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Chi-Chi (チチ) is the beautiful only daughter of the Ox King and his late wife. She later on marries Son Goku,


and also becomes the loving mother of Son Gohan and Son Goten. Her only two children in the Dragon Ball series. She was first introduced as a shy and fearful girl, but later on, as she gets older, develops a very tomboyish, tough and fierce personality, in which sometimes causes her to have huge anger outbursts seen several times throughout the series. Despite this and her beauty, she has shown her love for Goku and their two sons many times throughout the DB series.



Chi-Chi as an Infant.

Chi-Chi was born on the year of Age 737 the same year as her husband, in which the tragic death of her mother soon after shortly followed the same year as well. Her last name is a mystery. When she was only two years old, both her and her father, the Ox King, were trapped outside of their castle when a fire spirit was unleashed on it by making it become known as Fire Mountain. During her childhood with her father, she was trained in martial arts, and she is also said to always have behaved very well around him and others.


Chi-Chi becomes angry after Goku and Gohan accidently broke a glass cup.

As a young child, Chi-Chi was very shy and often thought about who she would marry as an adult. Despite being the lovely only daughter of the famous Ox King, who had a scary reputation of being terrifying, as she was shown to be the exact opposite of him, as she was shown to be pure of heart by being able to ride the Flying Nimbus cloud. During some fights against dinosaur monsters, she is very often scared and defeats her opponent while crying by closing both of her eyes.

Chi-Chi's personality changed when she became an adult, especially after marrying Son Goku and having her first son/child, Son Gohan. She is often depicted as a sometimes nagging, overprotective but fundamentally a well meaning woman, which actually is similar to the stereotypical overbearing shonen mother. Though her power level pales in comparison to most of the Z Fighters, she is still one of the strongest women in the world, and has been seen fighting well above the level of an average human on more than one occasion. She is also shown to be mentally clumsy at times, such as when she hits Krillin in the head with a door, while thinking he is Gohan. Although Chi-Chi is often seen yelling at Goku over the topic of fighting, or Gohan over his school work, it cannot be disputed that she loves Goku and her family very much.

This is shown at the end of the Buu Saga when she is brought to tears, and happily hugs Goku just over the thought of finally getting to live as a family of four with Goku, Gohan, and Goten. Also, she seems to worry very much about Goku the most when he develops a Heart Virus in the Androids Saga and Imperfect Cell Saga, caring for him and crying by his bedside. When she finds out that Goku is all better, she jumps out of her house and runs to Goku and gives him a big hug, to in which Goku responds by swinging her around. She usually cries when she finds out Goku is injured or dead, or when he's home safe, clearly showing her love for her husband. Although Chi-Chi is insistent to Goku about Gohan's studies are more important than anything in the world, she, along with the rest of the characters around them go into complete shock when Goku actually agrees with her (in "Memories of Gohan"). She even goes as far as checking his temperature to make sure he was feeling well. Similarly in Dragon Ball Z movie 5, she worries about Goku when he insists Gohan finish his homework early only learn that Goku wanted Gohan to finish it so they could go camping.

She is knownable by emphasizing on Gohan's "academic achievement" rather than his fighting ability, as she was very hesitant for Gohan to repeat Goku's habits of getting into danger, and she also did not want Gohan to grow up without a proper education like Goku had. Therefore, she often becomes frustrated when Goku decides to take Gohan to fights, so much that often Chi-Chi is willing to go to battle herself to defend her son, though she's always restrained by some of the other characters to keep her from getting herself killed; nonetheless, it is often implied that Chi-Chi is proud of Gohan whenever he does fight, but refuses to admit it when she saw him participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament, and Intergalactic World Tournament in Dragon Ball Z movie 9.

Inevitably, Gohan had to work hard on both his human identity as well as his academic skills. It can be implied that she probably does not want Gohan to fight after witnessing Goku almost getting killed by Piccolo in the World Tournament and does not want the same to happen to her eldest son. Nonetheless, in the Androids Saga, Chi-Chi apparently grows more accepting of Gohan fighting, as she allows him to train for the fight with androids and attend the Cell Games, even though she did not want him to participate. The very last chapters of the Dragon Ball manga stated that Gohan had become a scholar and thus did not participate in the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament.

Although Chi-Chi disapproves of martial art fighting, it is stated by her youngest son, Son Goten that she taught him martial arts, just like what her father did with her. Not only that but she was extremely strict on it as much as she was on Gohan about his education. Chi-Chi also allowed Gohan (and Goten) to participate in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, although part of the reason she allowed this was because she was excited to see Goku again for the first time in seven years and because winning the tournament or even being the runner-up would allow Gohan to obtain enough money to pay for his college tuitions.

Though she loves Goku, she is often frustrated by his tendency to focus most of his time on martial arts training instead of contributing to their family financially. In fact, it is implied that for most of her marriage, Chi-Chi relied on her father's wealth to support her and Goku financially to make ends meet. Her frustration over their financial situation is understandable given that Goku is naively ignorant when it comes to money (as he politely rejected 100 million zeni peace prize Mr. Satan offered him for his role in defeating Kid Buu and only relented to take it after Goten pointed out that Chi-Chi would let him off work to go train if he took the money).

Considering she grew up with her father's wealth, she may be frustrated by the fact that her husband is unable to provide the same for her and their children and implied to be somewhat envious of Bulma's wealth and quickly changed her opinion of Videl when she learned Videl lived in a mansion with 50 rooms, to the point she keenly asks Gohan if he was going to marry her. In Battle of the Gods and the Battle of Gods Saga she was shown to be excited at the prospect of winning one of the prizes for the bingo tournament held at Bulma's birthday party.

In Dragon Ball Super, after the defeat of Kid Buu, she forces Goku to work on their family's radish farm as a way for them to earn money after her father becomes poor due to a fire on Fire Mountain burying his treasure. However after Mr. Satan gives Goku the 100 million zeni peace prize, she allows Goku to go train on King Kai's planet without a second thought. However she later on forbids him from going to King Kai's to train after the events of the Battle of Gods Saga, as their family had spent the 100 million zeni and where out of money and forces him to go back to farming to support them, which shows she will let Goku go off and train as long as their family is well off financially.

With the birth of her granddaughter Pan, Chi-Chi becomes adamant that Pan be raised as a gentle girly girl, so that she will not end up as another “battle loving idiot” like the male members of her family. She also wants Goku to be a good grandfather and not just fight all the time, even to the point that she forbids him from leaving with Whis to train under him alongside Vegeta so he can grow stronger to protect the Earth. Surprisingly, she does not get mad after Goku blatantly disobeys her and leaves with Whis to go train, while apparently accepting that Goku means well to their family.


Chi-Chi as a child.

Chi-Chi is a strong tough woman with long straight black hair with two locks frame her face, a moderately curvaceous figure and has a lighter peach skin complexion. She also has black eyes and thick eyebrows.

As a young child, Chi-Chi's outfit appearance consisted of a blue bikini, pink gloves and boots, along with a green cape and her pink helmet. Almost all of the clothes Chi-Chi is seen wearing in her adulthood are Chinese dresses, and martial arts uniforms. Chi-Chi kept this appearance until the Piccolo Jr. Saga where she wears a blue cheongsam (Chinese dress) with red pants, arm band, and shoes, white socks and a red sash. In this appearance she also wore her hair in a ponytail. For her wedding, she wore her mother's old wedding dress.

In the first half of Dragon Ball Z, Chi-Chi's primary clothing was a purple dress that has an orange cloth tied on the top and a yellow sash. In the appearance Chi-Chi's hair was tied in a bun but she still had her hair coming down on the sides. Chi-Chi keeps her hair the same way until the Androids Saga but she wears a Purple uniform with pink sleeves and pants. In the Buu Saga she wears a yellow uniform with a purple cloth tied on the back with all of her hair put into a bun. During the very end of Dragon Ball Z, after the 10 year gap of Kid Buu's defeat, Chi-Chi wears a red uniform with a purple cloth tied on the back as well as having her hair in a ponytail.

In Dragon Ball Super, Chi-Chi's hairstyle is a bun.

Chi-Chi's appearance in Dragon Ball GT consists of a pink uniform with light green sleeves. Her hairstyle is much more different, and her hair is cut shorter as well.


Her Power Level during the 23rd World Martial Tournament is 130. According to Dragon Ball Z The Anime Adventure Game, her power during the Saiyan Saga is 300.


Chi-Chi used that against Maron after calling her an old lady. Chi-Chi was so mad that she used it randomly. Chi-Chi produced a Kaio-ken-like aura when she was using this Kiai.

Stay Away From Me!

Chi-Chi throws the blade from her helmet at the enemy. Chi-Chi has used this to kill a T-Rex, and later on against Master Roshi. This attack was named in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

Power Slugger

Chi-Chi fires a yellow spinning energy blast that has the shape of the blade on her helmet. This attack has a boomerang effect if it misses the opponent. Used in Super Dragon Ball Z, she can also perform a Super Power Slugger.

That Won't Work

Kid Chi-Chi fires a laser beam out of her helmet. This attack was named in Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

Save Goku!

Kid Chi-Chi's Ultimate Blast in Budokai Tenkaichi 3. It is a combo attack with Kid Goku. First, Chi-Chi uses the That Won't Work, which the opponent dodges only to be hit by Goku's Power Pole. Chi-Chi then uses the Stay Away From Me! and the That Won't Work technique again.

Maiden's Will

One of Kid Chi-Chi's Blast 1 in Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

Maiden's Excidement

One of Kid Chi-Chi's Blast 1 in Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

No Forgiveness

Chi-Chi's Super Attack in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. A powerful barrage of kicks.

Dragon Ball (Anime)

Emperor Pilaf arc

Since her father's castle on Fire Mountain was impossible for both of them to reach, she was sent by him to retrieve the Bansho Fan from her father's old mentor, Master Roshi. Chi-Chi is first seen on her way to find Roshi while running away from a Dinosaur that she later on decapitates with her helmet's blade and explodes with a blast from her helmet. Afterwards, she runs into Yamcha who she attacks with a laser beam fired out of her helmet since she is afraid of strangers. After getting knocked unconscious by Yamcha for attempting to attack him, he returns to her aid after realizing she is the Ox King's daughter. When she first awakens, she views Yamcha as a threat and gets ready to attack. He lies and says he loves her to keep her from hurting him, because he had seen what happened to the dinosaur. Because she is naive, she believes him. When she turns her back, Yamcha runs away.

Soon afterwards, she comes across Son Goku on his Flying Nimbus, who tells her that the Ox-King sent him to find her and take her to Master Roshi. While getting on the Nimbus, Chi-Chi accidentally pulls and grabs Goku's tail, revealing to Yamcha who was hiding, what Goku's weakness was. While riding the Flying Nimbus with Goku, he patted her private part with his foot to determine her gender. In the Japanese version, he merely tells her that she should put more clothing on. Though Chi-Chi initially got angry and pushed Goku off the Nimbus cloud and Goku comically crashed into a large rock afterwards, this act made Chi-Chi believe that Goku may be in love with her. This is when Chi-Chi falls in love with Goku, although due to Goku's much more naive personality, he does not realize what this means. When they arrive at Master Roshi's, Roshi told both of them that he accidentally threw the Bansho Fan out and that he will have to put it out himself.

