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Digimon Frontier (デジモンフロンティア) is a Japanese anime series, and is also the fourth Digimon series.

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The show was produced by Toei Animation and is based on the Digimon franchise. The series aired in Japan on April 7, 2002 and ended on March 30, 2003. The English version, produced by Sensation Animation, aired on September 9, 2002 to July 14, 2003. It was the last season to use the Digimon Digital Monsters title. It is also currently the only season along with Digimon Tamers and Digimon Data Squad to have not aired on NickToons. The story tells us for some unknown reason; that after being prompted to do so by unusual phone messages. Five children known as the Digidestined go to a subway station, and take a train to the Digital World. Once there they meet Bokomon and Neemon, who act as their guides. They tell the children that the Digital World is being destroyed, and they must fight the evil Cherubimon and his servants in order to save the world. The main characters don't train the Digimon to fight for them, instead they merge with ancient legendary warrior spirits to become Digimon themselves.


A boy name Takuya Kanbara is getting ready for his brother's birthday party when all of a sudden he received a phone message from a mysterious voice, which invites him to a game. He follows the directions given and finally ends up at Shibuya's subway station without some fortuitous coincidences. Takuya gets in an elevator after seeing Koji Minamoto, and the elevator drops below the typical floors into a hidden area filled with trains. He boards one as they leave, seeing Koji ride away into another tunnel.

Three other kids are on the same train as him: J.P. Shibayama, Zoe Orimoto and Tommy Himi. J.P. and Zoe apparently also received a message on their phones, just as Takuya did, though Tommy was forced onto the train due to bullies. The four children begin to talk, until the lights turn off and all four are swept off their feet. Takuya sees images of Digimon superimposed on the others, just as their phones turn into D-Tector Digivices. The mysterious voice then welcomes them to the Digital World. However Zoe becomes afraid when a cute Digimon puts its face up close to the window to scare her.

They then stop at the Flame Terminal, where they discover that their train is actually alive: it is a Trailmon (Worm), who tells them they need a Spirit to return home. Tommy begins freaking out, attempting to cross the train tracks back home despite the fact that they hang in midair. So Takuya goes after him, but Cerberumon attacks seeking a Spirit, causing Bokomon and Neemon to flee to Takuya. Cerberumon attacks them, but within the Flame Terminal, Takuya's D-Tector reveals the H Spirit of Flame, which he uses to spirit evolve into Agunimon. He defeats Cerberumon and scans his Fractal Code after a harsh battle, after which he reverts back to Takuya, leaving all involved amazed and confuse.

While still being confused about what just happened, Takuya mashes his D-Tector and accidentally releases the stored Fractal Code, which fixes the surrounding land. As the town's citizens rejoice, Bokomon explains to the humans about how Cherubimon wreaked havoc on the world, stealing data and ruining the land. Meanwhile, Koji finally arrives at the Flame Terminal, where he is advised by the voice in the D-Tector that he needs to find his Spirit.

As Zoe is enthralled by this new world, J.P. remains skeptical and urges Tommy to find a way home. But Tommy wants to stay because he admires Takuya but after some convincing from J.P, Tommy follows J.P so he doesn't get lost. They attempt to bribe a Trailmon (Angler), but he dismisses them and leaves. As Tommy and J.P get merely chase by the Pagumon for their food, they go to the Underground Labyrinth where they continue to harass them. While noticing that Tommy and J.P are gone, Takuya and Zoe start to look for them. But they fall in a tunnel and Zoe slaps Takuya by thinking that he is a pervert.

Soon after Takuya and Zoe finally found them and tries to help them. , but when Tommy is in danger, Koji steps in and beats the Pagumon with a pipe. Unfortunately, one Pagumon digivolves to Raremon to fight and proves to be too much for Koji. So Takuya intervenes, turning into Agunimon, but he unexpectedly reverts after saving Tommy. Koji instead discovers the H Spirit of Light, spirit evolving to Lobomon and takes down Raremon. After the battle, Koji asks Takuya what's his name, and Takuya tells his name to Koji. Therefore Koji introudced himself to Takuya, but tells him to leave him alone.

After parting ways with Koji, the DigiDestined discover a Trailmon (Franken) who can take them back to the Human World. They all decide to stay and head out of town, with Bokomon and Neemon following. While traveling on the tracks, their D-Tectors speak to them, telling them to go to the Forest Terminal. The DigiDestined follow the Trailmon tracks until they reach a small valley where the tracks break.

On the valley walls, they discover the ten symbols of the Ten Legendary Warriors. Bokomon regales the DigiDestined with the tale of the Digital World's past, where humanoid and beast Digimon fought for control over the world. The angel Lucemon came and brought peace, but he eventually grew corrupt and was overthrown by the Ten Legendary Warriors. These Legendary Warriors left Spirits behind to rise again when trouble came.

The DigiDestined are then ambushed by a group of Candlemon, who accuse them of trying to steal their legendary artifact. Bokomon tells them that Takuya inherited the H Spirit of Flame, and the Candlemon Elder invites them to a ceremony in their Candlemon Village. It is all a trick to put them to sleep, and amid attacks from the Candlemon, they escape to the river. Takuya offers himself as a distraction to let the others get away, and the other three stumble on an ice cave as Agunimon fights off the Candlemon. When Agunimon gets trapped in wax, Tommy recalls how Takuya protected him and attempts to aid him in turn. The H Spirit of Ice chooses Tommy at this point, allowing him to spirit evolve to Kumamon. He takes out one Candlemon, but the other digivolves to Wizardmon.

Wizardmon uses illusions to trick Agunimon, eventually forming copies of himself. Kumamon sees through his technique because only the real Wizardmon has a shadow, which allows Agunimon to take him out. The scanned fractal code turns into the broken bridge, which allows Koji and the Trailmon he is riding on to traverse the valley. Meanwhile the Candlemon apologize, as their intent was to see if Takuya truly had a Spirit. However Agunimon thanks Kumamon for helping him, and Kumamon smiles.

On the way to the Forest Terminal, the Trailmon (Franken) that Koji is on takes a break for the night, and so Koji takes a nap as well on one of the railroad platforms in the middle of the forest. The next day, the other DigiDestined travel along the train tracks until they reach a split in the road. Zoe and Takuya Kanbara get into an argument over which direction to go to; Takuya wants to stay on the plains tracks while Zoe wants to follow the tracks through the forest, figuring that the Forest Terminal would be located in a forest. Tommy goes with Takuya, while J.P., Bokomon, and Neemon head with Zoe. Due to this, Takuya and Tommy get lost when their path when it crumbled beneath them. Even though they are safe, Tommy cries since they almost got kill.

Meanwhile Zoe's group end up in the same area Koji is in, at the Breezy Village. Koji, who was left behind by his Trailmon, follows the tracks, while the others take a break in the Village. Zoe stumbles upon a group of Floramon, who greet and host the group. They explain that Breezy Village used to be a tourist location, but the trains rarely run nowadays. To repay their kindness, they help the Floramon plant trees but are stopped by the Mushroomon Brothers. They attack, but the H Spirit of Wind comes and allows Zoe to become Kazemon. She easily defeats the Mushroomon but loses when they digivolve to Woodmon. Koji intervenes, handily defeating Woodmon and scanning him. Woodmon's data restores Breezy Village, where the Mushroomon and Floramon now cohabit. Koji strikes off on his own, while Takuya and Tommy, reunite with Zoe, J.P., Bokomon, and Neemon. However Zoe's brags that they miss the chance to see her Digimon spirit in action. Upon hearing this, Takuya teases Zoe about getting her Digimon spirit late, which angers Zoe. Therefore she decides to punch Takuya for the comment, while J.P is sad that he didn't get his Digimon spirit yet.

The group arrives at a Wind Factory and see a large group of Kokuwamon at work. Knowing that there must be food there, they rush to enter the factory, and once they convince the Minomon guards that they are there for a tour they are allowed in. While on the tour, J.P. goes to the bathroom, and while on his way back to the group, he hears some screaming. Before he can investigate, the others call him back. They finally go to the cafeteria but are disappointed to find that the only available food are batteries. On their way out, the DigiDestined spot the huts that the Kokuwamon live in and learn of their poor living conditions. When J.P. suggests that they leave, Takuya becomes annoyed, knowing that the Goblimon guards would will only track them down and destroy them. The Kokuwamon point out that they aren't much of fighters but come to realize that their options are either stay and fight or run away. Takuya, Zoe, and Tommy all say that they'll help them fight, but J.P. still disagrees. The Kokuwamon begin to rally, but a Minomon overhears them and reports the potential rebellion.

Takuya makes a plan and at nightfall, everyone goes into action. J.P. leads the young and elderly Kokuwamon out of the factory, but when a young Kokuwamon attempts to join the battle, J.P. stops him and goes in his place. J.P. finds Takuya fighting Snimon and uses a nearby wrecking ball to distract him. A wall is knocked in and the H Spirit of Thunder is revealed. J.P. spirit evolves to Beetlemon and, although ecstatic, fights Snimon. After a brief struggle, Beetlemon is victorious and purifies Snimon. Now freed, the Kokuwamon go home and the DigiDestined continue on their way. Meanwhile the Minomon report about this encounter to a mysterious figure.

While still traveling alone, Koji climbs along KaratsukiNumemon Mountain and hears several cries for help. Inside a cave, Koji finds several female KaratsukiNumemon caged and attempts to help them by breaking the lock. Before he can, however, a mysterious shadow appears and knocks him off the side of the mountain.

The other DigiDestined are thrown out of a restaurant for not having an acceptable currency and decide to look for work so they can eat. They quickly find a sign claiming to want heroes, with meals for free and the group quickly volunteer. Their employers, it turns out, are male KaratsukiNumemon. After they hitch a ride on a Trailmon (Worm), the KaratsukiNumemon fill the DigiDestined in on what happened. A Digimon, Grumblemon, came to their mountain and demanded to know where its fractal code was. The KaratsukiNumemon didn't know, so Grumblemon took their females captive. The DigiDestined promise to help the KaratsukiNumemon, but in order to reach their home they must travel up a completely vertical mountainside. When they arrive at the KaratsukiNumemon's home, they find Koji, who, after falling from the mountain, was discovered by the male KaratsukiNumemon. After dinner, Koji fills the others in on where the females are hidden. When J.P. lets slip that they're all Legendary Warriors, the KaratsukiNumemon become anxious and insist that the children get some sleep.

