Kabuto Yakushi prepares to reincarnate another individual. When day breaks the next morning, Leo, Faz and Lando are eager to start their ninjutsu training with Naruto, who is feeling under the weather. However, after being chided by the boys since he had made a promise to them, Naruto emphatically begins the training, which even Shiseru decides to partake it, having found it interesting. While elsewhere a reincarnated Deidara and Hidan's genetic clone argue over their predicament, having killed several members of the Hachō Village militia, and are later confronted by several more members along with Yamato and Sai. Plagued by vivid images all day, Miina approaches Naruto and begins repeatedly saying "get out". Thinking that Miina was simply being rude, Shiseru punishes her and Miina runs off. Later, Disonasu visits their home and, to everyone's surprise, the Tonika Village Head is with him. Greeting his grandchildren, he notes that he had injured his eyes but presses on past that, asking Dokku for the piece of the treasure he had given to him the night of the invasion of the village. However, Miina alerts everyone to the fact that there was something strange about her grandfather and it is revealed that he had been reincarnated. As a fight subsequently breaks out when Kabuto makes an appearance, Naruto soon begins writhing in pain. Rushing towards him, Miina once again begins shouting "get out", eventually forcing the tiny snakes out of his body. The snakes then form into a clone of Naruto in his four-tailed Version 2 state, which attacks all present individuals, including Kabuto, who is unable to gain control of it through a talisman. As the creature continues attacking indiscriminately, everyone looks on in fear.

The Nine-Tailed Naruto clone tries to attack Dokku and the orphans, when [[[Gai (Might Guy)]] and Rock Lee arrive to repel it. While they fight the beast, Kabuto tries to control it, but to no avail. The rest of Konoha 11 arrive,Team Asuma's help. Sakura and Kakashi and Team Kurenai help Naruto. Tenten and Neji arrive, but are cornered by the reincarnated puppets. Kakashi chases Kabuto. The beast grabs Naruto to absorb chakra, which the Nine-Tails gladly shares. Hinata tries to defend Naruto, but is sent flying. After the beast absorbs Naruto's chakra, it grows in size and starts to devastate the Hachō Village, even firing a Tailed Beast Ball in far away, missing Yamato, Sai, Deidara and Hidan who are fighting outside the village. Dokku tries to save Naruto, who is still unconscious. Moments before the beast tramples them, Kabuto summons a snake to swallow both of them alive and retreats. While inside the underground hall in the Tonika Village, Naruto, unconscious and strangled by snakes, meets the Nine-Tails again in his subconscious.

The Konoha-nin investigates Kabuto's intention in the meanwhile. Shiseru remembers an earlier conversation between her and Dokku about the pros and cons of them adopting the kids. While the Nine-Tails tries to control Naruto, Dokku calls him, but gets shouted instead. Dokku asks Naruto what burden a powerful person carries and made Naruto choose the reason why he desires to be powerful, seeing flashbacks of his comrades of Konoha and Sasuke, leading to the seal inside Naruto to gain strength again. Dokku gives Naruto his forehead protector, stating that he believes in him. Meanwhile, Leo decides to save their teacher by giving the mysterious iron bars which were mentioned earlier by the Tonika Village Head. While inside the hall, Kabuto, along with two reincarnated puppets, approaches with Disonasu, revealed to have engineered Tonika's destruction. Disonasu pulls out a scroll from which emerges the item that he desired: the Saezuri.

While the Saezuri is revealed, learning that Disonasu employed Kabuto Yakushi to wipe out the residents of Tonika Village, Dokku tried to attack Disonasu, but stopped by a reincarnated puppet and restrained by a resurrected Takigakure shinobi. Disonasu also praised Naruto about defeating Pain, the one who scarred him and left him powerless, before kicking the boy repeatedly. Miina and the orphans came to The Hole to give the iron bars, but Kabuto's clone intercepted them. Meanwhile, the rest of Konoha 11, along with Kakashi, Shiseru, Yamato and Sai moved out to the area. Disonasu prepares the summoning of the "power" by putting the remaining iron bars while Naruto enters Sage Mode. Miina hums to the sound as the Saezuri is activated, causing the area Naruto is on, the Ama no Hoko, to rise above ground. Kakashi arrived on the scene, revealing Disonasu's past as a bloodthirsty murderer and former Akatsuki subordinate whose specialty is the field of Summoning Technique, having researched Impure World Reincarnatio with Orochimaru. Kabuto summons his puppets, the Nine-Tailed Naruto Clone, Hidan, and Deidara. Naruto faces off with the clone, while Deidara uses Explosive Clay to create a diversion and chase Naruto.

Disonasu escapes and Hidan faces Shikamaru. Deidara activates the Explosive Clay on the bodies of the resurrected individuals, as Hidan uses his ritual against Team Asuma, and Sakura got restrained by Hayate and the others. While Naruto relentlessly attacked the clone, he learned there is more than power. As Yamato restrained Disonasu, he activated the Saezuri, opening the area where Naruto faces the clone, draining the lake as an obelisk rises and creates a storm. After Hidan's clone body breaks down due to the shorten life spans of the snakes composing his body, Deidara is controlled by Kabuto to escape Kakashi. A lightning hit the area where the orphans are running, Miina pointing to the obelisk. When the storm expands towards Konoha, Tsunade goes out as the storm engulfs the Land of Fire. Naruto tried to stop Disonasu from ascending the tower, only to face his clone after he absorbed some of the tower's power and transformed a Hydra-tailed fox monster.

Absorbing the power within the Ama no Hoko, the Nine-Tailed Naruto Clone mutated into a hydra-tailed version of the Nine-Tails while sending Disonasu to his death. Overpowered, Naruto almost gave in to the Nine-Tails' offer for power when Minato's voice urges the boy to control the tailed beast as Naruto is engulfed in a six-tailed chakra cloak in the Nine-Tails' image. Over time, as he starts to lose against the clone, the Nine-Tails starts to take control over Naruto's body and assumes a seven-tailed jinchūriki state with Yamato trying to restrain it. At the same time, though followed by Kakashi Hatake, Kabuto Yakushi manages to take his leave in midst of the ensuing chaos. Dokku and Shiseru decide to deactivate the Ama no Hoko and say good-bye to the children. On their way there, they confess their love for each other and decide to get married if they survive before portions of the ground start to sink, with Dokku keeping Shiseru from falling.

By that time, Miina is able to get through Naruto, regaining control as he assumed a new form to save Shiseru after telling Dokku to go forward and stop the Ama no Hoko. As Dokku recalls the tune Miina hummed to change the sounds in the Saezuri to deactivate the tower, Naruto uses his new power to destroy his clone as the Ama no Hoko recedes into the ground. Everyone, including the Konoha 11 and children celebrate with Naruto.

Adventures at Sea arc

While on the way to the Land of Lightning, Naruto and his bodyguards stop off at a nearby island, due to all his bodyguards becoming seasick, Guy in particular. While there, they see Sakura, Ino and Choji picking up medicinal herbs on the orders of Tsunade and Naruto decides to help them, although he does not fare well, from eating poisonous herbs to being paralysed on a bridge. As Chōji spots one of the medicinal herbs, some ninja from the Benisu Island appear and make the Konoha ninja waste their time, while collecting the exact same herbs. However, they have a change of heart and give Sakura, Ino and Choji all the herbs they picked up, as Naruto saved them from a monster protecting the Elixir Mud. With Guy feeling better, they head off towards the Land of Lightning and Tsunade's team back to Konoha happily, unaware that the Benisu ninja just gave them the herbs, so they could collect the debt owed after the war.

At a meeting held by the Hyūga clan regarding the impending war, Neji is appointed as the commander of the clan on the frontlines by Hiashi which shocked some of the members. Hinata later meets with Kurenai where she is told by Shikamaru that he and quite a few of the other members of the Konoha 11 had seen Naruto since he left the village and that Tsunade was looking for her. 

Hopeful that Tsunade had in fact requested her to go on a mission so she could see Naruto she goes in search of her only to be disappointed. She along with the other females of the Konoha 11 and Shiho are later invited by Tenten to a girls night out at Yakiniku Q. Somewhat saddened that he wasn't invited, Choji comes up with the idea of a guys night out at the same place. The two groups talk about Naruto and the past, reminiscing about the first Chūnin Exams. The girls are later joined by Shizune and a moderately intoxicated Tsunade. Tsunade attempts to apologise for how she dismissed Hinata earlier but Hinata tells her it was fine as she knew what she had to do. The next day during her training with Neji she tells him that she bore no ill will towards him for her father's decision and that he was the right person to lead them in the war.

Konohamaru, Udon and Moegi are training to prepare for the upcoming warAfter heading to the hospital, Sakura makes them carry and stock boxes. Konohamaru, wanting something more important to do leaves with his team ranting. Shikamaru asks Konohamaru who the "King" was and writes the kanji for King on a stone shaped like a shōgi piece and gives it to him. Konohamaru then goes to see Tsunade who outright says no. Frustrated after seeing Temari who was there to deliver a message from Suna as well as check on the progress of the village after Pain's invasion. Konohamaru later challenges Temari while she is on her way home. The two have an intense spar with Konohamaru being unable to land an attack on Temari. Eventually after Temari taunts him that the Sarutobi clan was left with no good heir and that Naruto had a poor pupil. The two almost end up severely harming each other but the fight is stopped by Shikamaru who had been informed of Konohamaru's intentions by Udon and Moegi. After hearing Moegi's story, Konohamaru realises that the 'King' he wanted to protect were the civilians of the village who were unable to defend themselves. Shikamaru smiles at him and Temari compliments him for mastering such a high-level technique and then Team Ebisu for being such promising young shinobi, and then leaves.

Given the day off, Sai spends it strolling the village and drawing. He initially encounters three children that he at first finds it difficult to interact with, but later he realises that two of them remind him of the times he had spent with Naruto and Sakura. He has several flashbacks of their time time together and the bonds they share. In the end he uses the doors of a destroyed house and paints a mural of Team 7 along with Sasuke holding hands.

Confining the Jinchuriki arc

Tsunade tells Sakura that they will go to war with Sasuke and the Akatsuki. Sakura is startled by the announcement of the Fourth Shinobi World War and is further terrified at the realization that she will likely have to fight Sasuke, as she feared. Tsunade instructs Sakura to help keep an eye on Naruto until arrangements are made to hide him away. Sakura can't stop thinking about what she will do if Naruto and Sasuke do in fact fight and wonders if she will save one or both of them.

Fourth Shinobi War arc

Sakura is placed within the Third Division. She is later seen using her Mystical Palm Technique to heal Maito Gai, and wondering how he got to be in this condition right before the war while a worried Rock Lee looks on. Later on, Sakura is seen with her division as a red flare goes off and Hatake Kakashi orders them to go the Surprise Attack Division. Along with her division, they encountered Momochi Zabuza and Haku who were about to attack the Surprise Attack Division. She was shocked to see Zabuza and Haku again.

After Haku and Zabuza's personalities were wiped out along with those of Pakura and Gari, Kakashi orders his squadrons to group themselves around the sensor ninja in the Manji Formation. Lee then tells Sakura that he'll protect her no matter what, to which Sakura tells him to also be careful as last time Zabuza attacked from the only weak spot of the formation: the centre. When the battle began in earnest, Sakura began healing the wounded.

As the battle came to a halt when night fell, Sakura went to the Logistical Support and Medical Division compound to heal all the wounded that were being moved to a central location. She attends to an unknown ninja's wound before Neji arrives. After she finishes she tells him that he should take the opportunity to get as much rest as possible. She is later seen outside one of the barracks after being alerted that three jonin level medics were killed by an unknown assailant. When they surmise that a spy must've entered their numbers despite their stringent security measures, she dismisses the Transformation Technique as their method as the sensors would've detected them and assumes that one of their own must be under the enemy's control. Later as she prepares to start her rounds again, she is approached by the ninja she had healed earlier who hands her a love letter saying that he didn't know if he'll survive the war or not. She takes the letter and thanks him, but tells him that she loves someone else.

After one last compliment, the Iwa shinobi leaves the tent visibly disappointed that Sakura was in love with someone else but wishes her luck with her beloved, Sakura soon afterwards becomes saddened as she starts thinking about Uchiha Sasuke. Moments later, Neji then enters her tent asking her if she was ok. He then tells her that he doesn't blame her for being upset given the current situation. Sakura says that they need to be vigilant to which Neji agrees. He then asks for Shizune as he had made some headway in uncovering who the culprit was. Sakura tells him that she's attending to Tonton who had sprained her leg. Neji then says it's better than her arm to which Sakura agrees that she would still be able to form seals. He then asks her to take a look at his hand again to which she agrees, telling him to sit down. As he draws for a kunai to kill Sakura, she slams him to the ground. Surprised he inquires how she knew and retorts that piglets don't have hands. After being punched the transformation technique wears off and the White Zetsu clone resumes him original appearance. Sakura then interrogates the Zetsu about how he was able to get onto the compound undetected. Together with this information and a report Yamato had compiled on Zetsu, she pieces together the Zetsu's abilities and then leaves the clone in the hands of two shinobi to inform headquarters of this latest discovery.

After reporting the findings to Shizune, they then perform an autopsy on the body of the clone and realises the similarity in their DNA to that of Yamato and by extension, Hashirama's. They then begin to piece together the truth behind the White Zetsu Army clones.

The next day, in the anime, at the Logistical Support and Medical Division, Gekko Hayate, a Sunagakure shinobi, and a Kumogakure shinobi attacked the Medical camp to retrieve the KIA scroll and left. Sakura, Uzuki Yugao, and a few shinobi has gone after them to retrieve the scroll. As they managed to catch up to them, they fought them off and managed to seal the Kumogakure and Sunagakure shinobi away but couldn't managed to seal Hayate because of the injured and he escaped. Sakura has healed the injured and ran off to have a talk with Yugao and listen to her past life of Hayate. Sakura ran off to pursue Hayate on her own and was told she became a fine shinobi. As she fought off Hayate, Yugao came to her aid and defeated Hayate and he is sealed away.

Later, as more wounded were brought to Sakura, she was surprised to see that one of them was the boy Yota from years ago. Happy to see Sakura, he began making snow appear and dancing around. Soon afterwards the snow's intensity began to increase, overwhelming Sakura. Sakura then had been contacted by Yamanaka Ino and confused on how there is more than one Yota. She contacted Uzumaki Naruto and found out that he was fighting Yota. She was then told that they aren't the real ones just a White Zetsu clone so she defeated him, and let out a tear.

The next day, they are approached by a pair of ninja, one of whom appears to be gravely injured and the other desperately requesting her assistance. The Akimichi guarding the medics is adamant that they stay back, uncertain of who's who. Sakura, unable to turn them away after hearing the kunoichi beg them not to let her husband die in her arms, agrees to help. The pair then reveal themselves as imposters and attack. Before she can be attacked however, Naruto's shadow clone promptly takes them down, much to the surprise of Sakura and Shizune.

After being informed by Inoichi from HQ that Naruto and B were fighting the "masked Madara", Sakura and the rest of the Konoha 11 and the Allied Shinobi Forces rush to his aid. As she runs, she thinks to herself that Naruto always got left with insurmountable tasks but this time would be different as not only her, but everyone would be there fighting alongside each other this time. Upon arriving at the battlefield, she immediately began to tend to the wounded Kakashi and Guy. She later stood with the remaining members of the Allied Shinobi Forces as they prepared to face their opposition. Positioning herself behind Darui to lend support when necessary, Sakura was buffeted by the Ten-Tails as it emerged from the hole in had been trapped in. Narrowly dodging the wooden stakes being fired by the Ten-Tails, Sakura later watched on in horror as Hyuga Neji sacrificed his life to protect Hyuga Hinata and Naruto. Sakura was later seen on the battlefield with Naruto and the others and has received chakra from Naruto, Sakura was then attacked by Uchiha Obito ejecting multiple weapons at her and two others they where protected by Kurama's chakra tail.

After having survived the Tenpenchii attack, Sakura and the others rallied around a wounded and exhausted Naruto where behind a defensive line, Sakura healed his injuries. As the Ten-Tails grew impatient with the situation, it proceeded to open its maw and prepared to fire an even larger Tailed Beast Ball. With the shinobi losing hope, Sakura rallied the troops with a rousing speech in which she declared that she would do her all to heal Naruto completely, and that no matter what they should not give up fighting, because if they were to die any way, it would be better not to simply give up. When the Ten-Tails created an enormous Tailed Beast Ball which it fired at the Alliance, she watched on as Shikamaru initiated his strategy, having the Alliance create multiple defences and a transformed Killer B tried to deflect the attack to no avail. When the Tailed Beast Ball disappeared, Sakura looked on in shock as Namikaze Minato appeared before them, asking his son, if he were late.

Questioning who the person before them was, Sakura is later shocked as the ocean behind them rose up, and the stranger before her simply noting that he had sent the Tailed Beast Ball out to sea. Akamaru's behavior soon alerted Sakura and the others to the fact that Minato had been reincarnated, but the Fourth waves down their suspicions noting that he was on their side. When he questions his son about Sakura being his girlfriend, Naruto's response prompted Sakura to headbutt him for not focusing on the matter at hand, the action reminding Minato of Uzumaki Kushina. Sakura, though puzzled by Minato's words that Naruto's friend was also on his way, looked on as the other previous Hokage arrived on the battlefield, and Minato donned a chakra mantle similar to that of Naruto's.

After the Ten-Tails was immobilised, Sakura stared in disbelief as Sasuke appeared before them. Questioning his reasons for coming to the battlefield, Sakura and the other members of the Konoha 11 were shocked to hear Sasuke announce that he would become Hokage. As Sasuke and Naruto left to enter the battle, Sakura refused to rest while they took care of the Ten-Tails per Naruto's request. Stating that she was not a weak woman and had also been trained by a Sannin, Sakura noted that she had almost stored up enough chakra to unleash her true power and she would not stand by and watch them, which Naruto smiled at.

With this, the trio looked on as Naruto merrily noted that the original Team 7 had been reborn. As the rest of the Rookie Nine prepared themselves, Senju Hashirama opened small holes in the barrier to allow the Allied Forces to strike at the Ten-Tails. As Team Kakashi charged the tailed beast, Sakura reminisced her place on the team, how she had sworn she would one day match Naruto and Sasuke, and Tsunade reminding her that she was a disciple of the Fifth Hokage and would inherit her power of the Sannin. Sakura formed the 100 Healings Seal and charged towards one of the Ten-Tails' clones, impressing her teammates (more accurately, scaring Naruto into vowing to never act stupid in front of her again and impressing Sasuke enough to make him smirk), Shizune and the First with her abilities. She turned around to face two clones that approached her from behind, but they were stopped by her team-mates. She noted that if they kept arguing, she would end up snatching the Hokage title from under their noses. Not too long after Naruto had saved Sai from a barrage of attacks from a clone, Sai explained that they would need to defeat the larger of the clones and slip close enough to defeat the Ten-Tails, although it wasn't close enough to jump in one go, and that even if they repelled attacks, the medical team would not be able to arrive.

Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke each used the Summoning Technique, through which she summoned Katsuyu and exclaimed that she was all ready to heal anyone who got injured. She then asked the slug to split and attach herself to the members of the Allied Shinobi Forces, so that they could be healed. She later silently spurred on her team-mates as they attacked the Ten-Tails. Her happiness later turned solemn, however, as she overheard Sai question Jūgo about Sasuke's true motives. When Sai later asked Sakura her sincere views on Sasuke's actions, Sakura noted that she was glad that Sasuke was back and that she trusted him. While her words were sincere, Sai noted, however, that her smile was a fake. Later on, she watched on in shock as the Ten-Tails' body disappeared from the battlefield. Wanting to find out what had really transpired, she asked Hinata if she had been watching the scene with her Byakugan activated, and was told that Uchiha Obito had become the beast's jinchūriki.

Upon spotting Amaterasu flames burst to life further ahead, Sakura was quick to ask Hinata what the current condition of her team-mates were.

With the situation looking grim as the Alliance was trapped in a barrier with a Tailed Beast Ball-firing trees, Sakura and the other shinobi soon found themselves shrouded in the previous Version 1 mantles again. Shocked that it had reappeared because she thought it had dissipated entirely, Katsuyu informed her that this was not the case and that it had noticed when healing the shinobi, that it had only diminished in size but not disappeared entirely. She and the other subsequently found themselves on the outside of the barrier, escaping the near-fatal attack thanks to Naruto and Minato's action. However, when the Ten-Tails began transforming into its final form, the Shinju, many shinobi were attacked and had their chakra assimilated or became injured while escaping, Sakura being one of them.