Chi-Chi and Goku took the Flying Nimbus back to Fire Mountain to meet back up with everyone with Master Roshi riding Baby Gamera right behind them. Master Roshi demonstrated the Kamehameha to put out the flames on Fire Mountain, but unfortunately, it destroyed their castle, as well. After Goku's friends get the Dragon Ball, Goku leaves. Just before Goku left, she asks Goku if he will think of her during his journey, to which he replies yes. Then, he asks her if she will think of him, which causes her to blush and giggle making Goku wonder if all girls are this silly.

Red Ribbon Army arc

After the town at Fire Mountain was rebuilt and repopulated Chi-Chi grew lonely and waited for Goku. The Ox-King took Chi-Chi to the village psychic to tell her when Goku was going to come back. When the psychic said that he was approaching, Ox-King began to prepare for the wedding. While the wedding was being prepared, Chi-Chi picked flowers outside the village and Goku showed up and they talked for awhile.

Colonel Silver and his troops attacked the village making Goku and Chi-Chi get on the nimbus and help. Chi-Chi ended up taking out several soldiers while crying using the laser from her helmet. The Red Ribbon Army forced Goku to leave and continue his journey. Just before he leaves Chi-Chi asks him "What about the wedding?" to which Goku replies "I'll be back, I'll try some of that next time". Goku's naivete causes him to think that a wedding is some sort of food. When Goku came to Korin Tower during his time training to fight Mercenary Tao, he looked into a jar that showed what had happened before in the meadow where they were talking.

King Picclolo arc

Chi-Chi makes a brief anime only appearance in the King Piccolo Saga when Goku saves her father from King Furry's soldiers, who were to execute martial artists on King Piccolo's orders. She is depicted as having matured faster than Goku, which would become somewhat of a running joke in later years. Later, in the second half of the saga, she and the Ox-King are seen at his castle following King Piccolo's defeat.

Piccolo Jr. arc

‎Three years later, Chi-Chi participates in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, hiding her name as "Anonymous" (匿名). Her number during the preliminary rounds of this tournament is 59.

Chi-Chi goes up to Son Goku and says "Hi", but Goku does not recognize who she is, which makes her angry, calling him stupid. She is mainly upset because Goku forgot her name, and had never come back to keep "the promise", which Goku had forgotten about because he went straight to Kami's Lookout following the defeat of King Piccolo. She states that if Goku defeats her in the semi-final match, she will tell him why she is mad and what her name is In fact, two have deduced her identity, Oolong and Master Roshi. In the match, Goku does so by simply throwing a punch at the air, the force of which knocks Chi-Chi out of the ring. She then reveals her identity, shocking everybody.

Goku is shocked to realize that it was the little Chi-Chi he had met earlier and that she had grown up as much as he had, and gets even more of a shock when she reveals the promise he made her. He then reveals that he promised that because he was unaware of what a bride was, which is a statement that leaves Chi-Chi nearly emotionally shattered. Nonetheless, Goku keeps his promise and proposes to her in front of the whole crowd.

Chi-Chi then tells Goku she is in love with him, and he, not knowing what she meant by that, is confused because of his naive nature. She says "I'll show you" and kisses Goku on the cheek, leading to a humorous reaction from Kuririn, and the applause of the crowd. She also apologized to Yamcha for not marrying him, as she still assumes that Yamcha is in love with her thus getting Bulma very frustrated at Yamcha, as he did not tell her about the confession he made up to Chi-Chi when she was little.

Afterwards, in the anime-only filler conclusion to the Dragon Ball TV series, they go on several adventures to retrieve the Bansho-fan in order to put out the fire on Chi-Chi's mountain home to save her father who was protecting her mother's beautiful old wedding dress for Chi-Chi to wear. By the end of Dragon Ball, she and Goku become happily married with Chi-Chi wearing her mother's wedding dress.

Dragon Ball Z (Anime)

Saiyans arc

At 20 years old, Chi-Chi gives birth to her first son, Gohan. Four years later, during the time of the Saiyan conflict, Chi-Chi's husband Goku was slain in battle to defeat his brother Raditz, and her son Gohan was kidnapped by Piccolo to be trained at Break Wasteland for the battle with the remaining Saiyans that were on their way to Earth. Chi-Chi found this out after going in rage at Kame House.

One year later, she returned to Kame House and witnessed the battle against the Saiyans on Fortuneteller Baba's Crystal Ball. After the battle, and Vegeta's retreat, she came with the rest of the Z Fighters' supporters to find her son, and recently revived husband had survived the battle, but both badly injured, and Gohan unconscious after transforming into a Great Ape. She completely ignored the near to death, broken Goku, and looked after her son, while angry at Goku for letting their own child fight against the Saiyans (although it was a decision which had been made by Piccolo, not Goku).

Namek & Frieza arc

Chi-Chi took care of Goku in Wukong Hospital while Gohan, who was healed, went with Krillin and Bulma to Piccolo's homeworld planet Namek to use the Namekian Dragon Balls to revive the fallen Z Fighters from the battle. Once Goku was healed and left to meet up with them on Namek, Chi-Chi gathered Master Roshi, Oolong, Puar, and Yajirobe to try to use another one of Dr. Brief's spaceships to fly to Namek to rescue Gohan and the others from the threat Frieza which was on Namek. Instead, the ship did not work so they were forced to stay behind on Earth and wait. Chi-Chi and Master Roshi appear on the other side, from the ship on Earth to contact Gohan on a computer screen. Gohan relays the news that Frieza killed Kuririn and Goku is fighting Frieza. Chi-Chi asks Gohan why, but he leaves to find Bulma.

Chi-Chi is reunited with Gohan when everybody on Namek except Goku and Frieza were transported to Earth. Chi-Chi witnessed Porunga revive the fallen Z Fighters and tell them that Goku is still alive and on his way back (as well as gave Master Roshi an implied threat to stab him with a sword after the latter, in frustration, stated that Goku's reason for not returning immediately is because he is scared of Chi-Chi, who is the one being stronger than a Super Saiyan).

Garlic Jr arc

When Garlic Jr.'s Black Water Mist was released on Earth, Chi-Chi was one of the many that was infected by it and fought Gohan on top of Kame House (The only reason she arrived at Kame House is because Gohan snuck out of the house when he was supposed to be studying, and was angered at Maron when she first meets her). She was returned to normal when Kami and Mr. Popo dispersed the Sacred Water on the Earth. Gohan then managed to seal Garlic Jr. back into the Dead Zone, but she increased security to prevent Gohan from sneaking out of his studies again.

The Android arc

Chi-Chi hires an instructor for Gohan named Mr. Shu. Chi-Chi eventually gets mad at him and kicks him out, by launching him out the window with her bare hands, when he insults Goku. After Goku returned from Namek she has to deal with having Piccolo stay with them so they can train for the upcoming androids. She also ends up injured by Goku (he accidentally knocked her several yards away when patting her because he forgot that he was much stronger than before), and irritably and reluctantly allowing Gohan to train for the battle with the androids. Eventually, she gets stressed out at the increased amount of chores she has to do and forces both Goku and Piccolo to try to get their drivers licenses.

Chi-Chi takes care of Goku while he has his Heart Virus. When she sees Goku fully standing, she is overjoyed and runs to him and gives a big hug, to which he responds by swinging her around.

Cell Games arc

Chi-Chi attended Capsule Corps. to locate where Cell's going to broadcast his Cell Games. They accidentally find Cell while Roshi and Oolong are watching a female exercise channel, with Cell rising through the floor. Chi-Chi then learns that Cell will destroy the earth if their is no one strong enough that will enter the Cell Games. Chi-Chi is among the others when he hears Trunks say that Goku and Gohan be apart of their Super Saiyan Team. This upsets Chi-Chi over all, as she says that she agrees on Goku entering the tournament, but not Gohan. Kuririn tries to reason with Chi-Chi, but she angrily doesn't listen to him. Chi-Chi then reveals that Goku promises her that revealing that Gohan can become a scholar, and that he can only train with Goku. But Gohan is not to become a Martial Artist like Goku. Chi-Chi then refers all of Goku's friends as a "Little Gang", which shock everyone overall except Vegeta. But Master Roshi is not shock as well, and asks her If he can join in Goku's Gang.

Chi-Chi is then seen freaking out after seeing her husband and son in their super saiyan forms. In a filler episode, she and her family along with Kuririn are celebrating Gohan's 11th Birthday. Chi-Chi tells Goku to go out and fish, since she knows that It's her husband's favorite hobby, and so this way he would destroy anything inside the house. She tells Gohan to help her clean up and to go study as a punishment for him and Goku breaking glass cups. To her, Kuririn and Gohan's shock, Goku actually agree with her about Gohan studying. Which in reality, Goku never had agree with her on this.

While making Gohan's cake, Chi-Chi hopes Goku doesn't let the Cell Games Tournament go to his head. Then while looking for something to use on Gohan's birthday cake, Chi-Chi finds the Son family photo album. She looks at photo of her and Goku's wedding. Then she has a flashback on the day that Gohan is born. In her flashback, she, Goku, and the Ox King discussing a name for their newborn son. However, when they mention Grandpa Son Gohan, Goku's dead adopted grandfather, they discover the baby laughs at the name, "Gohan." Seeing as the baby likes the name, "Gohan", Goku, Chi-Chi, and Ox-King name the baby, "Gohan."

After Gohan, Goku, and Kuririn return home,Chi-Chi and the others, celebrate Gohan's 11th birthday. Before he blows out the candles, Gohan makes a wish in his mind. He wishes he would have enough strength to defeat Cell so his family would live in peace. However, when Gohan blows out the candles, he accidentally ends up blowing the cake everywhere on everybody's face. Chi-Chi says a boy would get severely punished for trashing his birthday cake. However, Chi-Chi's mood changes to happy and she says he can not help it because he is Goku's son, to which everyone joyfully laughs.

Chi-Chi is present when she sees Goku heading off for the Cell Games, and tells to him come back alive. She then asks Goku if he is not entering Gohan in the tournament, but he innocently leaves before he can say anything to her. Chi-Chi then realizes that Gohan is entering in the tournament against her wishes, and protests. She is then seen watching the tournament on TV when it is Gohan's turn, and she is hold back by her father. when the TV Signal goes out because of Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 transformation, Chi-Chi blames Goku for not letting Gohan stay home studying like he is suppose to. She then remarks that Gohan wants to join Goku overall when the latter is entering a battle. But her father tells her off for the first time, by saying that gohan is no longer a Infant. Including that her husband and first child are trying to save the earth from an evil force.