When the children wake up, they find themselves hanging from the side of a cliff. The KaratsukiNumemon reveal that Grumblemon is also a Legendary Warrior and they are assuming that the children are in league with him. Planning to trade them for the females, the KaratsukiNumemon attempt to bargain with Grumblemon when he arrives. They realize the mistake too late, however, and Grumblemon attacks. Koji manages to cut himself loose and spirit evolves to Lobomon. He and Grumblemon begin to fight while the others are released. Lobomon ends up clinging to the edge of a broken wall, while Grumblemon steps on his hands, hoping to make him fall. Agunimon and Beetlemon begin to fight Grumblemon while Kazemon and Kumamon help Lobomon.

After Kazemon helps him up, Lobomon joins the attackers, while Kazemon and Kumamon go to free the females. Due to poor coordination, however, no one is able to attack Grumblemon properly. After the captives are freed, Beetlemon gets an idea and apparently defeats Grumblemon. Unfortunately, the mountain's fractal code is exposed, and Grumblemon appears again. He slide evolves back and forth between his Human Spirit, Grumblemon, and his Beast Spirit, Gigasmon. He then steals the fractal code, making the mountain dissolve and the children are separated as they fall.

From the destruction of KaratsukiNumemon Mountain, Takuya, Koji, and Tommy fall onto a floating island filled with toys. Unknown to them that, the island is being piloted by ShadowToyAgumon who want to go to the human world so they can bully children. They begin to explore the island, and Koji becomes annoyed when Tommy starts playing with the toys. Takuya, apparently not wanting Koji to think he is childish too, tells Tommy to stop playing and they continue on. Koji suggests that they go to the Forest Terminal to meet up with Zoe and J.P., but Tommy is distracted by toys again, and Koji becomes angry. His attitude angers Takuya, who scolds him for being so mean to a little kid. Tommy manages to get them to stop fighting, and they all board a toy train to cover more ground. The group flees from Monzaemon who believes they are playing, and Takuya offers Tommy a piggy-back ride. Koji gets into an argument over Takuya babying Tommy, but Tommy breaks up the fight, until they are spotted by a ShadowToyAgumon. He orders Monzaemon to kidnap them, but when he hesitates he is turned into WaruMonzaemon.

Meanwhile Zoe, J.P., Bokomon, and Neemon travel along a stream on a log, wondering how the others are doing. After another heated argument between Koji and Takuya, the group continues on until WaruMonzaemon kidnaps Tommy, using his special technique to incapacitate Takuya and Koji. When the older boys attempt to chase after, WaruMonzaemon uses his Heartbreak Attack and the boys both become too depressed to continue until after WaruMonzaemon has escaped. Takuya begins to worry over Tommy, and his comment that Takuya treats Tommy like a little brother softens Koji to him. A toy brings them to the ShadowToyAgumon's Lavender Castle, except they get the bridge taken out from out of them. Pandamon saves them and explains the situation, sending them on their way.

Takuya and Koji are ambushed by ShadowToyAgumon, who can merge into different states, but manage to defeat them with teamwork and revert them into ToyAgumon. They try to rescue Tommy, but it turns out that he is simply playing video games with the reverted Monzeamon, having realized that's all he really wanted him for. The repentant ToyAgumon fly the DigiDestined off the island. Meanwhile, the others just landed on the riverbank with no clue as to their location.

Afterwards J.P., Zoe, Neemon, and Bokomon are walking through a field of very tall flowers when a Tsunomon darts past and startles them. A Togemon comes through the field, demanding for Tsunomon to return. She spot the humans and, after retrieving Tsunomon, invites them to the Digimon School. The group is a first reluctant, but once they are told that there will be food, they agree.

At the school, the young Digimon greet the humans, and they have an average school day with the visitors interacting at various stages. During the day, however, they observe the way that the students ostracize Tsunomon from any group activities. It reminds Zoe of her own ostracization due to her childhood spent in Italy. When J.P. unwittingly insults Tsunomon, he runs off and falls into a river. Zoe tries to save him, but she falls in too. Tsunomon digivolves to Gabumon to save them both, and he reveals that the reason why the other Digimon don't want to play with him is because they're scared of him and his ability to digivolve.

It begins to rain, which worries Tsunomon because the school once flooded after a huge rain. They spirit evolve and return to the school, whose students take refuge atop the school. The DigiDestined work to protect the school, except Kapurimon falls into the water. Tsunomon, taking strength from the fact that even J.P., who is scared of thunder and lightning as a human, is fearlessly helping out as Beetlemon, digivolves and saves Kapurimon. When the rains clear, Gabumon finds himself accepted by the students. The class builds the DigiDestined a boat for sailing across the plains. They meet up with Takuya, Koji, and Tommy, just as they parachute out of the ToyAgumon's plane.

The DigiDestined, having reunited, enters the Forest Kingdom and decides to set up camp for the night in the TV Forest. Zoe finds some meat apples and half the group searches for more while the others look for firewood. Later, they build a fire and roast the meat apples. Takuya begins to wonder why, when all five of the children have their Spirits, they were unable to defeat Grumblemon. Takuya asks Bokomon to check his book for anything called a "Beast Spirit" and (with some help from Neemon) finds a hidden page. They learn that there are two forms for each spirit, Human and Beast, but they are still unsure of how to find their beast spirit. Suddenly, a cloud passes over the moon, darkening the area. The tree trunks around them begin to glow and they find that there are TVs in the trunks, allowing them to look into the human world. In one of the tree trunks, Tommy sees his mother. The moon shines again and the images fade. Tommy begins to cry, missing his mother. To cheer Tommy up, Takuya gives him a hot dog flavored meat apple and J.P. does some magic. Tommy briefly leaves the group to get another meat apple from the fire and Bakumon appears and uses Nightmare Syndrome on him.

The group goes to sleep while J.P. and Takuya stay up and talk. Takuya says he misses his younger brother, Shinya, and Tommy reminds him of him. Takuya senses that something is wrong so he and J.P. look around to find the source. Koji, who has yet to fall asleep, wonders about the cryptic messages he's received from the voice from his D-Tector when he hears Tommy sobbing in his sleep, who also wakes Zoe. Tommy has a nightmare about everyone keeping him from seeing his mother and when he wakes up, he falls into a trance and becomes angry at everyone. He spirit evolves into Kumamon and begins to attack the group. J.P. says that they should spirit evolve to fight Tommy, but the others disagree, so they remain in their human forms and continue to evade Tommy. Koji and Takuya both notice something moving around the area and Koji spirit evolves into Lobomon. J.P. becomes irritated with Koji for spirit evolving, but Zoe points out that Koji must have a good reason. Takuya then spots Bakumon again and spirit evolves into Agunimon to attack him.

Bakumon attempts to use Nightmare Syndrome against Agunimon, but Takuya manages to shake off the nightmare. Knowing that Tommy must be going through the same thing, Agunimon tries to reason with him and then attacks Bakumon and purifies him. Tommy returns to his human form without memory of attacking the others. Everyone except Koji goes to sleep and Bakumon gives them good dreams. Koji's D-Tector begins to beep, and he is told that his Beast Spirit awaits him.

Upon waking up, Takuya, Tommy, J.P. and Zoe rush around the campsite looking for Koji, Bokomon, and Neemon until they find a note saying that Koji went on alone and that Bokomon and Neemon joined him. Angry at being left behind, the group follow them.

Meanwhile, Neemon and Bokomon are following Koji, much to his annoyance. As he attempts to run away, they all fall down a drop off and run into a young Gotsumon that is seeking a jewel to unlock a Spirit. Bokomon asks him if he knows how to get to Forest Terminal and the Gotsumon admits that he does, but refuses to tell them anything before running off. Koji and the others give chase, but just as they catch up to the Gotsumon, Gigasmon attacks the Gotsumon Village. Koji spirit evolves into Lobomon to defend the villagers, but is easily knocked unconscious when the ground is split apart. Gotsumon comes to his aid but notices that a jewel has been knocked loose in the battle. Gotsumon brings Koji to his village to recover, but the two end up fighting, and Gotsumon departs, determined to become a Legendary Warrior himself.

The rest of the group is making their way toward the Gotsumon Village when Gigasmon notices them and attacks, drawing the attention of both Gotsumon and Koji. The group spirit evolves and Koji begins to make his way over to join them. The main group begins to battle, but Gigasmon is too powerful and knocks the Fractal Code out of Kumamon. Kazemon pushes him out of the way and her Spirit is stolen by Gigasmon, returning her to human form. Lobomon joins the fight and manages to push Gigasmon back to allow the others a reprieve.

Meanwhile, Gotsumon has found the jewel and is attempting to unlock the Spirit by placing it in a statue. Koji is knocked into the opposite side of the statue and, as Gigasmon prepares to finish him off, Gotsumon defends him and gives Koji the jewel. Koji quickly scales the statue and places the jewel in its third eye and releases the B Spirit of Light, spirit evolving to KendoGarurumon. Unfortunately, Koji cannot control his Beast Spirit and the ensuing battle between him and Gigasmon results in the two falling off a cliff as Koji reverts to human form. Gotsumon manages to catch him, however as he pulls him up, he says that by learning to ask for help, they were both able to be heroes.

Grumblemon, still enraged at having been beaten by KendoGarurumon, creates a Golemon from the earth. The two then set out to find the DigiDestined.

The humans, however, are still mourning the loss of Zoe's spirit. J.P. promises to get it back for her, but Koji finds that impractical and wants to continue on to the Forest Terminal. A fight breaks out, with Zoe trying to calm the two by saying that going to the Forest Terminal is a better idea. Bokomon then interrupts and tells the children he knows what they should do. He takes them to the Fortuneteller Village, where they encounter several strange Digimon with even stranger fortune telling techniques until Bokomon leads them to Shamanmon. Shamanmon tells them that they will fight an old foe with a new friend, and that a friend will become a foe.

The group scoffs at him, but Shamanmon tells them that Takuya and Tommy will face the greatest trial. The ground begins to rumble as Grumblemon and Golemon attack the village. Takuya, J.P. and Tommy spirit evolve to fight back, but when Koji attempts to use his beast spirit, Grumblemon uses his magic water to trap him and keep him from spirit evolving. The other three pick up the slack and fight Golemon, but find that their attacks are useless against him. They focus all their attacks together and manage to knock down Golemon, so Grumblemon slide evolves to Gigasmon, He quickly gains the upper hand and steals Tommy's spirit, returning him to human form.

Suddenly, a Digimon bursts from Shamanmon's home and begins to attack Gigasmon. The Digimon proves to be very powerful and destroys Golemon and drives Gigasmon away, subsequently freeing Koji. The group decides that the Digimon is too dangerous and turns to leave until they hear it shout, "Help me!" and Agunimon realizes that the B Spirit of Flame had been in Shamanmon's home and possessed him. Agunimon battles him to save Shamanmon and when Shamanmon manages to gain enough control to hold himself in place, Agunimon manages to defeat and purify him and take the beast spirit. He slide evolves into BurningGreymon but is unable to control his beast spirit and attacks Beetlemon and then Koji, who spirit evolves into KendoGarurumon. The two face off, but BurningGreymon is completely out of control.