As the Shinju begins devastating the battlefield, killing countless people, Shikamaru becomes one of its victims. Seeing her friend's gravely injured state, Sakura asks Katsuyu to begin healing the field, who regretfully tells Sakura it was unable to as its clones had suffered the same fate as the shinobi. Instead, Sakura rushes over to see how she could aid her comrade, hoping that she was not too late. As she tends to Shikamaru, Hashirama contacts everyone in the Alliance telepathically via Ino's Mind Body Transmission Technique to inform them of what his original had heard from Madara during their fight and rally the troops to continue fighting. While Hashirama's words fail to inspire anyone, Naruto's senjutsu-enhanced Tailed Beast Mode causes his feelings and personal memories to be transferred to everyone, leaving Sakura astounded as these feelings were conveyed to her.

She is later astounded when the Version 1 mantle begins to surround Shikamaru once more, thinking that Naruto was overextending himself, though Ino tells her that this was being done involuntarily. Relieved when Shikamaru recovers enough to sit up, she was surprised when Tsunade arrived at their location and expedited Shikamaru's recovery. Happy when Tsunade praised her for her hard work, she and her master later stood side by her side and released their Strength of a Hundred Seals in order to summon a larger portion of Katsuyu from the Shikkotsu Forest. As the slug begins to deconstruct to form a recovery area of sorts, they remotely heal the shinobi using Katsuyu as a medium.

While still helping Tsunade healing the Alliance, Sakura watched on as her comrades from the Konoha 11 and Sai dealt a devastating blow on Obito's defences and his weapon and silently spurred them on.

Though the Alliance was successful in defeating Obito, they are soon face with the threat of a revived Madara and Spiral Zetsu who appeared as well and began assaulting the entire Alliance with its massive wooden statue. As the Alliance retaliated, Gaara appeared with a critically weakened Naruto, having just lost the Nine-Tails to Madara. Though neither of the three medical experts had enough chakra to help, Sakura began using what little she did have left to heal him while Gaara continued to carry Naruto to their next location.

As Naruto's heartbeat became weaker, Sakura struggled to heal Naruto to no effect. Gaara informed her that Yang Kurama has been extracted from him but before it was sealed away, the beast had told Gaara to carry Naruto to Minato who had had Yin half sealed inside him. Switching her tactics, as Naruto's pulse and heartbeat all but stopped, Sakura made an incision in Naruto's chest using what little chakra she had left to assist her, as she manually pumped his heart and performed CPR on him. Remembering all the times Naruto proclaimed his dream, a determined Sakura noted that she would not allow him to die so easily.

Finally, they found Minato and relayed the message to the Fourth Hokage from Yang-Kurama. Minato quickly began to transfer Yin Kurama into Naruto, only for Black Zetsu to intercept his action and absorb Yin Kurama into himself instead before retreating. Suddenly, Madara arrived, now the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki, to reclaim his left eye from Obito.

As Black Zetsu attempted to return to Madara with the left Rinnegan and Yin-Kurama, Obito managed to overpower him, stopping him from leaving his body. Having decided to follow his former path from childhood, Obito chose to fight alongside the Allied Forces. After Kakashi teleports Sakura and Naruto to Kamui's dimension, Obito soon afterwards is teleported there. While saying he wishes to save Naruto, Sakura is sceptical to believe him. Obito admitted that he has walked a wrong path for a long time, but wished to correct that mistake. Choosing to trust him, Sakura let Obito transfer Yin-Kurama into Naruto. Soon afterwards, Naruto regained consciousness.

Left alone with Obito in the other dimension, Sakura addressed the Uchiha, telling him that while he had killed many of her comrades and was her enemy, she would consider him an ally for the time being, and then thanked him for saving Naruto's life. Obito, however, told her that he has a request to make of her, one which she would not need to consider him an ally for. As Obito struggled to keep Black Zetsu under his control, he begged Sakura to destroy his Rinnegan. Sakura agreed and prepared to do so, only to be stopped by Madara, who stole Kakashi's Sharingan and used it to teleport himself to Kamui's Dimension to regain his true left eye.

Narrowly escaping the attack thanks to Obito teleporting her out of the dimension, Sakura met up with Sasuke and Kakashi, whose Sharingan had be stolen by Madara. Sakura reported on the situation inside Kamui's dimension while giving Kakashi medical aid for his now empty left eye socket. She was then shocked when Naruto restored Kakashi's original eye and though intrigued by how Naruto had pulled off such a feat, she sidelined her interest in favour of hearing an answer behind Sasuke's motives. Their discussion is cut short, however, when Kakashi alerted them to Madara's return. Heeding their sensei's words to use the first principle he taught them: team-work, the trio prepared to face Madara head on.

When Madara emerged from the other dimension with both Rinnegan, and Obito now completely under Black Zetsu's control, Sakura, though apprehensive at first, decided to take the lead on their preemptive strike. She released the Strength of a Hundred Technique and is impaled by Madara's Truth-Seeking Ball, but disregards the attack in an attempt to land a blow only to be stopped by an invisible force. Both Sasuke and Naruto then quickly followed up to strike at Madara and rescue Sakura. As Sakura sulked to herself because she thought Sasuke showed no concern for her safety, she became even more shocked to see that he had a Rinnegan of his own in his left eye. Sasuke then explained that Madara had in fact created four corporeal shadows to guard him. Madara then took to the air and performed the Chibaku Tensei, prompting Naruto to fend off the clones with his own clones and Sasuke using Susanoo to fend off the meteorites but grew irritated that they kept coming. Sakura was impressed as she watched Sasuke do this. Madara then revealed his newly-formed third eye and prepared to perform the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Finally ready to complete his plan, Madara casts his Infinite Tsukuyomi and begins assimilating everyone in its spell. Naruto then told Sakura and Kakashi to stay behind him, and Sasuke's Susanoo to protect all of them from the genjutsu. As Sakura wonders what is going on, Sasuke tells her that she doesn't need to know because there is nothing she can do, which saddens her. While Naruto is furious at Sasuke's still independent attitude, Kakashi solemnly admits that with Sasuke's Rinnegan, he may be the only one able to save the world. As the light of Madara's technique finally ends, Sasuke lets down his Susanoo, noting that only a Rinnegan has a chance of canceling the Infinite Tsyuyumi. Madara then confronts the remaining free individuals, only for Black Zetsu to suddenly betray Madara and impale his hand through Madara's chest, shocking its audience. As Madara asks his own manifestation why he would do this, Black Zetsu boldly states that it is actually a manifestation of Otsutsuki Kaguya. Black Zetsu then proceeds to expand its being into Madara, and throwing Team 7 off guard as Black Zetsu absorbs the Allied Forces' chakra. Sakura asks where such powerful, dark chakra is coming from and Sasuke tells her that its likely from everyone under the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Zetsu decried Madara and declared that his will was that of Otsutsuki Kaguya, Sakura and Kakashi are originally at a loss as to who Kaguya was.

As Kakashi tells her not to interfere with Naruto and Sasuke's battle with Black Zetsu. He tells her that she will get herself kill without thinking of a plan first. Sakura then thinks to herself that Naruto and Sasuke will handle the battle themselves without her help. Sakura and the others then found out that the victims that were affected by the Infinite Tsukuyomi will be turned into White Zetsu's. Sakura and Kakshi are then shock to found Black Zetsu leaving Obito's body, and turns himself into Otsutsuki Kaguya. After a quick fight and Kaguya throws Naruto and Sasuke to the ground, Sakura is worried about them but becomes fearful when Kaguya moves past her. Sakura and Kakashi then find out from Kaguya that she intends to keep people alive in her genjutsu, without killing them. Sakura and Kakashi then prepared for Kaguya's next attack on the battlefield arfter it's turned into a Lava river.

As Sasuke and Naruto survive the deadly fall on Sasuke's summoned hawk, Kakashi responds quickly to the drop by impaling two kumais in the wall; one stabbing Obito's hand to keep him suspended and the other attached to an unravelled scroll. Kakashi used the scroll as a makeshift rope to save himself and Sakura. She then listened to Naruto and Sasuke discuss about using teamwork in order to stop Kaguya, and Sakura sadly listened to Sasuke explain to Naruto that only the two of them can stop Kaguya and must survive at all costs, and that he only saved Sakura and Kakashi from the Infinite Tsukuyomi because they happened to be near Naruto. But when Naruto reminds Sasuke that these are moments when his body moves on its own and deep down he saved them out of instinct to protect them, Sakura saw that Sasuke's reaction meant Naruto's words were true and she thanks Naruto for this. When the scroll was set on fire, she, Kakashi and Obito were saved by Naruto who left a shadow clone to look after them as they confronted Kaguya once more. She then asked Naruto's shadow clone on how he and Sasuke would handle Kaguya; but Naruto's shadow clone told her that they won't stop trying to defeat her even if they try. She and Kakashi was even more surprise when Naruto's shadow clone used it's power to revive Obito; in order to show signs of the latter's life. Later on, she was shocked to see Naruto's Sexy: Reverse Harem Technique and even more surprised to see it work on Kaguya (in the anime version, she actually faints from the shock). She then proceed to watch the rest of her comrades battle with Kaguya. But was still asking Naruto's shadow clone questions about the battle with Kaguya, and about Sasuke's well being; to the point where Naruto's shadow clone couldn't answer any of her questions.

Despite Naruto's success in landing a direct punch, Kaguya quickly rebounded and separated Sasuke from the group in yet another dimension. After Obito is finally resuscitated by Naruto's shadow clone, the team explained the situation to him. Watching Kaguya's space-time technique, Obito concluded that he could possibly rescue Sasuke by synchronizing his Kamui with the portal. As Obito notes he did not have enough chakra to make the journey both ways, Sakura offered Obito to use the chakra from her Strength of a Hundred Seal. Later, the trio is able to make their way into Kaguya's dimension and prepare to find Sasuke.

Determined, the duo wasted no time in starting. Sakura activates her Strength of a Hundred Seal and wrapped it around Obito in order to transfer her chakra to him. Then then began their painstaking effort to breach each one of Kaguya's dimensions to find Sasuke. One dimension contained a sea of acid which started pouring into them din one when opened. Sakura is able to block the spill from hitting Obito, and discarded her damaged flak jacket in the process. They are finally able to open the sand-dune dimension where Sasuke was, but as the young Uchiha rushed towards them, the portal began closing. Pouring more of her chakra into Obito, they are able to reopen the portal long enough for Sasuke to use his Rinnegan Shifting Technique to teleport to them, catching her as she collapses from exhaustion.

After returning to the battlefield, Sakura, Obito and Sasuke looked on with shock as Naruto was seemingly caught and impaled by Kaguya. After realizing it was a clone, Sakura was relieve that Naruto was alright. Afterwards, Zetsu and Kaguya resolved that it was time to end the battle quickly, as Kaguya increased the gravity of the battlefield, sending everyone, including herself to the ground. After sending a pinpointed attack towards Naruto and Sasuke after the two ninja dodged the first, Obito and Kakashi simultaneously charged forth. As Kakashi and Obito stood ready to take the attacks intended for Naruto and Sasuke, Obito used Kamui to teleport the attack heading towards Kakashi, before being fatally stabbed in the stomach by Kaguya's attack as everyone looked on in shock. She then wonder what happen to Obito as she saw him crumble into dust. She then heard Naruto defending the late Obito by telling Black Zetsu that Obito was awesome. Short after dying, Obito's spirit passes on his chakra and Sharingan powers to Kakashi, who manifests the Sharingan in both his own eyes and from it performs Susanoo, using it to protect Sakura from Kaguya's attacks. She finds out that it was Kakashi who protect her from an attack, much to her and her teammates shock. Sakura also wonder how Kakashi got Obito's Sharingan.

Regaining control of herself, Kaguya then shaped the tailed beast-mass into a giant Truth-Seeking Ball. Acknowledging that his Kamui couldn't stop that, Kakashi devised a plan and shared it with his students, telling them to be ready for their last mission as Team Kakashi. Quickly enacting this plan, Team Kakashi was able to coordinate their efforts and penetrate Kaguya's defenses. When Kaguya attempted to escape Naruto and Sasuke by flying upwards, Sakura dropped into action declaring that, as women, they weren't supposed to underestimate each other. She then proceeded to send the Rabbit Goddess plummeting back towards her team-mates with a single punch, snapping off one of Kaguya's horns in the process. She then watched on as her team-mates sealed Kaguya.

After that they found themselves in the predicament of escaping the dimension they were in. Hagoromo, however, was able to use his abilities and with the help of the previous Kage, summoned them back to the real world. Admittedly awestruck to meet the Sage of the Six Paths, she noted that she was too tired to react. She later supported a weakened Kakashi and watched on as all the Kage returned to the Pure Land.

As plans for the future are discussed, Sasuke makes his own plans known; desiring to kill the current Kage and seize control of the tailed beasts. After Sasuke swiftly accomplishes the latter with his Rinnegan and sealing them away in his Chibaku Tensei, Kakashi asks the last living Uchiha if he still desires revenge. Sasuke firmly says what he wants is to change the world as how he felt it should have been, doing so with destruction and rebirth. As Sasuke turns his attention to Naruto, the only one left able to stop him, Naruto firmly states he will finally end the feud of the Sage of Six Paths' sons, as Kakashi holds Sakura at a safe distance. Heartbroken, Sakura makes one final plea to Sasuke by telling him she still loves him but all she can do is cry and asks for him to stay if there is still a tiny spot in his heart for her. Although appearing to have been affected by her words, Sasuke reacted by calling her annoying and casting a genjutsu of him impaling her chest on her. Sakura was left unconscious being tended to by Kakashi, who condemned Sasuke for ignoring the pain he was putting Sakura through and her loving him is breaking her heart. Then, Naruto reaffirmed his promise to her about bringing Sasuke back. He and Sasuke then left for the Valley of the End for their final battle against one another.

Sakura woke up some time later, immediately asking where Naruto and Sasuke were. She was shown to be very worried when Kakashi told her that they were facing each other in their final battle.

She arrived at the Valley of the End with Kakashi, finding Sasuke and Naruto lying on the ground severely injured. While trying to stop their bleeding arms, Sasuke tried to speak to her but she told him to be quiet so she can concentrate on healing them. Sasuke then sincerely apologised to her for what he had done, which Sakura reacted with criticism but then tearfully accepted as Kakashi watched on with joy as his team came back together. Soon after she attended Neji's funeral.

A few months later, Sasuke is pardoned for his crimes based on the good word of Naruto and Kakashi (who has been selected to become the Sixth Hokage). Sasuke leaves Konoha to wander the world on a journey of redemption and Sakura asks him to wait until his prosthesis arm is finished, but Sasuke declines. Sakura then offers to come with him. He again declines, explaining that his journey is one of atonement and that she has no part in that, leaving Sakura disappointed and gloomy. He then pokes her head, promising to see her again and thanks her, and Sakura blushes at the realisation that he is returning her feelings.

Blank Period

Nearly a year after the war ended, while Shikamaru is at the Blood Prison. Tsunade assembles Sakura and the Konoha 11, with the exception of Naruto to help Shikamaru with his mission. At the Blood Prison, Konoha's forces watch the Tobishachimaru high above, wondering what's happening on board. They eventually notice that the Tobishachimaru is rising higher into the sky and conclude the threat is over. Parachutes start descending around the Prison and the Konoha ninja prepare to meet them, but are surprised when they start detonating holes in the Prison's walls. The passengers emerge from the wreck of the Tobishachimaru. Although some are battered and bruised - Sakura heals those that have not died in the crash.

Four months later, Kakashi prepares to read a letter. As he opens it, he recalls the Five Kage's inspection of the Blood Prison under Kahyo's care and how she met with their approval by humiliating the Fourth Raikage in a fight. He tries several times to read the letter, but keeps getting interrupted by other villagers, all of whom seem to know that the letter is from Kahyo yet who all seem to be badly misinformed about the nature of his relationship with her. He discovers this is Naruto's doing, who is openly publicizing his fantasies about Kakashi's feelings for Kahyo. Kakashi attacks him in anger, but decides to let it go when he realizes Naruto is only upset for being excluded from the whole affair. To make it up to Kakashi, Naruto invites him and everyone else to Ramen Ichiraku.

Later, Sakura and Kakashi were standing at the village gate with Sasuke, who was about to leave on a journey of redemption. Blushing, she asked once more if she could go with him, but Sasuke declined and said that his sins had nothing to do with her. Then tapping her affectionately on the forehead, Sasuke promised Sakura that he'd be back, ending it with a 'thank you'.

Two years after the war ended, while Shikamaru goes on a top secret mission. Naruto talks to Sakura about Sai's long absence, and Shikamaru's recent cold behavior. He knows Shikamaru is working hard with the goal of making him the next Hokage, but Naruto can't help but wonder if he's worth whatever risks Shikamaru is taking. When Gengo is arrested and just after Shikamaru checks on Sai. Naruto confronts Shikamaru, Naruto tells Shikamaru that he is upset that Shikamaru would put himself in danger without telling him. Shikamaru promises to never keep anything from Naruto ever again. Most of the Konoha and Suna forces return to their villages, but Naruto and the others remain behind to help the Land of Silence return to normal. 

After the Fourth Shinobi War ended two years ago, Sakura assisted with healing those injured and displaced by the conflict. Although the adults recovered quickly and were put at peace by the end of hostilities, children struggled to recover from the stress of the War and the deaths of those they knew. In order to help them deal with this, Sakura and Yamanaka Ino opened a clinic within the Konoha Hospital that would assess and treat children's mental health. Following a progress report about their program, Ino invites Sakura out to tea with her, but Sakura declines because she has paperwork she wants to do. She later encounters Naruto and Hinata on a date, and they also invite her to join them. She again declines, but realizes that her friends are becoming worried about her heavy workload.

A week later, Sakura meets with the Hokage. He informs her that Sunagakure is interested in opening its own clinic for children and has requested that she and Ino help lay the groundwork. After she leaves to prepare for the trip, Kakashi meets with Sai and tells him about two separate attacks by unknown perpetrators against the Fire daimyo and Homura Mitokado. Although nobody was badly hurt and there's no proof the two attacks are connected, Kakashi wants Sai to investigate both incidents by himself.

Sakura meets with Tsunade before she leaves for Suna. Tsunade tries to encourage Sakura to take it easy, as the clinic's growing success means that there are other people able and willing to do some of the work. Sakura takes the opportunity to ask how to make men take notice. When Tsunade can't offer her any specific advice, Sakura asks that Tsunade bet against her love life, hoping for Tsunade's bad luck to play in her favor.

Sakura and Ino start gossiping when they depart for Suna and Sakura learns about Shikamaru's relationship with Temari, Choji's relationship with Karui, and Ino's feelings for Sai. While Ino debates how to express herself to Sai, Sakura wonders about Sasuke and herself. While taking a break during their trip to Suna, Sakura dreams that Sasuke meets her at the entrance. She wishes for the dream to become a reality, but she and Ino are met only by a Suna shinobi who escorts them to their conference with the village's doctors. Afterwards, however, they are summoned before Gaara, who informs them that Sasuke has been to Suna.

Gaara repeats to them the conversation that Sasuke had with the terrorist group two days earlier, which he witnessed with his Third Eye by surveilling them. Although he, Ino, and Sakura want to believe it was someone disguised as Sasuke, they can come up with no practical explanations for the man having Sasuke's chakra signature. Hoping to keep Sasuke's apparent plans a secret, Gaara asks Sakura to personally inform Kakashi of the plot against Konoha.

Sakura and Ino deliver Gaara's message to Kakashi as soon as they return to Konoha. Kakashi is also convinced that the man conspiring against Konoha was a lookalike of Sasuke, but he has no reliable way of contacting Sasuke in order to confirm. He shares Gaara's recommendation to do nothing at the moment so that unsubstantiated assumptions can't be spread against Sasuke. Sakura returns home, frustrated by Sasuke's years of absence.

Kakashi informs Sakura and Ino of the rumours about Sasuke's activity that have been reported by Sai. Ino is initially more concerned with what risks Sai may be facing, but Sakura steers things back to what the rumors mean for Sasuke. Since Sasuke was so instrumental to the victory during the Fourth Shinobi War, the five Kage are still willing to believe it is not Sasuke planning against Konoha. However, if news of his actions gets out and public opinion turns against him, the Kage will be forced to do what they can to stop him.

Sakura wanders the village trying to clear her thoughts. She passes by the Ninja Academy and sees Naruto instructing a class of Ninja Academy students. He invites her to help the class with their sparring lessons, and Sakura finds it an effective stress relief. Afterwards, she tells Naruto the rumors about Sasuke. Naruto isn't concerned, confident that it's an impostor. He also points out that Sasuke must not be worried about it either, otherwise he would have responded to Kakashi's messages. Sakura realizes he's right and is finally put at ease.