But this does get through to her, and she angrily ask her father if he done telling her off. She then gets angry at her father, and tells that Gohan only has to think about school instead of battling bad guys like his father. Later she is happy when Fortuneteller Baba comes to saw her Gohan's process against Cell by looking at it through her crystal ball. Chi-Chi then tells Baba to hurry up, but gets scare as she see Gohan with a broken arm. Chi-Chi the faints after seeing this. Later She gets scared and breaks down in tears when she watches Gohan's and Cell's Kamehameha collide on Fortuneteller Bab's crystal ball, hoping that her son does not die. After Gohan defeats Cells, he tells her of Goku's death.

Chi-Chi is sad that Goku died while trying to protect everyone from Cell. A month after the Cell Games ended, she finds out that Gohan and her father sneaked out, and decides to give the same scolding that she gives Goku when they return for dinner. Chi-Chi is lastly seen watching the news of Mr. Satan on TV, while cooking dinner for her family. Around this time, Chi-Chi is pregnant with their second child, Goten.

World Tournament arc

Seven years later, Chi-Chi is much more mellow by the time of the Majin Buu Saga (it is implied that she became more mellow because she felt a sense of guilt for Goku's death, as she believed that if she had not been harsh to her son, Goku may still have been alive). She is not as strict with Goten during the Buu Saga and even becomes less strict with a now teenage Gohan.

During the Great Saiyaman Saga episode "Gohan's First Date", Chi-Chi tells Gohan, who had just been blackmailed into going on a date with Angela, of her first date with Goku through a flashback to when they were teenagers (though still with the appearance of pre-adolescent children); she claims that she forced Goku into it, but did not blackmail him. She told him to think of the "most pleasurable thing to do" and then coax her into doing it; naturally, Goku considered fighting the most pleasurable thing to do, and, though initially unwilling, Chi-Chi quickly got into it, surprisingly proving to be a fairly equal match for him. Looking back on it, Chi-Chi states that it was "a great first date".

When this occurred is unknown, though it was presumably at an off-screen point sometime before Goku trained under Master Roshi, as he was not wearing the Turtle School uniform and instead wearing his blue uniform that he wore at the time he first met her.

She trains Goten on how to fight, although when she learns that Goten could transform into a Super Saiyan, she breaks down and shouts "Not another monster in the family!",(In the Japanese version she says "Not this one too!"). Which resulted in Goten not wishing to turn Super Saiyan in her presence. She is told by Gohan that Goku will be returning to earth for one day to attend the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, which of course makes her extremely happy. When she sees Goku, she tells him she missed him so much, which is what Goku says to her as well. She introduceds Goten to Goku,and is happy to see Goten hug her husband,(In the manga Goten hides behind her when he meets Goku).

Later, Chi-Chi attends the Tournament to cheer on her sons and deceased husband. She spends most of the time arguing with Bulma over whose sons and husband will win, though she knocks out Idasa's mother when the mother starts to attack Bulma after Idasa loses to Trunks.

Fusion Dance arc

After the World Martial Arts Tournament, she goes with the others to look for the Dragon Balls. Chi-Chi must take refuge on Kami's Lookout. Chi-Chi and the others are told by Goku of Vegeta and Gohan's deaths. Chi-Chi takes the news hard and is very upset, and is even more upset when she finds out Goku is leaving to go back to the Other World. She runs up and gives Goku a hug, crying in his arms and asking him "But, Goku! Goku, how can you say goodbye, when Gohan's been taken from me, too?" Goku then assures her that she will be fine, since she still has Goten and that he will not be taken from her because he will master the Fusion Dance technique with Trunks. They are later seen holding hands, with Goku telling her that he will tell Gohan how much she misses him (unaware at the time that Gohan was actually still alive in the Sacred World of the Kais).

A day later, Super Buu finds the tower and allows them to live for a short time. Super Buu used his Human Extinction Attack to kill all the people on Earth except for the family and friends on the Lookout. Chi-Chi is angry with Super Buu when he comes to Kami's Lookout. During this time, while on the lookout, Chi-Chi scolds and slaps the monster in the face for killing so many people, including Gohan. Thus, she is turned into an egg and killed by him. This utterly shocks Goten, who witnessed Chi-Chi's death.

Kid Buu & Uub arc

Chi-Chi with her whole family.

Later during the battle she is resurrected with the Dragon Balls and joins in supplying Goku with the energy for the Spirit bomb to destroy Kid Buu.

When Mr. Satan informs everybody on Earth that Kid Buu is gone for good. Everybody cheers. Everybody on Kami's Lookout is happy. When Goku arrives, Chi-Chi, Gohan, and Goten run towards him. When Vegeta comes, Bulma and Trunks go to him. Videl is happy to see Mr. Satan, her dad, but everybody is scared out of their wits to see Majin Buu. Trunks prepares to launch an attack, but Vegeta stops him and says that Majin Buu is their 'guest'. Goku then apologizes to everyone for being gone for so long, and says that he is alive again because Old Kai brought him back to life. Overjoyed by hearing this, Chi-Chi asks if this means that she, Goku, Gohan, and Goten can live as a family of four, and when Goku says yes, she breaks down in tears and hugs Goku, who then comforts her and tells Chi-Chi that he loves her.

At Mount Paozu, Goku, Goten, and Trunks, are playing outside in a hot tub, completely naked, while Chi-Chi is cooking inside the house, reassuring herself that everything is back to normal. To try and get revenge on Goku for dunking them underwater, Goten and Trunks perform the Fusion Dance. After a brief battle underwater, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, destroying the tub. Goku and Gotenks are then exposed totally nude in the cold air, Goku standing with his naked butt shown to his friends at the back and Gotenks sitting on the grass embarrassed and awed at Goku's naked Super Saiyan transformation. This makes everyone laugh, and then comes out of the house Chi-Chi so mad that she threatens to give Gotenks a spank, something Goku warned them about, with Goku also suggesting that they remain fused so they would not have to endure a spank each. At the end of the episode, Chi-Chi chases Gotenks running around Goku while the rest of the crowd is laughing in shame.

When Chi-Chi, Gohan, and Goten prepare to go to Bulma's house for a barbecue, Goku is nowhere to be found. As Chi-Chi's anger rises, Goku is having troubles of his own. While waiting to witness the hatching of four pterosaur eggs, troubles arise casting him into the role of the egg protector. Goku must do his best to guard the fragile eggs not knowing that he will soon face another danger, an angry Chi-Chi. She indeed becomes angry upon hearing from Gohan and Goten that he has run off again. Chi-Chi decides to get past her anger so they can enjoy the party.

Once they get to the party, everybody begins to show up, including, Dende, Mr. Satan, and Majin Buu. Everyone seems to be enjoying the food, music, and each other's company until Goku is mentioned. Right then, the party comes to a halt, and everyone's face is downcast. They realize that the party just is not as good as it could have been if Goku was there. Meanwhile, Goku braves many dangers and keeps the pterosaur eggs safe until they hatch.

Goku remembers the party right afterward, and he gets there just as the party is coming to an end. While initially angry at Goku, Chi-Chi and Bulma get all the food and party supplies back out, because they feel Goku should get to participate in the party as well. At the end of the episode, everyone is sitting, listening to Goku tell about the eggs and how great it was to see the new baby pterosaur be born.

The family 10 years later.

Just then, Goku notices that Vegeta has walked over to the other end of the room and stood against the wall, alone. Goku asks Vegeta to come back, and everybody starts teasing him, only to have him smile and look away (jokingly). The episode ends with Goku and everybody else spending time together and listening to Goku's story.

Ten years later, Chi-Chi is now a grandmother to Pan, and a mother-in-law to Videl (now married to Gohan). She attends the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament to cheer on her family. She is last seen in the Dragon Ball Z series being stressed out over Goku leaving to train Uub.

Dragon Ball Super (Anime)

Battle of Gods arc

Six months after the defeat of Kid Buu, Chi-Chi has ordered for Goku to get a well paying job in order to afford their living expenses and in order to hire great teachers for Goten's education. Due to this she will not allow for him to train with King Kai unless he fulfills the agreement. After Goku receives over 100 million Zeni from Mr. Satan in gratitude for defeating Kid Buu, Chi-Chi is ecstatic, and allows for Goku to go off and train with King Kai, but only on the promise that he will come back on a regular basis. At Bulma's birthday party, she is informed by Bulma that Master Roshi and Oolong are looking at women on the beach and prevents them of this action for setting a bad example for the kids. Like Bulma, Chi-Chi is upset with Goku not being present. She talks with Bulma and Android 18 during the party and both chants and claps for Beerus after he and Whis arrive.

Resurrection F arc

After the fight with Goku and Beerus, ​Goku begs Chi-Chi to go back to King Kai's planet to train, but Chi-Chi forbids it, saying they are already out of money again. She also informs Goku that they’ve got a granddaughter on the way, and Goku needs to be a good grandfather, and not just fight all the time. Chi-Chi was then seen walking around town with Piccolo at that moment.

She is carrying a huge load of food over to Gohan’s house in order to help ensure Videl and her soon-to-be baby get plenty of nutrition, and having Piccolo help carry the groceries as payment for always eating at their place for free. Goku panics, and in a vain attempt to prevent Chi-Chi from seeing him out fighting, he asks Satan to hit him, then pretends to be sent flying by the blow. Chi-Chi then promises Goten at their house to give Goku lots of “rest” (apparently meaning punishment) once he gets back.

Chi-Chi then talks to Kuririn and Android 18 when she arrives to treat Kuririn's wounds after Goku accidentally hurts him.

Chi-Chi comes over, and is horrified to see the rough and tumble way they handle Pan. Though Gohan assures his mother that Pan, being part Saiyan, should be more than fine with a little roughhousing, Chi-Chi is adamant that they raise her as a gentle girly-girl, so that she will not end up as another “battle-loving idiot”. Mister Satan protests that he dreams of raising Pan to be a great martial artist who can serve as his successor and have over a hundred disciples, but Chi-Chi still does not budge on the subject.

She even goes as far as to kick Gohan and Mr. Satan out of the house to avoid any violent influences. She then talks to Videl and Bulma and calms down after Videl assures her she can be anything she wants to. When Goku finds out that he wants to join Vegeta in training, she opposes his decision to support Goku to be a good grandfather to Pan.

When Bulma gives Goku her cell phone to let him know when Whis shows up, Chi-Chi oversees this, so Goku covers by telling her that he and Bulma are planning a surprise party for Pan and need to keep in touch. Chi-Chi is thrilled that Goku is finally acting as a good grandfather. However, Gohan tips her off and Chi-Chi angrily arrives at Goku's location with him and Goten. Goku says he will just be gone for a little bit, but Chi-Chi is not buying it; she’s heard that line too many times. Gohan argues that Goku needs to train and grow stronger in order to protect the Earth, but Chi-Chi maintains that Goku needs to be a good grandfather for Pan. When Whis starts to leave, Goku runs after him, grabbing onto him just before he rockets off into space. Surprisingly, once Goku’s gone Chi-Chi is not so mad, finally seeming to accept the situation and wonders about the surprise party for Pan.