BurningGreymon is still out of control as KendoGarurumon and Beetlemon attempt to stop him from rampaging. Bokomon, Neemon, Zoe, and Tommy, incapable of fighting, begin to flee, but Tommy begins to hate being useless. Remembering how he used to be bullied, Tommy resolves to finally do something and tries to talk BurningGreymon down. BurningGreymon grabs Tommy and tries to hurt him, but Tommy tells him that real courage isn't fighting bullies in fear but just standing up to them, and when Tommy begins to cry, BurningGreymon remembers that they're friends. He puts Tommy down and returns to being Takuya, crying.

Once the group has recovered and returned to human form, they decide to find Grumblemon again to regain their lost Spirits. They begin to travel through a forest with strange roots. They come upon a maze of roots that end in several Xs and one O. They decide to take the maze, and Takuya and Tommy end up in the O and the others end up in Xs. Those in the Xs suddenly get trapped in mud, and as Tommy and Takuya try to help them out, Grumblemon appears. Takuya threatens to spirit evolve into BurningGreymon, but Grumblemon points out that it's only a threat if he can control his beast spirit. Because he is defenseless, Tommy climbs a tree while Takuya spirit evolves into Agunimon. Grumblemon becomes Gigasmon and after a brief skirmish, Gigasmon snatches up Tommy. Agunimon begins to chase him in the treetops, but Gigasmon knocks him to the ground and Takuya returns to his human form.

Koji realizes that a human spirit can't stand up to a beast spirit and tells Takuya to become BurningGreymon. Although he is initially afraid to do so, Zoe reminds him of what Tommy said. He decides to beast spirit evolve and becomes BurningGreymon again. He rescues Tommy from Gigasmon and while Tommy goes to help the others, Takuya continues to fight. He slide evolves to Agunimon and leads Gigasmon out of the forest. No longer afraid of burning down the forest, Takuya changes back to BurningGreymon and attacks Gigasmon, knocking the Fractal Code out of him. He returns Tommy's spirit to him and steals the Beast Spirit of Earth. He attempts to get Zoe's spirit back, but Grumblemon escapes and returns to his hideout. There, it is revealed that the other four Legendary Warriors are in fact working under Cherubimon.

The DigiDestined finally arrive at the Forest Terminal but find that no one is there except for a Deramon and his restaurant, Dera Soba. Deramon offers them free food, which they happily accept until they realize that it tastes awful; they leave and continue on foot. Their path is completely deserted and covered in fog, and the group begins to feel lost. However, one by one, their D-Tectors begin to react, leading them to a castle that Sorcermon is guarding. Once he realizes that they are not enemies, Sorcermon leads the children into the castle and shows them Seraphimon, one of the three Celestial Digimon chosen to rule over the Digital World. Unfortunately, he is encased in crystal, but the D-Tectors begin to glow, and the children point the light at Seraphimon and release him.

The children demand answers from him, and Seraphimon tells them of the legend of Lucemon and the Ten Legendary Warriors. He also tells them that he, Ophanimon, Cherubimon were chosen to protect the world until Cherubimon turned against them out of a lust for power. Sorcermon and Seraphimon both know that once they join forces with Ophanimon, they will be able to defeat Cherubimon. Seraphimon asks the children to return home, but the evil Legendary Warriors, Ranamon, Mercurymon, Arbormon, and Grumblemon appear and attack them. All but Zoe spirit evolve, but they are outmatched. Seraphimon joins the battle to protect the children, but Mercurymon reflects his attacks and steals his Fractal Code. Seraphimon turns into a Digi-Egg, and Zoe quickly grabs it to keep it safe. Sorcermon helps the children escape down a secret tunnel, but when the other warriors follow them, he sacrifices himself to allow them to get away on a Trailmon (Kettle).

Escaping from Seraphimon's castle, Trailmon (Kettle) brings the children to an underground cavern, and Bokomon takes Seraphimon's egg from Zoe to properly hatch it. Unsure of where they are, the children begin to look for a way out, but they only find a large, icy cavern with a pool in the center. The group begins to look for an exit, but suddenly a Whamon appears from the pool and is uncharacteristically out of control. Koji and Takuya both spirit evolve to calm down Whamon. Zoe asks him what's wrong and Whamon tells them about how he was trapped in the cavern after Grumblemon stole some fractal code that resulted in part of the ocean being sucked into the cavern.

Grumblemon, having seen Kettle head back toward Seraphimon's castle and backtrack the way he came, appears and uses more magic to create a small army of Golemon. Arbormon, who was hidden, grapples Lobomon and Agunimon, taking them out of the fight and beating them. No longer able to stand on the sidelines, Tommy and J.P. spirit evolve. J.P., however, was accidentally injured by Whamon when he was thrashing around and is quickly defeated. When Grumblemon moves in for a finishing blow, Whamon attacks, incidentally releasing the B Spirit of Thunder that he accidentally swallowed.

J.P. beast spirit evolves to MetalKabuterimon and is initially completely out of control, blasting the cavern around them and defeating Arbormon as Petaldramon. JP gains control over his Beast Spirit and turns on Grumblemon and the last Golemon. With one shot, JP destroys both Grumblemon and Golemon and gets Grumblemon's Human Spirit while returning Zoe's to her. However, the cave begins to collapse due to damage it took and water rushes in. Whamon takes the group into his mouth and returns to the ocean, ferrying them to an island as thanks.

After being teased by Mercurymon that she does not have her beast spirit, Ranamon contacts her fan club, telling them to search for her beast spirit. As it turns out, her fan club is made up of several Toucanmon, and they happen to be located on the same island that Whamon takes the DigiDestined to. All the children except Koji become excited at the idea that they're on a beach, and all want to take a break. Although Koji initially wants to keep to the mission, the others convince him to rest. Spotting the Toucan Paradise, they find that it's run by the Toucanmon and are given a free meal. The Toucanmon then give them free beach rentals, and the DigiDestined go for a swim.

When the boys check the changing room, they find their D-Tectors gone. They confront the Toucanmon, demanding their D-Tectors back, but they refuse as Ranamon appears. Because the others are without their Spirits, Zoe spirit evolves into Kazemon to fight her. As they fight, Ranamon senses her beast spirit and finds it in a sunken ship. She beast spirit evolves into Calmaramon. The Toucanmon are disgusted by her ugliness and leave, still in possession of the D-Tectors. Meanwhile, Kazemon continues to battle Calmaramon, but right when Calmaramon seems to have the upper hand, she uses her Titanic Tempest attack and loses control, flying away from the DigiDestined. The children realize that the Toucanmon still have their D-Tectors, and decide to chase after them.

While the DigiDestined search for them, the Toucanmon become depressed that Ranamon turned ugly when she beast spirit evolved. They attempt to throw away the D-Tectors but then decide to sell them for money to other fans of Ranamon. As they fly to a nearby island, they are spotted by the children, and Takuya and Zoe chase after them until they are stopped by several Gomamon. They tell them that the water is dangerous because of whirlpools surrounding the Goma Island; they know this because they once lived there until Cherubimon began to destroy the world and have been separated from their home and friends ever since. The group initially decides to find a flying digimon to take them over to the island, but Zoe is moved by how sad the Gomamon seem and convinces her friends to help them. They build a raft and begin to approach the whirlpools, but Ranamon appears.

Zoe spirit evolves to hold her off while the others look for a way past the whirlpools. The two briefly fight, but Ranamon shoots down Kazemon, and she falls into a whirlpool. Just as she is beginning to lose hope, however, she finds she can breathe and a clam shell opens to reveal her beast spirit. She beast spirit evolves to Zephyrmon and begins to battle Ranamon again. Ranamon slide evolves to Calmaramon and gains the upper hand, but the boys call her ugly names and distract her, allowing Zephyrmon to defeat her. Calmaramon again attempts to use her Titanic Tempest, but just as before, she loses control and flies away. With Zoe's beast spirit now retrieved, the whirlpools have disappeared and the group is able to go to the island and the Gomamon are reunited with their friends. Unfortunately, they learn that the Toucanmon have already left for the Autumn Leaf Fair on another continent.

The DigiDestined, following the Toucanmon who took their D-Tectors, head toward the Autumn Leaf Fair on their raft. They reach an arctic area, but their speeding raft flies off the water and onto the snow, ultimately leading the group to the fair. They split up, asking many Digimon for help, but none are able to give them a lead. Eventually, Tommy finds a pawn shop where he plays a video game with a Datamon. He learns that the Datamon traded the Toucanmon for the D-Tectors and tries to convince Datamon to return them to their rightful owners. Unimpressed and skeptical, Datamon ignores Tommy and begins to tinker with his digivice, making Tommy become anxious. Arbormon calls and says he will go get the D-Tectors at the store, but Tommy's earnestness softens Datamon, and he promises to hold the D-Tectors for an hour until Tommy finds something to trade.

The Toucanmon, having been bullied by Arbormon, make their way back to the Autumn Leaf Fair, where Tommy promptly finds them. They run out onto thin ice and it breaks. Tommy takes the camera they traded for the D-Tectors but ultimately is unable to leave the Toucanmon in the icy water. However, once he helps them, they simply take the camera and leave. Takuya and Koji find Tommy shortly later and he cries in Takuya's arms.

Arbormon catches up with the Toucanmon and takes them to Datamon's store, demanding a trade back. Unwilling to break his promise to Tommy, he says that he must inspect the goods first. When he picks up the camera, he sees the film of Tommy helping the Toucanmon and refuses to trade with Arbormon. Enraged, Arbormon slide evolves into Petaldramon and destroys Datamon's store. Koji, Takuya, and Tommy notice the commotion and hurry to help.

While Takuya and Koji grab makeshift weapons to fight Petaldramon, Tommy sees to Datamon and apologizes for not having anything to trade. Datamon, impressed by Tommy's kindness and generosity, says that truth is the best treasure and gives Tommy the D-Tectors. He also says he added something to Tommy's D-Tector—his beast spirit which is the prize in the game Tommy won. Tommy beast spirit evolves into Korikakumon and defends Takuya and Koji. Although he is able to fight well against Petaldramon, the others soon realize he is unable to control his beast spirit and is trapped by Petaldramon's Thorn Jab attack. Datamon gives Takuya and Koji their D-Tectors back and they spirit evolve into Agunimon and Lobomon to help. Agunimon and Lobomon free Korikakumon who defeats Petaldramon and sends him flying away. After reuniting with the others and returning their D-Tectors, they are contacted by Ophanimon. She directs them to go to the Rose Morning Star, and so the the group begins the next part of their journey via Trailmon using tickets Zoe won in an eating contest.

