Cri-Kee is a cricket from the Mulan (film), and it's sequel. Cri-Kee is the sidekick of Mushu, and the good luck charm for the Fa family.
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Not much about his past is known.


He seems to be afraid of Mulan's grandmother. He also gets along with Mushu, how he loves causing mischief which he did with the matchmaker.


He is a small purple black cricket.

Mulan (film)

In the first appearance, he is shown being caged up. He gets very angry at the matchmaker who thinks Fa Mulan is too skinny. During the "Reflection" musical number, she releases him. He tells Mushu that he has to find Mulan when the Great Stone Dragon (except its head) crumbles to pieces. It's said that in his first film, he's considered a lucky cricket. He helps Mushu defeatShan Yu in by firing a Chinese missile towards him on top of the Emperor's palace (or some people call it the roof).

Essentially, Cri-Kee is an individual for Mushu to voice his thoughts out-loud to - the angel on his shoulder.

Mulan 2

In Cri-Kee's second film, he accuses Mushu for destroying the carriage and breaking up Mulan and Shang.

TV Show Appearances

House of Mouse

Cri-Kee makes numerous cameo appearances in House of Mouse. Cri-Kee is usually found with Mushu.



Fa Mulan


Grandmother Fa



  • The only animal that isn't a sidekick to a Disney princess.

Voice Actors

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