Sakura has drinks with Tsunade to try and figure out how the Sasuke impostor is able to reproduce Sasuke's chakra without his knowledge. Sakura theorizes that samples of Sasuke's skin and hair that naturally fall off have been gathered in amounts large enough to extract a chakra signature from. Tsunade deems her idea plausible. Sakura runs into Sai afterwards and she tells him her theory, which makes enough sense to him that he asks her to accompany him to Kakashi's office.

With Sakura's theory and his informant's earlier report about an Anbu activity at the Valley of the End, Sai believes the Anbu – specifically Kido and Magire – are behind the Sasuke impostor. He also believes this would explain the tailed beast cloaks he encountered, with those being drawn from skin and hair samples taken from Naruto and other jinchuriki. Since Sakura, Sai, and Ino are apparently all investigating the same thing, Kakashi makes them a team; Ino dubs themselves "Ino-Saku-Sai" (猪サクサイ). The three agree to continue their investigations and keep each other informed of their findings.

Sakura and Ino return from an interview with Rock Lee, who saw Anbu near the Naka Shrine two years ago. On their way to meet up with Sai, Sakura sees two Anbu trying to take Sasuke into custody for terrorist activity. She goes to them to lend assistance, either to free the real Sasuke or apprehend the impostor, but discovers that it is all a genjutsu. She dispels it, but is immediately injected with a drug that renders her unconscious.

Sakura wakes up to find herself bound and imprisoned. She tries to break out when she remembers what's happened, but the drug she was injected with hinders her strength and chakra. Kido comes to visit her soon afterwards, explaining that he wants to draw Sasuke out with news of her kidnapping. Sakura is secretly curious about whether Sasuke would indeed come back because of her, but ignores this because she doesn't want to be used to hurt him. She tells Kido to kill her, which he promises to do only after Sasuke is captured so that seeing her death will make his Sharingan stronger, in turn making this planned synthetic Sharingan more effective.

Sakura keeps Kido engaged in the conversation by speculating that his synthetic tailed beast cloaks are supposed to help capture Sasuke. Kido confirms this, saying that the cloaks are at least effective enough to restrain Sasuke while they take his eyes. Sakura finds the various things Kido has synthesized unimpressive, pointing out the many minor flaws in the Sasuke impostor she saw earlier. Kido tests her claim by having the impostor tell Sakura he loves her. Though she's unsettled by the words - even knowing they're not from the real Sasuke - Sakura maintains it's a poor imitation. The conversation buys Sakura the time she needs to gather enough chakra to break free.

Sakura breaks out of the basement, through the floors above, and finally the roof with a single Cherry Blossom Impact. When she sees Sai and Ino, she tells them what she's learned about Kido and the drugs he's making. They are surrounded by many Anbu, Magire, and Kido himself, who tells them that he plans to sell his drugs not only as tools of war but as ways in which to cause those wars, thus giving him a never-ending source of revenue. Ino doubts that such drugs would ever have a market because the powers they grant are unearned, which Kido declares as naive, just like their clinic for children's mental health. He instructs his Anbu to use their synthetic tailed beast cloaks to either capture or kill Sakura and the others, no longer having a preference for their fate.

Sakura, Sai, and Ino work well together despite being outnumbered. Sakura is drawn into a fight with the Sasuke impostor, who chokes her using his synthetic tailed beast cloak. Sakura breaks free and, as she beats him unconscious, warns him to never impersonate Sasuske again. This has the added benefit of revealing that the synthetic cloaks disappear when their user loses consciousness; Sai and Ino also discover that the cloaks have time limits. Sai recommends they use this information to end the fight quickly.

Sakura, Sai, and Ino defeat all but Kido and Magire. Because Magire is a medic-nin, they decide to separate Kido from him so that Magire can't heal his injuries. Sakura leads Kido away into a nearby forest to fight him by herself. When she repeatedly dodges his lightning jutsu, Kido activates a synthetic tailed beast cloak.

Kido manifests a cloak that has nine tails and that is much denser in composition. His strengthened attacks blast Sakura around the forest, but she doesn't give up, repeatedly attacking the same area of Kido's protective cloak and using Creation Rebirth to heal her injuries. She compares her persistence to her relationship with Sasuke: if she tells Sasuke how she feels enough times, maybe he'll reciprocate, in the same way that, if she attacks Kido in the same spot enough times, maybe he'll be defeated. Although her attacks appear ineffective, Kido discovers that this is part of Sakura's ruse; whenever she punches him, she heals the resulting damage, eventually killing the affected cells from over-replication. Sakura attacks the dead area one finally time with Cherry Blossom Impact.

As Sakura is verifying that Kido has been defeated, she is joined by Ino, Sai, Kakashi, Naruto, and Hinata. They congratulate her on her victory, but are interrupted by news that several of Kido's Anbu have fled the village. Though he can't move, Kido explains that they're going to continue his plans. Sakura and the others immediately give chase, but on reaching the Anbu they find them all defeated with a combination of fire and genjutsu. They guess that it was Sasuke's doing and that he chose not to stick around when he confirmed Kido was defeated. Although they're disappointed that Sasuke didn't at least say hello, they are glad that the entire ordeal is over.

Kido and Magire are turned over to Ibiki Morino, who interrogates them to learn how they made their tailed beast drugs: they gathered samples of Naruto's skin and hair and used the body of a descendant of the Sage of the Six Paths in order to cultivate enough for their drug. Details of Kido's tragic childhood also emerged in the interrogation; although this doesn't excuse his actions, Sakura is hopeful that her children's mental health clinic will avert future cases like Kido. After Ino–Saku–Sai is dismissed by Kakashi, Sakura is called to a meeting with Suna-medics. Ino offers to go with her, but Sakura tells her to instead have lunch with Sai. Sakura departs happy for her friends and herself, confident that Sasuke's promise of "until next time" will be soon.

A year later in Konoha, Kakashi assigns all the wedding's attendees a mission that is to be kept secret from Naruto and Hinata: bring a gift. Sakura is determined to give Naruto and Hinata the best, most one-of-a-kind present out of all the invited guests, a challenge that's becoming increasingly difficult. While browsing a store she finds a unique picture frame that she feels is perfect for the newly-weds. She reaches for it and is met by Ino's hand doing the same. Sakura uses her superhuman strength to pull the picture frame from Ino's hand, to which Ino responds by claiming the picture frame is ugly and a terrible gift. The two get into an argument so heated that they are thrown out of the store, neither of them able to purchase the picture frame.

Ino blames Sakura for what's happened, insisting Sakura's unnatural strength and large forehead make her uncouth and, more particularly, unlikely to ever be married. Sakura is deeply insulted by the latter accusation and challenges Ino to a cooking competition to prove that she would make a good wife. They settle on Military Rations Pills; Sakura puts pudding, Ino's favorite dessert, into hers so that Ino will have no choice but to approve of her recipe. When she meets Ino the next day however, she finds that Ino wants to use Choji as an impartial judge. Choji samples each of their soldier pills and finds them so delicious that he starts putting them into his mouth by the handful. He soon collapses to the ground with blood running from his nose.

Sakura suspects Ino put poison in her soldier pills, intending for Sakura to try one and fall deathly ill. Ino suspects the same of Sakura. In order to save Choji they must identify the poison as soon as they can: each samples the other's soldier pills so that they can identify what type of poison it is. Neither can taste poison, but they do taste their favorite desserts, Ino loving the pudding in Sakura's and Sakura loving the anmitsu in Ino's. Choji gets up soon afterwards, having finally recovered from his blood sugar overload, and he praises both of their soldier pills. Sakura and Ino reflect on their like-mindedness and how their competitions always push each other to be better. They therefore decide to go shopping together, helping each other find a gift even better than a picture frame.

In the anime, after doing happy video message, Sakura talks to Hinata while hanging out with Ino and Tenten. However Sakura almost talks about the mission. Therefore Ino changes the subject by asking Hinata how Naruto is doing lately since they haven't seen him. Later on she learns that everyone who gave Naruto a gift will have to do a mission on his wedding day. Therefore she and his friends tell Kakashi that they can do missions back and forth so this way they can still attend Naruto's wedding. On the day of the wedding, guests start arriving at the ceremony to be held under the Hokage Monument. Sakura is shown being alone, but she happily thinks about Sasuke traveling somewhere. However, Sasuke sends a note to Sakura by telling Naruto and Hinata congratulations.

Sakura is summoned into Kakashi's office, along with Naruto and Sai, on the disappearances of Kumo and Kiri shinobi. Sakura informs Kakashi that she had been doing some research of her own and she discovered several Konoha shinobi have disappeared, including a family friend of Ino's. When Kakashi tells them that Sasuke is investigating the disappearances, Sakura reacts with anxiety at the mention of his name due to her being frustrated towards their long distant relationship.

Konoha is attacked and Sakura and the others discover the attackers are the missing shinobi, who are under a genjutsu. The ringleader of the assault if Ino's family friend, Taidachi. Sakura helps Naruto, Sai, Hinata, Shikamaru, Ino, and Chōji deduce that the shinobi will explode upon being injured, so they come up with a new strategy; Shikamaru uses his Shadow Imitation Technique and Hinata uses her Gentle Fist to render them motionless. Ino tries to use her Mind Body Switch Technique on Taidaichi but falls under a genjutsu trap and Aoba saves her, but both pass out. Sakura heals them, as well as the rest of those injured in the attack.

When Sakura learns from Naruto that Sasuke captured the ones responsible for the events and helped change their ways to repent. She complains to Naruto that she is tired of waiting for Sasuke to come home. But is proud of Sasuke for how much he has accomplished to redeem himself by protecting the village from the shadows.

Sakura is mentioned in a letter written by Naruto and given to Sasuke while he is on his journey. In it, Sakura compares his current duties of protecting the village from the shadows to that of his childhood dream of joining the Konoha Military Police Force. It is Sakura's words in the letter that compels Sasuke to decide to return to Konoha and be with her. They reunited some time afterwards, as Sakura greets him by saying "Welcome home, Sasuke."


Boruto Naruto Next Generations (Anime)

13 years later, Sakura accompanies Sasuke on his travelling and they get married. When she becomes pregnant, she still refuses to leave his side. When Sakura went into labor, Sasuke brought her to one of Orochimaru's hideouts and had Karin help with the delivery. Sakura gives birth to their daughter, Uchiha Sarada and returns to Konoha with her family. When Sarada is a toddler, Sasuke leaves to investigate about Kayuga.

Once Naruto became the Seventh Hokage when Sarada is at the age of 6, Sakura watched his inauguration with her daughter. While at the ceremony she speaks to Iruka and Ino. When she saw Naruto wave to everyone, Sakura asks Iruka if something was wrong. But Iruka told her that he was alright. Later on she was standing next to the cameraman as she watches Naruto speak to Hinata, Temari and Gaara, as Naruto was about to take a picture with Gaara. Sakura then attended a Five Kage Summit with Sasuke, who informed the Kage about uncovering evidence of Kaguya forming a new White Zetsu Army. Agreeing to keep this information secret, Sasuke leaves Konoha to continue his research.

In the anime, as the village began getting constant attacks from an unknown culprit, Sakura treated a Konoha Purification Plant worker who had his chakra drained in the Konoha hospital. While being unaware that Naruto is showing his son this while looking from a glass window. When the culprit behind the attacks was revealed to be Sumire Kakei, a unit was deployed to apprehend her. She rogue student unleashed Nue onto the village. While Kakashi organized the unit to defend from its attack, Sakura worked with a unit to treat the injured.

Several weeks later, Sakura is about to go trip with Ino but as Sakura begins to leave, she realizes that a patient's teddy bear, which she had brought home so that she could sew it, has not been picked up yet. Sakura had promised to return the bear that day but Sarada promises that she would do it for her. Later, Sakura and Ino go to seaside cliff, where Sakura and Sasuke went on their first date. Ino asks Sakura if Sasuke had contacted her. Sakura says no, wondering what Sasuke is doing at the moment. Later that night, Sakura arrives home and asks Sarada if she returned the teddy bear, with Sarada commenting it being easy. Sarada asked Sakura how her trip went, with Sakura commenting it being wonderful.

Over the years, Sarada would ask about her father and Sakura assured Sarada that Sasuke loves her and that, when he completes his important mission, he'll come home. When these conversations go on for too long, Sakura pokes Sarada's forehead and promises to continue them some other time, which is Sasuke's usual sign of affection. For a time, this is enough for Sarada, who likens her own complicated relationship with Sasuke to Uzumaki Boruto's relationship with his own father, Naruto.

While doing house work since Sarada's Ninja Academy graduation is coming up, Sarada began asking Sakura about her distant father. As Sakura began giving vague answers, Sarada began to question if Sakura was even married to Sasuke. Angered by this, Sakura struck the ground hard before realizing how sad her daughter was about her absent father. After apologizing and reassuring her daughter that her father would be home soon, the after-effects of Sakura's punch caused their home to crumble, much to Sakura's horror. She soon after fainted and was put in the care of Shizune.

Later, as Sakura recovered, Shizune explained to Sakura of her daughter's recent departure from the village to find her father. After chuckling at her daughter's recklessness, Sakura rushed off to find Sarada. Discovering a threat to her daughter and husband, she pummeled Shin Uchiha into the ground. She then apologized to Sarada for not fully explaining their familial situation, with Sasuke intervening by insisting that it wasn't her fault. As Shin retreats, he teleports his son and Sakura along with him. She then found herself in Shin's hideout, where Shin told her to do a transplant surgery. She objected as it would kill Shin's son, to which he responded by saying that the blame was hers. Angered, Sakura defended herself, saying that he was trying to kill her husband, child and close friend. She then expressed disgust when Shin insisted on pushing through with the surgery without any regard for his son's well-being.

Once Shin completed his surgery on himself and made his goal known of ridding the world of naïve peace-lovers like Sakura, Sakura prepared to attack him again, confident he would be no problem. Shin however quickly began to overwhelm Sakura, when he manipulated countless scalpels into a makeshift arm and projectiles. She was ultimately saved by the timely arrive of Sasuke, who was used his Susanoo to crush Shin into submission. While exhausted and lightly wounded, Sakura was happy to see her husband after so long, who was joined by Naruto, Chōchō Akimichi, and Sarada. Realising he needed to retreat, Shin called for his clones to distract Sasuke and his allies. To Shin's horror, the clones instead stabbed him, plainly explaining that he is not needed anymore. While the clones began battling against Sasuke and Naruto, Sarada quickly jumped into the fight, shocking her mother and everyone with the same immense strength Sakura herself learned to repel several Shin-clones.

Sakura rushes to check on Sarada and hugs her, relieved that she was all right. She then tells Sarada that she heard about her doubts from Shizune and insists that she is her real mother. Sarada says she knows and she has learned that what is most important is the feelings that connect them. Sakura smiles when Sarada asked her father if he believed this and he said yes because he and Sakura have her as their daughter. Upon returning to Konoha, Sakura has her first family dinner with Sasuke and Sarada. The next day, as Sasuke prepares to leave to continue his travelling, Sakura happily watches Sasuke embrace and affectionately poke Sarada in the forehead and promises to return. Sakura initiates a poke on her forehead, but Sasuke comically turns to leave and bids them farewell, much to her chagrin. In the final scene, there is a formal family picture of Sakura, Sasuke, and Sarada.

At home, Sakura notices Sarada's lack of excitement over going camping, and her complaints about Boruto remind her of her own complaints about Naruto during their Ninja Academy days.

As ninja classes began preparing for the graduation exams, Sakura joined her daughter to discuss her progress and future goals with the teachers.

On the night of Boruto's birthday, Sakura and Sarada come over to celebrate. Sakura also loved how Himawari decorated the cake. However she became worry when Boruto angrily went to his room after Naruto didn't show up. Therefore she let's Sarada talk to him while she stays downstairs with Hinata and Himawari.

Film Appearances

Sakura has been shown in several Naruto films, and OVA segements.

Naruto movie 1

Naruto Movie1-108

Sakura in the first Naruto movie.

Sakura joined her fellow members of Team 7 on a mission to protect the actress Kazahana Koyuki, as she and the production group she worked for travelled to the Land of Snow. Throughout the movie, Sakura encountered the Yukigakure-ninja Mizore Fuyukuma, and eventually distracted him with her Sakura Blizzard Technique. She was later seen looking out at the newly created Spring country, holding Sasuke's head in her lap. Sakura was lastly seen looking at Naruto's autograph from Koyuki.

Naruto movie 2

Naruto Movie2-395

Sakura in the second Naruto movie.

Sakura was sent out on a team with Naruto and Shikamaru to deliver a pet ferret to a village where its rightful owners could pick it up. After arriving and finding the village in ruins, they were attacked by mysterious warriors led by Temujin, a knight wielding the power of the Stone of Gelel. Their conflict with him resulted in Sakura and Shikamaru becoming separated from Naruto, only to rejoin him later after several conflicts with Temujin's allies. During a final battle with the wolf-like Fugai, Sakura killed her by using metal pillars to reflect her ear-splitting howl, which caused the pillars to collapse in on her. Sakura was last seen wondering where Naruto was, after their mission was complete.

Naruto movie 3

Naruto Movie3-2132

Sakura in the third Naruto movie.

Sakura was assigned along with Naruto and Rock Lee to protect the Land of the Moon's prince during his world trip. Sakura displayed some of the immense strength learned from Tsunade by destroying a wall with a single punch, and her improved taijutsu skills during a fight with genjutsu user Karenbana, who was hired to kill the prince. For Sakura's second fight with Karenbana, she could tell where she was because she could smell her perfume. Sakura was almost knocked out during her first encounter with Karenbana. During her second encounter with Karenbana, Sakura got trapped in Karenbana's genjutsu, resulting in her being knocked out by Karenbana, then after waking up (before the final blow), she shattered a chandelier above the two combatants' heads with two thrown shuriken, causing glass to fall on the floor. Sakura was then able to hear Karenbana's movements by the sound of the glass crunching under her feet. Sakura delivered a bone-crushing punch to Karenbana's jaw, ending the genjutsu and the fight. Sakura was seen in the end credits having a vaction in the Land of Moon, with her friends because Kakashi had to recover from using the Sharingan. She then returns to Konoha after Kakashi is recover. In the movie, Sakura used some healing techniques on the King and tried to heal an injury.

Naruto Shippuuden movie 1

Sakura was assigned to protect and escort Shion, the head priestess of the Land of Demons, to the tomb of the ancient demon Moryo . To aid her in this mission, she was joined by Naruto, Lee, and Neji (who was assigned as team captain). Upon their arrival at the temple, Sakura and her team were forced to face off against a group of ninja, with unusually powerful mastery of elemental ninjutsu. Sakura used her tremendous strength to aid Lee in fighting them off as Neji went in search for the priestess.

During the journey to Moryo tomb, Sakura was put in charge of carrying Shion, something the latter claimed was very uncomfortable (causing Sakura to go into a fit of rage), but she was paralysed after Kusuna injected her with his Secret Anaesthesia, causing her to fall off a tree, but luckily Neji caught her and had enough time to recover. After a hard battle with Shizuku, Sakura was able to join her team in taking down their opponents by first tricking them into using up their medically-enhanced chakra. Sakura was last seen when Shion asksed Naruto to be the father of her child, in which a confused Naruto agreed to.

Naruto Shippuuden movie 2

Sakura was first seen at a hospital during/after the attack on Konoha, and commenting on the injured villagers who had been saved by the mysterious old man, Shinnō. Sakura was assigned with Naruto and Hinata to escort a boy (who was really a girl) named Amaru, and Shinnō, her sensei, back to their village. During their journey, Sakura and Naruto were separated from Hinata. They both then found the Zero-Tails, which fed on the darkness of human souls and somehow took over Amaru's body. Sakura tried to fight it, but was defeated easily. She was then left behind when the ruins began to fly away, and only reappeared to watch the ruins explode from Naruto's repeated Rasengan attacks. Sakura was last seen lecturing Naruto at the end, most likely for being so reckless. Hinata was talking to her afterwards, probably telling her about Sasuke.

Naruto Shippuuden movie 3

Sakura was first seen with Naruto and Kakashi when Sai got ambushed by the bunch of explosive feathers from the bird-like creature which knocked him down and Naruto aided him and both got attacked, only to get saved by Kakashi and Sakura. Sakura healed both of them and forced them into the hospital bed. Naruto and Sai who both got out of the hospital bed and went to the restaurant to celebrate their recovery, however both of them got slapped by Sakura for leaving the hospital. After when Hiruko announced a Fourth Shinobi War will start, Sakura was one of the Konoha 11 who got assigned to secure the village. Later Tsunade said that Kakashi is a missing-nin and that they shouldn't go after him. She got dismissed and overheard Tsunade's talk with Shikamaru that Naruto is locked up. She went there to go see him and he told her how Kakashi was controlled and he's planning to die for the village. Sakura broke the cell and freed him then they both went after him.