The DigiDestined, all anxious to get to the Rose Morning Star, take a Trailmon to get there. Unbeknownst to them, however, it is the day of the Great Trailmon Race and so they are forced to get off at a town they are unfamiliar with. They explore until they come to the Trailmon race track. Upon learning that the winner gets a cheeseburger, the DigiDestined are eager to join. When the other riders are scared off when ShadowWereGarurumon joins the race, the group partners with the different Trailmon to compete. The race begins, but Neemon immediately loses due to falling asleep and failing to start moving at all. J.P. spirit evolves to look cool, but they are forced to quit due to a Raremon on the tracks. Shortly later, the group comes to a bridge with Takuya in the lead and ShadowWereGarurumon right behind him. Once they pass, Doggymon, who has teamed up with ShadowWereGarurumon, uses an explosive to take out the bridge. Koji and his Trailmon (Franken) manage to jump the gap, but Zoe and Tommy are forced to spirit evolve. Kumamon creates a track of ice for Trailmon (Angler) and Kazemon manages to lift Trailmon (Mole) to safety, but she is eliminated.

The remaining Trailmon come to a narrow mountain pass. Takuya, who is in the lead, is nudged by Trailmon (Buffalo) until he falls off. Kumamon catches Takuya and helps him up to Trailmon (Worm). Takuya spirit evolves and quickly gets into a fight with ShadowWereGarurumon and Doggymon. Koji spirit evolves and helps Takuya fight. Unfortunately, this leaves Franken unguarded and Doggymon eats his brakes. Lobomon attempts to stop Franken, but they are going downhill and fall off a cliff. Kumamon grabs Franken to keep him from falling and Lobomon slide evolves into KendoGarurumon, managing to cling to a canyon wall. Unfortunately, Angler must support the weight of Franken as well and slides off the cliff. KendoGarurumon breaks the fall of both Trailmon and Kumamon, but they are all eliminated.

Takuya and ShadowWereGarurumon enter the tunnel in the mountain, and yet again there is foul play when Doggymon throws a bomb to take Worm off the tracks. Worm begins to leak gasoline, which is ignited by some nearby DemiMeramon. Takuya slide evolves to BurningGreymon and he and Worm manage to make it out of the tunnel just as it explodes. They begin to race without a track and Takuya uses Wildfire Tsunami against ShadowWereGarurumon with Worm's help. They knock Buffalo out and win the race. They learn that the prize isn't a cheeseburger but a trip to the Hamburger Digimon Village.

Petaldramon, who always craves burgers when the three moons align, raids Hamburger Village, looking for delicious food. Impressed by one Burgermon's cooking ability, he kidnaps him and takes him away from his family. Petaldramon tells them he will only release the Father Burgermon if someone can make a better burger the next day and leaves. The next morning, the DigiDestined arrive in Burgermon Village and when they learn of the Burgermon's predicament, they all agree to help and attempt to make a better burger. The children get cooking and through a series of accidents, Tommy finds a delicious new flavor.

So Bokomon and Neemon test the burgers, finding Zoe's and J.P.'s good, but Koji's and Takuya's are disgusting due to their lack of cooking experience. Koji and Takuya begin to get competitive and start to make new burgers, while the others sit outside, waiting to try Tommy's burgers. The Chamelemon come on the orders of Petaldramon and taste Tommy's burgers and find them delicious. Rather than freeing Burgermon, however, they kidnap J.P., Zoe, and Tommy to make more burgers. The young TorikaraBallmon, Burgermon's children, follow them to help, but end up captured and used as leverage to make the others cook. When seeing them threatened, however, J.P., Zoe, and Tommy spirit evolve to protect them and fight the Chamelemon.

The TorikaraBallmon are released and they help the children track the Chamelemon, who blend into their surroundings smoothly. The Chamelemon are quickly defeated and purified by Kumamon and de-digivolve to Armadilomon who run away. Petaldramon then comes to get his burgers and the children slide evolve to their beast spirits and fight him. Burgermon distracts Petaldramon with the burgers and he stuffs himself so full of them, he falls asleep in the kitchen. MetalKabuterimon collapses the castle on Petaldramon and everyone returns to Hamburger Village. Meanwhile, Koji and Takuya are still arguing over who makes the better burger. At the end of the episode, Petaldramon wakes up, but decides he's too tired to continue and falls back asleep.

At their hidden lair, Arbormon, Mercurymon, and Ranamon meet with Cherubimon to give him the Fractal Code that they've collected. Cherubimon notices that Mercurymon has not handed over Seraphimon's Fractal Code, but decides to let him keep it for the time being. Cherubimon makes it clear that he is aware of the humans in the Digital World and Arbormon says he will take care of them. Shortly later, Duskmon and Mercurymon get into a conflict, with Duskmon questioning Mercurymon's loyalty and Mercurymon calling Duskmon a coward for having never set foot on the battlefield. Duskmon walks away, but he begins to contemplate fighting the children, as they've become an annoyance.

The DigiDestined continue their journey toward the Rose Morning Star by Trailmon (Franken). They notice, however, that the clouds near the Rose Morning Star are very dark despite it being midday, and Franken suddenly stops and dumps them out, refusing to carry them any further. Bokomon reveals that they are at the border of the Continent of Darkness, a place where many Digimon have traveled, but none have returned to tell its secrets. Takuya, however, is optimistic and the other DigiDestined support him in the decision to risk traveling across the continent, much to Bokomon's dismay, so they head through the Dark Gate to the Forest of the Continent of Darkness.

Everyone soon finds the Continent of Darkness disturbing, however, and some consider turning back until they find glowing moss to light their way. They soon find their voices echoed by something and when Koji throws his moss at the source, they discover a group of Pipismon. Bokomon is shocked to find that such peaceful and gentle creatures live in the Dark Continent, and Takuya suggests writing down what he learns about the continent and after some encouragement, Bokomon decides not only to write about the Continent of Darkness, but also the Legendary Warriors.

Before they can continue, however, Arbormon appears and after destroying the Pipismon, slide evolves into Petaldramon. The children beast spirit evolve to fight Petaldramon, but he eats a tree and becomes huge. They seem to be outmatched until they attack together, culminating in Zoe and Takuya combining their attacks and knock the Fractal Code out of him; Koji slide evolves to Lobomon and steals the Beast Spirit of Wood. Duskmon then appears and destroys Arbormon, stating that he is useless without his beast spirit.

After defeating Arbormon, Duskmon begins to fight all the Legendary Warriors. Their attacks do little to hurt him until BurningGreymon gets angry and engulfs him in fire. Lobomon is skeptical of victory and tells everyone to run away, much to Takuya's chagrin. They begin to bicker, but Bokomon breaks it up by suggesting food. As they're setting up camp, Takuya and Tommy come up with a plan to defeat Duskmon, but Koji gets angry and takes Takuya aside to talk. Koji insists that Duskmon is too powerful, and the two fight. Koji asks Takuya if he knows why he's here.

When Takuya says it's to save the world, there is hesitance in his voice and Koji doesn't think he knows what that means. Koji says that Takuya doesn't get it; he thinks it's obvious that Takuya doesn't care if he gets hurt and asks for a promise that none of the others will—and that if he can't make that promise, then he should go home now. Suddenly, Duskmon attacks and the DigiDestined put their plan into motion. It fails when Duskmon absorbs all the attacks. He turns to attack Agunimon, but KendoGarurumon jumps in the way and reverts back to Koji, who is seriously injured. Takuya screams Koji's name, gathering him in his arms, and Duskmon begins to act as if he's in pain and engulfs the area in darkness. When the darkness clears, Takuya finds himself alone and at the Dark Terminal. Demoralized and depressed about causing Koji's pain, Takuya is offered a ride home by the Dark Trailmon, and he accepts.

The Dark Trailmon takes Takuya to the same terminal that he left from to reach the Digital World. En route, he suddenly evolves to Flamemon, and when he arrives in the Human World, Flamemon sees the misty image of Duskmon, which causes him to flee above ground, where he hides once he realizes no longer has a human appearance. He eventually wanders home, where he realizes that he has returned to the day that he left and decides to stop himself from getting on the train and return to his normal life.

For his own point of view, he relives the day he first went to the Digital World, hounded by Duskmon's spectral image all the while. Along the way, he catches sight of a boy who looks like Koji, and when the elevator in the train terminal locks him out, the boy takes the stairs but stumbles and falls.

Once at the base of the elevator, Flamemon attempts to stop himself when he suddenly has an image of Koji's words to him. He realizes that, if he ran away, his friends would be in danger, and this gives him the courage to defeat the Duskmon specter that has been haunting him. Flamemon demands that the Dark Trailmon take him back, but it is a one way trip. Flamemon doesn't care, and with his newfound strength, he digivolves to Agunimon and enters the Digital World once more.

As Takuya in the form of Agunimon, returns to the battle site where his plan failed but is unable to find anyone. He begins to search for his friends, fearing the worst. He soon finds Bokomon and Neemon being tormented by a Sepikmon, who only wants to be friends. Sepikmon uses his Spirit Boomerang to lead them to Mercurymon, who is holding the others captive.

J.P., Zoe, and Tommy are being held by Mercurymon and Ranamon at the Old Castle while several Datamon attempt to release the Spirits in their D-Tectors. Ranamon becomes impatient and decides to force the location of Takuya and Koji out of the three by tickling Tommy and Zoe. When that fails, she uses an attack to torture J.P. Koji, who manages to track down his friends, spirit evolves to Lobomon to intervene, but he is still injured from his battle with Duskmon and finds himself overpowered, especially when Ranamon joins the fight as Calmaramon. Agunimon finally manages to find his friends but realizes how dire the situation is and that he needs to proceed cautiously. Now both at peace with himself and in tune with the Digital World, he and Lobomon manage to return the D-Tectors to J.P., Zoe, and Tommy, all of them drive off Ranamon and Mercurymon. Afterwards, everyone knows how much Takuya has grown up, but unknown to them, Mercurymon has a plan to defeat them.

