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God Help The Outcast is a church soulful song feature in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (film).

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The song is sung by Esmeralda (Heidi Mollenhauer). The song means that she is asking god to help her protect Quasimodo, and the other gypsies. Including for Quasimodo, and the gypsies to be accepted into society.


A scene that takes place inside the Notre Dame Cathedral after she sees how Quasimodo and her people are treated by society. After finishing singing the song a parishioner shouts at Quasimodo mistaken him causing trouble causing Quasimodo knocking down a candlestaff and flees back to the belltower. Esmeralda sees this terrified and what the parishioner has done and follows Quasimodo, the parishioner also attempted to stop her and Djali from following him but is stopped by the Archdeacon.

It replaced another song, "Someday", which was cut when the directors wanted a quieter song in a cathedral. A pop version of "Someday", with slightly altered lyrics, is performed over the movie's credits. A pop cover of "God Help the Outcasts" was recorded by American entertainer Bette Midler and is featured on the film's soundtrack, though it is not used in the movie itself. It is 3:26 minutes long and Track 16 - the final track The film version is track 5 on the film soundtrack and is 3:45 minutes long. Extra voices were provided by Brian Cummings, Debi Mae West, and Lisa Russo.


Esmeralda : I don't know if you can hear me, or if your even there.
I don't know if you would listen to a gypsy pray.
Yes I know I'm not just an outcast, I shouldn't speak to you.
Still I see your face and wonder, were you once an outcast to?
God help the outcasts, hungry from birth.
Show them the mercy that they don't find on earth.
God help my people, we look to you still, God help the outcasts or no one will.
Parishioners : I ask for wealth, I ask for fame, I ask for glory to shine on my name
Parishioners : I ask for love I can possess, I ask for God and his angels to bless me
Esmeralda : I ask for nothing, I can get by, but I know so many less lucky than I.
Please help my people, the poor and the down-trod.
I thought we all were children of God.
God help the outcast children of God.


  • This song was to replace an earlier version of Someday.
  • This is the first, and only song that Esmeralda sings in the first film.
  • This was the hardest song to animate.
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