On their way they found Kakashi, but got stopped by Shikamaru and the rest of the rookies. Sakura and Naruto both stated that they're going to rescue him no matter what and that they won't abandon their sensei. They got ambushed; Shikamaru decided they can go ahead while they hold off the enemies. Sai later comes and brought Naruto and Sakura with him on the ride to save Kakashi. Gaara then attacked them and said that he won't let them go any further. Naruto then fought Gaara while they went ahead. When they found Kakashi, he was still under the technique that Tsunade put on him, and Naruto, Sakura, Sai, and Shikamaru all engaged Hiruko in battle, but due to lack of knowledge of the bloodlines he acquired, they were defeated. After Naruto saved Kakashi, Sakura engaged the combined summon form of Hiruko's minions with the rest of the Konoha 11 while her team-mate and sensei fought Hiruko himself. After the battle, Sakura stood victorious with her friends while smiling softly. Sakura is last seen looking at Kakashi chase Naruto.

Naruto Shippuuden movie 4

Along with Naruto, Sai and Yamato, Sakura is assigned to capture Mukade, a Konoha missing-nin whose purpose is to get the power of the Ryūmyaku from the ruins of Rōran, once a glorious city which was destroyed during the war. Mukade manages to absorb the seal the Fourth Hokage used and is engulfed by a huge light. Naruto tries to stop him and disappears along with Yamato. Sakura tries to follow them, only to be stopped by Sai's ink bird while she cries and screams Naruto's name.

Almost immediately after, Naruto and Yamato come back from the past but they don't remember what happened to them. As Team Kakashi leaves the ruins, they are approached by a girl who claims that she felt a disturbance on the Ryūmyaku. The girl says she's the daughter of the former Queen of Rōran and bears a Konoha Chakra Blade, telling them that her mother received it from a hero in a dream. As she leaves, Naruto claims that he has the feeling he saw her in a good dream. Annoyed, Sakura then grabs and pulls on Naruto's ear and yells at him for being a pervert.

Naruto Shippuuden movie 5

When Naruto was summoned to Tsunade's office and accused of attacking the Raikage, Sakura was the only one who tried to defend him and believed that he was innocent, even though he was still taken away in the end. During Naruto's time in Hōzukijō, he reflects on his bonds with his friends and comrades in Konoha, where a flashback of Sakura punching Naruto's face is shown. In the end of the movie, Sakura is again shown with Shizune and Tsunade, and returns Naruto's headband. When Mui dies and the Fire Release: Heavenly Prison is released, Sakura and the rest of the Konoha 11 stop the prisoners from escaping. She tries to heal a dying and impaled Naruto after his battle but cannot. Ryūzetsu arrives and is able to save Naruto with her Dragon Life Reincarnation. Naruto awakens to see Sakura trying to heal Ryūzetsu, to no success. They later all prepare to go home. It is shown after that immediately when Naruto was taken out of Tsunade's office, Sakura and sigh in relief and reveal to have been faking the "surprise" of Naruto's accusation, Sakura even asking if she was "convincing enough".

Naruto Shippuuden movie 6

Sakura first appear fighting the White Zetsu clones disguised as late Akatsuki members. Then she and her friends return home. She and her friends are congratulated by their families, all of whom promise to write a recommendation letter for the promotion to becoming a jonin although Sakura has a little fight with her family who embarrass her in front of the others. Naruto trys to stop the argument, but she tells him to stay out of it. Later while Naruto is walking in the village, he meets Sakura, who had an argument with her family again and also stormed out, grabbing Naruto's hand and telling him to go on a date with her. While Sakura complains about her family, she tells Naruto that her mother gets her way, and her father is always at her mother's side. She tells Naruto that her mother is a good for nothing ninja, and she wishes that it's better to be alone than to have her parents around.

Naruto tells her that she has gone to far, and asks if she is on her parents sides. Naruto tells her no, and Sakura wonders why he is telling him this. She then mentions that if Sasuke was here, than he would understand.

Then Sakura is attacked by Obito, and ended up being sent alongside Naruto to another world by the mysterious new dōjutsu. Other than finding her friends, along with Uchiha Sasuke, being the exact opposite of who they normally are and being terrified of the alternate Hinata's boldness towards her, Sakura learns that her parents died in this world and her father was the Fourth Hokage. She at first enjoys the fact that the alternate Sasuke flirts with her, giving her a rose that makes her blush. Naruto and Sakura meet in the morning to try to gather more information of their current world, although Sakura enjoys this world as she has more freedom and is well loved by the village thanks to her father's actions. Naruto, on the other hand, wants to return home as soon as possible.

Naruto and Sakura meet Tsunade and Shizune, who tell them that a masked man attacked Kumogakure, and killed their jinchuriki which Naruto and Sakura believe to have been Obito. They then meet Naruto's parents, who are alive in this world. Namikaze Minato says that Jiraiya died finding the Red Moon Scroll that was said to help save the world. Tsunade lets Naruto and Sakura join Minato and Uzumaki Kushina on their mission when Kakashi and Guy return. Sakura is shocked at finding out who Naruto's parents are, while Naruto is angry that Obito would dare to make copies of his dead parents, and he swears to break the Genjutsu. While Sakura is still enjoying her life, she wonders how Naruto is doing.

In the morning, Sakura notes that this world's Kakashi and Guy have switched personalities, while Naruto isolates himself from his parents at every turn. They soon locate where Jiraiya hid the scroll, but as the group stops to rest, Naruto charges ahead until he is confronted by the appearance of Gamabunta, Gamahiro and Gamaken. They refuse to listen to Naruto and the group who explains their reason for being there and attacks them with an army of frogs. Naruto attempts to enter Sage Mode, but while trying to gather enough energy, Kushina interferes and tries to protect him from Gamabunta but a shot of acid burns her leg. As a result, Naruto gets distracted and is unable to enter sage mode. Minato then saves both of them quickly and is able to get the scroll, dispelling the Summoning Technique.

As Sakura heals Kushina, Naruto still attempts to brush off his parents, causing Minato to say no matter what Naruto does, they will always try to save him as that's what they naturally tend to do as parents. Kushina then awakens and hugs Naruto, causing him to breakdown in tears and finally accept them as his parents. They return to Konoha, where Tsunade locks the scroll in the village's safe until the night when a red moon will appear, when they can use the scroll to fulfil the said prophecy. As Naruto and Sakura walk home together, Naruto quickly runs home saying he has something to do, leaving Sakura alone. Sakura now finds her home too lonely and wonders if Naruto's always felt this way.

She later sees Sasuke giving roses to a lot of other girls, breaking her heart. The world they are sent to is the result of Sakura's wish of being free of parental control, while Naruto wants a world where he has his parents. However, as she spent time without them, enjoying it at first, she later realizes her mistake and understands Naruto's pain of not having parents and how lonely Naruto has felt growing up. She also feels guilty for her impulsive words she spoke and her actions towards her parents. As she walks to Naruto's home to try to find a way to break the genjutsu, she see how happy Naruto is and wonders if they really should leave. Sakura later meets Naruto, and asks him if he wants to stay. Although he denies it, he later thinks to himself that he truly does not want to leave.

At that moment an explosion occurs at the Hokage's office, where the masked man from earlier asks for the scroll they brought back. He overpowers Minato, Kushina, and Tsunade, and then Naruto and Sakura arrive. They realize that this was the man Tsunade was talking about, and that he knows Obito. He overpowers Naruto and Sakura, and kidnaps Sakura in exchange for the scroll. He then uses Great Spiralling Ring, destroying a large part of Konoha and leaves. Naruto tries to save Sakura, but Minato prevents him, showing that in the end this world's Minato is different from his father. He takes one of Minato's kunai and the scroll leaving with Sakura's father's Hokage coat. Sakura is tied up and meets Obito who is a ghost saying they are in an old training ground that Minato and Jiraiya used. Naruto arrives but is attacked by the other masked man asking for the scroll. Naruto is unable to fight properly as his stomach acts up, the Masked Man then takes the time to summon the Nine Masked Beasts, and about to kill Naruto when the Akatsuki arrives and saved him.

This Akatsuki was hired by Tsunade to help Naruto, and they deal with the masked beasts when Naruto attacks the masked man. Uchiha Itachi saves Sakura and Obito decides to escape instead. The Akatsuki defeats the masked beasts that turn into nine fox kits, while Naruto chased the masked man into the training grounds. They then fight, Naruto uses Sage Mode and uses the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken to counter the Masked Man's Great Spiralling Ring. It ends in a draw, but the attack destroy the masked man's mask, showing that he is Uzumaki Menma, this world's Naruto. Menma informs Naruto that the pulsating inside his stomach must be Kurama's reaction to Black Kurama within Menma. Menma then called back the defeated masked beasts, and summoned Kurama's counterpart, Black Kurama. Naruto was unable to attack, while the Akatsuki retreat, taking Sakura with them. Not wanting to be manipulated by the Sharingan again, Kurama makes a truce with Naruto to work together, allowing him to summon Kurama out of his body. In the battle Naruto is barely able to win, but Obito reveals that this was his plan, to have Naruto and Menma fight, as doing so would cause the two foxes to fight and weaken Kurama. As he possessed Menma, Kurama warned Naruto if he looked into Menma's Sharingan, it would be all over, for Obito planned to extract Kurama out of Naruto the same way he extracted it from Kushina sixteen years ago. As Menma overpowers Naruto, the latter tries to use the scroll when he notices the moon had turned red, but Menma cuts the scroll, causing Naruto to look into Menma's eyes. Naruto's memories are erased, but Sakura rescues him before Kurama is extracted from him.

Naruto, in an amnesia state, stares at the destroyed Red Moon Scroll, which brings back memories of his training to learn the Rasengan with Jiraiya, and how his father was the one who invented the technique. Naruto is able to break free of the genjutsu just in time to save Sakura, and then defeats Obito the same way his father did, breaking the Limited Tsukuyomi. Obito, using his ghost body attacks again, until Minato and Kushina arrive. Obito decides to give up and exits the genjutsu world just as Naruto and Sakura are enveloped in a bright light, preparing to return to their world as well, but beforehand Naruto thanks Minato and Kushina who quickly goes to assist Menma who is returning to his original state as their son.

Naruto and Sakura returns to their world, where Naruto's Hokage coat breaks down since it was only part of the genjutsu world and not real. Naruto and Sakura tell Tsunade and Kakashi of what transpired and sets out more guard patrol since Obito was easily able to enter further in the village than they imagined. Shizune also brings up the topic of the letters of recommendation from the beginning of the movie, to which Tsunade replies that she has no intention of promoting any of Naruto's friends to jonin. As they both return home, Naruto watches Sakura as she meets her parents, happily hugging them. He approaches her, asking her out on a date, but Sakura tells him they just came back from the longest date ever, much to Naruto's shock.

As the events occur, the Sakura of the other world ends up in Konoha with similar confusion as Ino and the Konoha 11, believing her to be their Sakura with memory trouble, try to help her by acting out their other-world counterparts. But upon seeing the Kizashi and Mebuki of that world while looking for her necklace, the other Sakura tearfully regains her memories and thanks Ino for her help before teleporting away, leaving the girl confused.

Naruto Shippuuden movie 7

Sakura was first seen witnessing Hinata with a bag of knitting equipment and, realizing what it was for, encourages Hinata to give the scarf she knitted to Naruto. They had lunch together and discussed how Naruto was so popular now since the war ended, but he doesn't even realize what love is to her opinion. When she is at Ramen Ichiraku with Naruto and Team Asuma, Sakura is about to ask Naruto about his scarf. However she is surprise when Ino calls out to Himata, therefore Sakura offers her to sit next to Naruto. But Naruto's fan girls show up, interrupting Hinata's chance to give him her scarf, therefore Sakura tells him to walk her home since it's dark, but with Naruto's blunt statement about her being strong already, makes Hinata walk away depressed. Sakura then calls out to her but before leaving she scolds Naruto by calling him a idiot. While walking with Hinata, she tells her that she just needs to be confident. When Hinata asks why Sakura is she helping her so much, she replies that they need to look out for each other in their feelings for others (as she feels the exact same way for Sasuke).

Later Sakura is placed on a team consisting of her, Naruto, Hinata, Shikamaru and Sai to retrieve a kidnapped Hyuga Hanabi from a mysterious man. They follow Toneri's trail to a cave, and when they enter it, they are trapped in a genjutsu. In the movie's novelization, Sakura quickly identifies her dreams of Sasuke as just that, forces herself awake, and she wakes up the rest of the team. At the end of the cave they find the Gatekeeper, the creator of the genjutsu, which Sakura, Shikamaru, and Sai join forces to destroy. When they exit the cave, they find themselves in the middle of a vast landscape, what they later learn is the interior of the Moon. While resting after a day of exploring the nearby ruins, Hinata voluntarily joins with Toneri and Naruto is badly injured by Toneri while trying to stop her. Sakura spends three days of around-the-clock care to heal him, during which time Naruto talks in his sleep indicates to Sakura that he now shares Hinata's feelings. When he wakes up, Naruto visits Sakura as she recovers from her exhaustion, thanks her, and expresses his fears that Hinata fell in love with Toneri.

Sakura reassures him that Hinata's feelings for him are too strong to change so suddenly and that she must have had some reason for going with Toneri. She further says she believes Naruto's crush on her was due to his desire to defeat Sasuke, whom she loves. It was her speech that gave Naruto the courage to carry on the mission. When Sakura's ready, they storm Toneri's castle; Sai and Sakura go looking for Hanabi while Naruto and Shikamaru go looking for Hinata. While inside Hanabi's room, Sakura while finds the tattered remains of Hinata's scarf. After Toneri is defeated, Sakura is seen with Sai, Shikamaru and Hanabi as the watch Naruto blast a hole with a Rasengan in order for him and Himata to leave their location for them to have their privacy. She later attends Naruto and Hinata's wedding.

Boruto movie

While hanging out with Ino and waving to Temari, Sakura noticed Naruto sending shadow clones to tend to the villagers as he was too occupied at his office. Some time later, Sakura was getting ready to send her daughter, Sarada, off for the day when Sarada mentioned that Sakura must be happy now that Sasuke is back home. Sakura blushed and then insisted that Sarada must be the happiest. While sitting with Ino and Temari, Sakura attended the Chunin exam and proudly cheered for her daughter as Sarada exceled in the third round and easily defeated her opponent. Upon seeing Shikadai forfeit against Boruto, Sakura notes that the scene is familiar. When Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki attacked, Sakura defended evacuees by punching out falling debris.

After the attack, she healed Hinata after she was injured from trying to save Naruto from Momoshiki's jutsu. When Sasuke, Boruto and the Kage prepared to travel to the other dimension to rescue Naruto, Sakura, accompanied by Sarada and Mitsuki, helped Hinata to their location so that she could stop her son from going to such a dangerous place. However while seeing Boruto wear Naruto's old jacket and Sasuke's headband, Sakura smiled when she was reminded of Naruto when he was younger. At the end of the movie, Sakura is seen sitting on a rooftop with Sasuke, while both smile, as they watch Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki from afar.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Manga

In the Anime, she greets her husband after Naruto had been rescued.

When Mitsuki seemingly betrayed the village by attacking to gate guards, the village was put on lockdown. Sakura was in charge of treating the injured men. As one of them began to recover and show signs of regaining consciousness, Sakura gave the report to Yurito to be delivered to the Hokage. But she tells him not to rush by running. Meanwhile, Boruto and Sarada left the village without authorisation to find Mitsuki. Sakura then decides to go change her clothes and meets up with Hinata. While Hinata was worried about the consequences of their children's actions, Sakura insisted that they knew what their actions could lead to but still had faith they would be okay. The two promised to punish them when they get back.

Later, suspecting that the attacks would make another attempt to kill the recovering guards to cover their tracks, Moegi disguised herself as one. The suspicions proved correct as a brainwashed Yurito tried to poison her. Despite Moegi and Sakura corning him, Yurito used the poison as a smokescreen to escape.

Ultimately, Yurito is captured and freed from his brainwashing, but falls victim to the enemies' Explosive Clay trap to cover their tracks. As Sakura treats the deeply injured Yurito, she gives Naruto permission to briefly talk with the recovering guards.

When the genin returned, an angry but relieved Sakura hugged her daughter as a way to say welcome back.

Sakura informs Sarada about Sasuke coming to spend time with her during Parent and Child day.

Video Games

Haruno Sakura is a playable character in the following video games:

  • Battle Stadium D.O.N
  • Jump Forces
  • Jump Stars Victory VS
  • Jump Ultimate Stars
  • Naruto Clash of Ninja
  • Naruto Clash of Ninja 2
  • Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution
  • Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 2
  • Naruto Gekito Ninja Taisen! 3
  • Naruto Gekito Ninja Taisen! 4
  • Naruto Konoha Senki
  • Naruto Ninja Council 2
  • Naruto Ninja Council 3
  • Naruto Ninja Destiny
  • Naruto Path of the Ninja
  • Naruto Path of the Ninja 2
  • Naruto Rise of a Ninja
  • Naruto RPG 2 Chidori vs. Rasengan
  • Naruto Shinobi Collection
  • Naruto Shinobi Collection Shippu Ranbu
  • Naruto Shinobi no Sato no Jintori Kassen
  • Naruto Shippuuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3
  • Naruto Shippuuden Gekito Ninja Taisen! EX
  • Naruto Shippuuden Gekito Ninja Taisen! EX 2
  • Naruto Shippuuden Gekito Ninja Taisen! EX 3
  • Naruto Shippuuden Gekito Ninja Taisen! Special
  • Naruto Shippuuden Kizuna Drive
  • Naruto Shippuuden Legends Akatsuki Rising
  • Naruto Shippuuden Naruto vs. Sasuke
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ninja Council 4
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ninja Destiny 2
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ninja Destiny 3
  • Naruto Shippuuden Shinobi Rumble
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja 4
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja 5
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Blazing
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Impact
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution
  • Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto
  • Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker
  • Naruto The Broken Bond
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Online
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
  • Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles 2
  • Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage

Shannaro (しゃーんなろー) is Sakura's catchphrase, something she would shout either when she is too angry or excited. She often uses the phrase when she punches Uzumaki Naruto out of anger. Sakura punches Naruto and uses the phrase when he insults either her or her master, Tsunade. She also does it sometimes when he demonstrates his perverted techniques or does something else shameful. In the English version, the phrase was replaced by a forceful Cha, which Sakura has a unique way of saying. In video games set during Part I, Inner Sakura is used as a technique due to Sakura's lack of technique of her own. Sakura has also shown a talent for genjutsu in some video game appearances, most involving Inner Sakura. She will appear in J-Stars Victory Vs. along with Kakashi and Gaara in the story mode somehow.



Haruno Mebuki

Sakura often argues with her mother, who is often strict with her daughter. But they also get along sometimes.

Haruno Kizashi

Sakura often argues with her father, who she feels embarrasses her sometimes by his tasteless jokes. Her father, however, loves her dearly and dotes on her.

Uchiha Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke is Sakura's childhood classmate, teammate, and husband. From their days at the Ninja Academy, Sasuke considered Sakura an annoyance because of her focusing more on getting closer to him rather than her training on her ninja skills, and because she was the only one on their team who still have a family. Unlike Naruto being oblivious to the fact that Hinata had feelings for him, Sasuke was aware of the fact that Sakura had feelings for him. Even when they were assigned to Team Kakashi, Sasuke showed no interest in her and initially refused to cooperate with her and Naruto as teammates. But when she went too far to tease about Naruto's childhood on the fact that he was an orphan and didn't have parents, a statement which angered Sasuke since he shared this trait with Naruto. Sasuke in turn told Sakura off for saying that, and explained to her that being an orphan make kids without families grow up lonely, and that she couldn't possibly understand Naruto or him at all. Sasuke angrily told Sakura that she is annoying, and she finally knew how Naruto felt. She decided to be more nicer to Naruto for now on in order to understand him and Sasuke more.

After their mission in the Land of Waves, Sasuke and Sakura's relationship started to change, to the point where he began considering her as comrade and someone he needed to protect, but he continued to display a disinterest in her desire for romance. When Sakura wanted to go on a date with Sasuke, he told to just focus on her training instead of dates. This made her sad, but what made her angry the most was when Sasuke told her that Naruto was stronger than her, and that she was the weakest of the group. When the Chunin Exams started, along with Orochimaru giving Sasuke the Curse Mark Heaven Seal, Sakura stayed at his and Naruto's side to protect them from Team Dosi along with having a goal to surpass both of her teammates. When Sasuke saw how badly hurt Sakura was while he was experimenting with the Cursed Seal's powers, he angrily and repeatedly demanded that she tell him who hurt her before he proceeded to break Zaku's arms after the latter mockingly confessed. Knowing this is not the Sasuke she knows, Sakura tearfully hugged Sasuke and begged him not to kill Zaku.