The group resumes their course towards the Rose Morning Star. En route, however, they are drawn into a bizarre, seemingly living structure, leaving Bokomon and Neemon alone. The DigiDestined find themselves in a strange tunnel and as they explore, J.P. finds that the tunnel ends in an eye. A hand grows out of the wall and pushes J.P. through the eye and into the volcanic wasteland of the Earth Area. There, he encounters Volcamon, who taunts him and says that he has no friends. Although J.P. initially refuses to believe him, he becomes less and less confident that the other DigiDestined are his friends. J.P. spirit evolves into Beetlemon and defeats Volcamon, purifying him. After his victory, however, he begins to fear that Volcamon's implication that one of his friends pushed him through the eye is true. A voice begins to mock him and reminds him of the way his classmates would ignore him and were never truly his friends. The voice reveals that he is J.P.'s shadow and it begins to attack him via the earth and rock around him. Suddenly, a stadium is formed and his shadow self takes on a tangible form as Beetlemon. He continues to taunt him, saying that J.P. has never had any real friends.

He creates multiple illusions of Koji, Takuya, Zoe, and Tommy, who taunt him mercilessly. Beetlemon and his shadow begin to fight, but J.P. is severely outmatched and reverts to his human form. Just then, Zoe, Takuya, Koji, and Tommy stumble through the eyeball portal and begin to support J.P. in his battle. When Beetlemon says he will destroy them, J.P. becomes angry and beast spirit evolves into MetalKabuterimon. Unimpressed, his shadow also slide evolves into MetalKabuterimon. MetalKabuterimon fires his Electron Cannon at a close range, taking out his shadow and injuring himself, returning to human form. The rest of the group run over and make sure he's okay. Just as they are reunited, however, several hands appear and push everyone through new eyeball portals.

As Tommy finds himself in the volcanic Flame Area, separated from the others, all of whom have found themselves in their own worlds. He begins to search for his friends, while dealing with the memory of the harsh words his brother, Yutaka, said about Tommy and his dependence issues, he is attacked by a three-faced Digimon. As he runs away, unable to find time to spirit evolve, another Digimon, Asuramon appears and fends off an attack. He befriends Tommy and promises to help him find the other DigiDestined, with Asuramon giving him aid. When Tommy wants to stop, however, Asuramon goads him with saying that he has done Tommy favors, but Tommy refuses to believe friendship is based on that. Asuramon grows angry and reveals himself as the Digimon who attacked earlier; Tommy, taking strength from Yutaka's lesson that friendship is based on give and take rather than just take, defeats Asuramon and frees himself.

Meanwhile, Koji finds himself in the Wind Area. As he explores, he realizes he is being followed by something and encounters Karatenmon, who mocks him, saying he is unfit to be the Legendary Warrior of Light and demands his spirits. Koji spirit evolves and the two fight, Karatenmon continuing psychological warfare with his attempts to crack Koji's exterior. When Karatenmon pokes at Koji's relationship with his stepmother, it angers Koji enough to defeat him. The world darkens around him and another eye portal opens for him, taking him to another world.

Zoe who is trapped in Sakkakumon's Water Area, is unaware that some of Ranamon's fans, the Honeybeemon, are plotting to trap her. When their traps backfire and Zoe unknowingly helps them, the Honeybeemon grow fond of her and give her food and drink, upsetting Ranamon, who has been watching the whole affair with Mercurymon's help. Ranamon intervenes with the help of a poisoned apple. When given the apple, Zoe is reminded of her own failing in the past and the callous ways she treated her classmates due to her ostracization. Zoe overcomes these weaknesses, however, and when the Honeybeemon betray Ranamon, Zoe defeats and scans her. An eye portal opens and Zoe escapes from Sakkakumon, rejoining Tommy, Bokomon, and Neemon, as well as J.P., who escapes from the Wood Area by defeating a Cherrymon. Takuya, meanwhile, deals with a Parrotmon in the Thunder Area and heads further into Sakkakumon.

While J.P., Zoe, and Tommy are now all outside Sakkakumon but are worried about Takuya and Koji. When they see a silhouette of Koji in one of Sakkakumon's spheres, they spirit evolve and attempt to break in to help him but find themselves knocked back to the ground. Seconds later, Duskmon forces himself into the sphere holding Koji and the others become worried. After fiddling around with her D-Tector for some time, Zoe is able to talk to Takuya and warn him that Duskmon has entered Sakkakumon and may be after Koji.

Koji, meanwhile, has found his way to the Darkness Area and is immediately attacked by Duskmon, who has become determined to uncover their connection and uses his abilities to read Koji's mind. Koji remembers the day he left for the Digital World, having gone to buy flowers for his mother. Duskmon finds these memories troubling and begins to see memories from another perspective—that of the mysterious boy from Takuya's return home. Koji's memories continue, going back to an encounter with his father, who asks Koji to accept his stepmother, even though it has been difficult for him since his mother died. Duskmon releases Koji and seems to be in pain until Cherubimon materializes and reminds Duskmon that as the Warrior of Darkness, he cannot afford to show mercy. Seeming to regain direction, Duskmon calms himself and prepares to fight Koji, who spirit evolves into Lobomon. After a brief struggle, Koji slide evolves into KendoGarurumon, but even with his beast spirit he cannot stand up to Duskmon and with one strike, he reverts back to human form. Duskmon prepares to finish off Koji but becomes shaken when Koji feels remorse for his coldness to his stepmother.

Meanwhile, Takuya enters the Ice Area and reluctantly battles IceLeomon, who is under the control of Cherubimon. After purifying him, two eye portals open. Although Takuya almost takes the portal to the outside, he recalls Tommy's warning that once outside, it's impossible to get back in. Remembering that Koji is still trapped, he chooses the other portal and begins to look for his friend.

Outside, Seraphimon's egg begins to squirm before floating up and giving power to Koji, allowing him to fusion evolve into BeoWolfmon. BeoWolfmon and Duskmon begin to fight viciously and, as they cross blades, they glimpse each other's human forms—and Koji is shocked, because Duskmon's human form looks just like him. Suddenly, an eye portal opens and the two are both thrown out, far away from the others. Takuya arrives in the Darkness Area but is too late, and he watches his friend and enemy vanish.

Takuya, who is now alone in Sakkakumon, finds himself in the Steel Area, where he encounters Mercurymon. Mercurymon taunts him, calling Takuya weak and using his home environment to his advantage by slipping from reflective surface to reflective surface, making it impossible for Takuya to hurt him. After a while, Mercurymon stops toying with Takuya and beckons him to the next sphere, the Light Area. Takuya enters, but only sees a cathedral and becomes suspicious. Before long, however, Mercurymon appears again and summons up Seraphimon's Fractal Code, much to Takuya's anger. When Takuya demands that Seraphimon be released, Mercurymon complies—but changes him into ShadowSeraphimon by combining their data. ShadowSeraphimon easily batters Agunimon around until he slide evolves into BurningGreymon. Even with the added power, however, he is unable to injure ShadowSeraphimon and with one attack, BurningGreymon reverts to his human form, leaving Takuya at ShadowSeraphimon's mercy.

Outside, the others become desperate to help Takuya and spirit evolve in an attempt to break into Sakkakumon. As ShadowSeraphimon prepares to destroy Takuya, Bokomon pleads with Seraphimon's egg to help them again. It glows and gives power to Takuya, allowing him to fusion evolve into Aldamon. ShadowSeraphimon attacks, but he has no effect on Aldamon and he is easily defeated and purified. Seraphimon's data is returned to the egg and Mercurymon retreats to the Steel Area, Aldamon following. The two face off a final time and Mercurymon is defeated and purified, freeing Takuya from Sakkakumon at last. Rejoining the others, he sees Seraphimon's egg hatch into Patamon.

While Zoe, Tommy, J.P., and Takuya, along with Bokomon, Neemon, and the newly hatched Patamon all celebrate Sakkakumon's defeat, however Takuya begins to worry about Koji. The group decides to go look for him, but the plan comes to a stop when Sakkakumon is revealed to be very much alive. Not only that, he's also copied all the attacks that the DigiDestined used while trapped inside his spheres and can use them against him. Everyone spirit evolves to prepare for combat, but Sakkakumon is able to return their attacks at double power. Zoe, Tommy, and J.P. all slide evolve to their beast spirits and they decide to attack all at once to keep Sakkakumon from reacting in time. Their plan fails and Sakkakumon returns their attacks.

Demoralized, J.P. suggests falling back and, knowing that losing faith will result in defeat, Takuya agrees. Zoe, J.P. and Tommy slide evolve to their human spirits and retreat, but Sakkakumon collapses into a ball and attempts to run them down. They are chased into a cave and follow a narrow tunnel until they reach a cavern. Once there, Sakkakumon stops glowing, engulfing the children in darkness and causing them fear. In their fear and confusion, they attempt to attack Sakkakumon, but end up hurting one another instead. They begin to bicker and grow angry and jealous until Takuya stops them, telling them to use their ability as digimon to track Sakkakumon. Confidence regained, they attack Sakkakumon all at once until Takuya realizes that Sakkakumon has never attacked from the center orb. While the others distract Sakkakumon, Aldamon attacks the center orb and defeats Sakkakumon, purifying and destroying him. Outside of the cavern, the group resumes the task of finding Koji, while Cherubimon, seeing his best warrior defeated, decides to dissolve "the seal".

As BeoWolfmon continues to chase after Duskmon, coming to one of his hideouts. When Duskmon tells Koji that his presence causes him pain, Koji asks if that is why he continues to hide in the shadows. Duskmon says that he hides because it is their destiny to fight and for darkness to overpower light. They engage in combat and their human selves are briefly glimpsed, startling each other.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group resolves to find Koji, fearing for his safety. Not knowing where to start, Patamon picks a random direction and they all begin to walk. J.P. and Zoe spirit evolve to search from the air, but they are unable to locate Koji. Patamon, however, begins to fly off after sensing Koji, and the group begins to follow him.

Duskmon and BeoWolfmon continue to fight as a shadowy Cherubimon watches. As he watches, however, he notices that the other DigiDestined are drawing near. His presence is sensed by Patamon, who becomes frightened and hides in Bokomon's waistband as the group is trapped by Cherubimon. They eventually work to dig their way out.

Duskmon finally gets the upperhand on BeoWolfmon and knocks him down. As he prepares for a finishing blow, he glimpses Koji as a human and hesitates. Taking advantage of this, BeoWolfmon knocks Duskmon back and prepares to attack with Cleansing Light. Before he can, however, Cherubimon interferes and attacks BeoWolfmon. Cherubimon knocks BeoWolfmon unconscious and takes Duskmon away, claiming that the Warrior of Darkness is his own creation.

To ensure that Duskmon does not escape his control, Cherubimon reminds Duskmon of the day he came to the Digital World. Duskmon remembers how, as Koichi, he had felt lost and abandoned. The anger and pain he felt drew Cherubimon to him and he was given the Human Spirit of Darkness. Because Koichi still had his human heart, he was troubled by his memories of Koji. Now, however, Cherubimon gives him his Beast Spirit and what little Koichi remembers is forgotten as he becomes Velgemon.