While Goku and his friends are off fighting Frieza, Chi-Chi is at home reading a magazine and eating while little did she know that the planet was blowing up because of Frieza's last resort. She was killed in the explosion until the event was undone by Whis' Temporal Do-Over technique so that Goku could kill Frieza once more. She later attends the feast thrown by Bulma with her family and friends.

Universe 6 arc

During the Universe 6 and 7 Gods of Destruction Selection Martial Arts Competition, Chi-Chi is for the most part watching on the sidelines. She is shown to be very surprised when Goku's attacks did not do any significant damage to Botamo. When Frost throws Goku into the ring by inducing him with his poisonous needles, Chi-Chi is seen jumping down to the arena to help Goku, along with worrying that Goku had been killed. However she is relieved that he was alright, and has a scowl on her face when Frost comes to apologize to the ring, however she is not pleased with Frost's actions.

When Chi-Chi is in the Cube with everyone else after the tournament, she scolds Goku for using a naughty word in front of Goten. After the wish with the Super Dragon Balls has been made, she returns to Earth with the others.

Potaufeu arc

Chi-Chi attends Bulma's Universe 7 victory party with her friends and family. When Bulma asks Chi-Chi where Gohan and Goku are, Chi-Chi replies that Gohan is busy with his scholarly duties while Goku is working. Chi-Chi is tasked to assist in protecting Monaka's secret from Goku. When Goku appears in his work clothes and tries to fight with Monaka, Chi-Chi forces him to fly home to change into cleaner clothes in order to buy time, while Beerus praises her for being smart. When Beerus berates Goku for doing three hundred trillion sit ups so quickly, along with claiming that Goku messed up the count. Chi-Chi comments that Goku is unable to count with numbers so high. She then watches as Beerus dons a life-sized Monaka costume and fights with Goku, and later starts the party with Monaka's secret protected.

One day, Chi-Chi is eating dinner with Goku and Goten at their house. As Chi-Chi prepares to bring Goku more food, she along with Goten notice that Goku is not feeling well, by asking if he has a fever or if he is dying. Later that night, Goku does not feel any better, and Chi-Chi suggests Goku to ask King Kai. Goku agrees, then teleports away. Chi-Chi, while staying up at night worrying about Goku, preps herself up, preparing to make Goku a lot of food to cheer him up. Goku then crashes into the house, destroying it and this makes Chi-Chi very angry.

The next day, Chi-Chi accompanies Goku and Goten to Gohan and Videl's house, where Piccolo is babysitting Pan. As Goku and Gohan talk on the phone, Chi-Chi is proud of her son's job offer as a professor's assistant, while saying that he will become the first diligent Saiyan in Universe 7. Chi-Chi then berates Goku for destroying their house, even mentioning that if it was not for the 100 million Zeni that was given by Mr. Satan, they could not afford repairs.

However Chi-Chi then mentions she saved the money for Goten's future education, even lying to Goku about spending it all to motivate him to work. As Piccolo prepares to leave, he asks Chi-Chi if she can make baby food, and Chi-Chi reminds him that she did take care of two boys. Piccolo then gives oddly specific instructions to Chi-Chi on how to take care of Pan, which included her favorite activities and favorite food. The next morning, Pan disappears, and Piccolo scolds Goku and Chi-Chi for not watching her. Chi-Chi then helps Goku and Piccolo, along with Goten, while they look for Pan. When Gohan and Videl return home, Pan was already found, and Chi-Chi deduces that Pan must have crawled under the bed or in the closet overnight.

When Goten is stowed away on Monaka's delivery truck with Trunks, and has been taken to Planet Potaufeu, Bulma calls Chi-Chi to inform her of the situation, and she is frustrated at Goku for training on King Kai's planet at a time like this. When the group from Potaufeu return to Earth, Chi-Chi worriedly embraces Goten, and asking if he is hurt. However Goten apologizes to her while she still hugs him.

Future Trunks arc

When Goku, Piccolo, and Goten get ready to race to see who can harvest all of the crops first on Goku's field, but Chi-Chi scolds Goten and tells him to study for the test he has next week. Later, Goten and Chi-Chi tell Piccolo and Kuririn that a Time Machine has appeared. Piccolo and Kuririn leave to check it out and Goten follows them, but Chi-Chi grabs Goten and scolds him, telling him to study. Goten pleads to go, saying the Earth might be in trouble, but Chi-Chi refuses to listen, leaving Goten annoyed. Later she and Gohsn go to see Kuririn. She constantly asking Kuririn if he knew where Goku was, but he replied that he did not. Chi-Chi says that she was worried about Goku, and cooked a lot of food for him to eat, which is in a giant pack carried by Gohan. Kuririn explains that as a police officer, if he knew anything he would share it to Chi-Chi, and rushes off to go on patrol. Gohan tries to calm Chi-Chi down as they both notice Goten and Trunks flying.

At Bulma's house, Chi-Chi calls for her with Gohan flying and carrying her. As both land, Chi-Chi asks her where Goku is. Bulma plays innocent and says he has no idea, and Chi-Chi asks her where Goten and Trunks are, as she had seen them flying earlier, worrying about them being delinquents sneaking out so late at night. After Shu appears and gives Bulma a status update about the time machine, and she explains to a confused Chi-Chi that the time machine is her newest product. Goten and Trunks try to crawl away but they are stopped by Vegeta. Chi-Chi spots them, and beginning to scold Goten. Soon after Kuririn and Piccolo arrive, asking if they defeated Black Goku yet. Chi-Chi asks Bulma what's going on, when Goku appears, with his injuries healed but his stomach empty.

As Goku eats, Bulma explains to everyone about Future Trunks' world being in danger, and a fake Goku rampaging. As Goku says he won't forgive Zamasu for stealing his body and killing Chi-Chi and Goten, but as Chi-Chi panicks and checks if Goten is ok, Goku explains it was in another timeline. Chi-Chi asks if Goku beat him, and Goku replies that they were beaten and had to escape to the past twice, and Chi-Chi questions Goku's fatherly duties for not beating the one responsible for killing his wife and son. Bulma tells everyone that Future Trunks is currently fighting both of them on his own, and Goku and Vegeta are stumped and cannot think of a plan. Piccolo suggests using the Evil Containment Wave. Later Chi-Chi sees Piccolo do the Evil Containment Wave.

Universe Survival arc

She is seen trying to make sure Goten doesn't skip out on his studies. She also witnesses the birth of Bulma's daughter. Chi-Chi is seen when her family comes back safely from the tournament.

Dragon Ball GT (Anime)

The Black Star Dragon Ball arc

Years later, in Dragon Ball GT, Chi-Chi has an even smaller role. Now in her fifties, she mostly associates with Bulma and Videl, while also supporting her family in times of crisis. She is also shown more lenient as a grandmother, but an over-bearing mother of a now laid-back, adult Goten. Goku becomes a child during Dragon Ball GT, which frustrates Chi-Chi, but she still cares for him deeply. When asked what it is like having a child for a husband, she responds, "Mostly the same." (in the English version she say "Oh please! even back then when Goku was an adult he still acted like a child.")

Baby Saga

Chi-Chi is shown to still carry a motherly attitude toward Goten and Gohan. She does not like Goten going out, and warns him of "city women". When Goten is possessed by Baby, Chi-Chi shows a dominant role over both him and Gohan as their mother by slapping him several times for "disrespect", then demanding they take their fight outside, unaware of the possession. Later, Chi-Chi herself, along with nearly the entire population on Earth, gets possessed by Baby. She orders Gohan and Goten to kill Goku upon his return. She is later cured with the Sacred Water. She is later seen still on Planet Tuffle,while talking to Goku through a video camera.She is seen with everyone from earth,when the planet is destroy with Piccolo on it.She is later seen on the restored earth (thanks to the namekian Dragon Balls), During a BBQ with her family, and friends.

Super 17 arc

After arming herself with a broom and pot, Chi-Chi goes with Videl, Bulma, and Bulla to fight alongside Goku in the Super 17 Saga. As soon as They arrive, Goku and Android 18 told them that they are already kill Super 17. Which shocks Chi-Chi & and Videl with sadness.

Shadow Dragon arc

No longer having her father to hold her back, Chi-Chi finally involves herself in the final battle with Syn Shenron, along with her sons, daughter-in-law, and the Brief family. She makes a speech about fighting with Goku as a family. After the battle, she goes home with Goten to start cooking his favorite foods. She is last seen in one of Goku's flashbacks at the end of Dragon Ball GT.

Film Apperances

Dragon Ball Z movie 1

The film opens with Piccolo being attacked and supposedly killed by a group of shadowed fighters. He couldn't have been killed, because Kami still was alive and fought Garlic Jr. Chi-Chi along with her father, the Ox King, and Son Gohan are attacked by an unknown group of warriors. Son Goku is out fishing during the attack and after sensing danger, he returns only to find his son has been kidnapped. The group responsible for the attack are Garlic Jr.'s henchmen, and it is later revealed that they were not so much holding Gohan ransom for any reason, but because they were after the four-star Dragon Ball that was attached to his hat. After retrieving the remaining Dragon Balls, Garlic Jr. summons Shenron and he immediately wishes for immortality. Shenron, never having to grant this type of demand before, grants Garlic Jr. his wish. A furious Goku arrives to try to take back his son, but soon discovers Garlic Jr.'s new power. Kami makes an appearance (which surprises Garlic Jr., who thought that his henchmen had killed Piccolo) and meets up with Goku, and describes a brief history of Garlic Jr. and his father Garlic. Goku then proceeds to try to find Gohan when he is attacked by the villain's gang, whilst Kami faces Garlic Jr.

After brief fighting, Krillin and Piccolo arrive to help. Piccolo gets revenge for being attacked earlier by defeating Garlic Jr.'s henchman Sansho, while Goku manages to defeat the other two henchmen Ginger and Nicky. Meanwhile, Kami is getting brutally outmatched by Garlic Jr., until Goku and Piccolo rescue him. And with Garlic Jr.'s newly obtained immortality and a new muscular second form, it seems not even Earth's warriors can take him down. But when Goku & Piccolo work together, two-against-one prevails, and Garlic Jr. is outclassed. Angry at his defeat, Garlic Jr. unleashes his ultimate attack, and bursting with anger, he opens up a portal known as the "Dead Zone". Intending to suck his enemies into the void, Garlic Jr. becomes frustrated with Goku's ability to avoid the Dead Zone, and he decides to handle Goku himself, and later force him into the Dead Zone. Things looking extremely difficult for Earth's hero, Goku's son, Gohan, becomes enraged witnessing his father and friends in danger and releases his latent energy, blasting Garlic Jr. into his own vortex to be trapped for an eternity. Remarkably, in the end of it all, Gohan doesn't remember a thing of what happened, instead believing that his father defeated Garlic Jr., and with amazement, Goku figures his son is no ordinary boy, but one with a great hidden potential. At the end of the film, Piccolo is seen from above, looking down on Goku and his friends and vows that one day, he will defeat Goku.