Once Sasuke defeated Team Dosi, he begged Sakura not to tell Naruto about his curse mark, since Naruto would be worried that the curse mark would damage their teamwork, including that Naruto would worry about the team overall, which was something Sasuke didn't wanted, and Sakura agreed not to tell her teammate about it. But when the preliminaries started, Sakura tried to make Sasuke forfeit since the Curse Mark Seal was causing him pain. Angry at this, Sasuke rudely told her that his new curse mark seal was none of her business and he could never forgive her if she took away his opportunity of gaining the power he needed for his revenge. Once Sasuke won his preliminarie match, she and Naruto were happy for him but Sakura became more worried for him when he was matched to face Gaara in the finals.

When Sasuke was fighting Gaara at the finals, Sakura was still worried about his curse mark seal, but Kakashi told her it was nothing to worry about. Sakura was shock that Sasuke's taijutsu skills were identical to Lee's. She was even more surprise that Sasuke had learned a new technique called the Chidori, while unknown to her that Naruto was jealous that the latter had learned a nature type technique; something that he haven't even learned yet. Once the invasion of Konoha started, Naruto and Sakura were tasked by Kakashi to hunt down Sasuke and Gaara. When she and Naruto finally got up to Sasuke, Sakura realized that his curse mark seal was getting worse, but once Gaara tried to attack Sasuke. She used her body as a shield to protect him much to Gaara's shock at remembering his late uncle, who also did the same thing. Gaara then crushed her with his sand hand and Sasuke told Naruto he needed to do everything in his power to save Sakura because he didn't want to lose another precious person again. This made Naruto had to fight Gaara all on his own without her or Sasuke's help. Naruto used his teammates as an inspiration to defeat Gaara by using the Summoning Technique, something that made Sasuke jealous on the fact that his teammate learned the summoning technique before he did. Once Sakura was freed from the sand, Sasuke rescued her and made sure she was taken care of before he returned to fight Gaara.

Later, when she learned from Sasuke that Naruto was the one who saved her from Gaara during the Invasion of Konoha, she was surprised, but grateful and smiled at him. However she didn't notice the jealous scowl on Sasuke's face because Naruto had took credit for defeating Gaara. At the Third Hokage's funeral, Sasuke and Sakura were seen standing side by side against each other. When Sasuke lost his attempt for revenge to defeat Itachi and was left severally injured, Sakura stayed at his side while he was unconscious in the hospital. But when Tsunade arrived in Konoha to become the Fifth Hokage, she succeed in waking Sasuke up which made Sakura tearfully embrace the latter, and for the first time, he accepted her affectionate gesture. However on their Land of Tea mission, Sakura told Sasuke that Naruto defeated Aoi, and that Naruto has took credit for a mission yet again. Sakura still failed to notice that Sasuke's Curse of Hatred was making him more angry, and violent than before.

As he recuperated at the hospital, Sasuke began rejecting Sakura's efforts to help him and he challenged Naruto to a fight out of jealousy. Even though Sakura told her teammates that this was crazy. She asked Naruto to say something, but was surprised when he agreed with Sasuke. Upon seeing that the fight was destroying her relationship with her team, Sakura ran begging her teammates to stop and Sasuke, upon seeing her, tried to pull back but couldn't. However she was surprise that Kakashi stepped in to stop her teammates from killing each other. After the fight, Naruto who knew about Sasuke's curse of hatred since their childhood, told Sakura to stay away from Sasuke for her own protection and not to interfere with their fight again. This shocked Sakura who was worry for Sasuke and Naruto's well being.

While speaking with Naruto alone, Sakura finally broke her promise to Sasuke, and told Naruto about Sasuke's curse mark seal. Naruto on the other hand told Sakura that he already knows about Orochimaru, which surprised her. He then told her that everything would be fine between them and Sasuke, which made her happy. However, Sakura was not completely swayed and feared Sasuke would eventually abandon everything and confided in Naruto about her fears. Naruto assured her that Sasuke would never leave because he was already strong and this comforted Sakura a little bit. But still, she worried that Sasuke was going down the wrong path and decided to confront him herself.

When Sasuke finally defected from Konoha, Sakura was deeply saddened and asked him why he always shuts her out, to which he retorts his affairs don't concern her. Sakura asked him to remember their times as Team 7 and telling him that getting revenge won't bring happiness. Sasuke told her that he did consider staying in Konoha with her and their friends, but decided revenge was more important. A now crying and desperate Sakura confessed she was in love with him, and begged him to stay; even offering to bring him happiness wither he stayed or took her with him. Despite thanking her and sounding grateful, Sasuke called her annoying then he knocked Sakura unconscious when she threatened to alert the village of his betrayal. Sakura tearfully begged Naruto to bring Sasuke back, to which he promised her that he will. But when the mission became a failure, and had made Naruto whine up in the hospital seriously injured. Sakura cursed herself for not being strong enough like Naruto to stop Sasuke from leaving, therefore she decided to help Naruto bring Sasuke back to Konoha.

Nearly two years later, when Team Kakashi gets Sai as a replacement for Sasuke, he refers to sasuke as a traitor, which prompts Sakura to punch him and threaten him with violence if he ever bad-mouths Sasuke again. Naruto and Sakura agreed that Sasuke was a much better teammate than Sai while Sakura even told the latter that Naruto always saw Sasuke as his older brother. Sakura and Naruto decided to put their differences with Sai aside in order to work together with him to get Sasuke back. When they finally saw Sasuke since that day he defected from Konoha, the former teammates were surprise to see each other again in so long. As Sasuke left after admitting that he cut his bond with his former teammates so he can share a bond of hatred with Itachi. Naruto and Sakura were depressed that Sasuke no longer cares about them and moreso when they realized he was willing to kill them if they stood in his way. This left them sad that they failed yet again, with Naruto admitting that he was weak. Sakura on the other hand told Naruto not to cry, and that they should use this failed attempt to train more to become stronger like Sasuke. Even though they fail the mission, Sakura and Naruto formed a good friendship with Sai in order for them to help latter understand about Sasuke more, the importance of teamwork and friendship.

Initially, Sasuke severed his bond with Sakura and no longer cared about her. However, after forming Team Taka, he slowly began to compare them to Team 7 and remembered times he spent with Sakura and his former teammates, and the fact that he was aware of Sakura being a medical ninja seems to imply he kept tabs on her during their two-year separation. This implies that, despite his indifference, he still harbored a connection to Sakura and she remained in his mind. But due to his goal of killing Itachi and later plotting against Konoha, he pushed those feelings aside even further. As a result of his hatred for Konoha overcoming him, his feelings for Sakura turned into temporary hatred for her just because she is a Konoha shinobi and he thought of her as an enemy.

However, as time went on and Sasuke became more of a dangerous criminal, Sakura realized that Sasuke could and would not return to Konoha by force or his own will. She was deeply distressed at the fact that he had to be killed to prevent a war between nations, but decided she would do it herself after finding out that Naruto's promise to bring Sasuke back was causing him so much pain. When she confronted him, she was horrified to see how cold and cruel he had become. She tried to have him let his guard down by professing her desire to join him in destroying Konoha, but he knew she was lying. In the end, she found herself unable to kill Sasuke, which almost caused her to be killed by him twice and this left her greatly devastated that she came close to being killed by him. Upon seeing Naruto's resolve to bring Sasuke back no matter the cost, Sakura decided she would put her faith in both of them.

During the war, Sakura still silently admitted that she was still in love with Sasuke, which troubled and saddnened her due to them technically being enemies. But during the climax of the war, when Sasuke finally returned to fight alongside his former teammates and the Alliance, she was shocked. Sasuke told her and the Rookie Nine that he would become Hokage, something that shocked her overall all since she knew that this was Naruto's dream goal overall. As they fought the Ten-Tails clones, Sasuke was impressed by Sakura's monstrous strength. When Sai asked Sakura how she felt about this, Sakura using a fake smile, told him that she was happy that Sasuke has returned to her and her team was finally together again. Sakura kept tabs on Sasuke as he fought Obito and Madara with Naruto, and expressed pride at them. Sasuke saved Sakura a few times in critical situations during the battle, hinting he still harbors some care for her but she was dismayed when he opted to put the enemy before his comrades, such as when he decided against saving her when Kaguya teleported them to a lava dimension so he and Naruto could focus on sealing Kaguya. However, Naruto pointed out that these are times when the body moves on its own, such as when Sasuke saved Naruto on the bridge, and Sasuke's expression seems to confirm that he did subconciously save Sakura when the Infinite Tsukuyomi was activated. However he didn't save her when they fell because Kakashi acted quickly to save her instead. When everyone except Team Kakashi were trapped in the genjutsu, Sakura asked Sasuke what they should do. But Sasuke told her that she doesn't need to know since there is nothing she can do in the situation.

When Sasuke was trapped in Kaguya's dimensions, Sakura with the help of a reformed Obito, used almost all of her chakra to get Sasuke out, which succeed. While being worn out, Sasuke caught her as she was about to collapse and he thanked her for helping him get out. After Kaguya's defeat, Sakura's suspicion that Sasuke could not be trusted was confirmed when he announted his intent to start a revolution. Sakura tried to appeal to Sasuke, confessing her deep love for him once more and pleading for him to return home if he ever loved her. While this has an affect on Sasuke, he called her annoying again and silenced her with genjutsu. When Sasuke dismisses her desire for romance, Kakashi scolds him. By stating that Sakura loves him so much that she wants to save Sasuke from his dark path. Sasuke took note of this and compared Sakura's love for him to that of the one he felt for his family, and replied it was from their "failed past". After Sakura woke up from the genjutsu by remembering her childhood of seeing Naruto and Sasuke's rivalry, she was worried when Kakashi told her that her teammates are having their final battle to settle their rivalry. After Naruto and Sasuke's final battle, Sakura rushed to their side to begin healing them. Sasuke, now redeemed and guilt-ridden for what he had done to Sakura, sincerely apologized to Sakura for all he had put her through.

Despite her slight hesitation, she tearfully forgives him and Sasuke smiles at her, showing his relief that she doesn't hate him. When the war ended with Kakashi as the Six Hokage, Sakura was happy that Naruto and Kakashi had used their respective influences to absolve Sasuke's status as a criminal. In the war's aftermath, Sasuke and Sakura spent some time together and Sasuke genuinely falls in love with her. When Sasuke was leaving Konoha to going on a journey to see the world for himself, Sakura begged for him to take her with him but he told her no. This made her sad as she sulked in front of him and Kakashi. However Sasuke showed genuine affection by poking her forehead by telling her that he'll come back to see her again ending it with a "Thank You".

Two years after the war, when Hinata asks Sakura why is she helping her so much in getting Naruto's attention, she replies that they need to look out for each other in their feelings for others (as she feels the exact same way for Sasuke).

Although Sakura was overall supportive of Sasuke's journey and resolved to wait for his return, she gradually became impatient and even began to doubt he would return. She tried to reassure herself that they were getting closer than ever and Sasuke, despite his lack of expressing it, promised her that he would return to see her again. In truth, while Sasuke was sincere about this to Sakura, he doubted he could ever settle in Konoha due to the guilt he felt for betraying her and their friends. He would spend two years traveling before a letter sent from Naruto mentioning of Sakura seeing the good in him compels him to return to Konoha and have a better relationship with her. Based on the novels, Sakura Hiden and Sasuke Shinden, Sakura is the first person to meet Sasuke when he arrives at the village's gates and he tells her "I'm home, Sakura". In which Sakura happily tells Sasuke "Welcome home Sasuke".

Sometime later, they got married and Sakura started to followed Sasuke in his travels which led her to become pregnant with his child. By refusing to leave Sasuke's side even during her pregnancy, Sakura went with Sasuke on one of his missions. However she gave birth to their daughter Sarada in Orochimaru's hideout with the aid of Karin and they returned to Konoha, where they lived as a normal family for a few years. When Naruto became Hokage, Sasuke was shown in the sand dimension looking at Sakura's old flak jacket.

Sakura would later attend a Five Kage Summit alongside her husband who revealed evidence of why Kaguya formed a White Zetsu Army; he says that a potential threat even greater than Kaguya was a possibility. Ultimately, it was agreed to keep this all a secret from the public and to allow Sasuke to continue his research and go investigate his sources.

Although it was difficult for him to leave his family, Sasuke said it was the best thing to do in order to protect them. During Sasuke's time away, Sakura adopted Itachi's habit of poking Sarada in the forehead and telling her "maybe next time" like Itachi always did with Sasuke. Although Sakura misses Sasuke and wishes for him to be home more often, she is very supportive of his duties and is content with her marriage. Whereas Sasuke always feels connected to her and their daughter through his emotions. For the sake of protecting their daughter, Sakura and Sasuke vowed to never reveal his past as a criminal to Sarada, as neither of them want her to hate Sasuke or be burdened with ostracism.

As proof of being in love with Sakura, Sasuke would criticize people for thinking that Sakura was weak when facing a powerful enemy and expressed impatience on interrogating Orochimaru into revealing Shin's whereabouts after the latter kidnapped Sakura. Sakura also demonstrates her loyalty to Sasuke, which is seen when she pretended to be a helpless hostage to trick Shin into revealing information about his plans on Sasuke's behalf before deciding to finish him off. Sakura smiled when Sarada asked her father if he believed that they are bonded by connections, which he confirmed yes by reasoning that he and Sakura have her as their daughter. Upon returning to Konoha, Sakura had her first family dinner with Sasuke and Sarada, and even taking their first family photo together. After an unknown period of time, Sasuke prepared to leave to continue his travelling. Sakura happily watched Sasuke embrace and affectionately poke Sarada on the forehead, promising to return. But when Sakura wanted a kiss, Sasuke ignored her initiative for a kiss due to their daughter watching them and she sulked just as she did as a genin. Which amused Sasuke while he was holding his lunch.

Now as a married couple, Sakura refers to Sasuke as Darling and her husband. Whereas Sasuke often refers to Sakura as his wife. While Sasuke refuses to show affection to Sakura in public and makes a habit of teasing her over it, he shows her a more soft and gentle side when they are alone, and it is strongly implied that they have a very intimate relationship. Both of them would not only watch over their daughter, but their teammates son Boruto as well. Since both of their children are now on the same team, and that Naruto still have his duties as Hokage to handle.

Uchiha Sarada

Uchiha Sarada is Sakura's daughter. Sakura loves her daughter dearly and the two have a close relationship, as Sarada has no problem telling her mother about her feelings for boys and particularly about Boruto. Sakura raised Sarada on her own after Sasuke left the village for his mission when Sarada was a small child. Over the years, she would ask Sakura when Sasuke was coming home, and Sakura often explained Sasuke was on an important mission and he would come back once it was over. When she she asked her if she and Sasuke even kissed. She calls Sakura "dirty" for mentioning there was something (forehead poke) better than a kiss, and poked her on her forehead by telling her that they will continue the conversation some other time. Sarada initially believed her but as the years passed and Sasuke still failed to return home, Sarada began to distrust her mother and didn't believe her explanation. To test her mother, Sarada asked if Sasuke ever wore glasses, to which Sakura, in order to hide Sasuke's past as a traitor, said she didn't think so. Sarada berated Sakura for not knowing anything about her won husband and Sakura explained that Sasuke was often away from the village when he was younger.

That doesn't mean Sakura doesn't get angry at her daughter, which is seen when she angrily punched the ground when Sarada questioned her parents' marriage. Sakura then apologized to Sarada for raising her voice at her and comforted the young girl that Sasuke cherished them both and their feelings were connected to him. But fainted upon learning that she destroyed their house again.

Sakura was annoyed, and amused to learn that Sarada ran away from the village to find her father, and to get her answers. So Sakura went after her, while being concerned for her. She went as far as to plummet Shin as he was trying to kill her husband and daughter, and then apologized to Sarada for not explaining their family situation. When Sarada began to think Sakura was not her mother, Sarada became so angry that she wanted nothing to do with her, but Naruto helped her realize that she still loved her mother. Later, Sakura would explain to Sarada that she found out about Sarada's suspicions on her parentage from Shizune and say to said Sarada that she was her biological daughter, by calling her a stupid and troublesome child.

After this, Sakura and Sarada's relationship significantly improves. After becoming a genin, when Sarada goes to meet her team. Sakura tells her to do her best while they are inside the hospital. However Sarada enjoys teasing her mother again by pointing out how happy Sakura gets around Sasuke; such as mentioning that Sakura has been in high spirits since Sasuke came home. Sakura declines this but Sarada says she can see right though her. However Sakura admits that Sarada is the happiest after she left. Sakura loves her daughter dearly and has deep pride for her, although she embarrassed Sarada when she cheered for her during the third phase of the Chunin Exams. After Naruto was rescue, Sakura secretly watches over her daughter's team from a far away distance.

Uzumaki Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto and Sakura have a long lasting friendship that arose from shaky beginnings and gradually grew stronger over the course of the series. It was enforced by a mutual respect and trust that had not been present at first, and a shared goal to return their former team-mate Sasuke to the village. Naruto wanted to have a great bond with Sakura since she had feelings for Sasuke.

Back in their Ninja Academy days, Sakura, like most of their other peers, considered Naruto an annoyance because of his constant antics. She even went too far to tease about Naruto's childhood on the fact that he was an orphan and didn't have parents, a statement which offended Sasuke since he shared this trait with Naruto. Sasuke in turn told Sakura off for saying that, which made Sakura realize that she had gone way too far and she officially decided to be more nicer to Naruto from now on. Shortly after being assigned to Team Kakashi, Sakura eventually began to see Naruto in a new light due to his constant dedication to his friends, as shown when she explained the mechanism behind the Tree Climbing Practice during their mission in the Land of Waves. She was even willing to forfeit her entry into the Chunin Exams upon realizing that Naruto would not have been able to pass the first test, which would have resulted in him being stuck as a genin, thus ending his dream to become Hokage. Later, when she learned from Sasuke that Naruto was the one who saved her from Gaara during the Invasion of Konoha, she was surprised, but grateful. When Sasuke defected from Konoha, Naruto promised Sakura that he would do everything in his power to bring Sasuke back to her. Despite Naruto's failure, Sakura was inspired by his determination to for fill his promise, and became Tsunade's apprentice to help Naruto retrieve Sasuke.

Even after Naruto returned from his training with Jiraiya after two years, both he and Sakura displayed that their friendship had not suffered any damage during the time slip. Later, Sakura discovered that Naruto was Kurama's jinchuriki, causing her to become protective of him and constantly try to repay the many things he has done for her. Some time after Pain's invasion on Konoha, when Sai, remembering his conversation with Naruto, informed Sakura that the strain of making her happy and fulfilling his promise to her have been the source of Naruto's pain, she felt guilty for asking too much from Naruto and decided to stop Sasuke from sinking any lower by herself. Sakura tried to release Naruto from his promise by telling him that she loved him and not Sasuke any more, but Naruto and the others present immediately knew that she was lying. After Naruto saved Sakura from being killed by Sasuke and voiced his resolve that he would shoulder Sasuke's hatred as a friend even if both were to die, she was touched by Naruto's determination, for he had again given her hope that there may still be a happy ending for Team Kakashi.

When the Fourth Shinobi War reached its climax, Sakura resolved to aid Naruto in fighting Obito and Madara, stating that he didn't need to carry the burden alone and that everyone would be there to help him. Her understanding and care of Naruto was strengthened when he exclaimed how not having any friends was the most painful thing to him, to the point where she raised the morale of the Shinobi Alliance. When Naruto's reincarnated late father arrived to the battlefield, he asked Naruto if Sakura was his girlfriend, not wanting his late father to know that Sakura was not his girlfriend Naruto replied with a "sort of", though his answer angered Sakura and prompted her to punch him. After Sakura finally manifested her seal and displayed her increased strength by decimating several dozen miniature Ten-Tails clones with ease, it frightened Naruto enough to not joke around with her ever again.

Sakura became extremely worried when Naruto's heartbeat became weaker and used her medical ninjutsu to heal him, determined to keep him alive so he'll be able to achieve his goal in becoming Hokage. After Sasuke put Sakura under genjutsu and departed to fight with Naruto, the latter reinstated his promise to her via Kakashi. After Naruto and Sasuke's final fight, Sakura rushed to her teammates aid and began healing their wounds to which Naruto thanked her for.