The battle between the Warriors of Light and Darkness resumes with Koichi as Velgemon. BeoWolfmon attacks but is easily deflected by Velgemon. Velgemon attempts to use Dark Obliteration on BeoWolfmon, but Koji dodges it at the last second. Despite dodging it, however, Koji still takes damage and reverts back to his human form as Velgemon swoops in to finish him off. Ophanimon interferes, however, using Koji's D-Tector to remind Koichi of his life in the human world and that Koji is his twin brother. Screaming in pain, Velgemon flies away, leaving Koji unscathed.

Velgemon, confused by the memories that Ophanimon stirred in him, flies away to think, leaving Koji alone just as the rest of the group catches up to him. After confirming that Koji is uninjured and introducing him to Patamon, they decide to leave for the Rose Morning Star. Koji, however, recalls Ophanimon's message to him shortly after he arrived in the Digital World, promising that things will become clear to him. Suspecting that she was referring to Velgemon, Koji runs off after him without an explanation. Takuya follows, intent on bringing him back, while the others decide to go on a scouting mission, leaving Bokomon, Neemon and Patamon behind.

After some exploring, J.P., Zoe, and Tommy discover train tracks and follow them to what seems to be a junkyard. There they stumble upon Trailmon (Angler), who reveals that they are in a Trailmon Graveyard. J.P. asks Angler if he knows anything about the Rose Morning Star, and Angler admits that he does—but begins coughing, making the children fear that he will soon die. Angler asks the children to help him stand, and J.P. spirit evolves to Beetlemon to help.

When Angler realizes they can all spirit evolve, he hints that if they give him a bath, he will tell them about the Rose Morning Star. Angler continues to hold the promise of information over their heads in exchange for favors, up until it looks like he is about to die. The DigiDestined mourn until they realize that Angler was merely undergoing a recovery process, shedding his own frame for a newer one. Angry, the children beast spirit evolve and intend to beat him up but decide he's too pathetic. They hitch a ride on Angler and he tells them that he once carried a container to a castle under the Rose Morning Star; he also speculates that inside the container was either Seraphimon or Ophanimon. Knowing that Seraphimon was reborn as Patamon, the children are able to deduce that it is Ophanimon who was taken to the castle.

Koji takes shelter in a ditch to escape a windstorm and contemplates his various encounters with Duskmon. He wonders why Duskmon would want to see his memories, then wonders if Duskmon is using him—or if Duskmon is him. Koji then notices that the storm has cleared and continues on. Meanwhile Takuya continues his search for Koji. Zoe, J.P., and Tommy return to the meeting place only to find that Patamon, Neemon, and Bokomon have wandered off as well. They debate for some time on what to do, but when they are unable to reach Takuya or Koji on their D-Tectors, they decide to wait.

Duskmon begins to feel tormented over the knowledge that Koji is his brother. Sensing that he may lose control over Koichi, Cherubimon reminds him of how much his mother suffered. As Koichi begins to feel angry and jealous, Cherubimon convinces him that Koji is the one responsible for their mother's suffering and that light is pain. Duskmon then slide evolves to Velgemon and begins to seek out Koji.

Meanwhile, Bokomon and Neemon search for Patamon, who has wandered off. When they find him, Patamon tells them he has something to show them and begins to fly away. As Bokomon follows, he bumps into Takuya, who still hasn't found Koji. Patamon then says he knows where Koji is and continues on, with the others following him. As Zoe, Tommy, and J.P. wait, they decide that they should do something and seek out Trailmon (Angler).

Velgemon finds Koji and attacks him. Koji fusion evolves to BeoWolfmon and attempts to talk to Velgemon, but he only slide evolves to Duskmon and attacks again. When BeoWolfmon asks him why he fights for evil, Duskmon reveals that he is Koichi Kimura, Koji's twin brother. He explains that when their parents divorced, they were each taken by one of them, Koji with their father and Koichi with their mother. He then reveals that their mother, whom Koji thought to be dead, is still alive. When Koji begins to believe Koichi, Duskmon relents, but Cherubimon's influence over him makes him attack again.

For a brief moment, Koji sees Koichi in his human form and Koji lets his guard down. Duskmon then uses Deadly Gaze at a point-blank range and BeoWolfmon reverts back to Koji's human form. Duskmon then slide evolves to Velgemon and begins to use Dark Obliteration. Takuya arrives just in time to push Koji out of range, and Patamon futilely tries to attack Velgemon. When Takuya urges Koji to spirit evolve, Koji refuses, telling Takuya that Velgemon is his brother who Cherubimon has been using him against them. Takuya then remembers his relationship with his little brother, Shinya, and he fights because it's the only way to save Koichi. After some hesitation, Koji joins the fight as BeoWolfmon and by combining his strength with Takuya, Velgemon is purified and the Spirits of Darkness are stored in his D-Tector. Koichi collapses to the ground, and Koji and Takuya approach him. Takuya recognizes him as the "other Koji" he saw at the train station during his brief trip home and wonders how all of this happened.

Returning to his human form, Koichi is overwhelmed by guilt. He is also recognized by Takuya as being the "other Koji" that he saw during his brief return to the Real World. Hearing this, Koji demands to know if everything is true and if their mother really is still alive. Koichi admits that everything is true and tells his story.

On her deathbed, Koichi's grandmother told him that he had a brother named Koji; this was all she could tell him and apparently passed away shortly after. However Koichi wanted to know more about Koji, and why they were separated. He managed to track his brother down but repeatedly found himself unable to approach Koji. Koichi never told anyone about Koji, not even his mother, who he felt was already too stressed to bother. When Koichi mentions seeing Koji on the train, Takuya jumps in says that he remembers seeing him there, and asks how Koichi got to the Digital World without a Trailmon. Koichi admits that he doesn't remember how he got to the Digital World and that after he fell down the stairs, everything became a big blur. The next thing he knew, he was in the Digital World. Alone in a strange world, Koichi felt angry and betrayed. His pain attracted Cherubimon, who gave him the Spirits of Darkness.

J.P., Zoe, and Tommy meet up with the others, and they all begin to travel on Trailmon (Angler), heading toward the Rose Morning Star. J.P., Tommy, and Zoe discuss Koichi and Koji, and Zoe comments that they look very sad. The gang stops for a break and Takuya decides to talk to Koji, who is unsure of how to act as a brother. Soon J.P., Zoe, and Tommy all give Koji support and advice. Meanwhile Koichi sits alone and wonders why the others don't hate him after all he's done. As Angler begins moving again, Patamon talks to Koichi and tells him that darkness isn't evil unless you let it be. Cherubimon then attacks them.

The team quickly spirit evolves, but Koichi is left defenseless without his Spirits. Their attacks on Cherubimon are futile, but BeoWolfmon uses his body to protect Koichi. The children revert to their human forms, and Koichi is the only one left unharmed. Cherubimon spots him and tells him that he's disappointed that he was defeated so easily by the DigiDestined. Koichi becomes angry and says that Cherubimon used and manipulated him, something Cherubimon promptly denies. He claims that he tried to give the Spirits of Darkness to many before Koichi, but it rejected them all, only accepting someone with a very dark heart.

He then offers to take Koichi in again, and Koichi admits that everything Cherubimon has said is true, but he doesn't want revenge anymore. Koichi says he would rather die than betray his brother and Cherubimon begins to move in. When Koji cries out Koichi's name, his D-Tector begins to glow and surround Koichi in light. From the light, a new D-Tector is created and the purified Spirits of Darkness enter it. Koichi realizes that he doesn't have to be afraid anymore or rely on evil and spirit evolves to Loweemon. Loweemon attacks Cherubimon and brings him to his knees. When Cherubimon calls upon a Lightning Spear, Koichi slide evolves to JagerLoweemon and delivers a final blow. Cherubimon begins to dissolve, but J.P. notices that there is no Fractal Code—this Cherubimon is a fake.

Cherubimon's voice is heard saying that he is impressed by Koichi's ability to unlock the true power of darkness and that he looks forward to meeting him in person at the Rose Morning Star. Koichi decides to head out on his own and tells the others to return home, but Koji refuses, saying that Darkness is weak without Light. The others agree and decide to come along as well, and the group heads out for the Rose Morning Star.

Finally arriving at the Rose Morning Star, the group is contacted again by Ophanimon, who warns them that Cherubimon is expecting them. Before she can talk to them any further, however, streams of fractal code interrupt her signal. Wondering what Cherubimon is using the fractal code for, Tommy suggests asking Koichi, who admits that he doesn't know why Cherubimon is collecting data. Takuya and the others decide to simply proceed to Cherubimon's Castle but not before spirit evolving.

They arrive at the gate, but find it locked and are attacked by Phantomon. Bokomon warns them that their crystals can capture them and hold them prisoner forever, whilst Patamon also warns them not to separate themselves, but too late when they begin to be taken captive one by one, leaving only Koichi behind. Knowing that he must act quickly, Koichi outsmarts the Phantomon and purifies them, releasing his friends. The gate opens and they proceed into the castle. Before long, they come to the Hall of Shadows and many twisted spirits reach out to them until Oryxmon appears. He offers to lead them to Ophanimon, but the group is skeptical until Patamon sits on his shoulders and says that he is a good digimon. They find Ophanimon trapped in the Light Barrier, but attempts by Beetlemon and Kazemon to free her are useless. Ophanimon tells them not to worry about her and recounts the tale of Lucemon again.

She explains that after Lucemon was defeated, she, Cherubimon, and Seraphimon protected the world. Unfortunately, Cherubimon saw the Digital World as being a place of chaos and his beliefs differed from Ophanimon and Seraphimon, who upheld love and law. Hoping to find a way to reconcile their beliefs with Cherubimon, the two met in private, but when Cherubimon discovered this, he misinterpreted their secrecy as a plot against him. Becoming evil, he turned the beast-type digimon against Ophanimon and Seraphimon and struck Seraphimon down. Ophanimon begged Cherubimon to spare Seraphimon. Her wish was granted, but she was imprisoned in the Rose Morning Star. Cherubimon then began to take fractal code from all over the Digital World, leaving it broken. Desperate, Ophanimon called out to the human world and found five pure-hearted humans to aid her.

Just as she finishes her story, Cherubimon appears, gloating. He mocks Ophanimon, saying that she was foolish and that he had allowed the children to come to the castle so he could take their spirits and make himself strong. Thanks to Ophanimon and the DigiDestined, his plan is finally coming to fruition.