Dragon Ball Z movie 2

While looking at the Dragon Radar, Oolong notices that all of the Dragon Balls are starting to be gathered together. He and Gohan, who were also searching for the Dragon Balls, head out to investigate and end up at the Tsurumai-Tsuburi Mountains’ eternal wall of ice, where coincidentally, Piccolo is also training. Dr. Kochin summons Shenlong and wishes for Dr. Uiro’s lab to be released from the ice. The ice begins to break away and a building emerges. Gohan and Oolong look on in disbelief, when they are suddenly attacked by Dr. Kochin’s Biomen. Piccolo shows up to save Gohan, but is overcome by three mysterious fighters, while Gohan and Oolong escape.

Dr. Kochin and his Biomen soon appear at Kame House, and request that Kame-Sen’nin come with them. He refuses and easily defeats the Biomen, but Dr. Kochin kidnaps Bulma to force Kame-Sen’nin to go back with him to the lab. There, Kame-Sen’nin is forced to fight three bio-warriors, but it soon becomes apparent he’s no match. Bulma discovers that Dr. Uiro’s goal is to obtain the body of the strongest man so he can be revived. Bulma informs them that Son Goku is now the strongest man in the world.

Oolong informs Goku of the situation, and he heads out to find Bulma and Kame-Sen’nin. He arrives at Dr. Uiro’s lab and is greeted by Misokattsun, Kishime, and Ebifurya, Dr. Kochin’s three bio-warriors. Goku defeats Misokattsun by bursting through him with the Kaiō-Ken, but is then sealed up in ice by Ebifurya. Gohan and Kuririn arrive to back him up, but are at their wit’s end against Kishime. Using the Kaiō-Ken, Goku breaks free from ice and defeats the two remaining bio-warriors. Goku confronts Dr. Uiro, demanding he give Bulma back, but Dr. Uiro just wants Goku’s body.

Piccolo, who has been brainwashed by Dr. Uiro, appears and a battle between the two rivals commences. Gohan tries to stop Piccolo, but he simply swats Gohan away. Being unable to stop them from fighting, Gohan’s anger explodes, shattering Dr. Uiro’s brainwashing device on Piccolo. Dr. Uiro is stunned by Gohan’s power and decides he must fight Goku himself. He begins to break his robot body free from the wall, subsequently knocking Dr. Kochin down an energy shaft, killing him. Everyone watches on in horror, including Kuririn, who has freed Bulma.

The true battle begins, and Dr. Uiro seems to have the upper hand. Even the three-person Kamehameha of Goku, Kame-Sen’nin, and Kuririn has no effect on him. Soon, Goku and Piccolo are the only ones left able to fight. Goku resorts to using a Kaiō-Ken powered Kamehameha, which merely knocks Dr. Uiro into space. Goku begins to form a Genki-Dama, but Dr. Uiro interrupts him before he can throw it by shooting ki blasts at him. The others fly up to distract him so Goku can successfully throw the Genki-Dama. Goku lets it fly and it’s a direct hit. Dr. Wheelo’s brain is destroyed and peace once again returns to Earth.

Dragon Ball Z movie 3

Son Gohan, Kuririn, Bulma, and Oolong are spending a peaceful day camping, but that night a huge fire breaks out in the nearby forest. Using their ki, Kuririn and Gohan put out the fire and use the Dragon Balls to restore the forest. Unbeknown to our heroes, the fire was started by a space probe landing. The next morning the space pod begins scouting the area and it is soon revealed that it was sent by a Saiyan, Tullece, who has chosen the Earth to plant the Shinseiju (lit. “Tree of Godly Might”). The Shinseiju absorbs the world’s energy, storing it in its fruit, and whoever eats it is granted great power.

Tullece’s minions land and create a fissure in the earth to plant the seed. Kaio recognizes the Shinseiju and warns the Z Warriors of the Earth’s imminent devastation if they don’t destroy it immediately. The Z Warriors head out, but their attacks don’t even leave a scratch on the Shinseiju. Tullece's minions soon appear and a battle breaks out as Tullece watches on from their space ship. The Z Warriors attack with all they have, but it soon become apparent they are no match.

Tullece soon notices the young Saiyan Gohan and appears before him, trying to convince him to join him and help him conquer the universe. Gohan refuses, so Turles decides to kill him, but Piccolo intervenes. Unfortunately he is no match for the Saiyan and is sent flying. Tullece decides to have a little fun and creates an artificial moon, forcing Gohan to look at it and transform. Goku notices this and comes to help, only to be attacked by Gohan in Ōzaru form. Hire Dragon appears and calms Gohan, but after seeing this, Tullece shots Hire Dragon. Gohan goes into a frenzy and quickly turns on Tullece. Tullece decides he’s had enough fun and fires a massive ki attack at Gohan, but Goku severs his tail return him to normal just in time so that the attack misses Gohan.

Enraged at Tullece for treating Gohan like this, Goku quickly defeats Tullece’s minions and heads off to take on Tullece. Goku and Tullece’s one-on-one showdown begins and Goku has Tullece on the ropes. However, the fruit of the Shinseiju has finally developed and Tullece grabs one, taking a bite. With the sudden surge of power, Tullece quickly turns the tables on Goku, but the Z Warriors come to his aid. As they take on Tullece, Goku begins to form a Genki-Dama, but the Earth barely has any energy left.

Energy from the Shinseiju suddenly flows into Goku and the Genki-Dama is complete. With the remaining Z Warriors defeated, Goku confronts Tullece and each unleashes their final attack. Goku’s Genki-Dama overwhelms Tullece’s ki attack and hits him head on, sending him flying through the Shinseiju. The massive Genki-Dama also destroys the Shinseiju and its energy is returned to Earth. With peace returned, our heroes enjoy another camping trip.

Dragon Ball Z movie 4

While meditating beside a waterfall, Piccolo is approached by Son Gohan and Icarus, with Gohan showing Piccolo a tune he has just learned to whistle. To his shock, Piccolo finds the noise excruciatingly painful due to his enhanced Namekian hearing called Nail, and angrily orders Gohan to stop. Meanwhile, at the Capsule Corporation compound, Bulma and her father discover that a meteor is heading toward the Earth and will most likely destroy the planet upon impact. Amidst mass panic throughout the Earth, Son Goku and Kuririn rush to intercept the meteor, blasting it with Kamehameha waves, but fail to damage it. The meteor, however, does not hit Earth, instead passing it and exploding in orbit. When the dust clears, a strange building is present on the Earth.

An army of armored soldiers comes out of the building and declares the Earth to be under the rule of their leader, Lord Slug, and terrorize the citizens for laughing at them. Gohan and Chi-Chi appear and fight the soldiers, whose eyes appear to be hypersensitive to the sunlight, but Chi-Chi is easily subdued and Gohan loses his hat with the four-star Dragon Ball as Slug himself appears and takes it. Bulma appears and defies Slug's henchmen, who reveal their intentions to Terra-freeze the Earth and turn it into their own star cruiser. Slug reads Bulma's mind and learns about the Dragon Radar, and orders his men to find the remaining six Dragon Balls in one hour.

Slug's men eventually bring the Dragon Balls back to base and summon the Eternal Dragon, Shenron. The elderly Slug wishes for eternal youth, which is granted, and he launches a pod into space, where it summons dark clouds to cover the sky, blocking out the sunlight, modifying the atmosphere to accommodate Slug and his men, while proving deadly for the human race. Goku, still exhausted from his ordeal with the meteor, is found unconscious by Yajirobe, who gives him a Senzu Bean.

At Slug's base, Gohan resumes his assault against Slug's army and manages to bring down scores of them until he is subdued. Piccolo appears and rescues Gohan from death. Slug's top men, Angila, Medamatcha and Wings appear and engage them in battle. Piccolo kills Wings while Medamatcha smothers Gohan into unconsciousness, but as Medamatcha moves in to finish Gohan, Piccolo throws himself in front of Gohan and takes the blast. They are almost killed, but Goku and Krillin arrive on the scene in time and kill Angila and Medamatcha, but Slug then enters the fray.

Slug blasts Kuririn aside and fights Goku one on one, easily taking the upper hand despite Goku's efforts. However, as Slug moves in to finish Goku, Goku is overcome by rage at the damage done to the Earth and its inhabitants, and transforms into a False Super Saiyan (the midpoint between Goku's base form and Super Saiyan form). With his power boosted, Goku easily takes control of the battle and pummels Slug, breaking his arm in the process. To Goku's horror, however, Slug tears his damaged arm off and regenerates it, also removing his helmet and revealing that he is actually a Namekian. As Slug transforms into a giant, King Kai telepathically contacts Goku and tells him that Slug is the last Super Namek, a branch of Namekians who grew obsessed with power and were banished from Planet Namek by use of the Dragon Balls.

Goku and Slug continue their fight, but with Slug's increased strength and Goku's superior speed, neither can best the other. Slug eventually grabs Goku and starts to crush him, but Piccolo, knowing his own weaknesses, intervenes and pulls on Slug's antennae. Slug grabs Piccolo in his hands, but Piccolo, remembering his sensitive hearing, pulls his own ears off and screams for Gohan to start whistling. The noise deafens Slug, especially in his giant form, leaving Piccolo to transfer his remaining energy to Goku. Goku powers up and manages to fly straight through Slug's stomach, knocking him out. Goku then flies into the sky and begins preparing a Spirit Bomb in order to destroy the Terra-freezing pod, but Slug gives chase. In desperation, Goku fires the Spirit Bomb at Slug, hitting him and sending him directly into the Terra-freezing pod which explodes, destroying Slug and removing the dark clouds from Earth's atmosphere.

In the aftermath, Yajirobe appears and provides everyone with Senzu Beans. At Kame House, Master Roshi, who slept through all the events, wakes up and wishes for something exciting to happen.

Dragon Ball Z movie 5

Dragon Ball Z movie 7

The film opens with the introduction showing the death of Dr. Gero at the hands of the Androids 17 and 18 including the Red Ribbon Army, but also reveals that Gero previously copied his consciousness into an underground supercomputer, working on an alternate ultimate android.

Cutting to the present day, Goku is shopping with Gohan and Chi-Chi, while Krillin, Master Roshi, Oolong and Future Trunks wait for a beauty pageant. As Goku, Chi-Chi, Gohan and the gang eat in the restaurant on the shopping centre's top floor, two humanoid beings enter the city and begin causing mayhem. Oblivious to their surroundings, they head straight for the restaurant and attack Goku. Goku briefly fights them and realises that they are androids, since he cannot sense their energy. The humanoids introduce themselves as Androids 14 and 15 as Gohan, Krillin and Trunks join the fray. Goku requests that they take the battle elsewhere in order to avoid harming innocent people, and the androids accept, flying to an Arctic area.