After the war ended, Naruto eventually remained good friends and team-mates with her. However two years later after the war ended, it was revealed that Naruto only claimed he had feelings for Sakura as another attempt to compete with Sasuke, who she has feelings for since Naruto never knew how being loved felt like during his childhood. Sakura, helped Naruto realize his feelings for Hinata, while admitting that his feelings for Hinata are more genuine and real as opposed to his supposed feelings for her. After encouraging Naruto and Hinata to confess their feelings for each other, Sakura later attended their wedding.

On the day that Naruto became the seventh Hokage, Sakura attended the ceremony celebration with her daughter Sarada. While being very happy and proud that her former teammate have finally achieved his lifelong dream, and have finally got a family that he always wanted. She then saw him speak to Hinata, Temari and Gaara, as he was about to take a picture with Gaara, while she stands next to the cameraman.

Years later when Naruto approved for their respective children to have their first Chunin exam, Sakura was proud that Sarada would always follow Naruto's path by picking the correct answers during the exam, and always showing teamwork. But once Momoshiki and Otsutsuki Kinshiki attacked, Naruto defended his son from Momoshiki before being joined by Sakura's husband and daughter. Determined to protect his son and Sakura's family, Naruto shields them from Momoshiki's jutsu and disappears. Way after Naruto disappeared Sakura would repay the favor to Naruto by healing his wife Hinata, who got injured in the process. She was also determine not only to look for Hinata but his daughter, Himawari as well while her husband and Naruto's son Boruto went with the other four kage to go save him. Once Naruto was saved and finally able reconcile with his son after this. Sakura would also look after Boruto as well, since both of their children are now on the same team, hinting that both former teammates keep each other's respective new families at high guard. Since her daughter, Sarada looks up to Naruto as a road model, and wants to follow in his footsteps to become Hokage.

Hyuga Hinata

Up until they became genin, Sakura and Hyuga Hinata never interacted with each other. When they participated in the Chunin Exams, they started speaking to each other more often and cheering for their friends and comrades during the matches. While they considered each other comrades, they didn't specifically consider each other friends due to their lack of communication. It turns out that Sakura never gets angry or cynical around her. However, Sakura quickly found out about Hinata's feelings for Naruto, and due to this being similar to her feelings for Sasuke, Sakura decided to do whatever she could to help Hinata confess to Naruto.

Due to her lonely childhood and considered an outcast, Hinata embraced Sakura's friendship and, while it gushed her that someone knows about her love for Naruto, she appreciated Sakura's efforts to help her make hints about it to Naruto or get them to be alone together. Their friendship is most revealed in Naruto Shippuuden movie 7, when Hinata contemplating making a scarf for Naruto and Sakura readily approved of this and offered her advice on how to get her to confess to Naruto. When Hinata asked why she was helping her so much, Sakura thought of her long-distant relationship with Sasuke and replied girls need to stick together.

Sakura goes further by telling Naruto, who by then confessed his feelings to Hinata but was left devastated by her false rejection in favor of Toneri, that Hinata always truly loved him and his feelings for her are more genuine than the ones he had for Sakura. Sakura later attends Hinata and Naruto's wedding, and expresses happiness for her two good friends. When Naruto become Hokage, Sakura stands next to the cameraman as she watches Naruto speak to Hinata, Gaara and Temari, as he is about to take a picture with Gaara.

Years later when Naruto was captured by Momoshiki, Sakura took it upon herself to heal Hinata when they transported her to the hospital after the attack. Since Hinata got injured trying to save Naruto from the enemy, Sakura told Boruto that the reason why Hinata does something reckless is because she loves Naruto, which shocked Boruto.

Hyuga Neji

Sakura first met Hyuga Neji during the Chunin Exams and was disgusted with Neji's disregard for others, including his attempts to kill Hinata. When Neji and Naruto were matched to fight each other, Sakura cheered for Naruto since she didn't want him to lose to Neji, and was happy when Naruto won the fight. Neji's loss against Naruto changed his personality drastically and he started accepting his comrades as friends, including Sakura.

During the war, Sakura expressed worry for Neji when he was exhausted from overusing his Byakugan and they fought their enemies side-by-side. When Neji died in order to protect Naruto and Hinata from Obito's attack, Sakura was shocked and deeply saddened. She later attended his funeral with the rest of her friends to mourn his death.

Uzumaki Boruto

Uzumaki Boruto is Naruto and Hinata's son. Sakura shares a close relationship with Boruto, who refers to her as "Aunt Sakura". However, she tends to get annoyed with Boruto's tendency to pull off pranks, like Naruto used to. But after he became a genin, he becomes shock when Sakura tells him how much his parents love and care about each other, when Naruto gets capture by Momoshiki. Once Naruto is rescued, Sakura secretary watches over Boruto without him even knowing.

However Sakura is unaware that Boruto wants her to be the Hokage instead of Naruto.

Uzumaki Himawari

Himawari is Naruto and Hinata's daughter. Sakura shares a close relationship with Himawari, who refers to her as "Aunt Sakura". When Hinata was in the hospital after she fail to save Naruto, this made Himawari be worry for her mother. However Sakura calmed Himawari down by telling her that Hinata will be alright.

Hatake Kakashi

Hatake Kakashi is Sakura's squad 7 teacher. Initially finding him to be weird due to his passive attitude and his habit of showing up late for meetings, Sakura gradually comes to respect and admire Kakashi. Kakashi at first thought of Sakura as an immature young girl who cared more about love and Sasuke than her ninja training and working with her team. He was however impressed that she had more control of her chakra than Naruto and Sasuke did and she was a fast learner than her teammates.

Overtime, Sakura and Kakashi develop a strong bond that is similar to that of a surrogate father/daughter. Kakashi comes to understand Sakura's feelings for her teammates, including that her infatuation for Sasuke has grown into genuine love. As Team 7 began to fall apart due to Sasuke's defection from Konoha, Kakashi tried to assure a distressed Sakura that Naruto and Sasuke were simply having an argument and they would make up. In truth, Kakashi worried that Sasuke was going to abandon everyone and Konoha to gain power from Orochimaru, and he tried lecturing him that giving up his bond with Sakura and Naruto was more painful than losing his family.

When Sasuke's crimes caused him to be labeled as an international criminal and Sakura resolved to kill him to prevent him from getting Konoha involved in a war among the nations, Kakashi intervened in time to save her from being killed by Sasuke and said it was his duty, as Sasuke's teacher, to do so and he didn't want Sakura to bear that burden due to her feelings for Sasuke. Kakashi was enraged at Sasuke's attempts to kill Sakura and, as Sasuke refused to give up his revenge, Kakashi resolved to kill him, even warning Sakura to not get involved.

During the war, Kakashi took a moment to reflect how much his students have changed since they first met. He said Sakura's feelings for Sasuke have changed; she still loves him but on a different level and she refuses to cut off her bond with him, despite him trying to kill her once before. Kakashi ends this by saying she is a kind girl. During the battle with Kaguya, Kakashi protected Sakura several times, even defending her questions about the Infinite Tsukuyomi against Sasuke. After sakura was knocked out by Sasuke's genjutsu, Kakashi was quick to defend Sakura, saying she only wants to save Sasuke and her loving him is breaking her heart. He stayed by her side while Naruto and Sasuke had their final battle before she woke up and he informed her what was happening. Kakashi later smiled with joy upon seeing his team come back together for good.

Much to Sakura's joy, Kakashi used his status as the Sixth Hokage to pardon Sasuke of his crimes. Years after the war, Kakashi continued acting as a mentor for Sakura and became a surrogate grandfather to her and Sasuke's daughter, Sarada.

Yamanaka Sai

Yamanaka Sai is Sakura's teammate in the reborn Team Kakashi, meant to serve as Sasuke's replacement in Part II. When they first met, Sakura noted he looks similar to Sasuke but his personality is nothing like Sasuke. Sai makes Sakura angry and gets on her bad side when he calls her "ugly" and refers to Sasuke as a traitor, leading her to punch him and say she could careless if he forgave her for hitting him. Initially, Sakura was unwilling to cooperate with Sai and made it clear she didn't see him as a comrade, and she would always consider Sasuke as her teammate of Team Kakashi. Sai in turn didn't like Sakura due to her natural dominating attitude and questioned her feelings for Sasuke.

After some time, Sakura discovered Sai's art book and learned he was trying to understand everyone's feelings, motivated by Naruto's desire to save Sasuke. Because Sai is trying to form genuine friendships with everyone, Sakura slowly began to accept Sai as a comrade, until she learned he was assigned to their team so they can find Sasuke and Sai can assasinate him. Sakura angrily confronted him but Sai said he had decided to defy his mission and now wanted to help Sakura and Naruto save Sasuke. This allows Sakura to forgive Sai and fully accept him as a comrade.

Although they become more friendly as Sai continues making attempts to befriend everyone and understand feelings, Sakura still gets angry at his tendency to pick out nicknames for people based on their character traits, such as calling her "ugly" which makes her try to attack him in anger. Sai comes to understand the pain Naruto is going through to keep his promise of brining Sasuke back for Sakura and tells this to Sakura, along with the fact that Naruto loved her. This however leads her to falsely confess to Naruto to make him give up the promise and plan to deal with Sasuke on her own. Realizing his error, he tells this to Naruto and Kakashi to save her from getting killed by Sasuke.

During the war, the two worked along side each other and Sai told Sakura to be cautious with Sasuke because he couldn't be trusted, and he could tell her smile of reassurement that she believed in Sasuke was fake. After the war, the two worked together to protect Hanabi from Toneri. The two would eventually work again to prove Sasuke's innocence when Sasuke was accused of plotting to destroy Konoha. In the years that pass, they remain close friends.

Yamanaka Ino

Naruto Episode080-242

Sakura with Ino.

During her childhood, Sakura met Yamanaka Ino way after she got bullied for the size of her forehead, Ino herself commented that Sakura's forehead was huge. In the Ninja Academy, Ino was considerably more popular and self-confident than Sakura when they met. She convinced Sakura that hiding the size of her forehead was pointless, saying that it only made her look worse. Ino gave Sakura a red ribbon to draw attention elsewhere, suggesting that Sakura had great potential, but had yet to reach it. Ino then found out that Sakura had a crush on Sasuke, much to her dismay.

Some time later, she would defend Sakura against her would be bullies Ami, Fuki, and Kasumi, pretending that the flowers she had launched into Ami's mouth which she said reminded her of a vase, were poisoned. This lead to ongoing arguments about Sakura's "Billboard Brow" and Ino's nickname "Ino-pig" (due to her name meaning boar). Despite all these arguments, she helped Sakura gain her confidence. When Sakura became attracted to Sasuke, and found out that Ino was attracted to him as well, Sakura ended their friendship hurting Ino in the process so she could compete with Ino for his affection.

When they battled each other during the Preliminaries matches to see who can make it to the finals, Ino and Sakura's rivalry pushed themselves to the limit. Forcing their match to be in a tie, with both of them not being the winner. Once the match was over, Ino told Sakura that she herself should be the one crying, and that she has now finally seen that Sakura has blossom into a beautiful flower instead of a bud. With Ino and Sakura finally declaring that their friendship is back on, but admit that their rivalry for Sasuke's affection still continues.

In Part II, while having a girls day out with Hinata and Tenten, Ino and Sakura remembered how hard they fought each other during the chunin exams, by smiling and laughing about it. But when Ino joked about how much Hinata loved Naruto and for Sakura caring about Sasuke, Ino saw Hinata and Sakura go into a depression state, to which Ino apologized to Sakura and Hinata for mentioning Naruto and Sasuke's name in front of them. When the Fourth Shinobi War began, Ino and Sakura didn't even show their rivalry in front of Sasuke when he arrive to help them battle the Ten Tails'. But when Shikamaru almost had all his chakra drained from the shinju tree, Sakura questioned why Naruto would go so far to help Shikamaru. Ino told Sakura that Naruto's not trying to help Shikamaru but he is trying to save him since it's his emotions, and heart that is trying to keep Shikamaru alive, which shock Sakura overall.

After the war ended, Ino gave up on her crush with Sasuke since she became more interested in Sai instead. But she and Sakura still decided to help each other out on missions. Meaning that Ino and Sakura's rivalry for Sasuke's affection had finally come to end with Ino telling Sakura to be more open minded with her feelings for Sasuke's sake when he returns to Konoha from his long journey of traveling the world.

Once they become adults, Sakura laughs when Sarada thinks that Ino still might like Sasuke which makes Ino confuse. Once their children become genin, Sakura would still hang out with Ino by also having Temari join them. During the Chunin Exam finals, Sakura sat next to Ino and Temari.

Nara Shikamaru

When they were students at the Ninja Academy, Sakura and Nara Shikamaru were simply classmates and not friends at that time. After becoming genin, their respective teams occasionally worked together on missions and they started becoming friends during the Chunin Exams. Due to both being intelligent and capable leaders, they find it easy to work together and they greatly respect each other.

Despite being friends, Shikamaru tries to support Sakura's goal to save Sasuke, not saying his own belief that it was a lost cause. However, after Sasuke allies with the Akatsuki and nearly caused an international incident with Kumo, Shikamaru finally tells Sakura that Sasuke needs to be eliminated or else his actions will result in a war. While he says he understands her feelings for Sasuke, he wants her permission to carry out the plot against Sasuke, and a distraught Sakura agrees until Naruto intervenes and forces them to call off their plan.

Throughout the war, they work together sharing information they gather on the Akatsuki. At one point, Shikamaru was severally wounded by Obito's God Tree in attempt to steal his chakra, and Sakura showed deep concern for him. She was further distressed when her healing ninjutsu didn't seem to work. Their friendship would continue for years, including Sakura attending Shikamaru and Temari's wedding.

Akimichi Choji

Akimichi Choji is Sakura's childhood classmate and they didn't become friends until the Chunin Exams, whe their respective teams were forced to work together. Since then, they have become good friends and comrades, and often hang out when off-duty. So much so that their respective daughters, Sarada and Chocho, are also good friends.

Inuzuka Kiba

Inuzuka Kiba is Sakura's childhood classmate. They had no interactions until the Chunin Exams. Initially, Sakura disliked Kiba for his arrogance and he equally disliked her for her acting like she was better than everyone. When Kiba fought Naruto during the Chunin Exams, Sakura cheered out to Naruto to beat Kiba for insulting their teamwork. However, since then, they have become comfortable with being comrades and helping each other, although both have yet to directly refer to each other as friends.

Aburame Shino

Aburame Shino is Sakura's childhood classmate but they didn't interact with each other until the Chunin Exams. Sakura viewed Shino as a blunt and strange person while Shino thought of her as a naive girl who relied on help from others. However, after the Chunin Exams, Shino began to admire Sakura for her resolve to protect her teammates and they became friends.

Rock Lee

When Sakura first met Rock Lee during the Chunin Exams, she was repulsed by his appearance and was disgusted when he immediately asked her to be his girlfriend. She rejected him because she thought of him as weird. Her opinion of him changed when he defended her during the Forest of Death phase of the Chunin Exams. Although still rejecting his professions of love for her, Sakura comes to accept Lee as a friend and comrade, and develops a friendly fondness for him.

In Lee's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, he dreamed of winning Sakura's love and them becoming a couple. Over the years though, his crush for her fades as she goes on to marry Sasuke and has a daughter while Lee marries another woman and has a son.


Sakura first met Tenten during the Chunin exams. They quickly became friends due to them both being women who resolve to be strong for the sake of their teammates.

Umino Iruka

Umino Iruka is Sakura's teacher from the Ninja Academy. While she found him to be boring, she took his teachings seriously and became the top student of her class.


Tsunade is the Fofth Hokage and Sakura's Sannin teacher. They first meet in the hospital when Tsunade was brought to Konoha to become the Fifth Hokage and heal Sasuke and Lee. After healing Sasuke and waking him up from the genjutsu coma Itachi placed him under, Sakura was deeply grateful for Tsunade, who took note of the fresh flowers near Sasuke's bed that made her realize Sakura had been visiting him every day. Sakura later watched Tsunade's Hokage inauguration with Naruto and Kakashi. After Sasuke defected from Konoha, Sakura was determined to help Naruto find and rescue Sasuke, as well as not fall behind her teammates in strength. So, she went to Tsunade and asked to be her apprentice. Seeing the girl's resolve to protect her teammates, Tsunade agreed but warned her to be prepared for the harsh conditions that come with her training as a Sannin's apprentice.

During their two-and-a-half year training, Tsunade would not go easy on Sakura, who later told Naruto that she felt she was close to being killed many times. Sakura greatly respects Tsunade but she also holds great fear for Tsunade's violent temper, to the point where she warns others, namely Naruto, to be careful what they say to her. In turn, Tsunade develops a close relationship with Sakura, and holds a lot of trust in her, which is seen when she assigns Sakura the duty to heal others on missions. Although Sakura is proud of being the apprentice of the Fifth Hokage, she is secretly disappointed that Tsunade is lazy in her duties and relies on others to do her work, and is often found sleeping at her desk. Sakura tends to be cautious of how she speaks and acts in front of Tsunade out of fear of the latter's violent temper and bickering. Due to spending all her free time with Tsunade, Sakura picks up significant portions her master's personality; such as Tsunade's contempt for losing and being very open about her inner feelings, which includes her tendency to act out violently when angered.

In turn, Tsunade develops deep respect and admiration for Sakura. Part of Tsunade's reasons for not pursuing Sasuke as a criminal was out of respect for Sakura, who is in love with him and believes Sasuke can be redeemed. When Tsunade was left in a coma following Pain's attack on Konoha, Sakura was deeply depressed for her teacher due to that nothing she did was able to wake her up. When Tsunade finally woke up, Sakura was overjoyed but her rejoice was short-lived when Tsunade informed her of the upcoming war and the possibility of fighting against Sasuke in order to protect Naruto. They worked side-by-side during the battle against Obito by healing all the injured and Tsunade was filled with pride upon learning Sakura awakened her 100 Healings Seal, and more likely surpassed her. Soon after the war, Tsunade supported Sakura starting a clinic for mentally damaged children and spent her time trying to raise funds for the clinic. In the years since the war, Tsunade and Sakura remained close by continuing to work together in running the village hospital and Tsunade still acting as a mentor for Sakura, as well as helping take care of Sakura and Sasuke's daughter, Sarada.


Sakura shares a close relationship with Shizune and they feel they can share anything with each other. Sakura admires Shizune, who in turn is amazed of how far Sakura has come since becoming Tsunade's apprentice. Sakura and Shizune often work together, including on analyzing the DNA of the White Zetsu during the war and tending to the injured and dying. Shizune also taught Sakura how to develop poison and various antidotes. Skaura would later trust Shizune to look after her daughter, Sarada, in her place.

Uchiha Itachi

Upon learning that Uchiha Itachi killed the Uchiha clan and was responsible for Sasuke's pain and suffering, Sakura hated Itachi. However, she was willing to bring him back to Konoha alive if it meant forcing Sasuke to return to the village and helping him gain his revenge. Unknown to her, Itachi actually killed his family and clan to prevent them from taking over the village and igniting a war, so he spared Sasuke out of love and manipulated him into seeking revenge against him. Sakura began to suspect there was more to the original story when Naruto confronted Sasuke at the Kage Summit, and admitted he knew the truth about Itachi because Obito told him. However, Sakura never finds out the truth due to Kakashi's request to keep quiet, and Itachi wanting to keep the Uchiha name from being tarnished.

Although she never learns the truth, she learns to forgive Itachi upon learning Sasuke forgave him, and reconciled with him. Sakura would later pick up Itachi's habit of poking on the forehead as an act of affection, which Sasuke did to her and they would do to their daughter, Sarada.

Yuhi Kurenai

Sakura had great respect for Kurenai and admires her for being a strong jonin.

Sarutobi Hiruzen

Throughout her life, Sakura had othing but great respect for the Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, and enjoyed being around him due to his kindness. During her childhood, Sakura often gave flowers to Hiruzen and he patted her on the head like he used to do with Naruto and Sasuke as proof that he cared for her deeply. Initially, when she found out that Hiruzen had decided to put her on the same team as Naruto and Sasuke, she was disappointed to be stuck with Naruto but then happy to be able to stay with Sasuke. Hiruzen made this decision because he felt that Sakura, who has book smarts but lacked combat experience, would benefit from Naruto and Sasuke's fighting abilities.

When Hiruzen died during the Konoha Invasion, Sakura was deeply saddened and attended his funeral. Sakura also believes in Hiruzen's philosophy that a village is a family that needs to be protected and because of this, she is deeply devoted to the village. During the war, Sakura was surprised when a reanimated Hiruzen arrived on the battlefield with the other previous Hokage to help. She later witnessed Hiruzen bid farewell to Sakura and the rest of Team Kakashi before returning to the afterlife and entrusted them with the world.