Saying that Oryxmon has outlived his usefulness, Cherubimon destroys him, much to the shock of the DigiDestined. Cherubimon then taunts Koichi, saying that he was only a pawn. Enraged, he attacks Cherubimon but is shocked to find that his attacks are weak, as there is no darkness for him to draw upon. Cherubimon decides to take back the Spirits of Darkness and attacks Koichi, but Koji and Takuya quickly fusion evolve into Aldamon and BeoWolfmon.

They manage to get Loweemon away from Cherubimon, but they only hurt each other with their attacks. Patamon and Ophanimon observe that the light of the Light Barrier causes their attacks to misfire, so Takuya and Koji decide to go outside while the others try to free Ophanimon. They realize that by removing the beams of light around Ophanimon, they can free her and so set about destroying the mirrors around Ophanimon. Unfortunately, Koji and Takuya find themselves outmatched and, after sustaining continuous damage, must revert to their human forms. Cherubimon steals their D-Tectors and consequently all the Spirits they have collected. He knocks them away, leaving them struggling at the edge of a cliff while he goes back to Ophanimon's prison to take the other D-Tectors.

As the others continue to free Ophanimon, Cherubimon manages to attack Beetlemon with the element of surprise, forcing him to revert to human form and stealing his D-Tector. Loweemon and Kumamon slide evolve to their beast spirits to hold him off while Zephyrmon continues to focus on helping Ophanimon. Unfortunately, JagerLoweemon and Korikakumon are quickly defeated, and their D-Tectors are stolen. Now the only one with a D-Tector left, Zephyrmon must evade Cherubimon's attacks while still attempting to free Ophanimon, who protests and asks for Zephyrmon to save herself. Just as Cherubimon is about to strike, Ophanimon manages to break out of her cage and take the blow for Zephyrmon.

The two Digimon begin to fight until Ophanimon says that she can help Cherubimon become good again. Hopeful, he draws close, but realizes that it was only a trick to allow Ophanimon to steal the D-Tectors and return them to the children. She teleports the remaining children outside with Koji and Takuya to protect them as she resumes battle. She manages to temporarily incapacitate Cherubimon but is unable to go on, and she uses the last of her power to transform Koji and Takuya's D-Tectors. She tells them to combine all their spirits and returns to a Digi-Egg, defeated. Realizing that they have all of the Spirits of the Legendary Warriors, they divide the spirits between Koji and Takuya, allowing them to unified spirit evolve into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon.

Takuya and Koji unified spirit evolve to EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon respectively and fight Cherubimon. They realize that their teammates are vulnerable without their Spirits, so Takuya takes them someplace safe while Koji holds him off. When Takuya rejoins Koji, they continue to fight and Bokomon observes that Cherubimon's attacks have become unfocused; he takes that as a good sign. Meanwhile, Koichi is concerned for his brother, something that does not go unnoticed by Zoe. Takuya and Koji send Cherubimon crashing into the castle, which begins to crumble. The two save the other DigiDestined and flee the area.

Now safe, the children debate whether or not Cherubimon was defeated; Koichi says that he knows Cherubimon and that he is definitely alive. Zoe notices again that Koichi seems agitated and talks to him. Apparently encouraged, Koichi attempts to talk to Koji, but before he can, IceDevimon emerges from the depths of the castle and attacks. Bokomon reveals that IceDevimon slaughtered many digimon and took their data, making him so powerful that not even Cherubimon could defeat him. Instead, he was imprisoned in the castle until its destruction. IceDevimon begins to wonder if human data tastes good and when Takuya and Koji prepare to attack him, he freezes their D-Tectors.

J.P., Tommy, Zoe, and Koichi each spirit evolve into their human spirits and attack IceDevimon, but he then simply freezes Beetlemon and Kazemon so he can pick them off one by one. Tommy and Koichi both slide evolve to Korikakumon and JagerLoweemon respectively, but IceDevimon becomes bored and traps Takuya and Koji in an ice force-field. As the ice begins to take hold, Koji pushes Takuya away to protect him and is attacked by tendrils of ice. Hearing Koji in pain, Koichi becomes angry and destroys the forcefield. Takuya immediately wants to fight, but Koji tells him that they'll only get in the way, so the two back off, leaving the fight in Koichi's hands.

Koichi and IceDevimon begin to fight in mid-air before JagerLoweemon is knocked to the ground again. Koichi then instructs Korikakumon to free the others. Beetlemon and Kazemon slide evolve to MetalKabuterimon and Zephyrmon. Korikakumon, MetalKabuterimon, and Zephyrmon all attack IceDevimon at once and JagerLoweemon delivers the finishing blow. He then slide evolves back to Loweemon and scans IceDevimon. Exhausted, Koichi returns to his human form and collapses; Koji helps him up. Takuya exclaims that Koichi is definitely part of the team now, with Tommy agreeing. Koji and Takuya's D-Tectors return to normal, losing the ice that they were encased in.

The gang then notices Fractal Code glowing some distance away and it's revealed that Cherubimon has yet to be defeated.

Cherubimon is revealed to still be alive and Zoe, Tommy, J.P. and Bokomon all encourage Koji and Takuya, making promises for what they will do once Takuya and Koji beat Cherubimon. They unified spirit evolve into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon and fly off to confront Cherubimon while the others cheer them on. They meet Cherubimon, who has formed all the data he has collected into an orb, which he consumes to make himself stronger. MagnaGarurumon begins to battle Cherubimon while EmperorGreymon powers up for a strong attack; they manage to maneuver Cherubimon into Takuya's sights and blow off the lower half of his body, but Cherubimon simply regenerates.

After a series of attacks, Cherubimon manages to knock Takuya and Koji unconscious, where Takuya has a dream. He wakes up, however, and after ensuring that Koji is unharmed, they begin to fight again. Koji notices that whenever Cherubimon is about to attack, a light comes from his forehead and deduces that it is his weak spot. Koji says that he will act as Takuya's shield, knowing that although his armor is not as strong, Takuya has a higher attack power. They proceed with their plan and although Koji eventually collapses, Takuya is able to finally to reach Cherubimon and stab him in the head, releasing the data he collected as well as mortally wounding him. Takuya purifies Cherubimon, who reverts back into his good self and cries as he sees and goes to the spirits of old friends, Seraphimon and Ophanimon.

While Takuya tends to the exhausted but uninjured Koji, the data that Cherubimon had assimilated falls into the core of the Digital World. There, Lucemon scoffs at Cherubimon's failure and releases his Royal Knights.

The DigiDestined, along with Bokomon, Patamon, and Neemon, celebrate Cherubimon's defeat. Koji, however, notices that although Cherubimon has been defeated, the data that he had stolen has not returned to the world. Suddenly, several mountains disappear as if their data has been scanned and the group decides to check it out. Upon reaching the area where the mountains were, they are attacked by Baromon and, thinking he is responsible for making the mountains disappear, they all spirit evolve. Baromon quickly stops the fight by telling them all that he has no intention of fighting the Legendary Warriors and warns them of the return of Lucemon. He leads them to the Digital World's Tunnel of History. He tells them that Cherubimon had been Lucemon's puppet and that he had merely been a tool to collect data. Baromon prophesizes that the Digital World will be destroyed and tells the children to return home. Takuya and the others refuse, stating that although they're human, they're also Digimon. But Baromon dismisses their pride. Suddenly, the Tunnel of History is scanned and collapses around the children. From the rubble, they encounter Dynasmon and Crusadermon, Lucemon's Royal Knights. The children again spirit evolve and fight them.

When they prove to be too powerful, Zoe, Tommy, J.P., and Koichi slide evolve to their beast spirits. Still not powerful enough, they give their spirits to Takuya and Koji, enabling them to unify spirit evolve into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. Even with their strongest evolutions, however, they are defeated easily. Crusadermon and Dynasmon attack the vulnerable human children, but Baromon steps in to protect them, destroying himself. All the children are knocked out however, with their own Fractal Code showing, with the exclusion of Koichi, who seems to be unharmed. Intrigued by human data, the Royal Knights decide to scan them, but EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon defend them. Dynasmon attacks them, but loses control and instead of destroying them, he sends them to one of the moons.

Difference Between Anime and Manga

  • In the manga, Koji finishes off Takuya's enemy after Takuya turned into Angimon. But in the anime, Takuya kills his enemy without Koji's help.
  • In the manga, the series has started off with Takuya already in the Digital world. But in the anime, the series officially starts off with Takuya going to the train station that leads him to the Digital world.
  • In the manga, the first chapter is with the candlemon digimon. But in the anime, it starts with everyone going on a trainmon to the Digital world.


  • 50 (total)


Theme Songs

  • Fire!! (Ep. 1 – 52)
  • A World For Us All (English version)
  • Innocent Mujaki na Mama de (Ep. 1 – 26)
  • An Endless Tale (Ep. 27 – 50)