Goku and Trunks take on the androids and manage to hold their own until an android wearing the Red Ribbon Army insignia appears. This android introduces himself as Android 13, and explains that Dr. Gero may be gone, but previously programmed his supercomputer to think that it is Gero himself to continue Gero's dream to killing Goku in revenge for defeating the Red Ribbon Army. Vegeta and Piccolo also show up to aid their friends. Goku, Vegeta and Trunks power up to their Super Saiyan forms. While Android 13 manages to hold the upper hand against both Goku and Piccolo, Trunks and Vegeta destroy Androids 14 and 15, and surround 13, ready to take him on at once. Irate, 13 proceeds to absorb 14 and 15's main cores into his own being and undergoes a hideous transformation into Super Android 13. In this form, nobody is able to match 13, and he pummels Goku and the others about.

Seeing no other choice, Goku begins summoning energy for the Spirit Bomb while Piccolo and the others stall 13. 13 eventually gets wind of this and tries to stop Goku, but Piccolo holds him off just long enough for Goku to go Super Saiyan again and merge with the Spirit Bomb. 13 attacks, but Goku effortlessly punches through 13's stomach and sends him into the core of the Spirit Bomb, where he is obliterated. With 13's demise, the underground supercomputer shuts down for good.

Following 13's death, Kuririn and Gohan are sent to the hospital. There everyone jokes about Kuririn's attempt to help Gohan's summer school (which Chi-Chi had previously been stressed about at the beginning of the film). Elsewhere, Piccolo and Vegeta sit back to back, isolated from the celebration.

Dragon Ball Z movie 8

On his planet in the Otherworld, King Kai senses the destruction of the South Galaxy by an unknown Super Saiyan, and realizes that the North Galaxy will be next. To this end, King Kai contacts Goku telepathically while he and Chi-Chi are sitting an interview at a private school which they hopefully plan to send Gohan to. In the middle of the interview, Goku teleports to King Kai's planet and is told the entire story.

Meanwhile on Earth, while the Z-Fighters are picnicking in an unknown area peaceful area, a spaceship lands and an army of humanoids appear and greet Vegeta as their king. Their leader is a Saiyan, Paragus, who claims that he has created a New Planet Vegeta and wishes for Vegeta to accompany him in order to rule as the new king. Vegeta initially refuses, but agrees after Paragus tells him that a being known as the "Legendary Super Saiyan" is running rampant throughout the galaxy and must be destroyed before he comes to Earth. Skeptical of Paragus' story, Trunks, Gohan, Krillin, Master Roshi and Oolong go along with Vegeta.

On New Vegeta, Vegeta meets Paragus' son, Broly, and the two leave together to hunt down the Legendary Super Saiyan. Gohan, Trunks and Krillin meet the planet's slaves and defend them from their abusive masters. During the struggle, Goku arrives via Instant Transmission, having followed their energy signals after King Kai's story. The slaves tell them that the Legendary Super Saiyan destroyed their planet, and they were found by Paragus, who made them into his slaves. That night, Vegeta and Broly return, having had no luck.

While Vegeta receives Goku coldly, Broly appears agitated at the mere sight of him, and only calms down when Paragus raises his hand and a light shines on his bracelet. Despite this, Broly attacks Goku in the middle of the night. The two fight for a while until Paragus appears and calms Broly down again, but Goku begins to doubt Paragus' claims. Paragus, for his part, has been controlling Broly with a mind control device, which he suspects may be malfunctioning. Paragus then realises that it is Broly's connection to Goku that has made him angry: Broly and Goku were born on the same day and were in neighbouring pods, and Goku's constant crying agitated Broly so much that it made him resent Goku for many years afterwards, and now, having come face to face with him, old wounds have begun to surface.

Vegeta soon loses patience with Paragus and decides to return to Earth with the others, but Goku and the others confront Paragus, having realised that Broly is in fact the Legendary Super Saiyan himself. The slaves, upon seeing Broly, also identify him as the one who destroyed their planet, but Broly again becomes fixated on Goku, and his rage erupts so much that he breaks free of the mind control device and transforms into a behemoth of a Super Saiyan: the Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly sets his eyes on Goku and begins fighting him and the others, while Vegeta, frightened of the Legendary Super Saiyan, loses the will to fight. Paragus taunts Vegeta for his naïveté and reveals his true story and intentions: many years ago, on Planet Vegeta, Broly was born with a power level of 10,000, (but goku was born with a power level of 2), an amazing feat for a baby.

However, King Vegeta feared that the baby would grow up to become a threat to his royal family line and ordered him executed. Paragus barged into the court and begged King Vegeta to spare him, but he refused and severely wounded Paragus. Broly was stabbed in the stomach, and he and Paragus were left for dead. However, that same day, Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, and just before the explosion, Broly manifested through anger to blat him and Paragus away from planet Vegeta only seconds before demolition. Broly grew into a severely unstable child, at one point blinding Paragus in one eye, and Paragus only managed to pacify him via the mind control device. Since then, Paragus' goal has been revenge on King Vegeta through his son, Vegeta, and to take over the Earth as a new Planet Vegeta from which to rule the universe. Furthermore, a comet, Camori, is approaching New Vegeta, and will destroy it upon impact.

Broly makes quick work of Goku, Gohan and Trunks. Piccolo arrives with Senzu beans but is also beaten, but summons enough will power to forcibly bring Vegeta to the battlefield. Seeing Broly pummel his friends repeatedly eventually gives Vegeta enough incentive to join the fight, but he also proves to be no match for Broly. Paragus tries to escape from New Vegeta by himself, but Broly catches him in the act and kills him. However, despite Broly's power, Goku refuses to stay down, and takes every blow Broly lands on him, even with his friends offering him their remaining power. After much reluctance, Vegeta finally gives some of his energy, which gives Goku enough power to resist Broly and punch him in exactly the same place where he was stabbed as a baby, causing Broly to bleed profusely and apparently explode.

Just as Camori hits and destroys New Vegeta, the Z Fighters and the slaves escape in the spaceship Piccolo used to follow Goku and Vegeta. Goku and Gohan teleport straight to their garden, where Goku comically recites what Chi-Chi told him to say for the school interview, causing her to faint. The movie ends with Goku and Gohan trying to find water for an unconscious Chi-Chi.

Dragon Ball Z movie 9

The movie starts with a big martial arts tournament in which 200 elite fighters will compete, which include Yamcha, Tien, Piccolo, Son Gohan, Future Trunks, and Kuririn. The winner will get to face the famous champion "Mr. Satan" (also known as Hercule in the English version). Goku is shown in Other World, watching the tournament with King Kai. The first round consists of 8 contests - 25 fighters are put on each fighting "stage", and the last one standing on each stage will advance to the semi-finals. Tien, Piccolo, Gohan, Kuririn, and Future Trunks are among the 8 who advance. As the advancing fighters' names are announced, Mr. Satan is shown getting increasingly nervous, as he is aware of the prowess of these fighters. He begins looking for a way to back out of the fighting, eventually claiming to have a "stomach ache".

In the meantime, the semis pit Tien against Future Trunks and Kuririn against Piccolo. Future Trunks beats Tien. Piccolo is disgusted by the lack of a challenge in this supposedly "elite" contest and forfeits against Kuririn. Gohan, Kuririn, and Future Trunks are among the 4 who advance to the finals, in which each of them will compete against a fighter from elsewhere in the galaxy. However, as the alien fighters are revealed, the fight promoter realizes that these are not the fighters that he had recruited for the contest.

Everyone soon begins to realize that there is something wrong as Trunks is challenged by Kogu, Kuririn faces Zangya, and Gohan confronts Bujin. During this time, Mr. Satan is in the rest room, thinking about how he got himself in this mess, but after looking at his belt he realizes that the people need him and, in an uncharacteristically brave mood he goes out and gets slammed into a space pod and sent to the fighting. During his fight against Kogu, Trunks transforms into a Super Saiyan, shatters Kogu's sword, and shoves his fist right through Kogu's abdomen, killing him. As he turns to leave, he is struck down in one blow by an unknown foe. Far away, Vegeta feels this power and knows something is wrong. Gohan continues his fight with Bujin until he is led out to where Kuririn and Trunks are. After inspecting his fallen friend, Bojack introduces himself and tells Gohan his plans to rule the universe as his revenge.

Yamcha and Tien turn up to fight but are defeated by Bujin, Bido and Zangya. Seeing his friends fallen, Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan and fights Bojack's henchmen while Bojack watches on in amusement. Gohan is beaten down and Bojack powers up an attack to finish him off, although it is deflected by Piccolo, who has come to Gohan's aid. Trunks comes back into action and they both challenge Bojack. After a period of fighting Trunks's sword appears; Trunks catches it as Vegeta enters the fight and transforms into a Super Saiyan, quickly setting on Bojack.

During this, Trunks thinks that Vegeta would only ever fight when it meant him surpassing Goku's strength, and Trunks realizes that Vegeta has truly changed. While Vegeta fights Bojack, the rest fight against his surviving henchmen. During his fight against Vegeta, Bojack beats Vegeta down and transforms. Gohan rushes to Piccolo's aid, but Piccolo tells him to not worry about him and fight Bojack. Bojack challenges Gohan to a fight and beats him thanks to the aid of Bido and Zangya's Untrapped ropes, which drains Gohan's energy away, but Gohan is freed when Mr. Hercule's incoming pod distracts them all. Annoyed at this, Bojack powers up an attack and blasts Mr. Hercule's pod, causing him to fall to the ground. Trying to save him, Gohan is struck down by Bojack's henchmen.

On Snake Way with King Kai, Goku can't watch any more and, using his Instant Transmission, teleports himself to the fight and punches Bojack before he can finish Gohan off. Surprised, Bojack falls to the ground. After a few words of advice, Goku places his son on the ground safely and disappears. Gohan, taking in his father's words, gets back and turns to Bojack with fire in his eyes. Gohan transforms into Super Saiyan 2, surprising Bojack and his crew. Gohan beats Bido and Bujin each in one hit, breaking them both in half, and Zangya is killed when Bojack uses her as a shield from Gohan. The angry young Saiyan then slams his fist into Bojack's stomach, blowing a hole in his stomach and out through his back. As a last resort, Bojack powers up his Galactic Buster and Gohan prepares a Kamehameha.

The energies clash together and in the blinding light Bojack is killed. Gohan, exhausted, falls backwards laughing as Goku praises him from Other World, and King Kai jokes that Goku broke the rules of going back to Earth while dead. After the events, everyone is in hospital watching the news that Mr. Satan is a "true hero" who defeated the alien intruders; this results in several jokes as they laugh. As like Dragon Ball Z movie 7, the film closes with Piccolo and Vegeta on the roof, arms folded and backs turned to each other, isolating themselves from the celebration.

Dragon Ball Z movie 12

In the Other World, a teenage "oni" guarding a spirit cleansing machine turns the volume of his walkman up so loud that he fails to change the evil essence tank when necessary. Due to the overload of evil essence, the machine explodes and the "oni" is transformed into a huge-childlike monster with power over the laws regarding the worlds of the living and the dead. As a result, both worlds are thrown into chaos: in the living world, several deceased are brought back to life, while in the other world, beings who were allowed to keep their bodies turn into spirits, and vice versa.