Sarutobi Konohamaru

When Sakura first met Sarutobi Konohamaru, she was instantly angered at him for insulting her and adopting Naruto's perverted tendencies. Due to this, Sakura doesn't hesitate to hit Konohamaru out of anger and berate him for his pranks. However, Sakura really has no ill will towards him and is willing to protect him if he is ever put in harm's way. For his part, Konohamaru first thought of Sakura as a weird girl but he later became fearful of her after she first hit him in rage, and since then he tries to avoid angering her. As they both become adults, Konohamaru eventually comes to admire Sakura when she becomes a powerful medical ninja and becomes the squad teacher of her daughter, Sarada. Sakura seems to have no problem with Konohamaru being her daughter's teacher.


Sakura first met Inari during Team Kakashi's first mission of escorting his grandfather, Tazuna, to the Land of Waves. They instantly disliked each other but Sakura felt sorry for Inari after learning that the death of his step father made him unable to trust anyone. After the mission ended successfully with Naruto defeating Haku and Zabuza, Inari was able to believe in heroes and was grateful to Team Kakashi. Three years later, Inari and Sakura met once again during the reconstruction of Konoha, and they happily greeted each other.


Sakura met Yota when she was a small child through Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji, who kept the mysterious boy away from others due to him looking and acting not normal. Sakura was initially afraid of Yota because of his appearance but as she saw him to be childish and playful, Sakura enjoyed hanging out with him and often played with him. Yota's ability to manipulate the weather also made it more fun for Sakura and her friends to play with him. Sakura agreed to keep Yota's presence a secret from the adults out of fear of him being taken away and she became protective of him. So much so that, she and her friends at one time accused Naruto of bullying Yota, only to realize Naruto didn't know what they were talking about and hurt his feelings.

When the Anbu took Yota away, Sakura, along with Naruto and their friends, rushed to save him and risked their safety to fight the Anbu and free him. Afterwards, Yota passed away and Sakura was saddened by the death of her friend. Years later, during the war, Yota was reanimated and encountered his former friends, including Sakura, who initially failed to recognize him but was shocked once she did. Unlike the other reanimations, Yota refused to fight his friends and Sakura treated him with kindness up until he faded away and returned to the afterlife.


When Sakura first met Gaara as the Chunin Exams began, she was afraid of him due to his dark presence but she hide that fear by mocking him for challenging Sasuke and trying to scare Team Kakashi with his evil glare. When Sasuke was set to fight Gaara, Sakura was worried for Sasuke's well-being due to the effects of the curse mark and Gaara's own powerful abilities after he severally injured Lee. She attended the second phase to watch Sasuke and Gaara's match until the Konoha Invasion began and Sasuke chased after Gaara, who fled the area.

When Sasuke was left exhausted from the curse mark and Gaara attempted to kill him, Sakura overcame her own fear and jumped in between the boys with the intent of protecting Sasuke by fighting Gaara herself. Seeing this and Sakura's determined expression reminded Gaara of his late uncle before he killed him and sent him into a rage. He ended up attacking Sakura and nearly suffocated her with his sand, even threatening to kill her if Naruto and Sasuke didn't give up, but they refused to oblige and vowed to save her. After Gaara was defeated and redeemed by Naruto, he felt great remorse for his actions and Sakura, rather than being angry, chose to forgive him, which surprised him.

Soon afterwards, the two began to consider each other as comrades and were able to easily able to work with each other. Two years later, Sakura was put on a team responsible for guarding Gaara, which earned her a chunin promotion. Soon after, when Gaara was kidnapped by the Akatsuki, Sakura joined with her teammates and Gaara's siblings and allies to save him, only to arrive to discover his tailed beast had been removed and he was dead. Sakura tried to revive him but she sadly said there was nothing she could do, and mourned his death. However, Chiyo gave her life in exchange for Gaara's. During the war, Sakura began to deeply admire Gaara, who had been appointed as the chief in command and gave a moving speech to the shinobi about the importance of teamwork and to look over their past grudges for the sake of saving the world.

When Kurama was removed from within Naruto and left him in a near death experience, Gaara brought Naruto for treatment and Sakura, as the only medical ninja with some chakra left, volunteered to heal him. Gaara then took the two to where Minato was to save Naruto, and Gaara tried to assure a fearful Sakura that they would be at their destination soon as she realized Naruto's heartbeat was getting weaker. After the war, Sakura and Gaara remained good friends, and she often visits Sunagakure, which was interested in opening its own clinic for mentally challenged children after Sakura started one in Konoha.

Nara Temari

When they first met, Sakura and Nara Temari instantly disliked each other and mocked the other for any kind of reason. Even as Gaara nearly killed Sakura, Temari was more concerned to see Gaara transform into his tailed beast mode than what would have happened to Sakura. However, after Gaara redeems and apologizes for his actions, Sakura and Temari seemingly also make up, as they were seen some time later working together on missions. Two years later, they officially reconcile and began to consider each other as comrades, especially when Sakura saves Kankuro's life and helped rescue Gaara from the Akatsuki. Sakura later attends Temari and Shikamaru's wedding. As adults, they become good friends, as they are seen meeting up with Ino regularly.


When they first met, Sakura and Kankuro instantly disliked each other. However, after the Konoha Invasion incident, the two seemingly make up. This is seen when, two years later, Sakura and her teammates arrive in Suna to save Gaara from the Akatsuki and Sakura uses her medical skills to save Kankuro while he was dying from poison. Right before she went back to Konoha, Sakura took Kankuro to where Sasori's dead body was at so the latter can use Sasori's body as a puppet.

Knownable Relatives


  • The name Haruno means spring field, and the name Sakura means "cherry blossom", a flower which is cherished in Japan due to its beauty and its almost-tragically short life span (cherry blossoms have historically been associated with the samurai). The cherry blossom also serves as the national flower for the nation of Japan. In Japanese, "Haruno Sakura" (春野・桜) means "spring field of cherry blossoms", which may be an origin of the name. It can be also used in the game, Hanafuda, as a month card of sakura (桜, flowering cherry).
  • Sakura's name, when read as "Haru no Sakura" (春の桜), can also be interpreted as "cherry blossoms in spring".
  • In the June 2006 issue of Shonen Jump, Kishimoto stated that Sakura would be the best ninja instructor out of Team 7 and is the closest to being normal, despite having flaws in her personality.
  • Sakura placed well in the Naruto Character Popularity Polls, reaching an all-time high of fifth most popular. Sakura was placed 5th in the first, 14th in the second, 9th in the third, 10th in the fourth, 8th in the fifth, and 12th in the sixth. She finished 6th in the seventh with 9,701 votes and in the newest poll, she was tied with Sai in 12th place.

According to the databook(s):

  • Her birthday is March 28, & her bloodtype is O.
  • Sakura's hobby was spying on Sasuke. But once Sasuke left the village, her current hobbies are playing trivia games & memorising new material for her medical studies.
  • Sakura wishes for a rematch with Yamanaka Ino.
  • Sakura's favorite foods are syrup-coated red bean soup dumplings, umeboshi, & anmitsu. While her least favorite is anything spicy.
  • Sakura has completed 34 official missions in total: 12 D-rank, 9 C-rank, 6 B-rank, 7 A-rank, 0 S-rank.
  • Sakura's favorite phrase according to the first databook is "A life with love throughout!" (一生愛の人生よ!) and her favorite word according to the second and third databooks is "courage" (勇気).  
  • Sakura had one of the longest battle scenes in the anime (eight full episodes), giving her roughly three hours of battle screen time. This is when she and Chiyo were fighting Sasori.
  • In the English version, her catchphrase is "Cha!". Surprisingly in Naruto Episode 101, when Sakura tries to scare away the Moya Triad, she uses Naruto's "Dattebayo!".
  • In the seventh Naruto Shippuuden opening, Sakura was shown fighting Konan with Ino and Hinata, though in the manga, they did not fight her.
  • Despite being the heroine of the series, Kishimoto stated himself during the 2010 interview that Hinata would make a better heroine than Sakura, this is due to the fact that because Sakura not only has a normal background in comparison to Hinata but also because he has a hard time making good roles for female characters like Sakura, having stated on several occasions that he has a very hard time viewing her as the heroine of the series. However, Kishimoto also stated that he would try to have Sakura play more of a heroine role in the future.
  • Her hair is shown quite different between the anime and the manga. Her hair was not too long in the manga for her first appearance. The hair also seems much longer in the anime after the haircut in Chunin Exams. Sakura also shown with a shoulder-length spiky hair in Part II of the manga and in Part II of the anime her hair is straight and a little shorter.
  • In the June 2006 issue of Shonen Jump, Kishimoto stated that Sakura would be the best ninja instructor out of Team 7 and is the closest to being normal, despite having flaws in her personality.
  • Studio Pierrot's Settei sheets of Sakura show her sandals add one centimetre on to her height.
  • In a 2015 Da Vinci inteview, the Japanese voice actors of Team 7 revealed that right after the anime start to air, Kishimoto told them that Sakura would eventually end up together with Sasuke.
  • Studio Pierrot has consistently given her the height of 148 cm at 12yrs old, instead of 148.5 cm that her Databook profile gives her.
  • Interestingly, the scene where Sakura cuts her hair in the Forest of Death was a reference to Mulan.
  • Sakura also shares her name with a Japanese music composer.
  • Studio Pierrot's Settei sheets of Sakura show her sandals add 1 cm on to her height.
  • Kishimoto's official sketches of Sakura show that she is 165cm in the 10th Naruto movie.
  • Sakura is the only one of the original Team 7 to not master all five basic nature transformations, but is proficient in Yin and Yang Release as well.
  • Sakura is the only member of the original Team Kakashi that has not had a manga chapter named after her full name.
  • Kate Higgins, noted the development of Sakura in the series, remarking that she turned into a more complex character as she became more sensitive and caring.

There are several differences between her character in the current timeline, and in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream:

  • In the current timeline, Sakura wouldn't interact with Naruto because he was an orphan and she only saw him as annoying. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, Sakura started interacting with Naruto after Rock Lee asked her if she considered Naruto as a friend, and not just her teammate.
  • In the current timeline, Sakura would give Sasuke food when he was recovering in the hospital. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, she would give Sasuke food while he was training.
  • In the current timeline, it is Hinata who feels bad overall about how the villagers treat Naruto. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, it is Sakura who feels bad about how the villagers treat Naruto since he came back from his two year training trip.
  • In the current timeline, Sakura reveals her concerns to Naruto that Sasuke might leave the village because his curse mark seal is making him more cold and mean than before. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, she reveals to Naruto her concern about what will happen Sasuke since he got fired from his clans police force.
  • In the current timeline, Sakura learned medical ninjutsu after Sasuke left the village. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, she learns medical ninjutsu before Sasuke left the village.
  • In the current timeline, it was Sakura who fail to stop Sasuke from leaving Konoha. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, it is Kakashi who fail to stop Sasuke from leaving.
  • In the current timeline, it was Sakura that was knocked out by Sasuke. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, Sasuke knocks out Izumo and Kotetsu instead.
  • In the current timeline, it is Sakura who informs to the higher up ninja that Sasuke left the village. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, it is Kakashi who informs the higher up ninja that Sasuke left the village.
  • In the current timeline, Sakura saw Naruto transform into his four tail form. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, she sees him transform into his six tail form instead.
  • In the current timeline, Sakura never saw Naruto battle Pain. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, she does watch Naruto battle Pain.
  • In the current timeline, Sakura joins Naruto and Sasuke to battle against the Ten Tails. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, Sakura joins her teammates to battle against Sasori.
  • In the current timeline, Sakura was shock when Sasuke declares to start a revolution. Therefore she try to confess her love to Sasuke again in order for him to escape from his clans curse of hatred. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyumi dream, Sakura was not present when Sasuke declared to start a revolution.
  • In the current timeline, Sakura was put in a genjutsu by Sasuke after he told her that he is starting a revolution. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, Sasuke only told Naruto that he is starting a revolution which shocked his teammate.
  • In the current timeline, Sakura was happy that Sasuke officially came back to the village after the war was over, which led for him to travel the world in order to redeem himself to their village. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, Sakura was so happy that Sasuke came back home that she and the others took a group photo with him.

There are three differences between her character in the manga version of The Day That Naruto Became Hokage, and in the OVA version of it:

  • In the manga, Sakura never interacted with Ino at the ceremony. However in the OVA, she does see Ino at the ceremony.
  • In the manga, when Naruto waves at everyone. Sakura stands next to Sarada and Iruka. However in the OVA, she is seen with Sarada, Iruka, Chocho, Choji and Ino.
  • In the manga, Sakura and Iruka don't have a conversation while they look at Naruto. However in the OVA, she and Iruka do have a conversation while they look at Naruto. During her conversation with Iruka, she tells him how happy she is for Naruto achieving his dream.

According to character trivia from Boruto:

  • Her attributes are: 100 in strength, 155 in negotiation, 173 in chakra, 174 in intelligence, 133 in perception, and 140 in dexterity.
  • She has four stars in drug resistance, including five stars in unarmed hand-to-hand fighting and medical ninjutsu.

Sakura has some similarities with Bulma from Dragon Ball/DBZ & DBGT.

  • Both are very intelligent.
  • Both can be mature when necessary but also have a childish and emotional side when angered, sad, or excited.
  • Both of their parents are shown in the franchise, and they usually get embarrassed by them.
  • Both of them were shock that the main character surpassed them in height.
  • Both had long hair but eventually cutted their hair so it wouldn't get in the way.
  • Both are into men that are good looking and with short hair.
  • Both comment how much their first child resembles their husband.
  • Both are self-conscious about their appearance. (though to a lesser extent to Sakura)
  • Both are in love with someone who used to be an enemy. (For Sakura : Sasuke, who defected from the village to gain power from Orochimaru, which later led him to join the Akatsuki and plot against the village. Whereas for Bulma : Vegeta, who once tried to destroy the planet and tried to kill almost all the Z Fighters)
  • Both are loving towards their child(ren). Also, both have a daughter. (Although Sarada is Sakura's only child, while Bulma has a daughter named Bra and a older son named Trunks)
  • Both are best friends with the main character. (For Sakura : Naruto. Whereas for Bulma : Goku)
  • Both have been in love with their love interest throughout the series. (However for Sakura : she has loved only Sasuke since childhood while he spent years rejecting her before he finally admitted they were mutual, leading to them getting married and the birth of their daughter Sarada. Whereas for Bulma : she dated Yamcha for over 15 years before breaking up with him and becoming involved with Vegeta, which led for her to become pregnant with Trunks, along with them getting married, and raising their two children)
  • Both have one thing that they hate about themselves. (For Sakura : her forehead. Whereas for Bulma : her own name)
  • Both look out for the main characters children. (For Sakura : Boruto and Himawari. Whereas for Bulma : Gohan and Goten)
  • Both are afraid of something. (For Sakura : frogs and snakes. Whereas for Bulma : heights and getting captured by the enemy)
  • Both are skilled at something. (For Sakura : medical ninjutsu. Whereas for Bulma : inventions)
  • Both witness one of their friends get kill. (For Sakura : Neji. Whereas for Bulma : Android 16)
  • Both took care of their first child by themselves. (For Sakura : this is due to Sasuke leaving for a long-term mission when their daughter was a toddler to protect them but he realizes his error in neglecting his family and makes amends by being more involved in Sarada's life by the time she is 11. Wheares for Bulma : this is due to Vegeta being uninterested in having a family and refusing to fully accept his son for the first few years of Trunks' life, but after the battle with Cell, he feels guilty for ignoring them and makes amends by spending time with his son and becoming more committed to his family)
  • Both became pregnant by accident but it helped improve their relationship with their husbands. (For Sakura : she became pregnant with Sarada while accompanying Sasuke on a mission after they got married and still opted to continue the mission during the pregnancy rather than be separated from him, and after the birth, Sasuke did settle down for a few years before going on another mission. Whereas for Bulma : she became pregnant with Trunks due to having an affair with Vegeta and was prepared to raise their son alone due to their refusal to get married at the time but Vegeta eventually came around and got married for Trunks' sake and later fell in love)
  • Both use something for transportation. (For Sakura : running. Whereas for Bulma : vehicles)
  • Both try not to fight so they won't get killed. (Although for Sakura : she is willing to fight even if it means death in order to protect what is important to her. Whereas for Bulma : she prefers to observe battles from afar, and offer advice if necessary)
  • Both are surprised that the main characters first child looks like him, but doesn't act like him. However they see the main characters son is like him in some ways. (For Sakura : Boruto. Whereas for Bulma : Gohan)
  • Both admire the main characters wife, and are jealous that the main characters wife is the exact opposite of them. Even to the point that they hate how their husband is in a long distance relationship with them. (For Sakura : admiring Hinata's relationship with Naruto compared to her own relationship with Sasuke, although she knows Sasuke is devoted to their family. Whereas for Bulma : admiring Chi-Chi's relationship with Goku compared to her own relationship with Vegeta, although Chi-Chi says Vegeta is more involved in his family's lives comapred to Goku)

Sakura has a ton of similarities with Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach.

  • Both are shorter than the main character.
  • Both are older then the main character.
  • Both are short temper, and are self center.
  • Both are intelligent.
  • Both prefer brains over rushing into things.
  • Both had short hair.
  • Both have super human strength.
  • Both want to protect their friends.
  • Both had the best grades of their respective graduation class.
  • Both learn that book smarts doesn't save them from death.
  • Both can't stand prevert, and are impatient.
  • Both of their relatives are reveal. (For Sakura : her mother, Mebuki and her father, Kizashi. Whereas for Rukia : her late older sister, Hisana and her adopted older brother, Byakuya)
  • Both are afraid of an animal. (For Sakura : toads. Whereas for Rukia : snakes)
  • Both are skilled in medical treatment. (For Sakura : Medical Ninjutsu. Whereas for Rukia : Kido spells)
  • Both hate a nickname that they go by. (For Sakura : Forehead Girl. Whereas for Rukia : Brat)
  • Both have a best friend since childhood, and felt like they were in their shadow. (For Sakura : Ino. Whereas for Rukia : Renji)
  • Ironically both felt like a burden to their friend. (For Sakura : when she found out that Ino likes Sasuke. Whereas for Rukia : after telling Renji that she got adopted into the Kuchiki clan)
  • Both try to help someone while they were fighting someone very powerful. (For Sakura : she tries to help Naruto in his four tail form while he battle Orochimaru. Whereas for Rukia : she tries to help Ichigo when he battles Renji)
  • Both ignores someone's warning when their friend is in danger. (For Sakura : she ignores Yamato's warning to stay away from Naruto while he is in his four tail form. Whereas for Rukia : she ignores Renji's warning to stay away from Ichigo after he lost his fight)
  • Both beg to help their friend from losing control of their self. (For Sakura : she begs Naruto to come back to his senses while he is in his four tail form. Whereas for Rukia : she begs Renji to let her heal Ichigo's injuries after he got hurt by Byakuya)
  • Both would risk their life to protect someone that they care about. (For Sakura : Sasuke. Whereas for Rukia : Renji)
  • Both can easily mock someone. (For Sakura : Ino. Whereas for Rukia : Renji)
  • Both have faced near death before. (For Sakura : getting nearly killed by Sasuke twice. Whereas for Rukia : when Aizen ordered her execution)
  • Both can't stand having a friend that is a last minute person. In fact both try to beat that person up. (For Sakura : Kakashi. Whereas for Rukia : Kisuke)
  • Both hit someone that is younger than them. (For Sakura : Konohamaru. Whereas for Rukia : Jinta)
  • Both act like a teacher to the main character. (For Sakura : she teaches Naruto all about how to control Chakra. Whereas for Rukia : she teaches Ichigo that he has to save strangers from death)
  • Both can scare the main character very easy. (For Sakura : she scares Naruto with her temper. Whereas for Rukia : she scares Ichigo with deadly threat messages)
  • Both carry three burdens on their shoulder. (For Sakura : she teases Naruto about being an orphan, not realizing that Sasuke is falling into the darkness, and her ruin friendship with Ino. Whereas for Rukia : she unleashed Ichigo's soul reaper powers, along with her being in a strict noble family, and her guilt of killing Kaien)
  • In the end both face their fears, and make amends with their friends that they hurted in the process. (For Sakura : she decides to more nicer to Naruto since Sasuke is also an orphan, and finally becomes friends with Ino again after the Chunin Exams. Whereas for Rukia : she helps Ichigo learn how to be a soul reaper for three months, she admires the fact that she has a family, and finally makes amends with Kaien's siblings)
  • Both have a job that they like. (For Sakura : being a nurse. Whereas for Rukia : being the leader of the Gotei 13)
  • Both married someone and has a daughter with him. (For Sakura : she married Sasuke, and has a daughter name Sarada. Whereas for Rukia : she married Renji, and has a daughter name Ichika)

Sakura also has similarities with Mai Valentine from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.