Voice Cast

  • Junko Takeuchi as Takuya Kanbara, Agnimon, Vritramon, Aldamon, Flamon, KaiserGreymon & Susanoomon
  • Hiroshi Kamiya as Koji Minamoto, Wolfmon, Garummon, BeoWolfmon & MagnaGarurumon
  • Sawa Ishige as Zoe Orimoto, Fairimon & Shutumon
  • Masato Amada as J.P. Shibayama, Blitzmon & Bolgmon
  • Kumiko Watanabe as Tommy Himi, Chackmon & Blizzarmon
  • Kenichi Suzumura as Koichi Kimura, Duskmon, Velgemon, Louwemon & KaiserLeomon
  • Kazuko Sugiyama as Bokomon
  • Masami Kikuchi as Neamon & the Narrator
  • Rica Fukami as Mysterious Voice & Ofanimon
  • Nobuyuki Hiyama as Seraphimon
  • Ryuzaburo Otomo as Cherubimon
  • Kae Araki as Patamon
  • Rumi Shishido as Lopmon
  • Yoko Asada as Plotmon
  • Tomohiro Nishimura as Grottomon & Gigasmon
  • Kenji Nomura as Arbormon & Petaldramon
  • Haruhi Nanao as Ranamon & Calmaramon
  • Yasunori Masutani as Mercuremon & Sephirotmon
  • Kumiko Nishihara as Mysterious Voice aka Lucemon & Lucemon Larva
  • Ryusei Nakao as Lucemon Falldown Mode & Lucemon Satan Mode
  • Ryotaro Okiayu as LordKnightmon
  • Kenta Miyake as Dynasmon
  • Fumihiko Tachiki as Cerberumon
  • Eiji Yanagisawa as Worm Trailmon
  • Yukiko Hanioka as Poyomon
  • Kaneki Tanukikouji as Father
  • Hiroyuki Kawamoto as Raremon
  • Yuko Tachibana as Pagumon & Teppei
  • Kaori Uotani as Pagumon, a Bully, TorikaraBallmon & a Classmate
  • Yukie Muraoka as Pagumon, KaratsukiNumemon Daughter, Zerimon, Island Gomamon, TorikaraBallmon, a Child, Izumi's Classmate & Florist
  • Hitoshi Bifu as Trailmon (Angler)
  • Hidenari Ugaki as Wizarmon
  • Tomoaki Ikeda as Candmon, KaratsukiNumemon & Fortuneteller (Vademon)
  • Hiroshi Saeki as Candmon
  • Satoshi Tsuruoka as Candmon & KaratsukiNumemon
  • Kazunari Kojima as Candmon, Kokuwamon, Sorcerymon, Passerby, Fantomon, SuperStarmon, Trailmon (Franken) & SkullSatamon
  • Yusuke Oguri as Candmon, Kokuwamon, Gottsumon, Toucanmon, Honeybeemon & Insekimon
  • Tomomichi Nishimura as Candmon Village Leader
  • Mamiko Noto as Floramon
  • Nao Kouyama as Floramon
  • Yoshikazu Nagano as Mushmon, Trailmon (Franken), Starmon, Sagittarimon & SkullSatamon
  • Masahito Yabe as Mushmon
  • Hiroaki Ishikawa as Woodmon
  • Keiichi Sonobe as Kokuwamon Elder & Goatmon
  • Norihisa Mori as Kokuwamon, Toucanmon, Honeybeemon
  • Miwa Matsumoto as Kokuwamon Child
  • Takashi Matsuyama as Snimon
  • Yutaka Shibayama as Goburimon
  • Hajime Iijima as Goburimon & a Doctor
  • Yukiko Hanioka as Minomon, YukimiBotamon, Island Gomamon, EbiBurgamon, Burgamon, Mamemon & Poyomon
  • Ikuo Nishikawa as Karatsuki & Numemon Elder
  • Iho Matsukubo as Karatsuki & Numemon Daughter
  • Keijin Okuda as Kongoumon & Fantomon
  • Makiko Omoto as ToyAgumon
  • Umi Tenjin as Pandamon
  • Kazunari Tanaka as Monzaemon
  • Kumiko Yokote as Tunomon
  • Reiko Fujita as Caprimon & TorikaraBallmon
  • Akiko Kobayashi as Nyaromon
  • Kaoru Shiomi as Yaamon & Trailmon (Mole)
  • Koten Kimura as Jyarimon
  • Ai Nagano as Togemon-Sensei & Nefertimon
  • Hiroomi Sugino as Bakumon
  • Yasuhiro Takato as Admirer of the Ten Warriors & Gottsumon
  • Ryo Naito as Gottsumon, Toucanmon, Honeybeemon & Insekimon
  • Nobuaki Kanemitsu as Fortuneteller (Gekomon), Toucanmon & Starmon
  • Kazuhiko Nishimatsu as Fortuneteller (Sepikmon)
  • Hiroshi Naka as Shamamon
  • Hitoshi Horimoto as Delumon
  • Kohei Kowada as Whamon
  • Yuki Kaida as Gomamon
  • Tomoyuki Shimura as Trailmon (Buffalo) & Burgamon Leader
  • Yuichi Nagashima as Nanomon
  • Romi Park as Trailmon (Mole)
  • Masaaki Ishikawa as Trailmon (Raccoon Dog)
  • Hitoshi Bifu as Trailmon (Angler)
  • Daisuke Sakaguchi as Trailmon (Kettle)
  • Joji Nakata as WereGarurumon (Black)
  • Ikkei Seta as Dogmon
  • Katsuyuki Konishi as Pidmon & Koji's Father
  • Junichi Sugawara as Burgamon Leader & Trailmon (Angler)
  • Mari Adachi as Burgamon Mother & Swanmon
  • Ken Nakamura as TorikaraBallmon, Micchan, Izumi's Classmate & Chiaki
  • Yuya Yoshikawa as TorikaraBallmon
  • Harumi Ikoma as TorikaraBallmon
  • Daisuke Ishikawa as Chamelemon & Trailmon (Angler)
  • Toshinobu Iida as Pipismon
  • Koji Ishii as Dark Trailmon
  • Rieko Nakayama as Unnamed Mother, Classmate, Tomoki's Mother, Koichi's Mother & Teruo
  • Yukihiro Misono as Passerby
  • Kaoru Shiomi as Unnamed Mother & Izumi's Classmate
  • Satoshi Taki as Sepikmon
  • Pile Volcano Ota as Volcamon
  • Kiyoyuki Yanada as Asuramo
  • Hiroshi Takahashi as Karatenmon
  • Kisho Taniyama as Tomoki's Older Brother
  • Mayumi Oda as Izumi's Classmate
  • Nozomi Masu as Izumi's Classmate
  • Norio Wakamoto as IceDevimon
  • Kazuya Ichijo as Baromon
  • Kentaro Ito as Katsuharu
  • Hikaru Midorikawa as Angemon
  • Takashi Nagasako as Trailmon (Worm)
  • Masaaki Tsukada as Mamemon Elder
  • Satomi Arai as Trailmon (Mole)
  • Masaya Onosaka as SkullSatamon
  • Yuka Nakatsukasa as Palmon
  • Michael Reisz as Takuya Kanbara, Agunimon, BurningGreymon, 'Flamemon & Aldamon
  • Steve Staley as Koji Minamoto, Lobomon, KendoGarurumon, BeoWolfmon, MagnaGarurumon & Susanoomon (shared with Dave Wittenberg)
  • Michelle Ruff as Zoe Orimoto, Kazemon, Zephyrmon & Lopmon
  • Steven Blum as J.P. Shibayama, Beetlemon, MetalKabuterimon & Gallantmon (shared with Brian Beacock)
  • Brianne Siddall as Tommy Himi, Kumamon, Korikakumon, Kapurimon & Koji's Stepmother
  • Crispin Freeman as Koichi Kimura, Duskmon, Velgemon, Loweemon, JagerLoweemon, Bakumon & Pipismon
  • Brian Beacock as Bokomon (and as the Second off screen Narrator) including Gallantmon (shared with Steven Blum)
  • Michael Sorich as Neemon, Centarumon, Doggymon, Elecmon, GranKuwagamon, Pandamon & Phantomon
  • Dave Wittenberg as EmperorGreymon, Susanoomon (shared with Steve Staley), Trailmon, Cherrymon, IceDevimon, Kokuwamon, Meteormon, Phantomon, Pipismon, Raremon, Sorcermon & Starmon
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as D-Tector/Ophanimon, Salamon, Burgermon, Otamamon, Palmon & Pipismon
  • Jamieson Price as Seraphimon & SkullSatamon
  • Bridget Hoffman as Patamon & Nefertimon
  • Paul St. Peter as Cherubimon, IceLeomon, Hiroaki Kanbara, Koji's Father, Monzaemon, WaruMonzaemon & Mushroomon
  • Derek Stephen Prince as Grumblemon, Gigasmon, Dynasmon, Honeybeemon, Oryxmon & ShadowToyAgumon
  • Richard Cansino as Arbormon, Petaldramon, Honeybeemon & Kenta (J.P.'s Classmate)
  • Peggy O'Neal as Ranamon, Calmaramon, Burgermon, Kokuwamon & Poyomon
  • Daran Norris as Mercurymon, Sakkakumon & ShadowSeraphimon
  • Mona Marshall as Lucemon, EbiBurgamon & Toucanmon
  • Melodee Spevack as Crusadermon & Togemon
  • Tom Fahn as Airdramon, Candlemon, Centarumon, Datamon & Pteramon
  • Dan Lorge as Airdramon, Gryphonmon & KaratsukiNumemon
  • Dave Mallow as Angemon, Centarumon, Gekomon, Goblimon, Piddomon, SkullSatamon & ToyAgumon
  • Bob Papenbrook as Asuramon, Mamemon Elder, Kongoumon, ShadowToyAgumon, ShadowWereGarurumon & Zanbamon
  • Neil Kaplan as Baromon, Kokuwamon Leader, Mushroomon & Woodmon
  • Tifanie Christun as Biyomon', Chiaki, Tommy's Mother & Minomon
  • Joey D'Auria as Burgermon's Father
  • Barbara Goodson as Burgermon's Mother & TorikaraBallmon
  • Philece Sampler as Burgermon, Floramon, Shinya Kanbara & Koichi's Mother
  • Beau Billingslea as Shamanmon, BurningGreymon, Parrotmon & Sagittarimon
  • Michael McConnohie as the Candlemon Leader, Golemon, Sepikmon & Vademon
  • R. Martin Klein as 1st Candlemon, Gazimon, Gotsumon, Meteormon, Honeybeemon, Nohemon, Pagumon & Toucanmon
  • Joshua Seth as 2nd Candlemon, Wizardmon, Yutaka Himi & Teppei
  • Steve Kramer as Cerberumon, Meteormon & Starmon
  • Richard Epcar as Chamelemon, Snimon & SuperStarmon
  • Joe Ochman as Deramon, Gomamon, Meteormon & Starmon
  • Dorothy Elias-Fahn as Floramon, Poyomon & TorikaraBallmon
  • Kirk Thornton as Tsunomon, Gabumon & Karatenmon
  • Mari Devon as Yuriko Kanbara & Koichi's Grandmother
  • Brad MacDonald as Katsuharu, Pagumon & Toucanmon
  • Brian Donovan as Mushroomon & Teruo
  • Melissa Fahn as Rika Nonaka (as off screen First Narrator)
  • Tom Wyner as Sepikmon & Volcamon
  • Dave Guerrie as SkullSatamon
  • Wendee Lee as Swanmon
  • Dina Sherman as TorikaraBallmon
  • Jerry Gelb as Toucanmon
  • Peter Spellos as Whamon


  • In the Digimon Elementary School scene all the students were the digimons in the Digimon Tamers anime series (Guilmon, Terriermon, Renamon, Lopemon, Impmon etc.). However none of their Japanese voice actresses or actors who voiced these Digimon in Tamers didn't reprise their respective role for this scene.
  • A manga series was made by Korea after the anime series had ended, the same thing was followed with the anime known as Wolf's Rain.
  • The only Digimon anime series that didn't air on Nicktoons. Other Digimon anime series that didn't air on Nicktoons as well is Digimon Adventures 02, Digimon Tamers, and Digimon Data Squad. The only two anime series to air on Nicktoons is Digimon Season 1 and Digimon Fusion.
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