While fighting in the final of another Other World Tournament, Son Goku and Pikkon are interrupted by the appearance of a crystal-like substance all over the place, and are sent to see to the disturbance. They find the Check-In Station and most of the Other World encased in crystal-like jelly beans which are immune to their energy attacks. From inside the station, King Yemma directs them to the culprit, sitting on the roof. The monster, who is unable to say anything other than its own name, Janemba, refuses to put the barrier back after Pikkon insists. Goku decides to lure Janemba down to Hell to fight him while Pikkon tries to free King Yemma.

Earth comes under siege by an array of villains, one of them a comical parody of Adolf Hitler and his Wehrmacht, as well as an army of deceased past villains led by Frieza. Gohan makes quick work of Frieza, causing the villains to scatter. During the fray, Goten and Trunks gather the Dragon Balls, summon Shenron and ask him to put the barrier between the living and deceased worlds back up, but Shenron claims that he cannot grant the wish, since only King Yemma has that kind of power. In Hell, Goku and Janemba engage in a game-like fight, with Janemba taking the upper hand against Goku. Goku realises that despite Janemba likely not meaning any real harm, he is nevertheless a danger to both worlds, and powers up to Super Saiyan 3. In his new form, Goku dominates Janemba and literally smashes his head in, but Janemba merely transforms into a much smaller but more powerful and sinister form and again takes the upper hand, almost killing Goku, but Vegeta, having regained his physical body, arrives in time to help. Both Goku and Vegeta are no match for Janemba and are forced to hide. Goku proposes fusion, but Vegeta refuses to join bodies with Goku, given his pride.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, most of the villains are defeated. Pikkon continues to try to free King Yemma, but to no avail, and in his anger, insults the crystal substance, causing it to crack. But even Pikkon's worst insults cause the crystal to crack only slightly, and he eventually gives up and rushes to aid Goku and Vegeta. After much persuasion, Vegeta agrees to fuse with Goku via the fusion dance, but Vegeta fails to extend his forefinger at the last minute and the fusion fails, resulting in a weak, obese "fighter" named Veku. Janemba beats Veku severely and almost kills him, but the fusion wears off and Goku and Vegeta escape in time. Pikkon arrives to stall Janemba while Goku and Vegeta try the fusion again, this time successfully fusing into Gogeta. Gogeta easily pummels Janemba around, but rather than kill him, uses his power to cleanse him of all evil inside him, reverting him to his teenage "oni" form, who runs away from Gogeta in horror.

With Janemba gone, his hold over the Other World disappears and the deceased return to the Afterlife. After sharing a good-natured farewel with Goku, Vegeta reverts to spirit form and disappears. While flying home, Goten and Trunks tease Gohan and Videl (In the Japanese version, the boys tease Gohan and Videl about knowing that Goku and Vegeta saved the day. But jokes on Gohan and Videl by not telling them.) after having watched them kissing earlier on. The film closes with the still-summoned Shenron, asking if anyone wants to make a wish.

Dragon Ball Z movie 14

Chi-Chi in the battle of the Gods film.

Several years after the titanic battle with Majin Buu, Goku has come to King Kai's planet to train and he is running with Bubbles when he notices King Kai is discussing something interesting. He then learns about Beerus, a God of Destruction tasked with maintaining balance in the universe. Goku says that he wants to fight Beerus, and King Kai scolds him. Soon, Beerus arrives on the planet and Goku is questioned about the Super Saiyan God. Goku demonstrates the various Super Saiyan forms he can achieve to Beerus, but he cannot help Beerus about the Super Saiyan God. However, ecstatic over the new challenge, Goku ignores King Kai's advice and battles Beerus, but he is overwhelmed and defeated. Beerus then leaves, but his eerie remark of "Is there nobody on Earth more worthy to destroy…?" lingers on.

The form gives Goku the power to resist Beerus, but he reverts to his regular Super Saiyan form due to the form's time limit. However, he learns the form's godlike feeling, which allows him to use Super Saiyan God power. Beerus points out to Goku that Super Saiyan God's time limit ran out some time ago and that Goku did not notice because he was able to absorb Super Saiyan God power into his body while he was fighting. Beerus says that because of this, Goku did not greatly power down even after returning to normal. Goku did not quite like Super Saiyan God because he could only reach that level of power with everyone else's help rather than on his own, so Goku feels contented becoming able to fight at a level not too far removed from Super Saiyan God all on his own. The two seem to be equally strong at some point, but Beerus eventually wins when he uses his God of Destruction Super Energy Sphere. Goku stops Beerus' energy sphere, barely holding it back, and the screen suddenly blacks out. Chi-Chi and Goku's friends appear in Goku's mind, then he briefly transforms to Super Saiyan God again and absorbs the energy ball. Goku gets exhausted, and Beerus wants Goku to say "I give up" and he says so. Beerus stops the fight and they talk for a while before going back to the ground.

Beerus says that the Super Saiyan God was not that strong and the Oracle Fish's prediction was a little exaggerated. Beerus reveals that Whis is his martial arts master and stronger than him. He also says that there are twelve universes, and the one Goku and his friends know is just one of them, the Seventh Universe. Beerus is the God of Destruction of the Seventh Universe, and each universe has its God of Destruction. On the ground, Beerus tries to destroy the planet, but he blasts only a small rock and says he has already run out of power. Before returning home, Whis asks Goku if he would like to be the next God of Destruction after Beerus dies, but Goku turns him down. The Supreme Kais comment on Goku befriending the God of Destruction. When Goku reveals that he was on Earth watching the battles, he says that Vegeta became an incredible Super Saiyan back when Beerus slapped Bulma and even jokes that they should just have their enemy hit Bulma the next time they are up against some nasty opponent. Goku needles Vegeta about shouting "How dare you do that to my Bulmaaa!!!" when defending her against Beerus, and Vegeta denies that he said such a thing. Piccolo then says that Goku must have been watching back during that fight, and everyone gets mad at Goku for not helping out then. Goku is lastly seen being chased by Bulma, and slapped by her multiple times off screen.

Dragon Ball Z TV Special 2

Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans

However, in order to destroy the generator, they have to travel to the Dark Planet and defeat Dr. Raichi. After several troubles, they are able to reach the Dark Planet, and discover that everything was a ploy from Dr. Raichi to avenge the Tuffles that were destroyed by the Saiyans years ago. Dr. Raichi releases his ultimate creation, Hatchiyack, and after a long fight, Goku and his friends defeat them. This destroys the last remaining generator on Earth. Goku then returns everyone home through instant transmission, then he and Gohan go home. However once they get home, Chi-Chi angrily scolds Goku for making Gohan join him on another adventure. But Goku says he's sorry to Chi-Chi, despite this she says that doesn't make an excuse for Gohan missing School. Goku and Gohan say they are sorry to her once again.

Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!

In this special, Goku becomes a radish farmer (the name pun of his brother, Raditz). Goku and his family are invited by Mr. Satan to come to the opening of his hotel. At first, Goku is reluctant to go, but when he hears he may eat as much as he wants, he goes. When he gets to the hotel, he first has a little food competition with Vegeta, later when they are eating they feel the ki of two beings heading for earth, as a result Goku and the others go and check it out. They appear to be Gure and Tarble, the little brother of Vegeta, Tarble tells them two strong enemies and former servant's of Frieza are coming to Earth. Goku wants to fight them, but then the other fighters show that they want to fight too.

They then begin to argue until they agree to pick radishes; a game that declares the one with the longest radish as the winner, this is Trunks. When they go back to the hotel, Abo and Cado arrive. Goku tells Goten that he may help Trunks with his fight. Goten and Trunks defeat Abo and Cado, so Abo and Cado merge into Aka. Because of this, Goten and Trunks decide to fuse into Gotenks to even the match. After a short fight, Aka starts to overpower Gotenks with strong attacks. When Gotenks can not handle it anymore, Goku and Vegeta intervene after Aka launches a massive energy attack. Goku plays a "dirty trick" on Vegeta, so he can fight alone and then goes Super Saiyan to do a Kamehameha on the energy attack Aka launched. The Kamehameha dissipates Aka's energy blast. After that, Goku punches Aka in the gut, thus making Aka split up. Afterward, they resume the banquet they were having before the arrival of Gure and Tarble. This time with the addition of Abo and Cado eating Goku's radish. As they eat, Goku and Vegeta begin to argue and turn Super Saiyan. It ends with everyone happily watching the argument except for Chi-Chi and Bulma.

Dragon Ball Z, One Piece & Toriko Special

"Run, Strongest Team! Toriko, Luffy, and Goku!" (走れ最強軍団!トリコとルフィと悟空!): The International Gourmet Organization (IGO) is hosting a World's Best Eating Tournament (Tenkaichi Shokuōkai), a merciless race with no rules, on a certain island. The tournament's championship prize is the luxuriously rare Carat Sizzled Cattle. Toriko and his friends are aiming for the championship, Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew is set to participate in the event as well. It's reveal that Son Goku and his friends are also contestants. The showdown may determine the strongest of the three franchises' leads.

The special also features the following cast of characters: From Toriko there's Sunny, Zebra, Coco (the "Four Heavenly King" Gourmet Hunters), Komatsu, Rin, Setsuno, and Tina. From One Piece there's Nami, Tony Tony Chopper, Sanji, Zoro, Franky, Brook, Robin, Usopp, Pandaman from One Piece. From Dragon Ball Z there's Chi-Chi, Son Gohan, Son Goten, Trunks, Master Roshi, Android 18, Vegeta, Piccolo, Kuririn, Tien, Yamcha, Chaozu, Puar, the Ox King, Yajirobe, Marron, Korin, the World Tournament Announcer, Mr. Satan, Videl and Gotenks.

Mr. Satan is the color commentator for the race. He ends up falling into the battlefield, and is the the "official" winner when Goku, Toriko, and Luffy destroy the arena accidentally.

The Mightiest Collaboration in History vs. the Gluttonous of the Sea" (史上最強コラボVS海の大食漢): After Mr. Satan won the competition, the champion serves up the championship prize, Carat Sizzled Cattle, to Luffy, Toriko, Goku, and their friends. During the meal, the IGO Director Mansam reveals the shocking truth: the tournament was held in order to lure out a Deep Sea Glutton creature, Akami, said to suck out the energy of living things. Soon, sensing Luffy and the other's power, Akami appears from out of the depths of the sea. Goku, Luffy, Toriko may have to combine their powers in order to defeat this deadly monster.