  • Both have long hair.
  • Both are smart, and are the non fighting type.
  • Both have a monsterous temper.
  • Both care about their appearance.
  • Both prefer brains over non thinking.
  • Both give their friend support on telling the main character how they feel.
  • Both hit preverts that try to look at them unchanged their clothes. (For Sakura : Naruto and Lee. Whereas for Mai : Joey and Tristan)
  • Both have a troubled past that they wish to forget. (For Sakura : being bullied. Whereas for Mai : being an orphan)
  • Both can't stand guys who have a crush on them. (For Sakura : Lee. Whereas for Mai : Jean-Claude Magnum)
  • Both can't stand a female crushing on the main character, however they become friends with her in the end. (For Sakura : she wonders why Hinata never shunned Naruto for being an orphan, therefore she becomes friends with after realizing that Hinata is in love with Naruto. Whereas for Mai : she couldn't stand Tea cheering for Yugi, therefore she becomes friends with her by asking her if she likes Yugi)
  • Both felt like they were in two people's shadows. (For Sakura : Sasuke and Naruto. Whereas for Mai : Joey and Yugi)
  • Both can't stand someone's attitude and ego. (For Sakura : Ino, because she thinks she is better than her. Whereas for Mai : Kaiba, because he thinks he is better than everyone)
  • Both prefer to not form a friendship with someone, but considers him a ally later. (For Sakura : Naruto, because he likes having friends. Whereas for Mai : Yugi, because he wants to help change her self as a duelist)
  • Both have feelings for someone. (For Sakura : Sasuke. Whereas for Mai : Joey)
  • Both can get angry at someone that annoys them. (For Sakura : Naruto, because he is cheerful. Whereas for Mai : Joey, because he is hot headed)
  • Both look out for someone that is younger than them. (For Sakura : Hinata. Whereas for Mai : Tea)
  • Both try to use their good looks to distract someone. (For Sakura : Sasuke, because he is good looking. Whereas for Mai : Kemo, because he is a body guard)
  • Both try to surpass someone so they can be their equal. (For Sakura : Ino, because she also likes Sasuke. Whereas for Mai : Joey, since he defeated her in their first battle)
  • Both try to kill their true love but couldn't bring themselves to do it. (For Sakura : Sasuke, due to him being a crininal. Whereas for Mai : Joey, due to him surpassing her in duel monsters)
  • Both became a burden to someone and decides not to face him yet. (For Sakura : Naruto, due to him not bringing Sasuke back homeWhereas for Mai : Joey, due to him bringing her out of hatred)
  • Both are fall unconscious after they face someone that is stronger than them. (For Sakura : Sasuke, who thanked her for everything before he defects from Konoha. Whereas for Mai : Yami Marik, who traps her in a genjutsu by making her see her friends not helping her)
  • Both cheer and watch the main character fight in the finals of a tournament. (For Sakura : she watches Naruto battle during the Chunin exam finals, and cheers for him as he fights Neji. Whereas for Mai : she watches Yugi duel during the finals of the KC Grand Championship, and quietly cheers for him as he fights Leon)

Sakura also has similarities with Carly Carmine from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

  • Both have long hair.
  • Both are enjoy their job. (For Sakura : being a medical ninja. Whereas for Carly : being a reporter)
  • Both have a rivalry with someone. (For Sakura : Ino, because she is popular and that they both like the same boy. Whereas for Carly : Angela Raines, because she teases her about not getting work done and that they are always competing to see who's better)
  • Both have a crush on someone. (For Sakura : Sasuke, because he is good looking. Whereas for Carly : Jack, because she is his number fan)
  • Both interact with the main character. (For Sakura : Naruto, because they are teammates and that he knows more about Sasuke than her. Whereas for Carly : Yusei, because he is friends with Jack and that he knows where to find him if he goes missing)
  • Both have a boss that frightens them. (For Sakura : Tsunade, because of her temper. Whereas for Carly : a unnamed boss, because he yells at her for not handing in her work on time)
  • Both try to help their crush when he is injured. (For Sakura : Sasuke, when he is in the hospital after his battle with Itachi. Whereas for Carly : Jack, when he escapes the hospital while trying not to be near reporters)
  • Both have a harsh past. (For Sakura : being bullied because of her large forehead. Whereas for Carly : living on the streets without no parents)
  • Both have the same personality. (Both : sweet, kind, caring, supported and short temper)
  • Both confessed their love to their love. (For Sakura : when Sasuke defects from the village as she tells him that she can help him get his revenge. Whereas for Carly : when she sacrificed her self as she was facing Jack as a dark signer)

Sakura has many similarities with the late Nohara Rin.

  • Both are skilled medical ninja, and would try to keep their team from drifting apart.
  • Both would always take care of the Uchiha's injuries the most. (For Sakura : Sasuke. Whereas for Rin : Obito)
  • Both would also take care of the non Uchiha's injuries the less. (For Sakura : Naruto. Whereas for Rin : Kakashi)
  • Both would always admire the prodigy for their skills, including that both girls would also try to get their attention. (For Sakura : Sasuke. Whereas for Rin : Kakashi)
  • Both would always try to stop their teammates from arguing. (For Sakura : she would settle it angrily with violence by hitting Naruto whenever he mocks Sasuke. Whereas for Rin : she would settle it gently without violence whenever it comes to Kakashi mocking Obito)
  • Both would pair up with someone that they love during a mission. (For Sakura : Sasuke. Whereas for Rin : Kakashi)
  • Both would cheer for their team during the Chunin Exams. (For Sakura : she would cheer for both of her teammates out loud. Whereas for Rin : she would cheer for Obito out loud, but would silently cheer for Kakashi)
  • Both admired their teammates dream to become Hokage, and gave them support. (For Sakura : Naruto. Whereas for Rin : Obito)
  • Both would cheer for the prodigy to win their sparing match, but would feel bad when the weakest were teased after losing against them in the Ninja Academy. (For Sakura : she would cheer for Sasuke, but would feel bad for Naruto being teased by Hibachi. Whereas for Rin : she would cheer for Kakashi, but would feel bad for Obito being laugh at by the other kids)
  • Both would speak to their best friend while sitting on a bench when they weren't with their love interest. (For Sakura : it was Naruto who cheered her up whenever she got depressed about Sasuke. Whereas for Rin : she encouraged Obito whenever he got depress about Kakashi) After hearing their teammates speech this makes themg happy again.
  • Both would sometimes refer to their teacher as sensei. (For Sakura : Kakashi. Whereas for Rin : Minato)
  • Both would cheer up someone from the Uchiha clan. (However Rin is more successful at this, whereas Sakura is not)
  • Both admire the fact that their weakest teammate trains hard to keep up with the prodigy. (For Sakura : she likes that Naruto wants to be at Sasuke's level. Whereas for Rin : she like that Obito wants to surpass Kakashi)
  • Both were clueless that their teammate had one-sided feelings for them, in which they decide to remain friends with them. (For Sakura : Naruto. Whereas for Rin : Obito) However Sakura is successful with this, due to Naruto having feelings for Hinata. Whereas Rin remains with Obito because Kakashi is the soul survivor of their team.
  • Both were always saved by their first teammate the most the most, which made their second teammate become jealous that their female teammate was paying more attention to their rival. (For Sakura : she was saved by Naruto the most, which made Sasuke jealous. Whereas for Rin : she was saved by Kakashi the most, which made Obito jealous)
  • Both of them became heartbroken after losing their other teammate. (For Sakura : it was Sasuke when he defects Konoha. Whereas for Rin : it was Obito when he seemingly dies)
  • Both try to keep their remaining teammate from having a heavy burden after they lost their other teammate. (For Sakura : she made sure Naruto didn't blame himself about losing Sasuke. Whereas for Rin : she made sure Kakashi didn't blame himself for losing Obito)
  • Both were giving someone as a replacement teammate after they lose their other teammate. (For Sakura : Sai. Whereas for Rin : Guy)
  • Both confess their love to their teammate. (For Sakura : she confessed her love to Sasuke when he defected from Konoha. Whereas for Rin : she confess her love to Kakashi when she committed suicide by running into his Lighten Cutter)
  • Both made amends with their love interest, which made them spend the rest of their life with them. (For Sakura : she spends the rest of her life with Sasuke while being alive. Whereas for Rin : she spends the rest of her life with Obito while they are dead)

Sakura even has some similarities with her daughter, Uchiha Sarada.

  • Both excelled in their studies in the Ninja Academy.
  • Both possess a love for reading.
  • Both have a contempt for losing.
  • Both are shy, and tend to madly blush in front of the person they are in love with.
  • Both have a temper that scares others around them.
  • Both become popular with the males as they get older.
  • Both possess superhuman strength that destroys the area around them with one single punch.
  • Both wear similar red outfits.
  • Both are deeply caring and devoted to their friends.
  • Both have book smarts, and never experience tragedy in their life.
  • Both have a similar catchphrase. (For Sakura: Shannaro. Whereas for Sarada : Shannaroyo)
  • Both knew the answers to the first phase of the Chunin Exams while the other participants didn't. (For Sakura : during a writing test. Whereas for Sarada : during a true or false question)
  • Both were born in March. (For Sakura : March 28. Whereas for Sarada : March 31)
  • Both have a love interest who they've known since childhood. (For Sakura : Sasuke. Whereas for Sarada : Boruto)
  • Both wore something during their childhood. (For Sakura : a red ribbon. Whereas for Sarada : red glasses)
  • Both have a female friend that they get along with. (For Sakura : Ino. Whereas for Sarada : Chocho)
  • Both tend to get emotional in confusing and sad situations. (For Sakura : the guilt for relying on Naruto, and being worried about Sasuke's corruption. Whereas for Sarada : her family situation with her parents)
  • Both are often protected by Naruto. (For Sakura : as a teenager. Whereas for Sarada : as a pre-teen)
  • Both have a habit of impulsively hitting someone who irritates them. (For Sakura : Naruto. Whereas for Sarada : Boruto)
  • Both were deemed outcasts for their appearances as children but became very beautiful when they got older. (For Sakura : her large forehead. Whereas for Sarada : her nerdy attire and serious demeanor)
  • Both were betrayed by the person they fell in love with but forgave that person in the end. (For Sakura : it was Sasuke, because he abandoned the village and his friends to gain power from Orochimaru. Which had him join the Akatsuki and plotting to destroy Konoha, as well as his attempts to kill her. However, after he was redeemed and defeated by Naruto. He apologized to her, and she forgave him. Whereas for Sarada : Boruto, when she found out he cheated in the Chunin Exams and she was devastated that he deceived her into thinking he was using his true abilities. However, when he resolved to save his father, she forgave him)

Sakura also has many similarities with her rival Yamanaka Ino.

  • Both were infatuated with Sasuke during their childhood.
  • Both were honor students at the Ninja Academy.
  • Both spent more time on their appearance than their training in Part I.
  • Both are medical ninjas. (though Sakura is far more advanced than Ino)
  • Both marry a member of Team 7. (For Sakura : Sasuke, who is an original member. Whereas for Ino : Sai, who was recruited to be a replacement for Sasuke after his defection)
  • Both have one child from their marriages. (For Sakura : a daughter named Sarada. Whereas for Ino : a son named Inojin)
  • Both made fun of one of their teammates which made them decided to be more nicer to them. (For Sakura : making fun of Naruto being an orphan. Which made Sasuke angry at her for not understanding how it feels to be an orphan. Whereas for Ino : making fun of Choji for being chubby and not having a girlfriend. Which leaded for Shikamaru to find a way to help Choji lose weight)
  • Both yell at one of their teammates. (For Sakura : Naruto, who is energetic. Whereas for Ino : Shikamaru, who is too lazy)
  • Both have a sensei that has a huge addicting to something. (For Sakura : Kakashi, who is addicted to prevert novels. Whereas for Ino : Asuma, who is a smoker)
  • Both experience losing people that are dear to them. (For Sakura : Sasuke and later on Naruto when he is in a near death experience. Whereas for Ino : Asuma and later on her father)

Sakura even has many similarities with Naruto's son, Uzumaki Boruto.

  • Both never experienced a tragedy in their life.
  • Both are a prodigy.
  • Both are intelligence.
  • Both have light color eyes.
  • Both have their parents in their life.
  • Both don't take their training seriously.
  • Both get along with someone from the Uchiha clan.
  • Both would get into arguments very easily.
  • Both get into fights with bullies.
  • Both make fun of Naruto by foreshadowing his actual life, but they regret what they say about him in the end and start to respect him more.
  • Both of their birthdays are a day apart. (For Sakura : March 28. Whereas for Boruto : March 27)

Sakura has some similarities with Sohma Kagura from Fruits Basket.

  • Both have long hair, but they eventually cut it short.
  • Both live with their parents.
  • Both met someone during their childhood. (For Sakura : Sasuke. Whereas for Kagura : Kyo) The only difference is that Sakura met Sasuke in the Ninja Academy. Whereas Kagura met Kyo at his house.
  • Both know about their true loves past. (For Sakura : she knows that Sasuke lost his whole clan. Whereas for Kagura : she knows that Kyo has the cats true form)
  • Both are friends with the main character. (For Sakura : Naruto. Whereas for Kagura : Tohru)
  • Both are in love with someone. (For Sakura : Sasuke. Whereas for Kagura : Kyo) The only difference is that Sakura loves a prodigy. Whereas Kagura loves a outcast.
  • Both are crazy to get their true loves attention, and affection. (For Sakura : by growing her hair long? and not practicing her ninja skills. Whereas for Kagura : by visiting Kyo, and giving him sweets)
  • Both have a habit of hitting someone, and scaring them with threats. (For Sakura : she does this with Naruto. Whereas for Kagura : she does this with Kyo)
  • Both yell at someone face to face. (For Sakura : she yells at Naruto for trying to spend time with her. Whereas for Kagura : she yells at Tohru for being in love with Kyo)
  • Both have the same personality. (Both : sweet, kind, caring, smart, and aggressive)
  • Both confess their love to their true love. (For Sakura : she confessed her love to Sasuke when he defects from Konoha. Whereas for Kagura : she confessed her love to Kyo when he took her the park that they play at during their childhood)

Sakura has many similarities with Karin Kurosaki from Bleach.

  • Both are intelligent.
  • Both have short hair, but they let it grow long.
  • Both are voiced by Kate Higgins. (The only difference is that Sakura is voiced by Chie Nakamura in the Japanese version. Whereas Karin is voiced by Rie Kugimiya.
  • Both have a dark past. (For Sakura : being bullied because of her forehead. Whereas for Karin : losing her mother to a Hollow name Grand Fisher)
  • Both hang out with the main character, and are over protective of him. (For Sakura : she hangs out with Naruto because he is different from Sasuke, but she cares about Naruto because he is a Jinchuriki. Whereas for Karin : she hangs out with Ichigo because he is her older brother, but she cares about him because he is a soul reaper)
  • Both hit some that is annoying. (For Sakura : she hits Naruto because he mocks Sasuke. Whereas for Karin : she hits Isshin because he acts like a child)
  • Both have the same personality. (Both : quiet, sweet, kind, short temper and aggressive)

Sakura has some similarities with Keiko Yukimura from Yu Yu Hakusho.

  • Both have long hair.
  • Both are intelligent.
  • Both care about their family and friends.
  • Both live with their parents.
  • Both never experience a tragedy in their childhood.
  • Both have the same personality. (Both : sweet, kind caring, respectful, short temper and quiet)
  • Both hit someone that annoys them. (For Sakura : Naruto. Whereas for Keiko : Yusuke)
  • Both get along with someone. (For Sakura : Ino. Whereas for Keiko : Botan)

Sakura has many similarities with Kikuhimem from Medabots.

  • Both have long hair.
  • Both are self center.
  • Both have a temper problem.
  • Both are intelligence.
  • Both have two friends. (For Sakura : Ino and Naruto. Whereas for Kikuhime : Iwanoi and Kagamiyama)
  • Both have a crush on someone. (For Sakura : Sasuke. Whereas for Kikuhime : Ginkai)
  • Both have the same personality. (Both : kind, caring, bossy, respectful and cocky)
  • Both like to mock someone. (For Sakura : Naruto. Whereas for Kikuhime : Ikki)
  • Both would cheer for that same person when they win a battle. (For Sakura : when Naruto defeats Kiba. Whereas for Kikuhime : Ikki's Metabee defeats Blackmail)
  • Both hate being spy on by someone. (For Sakura : when taking a bath. Whereas for Kikuhime : when she hangs out with her friends)
  • Both hit someone that annoys them. (For Sakura : Naruto. Whereas for Kikuhime : Iwanoi)
  • Both have a rivalry with someone. (For Sakura : Ino. Whereas for Kikuhime : Arika)

Sakura also has some similarities with Arika Amazake from Medabots as well.

  • Both have short hair.
  • Both are self center.
  • Both have a temper problem.
  • Both are intelligence.
  • Both have two friends. (For Sakura : Ino and Naruto. Whereas for Arika : Ikki and Metabee)
  • Both have the same personality. (Both : kind, caring, bossy, respectful and happy)
  • Both like to argue with someone. (For Sakura : Naruto. Whereas for Arika : Ikki)
  • Both get along with someone who hates fighting but knows that she is a great fighter. (For Sakura : Hinata. Whereas for Arika : Sailor-Multi)
  • Both get along with someone who acts cool and cocky. (For Sakura : Sasuke. Whereas for Arika : Koji)
  • Both have a hobby that they are addicted to. (For Sakura : spying on Sasuke. Whereas for Arika : being a reporter)
  • Both can't stand when their friend has a crush on someone else, but they understand the reason why. (For Sakura : she can't stand that Hinata, but sees that she and Naruto are similar. Whereas for Arika : she can't stand that Ikiki likes Karin, but understands that he and Koji like the same girl)
  • Both fight a villainous group. (For Sakura : the Akatsuki. Whereas for Arika : the Roborobo Gang)

Sakura has many similarities with Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame (film).

  • Both have long hair.
  • Both have a family.
  • Both stand up to others.
  • Both have book smarts.
  • Both witness the life of a orphan.
  • Both are the best friend of the main character.
  • Both almost witness death.
  • Both get married and have a child.
  • Both have the same personality.

Sakura has some similarities with Padme Amidala from Star Wars.

Sakura has many similarities with Kino Aki from Inazuma Eleven/Inazuma Eleven GO.

Sakura has some similarities with Zoe Orimoto from Digimon Frontier.

Sakura has many similarities with Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sakura has some similarities with Toph Beifong from Avatar the Last Airbender.

Sakura has many similarities with Big Mama from The Fox and the Hound.

Sakura has some similarities with Tigress from Kung Fu Panda.

Sakura has many similarities with Tohru's Mom from Jackie Chan Adventures.

Sakura has many similarities with Daisy Duck.

Sakura has some similarities with Raven from Teen Titans.

Sakura even has many similarities with Shizuru Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho.

Sakura has some similarities with Nami from One Piece.

Sakura has many similarities with Meryl Stryfe from Trigun.

Sakura has some similarities with Yuya Shiina from Samurai Deeper Kyo.

Sakura has many similarities with Gwen Stacy from Spider-Man.

Sakura has some similarities with Megumi Oumi from Zatch Bell.

Sakura has many similarities with Tia from Zatch Bell as well.

Sakura even has similarities with Sherry Belmont from Zatch Bell.

Sakura has many similarities with Sonia the Hedgehog from Sonic Underground.

Sakura's genjutsu world counterpart is similar to the real world Hinata.

Sakura has some similarities with her genjutsu world counterpart as well.

Sakura has many similarities with Yuzu Hiragi from Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V.

Sakura has some similarities with Yuzu's alter ego, Serena from Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V as well.

Sakura has many similarities with Taiho Yuki from Eureka Seven.

Sakura has some similarities with Misty from Pokemon.

Sakura has many similarities with Jessie from Pokemon as well.

Sakura has some similarities with Sora Takenouchi from Digimon Adventures/02/Tri.

Sakura has some similarities with Nani from Lilo & Stitch.

Sakura even has similarities with Mertle from Lilo & Stitch as well.

Sakura has some similarities with from Uotani Arisa from Fruits Basket as well.

Sakura has many similarities with Komachi Akimoto from Yes PreCure 5.

Sakura has some similarities with Rika Nonaka from Digimon Tamers.

Sakura has many similarities with Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda from Digimon Data Squad.

Sakura has some similarities with Maki Himekawa from Digimon Tri.

Sakura has some similarities with Angel from Lilo & Stitch as well.

Sakura has many similarities with Hikage Miyakawa from Lucky Star.

Voice Actresses

  • Japanese : Chie Nakamura (2002 – Present)
  • English : Kate Higgins (2005 – Present)
  • Played by in (Live Action) : Yui Ito (Live Spectacle Naruto)

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