Video Games

Chi-Chi is a playable and Supporting character in the following video games:

  • Dragon Ball 3 Gokuden
  • Dragon Ball Legends
  • Dragon Ball Origins
  • Dragon Ball RPG Shonen-hen
  • Dragon Ball Shenron no Nazo
  • Dragon Ball Z Attack of the Saiyans
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
  • Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
  • Dragon Ball Z Gaiden Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku
  • Dragon Ball Z Goku Hishoden
  • Dragon Ball Z Harukanaru Densetsu (Supporting Character)
  • Dragon Ball Z Idainaru Son Goku Densetsu
  • Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
  • Dragon Ball Z Kyoshu! Saiyan
  • Dragon Ball Z Legendary Super Warriors
  • Dragon Ball Z Shin Butoden
  • Dragon Ball Z 2 Super Battle
  • Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden 2
  • Dragon Ball Z Super Gokuden Kakusei Hen
  • Dragon Ball Z Super Gokuden Totsugeki Hen
  • Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2
  • Dragon Ball Z The Legacy of Goku
  • Dragon Ball Z The Legacy of Goku 2
  • Famicom Jump II Saikyo no Shichinin
  • Super Dragon Ball Z


  • You are so irresponsible Goku
  • You idiot!!!


the Ox King

He is Chi-Chi's loving Father, of Fire Mountain. He raised her practically her whole life due to her mother's demise when she was really young.

Son Goku

Chi-Chi met Goku when they were kids at 12 years old, and immediately fell in love with him. Over the years, after becoming teenagers he proposes to her keeping a promise he made as kids even if he didn't know what she meant by "marriage" to her disappointment at first. He eventually become her husband, and they have two sons together Gohan and Goten. She normally berates Goku for either not sticking home with family to go train instead.

Grandpa Son Gohan

He is Chi-Chi's grandfather-In-Law and first met him, when Goku and her were on their way to blow away the fire from her father's castle with the bansho fan.

Son Gohan

The eldest son of Chi-Chi. As a kid, she was normally always strict on him by drilling education and his studying most of the time, forbidding him from fighting by any means, and shows very anxiety over his well being when he's been brought into battle or severely hurt. Around the Buu arc, she sort of loosened up on him more and thought Videl was a nice young woman for him.

Son Goten

The youngest son of Chi-Chi, who she raised by herself for 7 years after the Cell Saga. She is the one who taught him how to fight maybe because of Goten's distinguish hair, and exact resemblance to her deceased husband Goku, she felt it was seeing him all over again. She forbids him to become a super saiyan like the rest of her family and call him a "delinquent". She shows very much more concern for him than Gohan later on in the series of Z and Dragon Ball Super, GT.


She is Chi-Chi's loving Daughter-In-Law. The two at first didn't get along as Chi-Chi was very judgemental on Videl, being a bad influence on her son and called her a hussy, the two go at it but later on she invites Videl to dinner where she know her a bit better. Eventually, she thinks she the perfect gal for Gohan admiring her determination and strength in her fight with Spopovich before getting badly beaten.


She is Chi-Chi's only granddaughter, she worries a lot about her during GT and can be very protective of her in Super when she spots Mr. Satan and Gohan clowning around with her so roughly, despite the fact Pan was a quarter Saiyan. She vows that Pan will be a normal young lady than a fighter when she gets older.


At first she despised him for kidnapping her son Gohan when he was 4 for a year leaving him out in the wilderness but in Super and the Buu arch she normally can be seen scolding him when he's being too controlling towards her son Goten with the fusion situation, and Super, he give her tips and rules for babysitting Pan and what she likes.


She and Chi-Chi are really great friends and known her for a long time. She can be seen also as the voice of reason for her, when she overreacts and help her see a brighter side to the subject. She is relatable to Chi-Chi as they both are married to two strongest Full Blooded Saiyans who always lack on family virtues and rather train and get stronger. Despite being very great friends, the two are usually at odds with each other and competition, ex. whos the youngest, who's the prettiest, who got the better husband etc. Or when their sons Goten and Trunks were going against each other at the World Tournament. Even once Chi-Chi offered to switch husbands with her.


She's not really fond of him, because of his rough ego and not nice at all. But, she once offered Bulma to switch husbands as she states Vegeta may not be all the way sweet, but he far more reliable than Goku.

Future Trunks


He is the best friend of her youngest son Goten so she puts up with him, though she sometimes feels he may sometimes be a bad influence on him, because Trunks arrogance and cockiness stems from Vegeta.


Krillin is first attracted to Chi-Chi when they first met as she was a teenager, but Krillin can usually and is one of the few characters that is frightened of her, because of her rage. She sometimes believe he is a bad indfluence.

Android 18

She normally chats with her, but because 18 awkward social behavior she doesn't respond much.

Fortuneteller Baba


She met Yamcha as a child when she was 12 shortly before she encountered Goku. Yamcha ended up knocking her out after she tried to attack him, and realized later on she was the fierce Ox King daughter, and went back to see if she was okay. After gaining concious Yamcha tells Chi-Chi his reason for knocking her out is cause he secretly "Loved" her which makes her bashful of such. Later on as a teenager Chi-Chi expresses as sweet as he is, Goku's her main squeeze. And near end of the kid Buu defeat Yamcha offered himself to her and Bulma but Chi-Chi called him a downgrade. She also think he is a bad influence on Gohan.

Master Roshi





Mr. Popo



Mr. Satan

Majin Buu



Knownable Relatives


  • Chi-Chi's name is based on the word "Milk" in Japanese: Chi-Chi (乳) is a term for "milk" or "udder" in Japanese. Chi-Chi (父) is also a term for "father" in Japanese. Her name was drastically changed in the Latin-America version because "chi-chi" is a popular way to refer to a woman's breasts for Latin-Americans.
  • Chi-Chi's armor that she wears as a child resembles the armor worn by Polar in an early one-shot by Akira Toriyama titled Pola & Roid.
  • Chi-Chi's adult self from Dragon Ball Z is possibly based on Princess Iron Fan, a fictional character from the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West.
  • Over the course of the Dragon Ball anime, Goku encounters Chi-Chi several times between their first meeting and the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. However, in the manga, Chi-Chi is never seen again after her introduction until the 23rd Tournament, which makes a little more sense as to how Goku could have forgotten her.
  • In the English translation of volume 15, Oolong comments that Chi-Chi has a "hick accent".
  • Her influence on her husband is a running gag in the series: despite being one of the most powerful beings in the universe, Goku is always terrified by his wife when she is angry, leading Master Roshi to make the comment that the only thing a Super Saiyan is scared of is his wife.
  • In a comical fit of rage, Chi-Chi produces a Kaio-ken-like aura when she is using a Kiai after Maron called her an old lady in the Garlic Jr. Saga.
  • Chi-Chi has fought almost every member of her family at some point in the anime series. She fought against Goku in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, she fought Gohan while being controlled by the Black Water Mist, and she fought Goten to train him while he was a kid.
  • Chi-Chi refers to Super Saiyans as "delinquents" in anime filler, as seen when she finds out that Gohan has turned Super Saiyan. She also called Goten a monster after he transformed into a Super Saiyan for the first time. She also shows a disdain for Super Saiyans in her commentaries in Budokai Tenkaichi 3, also referring to them as "delinquents". Her disdain for the Super Saiyan form (particularly with Gohan and Goten) is a reference to a Japanese social taboo, where a Japanese child dying their hair blond is often viewed as rebelling against the family.
  • Chi-Chi is also the name of one of the Slimes in the animated version of Dragon Warrior III, originally a video game designed by the Dragon Ball author/creator Akira Toriyama.
  • Her hobby is farm work.
  • Her favorite food is Chinese chimaki.
  • Her favorite vehicle is a tractor.
  • Her bloodtype is AB.

Chi-Chi shares some similarities with her live action self from Dragon Ball Evolution.

  • Chi-Chi is a young woman who has trained in the martial arts since her early teens.
  • Chi-Chi lives in a house that resembles a castle. Whereas in the manga she lived in an actual castle.
  • Chi-Chi develops a romantic interest in Goku.

Chi-Chi even has some differences with her live action self from Dragon Ball Evolution.

  • Goku first met Chi-Chi when they were kids. Here, they're both teenagers.
  • In the manga, Chi-Chi did not start seriously training to fight until the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Here, she seems to have been training for quite a while.
  • Chi-Chi is much more flirtatious in the movie than in the manga.
  • The romantic interest between Goku and Chi-Chi was very one-sided for the longest time in the manga. Whereas in the movie, it's almost instant.
  • In the manga, Chi-Chi wore a swimsuit like an outfit with a cape and a helmet with a detachable boomerang on top. while in the film she wore regular clothing.
  • Chi-Chi acts more like Videl.
  • Chi-Chi has a father name Ox King. But her father isn't shown in the film.

Chi-Chi has many similarities with Hyuga Hinata from Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden.

  • Both were shy, and would often stutter.
  • Both became stronger because of their love interest.
  • Both are kind and caring but are scary when they get angry.
  • Both are great at martial arts.
  • Both are a great cook.
  • Both were raised by their father overall. However they were noted to be like their late mother.
  • Both were spoiled but they never liked it at all. (For Chi-Chi : she was raised to show people that her father wasn't a horrible person. Whereas for Hinata : she was raised to be the leader of her clan)
  • Both admire they love interest when they were young. (For Chi-Chi : she loved Goku's childish side and his cuteness. Whereas for Hinata : she loved Naruto's whisker markings and his determination)
  • Both confessed their love to someone. (For Chi-Chi : by giving Goku a kiss on the cheek. Whereas for Hinata : by protecting Naruto from Pain)
  • Both were considered weak. (For Chi-Chi : being in her father's shadow. Whereas for Hinata : being weaker than Hanabi)
  • Both stay by their love interest's side when they are in in battle. (For Chi-Chi : during the battle against Piccolo. Whereas for Hinata : during the battle against Obito)
  • Both of them has a huge crush on them since their childhood, and they would marry them when they reach adulthood. (For Chi-Chi : Goku. Whereas for Hinata : Naruto)
  • Both have a fighting style that they developed on their own, but is very similar to another fighting style. (For Chi-Chi : the Turtle Hermit style. Whereas for Hinata : the Eight Trigrams style)
  • Both dislike something about themselves during their childhood. (For Chi-Chi : being afraid of huge creatures. Whereas for Hinata : being call a dropout)
  • Both get along with one of their husbands friends. (For Chi-Chi : she gets along with Bulma. Whereas for Hinata : she gets along with Sakura)
  • Both are over protective of their son. (For Chi-Chi : Gohan. Whereas for Hinata : Boruto)
  • Both see that their youngest child acts like their husband. (For Chi-Chi : Goten. Whereas for Hinata : Himawari)
  • Both support their husbands job. (For Chi-Chi : due to Goku being a fighter. Whereas for Hinata : due to Naruto being Hokage)
  • Both wish that their husband has a second job, so he can spend time with his family. (For Chi-Chi : she wants Goku to become a radish farmer. Whereas for Hinata : she wants Naruto not to work 24/7)
  • Ironically both of their wishes are granted which makes them happy. (For Chi-Chi : she is happy that Goku is a farmer so he can spend time with his family and help her pay the bills. Whereas for Hinata : she is happy that Naruto is home permanently by not working in the office all day)

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